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The Torture Keeps on Coming and A Word About the Blog

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 31, 2010

That was a crazy-ass 9th inning, wasn’t it? It felt like the 7th game of the World Series seeing Dirrrrty warm up and eventually enter the game as a reliever. He didn’t seem to comfortable with the role. Then “All Arms and Elbows” (Ray) comes in and as soon as I can say “WTF is going on” he gets out of it and saves the game. Nice.

This season has been great as far as renewing my dislike for the Dodgers. It’s been a while since I felt this way. It’s almost approach “hate” again. I don’t think it’s because both teams are finally competitive again (though that helps). It’s their players. Ethier, Kemp and Loney just walk around looking like they truly think they’re better than everyone else—Garvey and Cey used to do that, too. And I don’t know what it is about Casey Blake– it’s not the *Wilson thing*, I actually thought that was marginally humorous. Maybe it’s his name and his beard. It’s definitely the way he looks, though. There’s always Padilla and his greased out look to laugh at. Anyway, hate for this team has made a comeback within me. Feels good, actually…..

To the blog: I’ve been burnt out on the blog as I think you can tell from yesterday’s post. I tried to give it away but my *guy* couldn’t take it on at this point in his life. And I couldn’t bring myself to disband it at this point or just let it go like a rudderless ghost ship (which is what some friends of mine told me to do with it)…..

So here’s the deal. I started the blog as a sort of *anything goes* thing. That mentality has run it’s course. I’ve let lots of, as CALSTIM calls them, “bitch fights” go on longer than I should have. Ironically, those don’t bother me. It’s the cascade of emails I get complaining about them that has worn on me……

So, starting today (well, maybe not today since I’ll be at the game) I’m cracking down on the bitch fights. If they go back and forth for more than 4 or 5 exchanges I’m sending all involved parties, regardless of who started it or the level of intensity, to one of the *penalty boxes* that you see to the right of the page. I’l make it clear in the thread when someone (or multiple posters) are being sent there. You participation in this is non-negotiable. You HAVE to remain on the sidelines for as long as the box says you are to stay there. If you get sent there and don’t respect the call by me, your referee, you are immediately banned from the site. There’s obviously going to be a level of subjectivity here that will bug some people. For instance, which box will you go to? Probably the 30 min box for the first one but depending on the level of intensity it could be the 1 day box. Second infraction will definitely be the 1 day box.  I’ll take into consideration your attempts to bail on the bitch fights, should you attempt to bail on them. There will also be a hierarchy involved (for instance, if someone brand new shows up and start in on a blog vet I’m not going to give the new guy any rope, he’ll be outta here). But the flip side to that is I am no longer going to tolerate the vets attacking a new blogger just because they are new or spend half a thread accusing someone of being someone else– that could also earn you some time in the box. And regardless of who starts the “bitch fight”, because think about it, with all the history in the archives you could point to any random post in the past of where it ultimately *started*, I’m just going to send both bloggers to do time. End of story, moving on……

I’m also going to start deleting a lot more stuff in hopes of decreasing the possibility of a *bitch fight* breaking out…..

I want to give EDddakkkeeerrr (sorry, I can never remember how to spell his handle) the credit for this idea. While it’s more work for me, something I wanted to avoid, it’s also something that I find intriguing and anything I can do to kick-start my interest in managing this place I’m going to do….

To summarize: Lots more is going to get deleted and you’re taking a time out when I give you one.  I don’t mind it if you guys bark at each other– just keep it somewhat civil and if you can’t do that end it in a few exchanges. I won’t have you do *time* if you can abide by those two simple rules. And here’s another option that my 7 year old daughter has recently  learned: ignore people that are teasing you……

I know this might feel a little “child like” but these new rules are non-negotiable. These changes have nothing to do with you, they are all for *me*.  This is what I’m doing to renew my interest in managing this zoo. You don’t like it you are certainly free to go somewhere else, I will salute your exit…….

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  1. mrmrbill said, on July 31, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    Even if it’s a simple one like “source a POTG” pic, it helps. Or once a month, write a column. Or once a month, play moderator (but moderate in Craig’s rules, strictly in Craig’s rules) it helps the time expenditure.

  2. mrmrbill said, on July 31, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    Pads lost .. we are 1.5 back!

  3. Nipper said, on July 31, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    I know one thing for certain, Twin has to keep his edge or he’ll turn into a wet puddle of goo. Seal if he posts will end up in that penalty box sooner or later. Of course some Gin will help.

  4. stixwiz said, on August 1, 2010 at 12:14 am

    Lopez is said to be pretty tough on LH batters, as is Ramirez on RHers. So it looks like the Giants got themselves a pair of semi-situational relievers. Javier’s slants have resulted in a very respectable ERA this season while Ramirez has improved his otherwise mediocre overall numbers since the Break. He’s kinduva castoff from Bahhhstin as they always seem to be on a season upgrade movement. Last two years he pitched quite well for that team.

    Despite the bit of heroics last season Ironhead Joe couldn’t do much in the relief role for SF and may have better luck in Pittsburgh. He still may have some promise as a starter and certainly as a long-man, a role not terribly fruitful in SF because of the strong Rotation and their ability to mostly go long in games. Bowker could thrive in a low-pressure environment like Pittsburgh. Wouldn’t surprise me if they give him enough rope that he finds himself there, rather than the usual option with a lotta rope.

    Wildman Denny just about has to be the guy who goes down, even though i’ve yet to see anything official. Not a bad overall ERA, but the guy just does not seem to be suited to high-pressure situations.

    Yahoo’s commentator, forget his name, drew up a list of “winners” and “losers” during the trading deadline, listing the Giants as one of only three or so losers while he cited several teams he considered winners. Yes, we did not get Willingham or another solid bat. Another hitter was fairly important, but not critical. After the Friday night experiment of tossing Drrrrty into the fray in the 9th against LA Friday night, particularly to face Andre Ethier, the RH-eating shark, it will be a relief to have a successful lefty spot reliever for later inning pressure situations where a tough LHB is at the plate.

    We’ll see who the winners and losers happen to be by late September/early October. Giants addressed their most desperate need (the bullpen) by adding Lopez and Ramirez and subtracting Martinez and probably Bautista. It may look like a pair of pretty small moves, but it could easily mean the difference of 2-3 added wins in the final standings.

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