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How to Fix the Bullpen….

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 20, 2010

Let’s just assume there’s nothing in the minors that will be of immediate help. And I think we’ve all had our fill of the guys currently rounding out the bullpen. I do still have hopes that Affeldt will get it together. I think he’s been struggling with the hammy all season and it’s clearly got him out of sorts, mechanically. But at some point before the trade deadline Sabes is going to have to go after some BP help. We should all be fearful of who he might secure via trade since he’s so horrible at trading. But at least we are talking about pitching, something he knows a lot about….

Sabes is probably going to go after a *holds* guy— someone like Scott Downs or Jason Frasor (and yes, I used Toronto purposely as the example since we know that’s a phone number Sabean has access to). But if it were me, I’d go a different route. I’d go after a currently closer and make him my 8th inning guy. A guy like Matt Capps would cost a lot but what kind of a stud 1-2 punch would that be in the 8th/9th? If you don’t want to pay up for Capps then go after a closer who’s not doing his job right now. I will always maintain that closing is one of the hardest jobs in all of sports. Not everyone has the make up for it. There are guys out there right now who are failing as closers and, because they are failing, won’t cost much at all. And frankly, I think these three guys are much more suited for setting up a closer than being one: 1) Octavio Dotel. Here’s a guy who’s having a rough time of it in Pittsburgh but he’s put together a career of being a very solid set up guy and he DOES still have wicked stuff. He’d be cheap and Pitt is ready to deal (also a team Sabes talks too). 2) David Aardsma. Look, last year was fluky, everyone thought so. And he’s blowing saves now as many sabermetric fans thought he would. I think he’d be better off as a set up guy. Seattle will deal him soon enough. 3) Chad Qualls. THis guy is NOT a closer and he’s totally f-ed in the head right now. BUt go back and look at his recent career numbers, he’s a control pitcher (wouldn’t it be nice to see one of our set up guys come in and NOT walk the hitter) and he literally could be a scrap heap pick up from the WW in a matter of days….

Again, you can’t look at what these guys are doing NOW or you’d never want them. But if you believe they are miscast in their current roles AND you believe a change of scenery would do them good, then it’s a great move for Sabean to make. It would be bold, it would nail down the last 2+ innings of our BP. And I want to say Sabean has a history of doing this: In the big 1997 trade for ALvarez/Darwin/Hernandez I BELIEVE Hernandez had been closing for the White Sox but he was used as the 8th inning guy when we got him. THAT is the type of move Sabean should make to fix the bullpen. We can argue about who it should be, maybe the 3 guys I listed aren’t *the guys* to go after. But if it were me I’d do something bold like go after a closer instead of a *holds* guy……
And if all this doesn’t tickle your fancy we could always pick up the newly designated for assignment (which he refused and is now a FA) *Jack Trashner*! as bullpen savior. 🙂

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  1. delmardennis said, on June 20, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    “and whoever said it with Dotel is right-not enough strikes.”

    2.7 lifetime K/W ratio. Earned 14th save today in 1-2-3 fashion with two punch outs.
    We need another arm.

  2. eddacker415 said, on June 20, 2010 at 10:36 pm

    Two thirds of this month’s games and we’ve gone from 19wins to 15 to 19 to 16. Flav said our projections looked big on bombs and light on runs, but the giants are living up to that.
    Starting Tuesday 20 straight games to the break. For June it is Houston at home, then the Red Sox in SF and then the Dodgers.
    To the eye we are closer to .500 and third place than we should be. Looking at the stats v inconsistent play we are doing great; meaning consistent play would put us at the top. of nearly every division. I use the word inconsistent to describe the difference from a healthy team running on all cylinders.

  3. twinfan said, on June 20, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    I don’t buy that the Giants need to do annything other than get Bumgarner up and maybe Bowker again for at least some more LH pop.

  4. twinfan said, on June 20, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    Dotel: It’s not just the ratio, he walks too many period. Doesn’t matter how many he Ks-we HAVE guys who do that.

  5. twinfan said, on June 20, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    And career for a guy with a career that long? Too much data. Look at the last three years (this year being #3) . 156 innings 81 walks. Terrible. Goodbye. Nice talkin’ to ya. Write often…

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