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Getting Our Ass Handed to Us

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 12, 2014

These Nats are more than a little annoying. But there’s really not two ways to read this, they are kicking our ass, straight up. Outscoring us 17-6. And in our home park, that’s a little embarrassing. It could just be a bad stretch of games that all good (and bad) teams have over the course of 162. But it doesn’t seem to be a coincidence since it’s coming vs a team considered by many to be one of the top teams in the National League.

Today is a fairly big game. Getting swept at home in a 4 game series should not happen. We’ve got Huddy going up against someone named *Treinen*. So, we *steal* one, right?


Ugh, is hockey over yet? And now soccer is starting? Where’s the fast forward button?


Where were YOU 20 years ago today?

Random Wednesday Thoughts

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 11, 2014

Another disappointing loss to a team that seems to have our number. At least we don’t have to play them in oppressive Washington heat but even with conditions more to our delicate liking, we are having trouble with them. Cain? We’ll see……


If you want to see an unbelievable throw, check out Cespedes from last night:


Not sure how this has happened, but the Tampa Bay Rays have the worst record in baseball. With all the talent they have on that roster? Wither Maddon? How could that team have THE WORST record in baseball?


Got any random Wednesday thoughts you want to kick around?

Bob Welch

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 10, 2014

I was saddened to hear about the passing of Bob Welch. I always like him and that’s surprising since he played his entire career for the Dodgers and A’s. The 27 games he won in 1990 is burned into my brain for some reason. It seemed like a lot then and it’s almost inconceivable in today’s game. And it came in his 13th major league season. He never really did anything after that magical Cy Young year. Four seasons of mediocrity with his career finally ending in 1994.

Cause of death wasn’t announced, that’s usually not a very good sign. Ha, I guess any “cause of death” isn’t a good sign.

Anyway, sad.

Nats in Town

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 9, 2014

The Mets were cute but now a real team comes to town. Washington is hot right now although beating up on the punchless Padres is a little like, well, beating up on the bumbling Mets. Still, of you are a good team you take care of business against the bad teams and that’s what both the Giants and the Nats have been doing of late.

Strasburg vs Voggy tonight and it’s hard to be confident about this match up. But the way this season is going, we’ll probably win easily….

And I don’t believe that for a second.

Should be a fun series……


Chi posted a link to trade rumors involving Chase Utley. Of course, he would be the perfect fit in SF, the question would be the booty required to secure him. I don’t see Sabean pulling a big enough trigger to get an *Utley.* He’s a California boy though and he and his wife live in SF in the off season so you never know……


Morse Talk and Horse Talk

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 8, 2014

I’m hard pressed to remember a Giant who has ever more enjoyed being a Giant than this guy does right now:


The Mets are not very good. They bumbled the game away last night. But as Pagan said, you have to take advantage of your opponents mistakes. Advantage: Giants.


Regarding the Belmont Stakes yesterday: Kudos to DJ Loo who called out the owners as jackasses over a week ago. Yesterday, Coburn did a “slowburn” on national tv giving everyone a taste of what Loo had already told us about. People talk about winning all the time, how important it is, how great it feels. But one thing I learned at the youngest of ages was how to lose with dignity. Coburn and his cohorts showed they don’t know how to do that.

Did he have a point? Sort of, I guess. His trainer, Art Sherman, has been getting interviewed by Sam Spear every Sunday morning on KNBR for the last 12 weeks. I’ve caught most of those interviews and just 3 weeks ago Sherman was saying the same thing that Coburn said yesterday. Now, he didn’t say it in the loser way that Coburn did, but he was lamenting the fact that horses shouldn’t be allowed to skip certain triple crown races and target others. So I’m not sure if Sherman got it from Coburn or the other way around, but the connections for Chrome have been doing a slow burn about this for a while………

But here’s the deal, there are a lot of things about the triple crown I’d change before Coburn’s half-baked ideas. For starters, they should space the 3 races out to at least a month between each race. Maybe more than a month. I don’t want to hear about “history” and messing with “that’s always the way it’s been.” It has ALWAYS been irresponsible to force three year old still-developing horses to grind out 3 races in 5 weeks. It’s like asking a 12 year old to start lifting weights every day. Spacing the races out better would give the Derby winner (and/or the Preakness winner) adequate time to recover. I don’t have a problem with horses skipping races and looking for the best spots. If they’re laying in the weeds waiting for a vulnerable horse like Chrome, so be it. You can’t force a horse to run all three races, that’s ignoring the health of the horse and it’s the right of the owner and trainer to find the best race for each horse. Distance, location, current health and quality of opponent all factor into that. These animals only have so many bullets to fire in a career. If the connections for Tonalist thought the mile and a half Belmont was the best of the 3 races for them to try to win, that’s their right.

In summary, I see where Coburn is coming from, it’s a little unfair that a horse that doesn’t have the points to run in the Derby be allowed to run in the Belmont. But he looked like a loser ranting about it 5 seconds after he lost and the real issue is how these 3 races are stacked together, it’s not about the number of points a horse has or doesn’t have…..

San Francisco: Where Outfielders Go to Die

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 7, 2014

Here’s a look at our first 10 picks in the 2014 draft:


Only 5 pitchers drafted in the first 10 picks. This disappoints me. All 10 should be pitchers, at least in the first 10 rounds. Use the final 40 rounds (or whatever it is) to supply your minor league system with depth. It’s a little early, but I’m going to call out Dylan Davis as a total waste of a pick. Same with Seth Harrison and Austin Slater. If you’re an outfielder, and you get drafted by the Giants, you should be so bummed. All your hopes and dreams, dashed.

The Giants are either the unluckiest team in the world when it comes to drafting outfielders or they have no idea how to develop them. Or they have no idea how to identify outfield talent. It has to be one of the 3, maybe a combo of the three. The odds are nearly 100% that if you get drafted by SF as an outfielder, your career is over before it starts. I’m waiting for one of our drafted outfielders to immediately switch positions upon finding out he was drafted by the Giants. Go “Jason Lane” on them. Most of these guys pitched in Little League, why not find out if ya still got it?

Because if Sabean drafts you, and you are an outfielder, you don’t got it. You so don’t got it.

Tyler Beede, Come on Down!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 6, 2014

As all of you have heard, the Giants drafted Tyler Beede (RHP) out of Vanderbilt yesterday. Rather than give you his stats, here’s an interview he did with a hot Vandy girl. The free style rap at the end is pretty epic.


A Baseball Lifer, RIP

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 4, 2014


To call Don Zimmer a “baseball lifer” isn’t doing much justice to the life of a lifer…….

Everyone knows who he was, everyone loved him. I stole this from wikipedia:  he married his one and only wife (Soot. Come on, “Soot?” lol)  at home plate before a minor league game in 1951. He started dating her in 10th grade, I’m not sure she knew what she was getting herself into. But if you’re a chick and your nickname is “Soot” you’re probably cool with getting down and dirty with the ballgame back in the 50’s. That reminds me of Jerry Garcia’s wife “Mountain Girl”. I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume both of these chicks didn’t earmark too many dollars towards razor blades……

He coached on the Giants staff in 1987. Maybe it was because that was such a magical year, but he seemed to be around SF a lot longer than one year.

Probably because he was always “around”. After his playing career ended  (um, Zimmer stole 45 bases?) he managed 4 teams. He coached on 11. Most recently, he coached on the Rays staff for the last 10 years. Think about that, you just break off a clean decade like it was a piece of cheddar at the end of your 66 year career in a random gig like The Rays. I guess that’s how you get to 66…..

None of us will ever forget the bizarre mismatch between Zimmer and Pedro Martinez during a 2003 playoff game. I’m not going to give the link, it’s painful to watch. Pedro did nothing wrong there, in my opinion. You have some dude zeroing in on you, you have like half a second to recognize the threat, and then you just quickly decide to send him past you. Adrenaline is up. I don’t fault Pedro there. And Zimmer’s apology after the game was one of the most heartfelt apologies I’ve ever seen a baseball professional man make publicly.

Every baseball dugout should have a *Don Zimmer* sitting on it’s bench. And you’d think that there’s a million *lifers* who could do just that. And yet, I can’t think of another one who did it quite like Zimmer. One lifer. Gone today. Easy to honor.

Standard Time Tim

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 4, 2014

Last night, Timmy was awful and there’s no way to defend that performance. Of course, it wasn’t too hard to predict, he’s always horrendous against the Reds (regular season). He’s never beaten them. For a guy with 93 wins and 2 CY wins, that’s almost hard to believe…..

At 17 million a year we should expect, as a bare minimum, better consistency from him. He was pretty consistent in May, better than that actually. His ERA was 2.86 for the month. But it’s hard to give that stat too much credit after games like last night.

As Giants fans, we’re conditioned to expect greatness from all starting pitchers not-named-Zito. Big Tim Timmy Jim is no longer *great* and he hasn’t been for some time now. But everyone thought Voggy was done a month ago and I don’t think too many of us are saying that now.

Timmy isn’t done. He’s not awful. He doesn’t suck. He’s like a lot of pitchers on every staff in the league. He’s average. And it’s hard to purge *average* from your pitching staff unless you want to go with a 2 man rotation all year long……


ps–you guys filled up the “walk down concert memory lane” stat sheet last night. Lot’s of great tales told and as Macdog said, “the comments far outweighed the game…”

Does it Matter If We’re Sans Dicks?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 3, 2014

In the clubhouse! I’m talking about IN THE CLUBHOUSE!!!!!!

Decent discussion at the end of the last thread about dicks in the clubhouse, Bochy’s success, Two-trips failures….

It does appear that the Giants made a concerted effort to go dick-free after the Bonds era ended. And whether it’s coincidence or not, that clubhouse castration led to two world series wins and the current best record in mlb. Going cold turkey on clubhouse dicks led to good things for the franchise….

I think Bochy and Sabean made the decision to go this direction because they’re old and they’ve earned it. After the years those two put in, they probably figured that fighting dicks in the clubhouse just wasn’t worth it anymore.

Two Trips hasn’t really earned that right. Sure, he played for many years and he earned respect as a player. But he didn’t earn that as a manager and I would argue that he’s got less rep on this side of the country than he does on the other side of the country. Throw in a team full of divas who are almost all set for life and you have the makings for Two-Trips not being able to change much in that dugout….

And I’m fine with that.



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After outscoring St Louis 23-11 in their home park, I’m hard pressed to remember a more dominant trip through that stadium. A great day to relax and enjoy this:


Late Game Time Thread

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 1, 2014

I’m a little late to the par-tay. Third inning, we are up 4-0. Dare I consider taking 3 of 4 from St Louis?

Who are these guys?

Winning With Your Bench Guys

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 31, 2014

It’s almost as if Bochy is bored or something. Tired of merely winning games, now he’s trotting out line ups like this just to challenge himself:


If Wacha and the Cardinals can’t beat that motley crew it’s time to go back to the drawing board in St Louey.

A special treat: We get to see Oscar Taveras’ major league debut. This guy is the epitome of a minor league “crown jewel”. Super excited to get a look at him in his first game…….

Random Thoughts About The Best Record in Baseball

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 30, 2014

The Giants have the best record in baseball and a team salary of 149 million. Correlation?

Cain makes the most at 20 million a year.

Timmy is 2nd at 17 mil.

One Hunter Percent makes 16.

Huddy is at 11.

Buster 10.5.

Imagine where we would be if Buster and Cain started contributing…..

The truth is, Sabean has built this winning team with bargain basement investments. Morse is on a 1 year/6mil deal. Voggy 1/5mil. Romo: 5.5. Bumgarner is making 3.5 million this year. Jean Jean the Dancing Machine is making 500K. The list goes on….

Freddy Scutaro makes 6 mil this year and 6 mil next year. Can’t win ‘em all. But I’m starting to see the method to their madness with Scoots. They know he can’t play every day anymore, but if he can get his back to the point where he could join the bench and come in as a pinch hitter it will improve the quality of our bench dramatically. Think about how important it would be if we had a high-contact guy with great bat control able to come in and pinch hit late in a game. Scoots could turn out to be invaluable later this year……..


Off to St Louis

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 29, 2014

Grinding series coming up in St Louis and with no off day it’s go-time against Jaime Garcia tonight. I still remember a few years ago, it may even have been 2010, where we got completely shut down by Garcia. He pitched a complete game and I want to say he did it in 81 pitches. I recall being disgusted with our effort and venting long and loudly about it on the blog…..

And Garcia is arguably the EASY starting pitcher we have to face in St Louis. He’s a couple of starts back from torn labrum surgery last year. After Garcia, we *get* to face Wainwright, then Wacha, then Lynn. Actually, I guess Lynn is the weak link in that foursome.

The reason you don’t discount beating up on hapless teams like the Cubs is that you need those wins in the bank when you go on tough road trips like this one. I don’t see this series with the Cardinals as a measuring stick. I see it as something to survive, get through uninjured and move on through the rest of a long 162 game season.

Just don’t get swept, I’d consider that a victory…….

Grading the New Contract Guys

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 28, 2014

I know this ripping off the Merc blog post by Carl Steward but I was struck by it. I hadn’t bothered to grade Sabean’s off season moves so far but when you look at the guys he signed it’s really remarkable how they have all turned out: so far.

Huddy: A+

Morse: A

Hicks: B+

Colvin: B

Vogelsong: A-

Anyone got a problem with those grades so far?

Much Ado About Nothing?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 27, 2014

They say that’s it’s prudent to wait till Memorial Day until you take a look at the standings. Well, I’m looking at the standings and I see both the Giants and the A’s with the top two records in baseball. Mil-freaking-waukee is leading the NL Central. The strikeout happy Braves lead the NL East. And Toronto and Detroit lead their respective divisions in the AL.

Maybe we push that “standings look” out till July 4th this year?

Surprisingly, the Giants look most likely to stay atop their division all year long. They have the pitching (both starting and a solid bullpen) and the hitting (they have power up and down the line up finally). No one is having a career year but everyone is contributing and the team is doing it without the former NL MVP doing much of anything. Barring some catastrophic injuries, and Belt is coming back don’t forget that, we look to be in great shape to keep our NL West lead.

But it’s still not June yet.


Here come the Cubs!

Posted in Uncategorized by zumiee on May 26, 2014

Arguably the low point of the 2013 season: getting swept at home by the Cubs. I’m sure the Giants won’t be taking these guys lightly. I hope. This series is an excellent opportunity for the Giants to continue to rock and roll.

On Memorial Day, I’m remembering my dad. Here’s a photo of he and my Uncle Mel in Europe during WWII. It’s amazing this treasured family photo even exists. My dad and Uncle Mel, helping to defend our freedom to do things like watch baseball. They both made it safely back home.


Game Time Thread!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 24, 2014

Thought I’d pop one up there even though I’m not too partial to a new thought one way or the other. Not feeling real good about this one, Dozier and Parmelee are my picks for Twins who might go off tonight. But whatever, good luck Voggy…..

I had a long back and forth with a buddy at work this week about the best sports movie ever made. First of all, it’s almost impossible to pick just one. We battled over that for nearly a day.

Secondly, I discovered that your age will usually determine which way you go on “fav sports movies”. My buddy is about 12 years younger than me so he didn’t rank “Hoosiers” as highly as I did. I had that movie #2 behind “Let it Ride” which is in the top 5 of my all time favorite movies.

Feel free to share your favorites to pass the time if Voggy gets blasted tonight……



The Twins?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 23, 2014

The team appears to have all lived through the weather from yesterday and have safely returned for a 3 game series vs…the Twins? Can someone explain why we’re playing the Twins right now? I’m not against inter-league play but the way the games are set up now it’s basically watered down the 2 leagues into something sterile and unemotional. Maybe that’s been Bud’s plan all along. With Houston going to the AL West a couple of years ago we now have everything in place for Bud to drop the DH on the NL in the not-so-distant future. I’m fine with it, I don’t think pitchers should bat. We’ve debated it back and forth so there’s nothing left to talk about and I believe it’s inevitable so there’s nothing to do now except “wait for it.”

But all things considered equal, I’d much rather face “the twins” on the BBOTD page than the baseball version that we’re going to see tonight. :)

Timmy tonight. He’ll probably get a couple of extra k’s tonight getting to face a helpless AL pitcher and least a few times. Despite the assumption that guys like Dozier and Plouffe are lefty mashers, the Twins actually hit righties better than lefties (.724 OPS v R and .668 OPS v L). The wind is  blowing out to center tonight at 13mph so Timmy better keep the ball down if he wants the opportunity of facing that P 3 times tonight……


Doing Something Dumb Isn’t Specific to Casilla. It’s Baseball.

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 22, 2014

Functional hammy’s were on short supply last night at Coors Field. Still don’t know the severity of either but Cain and Casilla will likely miss some time. After the game, Bochy said he told Casilla not to swing and that he’s “never seen him run like that before.”

No one has. And no one should ever run like that again…..

I doubt that Casilla flat out ignored a direct order to not swing.  Bochy probably advised against it or drawled out something like, “Shoot, don’t feel like ya hafta swing.” Something like that. In the end, Casilla did want he wanted to do—try to add to his already legendary batting status. Maybe the *joke* was just busting down the line like an idiot with no real chance of legging out that hit. Who knows. It’s done and over with. And while I don’t support him trying to leg out a hit in a meaningless moment, I understand why he did it completely. Baseball players are not the brightest bunch. Half their jokes are idiotic pranks on each other. Giving each other shit back and forth is part of the game. They find status in strange places. Casilla has found his nitch in his rare at bats. I doubt Casilla ever gets to bat again. Not because he sucks at it. Bochy probably knows that if giving another at bat, even after what happened last night and the lesson he should have earned, Casilla probably wouldn’t be able to help himself from doing something stupid again.

To me, this is another reminder of how dumb it is to have pitchers hit. They aren’t hitters they are pitchers. That’s the simplest reason ever for the NL to finally adopt the DH.

It’s probably the only way to keep relievers like Casilla from being idiots in the batters box or on a baseline…..

A *Long* Loss

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Bummer ending to what should have been a great win. Tyler Colvin sticks it to his old team in the top of the 9th, then Romo blows the lead and the game in the bottom of the 9th. I don’t know why, but it feels like a loss at Coors Field, especially a close one like last night, counts as more than one loss. Each game, in fact, feels like 2 or 3 games, right? Constant lead changes, a parade of pitchers, a huge outfield and just looooong games….

Weather in the forecast today, and with scattered thunderstorms (and possible lightning) I suppose we might have to own last night’s loss for an extra day. Seems SOP for Coors Field……

Why is This a Big Deal?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 20, 2014

Can anyone explain to me what the big deal is with 3 guys being named “Brandon” on the same team? Marty Lurie invites callers to “weigh in” on this stupid topic all the time. Callers like to debate the “odds” of this happening and I get a kick out of there being such a wide range of odds set by the callers on this chance encounter. Now Alex Pavlovic  is writing a story about it at his blog today. I don’t get the interest. It’s not like they’re named “DickSucker” or something truly unique. I know lots of guys named “Brandon”. It’s a normal name sans controversy. Anyway, I don’t get it. Maybe these guys do:



On to more important things. Colorado. The stadium the Sherpa’s built. Tonight two lefties face off, one of them good (ours) and one of them not very good (theirs). As usual in Colorado, I have no feel or idea for what’s in store. Predictions?



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Jeff Passan is an idiot. He’s been gnashing his teeth about Bonds for years. He hates the Giants and I hate him. Total hack pussy as far as I’m concerned. But this article made me smile….–dodgers-and-their-crazy-tv-deal-top-mlb-s-biggest-disappointments-053835872.html


Fortunate Split

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Considering how the Marlins have treated us behind the AT&T woodshed over the last couple of years, I feel fortunate to get out of this series with a split. No Belt, no Huddy, no Pagan (today)….all in all, a solid split.

Voggy threw a lot of off speed stuff today but he was throwing 91mph FB’s in the first inning and 90 mph FB’s in the 7th.He’s got a 3.62 ERA. I think everyone will take this considering most of the fan base considered him “done” last year and into the early part of this year.

And speaking of *done*, The Panda hit a bomb today and with an additional hit has catapulted his batting average to .220. If I’m Sabean and he keeps this up I break the silence and offer him 3 years/20 million. He’ll decline it but he’d probably at least think about it…..

That’s 17 games in a row and time for a day off. Coors Field awaits. I really like that the team is traveling there tonight instead of using tomorrow as a travel day. Besides the day off, it gives them a full day to acclimate. That’s important.

Dr Timmy or Mr Lincecum?

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Which Timmy will we see today? Do we get dominant, pitching into the 8th inning with 11k’s Timmy? Or do we get 5 innings of laboring, casting-off-sliders Timmy?

Wind is blowing out at 14mph tonight….

It’s possible that this is just who he is now. No longer capable of dominant performances for 30+ starts a year, but able to hump up on night’s he’s feelin’ it.

This would not be a good weekend for Timmy and Voggy to lose their location…..


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 16, 2014

I was staring at the NL West standings this morning and I have to admit, this isn’t really adding up. To me anyway. 27-15? For a team that can’t hit and an under-performing pitching staff? And yet, here we sit atop one of the toughest divisions in baseball. If you had to list off the top 3 reasons for this unexpected start, what would your list look like?

I’d go:

1) team chemistry

2) rock solid bullpen

3) best manager in baseball

Of course there are other things. You might not even agree that those 3 things are contributing to playing .643 ball so far in 2014.

Whatever it is, I’ve come to expect wins. Put ‘em in the bank. See where we stand in September….


Yuzzie-Pet goes today for an ailing Huddy.

Wither Huddy?

Panda Contract Drive Takes Another Hit

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This is starting to feel like a “bad penny” year for The Panda. He was finally starting to hit a little, he even nudged his batting average over .200 for the first time I can remember. Then he has to exit with a big toe injury. It doesn’t sound serious but injuring your big toe, even a little bit, is a bigger deal for a professional athlete than it is for guys like you and me. This could set him back a few steps as he tries to finally get his contract drive going……

Miami comes into town today and I always feel like we play poorly against them. Maybe I’m just remembering all of the Ricky Nolasco beat downs we endured over the years. This Marlin team doesn’t play very well on the road and we should pad our lead in the West this weekend.

Sorry to everyone who has sent me pics lately, been too busy to upload them here or into the ‘bucket but I will get to that soon.

When Max Effort Meets Lack of Effort….

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It was only a few threads ago that I asked “Is Buster Posey Afraid to Play Catcher?” It was a harsh title. But watching him jump out of the way of an onrushing Starling Marte I felt it was a normal question to ask.

Somehow, last night’s play at the plate was worse.

Last night was about one thing: lack of effort. Put simply, Jason Heyward tried harder than Buster Posey. That half-assed tag was like a runner failing to hustle to first base. It was like a runner failing to MAKE IT to first base and just peeling off the base line and heading back to the dugout.

After the game, Posey said, “You don’t expect a big guy to be able to move like he did.”

I reject this excuse. Posey has been playing Heyward in baseball since Little League. If anyone knows how athletic Heyward is, it’s Posey.

Another comment: “I thought I was in the right position. You don’t have time to think it happens so fast.”

I summarily reject this claim as well. Maybe he didn’t have time to *think* during the Marte play. That was bang-bang. But when Posey received the ball last night he had time to whip out a pair of binoculars and gingerly focus them on the distant, yet oncoming, Heyward. He had all day to *think*. As Heyward approached, he could have thought about a lot of things. And what he *thought* was that Heyward was just going to give up and run into the tag. Whoops. Heyward kept trying. Buster is the one who quit.

If you want to be a catcher you are going to have to engage in contact from time to time. You might even have to invite it. It’s part of the job. Whether Posey quit on the play (as he did last night) or whether he is now instinctive jumping out of the way (as he did last week) it is simply unacceptable behavior for a major league catcher.

I don’t think Posey will ever play aggressively. But he certainly can be expected to play assertively. He gets paid the most. He is a leader. And he can’t keep playing catcher like this…..

Why Are So Many Arms Breaking Down?

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This is what a typical Little League scoreboard looks like these days (I snapped this photo from the field down the street from my house):


With the news of yet another major leaguer needing TJ surgery (Jose Fernandez of the Marlins) I started wondering (again) about the reasons for this bizarre rash of arm injuries that we have seen this season. Even if you believe it’s caused by something (ie, overworked arms, underworked arms, etc….) it still wouldn’t make any statistical sense that a cavalcade of pitchers would go under the knife all of a sudden in 2014.

I do think it’s funny that “pitch count” gets so much attention. Limiting the number of pitches thrown by a player in a game is probably a good idea. But when you play year round baseball, limiting your pitches doesn’t really do much. Up until 10-15 years ago, kids played baseball about three  months out of the year. Now, in any good weathered state they play year round. The dullest mathematician can figure out that no matter how limiting your pitch count you are still going to end up throwing way more pitches in a season than anyone did up until recently. The wear and tear of each pitch on an elbow and a shoulder probably can’t take that yearly abuse.

But unless this happens again next year I’m inclined to believe that this season of arm injuries is just a statistical anomaly…..

Joannie Loves Machi (Scene 2)

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Jean Machi, now bored with hording mere wins, is now taking aim at the team saves record (Robb Nen: 206).  I’m thinking he passes Randy Moffitt (83) some time just after the all star break. He gazes at his 4 holds with disdain…..

I can’t think of a single thing to complain about. Pablo’s jacked his batting average all the way up to .189. Romo is 2-0. We have the best record in baseball.

Pass it on.

Tonight’s LU:



and now for a fun picture that I stole from Dirt’s facebook page:


Game Time Mother’s Day Thread!

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Unfortunately, I know the reality of all mothers not being created equal. I got to spend the morning with my fantastic mother this morning and it was the perfect start to one of the best days of the year. I hope you all get to do the same or honor your mom however you see fit. Great day for a game. Go Giants.


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This one is gonna hurt. Six to 8 weeks for Belt. This likely means the return of Travis Ishikawa and while I don’t mind him as AAA roster filler I really don’t want to see him playing every day in San Francisco. My preference would be to have Posey play mostly at first base, Sanchez catching and bring up Susac who’s hitting well in Fresno. But, it could be argued that Susac is better off playing every day.

Either way, this sucks.

Another Loss Turns the Dodgers Blue

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Another fun win and more redemption for Voggy. I loved his quote after the game: “My focus is not to prove people wrong anymore but to prove people right who believed in me.”

A great reminder of what a winning mind set looks like.

Hector continues to do what he does in extra innings.

Pablo jacked his batting average all the way up in to the .170’s with a hit in 5 at bats.

The only one not all smiles was Machi who reportedly was seen doing a slow burn in the clubhouse after the game when told he didn’t get the W.

Hammer Maholm? Indeed.


Voggy vs Becketty

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I have nothing new to say about Tim Lincecum, therefore……..
Pretty big series coming up in LA, yes?

If I continue to think that Beckett is done then I have to believe that the Giants have a decent shot to win this game tonight. And then I turn to see who’s on the hill for us, and I’m longer as confident.

So, I have no idea what’s going to happen tonight.

Is Buster Posey Afraid to Play Catcher?

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That might be too brutal of a headline. But what was up with that little left foot sashay out of the way during that botched tag of Marte last night? If you have the ball you are allowed to block the plate. Period. He had the ball. He started to apply sort of a half swipe tag but for some reason is whipping his left leg out of the way. It left him off balance and he missed the chance to tag Marte on the hand or the arm and he was forced to tag him on the chest—after he was safe.

Stand your ground, man.

Now, maybe the coaching staff has told him to NEVER block the plate. And if that’s the case, that’s not really on Buster. Although he could disobey them, he’s an adult and in the moment of that type of action it would be understandable if he reverted back to what he was always taught to do.

It just seems to me that trying not to get hurt is the best way to….get hurt. And it’s also a pretty good way to go about losing a game.

If he is afraid of contact let him learn how to play 3rd base. I bet he could do it and that would solve another problem that no one seems to want to talk about…..

Joannie Loves Machi

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Admittedly, you have to change the way you pronounce his name, but that headline says it all, yes?

So who had this one?


(Sorry about having to have that idiot Dodger face in the image)

Anyway, I think last night’s game could be classified as “fun to watch.” Any time you come back from an 8-2 deficit and then 9-8 and then 10-9 you can safely say your team is trying it’s best. And who knew that our very own NL wins leader knew how to bunt? How awesome is it that Machi didn’t get his first big league win till he was 31 and now he’s on pace for close to 30 this season? He’s 8-1 lifetime. I wrote a blog thread about his first win last year.

As Zummie noted on the last thread, we are 2-0 in Cain Sandwich Games. lqtm….

And a big Happy Birthday (83) to Mr Willie Mays

Taking a Moment to Honor the Warriors Season

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I know we just swept the Braves in Atlanta for the first time since 1988 and that is fantastic but I’m in full b-ball reflective mode right now. Still processing the Warriors epic game 7 loss. I read a horrible blog post written by Lowell Cohn early this morning about his take on the Warriors season. I won’t re-blog it here, it doesn’t deserve to go viral. :) :) :) Lowell Cohn has become a poor man’s Glenn Dickey and the expensive version wasn’t worth the newspaper it was written on. Google Cohn’s post if you feel like reading drivel and nonsense.

I am not a big Mark Jackson fan but I hope the Warriors bring him back and give him an extension. Simply put, Warrior players play for him. That’s all that matters in the NBA. They hear his voice. They love him. Now, you could argue that his voice leaves a little to be desired in terms of outcome, x’s and o’s, etc. But you don’t let a coach leave who just dropped 51 wins in your lap and whose players would proudly follow off a steep cliff like brain dead lemmings. They just lost Game 7 without their first 2 string big men. What team in NBA history could withstand those 2 blows?

Did they cough up a chance to win last night? Sure, that could be argued. But who was supposed to guard Jordan and Griffin for 4 full quarters? Hilton Armstrong? Shit, they did the best they could with what they had. I read some nonsense about Festivus for the Restofus stepping up and playing in that game. Was that a joke?  First of all, if this was 30 years ago, that dude woulda been playing a month ago. Secondly, I’m not really interested in Ezili gingerly coming out of some fake-o 1:1 drills in practice to take on the beastliness of Jordan or Griffin in game time speed……

Give me a loss with the heroic efforts of Curry and Iggy and Draymond and Speights. I’ll take that and proudly ask for another. That was my team. And you support your team. Especially when they leave everything they have on the court besides their vital organs, as they did last night.

And Lowell Cohn can go fuck himself……

Changing My Tune

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My dad thinks my threads are too negative so I’ll try to spruce this one up a bit. Perk it up. Raise it up. Pump it up. Energize….

We’ve got a chance to sweep the Braves in Atlanta today! (do exclamation points indicate a positive nature?). That hasn’t happened since 1988!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was greats! We hit 3 home runs to win the game!

Does that mask our putrid .304 team on base percentage?

Eh, a little bit I guess…….

Giants Win!

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Once again, another fantastic report from my main man on the scene, WilcoJoe. If you missed his game summary, check the last thread (6:51am).

I’m not sure which stupid tradition I would boycott quicker: the tomahawk chop or the wave. The run for both of them should have ended a long time ago….

Voggy goes today vs Julio Teheran and I foresee a dark turn of events in this road trip….


What, SF vs. the Buckhead Braves?

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Can Timmy throw a decent one tonight in the strangely cool night air of Hotlanta?  Will WilcoJoe bring good vibes for the Gyros and then hit Buckhead hard?  Is Bochy F ing up Belt’s mind again?  Is it too early for a little Makers pick me up, or should I go on Buckhead time for that?  Questions, Questions.

Last time I was in Gen. Sherman’s playground it was July and that town about fried my brains it was so dad-gummed hot and humid.  I was in town for a consult with a jaw specialist to confirm whether I needed major jaw surgery (yep, damn).  For consolation, I spent one evening at Emeril’s eponymous old restaurant in Buckhead (upscale northern ‘burb) sitting at the bar bench right on top of the kitchen (the chefs said Emeril blew in once a year for a few days to re-tool the menu, and was a prick — the food was good, though), and another evening at some other Buckhead  restaurant and a few bars that were pretty good — they had arctic-strength air conditioning and beer.   Ahhhhhhhhh, just what the doctor ordered.

Play Ball!…

Huddy: 2014 Reincarnation of Billy Swift?

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Tim Hudson: he never had an inning where he threw more than 12 pitches. Padres suck? Or Hudson does not?

Posey: “I catch that many pitches in 4 or 5 innings sometimes…”

It’s only May 1st, but would Hudson win the CY if the season ended today? Since Jesse Chavez would probably get some CY votes in the AL, it’s probably a bad idea to give out Cy Young’s on May 1st….

Between Huddy, Morsey, and Hicksy I’m not sure if Sabean could have hand picked any better 3 free agents for the overall price he got them for.

Now, about the other guys who were already on the team…..

Should Our #6 Be Our #4?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 30, 2014

I’m not comparing the two on their career body of work, but what two things do Tim Hudson and Y-Petit have in common (at least, in his start last night)?

1) they keep the ball down

2) they throw it where they want to throw it

So why can’t Tim Lincecum do this? He’s won 2 freaking Cy Young awards. And yet when he pitches, it’s just always such a grind. Balls bouncing 2 feet in front of the plate catapulting Posey across the batters box. Casting off pitches that no sane hitter would ever swing at.

We’ve always heard about what an amazing athlete Timmy is. If true, shouldn’t he be a little above the brain-dead power pitcher who loses his fastball and is left with nothing else?

Petit is efficient and someone I would never use in a fantasy match up. But goddamn, I’m getting to the point where I would rather see him pitch than Timmy. Or Voggy….


So Far Sandoval Sucks

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Anyone think that The Panda is starting to regret turning down the 3 year/40 million the Giants offered him? From the other side, do you think the Giants would still make that offer today? If so, would he still reject it?

The Giants knew their offer was just a starting point but Panda’s stubborn agent wouldn’t come off the idiotic number he started with (I think it was north of 100 million but don’t feel like looking that up). So when NumNuts refused to budge the Giants said *go fuck yourself* and  now we are where we are. “LimboLand.”

And nearly 100 at bats into the season, Sandoval looks like a guy plugging along full steam ahead on a Six Figure contract drive. And while I normally wouldn’t give a shit about someone I don’t know who screwed themselves out of 40 million offered to them I do have an obvious interest in hoping he starts to hit the baseball again.

It’s still only April.

Sweeping Cleveland on a No-Offense Sunday

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I have a buddy who is convinced that the lowest scoring games of the week occur on Sundays. I never bothered to look it up. But it does seem like games are low scoring on Sundays. Then I saw a tweet that noted 9 pitchers (yesterday) pitched at least 7 innings and gave up no more than 3 hits and Elias says that’s the first time that’s ever happened. So, maybe my buddy was on to something….

We swept the Indians and they have to be considered a decent team–they did make the playoffs last year and the only guy they’re missing is Ubaldo. Still, they looked uncomfortable playing NL ball, I wonder how we would have done in their yard?

And regarding Brandon Belt, maybe he needs to shave his beard or something. Or stop swinging. Swinging doesn’t seem to be working for him. Each of the 11 swing thru’s he had yesterday were on the same pitch on the outer half of the plate. Kruk says he’s clearly dropping his shoulder and that he needs to “flatten out his swing.” Maybe. I don’t know what’s going on with him but I do know that there’s no reason to plastic wrap anything anymore. At least till he can put the bat on the ball again……


Ranking the Lowest Lows

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I’m having a hard time deciding who I’m more disappointed with, Pablo or Timmy. Is that stat I read correct? Pablo is 0-42 when he’s got 2 strikes on him (with 22 strikeouts). That stat sounds made up. He’s batting .165. I wish that was stat someone made up.

Timmy has pitched 2 good games and 3 bad ones. His K/BB ratio remains impressive (17/5). The Giants have won 4 of the 5 starts he’s made. But he hasn’t pitched a great game yet and he’s consistently struggling with his location.

Speaking of location sufferers, we’ve got another one of those going today. I’m not going to say Voggy is done but it’s getting hard to watch him pitch. What I don’t get is that some of his worst located balls are on change ups, something that he should be able to throw effectively, at least in terms of location, even if he truly was “done.” He’s throwing some of those right down the middle and the hitters are not missing them….

So it’s Sunday, how about a nice, easy, leisurely poll? And before you vote, remember, we are in first place even with these 3 chumps not pulling their own weight.

Mini-Flapalooza Declared a Huge Success!

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Another Flapalooza is in the books and while this one didn’t have any surprises like the last one (that Flapalooza was titled “Your Daughter is Dating My Son…”) it was still a blast. Notable attendees besides myself included San Dawg, Dirt, Snarkk, James, Zummie, Unca Chuck, Chi and his son. And the best news was that we FINALLY brought home a W at a Flapalooza. I think we were 0-3 before that……

As usual, we didn’t catch much of the game. The highlight conversation was UncaChuck trying to sell us on the *fact* that Willie Mays made his famous catch some 490 feet away from home plate. I found that very hard to believe. We observed some of the AT&T landmarks for reference and it just wasn’t adding up. But Chuck stuck to his story and a couple of the guys supported it so in the end, I was forced to believe it. :) :) :) I see that on the last thread he made some revisions to his claim.

We took shots to celebrate Chuck’s birthday. That was fun.

I somehow completely missed seeing Morse’s bomb.

And I donned my Inspector Clouseau hat and solved the mystery of who *stole* Snarkk’s bobblehead. After interviewing several people it was discovered and returned to him. Nobody’s jacking a Flapper on a sanctioned Flapalooza, at least not on my watch.

And of course, I had another run in with an usher.

Here’s a selfie that I took of me, San Dawg and Snarkk. This picture is epic on so many levels:


I didn’t take any other pics. Until this morning. Here’s what was across the street from the parking garage that housed my vehicle overnight:



Ah San Francisco, you are nothing if not unique…..


To want rain, or not to want rain? That is the question!

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Oh the moral quandary of Giants fans going to the game. We want the game to get played tonight, but California badly needs the rain, also. Let’s hope it’s a win/win/win situation.

1. The rain helps fight the drought.

2. The game gets played anyway.

3. And the Giants win!!

So far, it’s not raining as bad as this:



Michael Pineda is the Dumbest Baseball Player of All Time

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I’m having a hard time processing just how dumb Michael Pineda might be. Does an IQ score result ever go negative? Cause it should, at least when it comes to this dipstick.

To review, Pineda gets busted on April 10th with a hand full of pine tar on his HAND. No big deal, he didn’t get caught during the game, but the pics and the video were clear in their rendering. No harm, no foul, no one seemed to really care, just don’t do it again or at least don’t put in in the same exposed spot again.

Two weeks go by, he’s now playing the same team. But instead of slathering his palm with it, Pineda (and I just want to point out the hilarity of the first 4 letters of his name)….decides to trick everyone by….wait for it….slathering the pine tar on his neck!

This was a brilliant idea that Pineda posited to himself without peers nearby to offer corrective feedback—–no one would ever think to check if it was on his NECK since the last time he cheated he put it on his PALM. Different exposed body part = no one will ever know. The neck and the palm are so far away from each other, he bemused quietly to himself, this was the plan which promised to be his best and greatest one yet…..

And I can only imagine the scene in the dugout pre-game. These guys are all 3 feet from each other. Did dipshit Girardi ever think to mention to PINEada how stupid it was to dumb a gallon of pine tar on his neck? Did the pitching coach say anything? Did Brian McCann bother to say, without laughing, “Bro, come on now….”

The stupid, half cocked way he wears his hat is reason enough to eject him—or at least ballpark his low, LOW IQ….

I’m thinking that before his next start he takes a shower and replaces the water with pine tar. This dude is a freaking genius, what could possibly go wrong?

Buster Posey Needs to Get it Going

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If this wasn’t happening in Colorado, I doubt so many fans would be lamenting the offense. But there are obvious red flags about the Giants bats and they will be waving wildly long after the team leaves Sherpaville.

If I was going to point a finger at one particular player it would quickly be pointed at Buster Posey. I don’t doubt his effort and this is obviously a complex and layered problem, but guys like Hicks or Arias aren’t counted on to carry the team. And in dark times like these, someone has to step up and lead the way to a better place.

Buster is hitting a pathetic .229 this year but his struggles are not just about this year. In the second half of 2013 he hit .244 with a measly 2 home runs. You wanna be the man then BE THE MAN. He gets paid the most. He gets the commercial deals. He’s the former MVP and batting title winner. He’s supposedly in the prime of his career. I don’t want to hear anything about him being tired or worn down. If he’s that sensitive he shouldn’t be playing catcher.

I’m not putting this all on Buster but I am putting it on him to lead the team, if he’s able, out of this funk. If they truly can’t hit as a team that’s fine, I’m sure Sabean will be chalking this up as another bad penny year soon enough. But Buster can hit.

So start fucking hitting.


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