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Adrianza Digs His Long Ballz

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 27, 2014

I’ve heard two Ehire Adrianza at bats on the radio. Two. Total. The first one, he hit a bomb off Andy Pettitte to break up a no hitter at Yankee Stadium last year. Yesterday, when I turned the game on in the 9th inning, he roped another one. So clearly, if Adrianza wants to make the team, he needs to pay me to listen to his at bats on the radio. :)

When I got home, with the excitement of yet another HR from Adrianza brimming within, I decided to check out how many he’d hit in his lengthy minor league career. I knew he wasn’t a power hitter but still…..

Let down: Since 2006, yes he’s been toiling in the minors for nearly a decade, he’s hit 17 home runs. He’s hit an underwhelming .248 in that same career. Players who bat .248 in the minors typically don’t make a smooth transition to a major league batters box.

Yes, he was signed when he was 16 so he’s had a lot of growth room to fill, and yes he’s out of options, but watching him battle in out with Abreu for the back up infielder job is not really doing it for me. Especially considering the very real possibility that Scutaro will be missing an awful lot of time in 2014. Whoever backs him up is going to be playing a lot.

I suppose one option would be to just use Adrianza’s plus glove as a later inning replacement but a bench of Arias, Abreu, Adrianza, Colvin and Blanco is just about the lamest combo that we could cobble together.

KNBR Drive Time

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 26, 2014

Big props to Dirt for picking up what I wasn’t throwing down yesterday….

Longer ride into work than usual with all the rain today. Got to listen to two interviews on KNBR this morning. The first one was with Ron Wotus. Listening to Wotus is like listening to elevator music. He’s a nice guy, been around baseball forever, but it’s no surprise to me why this guy gets passed over for a managerial job. He’s more than a  standard deviation away from being an electric personality.

Same with Heath Hembree. Still, I had never heard him talk before and that was interesting. He’s a country boy from South Carolina. He bailed on University of South Carolina after his freshman year citing wanting more innings as the reason. I wanted the KNBR guys to ask him who was in front of him on the depth chart that led him to leave his dream school after one year but of course they never did.

Who would you be most interested in hearing get interviewed? From the Giants, for me, it’s hands down Voggy–he’s the best interview on the team.

New Rule for Home Plate Released

Posted in Uncategorized by dirtnrocksnomo on February 25, 2014

An experimental rule, 7.13, intended to increase player safety by eliminating “egregious” collisions at home plate was jointly announced by Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association on Monday.

The timing allows for managers, coaches, players and umpires to use the entire Grapefruit and Cactus League schedules to acclimate themselves to the rule. The intention to enact regulations was adopted at the Winter Meetings last December; now the exact wording has been agreed upon. The highlights:

• A runner may not run out of a direct line to the plate in order to initiate contact with the catcher, or any player, covering the plate. If he does, the umpire can call him out even if the player taking the throw loses possession of the ball.

• The catcher may not block the pathway of a runner attempting to score unless he has possession of the ball. If the catcher blocks the runner before he has the ball, the umpire may call the runner safe.

• All calls will be based on the umpire’s judgment. The umpire will consider such factors as whether the runner made an effort to touch the plate and whether he lowered his shoulder or used his hands, elbows or arms when approaching the catcher.

• Runners are not required to slide, and catchers in possession of the ball are allowed to block the plate. However, runners who do slide and catchers who provide the runner with a lane will never be found in violation of the rule.

• The expanded instant replay rules, which also go into effect this season, will be available to review potential violations of Rule 7.13.

Maybe I am missing it but I don’t see anything here addressing launching oneself as a human missile so I read this as a lot of words that don’t really address the issue.

Brian Cashman is Quite the Comedian

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 23, 2014

I know this is a Giants blog but baseball hasn’t really started yet.

Is Brian Cashman for real? Or is this just a big joke he’s playing Hal? If he doesn’t like Hal, then this HAS to be a joke. Four years/54 million for Brett Gardner? Are you KIDDING me? Cashman must have a thing for speedy guys heading into their 30′s. Cause he’s given Jacoby and Gardner 200+ million this off season. Think about that. 200+ million for 2 guys who can’t really hit, who have no power and who are getting slower every step they take in this life.

Cashman must be making a play for his job–like, “look, I signed everyone I could possibly sign. It’s not my fault they all sucked.” Nothing else explains this.

The Jacoby/Gardner signings make the Tanaka signing look like a slam dunk success…..

Tyler Colvin, Come on Down!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 22, 2014

Now THIS is a quality tweet:


And another Orioles physical flunky bites the dust and this time ends up in San Francisco. I’ve always kinda liked Tyler Colvin although admittedly that was a couple of years ago. In 2012 I predicted he’d hit 20 bombs and I missed by 2. :


He’s had some injury problems and the shine has dulled a bit off his promise. But I am all for more players in camp who haven’t shown that they suck yet (at least, in OUR OWN minor league system). And it’s not like he’s been helpless at the major league level. He’s had 2 seasons  where he hit 20/18 bombs in limited at bats.  He’s still only 28. More power, Scotty!

Scutaro Back Up Plan, Stat!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 21, 2014

The Marco Scuturo situation is starting to irritate me. The last thing I want are any of our old guys burning up on the Spring Training circuit. I don’t care if he plays more than 5 or 6 games this Spring.

But his back seems as screwed up as it was last year. And as usual with the Giants, they aren’t saying much about what’s wrong with it. It’s time for a back up plan and Arias or Abreu shouldn’t be it. I like Arias coming off the bench and I don’t like Abreu at all.

If I’m Sabean, I call up Seattle and see what they want for either Nick Franklin or Brad Miller. One of them is probably going to end up at SS with Cano sitting on his 240 at 2nd base. I’m not sure if the Mariners would do a deal but it couldn’t hurt to float one out there.

All I know is that this Scut-back thing isn’t going to fix itself. And this team isn’t built to absorb any blows to it’s starting line up….

Go Get That Money, Son

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 19, 2014

The Giants and Brandon belt agreed on a 2.9 million dollar salary for 2014 just eight hours before his arbitration hearing. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why they waited so long to get that done. Belt was forced to fly out to Florida for his non-hearing and you would think the Giants would have tried to avoid that inconvenience. Considering what Freeman is making, the Giants are now getting yet another bargain player (Mad Bum, how’s that deal feelin’ to you?) so making Belt fly all the way across the country to give him what you could have given him without making him do this seems like the more reasonable approach to contract negotiations.


Thoughts on the lawsuit against MLB wanting more $ for minor league players? Less than minimum wage is a little over the top. I mean, when the hot dog vendors are taking YOU out to lunch, it’s time to take another look at the single A ball pay structure for the ball players. Can you imagine if a San Jose class A player married a Raiders cheerleader? There wouldn’t be a broker couple anywhere in the Bay Area!


Pablo Could Definitely Beat Tanaka in a 1 Mile Race

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 16, 2014

I’m still pretty blown away by the story about Masahiro Tanaka nearly collapsing after running a mile yesterday. His admission afterwards confirms he wasn’t simply having a bad day. “I didn’t know I was going to run this much.” Giving 155 million to an *athlete* who can’t run a mile is a lot of cheddar to leave at the end of your string. They didn’t hire him to play professional golf.

If I’m the Yankees (or a Yankee fan) this is either going to be an awesome thing or the next disaster drama-rama side show for a franchise that seems to feed off such things.

Think about it. This guy went 24-0 last year and he can’t run a mile! If he gets himself into shape you would have to feel confident about the prospects of him succeeding and maybe even dominating at the mlb level.

If he doesn’t get into shape and he gets hooked on American food the same way many foreign players do, he’s going to be a failure. And remember, in New York, the bar that separates you being a hero and you being a rejected outcast is high and thin.

Speaking of guys who got in shape, The Panda said all the right things yesterday giving credit to his teammates for waking him up enough to finally get in shape for good. We’ll see if he sticks to it, unlike after the 2011 season, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until he proves otherwise. He’s talking about growing up and while that’s an easy way to deflect away from those who think he just got in shape for money, it still is, on the surface, the right way to go about living your life. We all made mistakes when we were younger. Pablo never seemed like a guy who gave a sh!t about growing up. Maybe Pence, Cain, Posey etc talked some sense into him. We’ll see….

Incogidiot Report Finally Comes Out

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 15, 2014

Well, I made it through the Wells Report. It was appalling, all of it, as expected. I refuse to believe that all NFL locker rooms are like that. And the fact that Miami always sucks supports my belief. If sub human ogres like Incogidiot and his minions spend all of their time tormenting specific targets on THEIR team, they must not spend too much time, you know, practicing football.

Incogidiot went out in a blaze of glory last night on Twitter. He re-tweeted every tweet anyone sent him yesterday (90% of them were calling him a piece of sh!t or whatever the equivalent to that is). This was a way to be a dick as all those re-tweets clogged up the timelines of anyone who follows him. And then he deleted his account. At least he’s consistent in terms of being an asshole.

Can you imagine if Michael Sam gets drafted by a team with even half an Incogidiot on it?


here’s the first picture of the Panda in camp– taken about 10 minutes ago.


pavtweetHere’s one of him in the dugout this am:



Back Burnering Winter

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 14, 2014

Pitchers and catchers officially starting filing in today. Does that do anything for ya?

Several position players are all ready there. Any word on when the Panda is set to show up?

A big Flap high five to whoever finds the first pic of him in camp this year.

Feels like a good day to play a little pepper, maybe have a catch, too……

Why Do Teams Obsessively Hold On the Their Draft Picks at the Expense of Making their Team Better?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 13, 2014

I watched the Cubs sign 2 below average starting pitchers today: James McDonald and Jason Hammel. The Cubs have one decent starting pitcher: Jeff Samardgjjadjgiigjaca. They need tons of help, and J-Mac and J-Ham don’t fry it hard enough to make that happen. They sizzle, but they ain’t the steak…..

Theo isn’t a dope. And the Cubs have money. Why would he sign those 2 stiffs with Ervin Santana and Ubaldo Jimenez still available? I don’t care about either of these players enough to look this up. I do know that signing Ubaldo would also cost you a 1st round draft pick. I don’t think the same is true for Santana (but correct me if I’m wrong).

Still, it makes zero sense to me why a team like the Cubs would  pad their already shitty starting 5 with guys like McDonald and Hammel when they have the resources to sign either Santana or Ubaldo. Or both.

And the draft pick? Why is the draft pick an issue? Baseball is the worst when it comes to predictability with draft picks—1st rounders or 40th rounders. It’s a total crap shoot. You don’t pull the trigger on Ubaldo because you’re worried about a draft pick? Huh?

What is the likelihood that a team would draft BETTER than an Ubaldo Jimenez with a late first round pick? Ubaldo was positively Koufaxian in the 2nd half of last year. He finally learned how to pitch with lost velocity (Tim Lincecum: call Ubaldo, STAT). And Ubaldo’s pedigree at the mlb level is layered and deep. There MIGHT be one or two Ubaldo’s coming out of the first round of next year’s draft. Maybe none. You like those odds?

Anyway, P’s and C’s report tomorrow. The sun tilted a little different today to me. I noticed it on the drive home and smiled. Spring is coming. Can you dig it?

Greatness Witnessed, Greatness Retiring

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 13, 2014

For you Dubs fans out there, how’s your morning going? Still shaking your head sideways? Man, what a game last night. Steph Curry is almost single handedly getting me back into the NBA after years of not caring about it. That dude hits the crispest, cleanest 3′s I’ve seen since my main man Purvis Short spent his career casting off super high from behind the stripe. Saw World B Free on tv the other day. Still my favorite basketball player of all time……..

Anyway, Labron did what he did. Unreal. Before he shoots you can hear Barnett in the background going, “you can’t let him beat you!” And then he beat them. I’m not in the “camp of second guessing” the decision not to double team him. A step back, 25 foot fade with a hand in his face?” Yes, I will take that all day long over an easy 2 or a wide open Ray Allen 3. No second guessing from me and Marc Jackson said it best: “We witnessed greatness” last night…….


Speaking of greatness, Derek Jeter announced that this will be his last season. Ah, The Captain. I read his facebook post that brought tears to the likes of Heyman and his east coast cronies. Sorry, it did nothing for me. I appreciate Jeter as a great baseball player, first ballot HOFer etc but from an emotional standpoint, he wasn’t part of my sphere. And I can honestly say I never owned him on a single fantasy team. How many times did I even see him play the Giants? Maybe 5? Never in the playoffs and I don’t think he was always healthy enough to play in all the inter league games the two teams have played since ’96. How many series vs the Yankees have the Giants played since ’96? Our New York Flap contingent might be able to answer that one……..

Anyway, so long Jeter. Next…..

Another Barrier to Break Down

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 11, 2014

I just read a post from our friend MacDog on the last thread. He just watched 42. I offered a quick follow up post. It got me to thinking about Michael Sam Jr. While not quite the same thing, it’s the same ballpark as the color barrier being broken in major league baseball in 1947.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this. It’s just a thought and we needed a new thread. I share a lot of the same feelings as other people, I admire his courage to do this. I don’t see why it should have ever been an issue in the first place though I am not in a locker room with players who, apparently, might have a problem with sharing a locker room with Sam. If you subtract any religious reason you might have to be against Sam, and I think that reason is also stupid, then there is simply no reason you shouldn’t want a gay player on your team. None.  Zero. Unless he sucks at football, then I’m on board. Get rid of him.

One thing Sam doesn’t have going for him that Jackie Robinson had in the bag: He’s not the best of the best. Robinson showed up dominant. Sam is probably a 5/6 round guy. GM’s can pass on a 5/6 round guy all day long if they don’t want to deal with the drama that’s going to come along with him being on the team. Robinson was impossible NOT to have on your team. Ultimately, his talents beat down all the racist bullshit that tried to keep him out. Sam could certainly turn out to be dominant but he doesn’t have what Robinson had going into this new chapter of his life.

But it’ll be interesting to watch unfold. I’m rooting for him. In the end, if he wins, we all win a little bit…….

Tim Lincecum

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 10, 2014

The Giants gave Tim Lincecum 35 million this off season and were derided by many. I wasn’t one of the *deriders*. I happen to think Timmy is going to be very good in ’14/’15. His lost velocity is well documented but you don’t need velocity to pitch well. And he’s on record as saying he’s taking a new approach to pitching now and how  he had been stubborn about trying to re-capture his lost mph’s. Plus, everyone thinks Tim Hudson will be a great mentor for him now that they’re on the same team.

The thing Lincecum needs to figure out is how to stay out of the big inning. His W/L splits are ridiculous.

Last year:

wins: 1.64 ERA, 0.98 WHIP, .155BAA, .505OPS

Losses: 6.53 ERA, 1.68 WHIP, .306 BAA, .844 OPS

If you remembered Lincecum having rough starts to his outings, you aren’t imagining that. In terms of OPS, he improved as the game wore on.

pitch 1-15: .732

pitch 16-30: .755

pitch 31-45: .571

pitch 46-60: .582

pitch 61-75: .568

pitch 76-90: .724

pitch 91-105: .534

pitch 106-120: .542

He has to figure out that first inning and that random inning that usually pops up around the 5th or so. The bleeding starts and he can’t figure out how to stop it. And it’s not that he’s tired, if he makes it out of that one bad inning and gets a chance to come back in the next inning, he’s usually lights out (as the OPS chart above shows).

His K rate remained outstanding and his xFIP was once again far below his actual ERA suggesting that he didn’t have as bad of a year as it looked on the surface. We’ve got him for another 2 years. Would you rather have Timmy for 2 or Bronson Arroyo for 2? I don’t think there’s a reason to even slap up a poll to find out that answer.

The New Haiku

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 9, 2014

I didn’t ask Kokonuts if I could write a thread highlighting his latest book but since the haiku’s aren’t even trickling in anymore from you guys, I decided to write a short review about “Rounding Third. Zen. Baseball. Poems.” and provide a link for you if you’re interested in reading it on a quiet, lazy day like today.

First of all, it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. I knew it was going to be a collection of poems but when you throw “Zen” into the title of the book you’ve pretty much “glazed” me. After reading it, I don’t know whether it had anything to do with “Zen” or not. If “quietly enjoying a few moments in time” is Zen then it was Zen. The book is a collection of poems written about individual players. What is brilliant about the book is how he perfectly describes each player while simultaneously allowing you to go back in time and feel what it was like to be a fan of that player. I don’t think I explained that correctly but if you read the poems you’ll know what I mean. For instance, here is “Clemente” :


He writes one for many of baseball icons though I was hoping he would have written one for Tom Seaver (but didn’t) :( . He also writes about the 2012 Giants and of course I won’t spoil it for those of you who are planning on buying it later but here’s Zito’s that I especially enjoyed:


The end is titled “Post Game Wrap” with “The Fan’s Lament” and “Coming Home” being two perfect poems to complete this enjoyable, short read.

If you like Pawlie’s writing you should click on this link:

If you’re like me and don’t have a kindle, I did that “kindle cloud thingy”. If you have a kindle I’m assuming you’ll know how to download it. It’s .99 cents so unless you’ve got “99 problems” (Jay Z pop culture ref) the price should be right for you….

Dumb Money

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 7, 2014

There has been some crazy money getting thrown around this off season. Sabean ended up looking crazy like a fox when he quickly locked up Under Pants for *only* 90/5.

Before any of these guys even play a pitch to their new deals, which of these four do you think is the worst of all?

Shin Soo Choo— 30 years old, he’s a nice little 20/20 high OBA guy. He got 130 mil/7.

Jacoby Ellsbury: 29 years old, he’s fast, very fast. He had one outlier power season, otherwise he’s got very little power and he’s known to be an injury risk when he sneezes. He got 153 mil/7.

Masahiro Tanaka— only 25 years old, he was 24-0 in Japan last season. Having never thrown a pitch in the major leagues, the Yankees gave him a 155mil/7

Freddie Freeman– the baby of the group at 24, he signed an 8 year, 135 million dollar deal last week.

My take: At least with Freeman, you have some upside. The Braves will at least get the best years of his career. Same general thing with Tanaka although he’s certainly not going better than 24-0 for the Yankees. But if his arm stays healthy and he is a dominant pitcher, he’ll be worth that dough.

Once Ellsbury and Choo start to slow down, as everyone does sans steroids as they go through their 30′s, I’m guessing both of those teams will regret those 2 mega deals. I think Choo is a more complete player than Ellsbury who isn’t nearly as brittle. I’ll say J-Ell will turn out to be the most regrettable deal.

However you evaluate mega deals, what do you think?

Filling My Glass To At Least the Half Full Line

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 6, 2014

Andre Baggerly is listing off his offense rankings for the NL West and the Giants checked in at a surprising 3rd. At least, at first I was surprised. The part of his article that had me double taking was the “Who’s New”/”Who’s Gone” list.

Who’s New: Michael Morse

Who’s Gone: Torres, Pill, Peguero, Monell, Francoeur and Tanaka.

That “Who’s Gone” list is spectacular insofar as its underwhelming nature. Talk about 6 guys who were either done or were never going to do anything at the mlb level. And say what you will about Morse and his wrist and his fragility, but he is still not far removed from 2 or 3 productive seasons.

Paper can always be a deceptively manufactured material, but on PAPER the offense going into 2014 doesn’t look half bad–as long as you are a *line up half full* kinda guy. And as long as not a single one of our starting position players gets injured, we look great on paper.

The Dodgers are a different story. They could have 5 guys go down and freaking bring back Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier off the DL to plug into the starting line up. They’re like the Miami Hurricanes of Jimmy Johnson/Dennis Erickson years. The second string guy is better than the first string guy. Or at least, just as good.

And I think I just nailed why I’ve posted so many negative posts this off season. I’m jealous of the Dodgers depth. I’m going to try to stop worrying about what they’ve done or what they’re doing and just hope we don’t suffer any major injuries in 2014. What would be the point of taking any other stance?

Cold Stove News

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 4, 2014

In ice cold Giants news, in case you missed it, the Giants sent someone way down on the totem pole to watch Suk-Min Yoon pitch at UC Irving. Suk-Min is a South Korean pitcher who I am begging the Giants to sign just so we can have fun with his name. But the Giants will not be signing Yoon– there are 5 other teams interested in him and his agent is Scott Boras. Sabean don’t play those 2 games separately much less together.

And that’s fine because after screwing around with his name I’m not that interested in him as a pitcher….

I don’t think we need another pitcher with Yusmeiro Petit waiting in the wings. Assuming Voggy continues on his long, deep slide I do think Petit will be an effective 4/5 next year. People like to naysay him because he came out of nowhere last season but Petit added not one but two new effective pitches to his arsenal: a curve and a change up. Both were devastating. And he’s always been a strike thrower, something that Lincecum could learn from. Maybe he’s taking steroids too, that would just increase my interest in him as our 4/5. Who knows, maybe Voggy’s spending his off season doing the same thing. :) :) :)

Here’s a fun graph to look at as your morning unfolds. James, try not to shoot that load on your keyboard as you type your post. lqtm:


Looking for the Light

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And today, we sink into the true dead zone. The bottom of the bottom. The Super Bowl is over and all there is between today and opening day is hockey and the NBA. If you told me hockey was still on strike, I would believe you. I’m mildly following the NBA but honestly, without a team or two going it’s hard for me to give much of a crap about basketball and the way it’s played today at that level.

Yesterday we had our first day of rain in 2 months and I already miss the sun. Rain is lame. While I recognize the necessity of it, I still find it quite lame. I want to smell Spring and see the sun shine at a different angle. I truly loath the day after the Super Bowl.

A buddy of mine who I’ve been friends with for close to 20 years is a die hard Seahawk fan. He grew up there but lives down in the Bay Area. His allegiance to all Pacific Northwest teams is unquestioned as he routinely makes the trip up to Seattle for games. Yesterday, he finally got to the top of the mountain. In football, I got there when I was 10. It took him much longer. Congrats, Jeff.



The Broncos, and especially Peyton Manning, can kiss my ass. The ONE THING they did right yesterday was convert a two point conversion easily. I had them at 100-1 scoring 6 points total in yesterday’s game. One more reason for Manning to suck it.

February. Ugh. There’s nothing good about this month. Thank God it’s only 28 days long…….


Super Bowl Sunday #RomanNumeralsAreLame #soisthemetricsystem

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I can say, without the slightest hint of hesitation, that I am tired of posting pics of The Panda. Especially shirtless pics. And yet….


Ok, that’s it. I am not posting any more pics of Pablo Sandoval. Besides, today is actually a sports day. Super Bowl Sunday. I have no idea how this game will go and I’ve spent a fair amount of time considering it’s direction. The spread is Denver -3 and the o/u is 47. If I was betting on the game, which I’m not, I’d probably take Seattle on the ML and the under. I feel better about the under. Since I hate both of these teams I’m sure to be happy with the outcome as long as I just focus on the loser………

I did my usual prop bets. I’ve got 3 guys for “first player to score a touchdown”– Ball (15-1), Decker (8-1) and Caldwell (30-1). My angle is that Denver is almost certain to get the ball first since Seattle always defers and Denver always accepts. And I’ll take Peyton on a first drive of the game all day long. So I took one of the favorites (Decker) and 2 longshots (Ball and Caldwell).

After that, I just have *exact points scored*. I always pick the same point total for each team and hope for the best. My exact final point totals are 6-16-19-24-26-29. They’re all between 15-1 and 100-1 so if either team scores exactly one of those 6 point totals I’m good to go. If the game ends 29-26 I’m picking up the next tab at Flapalooza. And of course, I’ve engaged in the requisite office pool square game……..

And other than that, it’ll be a relaxing afternoon on the couch. Still haven’t come up with a meal yet but that’ll fall into place as the day ages. Right now, I’m feelin’ like spicy wings but I reserve the right to do whatever the hell I like.

What’s your Super Bowl Sunday look like?

Fan Fest, B-Craw and a Poll

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And here’s the latest skinny Panda pic. Not sure what the alien light is.


Tons of players missing fanfest tomorrow: Huddy, Bum, Panda, Scoots, Pagan….maybe others. I’m not going, I think I’m headed to Tahoe tomorrow for the weekend after a basketball game. Any of you guys going?

Sabean was asked by Amy G who he predicts will have a breakout season this year and he went with Crawford. There aren’t too many choices so that answer didn’t surprise. B-Craw had some problems in 2013 against left handers. He slashed .199/.288/.546 against them. That’s unacceptable.

He did drop his K rate from 20% to 17.5%. His bb-rate was a decent 7.6% but that should be higher considering he hits 8th….

Forgetting all of his numbers, when I see B-Craw connect for a bomb I always say “why can’t he do this more often?” He’s got a smooth, sweet swing that back spins the shit out of the ball. So he’s gotta hit more than 9 bombs this year, right? Poll time…..

How Does Our Pitching Stack Up Against the Rest of the NL West?

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Andrew Baggerly, who I really enjoy reading, is in the midst of ranking the NL West pitching staffs. He’s releasing one team a day. Haiku Season hits everyone hard.

Anyway, he ranked the Padres 5th, The Rockies 4th and the D-Backs 3rd. You should all be able to see where this is going. He’ll be ranking the Giants 2nd and The Art Dealers 1st. His rankings look reasonable to me.

But how close are we to them in terms of our staffs?

Art Dealer’s Starting 5






Art Dealer’s Relievers:

Rodriguez, Withrow, Howell, League, Bee-Asshole, and Jansen.

Our Starting 5:

Cain, Bum, Timmy, Voggy, Huddy

Our Relievers:

Casilla, Affeldt, Lopez, Petit, Machi, Huff (he might be competing for a rotation spot), and Romo

Qualifying this thread by saying I’m not doing any research at all. I’m late for work, just gonna churn and burn this bad boy out there.


I’ll share mine later today.

Panda To Stay In Venezuela

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Chalk me up as disappointed that Sandoval won’t be attending FanFest. The Giants excused him to *continue his workout regimen in Venezuela.*

What *workout regimen* can’t The Panda do here? He obviously wants to finish the Venezuelan World Series or whatever that is. I don’t care about that thing. Are they paying him to play in that or are we? After pulling up lame running to first base the other day (he’s apparently fine now) I would think that he’d be spooked into resetting his priorities. He did what he had to do to get in shape for his big, big deal coming up. Why risk a freak injury at this point?

The Giants are way too coddling of their players, especially Sandoval, in my opinion. I’m not certain of this, but I think mlb players get paid every two weeks like the rest of us, even during the off season. If they say come back for FanFest, you freaking do it. I would think the multiple risks of spending this much time in Venezuela (I’ll leave “multiple risks” up to your imagination) would kick-start Sabean  into telling him to get his ass back to SF NOW for FanFest and whatever else he needs to do to get ready for the season.

The Big Break You’ve Been Waiting For!

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If you’re unemployed with no responsibilities, no hobbies and literally nothing else to do with your life from Wednesday thru Friday, you should consider being an extra in one  of the commercials the Giants are filming this week. The gig doesn’t pay but neither does sitting on your couch waiting for something to happen. :)

Here’ s the link with the details of what you need to do to make this happen:

David Huff, Come on Down!

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Breaking up the news about Ryan Doumit happenings, it seems the Giants have bought a pitcher from the Yankees. He’s left handed and his name is David Huff. Not sure why New York would sell a left handed pitcher to us. He’s 29, he’s had success at the major league level. Last year he pitched to a 0.98 WHIP in 34 innings.

Who sells off left handed pitchers? Especially a team that doesn’t need the cash?

I Will Never Forgive Him

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Scott Cousins is still slithering around the periphery of major league baseball. The Red Sox signed him to a minor league deal, probably for depth in the minors. He just turned 29 and has no skills or tools unless you consider being a “hitman” a tool. If so, he’s a 1-tool guy. If you considering “being a tool” a tool, then he’s a two-tool guy. Speed, power, defense? Those tools elude him….

Cousins can’t hit, he’s batting .179 in 193 major league plate appearances. Well, he can *hit*, he just has to turn himself into a human missile first and then he’s good to go. What’s the O/U on higher batting averages, Cousins or Rikkert Faneyte? He’s the worst Giants hitter I can recall from memory. I’m gonna say Faneyte nips him by a couple percentage points but that’s just because I want Cousins to lose at everything. Lemme go check….

Fuckin’ Faneyte can’t do anything right. He’s at .174 for his career. Cousins is also much faster than Faneyte, he’s leading him 2 > 1 in career stolen bases. Oh well, so much for the Amsterdam vs Reno.

As far as I can tell, Scott Cousins has done one thing in his life that can be considered meaningful: His attempted death-launch on Buster Posey impacted, in some way, the decision by major league baseball to outlaw home plate collisions between runners and catchers. This is rule change that should have always been in place, in my opinion….

Forgetting the obvious reason related to preventing injury and concussion, it was always just a puss move by the runner to begin with. In what sport can you run up to full speed, launch yourself towards another human who is standing still, defenseless and trying to do something else like catch a ball, and crash into them?

That isn’t sport.

What Ever Happened To Your First Glove?

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My daughter’s grandpa found his first glove today. He was cleaning out boxes, got stuck on a picture that turned into a thousand other pictures. In between all of that he found everything else from his past. One of those things was his first glove:


I’m wearing it for the picture. We’re both left handed but it feels awkward on my hand. He used it in high school in the late 40′s. He thinks it says “Rawlings” but it doesn’t look like that to me. I’m positive it doesn’t say “Mizuno”. Either way, tough to say. He told me he remembers restringing it a couple of times. I asked him if it would be cool if we re-strung it one more time and went out and had a catch. He said yes. Beats writing Winter haiku’s.

Where’s your first glove? What ever happened to your first glove??????

More Nonsense From Richard Sherman

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Richard Sherman is doing his usual post-dust up, mop up job of another one of his cry baby melt downs. Sherman is a smart guy, he’s quite good at diverting attention away from his behavior. This time it’s racism that was the REAL problem. All the idiots on twitter who vented their racist ways towards him. Is he really SHOCKED that racism is still alive in America? Of course it is. We saw a good example of it from our ex-resident Dennis the other day. There are ignorant people in the world. They aren’t going away.

But racism is not the issue with what Sherman did. It is a separate issue. The common theme always attached to Sherman: It’s always about what someone else did to him. He talked about *being in the zone* and some other stuff. What I wish Rachel Nichols had asked him is this: “Richard, why do so many people want to punch you in the face?” Is Trent Williams racist? Did Crabtree push your helmet after your fake-ass handshake because he’s racist?

Professional athletes are role models. They are role models no matter how many times they say they aren’t role models. And yes, real life adults in children’s lives can do damage control after outbursts like Sherman’s, we can have conversations with our kids about sportsmanship, how to win and lose with dignity; we can talk to our kids about all of that. But at the end of the day, they still admire him. They look up to him. He’s in the freaking NFL, that alone trumps most of the things we tell our kids about what is WRONG with Sherman. They see the money, the fame, the hair, the WIN and they look up to that.

Yes, he went to Stanford. Everyone knows that. There are a lot of smart people who went to Stanford who I don’t admire or look up to.

Sportsmanship is one of the most important things you can teach a youngster. It’s not always innate. And guys like Richard Sherman just make it harder on the “real people” in the world who are assigned the day to day job in the trenches with teaching kids the right way to win and the right way to lose. Screw him.


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This Friday is the deadline for Masahiro Tanaka to make his decision on his employer for 2014. There are five or 6 teams in contention (reportedly) with the Dodgers being the front runners. Arizona, the Cubs, the Yankees, Seattle and possibly the White Sox have made or are making an offer to him. He wants to live on the west coast and his wife is a wannabe pop star so you would think that all signs point to him signing with the Dodgers. Although the Cubs are offering the most money. It sucks that 2 of the 5 (or 6) teams interested are from our division.

Whoever gets him will be significantly upgrading their rotation.

Dead zone. Think I might go scour around for a new BBOTD to perk me up.

Thumb Twiddling Time

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Let it go….and with 2 time outs remaining, I let go…..

And so we embark on the worst part of the year. I couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl, I hate both of those teams. I’ve feigned my way to half hearted interest in the NBA. But that’s not going to last. Is hockey on strike again? Hockey. lol.

Sure, there’s fanfest and pitchers and catchers report after that. But for me, this is dead in the eye of the haiku storm that hits like clockwork once a year…..

What it’s Like To Win it All

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Today is the biggest game I can ever remember for me as a fan. I say “today” because there’s no way I’ll be able to focus on typing tomorrow. Too nervous. I could probably focus on “breathing” tomorrow. I hope.

I HATE the Seattle Seagulls. I despise their fans, at least a dozen or so who call me a close friend. And that’s a good example of how we live our lives in boxes.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been alive for 5 Super Bowl wins. I remember each one like they were yesterday. I was talking to one of my buddy’s kids the other day, a 12 year old boy, and I was struck with his passion for the Niners. He was wearing a Bill Ring jersey that his rad dad scored for him and he was wondering with wide eyes what it would be like to win a Super Bowl this year. And it was at that moment that I realized how many Niner fan kids don’t know what that’s like. They watch their dad’s strut around in their over-sized Niner jackets, bota bags in tow, giving their buddies knowing dude head nods about better days from the 80′s. But those kids don’t know what it’s like to have their team win a Super Bowl. They don’t know the glory. The destiny.

It’s the same now as it was then. When it happens, you just start running. Usually with a crazy smile on your face, sometimes without shoes. Always with abandon. And you just run. And when you stop and don’t know what to do next, you start running again cause you gotta get back to where you started. Only an idiot without shoes keeps running away forever.

Each step is another stride away from your losing ways. Losing days. Every heart beat is the joy of your new life as a winner, for eternity. “Flags Fly Forever” is one of the best things anyone has ever said.

I want all those young Niner fans flying through life flaglessly to come join the Eternity Party. #questfor6

Belt, The Offense, Tanaka, When Does the Niner Game Start?

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Belt asked for 3.6 mil and the Giants offered 2.05 mil. The Giants haven’t gone to arbitration with a player since 2003 (AJ Jackass) and there’s no way they’re going to start now. They’ll hit 2.75 mil, maybe a touch more. And Belt deserves it. He developed into one of the premiere NL first basemen last year.

I’m pretty optimistic about the O next year. We have a healthy Pagan. A slimmed down-contract-year-driven Panda. A paid Pence. An ascending Belt. And Crawford is only going upwards on both sides. Morse. A former MVP who is 26. I’ll tell ya, if Scoots can make a fist, we might just have a team that can score in the high-600′s runs. Maybe the low 700′s? I can’t emotionally tolerate that threshold. Back down to the high 600′s. Better.

The Dodgers are in serious negotiations with Tanaka.

Feel better?

Expanded Replay is *Official*—the details are out!

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What just about everyone wanted has finally happened and expanded replay will start next year. It covers pretty much everything you can think of EXCEPT the “neighborhood” play at 2nd base–and that’s great that they left that alone. While I was listening to Tolbert detail it on KNBR this afternoon I was left wanting to know about the logistics of a challenge. He wasn’t clear so I called up KNBR and asked the question myself. “Craig from Palo Alto….”

I wanted to know what would prevent a manager from going out there to argue and, essentially, stall for time while someone from the team reviewed the play to see if it was challenge worthy. Without a time clock there is simply too many ways to stall the game while the team checks to see if the play is challenge worthy or not.

Tolbert agreed this was a great point and it touched off a discussion between he and Ralph-Mouth that was still going on as I drove into my driveway and had to turn the radio off.

I hope MLB has got this figured out because I’m envisioning the game getting extended WAY out with blustery manager field storms designed only to waste enough time until they get the *yay or nay* from the dugout to throw the challenge flag.

By the way, you get one challenge that you can use and if you lose you’ve lost your challenge. If you win, you get another one. Then you’re done. The most you can challenge is 2 plays per game. After the 7th inning the umpire crew decides if a play gets reviewed or not. Presumably, you could still use your challenge after the 7th if you still have one.

SO what do you guys think of expanded replay?

Kershaw Gets Paid

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First reaction to the 7 year/215 mil Kershaw deal: I’m not really sweatin’ the Rowand deal anymore. Or the Zito deal (though, in the end, that one was worth it to me).

I’ll give the Dodgers credit for one thing: at least they aren’t doling out a stupid-mega deal like this to a guy who’s turning 32 (see: the Angles). This deal is OVER when he’s 32. So at least they will get the best years of his arm over the course of the deal. Unless he gets hurt. Which is a definitely possibility. He’s already tossed 1,180 innings at the big league level. And he probably tossed double that in his years before MLB. And getting hurt is what pitchers do best. So…..whatever, he’ll probably be fine.

This deal isn’t news, at least in the way it affects the Giants. This is a player the Dodgers already had and there was no indication he was ever going to leave. The Art Dealers didn’t get better with this move.

It’s time to give Sabean some credit. With each passing stupid mega deal that gets signed I appreciate more and more how he puts together contracts. He gets ahead of the market because he knows where it’s going and because of that he doesn’t have to throw out the mega deals anymore. Anyone think Pence could have gotten more money somewhere else? Hell yes he could have, especially after seeing what Ellsbury and Choo got. Timmy got 2 years/35 mil and I guarantee you he could have gotten more if he’d waited. At least in number of years. And Morse? That was a brilliant signing.

Kyle Crick better be the real deal once he gets out of A-ball or we are in line for a LOOOOONG string of years of losing the NL West….

The Steroid Guys

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You know, when you look at the all time home run list it’s pretty condemning of the steroid guys. Six of the top 14 on the hr list are known cheaters. And I don’t count Hank Aaron since, according to things I’ve heard, almost everyone was taking greenies. But Bonds, A-Fraud, Sosa, McGwire, Palmeiro, and Manny were all pumped up on that stuff. And while Frank Thomas can look down upon those six with disdain I’m not certain that he wasn’t taking something performance enhancing. Are you?

Question for those that have been to the Hall of Fame: Is there any memorabilia anywhere in that joint related to the six guys I listed above? A bat? A ball? A signed scorecard? Anything? Because if the Hall of Lame is profiting even one cent off of anything produced by those six players then the whole place is a joke and should be closed up or torn down.

Football Taking the Place of Haiku’s and I’m Loving It!

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And so it has come to this. Back to Seattle. For the life of me I can’t figger out why all new stadiums don’t get built the way they built CenturyLink Field. Why WOULDN’T you want to maximize home crowd noise? Another topic for another time….

I don’t have a problem with end zone celebrations, never did. I enjoy them. TO whipping out a sharpie and signing autographs was one of my all time favorites. And I loved the Price Fielder bowling pin thing (though only in hindsight). Having said that, the constant shit-talking going on in NFL games these days has gotten old, fast. There’s just way too much “my dick is bigger than yours” going on and it’s disrupting the game.

Now, take a quick time out and compare that to baseball players who decide to throw down if you flip your bat a couple of feet too far or if you admire a home run for a nano second too long. I’m trying to imagine what it would look like if I celebrated winning a big pot at the El Dorado the same way football players talk sh!t to each other these days. “What now bitches!” And then I go over the top and chest bump the pit boss out of the poker room and into the video poker machines outside. My bad.

There has to be a middle ground, right? I mean, they’re all professional players getting paid to play a game. And yet there’s never been a wider chasm between the two sports in terms of how players communicate with each other between the lines…..

I’m secretly happy we’re going back up to Seattle. The way Navarro Bowman put the Stick to sleep was a way better burn out than a fade away. I didn’t want to see another game get played there. Plus, we now get to go into Seattle and break their faces. I’m not sure or confident that the Niners win that game. I think they will. Or could. But the sheer drama and energy that will pulsate through that stadium is almost too much too consider.

Manning vs Brady in the AFC championship. Niners head back to Seattle for the NFC championship. It has never been this good on both sides of the conferences with 2 games to go before the Super Bowl. Seriously, name another year that was this epic. I can’t wait for next weekend.

Panda Lost Weight. Again.

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I’ve been watching the Panda fit-pics making the rounds on Twitter. Good for him. Here’s what he looks like today (well, a few days ago):


Here’s what he looked like before:


Well, it’s nice to see that he’s done what we all knew he was going to do: get in shape for money. I’m excited because it means our 2014 offense gets a boost. Of course, it would  have been nice to get a  boost last year. But whatever, let’s just stay in the positive and hope for the best. And by *hope for the best* I mean if Sabean gives this guy a 5 year 100 mil deal in the Spring, I’ll puke. He’s gonna get fat again. Book it.

Time For a Different Set of Voters

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A good, solid mockery of the BBWAA is making the rounds on the internet. And they deserve it. There is no reason that covering 140 games of baseball a year should automatically qualify you to vote on who goes to the Hall of Fame and who doesn’t. So who SHOULD be able to cast a vote?

Former players? This could work if they were players who played in the era of HOF-eligible player. But what would count as “played in the era”? How many years would you need to qualify? And what if you played your entire career in the other league?

Fans? No way. Then it gets turned into an all-star vote and you’d have way too many “Marvin Benard’s” getting in.

A panel of 9 voters? Kinda like a Supreme Court. Not sure who the 9 would be. I still think 9 (or 12 or whatever) would be better than the 571 or so that get to cast a vote now).

I also think that no matter who gets a vote, it has to come from people who saw the player actually play. You can’t just look at the back of a baseball card AND make a silly determination of character when you didn’t watch the player play regularly. So if you need this as a qualification, who gets to vote? Writers who covered the player during their career? And what happens if the writer is dead or in the loony bin? Does he/she still get a vote?



Sellin’ The Vote

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I was mildly amused by Deadspin’s pub stunt of buying a Hall of Fame vote from one of the BBWAA writers last November. Deadspin gave the vote to their readers and the results weren’t interesting. Just the fact that they did it was interesting. It was a clever way of showing how dated the HOF voting process has become. There are 571 writers out there with a HOF vote. I wonder how many of them get sold every year? I wouldn’t think it would be too difficult to buy off a voter. And do you know how they submit the vote? In this day and age where electronic voting with personal codes and encrypted emails are the norm, the BBWAA asks you to “mail or fax” your vote in. No possibility for tampering there, right?

The Hall of Fame is the last line of defense for these writers. It’s their way of exacting control and power over the sport. Barry Bonds blew them off for an interview? Oh, they’ll get their revenge. The HOF vote allows these writers to have the last word. It gives them relevancy once a year. I can just imagine them sitting back at home with a beer and watching the internet explode over the results of each voter’s card. You can almost hear them collectively cackle at the chaos on twitter.

The hallowed halls of the Hall of Fame are getting less and less hallowed with each passing year….

Hall of Hypocrisy Vote Comes Out Today

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…. and I couldn’t care less. I’ve glazed over a few articles written by pontificating writers who are still yammering on about *character still matters* like they know the character of the men on the ballot. They know nothing. The only thing they know for sure are the numbers on the back of their baseball cards. And that’s all the hall of fame should ever have been about. Factoring other things in, things that are assessed with conjecture, was always the wrong way to do it. Because once you exclude one player for cheating or lying or just being an overall bad dude but you let in another player who lied, cheated or was an overall bad dude but you didn’t know they were, the whole system for entry needs to be re-evaluated.

If you don’t like a guy because of how he got to 700+ home runs, that’s fine. But you don’t know how he got there any more than you know how Maddux got to 355 wins. If Maddux was beating his kids after every one of those wins would you still vote him in? If he was taking Adderall without a prescription, would he get your vote? Once you start evaluating character you go down a road that has no ending. You don’t know how you got there and you don’t know where you’re going. Because in the end, you simply “don’t know” unless you are the person you’re voting for. And they can’t vote for themselves.

You can’t have a condition for entry related to character if you have even a single liar, cheater or overall bad dude already elected into the hall of fame. Whether you know they are or not, their inclusion invalidates that condition. It just does.

The Riot

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Ryan Theriot retired yesterday. Officially. We probably could have used him last year but that’s not what Theriot is all about. He wanted to spend time as a full time dad more than he wanted to keep playing baseball. I remember Krukow being pretty hard on his desire to *quit* last year saying that in 5 years Theriot will deeply regret his decision to stop playing. Kruk said “all players” miss playing once they stop. I think that’s a classic Kruk-centric comment. He thinks every ball player is exactly the same. He’s wrong, obviously.

I hope Theriot has invested wisely. He made a little over 8 million in salary, not sure what % went to his agent or if he invested in anything that went bad. It can’t cost much to live in Louisiana though. That’s where he’s from, I don’t know for certain that he moved back there. Although likely, he probably never left.

I think Ryan Theriot ended a career in possibly the best way you could ever end one: with The Slide. Sorry I couldn’t find a short link to it, here’s a video to the 2012 highlights. There’s an annoying song playing in the background plus a loud Red Bull ad at the start (I miss the old red bull ads–stick figures that quietly get wings). At the 3:51 mark you get to watch Theriot slide off into retirement like a kid rocketing down a water slide in his back yard with his buddies.

I bet Theriot had a lot of fun with his kids last Summer.

Football, Football, Football

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“Tomorrow morning will feature pussy all over the top of my bed as those little beasties are heat seekers and also go for soft places to hang out. It may be a task just to get out from under cover so I can get up and feed the stoves…” –Stix

That is one of the greatest consecutive sentences ever written here or maybe anywhere.

As I’m typing this, it’s 51 degrees outside. But that’s in the shade so it’s skewing the actual outdoor temp a bit. :)

This weekend it’s all about football and yesterday was epic. Alex Smith was brilliant. I was most impressed with his ability to improvise and make something out of nothing, whether it was with his legs or last second shovel passes. He did everything any QB could have done to win that game and I was truly bummed for him since I will always wish him well for the rest of his career. And his pass to Bowe was perfect. The DB did a great job of riding him toward the sideline and Bowe acted as if he didn’t even know where he was. Pathetic on Bowe’s part…..

In Philly it all came down to a kicker who wasn’t even on the team a few weeks ago. I was trying to imagine what he was feeling in the moments before he hit that kick and I’m sure I had no idea what he was feeling.

Today we have the “fluffer game” with the Chargers taking on the Bengals. It’s all fluffer for me, I don’t care who wins that game although I really like Keenan Allen and seem to remember Snarkk imploring the Niners to draft him when I barely even knew his name. Wish they’d listened to him.

ESPN is still talking about how cold it’s going to be today in Green Bay. All the talking heads are tripping over themselves to talk about themselves. And none of them said a single interesting or unique thing. Maybe Stix should score an honorary sideline job for the game. I can only imagine how epic his “pussy all over the field” commentary would be!

There’s Cold Weather and Then There’s This

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According to Stubhub, there’s still a little over 2,200 tickets left for the NFC Wild Card game in Green Bay this Sunday. Packer fans are catching a lot of sh!t on the internet about the possibly embarrassing development of having this game blacked out locally. To which I say: Fuck that. The HIGH is going to be -1. Look, I’m from California. I get irked if I leave the house in the morning and I can see my breath. I don’t own an ice scrapper—if it’s cold enough to ice up my car wind shield in the morning I just sit in the driveway with the defrost on blasting it with my wiper fluid until I can see out of a little hole and then I know I’m good to go–it usually clears up about half way down the hill. I have to deal with this inconvenience about 5 mornings a year.

I own an umbrella but I don’t know where it is……

The point is that when I see that the HIGH is going to be in the *minus* I have great sympathy for the fans of that area who don’t want to throw down a couple hundred bones to go sit in absurd weather to watch a football game. At least the players get to come off the field and sit in front of a heater now and again. The players get to work up a little sweat on the field to keep their body temps up. The fans get none of that.

No, the correct play (if I were a Packer fan) would be to stay at home, eat my giant block of cheese washed down with lots of Budweiser and hope I can secure the game at Black out shmack out. I wouldn’t go to that game with a free ticket…..

Masahiro Tanaka and All Those Pitches

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It’s anyone’s guess as to what Tanaka will get but it’s almost certainly going to be north of 100 million dollars. It’s been interesting to watch the dichotomy between GM’s wanting to sign him to a big deal and the same GM’s not wanting to sign him to a big deal due to concerns about the volume of pitches he’s thrown over his career. I wouldn’t worry about his arm. He’s been training that arm his entire life. That’s the problem with pitchers today. They can’t throw deep into a game because they don’t have the arm strength to do it.

While I was in Oregon visiting friends this Summer I watched a Little League game that my friend’s son was playing in. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The game was totally dominated by the pitch count. The game was basically just a merry go round of pitchers coming and going. One kid was lights out but was gone after 5 hitters. My buddy’s team lost because he miscalculated the number of pitchers he was using and had to use like the 9th best pitcher on the team in the final inning and the kid walked a couple of hitters and then gave up the game winning hit, a crushed ball that hit the wall out in center field. And this was a regional championship game…..

If this is how pitcher’s arms are now conditioned in the United States then it’s no wonder they can barely throw 100 pitches in a game even if they’re pitching well.

Back in the late 70′s I was one of 2 starting pitchers we had on our team that won the city championship. Either I pitched a complete game or Steve pitched a complete game. I have a hazy memory of getting relieved once in a game we were dominating. We lost one game that year–Steve was sick so Kendall had to pitch and he got lit up. He got relieved by our first baseman, I think.

The point is that we have pitchers on strict pitch counts now because we’ve trained arms down to the need for pitch counts. And that’s just dumb.

Tanaka’s arm will be fine.

According to Olney, We Suck

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Our preferred Rose Bowl meal— Flavor’s Meatball Bonanza:




I heard on the radio that Buster Olney has ranked his top 10 starting staffs and that the Giants didn’t make the top 10. He also gave honorable mention to a couple of teams that weren’t the Giants. Not knowing where Olney would finally rank SF, we know it’s not in the top 12. He had Detroit 1st and the Dodgers 2nd. St Louis might have been 3rd but I didn’t write the top 10 down and that’s all I really remember. I was too stunned to remember much of what I was hearing. I think the Giants have a top 10 rotation in mlb. Maybe top 5. But Onley is very highly regarded so maybe he’s right. We’ll see.

I shudder to think where Olney would rank our offense…..

Anyway, happy new year to all of you guys and enjoy watching the Cardinal win another Rose Bowl tomorrow. I know I will. :)

Hall of Fame Vote–BBA Style

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My esteemed colleagues at The Baseball Bloggers Alliance have elected the following players to the Hall of Fame:

Greg Maddux: 94.51%

Frank Thomas: 80.22%

Tom Glavine: 75.82%

Notable misses were Piazza (72%), Barry and Clemens (60%)/59%), Curt Shithead (39%), Morris (25%), McGwire (21%), Walker (17%). The following players got no votes: Benitez, Durham, both the Jones’, LoDuca, Timlin, Nomo and me.

The BBA seems to fall close to the actual HOF voting each year. In 2010 the BBA didn’t vote anyone in and the “so called writers” voted in Andre Dawson. In 2011, the BBA selected Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven and both were inducted into Cooperstown later that Summer. In 2012 the BBA selected Larkin and Bagwell but the “so called writers” only took Larkin. Last year the Bloggers again took Bagwell but no one actually got in. Bagwell lost support in this year’s voting garnering only 65%.

I’ve never been to the Hall of Fame and probably will never go due to its location. I’d go if I was there. But it’s never been on my bucket list. I’m like most of you, I don’t think enough players get in. As a man who walks the earth with the rest of the people, I’m probably not an ideal voter. :)

Puig Can’t Drive 55

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I’m out of town for a few days but saw the Puig-going-110 story and wondered how this might impact Puig and/or his team. I’m inclined to believe this is a sign of a larger problem of Puig being a guy who’s out of control and just basically doing whatever he wants to do–not a unique quality in young athletes, especially for athletes who grew up in poor foreign countries who suddenly find themselves multi-millionaires.

I don’t think Puig has a drug problem (unless you’re talking PED’s which is possible) but if continues to live “life in the fast lane” and not be responsive to people trying to guide him towards more skillful choices in life then there could be a major trouble brewing for him and the team in the very near future.


Big Flavor’s HOF Voting Card

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 26, 2013

It’s that time of year again. Hall of Fame voter time. As an esteemed member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, I have the great honor of being able to cast a vote–well, a more accurate description is that they say if you don’t vote they kick you out of the Alliance. So, without further ado, here are this year’s hopefuls with my vote next to each name.

Moises Alou– negative

Jeff Bagwell– negative

Armando Benitez– laughing to hard to type “negative”

Craig Biggio– negative

Barry Bonds– YES

Sean Casey– negative

Roger Clemens– YES

Ray Durham— negative for *Ray from across the Bay*

Eric Gagne– negative

Tom Glavine– YES

Luis Gonzalez–negative

Jaque Jones–negative

Todd Jones–negative

Jeff Kent– YES

Paul LoDuca–negative (though I greatly enjoy him @ TVG

Greg Maddux— YES

Edgar Martinez-negative

Don Mattingly– Negative

Fred McGriff–negative

Mark McGwire— negative

Jack Morris– YES

Mike MUssina–negative

Hideo Nomo– negative

Rafael Palmiero–negative

Mike Piazza– negative

Tim Raines–YES

Kenny Rogers–negative

Curt Shilling– negative

Big Sexy Sexton–negative

Lee Smith–YES

JT Snow– negative (maybe BAHOF)

Sammy Sosa– negative

Frank Thomas-YES

Mike Timlin–negative

Allan Trammell– negative

Larry Walker– YES

There it is. Nothing to controversial (except maybe Walker). They say you can’t vote for more than 10 and I hit 10 on the nose. Thoughts?

Merry Christmas, Flappers

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 25, 2013

This is the thread I wrote last year. What a difference a year makes. Don’t forget to appreciate the love in your life. If you can, love a little harder today. It’s easy if you try.

Last year on Christmas I read World Serious. I don’t have any new Kokonuts books to read so I’ll either re-read it or maybe watch some basketball. However you choose to spend your day today, enjoy and appreciate someone or something in your life that makes you happy.

Gifting the Art Dealers the NL West as Sabean Sits on his Hands, Silently

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 23, 2013

I must say, the Dodgers are going about building their bullpen in a unique way. Bee-Wheezy? JP Howell? Chris Perez? Sure, all guys you’d like to have around but they’re all still slated to come in before K-Jan (who is better than all of them, by far, as a closer). But when you don’t have a budget, this is what you do.

Jansen/Wheezy/Perez/Howell destroy the bullpen team of Romo/Casilla/Affeldt/Lopez (come on, it does). It’s a new world, a new Sheriff is in town  (Art Dealers). Sabean wants to “Kapernick” his flailing bicep after all the *heavy lifting* he’s done. But come on, this isn’t 2010/2012. Players are still getting signed, at reasonable costs. Why stop now?

I have been preaching this and no one cares, but we are major danger of losing next year’s division if all we do is sign the bare bones guys. The bullpen is the most important part of the team, we proved that in both our WS wins. How do you guys think our BP currently stacks up against the ‘Dealers? And how does our offense stack up? And our starting pitching? Should I keep going? Is there anything left? Oh, the bench. Um, never mind….

We have the money to compete with them. Sabean chooses to go “stay the course.” This is a stupid, idiotic approach, especially if money is not an issue which it isn’t for the Giants. I’m disgusted with our off season and unless Sabean is banking on the Dodgers team plane going down at some point this season  we are FUCKed. I guess there’s always the wildcard………..


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