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Ben Zobrist

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 5, 2015

Let’s move on from the Stuart Scott goodbyes and discuss something more Giant-centric and that would be the possible Ben Zobrist pick up. He would be a great fit for the team, mostly due to his positional flexibility. Unfortunately, other teams want him too. The Rays are looking for a huge haul– 1 top prospect and 1 mid prospect. If that’s true, for me, that’s a deal breaker. No way do I give up a top prospect for going-on-34-year-old Ben Zobrist.

Translated, they want Kyle Crick and maybe a Clayton Blackburn. Obviously, we would all include Blackburn in a deal because we see him more as our next Mike Kickham than our next Hunter Strickland.

Or do you see Hunter Strickland as a guy you’d give up for Zobrist?

I’d do that. Probably not much more. And that’s why he’s probably going somewhere else…..


Stuart Scott

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 4, 2015

I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Stuart Scott. I was never a huge fan of his persona on ESPN and like anyone with a shtick it got old from time to time. But he was one of those *friends* who I never actually knew. He was in my living room, every night, telling me about the day in sports with all the cliches he made famous. But over time, like a warm blanket, I started to appreciate how “cool the other side of the pillow” really was….

And watching him fight his cancer so publicly there was one word that rose above all others in describing his fight: inspiring.

In 2014, he won the Jimmy V Perseverance Award and his acceptance speech was the best one since Jimmy V himself. I’m embedding it below but here’s the line that we should all adopt as our mantra in life, whether we have cancer or not:

“When you die, that does not mean you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you lived, why you lived, and in the manner in which you lived. So Live. Live….”

RIP Stuart Scott.

And for the rest of us, go live today. Live.

BBA HOF Votes are In!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 3, 2015

As a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance I am required to participate in HOF voting. Surprisingly, the BBA voters do very well in predicting actual outcome. I’m not so sure about this year. :)

Here are the players we voted in this year as well as the % vote they received. You need 75% to get in.

Randy Johnson–100%

Pedro Martinez–95%

Craig Biggio–90%

John Smoltz: 89%

Mike Piazza–85%

Jeff Bagwell–77%

Tim Raines–77%

The players who fell short were Edgar Martinez (71%) and Curt Shithead (69%).

Remaining vote getters:


Happy New Year Seminole Fans!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 2, 2015

I can’t believe I was rooting for the Ducks last night. They’ve been a problem for the Cardinal for years. But it was a magnificent win over a despicable program. This vine gets my early vote for best vine of 2015. If you don’t lip read, he says, “Jamis, if you don’t calm the fuck down you’re going to the bench!”

Love it.

As far as the Giants go, it’s still a long, slow Winter. I’m just hoping we don’t sign James Shields.

Ringing In Another Year

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 31, 2014

Got a lot to do today as I get ready for Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution. With another year in the books, another championship year, it’s time to say goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015…..

49 days till pitchers and catchers report. FYI: That’s also the same number of wins Jim Harbaugh had in SF.

Today is the 47 year anniversary of the Ice Bowl.

And that’s all I’ve got. And in case you missed the joke, I’m not really getting ready for Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution. I think Pitbull’s an idiot.

How ever you choose to ring in the new year, enjoy yourself and don’t forget to take a moment to toast *3in5*—a reign that we might never seen again……

Now, I need to get back to scouring the internet for the next 2 weeks of BBOTD’s…. Muhuhuhahahaha!!!!!!!!

Bonds or World Series Wins? You Choose.

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 29, 2014

I really want your guys opinion on this because I think Bob Fitzgerald might be an idiot. A KNBR caller just threw out the following “Would you rather?” and Fitz basically thought it was too tough to call.

The caller said “Would you rather have the Bonds era or the World Series era?” Fitz went on and on about being a “regular season” guy and he leaned towards the Bonds era since he thought not only did you get the highs that Bonds brought the fans but he also felt like there were some teams (he noted ’93) that were significantly better than any of the 3 WS teams.

First of all, it doesn’t surprise me that Fitz is all about the regular season. He’s been broadcasting the Dub for 15 years and has never experienced what it’s like to win it all. So with the Warriors dominating this current regular season, this is his time to bask. In fact, this is the one and only time he’s had to bask. But still, he should know better.

I am all about Barry Bonds, he’s one of my favorite players of all time. But now that I have some perspective gifted to me by the “3in5 teams” there is no way I would trade the WS era for the Bonds era. NO FREAKING WAY. Not in a million years and it’s not even close (as it was for the pondering Fitz).

Thoughts? I would slap up a poll but I don’t think WordPress allows for that feature anymore. At least, I can’t find it anymore.


Also, regarding Harbaugh, I am 100% done with *Harbs talk*. Stop. He’s gone. The Bay Area media needs to move on. It’s like we’ve never had a coach leave before.

Haiku Time

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 27, 2014

Shrouded in the darkness and cold of a post-Christmas/pre-New Year morning…..Juan Gutierrez has been resigned to a minor league deal. Not sure, but I think we’ve reached the bottom of the news barrel. And we all know what that means. It’s haiku time…

This one was written by Giants fan Steve Hermanos. It’s about Country Legend

Your expanding pants

Now accommodating balls

Big as tractor wheels

I forget when this started making the rounds on KNBR.I think it was mid October…..


Unca C here . . .

Found this restaurant 2 blocks from my office in the financial district . . .


Two Flap Up Holiday Salute to Denniszud

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 24, 2014

I left the house early this morning to hit the gym—it was dark and cold. Heavy fog. I was like a *ghost into the fog*. Thank you, Counting Crows. Anyway, KNBR was re-playing the wild card game in Pittsburgh. The atrocious weather said it was not a good day for a baseball game. But it took all of one batter for me to get right back into it. Crawford had already hit his grand slam and Krukow was talking about Bumgarner “gaining confidence.” It was an odd thing to hear him say knowing the greatness that would unfold later.

KNBR is re-playing the entire post season starting now and running till the end of Christmas day. You out-of-towners should check to see if they’re also streaming it online. I’m going to have it on in the background whenever possible. I hadn’t realized how much I didn’t remember about that wild card game. I mean, I remember the Craw grand slam and….that’s about it. If pressed, I could recall Bum pitched the game, but I remember very few details. For instance, on my way back from the gym it was the 8th inning. The Giants were up 8-0. I was surprised to hear two straight runners got on because of back2back errors by Craw and Arias. No matter to Bumgarner who promptly struck out Jody Mercer and got MVP McCutchen to ground out meekly to shortstop.

I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the post season games called by the home town broadcast team who always disappears come playoff time getting replaced by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman or whoever the fuck his broadcast partner is now. :)

It’s Christmas Eve and I am appreciating two things: 1) what I have and 2) memories of my life. Last night, one of our Flap friends *Denniszud* revealed some personal information that made me feel some of the pain he must be going through, especially at this time of year. Dennis, hang in there. Two flap up salute to you and Flap Nation has your back. I hope you know that.

Merry Christmas everyone….from the Flap Photo Bucket: denniszud in his best 1-flap down pose. lqtm


Greatness, Realized…..

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 23, 2014

I’m ripping this off from the Merc but I think it’s too good to go unnoticed here if there are some Flappers who don’t read the Merc. They did a story on Jake Peavy, who bought a freaking real life cable car for his home in Alabama, and he disclosed this moment between him and Bum before Game 7:

“What Madison did (in Game 7), we’ve heard it time and time again, but I don’t even really have words to describe what he did in that stage and the moment he was in,” Peavy said. “I recall being in the outfield with Madison and talking about Jon Lester and him just wanting to be great. You’ve got to want to be great. You’ve got to have talent and ability but you’ve got to want to be great, and Madison has that.”

Peavy realized that when he was in the outfield with Bumgarner before Game 7.

“I guess I can probably say this now with it not sounding cocky or arrogant for Madison,” Peavy said. “I was sitting in the outfield with Madison and he was asking me how I thought the game was going to play out and he said, ‘If Huddy can get the ball to me, I can get it to Romo.’ I said to him, I said, ‘Madison, when you get the ball you’re not coming out of the game, pal. You’re the best guy we’ve got.’ And he goes, ‘Man, that’s exactly what I hoped you would say.’

“That’s exactly what he wanted. He just needed some confirmation and someone to believe in him as well. I told him: ‘You fight, big man. I think America would want to see you fight.’ What he did, it’s going to go down as the best ever.”


Just wild, awesome stuff. I’m so thankful for Peavy, Bumgarner, all of them. Our team is at the top once again and the haters can only stare at the ground, muttering to themselves, locked into a slow burn….


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 21, 2014

Just watch this. It’s so epic.

Honestly, my favorite moment of the vid is Rowand’s 2nd fist pump to the music at 5:09. That shit just got real. And who remembers who the 1st baseman was who caught the last out of the 2010 NLDS? I didn’t.

Casey McGehee, Flap Lore, Scott McClain

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 20, 2014

Wow. I declare December 19th, 2014 to be the most active December 19th The Flap has ever seen. A lot went down yesterday/last night. Let me try to re-cap.

1) The Giants got Casey McGehee. I’m all over this move. And the only way you aren’t all over this move too is if a) you were clamoring for Arias or Duvall to man third base next year or b) you have been championing the arrival of Kendry Flores and/or Luis Castillo to the big league level.

Since neither a nor b has occurred, ever, I trust that all of us are supportive of this pick up. True, CM doesn’t have a lot of power and his BABIP was high in the first half of last season contributing to an unsustainable batting average. He also has one too many e’s in his last name. But I’m moving past that or at least in process of doing so. :)

According to he had a 2.0 WAR in 2014 and that’s fine. The Panda had a 3.0 WAR. He also had a better batting average and OBP than Sandoval. I’m not trying to suggest I’d rather have McGehee > Panda. But that food truck has left the yard. He’s a local kid who worked his ass off to get back to the big leagues (spent a year in Japan) and considering what our corner bag options were I will take Casey McGehee and appreciate Sabean for going 3 for 3 so far this off season (I support the Romo and Peavy deals, too).

2) Now, to the more interesting thread within last night’s thread. The manical brain of DJ Loo decided to go old school Flap triva on us and see if anyone recalled the blogger known as Cal_Stim25. That sent several of us into a dizzying journey deep into the annals of our foggy yesteryear. I actually didn’t try to google it because I thought he had posted on “Flap 1.0″ which is the blog I started. Everything from is dead/not accessible. Apparently James found some posts from him in 2010 which means he did post on this blog, or Flap 2.0. You can access any post made at this blog by clicking on the “Archives” to the right. You can also do it by punching the correct words into google. If you use the “search” feature to the right you can only search words used in main threads that I (or a stable boy) have written…..

The clues given by Loo were fantastic and the guesses from the Flappers *playing* were impressive. In the end, James won a prize that, fittingly, doesn’t exist yet. But fear not James, Loo is as legit as anyone when it comes to delivering gifts….

3) Regarding the Scott McClain bat that Twin gave me 5 or 6 years ago. I have been trying to coordinate with Snarkk for about a year to give him the bat because I know he would think it’s cool and I’ve enjoyed it long enough. We’ve come close a couple of times but it hasn’t happened yet. I tried finding a package to send it to him. Every time I walk into a UPS or a Western Union I look around casually for one. I have never found one. Giving it to him in person has been tough as we’ve most recently only gone to Giants games together and, shockingly, you aren’t allowed to bring a bat into a baseball game at AT&T Park. lqtm.

Currently the bat is in my office at work and I would say at least 75% of the people who enter pick the bat up and either explore it if it’s the first time they’ve seen it or hold on to it while we talk. It’s morphed into the center piece of my office. I usually keep it propped up against a wall or it just gets left on the couch. But I will pass it on to Snarkk when the right time presents itself.

Whew. Long thread (for December). Long re-cap (but fitting). Very cool December 19th, 2014 for us and probably no one else in the world.

Cal_Stim25, whatever keg party you are at today, we salute you…..

Padres Active, Giants Not as Much

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 19, 2014

Pretty wild stuff coming out of San Diego. Not only did they add Kemp and Myers but they’ve also added Justin Upton and Derek Norris and reportedly are about to acquire Will Middlebrooks (part of ‘Kat just died a little bit).

The Giants, on the other hand have brought back Romo and Peavy. I like both moves.

Still, time is ticking and 2015 is starting to feel like 2014 without the post season.

But maybe that’s just the gray day talking…..

Ranking Our Three Needs

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 18, 2014

All I want for Christmas is an outfielder, a Max Sherzer and a 3rd baseman. In that order. We absolutely need a competent, major league outfielder. Not a platoon guy or someone converted to outfield. A legit outfielder. I don’t know who that is going to be but if the Padres can get creative enough to trade for Wil Myers AND Matt Kemp then I have to believe that Sabes has it in him to bring in a real outfielder in 2015. Blanco is going to need to play CF when Pagan hits the DL and when Pagan is playing we need a LF that isn’t Blanco who we know can’t play a full season at any position. I love Blanco, for all the same reasons you guys do. But we need an outfielder, badly.

Next, I want Sabean to sign Sherzer to a 6 year/150 million deal. I think it’s possible to get him for this *bargain price* with so many big market teams dropping out on him.

Thirdly, for 3rd, I want the Giants to trade a box of cigars for David Freese. Not only are cigars on the cheap now but Freese can perform at replacement level for the year and not make me wonder how Adam Duvall would do at the position.

How do you guys rank those 3 obvious needs?

Examining a J-Up Acquisition

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 17, 2014

Just killing time, but I thought we could kick around the “Justin Upton trade thing” making the rounds right now. I call it a *thing* and not a *rumor* because I don’t think the Giants would ever in a million years put together the right trade package that it would take to get J-Up.

There are at least 2 main reasons that he wouldn’t want to come to SF.

#1: His tweet from 3 years ago is fairly indicative of his feelings:


#2: He wouldn’t get to play with his brother anymore. Speaking of that, BJ Upton is one of the worst hitters in either league. Why would Atlanta trade Justin and keep The Human Swing Through? If anything, I’d take them both just to keep Justin’s spirits up. BJ could be Justin’s butler. He could drive him around to different strip joints. I dunno. And you’d think Atlanta would be happy to get rid of BJ who literally looks like he can’t see the ball when he swings. Check it out sometime, it’s pretty hilarious.

Someone should show J-Up how his 29 homeruns would have done at AT&T Park last year:


Regardless, it would be unbelievably risky for the Giants to package up 2-3 players (and it would be at least Crick and Panic) for a guy in his walk-year who, for all we know, doesn’t like SF for reasons other than the ball traveling like crap here. You would think he’d care about winning a championship but as this free agent season has shown us, ballplayers don’t seem too worried about winning. They just take the fattest dollar offer that gets put in front of them.

He doesn’t have a no-trade clause so if we traded for him he would have to play here. With what attitude, I don’t know…..

Losing Out on Players I Don’t Really Want

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 16, 2014

When Jed Lowrie gets 24 million dollars it’s time to take a step back and just let all the madness unfold. I think I would prefer the Giants going out and unearthing Brian Bocock from wherever he might be. Convert him to 3rd base. At least we’d have a solid glove over there. Not to mention we could fire up all the *bigcock* jokes the blog could handle…..

I just can’t support multi-year deals for players who I don’t really want anyway just to fill a hole we have for one year. And please God NO Asdrubal Cabrera.

If the Giants plugged Adam Duvall in at 3rd and The White Shark into LF and signed Max Sherzer would you guys feel confident about heading into 2015? And before everyone freaks out at such prospects don’t forget that the Giants won their last 2 World Series’ with Blanco playing regularly.


And so long to this guy. Short stay, good Giant


What is the Point of the Qualifying Offer?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 15, 2014

Why would any player who has market value accept a qualifying offer? Ten of the 12 have already signed big deals and the 2 guys who haven’t signed yet are named Sherzer and Shields.

I don’t even really understand why a team makes a qualifying offer if they know it’s going to be rejected. Draft picks are no longer given to the teams who give qualifying offers and lose the player to another team. Or maybe they are to team who lose a player who played the entire season with them? I’m unclear on the rules, if anyone has a good link I’d appreciate it.

Either way, since they always get rejected and the player always goes on to sign a giant multi-year deal with someone else, it all seems like a waste of time to me…..

The Last Few Guys

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 14, 2014

Now that Melky is off the table, let’s look at the remaining top free agents. Do you see any of them wearing our uniform next year?

Max Sherzer

James Shields

Chase Headley

Colby Rasmus

Jed Lowrie

Asdrubal Cabrera

Jake Peavy

Mike Morse

While I haven’t been too concerned about not getting a piece of this year’s free agent crop at some point we do need to fill some holes. One of these guys has to be an SF Giant next year, right?

Brandon Morrow

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 13, 2014

I read this morning that Brandon Morrow has 6 offers on the table. I started hoping the Giants were one of the 6. I’ve always liked Morrow, even back when he was a Cal Bear. Electric stuff. But like most guys who throw too hard he can’t stay healthy. Still, I’ve wanted him on our team for years.

And then I re-thought it. Why would Sabean take a chance on a guy with his injury history. He wouldn’t. If he breaks down in June it’s just another huge hole to fill in the middle of the season. The Giants almost never have a starting pitcher break down in the middle of the season. There was Cain and that’s about all I can remember without my coffee yet.

So while I’d love to see Morrow on a make-good 1 year MLB deal I don’t see how that would come to pass. Again, Morrow is the type of guy a *0in5* team takes a flier on…..

Doing Nothing And Loving Every Minute of It

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 12, 2014

James Shields is the next FA on the Giants radar and I genuinely hope they don’t get him. They aren’t going to get him, he’s got like 6 teams going after him. And when we he doesn’t sign with SF I will breath a sigh of relief. A guy like Shields is someone a *0in5* team takes a chance on. It would satiate the hungry fan base (for a short time).

Shields is going to have close to 2000 innings on his arm after next season. Do you really want a guy like that for 6 more years? He’s not dominant, he’d spend what is likely one of his last healthy seasons learning the NL (remember when Zito used that excuse?) and the bottom line is that we don’t want to deal with this guy….

That cliche “the best deal is the one you don’t make” is being overused but I think it’s an appropriate description so far for our off season. I’m not bummed about a single one of these guys we haven’t signed (including the Panda).

Bum and Pete Frates

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 10, 2014

Just a very cool picture from last night. Bum is operating on a whole different social level these days. And he’s apparently using hair product now which I find hilarious on a lqtm-level…..


Losing Out on Lester

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 9, 2014

Preliminary feelings after finding out we lost out on Loser. Er, Lester….

Bobby Evans needs to tighten up his comments to the public. Telling us that Lester “didn’t give us a rose” was just about the lamest, limpest thing I’ve ever heard come out of SF Giants management PR.

Speaking of roses, I think we’re gonna come out smelling like one. No Lester, especially if he goes to the Cubs (#deadgiveaway), is going to be something we appreciate as the years go on and we go 4in6 or 4in7 or 5in…you get the point……

What I do not get is why we keep coming in 2nd place on these free agents. Maybe before 3in5 I could see the reasons. But I don’t get why players don’t want to come into this windfall win factory.

Whatever, I stopped trying to keep up with Sabean a long time ago. He’ll do what’s right. He almost always does……

And am I the only one who’s beyond impatient on what the 2014 ring is going to look like? I swear to God I think about that multiple times a day. #ringfetish

Thankful I’m Not an A’s Fan

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 9, 2014

The Oakland A’s infield next season could very well be Ike Freaking Davis, Joey Wendel, Marcus Semien and Brett Lawie. I can’t even comprehend what Beane’s mindset is. The dude has had his run of success but that doesn’t mean it will always be that way. If you were even considering being a season ticket holder with the A’s why would you pay for this nonsense?


When Expectations Fail

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 7, 2014

Niner talk time. I haven’t seen my Niner friends this pissed off about anything, ever, lol. I don’t think it’s Kaep and the dumbass squigley line his has shaven into his head. I don’t think it’s his petulant press interviews. I don’t even think it’s about how bad he and the team play. I don’t think it’s about Harbaugh or the OC or even all these losses. I think Niner fans just got so worked up and excited about recapturing the glory days, combined with coming so close over the last few years, that it’s just hard to watch it all come crashing down so quickly….without a Super Bowl.

Again, the Giants have gifted up something over the last 5 years that we should never, ever take for granted. It’s once in a lifetime stuff.

But that’s something you guys already new.

Now, back to Niner bashing…….

No Headley/Go Niners

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 7, 2014

Football all day today, but I did have a quick SF Giants thought: I was happy to hear that the Giants are not in on Headley “at the 65 million dollar level.” If we signed Headley it would remind me of the Edgardo Alfonso signing back in ’03–with significantly more dough tied into it.

Niners/Raiders today. Winner will celebrate not being a piece of shit.

Party Time In San Diego

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 5, 2014

The Baseball Winter Meetings are approaching and I can’t imagine a more underwhelming event for Giants fans. Sabean doesn’t do his work at the Winter Meetings. And with San Diego falling out of the top 10 in “Cities with the Best Strip Clubs” it could make for a glum week for our leader. It’s close enough to Mexico for him to make a party of it but I’m not expecting much.

Do you see the Giants doing anything at the Winter Meetings this year?

When You Can’t Monday Morning QB Anymore

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 3, 2014

I had a thought coming into work this morning. I can never again question anything Brian Sabean does. While I was one of the only Flappers to support the acquisition of Jake Peavy on the day of the trade….


…..I never envisioned that Giants team capable of even getting to the playoffs (much less winning another World Series).

In fact, just a day or so after the Peavy trade I penned these now famous words uttered by my elder statesman:


At that time, the Dodger trolls were out in force and even Flap Universe was predicting a sad sunset on our season.

Naturally, we won the World Series. And it all started with Brian Sabean. Well, you could make an argument that it all started with Dan Uggla sucking so badly that Sabes was forced into calling up a second baseman who he publicly discredited prior to the call up.

But whatever, that’s quibbling with genius. And since most of us don’t understand true genius, we don’t understand Brian Sabean. And the bottom line is that he knows more than we do. The proof is “3 in 5″. For Giants fans, that’s rad. For Giants blogs, not so much…..


Just a random screen shot of 2 unknown Giants fans hoopin’ and hollerin’ it up after Ishikawa’s bomb


Reasons to Become a Giant? Let Me Count the Ways

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 2, 2014

I started kicking this around last night and this morning decided to list off as many reasons as I could think of for why a player would want to come to play in San Francisco. We’ve been conditioned to think that hitters are generally repelled by the idea of playing at AT&T but if after reading the list, wouldn’t pretty much ANY player want to come to SF?

1) 3 in 5. The obvious one. If you want to win, this is the place to be.

2) you get to play in maybe the best ball park in the league in front of a packed house every night.

3) no matter how bad you play the press will leave you alone.

4) team chemistry– by all accounts, it’s a fun clubhouse to be in

5) you play for the best manager in baseball. In addition, the coaches are all considered to be outstanding as well as “players coaches.”

6) San Francisco is a great city. Go back and look at Bryce Harper’s tweets after spending a few days here. If a douchbag like him can appreciate The City, anyone can.

7) no humidity and very few rain delays or rain outs

8) After winning a World Series, and you are a free agent,  Sabean will likely shower you with a more lucrative contract than anyone else. After the Panda left I now can only use the word “likely”.

9) you walk right into one of the great rivalries in sports

The Cons List?

I dunno, maybe a liberally area like this might not be your scene.

That’s all the cons I could come up with.

thoughts? What am I missing?

Jon Lester is Back in Town

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 1, 2014

…but this time he’s on our side of the bay.

He’s here to meet with Brian Sabean. There are confirmed reports that Sabes will have multiple barf bags at the ready when Lester tells him how much $$$ he wants.

The Cubs have already offered this dude 135 million so I’m not sure what the point of this meeting is.

Maybe Lester is just in the mood for some sick clam chowder? How do they get it to not soak through the sourdough bread bowl? It’s Wicca or magic or something……

Having The Right Blood

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on November 28, 2014

Watching the Niners go so willingly into the bent-over position vs the Seahawks last night, I noticed three similarities between the two San Francisco franchises with the main difference being the outcome. Over the last 3 seasons the Niners went to the NFC championship twice and the Super Bowl once. They lost all three. The Giants, well, we know what they did with their three chances.

And as a Niner fan, with 5 SB’s already in the bank, I can tell you that I absolutely took those 3 recent playoff appearances for granted. After each excruciating loss (and each one was brutal) I just told myself “No big deal, we’ll just get it done next time.”

But watching the 49ers descend into chaos I now realize I should have been more bummed about those 3 losses. There are no guarantees for your sports teams.

I talked to a Royals fan at dinner last night–a legit Royals fan who lives there and grew up rooting for the Royals. He’s older now, probably in his 70’s. He was like most of the Royals fans we saw on tv during the post season. Polite, gracious, happy to be there. He was unyieldingly positive (surprise) about the prospects of the Royals going forward.

With the 49ers falling apart on a tv in the background of the conversation and this Royals fan telling me how stoked he is about his team next year, I quietly thanked (again) the baseball gods for what they gifted us over the last 3 in Five.

In the Giants Dugout store the other day, I predictably found nothing to fit my 6 foot 6 frame. There were tons of shirts with different mantras scrawled across the front. One of them said simply: “Champion Blood”. Even if it fit, wearing a shirt like that isn’t really how I roll. But it told an accurate tale. And after last night, impossibly, I’ve found an even greater appreciation for what the Giants have accomplished. I think I might go back and buy the shirt, have it framed and put it up in my office. No two words set next to each other describe our team better.

Moving On, Thankful For What We Have, Not What We Don’t Have

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No more Panda thread. Need new things to talk about.

The prevailing scuttlebutt seems to be what will the Giants do with the 100 million they’re saving on Sandoval going to Boston. The problem is, Sabean doesn’t like to compete for coveted free agents. And those are the only ones I’d want him to go get. So on the eave of this great holiday, rather than lament the players I don’t think we’re going to acquire I’ll just stop and appreciate the ones we have and the unbelievable gift they gave to us in 2014.

I still can’t believe the Giants won the World Series this year…..

Parting Panda Thoughts

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Reflecting back, why should we have expected Sandoval to stay here? For loyalty? Hogwash. Fans have a very skewed version of loyalty. First of all, this is his job. He does this primarily for money. And before you mount your high horse, we all do that.  And he grew up in Venezuela, this isn’t his home. He probably liked playing here and living here 6 months out of the year (really though, 3 months of that was on the road) but we’re not talking about a guy who ever looked at San Francisco as his childhood home. This isn’t a “LeBron” thing.

Newsflash: We loved him more than he loved us. We don’t get paid to love our sports heros. That love is stronger. It’s better.

If you think I’m FOS about that, here’s what Sandoval posted on his Instagram as soon as he signed the dotted line:


Excuse me while I puke……..

Still, we aren’t saints. Our love comes with strings attached. If the Giants don’t win *3 of 5* (with Sandoval largely responsible for 2) would we give him the same love we gave Edgardo Alfonso or Pedro Feliz? So there was never any real reason, related to emotion, that should have led him to decide to stay here. The player was here for money, the fans loved him because he gave them rings. That’s not a *love* that’s based in a very healthy place.

I was wrong about David Ortiz being a thorn in this deal. He was a big part of the decision. What’s that old saying? “Bros before ‘Friscos?” Hmmmm. I don’t think that’s it. Close.

Another possible bonus for him: he’s about to get the media spotlight shined on him like a motherfucker. Maybe that’s a big deal to him. Can you blame him for wanting that? Throw the DH thing in that he’s going to slide into like a warm XXL winter coat and you find yet another reason for him to leave.

My final Panda fat joke: I feel like a big weight has been lifted off me. Now we *know* and that’s a lot better than twisting in the wind. And honestly, I’m totally fine with this. With him and Big Titty gone, the fat jokes are going to be few and far between unless you want to take aim at Hector Sanchez and that just seems like overkill……

Few things last forever. Thanks for the memories Panda, your status as a “Great Giant” will last generations. And I don’t throw that term down loosely the way Krukow whimsically tosses a baseball in the tv booth. I mean it. I’ll never forget what you did for this team. And that final out, where you fall on your back clutching the ball in your glove shaking on the ground for what seemed like as long as all the years that I’ve lived?  It’s all part of the supernova, baby. As I’ve said a thousand times a thousand, that bitch burns forever……


Timmy’s public goodbye to Panda


He Gone

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The Panda has accepted that relatively modest deal offered to him from the Red Sox. Thoughts?

Procuring the Panda For under a Hundy

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The Red Sox only offered 5 years/95 million? If that’s true, this should be a done deal on coming back to SF unless there’s something we don’t know about. The Giants should be able to match that without even blinking.

San Diego offer coming in today and I’m not worried about that one.

95 million? He can feed his family on that.

Putting the Breaks on the Panda Train

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If the Giants don’t make the post season in 2014, would everyone still be gaga over The Panda? If you say you’re paying for what he’s going to do in the post season, I wouldn’t (and really couldn’t) argue with that line of reasoning. But Pablo didn’t have a very good year in 2014–and with it being his contract year as well as coming into the season with the body of a taut, pre teen Swedish boy (credit: Kramer from Seinfeld) you would expect he would have a monster year. But he didn’t.

Pretty much all of his statistics were his worst since 2010.

And yet teams are tripping over themselves to give him 100+ million dollars.

So I ask again, if the Giants don’t make the post season in 2014, what type of contract would the Panda be getting offered? Three years/40 mil still sounds about right.

Dumb Off Season Deals

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Serious question: Assuming they had the option, would any of you guys have wanted the Giants to give Johnny Stanton 325 million over 13 years? This just makes no sense to me. Why pay a player you don’t have to really pay for 2 more years all that dough? Wouldn’t it make more sense to sign, you know, good players to put around him? Even if the Marlins did it just to sell their new cable deal to their fans, are the fans really that brain dead that they’d rush to sign up now just because Stanton became a 325 millionaire?

And Billy Beane: good luck with Billy Butler. For a guy who supposedly cares a lot about his players getting on base, here are BB’s last 3 years of OPS: .882/.787/.702. I’m no math wiz but that be trending downward.

And some people thought it was a folksy throwback story when it came out that Butler went to a KC rib joint and powered down a plate of ribs with all the fixin’s just prior to Game 7 vs the Giants. I thought it was stupid. If that’s how this dude gets ready for the biggest game of his life….um. You can have him.

Pretty happy with where the Giants are so far this off season.

Tom Dierkes Breaks Down The Panda

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Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of Sandoval’s pros/cons as seen from the eyes of a non-Giants fan. Well written, I think:

He sees him getting 6 years/114 million and Tom Dierkes is usually on the mark with his contract predictions.

Re-Hashing the Hashed

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Ok, no more Ashkon talk. Not that the internet was abuzz with it anyway.:)

New word from the underground is that the Padres are dipping their toes into the Panda sweepstakes. If true, that means the Giants, the Red Sox, the White Sox, the Blue Jays and now San Diego are considering competing for Sandoval.

I can’t imagine the Padres will be making a competitive offer.

But it’s November 17th and there’s nothing else to discuss unless you want to talk about the latest Isis video. Jeeeeezus, don’t click on that if you haven’t done so yet.

Ashkon, Where Are You?

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I’m a big Ashkon fan. Well, I should say that I enjoy 3 of his videos, I don’t really know anything about him. I’ve been hoping for a new one to come out commemorating the 2014 championship but I haven’t seen anything yet on youtube.

Here are his 3 videos, all epic in their own way.

The first one was great because of it’s novelty. I also love the Will the Thrill impersonations he does.

I loved the vibe of “Feeling Like a Giant”. I also loved the slo-mo’s of the fans–super-ass confident and proud. Knowing dude head nods in motion….

“We Are the Champions” is probably my favorite. His Freddy Mercury impersonation, especially when he’s talking about Verlander, was epic.

Which of the 3 were your favorite? Or did you hate them all? Maybe this is more your speed:

This one was really good, wasn’t it?

Getting Paid

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The Cy Young Awards were won by Clayton Kershaw and Corey Kluber– both were worthy winners. And really, can you remember a CY winner who wasn’t worthy?

CY bonus awards are what I always find interesting. If I was a GM, I would build huge bonuses for MVP and CY awards into every contract I write. Why wouldn’t you? Give the players something to shoot for. It would also fix salary inequities. As it stands, the bonuses are largely underwhelming. Take Kluber for example. He made $514,000 last year. He scored a 10K bonus for winning the CY. That’s about 2% of what he made in 2014.

ClayKersh made 4 million last season and got one of the biggest bonuses I’ve ever seen for winning the CY— 1 million. Not bad. By the way, next year CK starts making 30 mil a year…….

And here’s the biggest bonus I would offer: World Series MVP. Make that 20 mil for every player on my roster. What GM wouldn’t gladly pay that out? And yet I never see WS MVP bonuses written into contracts. Isn’t being the WS MVP the most esteemed award any baseball player could win in a single season?

Kershaw, Pablo and Kuiper’s KNBR Comments

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CK won the CY and he is a most deserved winner. I think he should win the MVP, too. No one was even close to more valuable during the regular season, in either league, than Kershaw.

Listening to Kuiper on KNBR coming into work this morning and he was commenting on The Panda going to Boston to visit with Red Sox brass. At one point he said, “hey, if we’re lucky they’ll take him to an all-you-can-eat place.” Clearly, he was making a joke about Pablo “eating out his welcome” with his new potential employer. At first I couldn’t believe he said that on the air. It just seemed so juvenile. And then I remembered the countless Pablo-fat jokes that I’ve made here at the blog and elsewhere. And in that moment, I regretted those comments.

But still, I don’t understand how a team employee gets away with making comments like that on the air.

Did anyone else hear that? I’m sure it’ll be on the KNBR website later today……

Guest Post By Flap Vet James

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Looks like James put a fair amount of work into this and rather than leave it to die as the last post on yesterday’s thread, I’m turning it into today’s thread. Enjoy.

James said, on November 11, 2014 at 11:43 pm (Edit)

It’s treated as a given by many that Morse did a fair bit of damage to the Giants defense while playing LF. I’ve always thought this was pretty suspect, especially in absolute terms. LF gets relatively few plays, and most are routine.

I also think the Fangraph defensive stats like UZR that downgrade the WAR value of players like Morse are suspect. I noticed that FGs now has a section called “Inside Edge” fielding. It looks like what they’re doing is categorizing each ball hit to a fielder into degrees of difficulty, ranging from Routine to Impossible, and giving the percentage of outs recorded in each. For LF in particular, a very large percentage of all plays fall into those 2 extremes, which is kinda what you’d expect. What’s remarkable is the very small number of actual plays that fall into the other categories. This aligns with my own hunch that a handful of missed plays can highly exaggerate the view of a player’s defensive shortcomings.

Here are Morse’s numbers:

Here are Matt Holliday’s:

I swapped out the percentage of balls Hunter Pence got to in the various middle categories for Morse’s. The difference between Pence and Morse is about 4 more outs made.

More Morse, Less Hunter

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There’s some light hearted chatter about the Giants being “in” on Torii Hunter. Here’s hoping that’s not true. The Giants should be “out” on Hunter. Besides there being competition for his services, we already have an outfielder with an iron glove who can hit. His name is Mike Morse. And while you could certainly argue that Hunter has been more durable I’d rather sign Morse who is 7 years his junior. And while I can appreciate a good dick joke as much as the next guy, Hunter spends way too much time talking about his junk to the media. I’ll take the dude who’s banging out NLCS game tying home runs over the dude who’s firing off junk-jokes. Right?

50 Studs. Where Will They Land?

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This is the first year I’ve missed playing the free agent contest I always do badly. That’s the contest where you try to predict where the top 50 free agents (as ranked by mlbtraderumors) will ultimately sign. The contest is closed, but here is there top 50 list:

Hanley Ramirez is projected to get 4 years/70 million.

James Shield is projected to get 5 years/95 million.

Romo is projected to get 3 years/21 million.

See anything out of line with any of those projections? Looks reasonable to me…..

6 Years is a Deal Breaker

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Pablo’s agent says he’s firm on 6 years and if that’s the case, “bye bye Panda.” I thought it funny that he cited his age as the reason to do 6 years and that if he was 32 or 33 years old, less years might be accepted. As I have repeatedly pointed out, there is chronological age and then there is how hard that body has had to work over those 28 years. Organs, joints, muscle tissue—- all those things have been under major pressure sustaining his super-sized body throughout year-long baseball programs (with no breaks) since he was a kid. That body is EASILY 32-33 years old, maybe older.

So while I appreciate all that he’s done for the franchise and I wouldn’t be devastated if he returned on a multi-year deal, I am more than happy to move on from The Panda. Holding on to your sports heroes when common sense should prevail is one of the shortcomings on most fans….


A couple of Giants fans sent me this. Love it.


The “You Didn’t Win the World Series” Awards

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This “3 in 5″ thing….more basking…’s changed me as a fan and the way I look at sports. It makes all the individual awards like gold gloves and similar individual awards look just so…..secondary. There’s probably a better word. I guess if you’re a fan of a team like the Dodgers or the A’s, and you haven’t won the World Series in decades, you get excited about trivial things.

And I’m not just using this thread as a way to dog Dodger or Oakland fans.

Do any of you care even a little bit about a freaking Gold Glove award? I seem to recall that I used to care. But with all these rings piling up, I dunno, I just don’t see the importance of them anymore…..

Shady Evening Post, By Big Flavor

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I love Rich Aurilia, always will. And I think it’s rad that he’s actually doing something with a career after baseball that doesn’t have anything to do with baseball. But I can’t support him re-tweeting a review of his wine that uses the word “pretty”. lol. Even if he just hit 90 points for the first time. You’re a baseball player god dammit, baseball players don’t use the word “pretty” unless they’re trying to score a whore past their prime in a bar that’s beneath them…..



Now for some baseball talk: I am against signing The Panda. 100 percent >

I have been against signing him for a long time. We got the best years out of him. Celebrate that, don’t pay 100+ million for shit that’s already happened. I love him for what he’s done, will never forget him, but I don’t want to watch him play 5 more years, into his 30’s, while he’s fat and living off the back end of his baseball card. I do think Sabean will try to resign him, although his star power and post season production might sway dumb GM’s into overpaying. I will just sit back and hope the latter unfolds. You don’t pay 120 million and hope a guy won’t get fat(ter) and keep producing in the playoffs (if you get there) into his 30’s. Pay that type of money to someone who will be consistent and take you over the top. This year, that’s a pitcher. #freePanda

Play *anyone* at third base and sign a monster pitcher. That’s what this team needs to keep it going for the next 2 years. And keeping it going for 2 years at a time is all you can hope a team will do in this age of baseball……..

You’ll all champion me at the top of Flap Mountain after his demise, as long as we don’t sign him, trust me. Be the guy who laughs at the Yankees for fucking this up.Unfortunately, likely, you’re all still hammered off this 3rd trophy. But handing over 100+ mil to Sandoval is not the answer. Trust me and throw this thread in my face in the future if I’m wrong. It’ll be here, just like me. I’m rarely wrong.

The Locker Room Has Been Infected With an A’s Fan

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Baseball is over and we rule the world yet again. The NIners suck and the Dubs haven’t gotten it going enough yet for me to care and hockey is eternally on strike in my world. So today, it’s time for a funny story.

Back in 2012, I worked with this dude named Tre– very cool guy except for one thing: he was a huge Raider and A’s fan. I used to needle him (nearly ever week because they sucked) by wearing a Raiders shirt and posting a pic of myself on facebook every Monday after a Raiders loss. Here’s one of the pics:


Haha, funny motherfucker, this is the type of friendship you get out of me. :)

So he leaves after about a year and I haven’t talked to him since but we follow each other on facebook and I noticed that this year he got a job working at a college in Missouri (he played college football somewhere).

Then Game 7 starts and Tre is at the game and posts a pic. Here it is:


I was like, “Right on, Tre-mendous (his nickname) is at the game. Kinda funny cause he’s an A’s fan but he lives there now so it’s not that surprising.”

He then posts a pic of the big screen:


actually that was a movie clip but I can’t get it to transfer to the blog so I just snapped a screen shot of it.

Now the game is over and to my shock, Tre is on the FIELD! Here’s a video screen shot he took WHILE ON THE FIELD:


Lucky ass A’s fan is now on the field after the Giants win the World Series? This ain’t right. But still, I’m happy for him. Can’t wait to ask him how he got his ass on to the field.

But Tre-mendous takes it up a notch. Now he’s in the locker room. About an hour later, here’s the next pic he posts:


Um, WTF is going on? And now he’s drinking a beer with Pence?


And for good measure, a pic with the World Series MVP:


And finally, this A’s fan who doesn’t even like the Giants and who hates the Niners is seen holding this:


You have no idea how hard I was laughing out loud looking at these pictures. As far as I know, he has no connection with the Giants, he’s just working as a football coach or something for some college in Missouri. But I’m giving you the 2-flap up Flapper salute my man. If I didn’t know better I would say you photoshopped yourself into these pics and frankly that would make it even funnier.

Still Riding a Giant High

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Driving home yesterday listening to the Niners game, KNBR came off a commercial break and the crowd was going wild. I thought something good must have happened. No such luck. The big screen was showing Bochy and Sabean. It was an awesome reminder of what just happened. What I still am having trouble processing.

And after Colin Kaepernick decided to hold his own personal sack party in the backfield yesterday, it was also a reminder that I’m gonna have to wait a while to see one of my teams win another world championship–cause it damn sure ain’t gonna happen with the Niners this year.


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NFL day. Had a fun interaction yesterday. I was in a sportsbook, turned a corner and literally ran into 2 dudes also turning the corner. They were both totally decked out in Dodger gear. At first I put up my hands to give out a halfhearted “my bad” but I think it looked more to them like I was pointing to the jersey I was wearing. One of them just shook his head, said “fucking Giants” and both kept on walking. I’m sure they heard me say “3 in 5″ as they got further away.

I’ve said “3 in 5″ a lot this weekend….

An Impossible Five That Really Did Happen

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Watching the parada on tv, it was so clear what a special group of men these guys are. As improbable as it all was, there were several enduring post season memories for me in 2014. I think I’d rank mine like this:

1) The Perez double. Seeing where that ball went on the wall, basically taking a divot out of it, on a day that was devastating for Perez might be my most enduring moment. Knowing he had to swing the bat against that sick reliever fighting back tears throughout…..jesus.

2) Pence on the Fence. I changed my facebook pic to the black and white of Pence on the Fence (thank you DIRT) and I don’t see that coming down. I said at the time, it was as if the fence caught HIM. If it was possible to burn a single image on to my soul, that would be it. I gotta see about turning that into a shirt.

3) Ishikawa’s blast. I mean, how is this not # 1, right? It easily could be I just think the other 2 might be slightly more enduring. For me.

4) The Panik double play. I still can’t believe that play was reversed. But I’ll take it and gladly ask for seconds. We’ve all seen a flip like that a hundred times but the timing was impeccable, Crawford’s turn rock solid, and all under the great magnitude of Game 7. Just a stunning display of grit and skill by both men.

5) Morse’s bomb. I could have seen bumping this one up a space or two. Miller’s home run call nearly brought tears to my eyes, as did the child-like jaunt around the bases by Morse. For a guy who had to wait and wait and wait and still come back and not me completely healthy—to do THAT in THAT moment. His homerun gave us something we were desperate for: hope.

I know there were others but I have to get ready for a big BC day. List off or rank your favorites, it’s a fun thing to do.


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