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“Shoptalk” with Daniel

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 17, 2015

We play the Cardinals tonight and Daniel Shoptaw and I decided to keep our Q/A going since it was always so well received in the past. Here’s the email I sent him with his responses. He put a link to his blog in his question 2 answer.

Daniel Shoptaw

7:37 AM (45 minutes ago)

to me
1) Flavor: The Cardinals are piling up the wins this year. Giants fans have learned to not get too caught up in regular season wins and losses. Just make the playoffs and then let Hunter, Buster and the rest of the gang take over. Is there a sense in the Cardinal fan community that winning just shouldn’t be this easy? Like the team is peaking too soon? Aside from your team, who do you think the best team in the NL is? Who would you least like to play in the NLCS? Feel free to say the Giants for obvious reasons. :)
Shoptalk: While the Cardinals may have 75 wins so far this season, to say it’s been easy is probably a bit of a misstatement.  There are a lot of 1-0, 2-1 type games in there, a lot of close games that require much more stress on pitchers and fans than would be preferable.  The Cards have been blessed with almost historic levels of great pitching, but the offense just isn’t generating that much.  I can think of some Giants teams that might have followed that formula a little bit!
I don’t think anyone is worried about peaking, but there are always concerns that the offense won’t be enough or the pitching will wind up finally stumbling in October.  On the flip side, we both know that postseason baseball is so often close and low-scoring, so this St. Louis team will have plenty of practice in those sorts of games, so much so that October may not feel much different than June or July.
Honestly, if I wasn’t picking St. Louis as the best team in the NL, I’d probably go with the Pirates.  Maybe that’s because we see them all the time, but they have a very strong pitching staff and some potent bats, plus at least three Cardinal killers in Pedro Alvarez, Aramis Ramirez and Francisco Liriano.  That’s a team I don’t really want to see, but there are a lot of teams that I’m not excited about either.  The Giants well could be one of those teams–I’m interested to see how the two clubs stack up over the next couple of weeks.
2) Flavor: You recently inherited your father in law’s 1962 Topps baseball card set. First of all, my condolences for your family’s loss. But regarding the cards, was this inheritance surprising? Why 1962? It looks like a complete team set, did he have other years/teams? If so, where are those sets? Was your father in law a big collector? Here is a pic of part of the set that I snagged from Daniel’s twitter feed:
Shoptalk: Thanks for your sympathy.  My father-in-law passed in April–here’s the post I put up at the time–and my wife just went back to Ohio this weekend to bring home some of his effects, including that 1962 set.  I’m not 100% sure why 1962, but my guess is that’s one of the first years he started collecting cards, as he would have been 10 at the time.  I know that he showed me that set the first time I ever met him and we talked about how he filled out the collection at card shows and the like over time.  I want to say he didn’t finish it until the early ’90s, though I couldn’t swear to it.
That’s the only complete set that he had, at least that I’m aware of.  He was a huge baseball fan in general (the Reds in particular) and he a number of unopened packs and baseball cards around.  He even had a poster up in his store of a card show he helped organize in 1990 that featured Jeff Montgomery, a local guy that had made the majors.  He sold baseball cards for a long while in his store, so while he wasn’t necessarily a big collector, he was appreciative of cards and what they meant.
Flavor: Sorry, we just had an earthquake while I was writing this….. but I’m back, everyone/everything is ok.
Shoptalk: (Glad to hear it! That’s one way to wake up in the morning!)
3) Flavor: I check out the Cardinal line up everyday (I play a fair amount of daily fantasy baseball). I have noticed that the St Louis LU changes A LOT. Grichuk and Piscotty, for example, seem to bat all over the line up. Do Matheny’s LU’s make sense to you? Or does it feel like he’s over-managing them?
Shoptalk: It’s funny, we as Cardinal fans sometimes complain about the Matheny lineups but when Tony La Russa was making out 155 different ones over a 162 game season, it was his way of playing all the percentages.  
I don’t think Matheny’s over-managing, at least not in this regard.  (Honestly, for the most part, I think Matheny’s improved as a manager this year, though he still has his faults.)  Matheny’s hampered by the fact that his regular #3 hitter, Matt Holliday, is out and has been out a good portion of the season.  Without having that bulwark, it allows and almost requires some experimentation to see how best to fill that gap.  It’s also a fact that the offense really has struggled, even though there’s plenty of talent up and down the lineup, and Matheny seems to be trying to find the best fit that will create a spark.  You could argue that he should leave them alone for a few days instead of shifting almost daily and that’d be a fair critique, I believe, but at least there’s some reason behind what he’s doing.
Hope that’ll work for you!  Let me know when they go up and I’ll link at my site.  I dropped a link to the site in general in today’s post.
Daniel sent me some questions too, I’ll get to them as the work day allows this morning and will re-post here if he writes a thread about it.

The Difference Between Winning and Winning

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I follow Bryce Harper on Twitter and a lot of his off season tweets are about *greatness* and the what it takes to dedicate yourself to greatness. It’s got a *Tony Robbins* tint to it. Colin Kaepernick tweets the same kind of stuff. Neither one of them seem to understand that their goal of achieving *greatness* has everything to do with themselves and nothing to do with the team. That’s one of the reasons I love guys like Pence and Buster. They understand that real goals in sports are team goals. Team wins. Championships.

I don’t like Harper or any other Nat. I don’t think Matt Williams deserved that MOY award. I laughed quietly to myself watching McCatty get thrown out of the game last night. Can you imagine Dave Righetti getting thrown out of a game on a visit to the mound?

The Nats are a joke and I am enjoying these games where the question isn’t are we going to beat them it’s by how much……

National Beat Down Day

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 15, 2015

I’ll take Voggy and Cain, you take Strasburg and Scherzer. What kind of odds you give me that I go 2-0?

Nice, hot day here in the Bay. Get the ball up in the air and watch ‘er fly, high, HIGH.

After the first 2 games, it kinda feels like we’re playing with a little house money. Keep the pedal on the floor, there is no number of wins against the Nats and Williams that I would declare “too many.”

Game Time Thread

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 14, 2015

Why Not?

Round 2

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 14, 2015

and that’s why they play the game and don’t just surrender as soon as a pitcher like Strasburg takes the mound……

Fun stat of the day: the 4 pitchers the Dodgers acquired on July 30th have allowed 35 runs in 35.1 innings…..

Sherzer vs Cain today and I’m feeling ok about this….

Swatting Nats

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 13, 2015

So lemme get this straight: a revitalized Stephen Strasburg comes to town to take on Voggy who’s just been snatched out of the bullpen. Most of our outfielders are hurt. It looks bad.Real bad.

S-Squared will probably get his K’s but he’s certainly not unhittable. And Matt Williams is more than half way to polishing off his WMOY award. I’m not a Williams fan. Liked him (not loved) as a player. Didn’t like him as a D-backs coach. Think he’s overrated as a manager. His players are all hotheads and Williams just stands by and watches. Or models it for them, I’m not sure which.

Washington is -126 today. Seems low.

Anyway, we could easily beat the Nats today because it’s baseball and no one knows what the fuck is going to happen……


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 12, 2015

Short memories are the standard during a baseball season but I think it’s pretty easy to argue that last night’s game was the best game of the year. Coming off The Nightmare in Chicago against a good Houston team, Bum k’s 12, Belt hits 2 bombs, and we cruise to a 3-1 victory.

Now we get to find out if Hest-by-Hest has hit the wall at the end of Summer’s Warning Track or if he’s ready to push through and take his game to yet another unseen level.

Day game today…..

Re-Focusing Priorities

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 11, 2015

The Astros come to town and this would be a good series to turn things around. Bum should pile up the K’s against a team that loves to swing and miss. The problem, for us, is when they don’t miss. But if we can’t feel confident with Bum going at home then this season is over. So, I feel good about tonight’s game.

3 things need to happen:

  1. we need to stop thinking about the wildcard and focus 100% on winning the division. The Dodgers aren’t very good and starting in August 31st we play them 7 times. You want to chew up games at rototiller speed, that’s the time to do it.
  2. We need to somehow make it to September within 6 games of LA. Our September schedule is a combination of Disneyland and a rolling daisy patch field. Get to September within hailing distance of LA and the last 30 days of the season could be exciting as hell.
  3. In order for #1 and #2 to happen, we need to pick up James Shields and bench help immediately. The team as presently constructed has no chance…….

The Day After

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 10, 2015

I tried to find something positive to spin into today’s thread but by 2:30pm (PST) it became clear that wasn’t going to happen. So, I’m throwing this out to all of you. After The Chicago Breakdown, what do you think we have to look forward to for the rest of this season? You can say “James Shields” and I will count that as an acceptable answer. :) He passed through waivers today, unscathed. Go get him.

Time For a Win

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 9, 2015

Losing 3 straight to the Cubs isn’t really the problem. It’s only 3 games. It’s HOW we are losing them. Basically, they are kicking our ass. Luck has not been beating us. They’ve been hitting better, they’ve been pitching better. The only thing we’ve been doing better is “Brandon Crawfording” them. He’s been brilliant, especially in the field. If it weren’t for him, the score differential would be much worse. They’ve scored first in every game. We’ve led for exactly one inning of one game (yesterday we led 2-1 in the 2nd inning, they jumped back ahead 3-2 the next inning).

So *Summer’s Warning Track* or whatever you want to call it has not started out well for us. There is no end to this any time soon. It’s going to be one tough series after another with very few days off. Our pitching is littered with question marks. Angel Pagan can barely still play baseball. We have several very good players and a team I trust implicitly in terms of chemistry, focus and experience.

The weather sucks in Chicago today, could take a while to get this one in…….


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 8, 2015

Sorry, out of pocket yesterday.

Look at it this way, as disappointing as these 2 games vs Chicago have been at least the Giants aren’t the Niners. Jeeeeezus, bad luck seems to not know a floor with them. But I’m not as down on the upcoming season as others are. I’m definitely in a wait and see approach with them.

Chris and his son Clayton were at the game yesterday sitting 5 rows behind the Giants on deck circle. Will try to post a pic of them later. Two Flappers representing in Chi Town. I was having trouble seeing them on tv even when I paused it. Either the guy in the on deck circle was blocking them or an usher was standing there or there were too many other Giants fans around them. I finally texted Chris “just tell Clayton to run naked out to the pitching mound so I can confirm you guys are sitting that close.” His response: “he still wants to go to college so he won’t be doing that.” lqtm.

Definitely worried about Cain today. These hitters can get the ball in the air and that’s something Cain needs to try to avoid today if we want any chance of a W. Losing 3 straight to them would be a big blow……





Here’s one of the pics he sent me. It’s Aoki and I didn’t recognize him so I asked Chris who it was. Pretty funny.




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I’m not as impressed with the Cubs the same way everyone seems to be. Good core of young guys for sure. I just don’t think this is there year. And they aren’t very good against RH pitching. They strike out like a team-wide helicopter digging into the ground. If Heston keeps the ball down he should have his way with them. Wind should be blowing IN today to further help him.

How we are going to hit Jason Hammel is a more pressing problem. He’s really good. And I’m guessing our bats are a little limp tonight just from all the heat and travel.

Big, big 4 gamer though. If we can’t catch the Dodgers this is the team we need to beat to secure the #2 WC spot……

Shout out to Chris and his son Clayton who are flying out to Chicago from Portland for this series. Chris and Clayton are the two who Cody Ross through that ball to in the arcade back in the 2010 playoffs.

If you want to re-live a little 2010 magic, here’s their Cody Ross Story

Win Day

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 5, 2015

I won’t call this game “must win” but it is definitely “should win.” We’ve got Red Ass going vs someone named “Williams Perez.” I don’t know much about this guy other than his Yahoo player pic suggests he’s a man who enjoys a good buffet.

It would be nice to go into Chicago with a little momentum.

Monopoly Was a Rad Game

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Ah, Connecticut Avenue….seems like such a nice road on which to take a Sunday stroll. Tired from the day’s journey, you decide to check into a quaint B and B for the night. As dawn hits, you and your new bride wake up and prepare for the trip to Virginia Avenue, maybe even old St. James Place (where his wife is busily covering the furniture in plastic). But the inn keeper charges you triple what you thought it would cost. You can’t pay the bill! He informs you that there’s a jail for your kind right next door. Suddenly, that warm, Summer afternoon stroll turned into you getting your ass SandraBlanded and now you don’t know what the fuck is going on…..

That’s what last night felt like.

I’m not as down on the bullpen as everyone else is. I thought Voggy’s stuff was pretty good. Unfortunately they were pitching in a yard that was playing to the size of a large matchbox. I can’t remember a Giants game where there were more oppo-bombs. The one thing I’ll say about the bullpen is this: seems like every other team has gone to using gas-throwers and we keep trotting out the same core of old men who have gotten it done for the last half decade or so. But aside from Hunter Strickland, our bullpen is not mirroring what others are doing. This might be a case where we should be doing what others are doing. Easy to say, not so easy to put together quickly…..

Forget the “Dog Dayz of Auguzt”. These last 3 stress games have gotta be taking a big, big toll on the team. Just as I was more than ready for a no-doubt bomb on which to celebrate immediately off the crack of the bat, I could really use a nice and easy 5-2 victory today……

Kudos to you Diggity for inspiring the thread as well as motivating me to find our old monopoly game from the studio. Gonna fire that bad boy up as soon as Katie gets back home…..

What was your favorite block to own in Monopoly? I loved that yellow-ass Marvin Gardens row. Felt like King of the World when I owned that shit.

Game Time Thread and the Offer of a Lifetime

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 3, 2015

A new bauble arrived via the pony at Casa de Flavor’s this afternoon.



That’s right. An autographed Candy Maldonado. Behind it sits an unautographed giraffe that my daughter played with when she was young. Belt won’t be signing that unless he dines with me in an upcoming evening. Even then…..

To the particulars: The picture cost me $3.05. But shipping was $3.20. This additional fee has soiled the score so I’ve decided to re-list the item on a site more telling of it’s hidden value. Starting tomorrow, you can find this rare collectible listed at

I am told they do skillful work with the rarest of baseball finds.

List price will be $1,400. Relax, for you guys I’ll be offering a today in-game price of $1,375. That’s a $25 Flap discount, do not sneeze at that. This offer closes at games end. No exceptions or B/O’s will be considered. At least, at the time this thread went to print……

How did I come up with the list price? Allow me to disclose the true value. For starters, the edges of the photo are impeccable. You could literally slice Gouda with this. And the ink from the pen is so shiny my eyes almost burn if I look at it too long. There are unwritten reports that he once declared this his “best signature ever”. His (and my) biceps are positively peaking. And do I even have to note the classic “Candy smile” that we all secretly admired back in the day? Finally, who among us could ever forget Candy flying in from the right side of the tv screen to protect the good name of Will the Thrill?

One hundred dollars for each letter signed. That’s a sexy, smooth 14 hundo, baby. And I’ll throw in the freaking giraffe just so your significant other doesn’t raise her brow at you…….

So who’s in for the in-game deal of $1,375?

text: “buy it now” or “I gotta have that shit” to my cell……..

Leave questions in the comment section below if you have any but I can’t believe you aren’t working with enough info to buy this bad boy like 10 seconds ago…….

Panik Time?

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I think we’re about to find out how important Joe Panik is to the Giants line up. As a couple of us wondered about during Saturday’s game, it’s clear that Panik is still struggling with a back problem. It’s too early to call it an injury. Here’s what he said after the game he sat out yesterday:

“We tried to battle through it. It’s not getting better.”

This is disappointing since everyone knows Adrianza is not a major league caliber player. At least not one with any value. The minor league level is weak with Kevin Frandsen and the newly acquired criminal, I mean *player*, Everth Cabrera as possibilities. Somewhere Jo-Arias might be waiting around. I actually didn’t follow up with his landing spot, if any, after he was designated.


Off to Atlanta. I hate playing The Braves. They always seem to pop up and outplay their record at the worst time when we play them. They’re a free swinging team with nothing to lose facing a pitcher who is having location problems since he came back from the DL. This could be a *problem* game……

And on the 7th Day, They Played Baseball……

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 2, 2015

Last night was fun. What a game. But there was one thing that consistently irritated me from beginning to win….

all those Giants fans. Doesn’t it kinda bug a little bit? Who are all these posers wearing Giants gear? And it’s not just Texas, it’s everywhere. There’s something wrong with so many new fans wearing the same gear that I earned all those years they were either not born yet or too busy to notice the Giants while they were wearing all their Green Bay Packer jerseys.

I hang with real fans, not the ones who spend their time scouring the internet for cutesy, sparkled SF Flags or foam ring hats or any of that other stupid shit……


PK noted this last night:

pawliekokonuts said, on August 1, 2015 at 10:06 pm (Edit)

none of the announcers said a thing, but I thought Panik was limping a bit (hamstring type limp) after one of those Tex-Mex leaguers near the end; he seemed to say something to Crawdad……maybe just my search-for-the-doom existential gloomy disposition…anyway, Kierkegaard can give him an existential rubdown in the locker room


Kokonuts was absolutely right and in fact, when he ran out to try to catch that quail hit by (Fielder?) it was clear that he kept running past the play because he couldn’t stop. That is a classic sign of someone dealing with a back problem and I think it’s a lot worse than he’s letting on….


I’ll let Loo introduce YOUR SF Giants starter for today. As usual, pure gold……

djloo27 said, on August 1, 2015 at 9:25 pm (Edit)

Looking forward to the debut of the shoplifting, kid hating, beady-eyed weasel tomorrow…

Friday Re-cap

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What did we learn yesterday? In an epic throwback day of Flap posting, I’ll try to recap:

1) Mad Bum is a hot head. I guess this one isn’t new. However, I’ve never really understood why he gets cheesed off at a guy flipping his bat after making an out. Zumiee and Snarkk supplied the answers:

zumiee said, on July 31, 2015 at 8:30 pm (Edit)

To Bum, he takes it as the batter saying “I should have crushed that sorry pitch, and I’m going to say it to everyone.”

snarkk said, on July 31, 2015 at 9:12 pm (Edit)

Let’s stop pussyfooting around. Bum is an idiot doing this feigned insult gig when somebody throws a bat or flips it or cuts a fart for being disgusted with himself for missing a hittable pitch. In the ’60s, guys like Mays and Aaron were getting buzzed regularly about the head and neck with inside heat. They didn’t rush the mound, like would happen today with far less talented hitters. These players, including Bum, need to get over themselves. Get somebody out, stop giving up dingers, and stop being an ass on the mound just when you’re getting pounded. It’s embarrassing…

2) We learned what Steve Rushin calls August:

sandog said, on July 31, 2015 at 9:38 pm (Edit)

Amen to that. And I’m still firmly planted in July here in San Diego. I’m not a huge Steve Rushin fan, but he had a great line in his Sports Illustrated column this week saying that August is “summer’s warning track.’

That is a fantastic line.

3) We finally cobbled together the 3 people who past away yesterday:

Lynn Anderson, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Billy Pierce

4) I was able to secure a signed Candy Maldonado 8 X10 courtesy of…..

sandog said, on July 31, 2015 at 10:02 am (Edit)

What exactly made the ball a Photo Ball? I’m guessing there was a photo of a player on the ball? Different players…or everyone got the same guy? I tried ebay for answers, but came up empty.

By the way, this guy was never my cup of tea, but Flav or Loo or somebody needs to get on this asap….×10-Baseball-Ball-Photo-Signed-Autographed-1989-WS-SF-Giants-/181798935158?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a540f9a76

5) We got a great re-tell of the Deion signing balls during the game story

Bozo said, on July 31, 2015 at 9:40 am (Edit)

Deion was still with Atlanta, he’d already taken a beer to the face when going for a foul ball. Instead of playing catch before the inning started, a kid dropped a ball, he picked it up and signed it and spent the rest of his warm-up time signing balls. No more beer was thrown at him but he was out on the field when all those balls started flying from the stands. The umps almost forfeited the game to the Braves. We came back from being down by 5 runs twice (? or was it three times), an amazing day.
I know it was kind of fucked up for all those baseball being thrown from the stands (including the upper deck), but strangely, I found it to be a beautiful thing.

6) We saw Wilmer Flores stop crying long enough to knock out a walk off bomb, his first home run in 6 weeks. As he neared the plate he tugged at the front of his jersey as if to say “that’s right, this is my town.” And that was the coolest thing of the night, in my opinion….

7) We saw idiot Bryce Harper get thrown out of yet another game for arguing balls and strikes. But this toss was especially hilarious since it was a tie game in the 11th and the only position player still on the bench was Dan Uggla. Kudos to Matt Williams for finally not getting thrown out with him……

8) we discovered that newly acquired Mike Leake has an unusual way of exchanging shirts. He walks into Macy’s and whispers quietly to himself, “I am exchanging these shirts that are yours for shirts that are now mine…”

9) Twin sighting:

twinfan1 said, on July 31, 2015 at 9:56 pm (Edit)

Hey, at 68, shaky hands, and a right side lean, I could still play third base better than “Long Ball Duvall” -as could the Dawg.
Way off subject, there’s something oddly comforting to see Eli in the dugout. Sort of like the Good Ol’ Shoe…


Yes it was a full day of baseball and a full day of posting here at the Flap. I’m sure I missed a bunch including another education on wrestlers who wrestled on Sac-Town’s Channel 40 back in the early 70’s…..

But I’m tired of typing. Let’s see what today brings……

Mike Leake Come on Down!

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Extremely happy with the Giants picking up CHI’S GUY Mike Leake who will fill a hole despite his last name. Ok, that’s the first and only leak joke allowed on the blog (unless you got a better one). We basically only gave up only one valuable player since Duvall had about as much chance as San Dawg or Twin to play in San Francisco again. But chips are meant to get thrown in the pot and I willingly toss Keura Mella to the felt.

And assuming we can sign Leake, this is no rental. He’s 27 and a guy who is going to get a little better pitching at AT&T. I would take Leake over either of the pitchers the Dodgers acquired (Latos and Wood).

Fantastic day to be a Giants fan. Haven’t seen a single negative comment about this pick up and don’t expect to.

Trade Deadline

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The trade deadline has never seen anything like this. Deals coming together, a player crying on the field, that deal falls apart for….no reason? Reports are coming out this morning that there’s nothing wrong with Gomez’ hip. A whole lot of nothing going on caused all that nonsense.

I understand that protocol has always been to go over medical records and the player has to take a physical AFTER a deal is put in place. But maybe there’s a way to lessen the likelihood that a deal will fall apart? Like look over the medical records BEFORE you consummate a deal? That would seem pretty prudent to me.

Regardless, today should be interesting……

The Pointless, The Bad, and Paul Pierce

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I watched a lot of Seinfeld back in the day. Remember the episode where Kramer is hanging out at a company and the employees just assume he works there so he starts showing up everyday with a briefcase full of crackers? Then he submits a “report” and after reviewing it his boss says “It’s almost like you have no business training whatsoever.”

I think some of these GM’s got their jobs the same way Kramer got that job. Many of these deadline moves suggest as much. Toronto had a very capable leadoff man and shortstop in Jose Reyes. His teammates and manager loved him. The Blue Jays hole is pitching not hitting. So what do they do? They go get an aging Tulo who is a shell of what he once was. That move made as much sense as the crackers in Kramer’s briefcase. And Toronto players were not happy.

Flip flop over to Washington. Why did The Nationals trade for J-Pap? They had a perfectly serviceable closer in Drew Storen. And much like Tulo, Pap’s best days are behind him. As you would expect, Storen was less than thrilled with the move……

What’s Dave Stewart up to in Arizona? He’s busy trying to trade for Aroldis Chapman. What the fuck is he going to do with him if he gets him? Have him sit on the bench every game? The D-backs need Chapman like I need a gay lover. He would go unused in the desert. And Stew would have to give up half of his best prospects to get him……

Decisions, decisions. Baseball GM’s make some curious ones. Then there are decisions pro basketball players make. If you’re Paul Pierce, why do you agree to do this?

We Are Not Getting Cole Hamels

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 28, 2015

The Rumor Mill is churning fast and furious during times like these and I just want it to be over. Too many fake-o rumors and then when something does happen, like Tulo for Reyes, absolutely NO ONE was *rumoring* it.

And then you have teams literally making shit up to jack up the price for players they’re selling off. I don’t think reputable info guys like Ken Rosenthal are out there making things up. But when he tweets out that “the Dodgers, the Astros, the Giants, and the Rangers” are in on “so and so” it’s just him casting the widest net possible and listing off a bunch of teams he reads from the standings.

So the Giants are in on Cole Hamels? Riiiiight. Who are they gonna trade? Susac and Panik? The problem with all the rumors is the reality of them that is long on scarce.

Now watch, about 2 minutes after I hit “publish” on this thread the Giants will have acquired Cole Hamels….


No News is Expected

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 27, 2015

All seems pretty quiet on the trade front and that’s really the way I expect this to go. The Giants have too much hardware (3in5) on display at the park to do anything rash. Leave those moves to teams that haven’t won anything in decades (see: LA Dodgers). And the way our farm system has been performing at the big league level, I’m not really interested in giving any pitching talent away for a #2.

I’m not too worried about it, the Giants don’t overpay ever so there’s very little chance that we see a panicky move at the deadline…..

Broom Time

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If Huddy can’t cobble together a productive start today, I don’t know where we are with him. Either way, a sweep of the A’s is looming.

Casilla is frustrating, but what closer isn’t? They all walk the tight rope. End of the day, he usually gets the job done.

Thanks for the kind words about the videos I posted. I figured you “out of towners” would enjoy.


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 25, 2015

Missed the game last night, and that’s too bad. 17 hits off A’s pitchers? That would have been satisfying to watch. And Buster stole a base? Had to have been a broken play.

Beane traded Kazmir for the 9th best prospect in the Astros org. That’s a score for Houston and another sign that Beane is slipping…..


If you’re bored, as I was yesterday, here are some video I took while driving. The first 2 are of a razed Candlestick (video quality kinda choppy on the first one). Then a video of the new Bay Bridge span, then one of golden gate fields followed by me paying my toll at the bridge. Enjoy. Took them mostly for the Flappers who don’t live around here anymore and want to see what the area looks like now.


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It’s pretty remarkable that Grienke and Kershaw haven’t given up a run in 72.2 innings. But they can have all the regular season stats they want. The Giants take over in the post season, that’s been proven.

Driving all day so keep track of the shop for me.

Gum Throwing Pussy

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Kinda glad last night unfolded the way it did. I needed a reason to start hating the Padres. My favorite part of the night was the “Let’s go Giants” chant that broke out in their yard during the clearing of the benches. And nothing quite says “I’m a huge pussy” than being a grown man and throwing your gum at another grown man who isn’t even looking at you……

I’m happy for Sanchez, after all he’s been through, that must have felt awesome…..

Beaten By Bullshit

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As last off season progressed and the Padres added player after player, I predicted that it would blow up in their collective face and they’d be dead in the water by July. And that has come to pass.

Unfortunately, when we play these fucks they look like the team they had hoped they’d have when originally assembled.

The reality about the Giants is this: we don’t have the pitching to get to the post season. Our starting pitching is paper thin, comprised mostly of a coterie of 4’s and 5’s. Our relief core is a shell of what it once was.

I’m not sure there are enough bullets in Sabean’s trade holster to fix all of this……


and tonight, we have to face The Cuban Alphabet. Could be a loooooong game.

Dead Man Walking

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Hector Sanchez has returned. I admit, I didn’t even know he was still playing. Thought he retired. Maybe he should have. This guy is playing with fire and you can’t help but wince every time you see him take one off the face.

Here’s what he said yesterday:

“I was scared after what happened last year, but I try to live with it,” Sanchez said. “Nothing I can do. If I play baseball, I have to be a catcher. It’s how I learned to play.”

That’s hardly a mindset that anyone should have to have when they go to work everyday. Every pitch that’s thrown at him is a risk. It’s hard to watch.


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Nice trip through the desert so far. Bum today and maybe it’s just me but he needs a big performance to remind me of what a true ace this guy really is.

Now, back to the Open. The scoring today has been unreal…..

Game-time Thread: Takin’ on the Snakes again

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Panik, Duffy, and Pence put on a hitting clinic last night. Let’s keep it up.

Speaking of Pence…. :)



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Managed to sleep in till 3:00 this morning. Looks like it rained like hell last night but the course is drying out and we’ve got golf! Who’s with me on starting an Open Blog?

But for those who don’t give a shit about this, we have baseball again. Cain in the desert. I’d like to think we could hit this Ray-guy. Ray Guy. Hell of a punter.

Now, back to my golf……


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Well, I’ve been up for 7 hours……

The things I do to watch The Open live……

Tomorrow, we get baseball back again.


Might be time for a nap later. Glad I’m on vacation…….


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Easily the best part of the all star game was Aroldis Chapman pumping his 100+mph fireballs at the hitters over and over. The reactions from the AL players in dugout was priceless.

This was the best tweet of the night in my opinion:


Chapman’s fastball is about 15 mph harder than mine. That’s the same difference between me and mo’ne davis.


The Open is nearly upon us. Without question my favorite tournament of the year. In fact, one of my favorite events of the year. It blows my mind that Tom Watson hasn’t won a major in 32 years. My favorite golfer growing up, this will be his last Open, a tournament he’s won 5 times. The winds will be howling and with weather like that it’s nearly impossible to predict a contender no matter how many picks you get. I’ll be getting up early on Sat and Sunday to watch…..

All Star Game Thread

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Have at it. :)


Summer Time Dead Zone

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Thus begins the most boring 4 days of the Summer….

Does the Home Run Derby do anything for ya? It’s an activity that’s more than played itself out over the years. MLB knows this, that’s why they’ve shaken the format up. I don’t know all the details except that there will be brackets and outs don’t get counted but time does. Stuff like that.

If I was in charge, the first thing I do is can Chris Berman. Nothing sounds more exaggerated than an ever-fattening, half soused Berman *Back, Back, Backing” his way into a phony HR call. I think I’d even try going with no announcer. Just a counter that shows the distance of the home run and the total hit during that round.

The HR distance and the sound of the crowd should be enough of a draw. MLB uses juiced balls for this contest, why not juice them up even more? 500+ foot home runs would jazz everyone up–especially since the casual fan doesn’t know they juice the balls.

Those would be the changes I’d make.


A Date with Barbara Billingsley

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Who knew those words would excite me. We should pummel this chump into the ground. Sorry I’ve been out of pocket lately.

Kenny Stabler

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I am a 49er fan but as a kid I loved certain Raider players. I think I liked their names. “Casper”. “Branch”. “Guy.” And of course, “Stabler.” I’m left handed too and I remember fashioning my td throws after him to my buddies in the street outside my house. In hindsight, it’s weird I never became a Raider fan but 2 guys named Montana and Clark probably had something to do with that.

Anyway, I remember watching this play in my living room–probably my first memory of watching a football game at home. “Get yer big butt outta here….” RIP, Snake.


Giants game tonight. There’s nothing like baseball in terms of a shitty team being able to beat you on any given night. The pitcher has everything to do with that. Cole Hamels v MadBum and I wouldn’t want to have to try to be a hitter in this game……


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Is Posey hurt? Why is he out of the LU again?

Sucking Shit

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Not really interested in hearing about our leaky bullpen today. When I saw that line up last night and Twin wondered how much it was “hated” I responded with one word: *resigned*. So getting shut out was nearly as predictable as it was disheartening. Watching hitter after hitter roll Jon Niese’s average offerings meekly to the left side of the infield was another reminder that the difference between our good offense and our bad offense is paper thin.

Whatever, they flew in from the east coast that same day. More excuses. I’m tired of the excuses.

Go win a damn game.

Hitting the Re-Start Button

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If you think this is rock bottom, take a gander at who’s starting for the Dodgers tonight….


Good chance that Niese is a Giant this year so leave a little love in your heart for him. Unless, of course, we keep losing and Sabean waves The Bad Penny flag again….


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This trip is not going well. Gee, ya think?

Fortunately, today we get to let the entire world in on our misery with ESPN picking up the game.

Today, I’d settle for a loss as long as we play well. Don’t have guys getting picked off, the relievers hold sway, get a few hits, stuff like that.

A bad trip like this is hardly something that sinks the ship. I think it was 2012 when we got our asses handed to us on a platter on a similar sweltering July 4th weekend. So no time to panic.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t have my finger poised at the ready to click the channel to something else if we come out smoking copious amounts of pole……

Game Time Thread

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Welcome back Peavy. Now don’t get hammered…..

Matt Cain

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Welcoming back The Horse today. My expectations are low. Even though he’s only 30 he’s got a ton of innings on that arm and when I think of him I think of a ghost more than the stud he once was. But we really don’t need him to be that guy anymore. Just be something hovering around a 3 or 4.

Sabean must look at his Cain and Zito deals and just want to punch himself in the face. Twice.

Speaking of getting hit in the face, is it time to consider Buster no longer catching? He seems like a pretty expensive target to set up behind the plate.

Everyone Hates Puig

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Not gonna lie, I enjoyed the story that broke recently about how much Dodger players hate Puig. And people that say, “team chemistry doesn’t matter, look at (insert team from the 70’s here) they used to fight each other and still won a World Series” are taking way too simplistic of a stance. Team chemistry absolutely CAN matter you just don’t always see the negative effects.

And now we are seeing those effects. Look, if Puig was actually producing I don’t think it would matter as much. But he’s not. And when a Dodger player is quoted as saying, “At this point it would be addition by subtraction” (if Puig were traded), that’s more evidence that the Dodgers would be better off without this chump.

Hopefully they don’t trade him.

And to answer a question that will likely get posed today, my answer is this: No, I would not take Puig, for free, on our team right now.


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Flappers— been under the weather the last couple of days, sorry for no thread.

What do you get when you combine the ugliest new stadium ever built with the dumbest fuck pitcher facing us? Hopefully a good old fashioned trip out to the woodshed.

Voggy continues to shine and I was surprised to see that dumbfuck Latos is only 27. Feels like he’s been pitching for a decade+.


Missed this on Friday– The Nats called up PK’s favorite minor league player Manny Burriss

Big Game For Big Time Timmy Jim Jim

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I simply refuse to believe that Jake Peavy gets to slide neatly into the rotation if he continues to suck shit in the minor leagues. I don’t buy that “results don’t matter, how he feels the next day does” bullshit.

Look, if you aren’t missing bats in Triple A it’s likely you won’t be missing them at this level. Peavy got blasted again yesterday and frankly, when was the last time this guy had a good start? Maybe the end of the regular season last year?

If Timmy has a good start today (I know, I know) I’d like to believe he still keeps a spot somehow with Hudson, who seems to be at the end of the road, hitting the DL with “old man syndrome” or something less life threatening and Cain rejoining the rotation when he’s ready…..

Who’s Are MVP (So Far)?

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They were kicking this around with Hank Diddy on KNBR this morning. He went with Crawford and while I think that’s a pretty pedestrian pick, it’s got merit. For me, it’s Heston, hands down. I don’t even want to think about who we would have trotted out there every fifth day if it weren’t for that dude. Aoki should get some votes. Buster, too. Panik?

Who am I missing?


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Another day, another Buster grand slam. He’s hitting just enough of those to make him worthwhile. :)

Everyone ready to admit they were wrong about Voggy again?

Anyone? Bueller?

Heston vs Big Game (Regular Season) James.

14 K’s Down the Drain

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Last night was just a joke. A bad, frustrating, “fuck your mother” type of joke. Chuck said “Why is it so hard to beat these guys?”

Agreed. But if you look up and down this sad sack line up, it’s not hard to see why we can’t hit. Our most productive hitter this year is out (Aoki) as well as the heart and soul of the line up (Pence). Pagan is just a shell of himself. No power, few stolen bases. His OPS is in the tank and he’s just not a difference maker at this point. Blanco is a nice player as long as he doesn’t play every day. Whoops, now he’s playing every day. Maxwell is worthless unless he’s running into monster moon shots. Buster and Belt are pretty hit or miss this year. Crawford has cooled off considerably.

The Duffman can only do so much….

So, we need some guys back and I think when that happens we’ll see the rest of the offense stop shitting itself every game. The bad news is, that could be a while……


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