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Hesto Presto and on to San Diego

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 9, 2015

I’ve got a lot going on today so this thread will be short. Great game last night. Super quick turn around for a 3:40 game against a pitcher that usually shuts them down is probably not what the dr. ordered. But these guys seem to be taking the same mentality as all other recent Bochy-led teams so maybe they come out strong.

We’ll see.

When Correia and Heston Collide

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 8, 2015

Who thought we’d be talking about those 2 guys last week?

I was actually pretty encouraged by what I saw from our offense last night. The *old* way of winning isn’t going to work this year and the hitters are going to have to step up. Voggy did about how I would expect he would do and suddenly Tim Lincecum is going to be a central protagonist on this year’s team. At least there’s upside with Timmy. The idea of Kevin Correia pitching even as a spot starter gives me chills. But maybe that’s just because he brings back so many bad memories of the 2007-08 dark years.

Or maybe he’s a harbinger of things to come–an evil messenger from Hell walking among us, delivering the  news in the form of hittable fastballs. :) :0 :)

I am SUPER STOKED to see Heston pitch today. I think it’s a good spot for him against a collection of average hitters. The future is now, whether Bochy and Sabean are ready for it or not…..

The Rest of the Rotation

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 7, 2015

It was nice to see The Mad Snot calm the waters with an efficient W but now the fun really begins. Just as I still can’t understand how we won a freaking World Series with ONE competent starting pitcher, I’m not understanding who’s going to pitch for us on the days Bum sits. This “forearm tightness” thing that Cain is going through smells an awful lot like a UCL tear and if that’s the case we’re looking at best at a rotation with question marks. At worst, a rotation in shambles.

If the Giants call up one of the kids to pitch on Wednesday what does that say about their Tim Lincecum feelings? He’s getting paid almost 20 million this year, the Giants usually let those high priced players play until they’re forced to publicly *Rowand* them.

We’ll see, but I’m in full blown skeptic mode right now and there’s 161 of these bad boys to go.

Haters Gonna Hate

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 6, 2015

I can’t remember which rapper said that. Maybe it was all of them. But before our season gets underway there are a few things I want to get off my chest. And it has to do with the haters. Specifically, three kinds….:

1) The fans (non Giant). Mostly, they do their hatin’ on the internet. It’s one of the great failings of the internet–people get to say whatever they want nearly without consequence. It took me a while to develop the right mindset to deal with these numbskulls but I feel like I am much better equip to deal with them now than I was 6 or 7 years ago. I can thank my spam filter for that.

If you’re a non-Giants fan, your hate started with Barry Bonds. And I get that. His pompous march toward the HR crown had non-Giant baseball fans worldwide doing a slow burn. So by the time 2010 rolled around there was no way you were going to believe in this team. Three World Series wins later, I can only imagine how slow that burn must be now. And A’s fans have it the worst. This in all unfolding in their backyard. They’re almost forced to watch it. And look where they’re watching it from!    Let me ask you something Giants fans: If I told you that when you attend a game at AT&T Park, the Coke bottle would randomly fire off human shit fireworks in between innings all over the crowd, would that make you more likely or less likely to go to the game? Because that’s basically what’s going on over at O.Co. Human shit spews and oozes all over that place. It’s like Old Faithful gone horribly wrong. At AT&T we enjoy garlic fries and a tasty Sheboygan. At O.Co the vendors are literally selling frozen shitcicles in the stands. Those sound positively awful. I’m not paying 8 bucks for that. If I ever went to an A’s game I ‘d be sure to wear me galoshes and construction goggles. Throw in the fact that they haven’t won a world series in a quarter century and you can see how easily the haters be hatin’ in Shitland (I mean *Oakland*).

The next group of Haters are the writers. Somewhere along the way, writers decided that their job was to predict what was going to happen. And because they get paid to write, they are probably pretty good at writing. Too bad that’s where their skill set ends. Again, I think a lot of the hate goes back to Bonds and the way he treated them. And to that point, I can understand it. But you’re a professional and are being paid to perform sans bias. It’s too bad the national media continues to fail at this.

The final group of haters are the analysts. The former players who get paid to babble into a microphone. These guys are arguably the worst of the 3. Whenever a former player barks into a mic “Listen, I played the game…” I know I’m about to be registered in a class I had no intention of taking. The fact that you *played the game* at the professional level means you understand certain nuances of the game better than i do. But it in no way legitimizes your predictions. These guys are wrong all the time. Guy like Erik Karros are so spectacularly wrong every time it amazes me that they have the balls to keep churning out their drivel publicly.

Now haters, I’m going to warn you in advance. Look away. Avert your eyes. Staring too long at what I’m about to show you could cause “Hater Blindness”. On a side note, I’d like to meet the dipshit that stared so long at the sun he finally went blind. Who does this? Who stares at the sun so long they actually go blind? Anyway…behold:


These are the 3 main reasons that the haters gonna hate. And the best part (for us) is that these 3 reasons will never go away. We might never win another one again. Unlikely, but possible. Through whatever the future holds for the Giants and their fans, these 3 beauties will sustain us. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some knowing dude head nods to prepare for that I’ll  be doling out later today……


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 5, 2015

That’s the numbers of days left till real baseball begins again.

Tonight we get to watch a game that counts. Personally, I’ll be looking to see how Matheny is doing. Last time we saw him he was doing that stone faced thousand yard stare we’ve come to know so well…..


I have never spent less of a Spring on baseball. I’m not playing in a season long fantasy baseball league for the first time since high school so there’s been nothing for me to research, no drafts to partake in, and I’ve been consumed with NBA, CBB and golf—-100% into daily leagues.

But that’s all about to change. This morning I woke up at 2am wondering what A-Rod’s ST batting average was. Discovered it was .267 but that’s not the point.

The point is that I’ve gone from literally not thinking about baseball at all to obsessing on everything about it. Every player. Every statistic. Every at bat. Every moment.

The switch has been flipped within me. Baseball.

My Prediction Is….

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 4, 2015

nothing. I don’t know if I’m burnt out on the prediction-side of blogging or maybe there are just too many question marks surrounding the 2015 Giants–but I don’t have it in me to predict how they’ll do. I was listening to a radio show out of New York this morning. Two complete blowhards trying to yell over each other who they thought would win the National Championship on Monday. They sounded like idiots. They don’t know who’s going to win and more importantly, who cares what they think? It’s all just a bunch of bullshit for them to use later (if they’re correct) to brag about themselves next week on the radio.

As it relates to the Giants the one thing I’ve learned over the last several years is that the team that starts the season is almost never the team to finish the season. So how could you ever make an informed prediction anyway? If they’re close at the trade deadline, Sabean will do something that has a much better than 50% chance of working. And don’t kid yourself, Bobby Evans is nothing more than Sabean’s boy toy. He’s a GM in title only. Sabes still calls all the shots for this team…….

“We’ll Drive the 7 Hours, it’s Worth it….”

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 3, 2015

That’s what some chick said on KTVU this morning when she was asked why she comes to the Bay Bridge Series every year.


I don’t get the Bay Bridge Series. I don’t get why people would pay money to see a game at AT&T that doesn’t count. I don’t get why that chick drove 7 hours to see the game. I don’t get how that dude survived at sea for 66 days. But I digress…..

I didn’t watch any of the game last night. My main man on the scene in Houston, WilcoJoe, said Peavy looked 10-15 lbs lighter. Anyone else notice that? Why would Peavy lose 10-15 pounds?

There’s another game tonight but I won’t be watching it. Too busy still basking in the glow of yet another NIT championship for the Stanford Cardinal! Yeah baby!!!!!! We’re number 69? Chasson Randle, who by all accounts is a hell of a guy, will always be my sworn enemy. He passed the great Todd Lichti on the all time scoring list at Stanford and for that I will never forgive him…..

Guessing the Starting 8 HR Total

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 2, 2015

How many home runs do you think this crew will hit? 100? That’s what Kuip said on the radio today. Here’s my quick take:

Pagan: 4

Aoki: 2

Belt: 20

Pence: 20

McGehee: 7

Crawford: 15

Posey: 23

Panic: 12

Apparently, I’m going with 103

RIP Edilia Arvelo

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 1, 2015

Great post by Twin at the end of the last thread. Very weird that the Cardinals will be honoring this guy who basically murdered himself and his girlfriend last year in a horrific drunk driving crash. Six times the legal limit? I don’t know if you guys have ever blown into a straw. I did once and I came up .11 BAC and I was actually pretty surprised it was that low. I felt pretty hammered. I can’t even imagine what .28 (or whatever he was) must feel like and the fact that he thought it a good idea to go blazing around in his car with a passenger is just unreal to me.

The Cards say they’re doing it to educate young ballplayers about the dangers of drinking and driving but I would think at this point everyone knows about that. To me it looks an awful lot like the way Darryl Kile was *honored* and I those 2 deaths aren’t even in the same ballpark.

If you are drunk off your ass and you decide to drive a car you’re a freaking idiot. Come to think of it, maybe people this dumb do need to be educated……


On a separate note, I’d like to encourage all of you not to participate in what is far and away the dumbest day of the year……

How Worried Are You About The Starting 5?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 31, 2015

Right now, that 5 goes Bum, Cain, Peavy, Huddy, and Timmy. I think it could be argued that either Voggy or Yuzzie=Pet should be in that 5 but for the start of the season, those are your 5.

Bum: No worries here, moving along to….

Cain: I was worried about Cain until I heard Kruk discussing him on KNBR yesterday. As we know, Kruk’s assessments can be dangerous to the ears if not listened to carefully. For instance, I never look directly into a Kruk assessment, at least not long than a second or so. But he made an interesting point when he said that Cain can finally extend his arm without restriction and that his curve ball is back and it’s deadly. Cain’s biggest hurdle is probably mental but I’m fairly confident he’ll get over that and start to let the ball fly…..

Peavy: This will be the same comment for Huddy. I think that if Bochy manages Peavy’s innings this year, and if it were me this is where I would use Petit and Voggy most aggressively, Peavy will probably be productive. I wouldn’t let him go past 5 innings. This would take a different mindset by everyone but it was clear that both he and Huddy were out of gas at the end of last year. I’m a big believer in limiting innings of your old starting P’s and in theory the Giants have 2 guys in the bullpen who could piggy back a game with Peavy and Huddy.

Huddy: read above

Timmy: he worries me the most. I’m not buying this “Daddy fixed everything” story. Having said that, Kruk says Timmy is light years ahead of where he’s been in previous springs. Kruk, Jesus….I guess the only thing to do is hope Kruk’s correct and that Timmy will end up having a solid 2015. Maybe not Cy Young-like, but something productive. That would be quite the turnaround but weirder things have happened in baseball…..

Three Outrageous Predictions

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 30, 2015

Marty Lurie does a bit on KNBR every Spring called “Three Outrageous Predictions.” Callers call in and make “three outrageous predictions” for the upcoming season. It’s not as bad as it sounds. The goal is to predict something that *could* happen though is not likely to happen. Before you decide this is a stupid thing to do, if I had predicted last July that the Giants would beat the Royals in Game 7 of the World Series that year you would probably declare that an outrageous prediction….

#1: Tim Lincecum will throw another no hitter in 2015. Hey, he just needs to cobble it together for one game and we all know he’s got no-no’s in that arm…..

#2: Hunter Strickland will be the closer by Aug 1 and he will dominate. Lots of things will have to happen/fall apart for this prediction to come to pass.

#3: Matt Duffy will garner some rookie of the year votes. Like prediction #2, some things will have to fall into place for him to make this happen. But I really like Duffy and if he gets a shot at an infield position for an extended period of time in 2015 I think he’s going to run with the chance……

What are your *Three Outrageous Predictions?”

Steve Young Standing in the Rubble

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Picture needs no caption


Bring Back Nate!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 28, 2015

Looks like Nate the great Schierholtz isn’t going to make the team in Texas. Why wouldn’t we bring him back to play for a month while Pence heals? He knows right field as good as anyone. He knows the team, uh, he knows where the stadium is located….reaching here.

But I’d rather let him play than Maxwellwhoever….

Not Ready For a Title Defense

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 27, 2015

Serious question for Flap Universe: If you hadn’t paid any attention to ST what would you say if one of your buddies said, “Hey, the Giants are 19-6!”

You’d probably be pretty stoked. Maybe fire off a knowing dude head nod to the nearest stranger.

But then you remember that your buddy is dyslexic and the Giants were actually 6-19.

Now how would you feel?

For those wondering about Timmy’s game yesterday it was a lot like last year and the 2 years before that. Low velocity, no command, 7 k’s in 5 innings.

So there’s that……

We’re Number 30! Yeah!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 26, 2015

At this point, I’m hoping we maintain our last place finish in the spring training standings all the way to Opening Day. If you’re going to fuck something up why not go all the way with it? And if I truly don’t care about spring training stats, and I don’t, then why not have some fun with it?

So while I want to see sharper fundamentals on defense, line drives that are caught off the bats of our hitters and a .350+ BABIP for our pitchers, I’m going to give myself a knowing dude head nod every time we lose for the rest of the spring.

After you win another World Series and then follow it up with a 6-18 to start the spring, this is really the only way for me to make it to opening day without breaking something……


For those of you who enjoy Shop Talk with Shoptaw, here’s the article he wrote about the Giants after interviewing me and a couple of other Giants bloggers.

Dub Nation Unite!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 25, 2015

The Warriors winning the Pacific Division, for the first time in 39 years, should be jazzing me up a little more than it is. I’m stoked but I feel like kind of a fake-o fan having not been into NBA for the last 10 years or so. I was a big RUN TMC guy. But then years of sucking combined with incompetent ownership saw my allegiance dull a bit. Plus, I got tired of NBA dudes doing nothing but jacking up 3’s and/or guys waiting till an entire side of the court was cleared out before they could go play 1:1 over and over. The NBA game, to me, is a lot worse than it was back in the day. The product sucks and a big part of that is the “1 and done” game getting played at the college level. Most of these kids aren’t ready to play in the NBA. But I digress because……

Steph Curry brought me back. He does things on a court I’ve never seen done, certainly not around these parts. I’m a little too young to remember Rick Barry. Outside of his unusual free throw style, I hear he did some things never seen before, too.

But it’s impossible to not like this Warriors team. Draymond Green is a throwback in every sense of the word. And for guys like David Lee to lose his starting gig and not even play a min some games (like last night) and be cool with it because he’s a total team player–well, you just don’t see NBA players act like that anymore.

Still, in terms of me being a fan of the team, this is a full-on bandwagon jump. It’s a Nestea Plunge into a sea of “We Believe’s”. And it’s still an exciting time for me to be a Warrior fan.


And don’t even get me started on the highest high I’m currently riding with Stanford heading to the semifinals of the NIT (said with heavy sarcasm).

Does Anyone Care What Baseball Players Think? If You Do, Read on….

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There was an anonymous poll of mlb players recently conducted by ESPN. I’ll post the link at the end of the thread but here were some things that stood out for me:

Regarding PED’s: AL slugger: “I think the number is probably about 10 percent, but that’s not counting Adderall as a PED. If you included guys who are using Adderall, wow, that number would be through the roof.”

Who’s the most overrated player in MLB?
AL All-Star: “I like Bryce Harper. I think he’s going to be really good. But the attention for him — and for Puig, to a certain extent — is overkill. It’s just been hype so far.” Puig was voted 2nd most overrated.

65% of players dislike the new rules eliminating home plate collisions.

The players predict the World Series will most likely be the Cardinals or Detroit

Here’s the link:

Playing For Peanuts

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 23, 2015

If you were wondering about MadBum’s feelings about the contract he plays to, well, you shouldn’t wonder anymore. He was asked about in the San Jose Merc yesterday and his comments, if genuine, makes me think he really is fine with his team friendly deal.

Check it out:

“You know, that was life changing money for me.”

“Now that things turned out the way they are it’s easy to ask these questions. But you know what, that’s good. I want to be asked these questions. It’s a lot better than the other way around.”

“I grew up poor. I don’t need a lot of money to get by. I mean, I ain’t playing for money, I guess.”

I could understand if this is how he felt as a rookie country bumpkin, but after years of living the life of a pro ballplayer it’s a little surprising that he still feels this way. And hey, don’t forget his world series bonuses. I mean, that’s how El Presidente gets by. No reason Bum can’t feed his family that way, too. :) :) :)

What Will This Year’s Ingredients Look Like?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 22, 2015

While basking in the glow of yet another World Series supernova, I think it’s easy to forget how bad we were last year for nearly 3 months. But we started the year well, got enough wins to make the playoffs and then our experience took over. Will that be the same recipe in 2015?

I’d like to think we take a different route this year. Yes we suck in literally all aspects of the game in spring training so far. But I don’t feel confident that we can turn it on and off so easily as we did in 2014.

I think the plan needs to be letting the offense suck shit until we find out if the pitching holds together. If the pitching staff performs in April, May, June…..then I think Sabean will have to go out and find a bat or two. Otherwise, I can already hear “bad penny year” coming from his lips some time before July 4th…..

Reality Hits: We Suck

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 21, 2015

Those were some awesome posts by you guys on the last thread……

And now for some negativity.

At this point, it’s not outrageous to consider that Pagan is going the way of Glass Sanchez. We are now forced to consider an outfield of Ishikawa, Aoki and Blanco. I suppose Perez could fit into that mix. Unless Maxwell does something, anything, to distinguish himself I have to hope he’s not in the mix on Opening Day. If they all suck, I’m inclined to go with the guys who suck and yet still contributed to us winning a World Series :)

But truly, this is one of the worst teams, as presently configured with healthy players, that I’ve seen the Giants put out since maybe 2007 or 2008. Guys like Maxwell were on those teams.

Argue me wrong.

Just Kill Her Already

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 19, 2015

I’m glad I don’t work in The City where I’d have to drive by this slow death everyday. I wish they’d just pulled it with one big BOOM and all we would have had left is some rubble barely visible through the smoke.

Taking Candlestick apart piece by piece is just agonizing for me. And yet I can’t stop watching these drone videos that are getting posted. I never, EVER hated The Stick. I remember laughing out loud when it would get super cold.

Without question I miss the left field bleachers the most. I had so much fun literally growing up out there.

And now they’re gutting her like a dead fish. Some sadistic fuck is slicing her into pieces.

The Madness

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 19, 2015

As Spring Training rabbles in the background, today begins the start of one of the top 3 sporting events of the year. Two billion dollars will be lost in unseen work productivity today. Here at The Flap, that number could soar even higher…..

I’ve got no idea how many brackets I’ve filled out across the internet. Fanduel, Draftkings, Yahoo, Espn, CBSSports, private work bracket, family and friends bracket……It’s probably around 100.

I’ve got Arizona winning it all on just about every ticket…..

Your pick?

So Far, The Giants Suck

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 18, 2015

If Bochy isn’t worried about his team right now, he’s definitely frustrated with it. They have the worst SP ERA in spring training and they’re hitting .235 (which I haven’t looked up but it doesn’t sound good).

He went off on them to the media yesterday in an effort, I’m assuming, to wake their asses up.

Pagan’s back is hurting again, by the way.

Borland’s Brain

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 17, 2015

I find it ironic that yesterday’s thread was titled “Fragile Arms” and on the same day promising 49ers linebacker Chris Borland retired from football citing a possible “Fragile Brain” as the reason. He was 24.

The day after Patrick Willis retired I was consoling a friend who was distraught with the news of his favorite linebacker leaving the game. I told him, “Hang in there bro. We’ve got Chris Borland waiting in the wings.” He perked up.

And now this? I was expecting to read that Borland had suffered several concussions in his career but according to him he’s had 2. Two. TWO. And he’s never been diagnosed with one in an NFL game.

Whatever, no one’s holding a gun to his head, so to speak. He can do what he wants. Later Borland, good luck with that history degree from Wisconsin or whatever you received (or studied while you were in college).

I’ve felt for a while now that football is going to have a tough time succeeding in the next decade or so if the league continues to enforce rules that belong in flag football, not NFL football. But if the NFL is going to start losing young studs like Borland in preemptive attempts to protect their brains then the NFL is FUCKED.

Why not just choose to be a baseball pitcher instead of a football player (when you’re in high school). Risking a possible TJ surgery sure beats risking having your brain scrambled. This is what we’re going to start seeing.

Fragile Arms

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Brutal break for Zach Wheeler who was diagnosed with a torn UCL. The spike in major arm injuries to pitchers in the last 5 years is shocking. How can teams feel confident in giving a starting pitcher with 1500 innings on his arm a 150 million dollar deal? And those are just major league innings. Think about how many innings those arms threw in the minor leagues? College? High school? Babe Ruth? Little League?

Sabean’s approach to go draft heavy on pitchers always seemed like a strange move to me. I’ve always felt he should have drafted more hitters and they’d be forced to play at ATT till they could bail as free agents. Then you sign pitching free agents who would WANT to come pitch in our park.

Clearly, my approach was incorrect. Whether Sabean did this on purpose or not, we’ll never know. But he must love the fact that he gets the best years of the arms of his pitchers while almost never having to go pay a pitcher big bucks to come to SF and break down……

Here’s a graph that shouldn’t surprise anyone. It only goes to 2013, I’m sure it spiked again since. mlb pitchers only


Aubrey Huff v. Panda

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I didn’t hear the interview with Huff on 95.7 but I read the Facebook post. I’m going to stand behind the Panda on this one. And not just because I don’t trust guys who use that many exclamation points to make their *point*. Huff is talking about the Sandoval he knew in the 2010 world series run. Panda had pretty much eaten his way off that post season starting line up. And while Huff was around for one of Sandoval’s revivals in 2011, he was gone for most of 2012 and a dim shell of his 2010 self in the 2012 world series. I wonder how Pablo’s teammates felt about him the night he blasted 3 bombs off “That Damn Pitcher?” The 2010 team was filled with crusty old vets who probably didn’t take too kindly to Sandoval’s fat and spotty production. I chose to believe that Huff was long gone by the time Panda turned a corner in his career by refocusing on what it takes to be a winner and believe me, his teammates know they don’t win ’12 and ’14 without him. Maybe he wasn’t as beloved as we thought in the clubhouse but Aubrey Huff squawking from his Facebook account is just static to me.

You Are So Good Looking

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The Will Ferrell thing was fantastic. I can’t imagine anyone who didn’t enjoy that. And I’m not a big Ferrell fan. He’s ok. Does some things epic. But all in all, I don’t go out of my way to see him in a movie. But what a treat he gave the fans and the players yesterday. And it’s tough to go against anyone raising money for anything that has to do with cancer.

Check out all the highlights at if you missed any of it.


buddy just walked into my office, he’d been at spring training. Dude likes to get his hats signed. Here’s how Miller signs his autographs now. Pretentious? Or is that how you’d sign a hat if you were in the HOF?


Hector Olivera, Don’t Come on Down

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Hector Olivera, the latest Cuban to hit the market, is said to have 6 teams interested in him. You guessed it, the Giants are listed as one of the six.

He’s 30 and wants a 5 year deal. I’ll put him closer to 33 and I don’t want this guy on anything more than an invite to camp.

So I will be happy after Sabean gets outbid on another foreign player.

Now watch us get him.

Sifting Through the Numbers

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 11, 2015

For those of you wondering……


What do we glean from this? Someone named “Lollis” is on the team. Our HR leader is Gary Brown (1) tied with Duvall, Carbonell and Quiroz. Brown is also the SB leader with 2. So clearly, we’ve found a short term replacement for Pence, right?

Man, Gary Brown must really not be able to hit a breaking ball.

Who Misses Who?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 10, 2015

Snarkk’s 10:15 post from last night was a good way to end yesterday’s discussion of Sandoval. It’s important to note that The Panda didn’t say anything bad about the SF fans, he just didn’t say he missed us. And really, who cares if he didn’t say he missed us? First of all, this is his job, we are far more emotionally involved in the players than they are with us. Secondly, he just left, if he’s ever going to miss SF fans he has to have time to know what he’s missing.

Regarding his comments about missing Bochy and maybe Pence, that’s just too weird to even take seriously. Literally EVERY SINGLE dugout video shot that I ever saw of Sandoval was of him yucking it up with fellow players. It’s not like he sat exclusively next to Bochy (and occasionally Pence). The dude was routinely the life of the clubhouse. He had very strong ties to his fellow players. I don’t care what he says now.

Anyway, I’m not gonna get caught up anymore in all this “who did he miss? who didn’t he miss?” This non-story is starting to read like a really bad romance novel. I’m going to focus on who are 3rd baseman is now, not the guy who’s gone……

Winning It All. Again.

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How badly do you think they want it? I’m talking about The Repeat.

In 2011, I remember them being a little overwhelmed by what they had done. The team partied hard. The only thing that stopped Huff’s party was a problem with anxiety. And then Buster’s ankle blew and the season went with it.

In 2013, I vaguely remember wondering where the emotional fire was on the team. I’d have to go back and look, but I wrote at least one thread about it appearing that the team was struggling to find that internal drive to win it all again. I also recall lot of people blaming the WBC and a short off season on the Giants troubles in 2013.

And now here we are on the cusp of another title defense. I don’t remember another spring training that I was less into. I’ve enjoyed hearing Jon Miller on the radio and I’m exciting about baseball starting again. But honestly, my internal drive for what might become of the 2015 season is rather low.

Maybe this will all change when real baseball starts. We’ll see.

Counting the Hours to Opening Day

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 7, 2015

Draftkings has their mlb contests up for opening day and I’ve spent the last 2 hours looking at what each player costs. This probably doesn’t interest any of you.

But at the top right of their homepage there’s a box that says “Contest Goes Live in:” and next to that it says 717:59:03

So we’ve only got 717 hours to go before real baseball is back and all is right again in the world.

Corey Black Sucks…….

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But he’s no Scott Cousins. He’s not a malicious idiot. The reality is, this was just an unintentional mistake. An unfortunate fallout of spring training. I gave this guy shit on twitter last night and was blasted by Cubs fans and Black’s old college teammates. I could care less what twitter idiots think of me, I mostly use it just as a news source. Honestly, I’ve been more pissed off at some shitty rides Corey Black used to give me down in Southern California. lqtm

I get it, poor Corey Black feels bad. But this guy hit 14 hitters last year in only 124 innings (while also tossing 15 wild pitches). That ball he threw Pence? He can say he was trying to go inside but the fact is, he had no idea where it was going and if you saw the video, Hunter had no where to go. That pitch probably hit 14 other guys last year.

So whatever, he feels bad, he didn’t do it on purpose. It’s baseball, shit happens. But we’re now missing one of our best players because of this guy–so, fuck him.

I think we’ll be fine covering this internally. Blanco can cobble together a decent enough month. It would be a major problem if we asked him (or Perez) to handle the job for an entire season.

So this really isn’t that big of a deal…..

El Presidente Keeps Plugging Along

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Eli Whiteside has lived the life, hasn’t he? His peripheral major league career has now mercifully ended and yet he’s still in the game. As many of you know, he’s the bullpen catcher for the Giants now. Here he is displaying his multi-layered skills by throwing BP today:


His transaction log reads like the stamps at the back of Blade’s well-traveled passport:


Somehow, he made 2 mil in the major leagues. Throw in the bonuses from those 2 world series’ he watched from the bench and he’s probably over 3 mil.

I have no idea what he’s making as the BP catcher. With his luck, he’s probably pulling down what Bochy is making…….

King of the Block

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Sometimes a thread just kinda writes itself….


Finally. Baseball.

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It is time. The defense of our great crown starts today. Bumgarner will pitch the first inning. The last time he pitched an inning? That wen’t pretty well….

Our REAL defense of our great crown starts April 6th in Arizona. The Giants don’t even play a home regular season game until April 13th.

But if you’re in the mood for a lazy day listening to the sweet sounds of John Miller and Kuip, tune into KNBR today. This week the game will be on radio today, tomorrow and Sat/Sun.

Play Ball

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One more day until real baseball. At least, baseball games that don’t count. Tomorrow the Giants play the A’s. Barry Zito will  be the starting pitcher for Oakland…

That last sentence isn’t true but that would spice this spring up a bit, yes?

Shirt vs Shirt

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This is the last back2back thread about comparing pre-2010 swag to post 2010 swag, I promise. On the right is a shirt I bought probably 15 years ago. No frills. Black. Name of team. Done. On the left is a shirt someone gave me for Christmas. Honestly, I wear the one on the right much more often.


Regarding spring training, I think it’s clear from the last 2 threads that there ain’t much coming out of camp so far……

What’s On the Outside of Your Cup?

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This is the coffee cup I drink from every morning:


I was looking at it this morning trying to figure out what’s wrong with it. Then I figured it out and took this picture.

1958 to 2008 (and 2009) were just so freaking worthless. Sure we had our memories of all the games and the players. We had the heartbreaks, the highs the lows. The close calls. But we never had that SOARING supernova high that 2010, 2012 and 2014 brought us. Will Clark hitting that grand slam deep into the Chicago night was probably my best memory from “the coffee cup” years. Now think about the rush of the last 5 years. And then look at my coffee cup. It’s almost too overwhelming to consider. Did the last 5 years really happen?

After realizing why I don’t like this cup my first reaction was to go buy a new one—-bigger, with gaudy championship shit written all over it. But no, this is the cup I will continue to drink from in the morning. A boring, quiet reminder of what we once were. A *bridge* to what we are today…..

Line Up Look Plus Curry v LeBron

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So as soon as I say Aoki leading off is “not going to happen,” Bruce Bochy tells reporters that he’s considering exactly that. This is very good news.

Aoki, Panik, Pence, Posey, Belt, Pagan, McGehee, Crawdaddy, Pitcher.

You guy see it another way?


NBA time: Only two games on the slate (typical Thursday) but what a slate it is. Westbrook going 1:5 v Phoenix is interesting but the real deal is Golden State v Cleveland. If The Dubs want more info on how legit they are a road game vs LeBron, Love etc. The match ups in this game are endless. I can’t wait to see Draymond on James who takes every point scored on him as a personal affront to his family. And Curry should fiddle-de-do all over Irving’s face. Wild card could be Bogut’s ball movement and whether Klay is hitting his shots.

Regardless, WOWZA, what a game coming up tonight….


So is this another “bad angle” or do the Red Sox already hate The Panda?


What to Expect From Angel Pagan

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Yes, he had back surgery, but the procedure wasn’t career threatening. Still, he’s 33 years old and plays like he’s 23. He could easily break again.

Nori Aoki waits in the wings to leadoff if Pagan gets hurt again. It’s not going to happen, but I’d lead Aoki off to start the season. He’s a better leadoff hitter than Pagan who, at this point in his career, might be better off hitting down the line up anyway. And there’s probably a slightly less chance of injury if Pagan doesn’t feel like he’s got to fly around the bases every time up. Hit the ball in the gap, score Aoki, jog to first base. That sounds about Pagan’s speed these days……

Sabean Still Waiting for The Trade Deadline

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I found the Giants non-pursuit of Yoan Moncada rather amusing. Did anyone really think we were in on this guy? Sabean said, “We were involved, just not as much as other teams.” The bottom line is that Sabean will never pay market value for a hot prospect from Cuba. I don’t know if he’s skittish from the Ozzie Fernandez thing or if he just doesn’t know how to compete. Maybe ownership won’t let him. But the freaking Brewers made an offer in the 12-15 million dollar range and if Sabean wasn’t as involved as THAT then of course he never had a shot.

I don’t really care, I don’t find myself pining away for 2nd basemen from Cuba, especially with Joe Panik on the team. And Moncada is only 19 (though more likely 22).

I just get tired of Sabean spoon feeding us nonsense. Just tell the fans you aren’t ever going to sign a player from Cuba unless there is zero competition and he costs under 2 mil. Like when you signed Daniel Carbonell (who no one else mistook for a hot prospect).

Staring at Something For Too Long

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This is and always will be one of the greatest pictures I’ve ever seen.


I’ve looked at this for probably hours over the course of time that’s passed since it was taken. The four fans to the left with the most perfect expressions. The weird kid behind Pence’s ass. And until tonight I never noticed the light above Pence’s head. Check it out— Guy with a beard, tongue sticking out. How crazy is that?

Missing baseball tonight…….



Different angle . . .

Pic of the Day


TALK TO YOUR DAD? That’s What We’re Talking About?!!?!?!??!!

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As many of you have heard, Tim Lincecum reunited with his dad over the winter and revamped his delivery. It pains me to wonder why it took him so long to go freaking TALK TO HIS DAD to get this fixed. Since we don’t know if it’s fixed I won’t worry too much about it.

But come on, TALK TO YOUR DAD? I get it, Chris Lincecum is a dick. I remember his radio show. He’s intense. He’s a “know it all.” I wouldn’t choose to hang out with him either. But if he has the key that will unlock the funk you’ve been in for years, then I’m sorry you go put your head down and TALK TO YOUR DAD.  Look, if Tim went through some kind of major trauma with his dad (physical/sexual abuse) then I could understand why he would cut his dad out of his life. But I don’t think that happened. And if it did, why would he reunite now? Conspiracy theory on that at the end of the post……

Here’s what happened: Tim started making bank and figured he didn’t have to listen to his blowhard dad anymore because he’s an adult and he makes 500 times in a year what his dad made in a lifetime. Still, if this is the guy with the keys to the castle, how could it take so long to go back to him?

If, and it’s a BIG IF, Tim’s dad has tinkered his son back into relevance than I will start by being ecstatic.

And then I will be pissed off.

When was the last time Tim was good? 2011? In 2012 he made 18 million. In 2013 he pocketed 22 million. Last year he cleared 17 million. And this year, in the final year of his deal I might add, he will make 18 million. Not only did he owe it to himself to go TALK TO HIS DAD sooner than this winter but he owed it to his employer and his adoring fans. If he just patched up the relationship with his dad so he could gear up for another big contract as a free agent, fucking off for the last 3 full seasons while being paid handsomely, then both of them can go fuck themselves……

Fortuna Spinneth Downward

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Well, this spring training could be going better. First, Romo gets shut down with a sore shoulder. Now, Bruce Bochy has a heart procedure and is resting in the hospital. Don’t even get me started on the freaking ice rink that’s taken over the floor of Levi’s Stadium.

Sounds like Boch is ok but obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with him.

Defending Our Crown Starts Today

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Pitchers and catchers report today. Does that do anything 4 ya? The day feels the same to me. Maybe once we start seeing some pics come out of camp, stories that rise (and fall).

You know what’s awesome? This guy is awesome. Zummie striking the pose.


Barry Zito– Full Circle

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How about the life that Barry Zito leads? He takes a year off to surf and bang his hot wife and then decides he wants to play in the major leagues again. The A’s gave him a minor league deal for a $1m should he make the club with additional incentives built in.

What a brilliant move by Zito. He goes back to the club and fans who have nothing but love for him. And they know him so it won’t be a big deal when his breaking balls don’t break in the thin, dry Arizona air. I’m sure they’ll just look at his velocity, which should be there after taking a year off, and happily welcome him to the staff.

And make no mistake about it, the A’s need a veteran starting pitcher to lead that staff—they have Sonny Gray and Scott Kazmir and a bunch of kids. Zito’s experience will go a long way to helping them.

And the best part about it is that I can root for him from a distance. Free from having to worry about his albatross contract and frequent blow up starts, I have nothing but well wishes for a player who is directly responsible, along with several others, for us taking down the 2012 crown. Don’t ever forget what Zito did for us in that post season. I never will.

How rad will it be if Zito pitches against the Giants in Spring Training?


and for those of you following the Panda on his first day, here he is….Yikes. The core workouts must have been few and far between this Winter….


Shop-talk with Shoptaw

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Our Cardinals friend, Daniel Shoptaw, has me do a Q/A with him each February called “Playing Pepper”. I think he has several other Giants blog owners do this. With so little happening in our baseball world, I am choosing to make it a thread today.

Question: What are your thoughts on the team’s off season? Did they do what they needed to do?

Answer: They replaced Pablo and Morse with McGehee and Aoki. That’s a big minus-minus. They resigned starting pitchers who have a questionable amount of productive innings left in their arms. But we’ve won 3 of the last 5 world series’ with teams that didn’t look so good on paper. As the great Flap veteran DJ Loo once said, “Sabean’s off season doesn’t end until the trade deadline.”

Question: What does this team do so well in the post season when they get there?

Answer: They act like they’ve been there and because they have been there they have a different mindset than other teams. They don’t freak out and throw shit around when things don’t go there way (see: 2014 Washington Nationals). They don’t get too high or too low….until the job is done and it’s time to celebrate. When you know you’re going to win it’s a fairly huge advantage over your competitors. And no one out-manages Bruce Bochy in the post season.

Question: What’s the weakness of the team?

Answer: the regular season? Kidding. People think the Giants “got lucky” again in 2014 but remember, they were 42-21 to start the season. You don’t get that record by accident. They have gotten weaker offensively but they’ve maintained most of the core of both the position players and the pitching staff. If they stay healthy, I don’t see any holes that can’t be overcome once Sabean ends his vacation shortly before the 2015 trade deadline…

Question: What player do you expect to make the greatest strides this year?

Answer: I mean, they just won yet another world series with most of the same guys from the one they won before this one. I’m not sure there are too many more strides to take. Brandon Belt is the obvious choice, should be remain healthy…..

Question: What’s your projection for their record in 2015 and where will they finish in the NL West?

Answer: Probably another 88 wins or so, 6 games back of the Dodgers. And another world series win from the wild card slot.

Question: What do you like best about being a Giants fan?

Answer: the knowing dude head nods I get to partake in with strangers on the street on a daily basis. Through association, we are world champions, multiple times over the last 5 seasons. We don’t take it for granted. But we’ll ride this supernova till it burns out. The trophies, however, will never fade away….

Cain and Posey…..Still Tied

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I promise, this will  be the last golf post of the year. It is really amazing what Matt Cain and Buster Posey are doing down at Pebble this week. They’re still tied, but that’s not even the half of it. First of all, they are very different golfers. Cain is a 6 and Posey is a 14. And, of course, they are paired with different pros (Posey with Watney–my pre-match predicted winner and Cain with Bettencourt).

And yet they have posted the exact same adjusted score each day: 61—66—63. Going into the final round, they are both 9 under (8 shots off the leader).

For those of you who don’t play golf, I can’t stress enough how unusual it is that they have tied 3 straight rounds in a pairing. Unfortunately, they probably won’t show more than a clip or two of them on tv today. I guarantee you the ultimately winner, if there is one today, will talk shit about this all season long in the clubhouse and probably for many, many years to come.

Cain and Posey Tied Up

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You thought you were gonna read a *50 Shades of Grey* thread, right?

Cain and Posey both dropped down the leaderboard a bit but they are still tied at -16. For sports reference, Wayne Gretzky and his son in law stud golfer Dustin Johnson are at -17 and Alex Smith and his partner Jason Gore are at -13.  The current leaders are named Brian Swette and Louis Welch. I don’t know why they’re famous. CEO’s maybe.

Going into today’s round, you KNOW that Posey and Cain have a sizable bet on the outcome, right? Five K? More? If Pebble was a little closer I’d make the drive down to watch it all unfold. Both of them will probably make the cut so if it stays close today they’ll probably bet their next baseball contract on the final round results…..


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