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Fantasy Baseball Time

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 28, 2011

If you are interested in joining The Flap’s Fantasy Baseball League, let me know. I’m going to cap it at 12 teams. There were a few guys who stopped playing mid season last year–that’s a big no-no and they won’t be invited to play this year. All of the other guys who played have first priority but regardless, we should have at least 3 openings for new players. Email me if you’re interested. bigflavor77@gmail.com If you are a regular contributor here you will have priority. If you’ve never played before don’t worry about it. Why? See the next paragraph.

I’m still kicking around the this year’s prize. Last year’s winner was BLADEinCOLORADO, who had never played fantasy baseball before. He won the prestigious “Broken Headed-Rich Aurilia Bobblehead”. His award sits quietly on my desk at work awaiting a mail address from him so that I can deliver it…..

It’s possible that I might make this year’s league a pay league. Nothing extravagant, $20 or so, just to keep people interested. The KEY to playing in the league is playing all season. No quitters. Oh, and NO WHITEY! Obviously, any $ I take in would get dispersed to the winners of the league (probably top 2 if we go with 12)

Invites have gone out to 9 of last year’s contestants. Four of you have already re-signed. Please respond to the invite in a timely manner or I’ll have to give your spot away.

Who Is Going to be Our Biggest Surprise this Spring?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 27, 2011

DeRosa and Sandoval have both gotten off to hot starts. If either or both had a great Spring would that surprise you? What about the pitchers? Zito and Suppan suck. If either or both excelled it would at least be a mild surprise. In fact, none of those four guys succeeding would be SHOCKING; merely, nice surprises.

Marty Lurie doesn’t see how DeRosa finds any regular playing time. I disagree. He’s really more of a 2nd/3rd baseman but he can play LF, 1st base and even shortstop. I know he doesn’t want to play the OF, so if he has a rockstar Spring I could see them putting Huff in LF and moving DeRosa to 1st base. He would have a lot to learn in a short amount of time, but that’s what Spring Training is for–it’s what Aubrey Huff used ST for last year (learning the nuances of playing first base).

I have little to no interest in what Zito and Suppan do this Spring. They could easily channel the ghost of Wellemeyer and fool us into believing they’re back. I could see Suppan bailing at the end of camp and rejoining the Cardinals (if he had a good Spring)……..

And what are we to expect from Dan Runzler this Spring? Maybe I’m missing it, but I haven’t seen any discussions about converting him to a starter (rumors we heard over the Winter).

Play Ball. Finally.

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 26, 2011

I love watching worry-warts freak out about Spring Training results. These are clueless fans who don’t understand the game. The veterans could give less than 2 figs about scoring or statistical results right now. All they care about is crafting their routine and not getting injured. Spring training phenom’s are fun to talk about but they almost NEVER keep it going into the regular season. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about Bochy and Sabean getting “bowkered” into believing that a +.400 batting average youngster should make the roster. Even if Belt tears it up, I fully expect him to start the season in AAA, despite what management is saying. And that’s fine, let him sharpen his tools in AAA for a few months, we don’t need him AND if we can tease out another year of control over him, all the better…….

My apologies in advance to those who will likely be outraged at today’s BB–just tryin’ to toss a few bones to the outskirts of the blog……

The Order of Our Starting Rotation

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 25, 2011

I hope the Giants keep to their word and the rotation goes Tim, Dirrrty, Cain, Zito, Bumgarner. The theory is that the bullpen gets some regular relief by separating the reliability of Timmy and Cain. But tactically, I think this is an outstanding approach. Timmy is a no-brainer as the 1. Dirrrrty at the 2 is intriguing. At his best, he can beat a 1 or a 2 with ease. At his worst, and it’s usually either or with him, he has trouble hanging with a 5. By putting him as a 2 he either pitches his ass off and beats his opponent or he throws a game that would probably get him a loss regardless of who he pitches against. If I had to wager, I’d say that Dirrrrty steps up this year and pitches like a #2 much more often than a #5. And Cain at the 3 vs the other team’s 3? Say hello to 20 wins for Matt Cain in 2011. Zito at the 4 is simply a way to protect the inning total of Bumgarner. Theoretically,  pitching as the 5 and getting his start skipped now and again, Bum might come in around  200 innings this year, which would be good for his arm. I say *theoretically* because I have less confidence in Barry Zito than I’ve ever had at any point in his career here in SF. And that is an astounding lack of confidence considering the last 4 years. Bum will bump to the 4 probably by mid-May when Zito comes down with some phantom injury. At this point they will shuttle Suppan or Mr Somebody into the #5 and just hope for the best……..

What are the Chances of Rowand Getting Outright Released?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 24, 2011

The Warriors gave me some hope that Rowand might actually get released. After that absurd trade they pulled off yesterday for Troy Murphy’s expiring contract, I was surprised to read that on January 7th the Nets informed Murphy to stay home and wait to get traded or released. I don’t know the circumstances, as far I as I know he’s not injured. And Murphy has never been a clubhouse problem. And he’s making 12 million dollars this year. Why wouldn’t the Giants just do the same thing? Or a better question would be, would they even consider doing it? I’ll be disappointed if they trade Schierholtz, a player with redeemable value, and keep Rowand.

The Giants are making a TON of money off their World Series win, as they should for such a stellar accomplishment. They can afford to eat the rest of Rowand’s contract and just send him home to his batting cage……

Mark DeRosa

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 23, 2011

They’re saying he’s healthy and that he’s going to be “Super Utility Man!” I just don’t think it’s going to shake out that way. I think he’s going to get significant playing time at one of the infield spots. Tejada is really more of a third baseman at this point.  If Pablo is raking I could see them moving him back to first base, slide Tejada over to third and flip Huff to the OF…..

And he could easily end up at 2nd base since Franchez is always a mere mole’s whisker away from another knee injury….

And if Pablo still can’t hit………

There’s always an outfield spot to consider……..

Reliving the Moment One Shirt at a Time…

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 22, 2011

I had Wendy video tape me watching the final out of the World Series but I wasn’t really paying attention to what she did after that. Apparently, she decided to snap a few photos. I never saw any of them until last night. I don’t think the picture of this really does it justice but it really is an incredible shirt that captured the exact feeling I was having in the moments after we won the World Series. She even pulled a quote off the blog from the morning of that game. If you can’t make it out it says, “I have no idea how I’m going to react or what I’ll do when the final out is secured….”

Well, you nailed it cold, Wendy-baby. Thanks, I don’t think I’ll ever wear it for fear of staining it by accident and I don’t even know where to put it. But it was probably the best birthday present I can ever remember getting.


What Our Left Field Spot Should Look Like in 2011

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 21, 2011

Chris Haft wrote an mlb.com article essentially saying that, according to Bochy,  it’s a four-way competition for the left field spot. It really should be 5, there’s no reason in the world for Bochy to limit Rowand to CF, in fact as he’s aged, a corner spot is likely better for him anyway. But Boch says Rowand is CF-or-bench so……

The four official contenders for LF are…..drum roll please…….Huff, DeRosa, Burrell and Schierholtz. I’m taking Huff off the list since I think there’s a 93.693% chance that Belt starts the season in AAA. I’m also taking DeRosa off the list because he’s simply going to be too valuable as a super-utility guy. He’s going to spend plenty of time filling in at 3rd/SS/and 2nd base. Book it……

So now we are down to two candidates and that really should be the end of the competition. The BEST option for us in LF is for Burrell to start and get 3 or 4 at bats with Schierholtz coming in as a defensive replacement in the 8th inning. I have 100% confidence in Pat Burrell. The World Series debacle was nothing more than a random 15 at bat rut that anyone could fall into. Who knows, maybe he just can’t hit American League pitching—the stats support that, too.

And, it’s my birthday today, so let the b-day wishes flow as freely as a twig on the shoulders of a mighty stream……



Just How Out of Shape Was The Panda?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 20, 2011

We could see he had gained a lot of weight as last season rolled on but I was shocked to read just how out of shape Sandoval actually was.  According to the Mercury story, he couldn’t take a half dozen ground balls without panting, hands on knees. What were the coaches saying to him after this type of sad display?  He could only squat 135 lbs. I know 125 lb women who can squat that 10 times. And this one blew me away: He could only do 2 inverted row reps. I don’t understand how someone could be that out of shape and still be a professional athlete. You would think that he would at least be getting at least SOME benefits from running out a double or even just from the stretching and light running that all the ballplayers do before each game. Apparently not.

While it was good to see Sabean “scare him straight” at the end of the season I don’t understand how Sandoval was allowed to take 6 ground balls in practice, during the season, and fall apart into the panting-hands-on-knees position. What did the infield coach say to him?  Sorry, but that’s just poor, shoddy coaching. My LITTLE LEAGUE coach would have been up my ass if I lagged that hard in a drill…….

Obviously, we are all happy to see him accomplish what he accomplished this Winter. I just have trouble comprehending how a professional baseball player could be THAT out of shape at any point in his career…….

The Whiteside Dilemma

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 19, 2011

I just loved the articles about Eli Whiteside’s injured arm. And the bloggers that are wringing their hands with worry! I guess it took a minor injury for this guy to finally get some press. Look, replacing the worst back up catcher in the league is a piece of cake: just plug ANYONE ELSE in there. The only worse back up catchers in the world are all currently holding down jobs with  the Giants minor league teams. How’d you like to be one of those guys? “Dude, we can’t even get ahead of Eli Whiteside.” Talk about time for a career change…..

I know it’s not being considered, but now that Pablo is back in shape why couldn’t he take some practice time behind the dish and be our emergency catcher? If his catching skills haven’t eroded completely he could be a fine back up to Posey and a great contingency plan if Posey ever missed a significant amount of time. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s see how Pablo handles a bat at the whispy 240 he checked in with yesterday. I hope he uses an Andres Torres bat, otherwise he might just get swept away by a strong breeze……

Albert Pujols and Aaron Rowand and Me With The Dream

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 18, 2011

Quite the buzz created when Pujols shut down negotiations with the Cardinals. In a Yahoo article, the Giants were listed as a possible destination. I don’t see it (and wouldn’t want to see it), Sabean doesn’t do deals like that anymore. And who really wants Pujols on the back end of that deal? 30 million a year and he can’t play defense the last couple of years that we have him? No thanks….

I’ve got a theory on why Pujols didn’t sign with the Cards and it’s not because he wanted an “A-Rod deal” (275 million or so). After the Cardinals signed Holliday to that 120 million dollar deal I immediately thought, well how are they going to afford Pujols, too? This is a team that is pretty consistently around 90 million dollars a year with their payroll. Now it’s coming out that they did come in with a 200 million dollar offer, though the number of years is unknown. I think Pujols looked at the numbers and just decided “We can’t win a world series with that much money tied up into two players.” He’s 31, he’s only won one, at this point in his career that goal (WS) has to be the prevailing motivation for him. Of course, he’ll get a deal offered to him north of 200 million no matter what numbers he puts up this year. But I bet he ends up going to a team that can either handle the salary pressure of 2 guys making over 100 million or a team that doesn’t have all their chips committed to two players……….

Nice to read that Rowand spent the Winter in a batting cage (insert huge sarcastic smiley face). I have no idea why this dude thinks that more practice is the answer. He’s got the swing down, he’s perfected that. Problem is, it doesn’t work. Now he’s saying he’s perfected a *new* swing, one in which he’s more upright. This is all bullshit, he was more upright starting last year (when compared to 2009) and look where that got him. And God help us if he hammers the crappy-ass pitching he’s going to see in Spring Training. Bochy’s head will explode with excitement and he’ll give him the LF job. Then, presto, the season starts and he’ll be rolling ground balls to 3rd base/SS with impeccable regularity…….

Five Spring Random Things I’ll keep Track of this ST

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 17, 2011
1) See Dan Runzler do something besides “stretch his arm out” to see if he can be a starter. Runzler is a stud, he could be a rock solid set up guy and our closer if something happened to Wilson.
2) See Alex Hinshaw do something. He came up and dominated with electric stuff; for like 2 weeks. But he’s a lefty, he could develop at any moment though it probably won’t happen till he ditches the over-sized cap.
3) Watch Francisco Peguero have a monster spring. Neal, too.
4) Find out what happened to the Brett Pill Bandwagon Driver. At least locate him.
5) See Aaron Rowand get traded– 50/50 shot I’d say

Visiting the Trophy

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 16, 2011

At the beginning of the day I didn’t think I was going to make it down there till 5ish. But I hauled ass and cut corners to get down to Lytton Plaza by 4pm. When I got there, I was in a pretty shitty mood but as soon as I turned the corner and saw a sea of orange and black balloons flapping in the strong wind, it all just sort of melted away. There were maybe 300 or so Giants fans lined up and fired up for their moment with the trophy. It was a winding line so at least twice I was led directly by the trophy, maybe 10 feet away or so, but really still 30 minutes away from taking the picture. While in line I decided that I’d seen enough and didn’t really need a picture with it. But, I ran into a few people that I knew so I stuck around to talk to them. Even when I was next up I wasn’t that jazzed, I felt like I’d seen it, done it, the picture was kind of a gay idea anyway. The usher directed me to the trophy and  I handed my phone to a police officer and asked him to take a picture of me (since the pic they were taking of me wasn’t going to be available till it was uploaded online). I got to it and stood behind it, the photographer told me to lean in. At this point I was about 8 inches away from it and I looked down. Then I looked up at the long line of people, every one of them so happy to be there. I swear to God, I couldn’t have been happier in that moment. I had kicked around different ideas of what my pose was going to be. One buddy wanted me to take my two foam fingers and do a Brian Wilson impersonation but that idea got nixed for obvious reasons. I had planned to do a “bask” pose but that didn’t really feel like the right thing either. All I could muster was a dumb-ass grin and a #1 sign with my index finger almost touching one of the flags. The photographer said “Ok, that’s it, hey that one was perfect”. I just nodded and walked away, dumb-grin in check, knowing that I’m never going to have that feeling again, no matter how many times we win it……

Bochy’s *Surprising* Prediction

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 15, 2011

Actually, I find that prediction quite pedestrian. EVERYONE is picking the Phillies. But honestly, who gives one whit about a pre-season baseball prediction? 162 games can sometimes feel like a lifetime, or more. So much changes,  surprising players (or did all of you take the “over” on Bautista hitting 50+ home runs last year?), so many injuries, mid season trades, mid season call ups….

I think it’s fairly obvious that the Phillies are the favorites to win their division. I’d be bummed if my team played in the NL East, they are definitely built for the long haul. But I am 100% totally confident of playing them in 7 in the playoffs. Again, for obvious reasons. We just finished beating everyone on their staff except, I think, Blanton. The Phillies don’t scare me in the playoffs. I bet Ryan Howard’s bat is still sitting on his shoulder…….

Trophy tour blazes through Palo Alto today. I’m bummed, the EARLIEST I can get down there is about 5 o’clock and supposedly they’re only showing it from 4-6pm. I’m worried about the lines but the weather is sucking so that might work to my favor. If there’s no chance of me getting my picture taken with it I’ll just have to settle for taking pictures of it; and basking in its radiant glow……..

Not a Bad Way to Spend 12 minutes…..

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Pitchers and Catchers, Come on Down!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 14, 2011
As many of you know, I am more prone to viewing the Giants with a critical eye, though  an accurate one. It’s the reason I’m usually right around their win total over the last 4 seasons in the blog world pre-season predictions (74, 63, 88, 90)….So today, I’m not going to talk about what needs to happen for us to repeat, that’s too positive and too easy. I’m going to list off 5 things that could ruin us. Any ONE of these, and certainly a combination of the five, will send us to our dvr’s to watch re-runs of the 2010 season probably by early August……
Five Things that CANNOT Happen to the Giants in 2011:
1) Injuries. I’m not talking specific ones (although there is one specific one listed below). I’m just referring to a general, bad luck injury season. You know, like the ones the A’s have every single year.
2) The trifecta of DeRosa, Belt and Sandoval ALL fail. This would force Bochy to have to ultimately play Fontenot full time and/or one of the triple A kids who aren’t ready to carry a full time load.
3) Buster Posey missing a significant amount of time. You “jinx guys” will notice I didn’t use the “I word”. As in *i-n-j-u-r-y*. Whoops, sorry, I said it.. But an everyday El Presidente would ruin us….
4) Brian Wilson falls apart. He’ll probably be fine but he’s had a weird off season and just ask Brad Lidge how fast you go from all star closer to “Tyler Walker” over the course of just one off season. The good news is that we have some decent options if Wilson implodes.
5) “Zito cursed”– from the last thread. I bet the dude who searched that woke up in cold sweats this Winter worrying about what Zito might do to the team in 2011. I’d like to believe that the end of last season was just a guy with a dead arm, not a guy who is completely finished. I guess we’ll see. The Zito Apologists like to say “He never misses a start!”. As Twin once posted, “that’s the bad news”. All those innings (2,198 on a 32 year old arm) might finally have caught up to him and what’s to say that the  end of last season wasn’t just a dead arm but actually a guy who is terrified of contact. I’m not sure how damaging Zito can be in 2011. Bochy probably won’t give him a lot of rope. But giving games away every fifth day is hardly the way to go about defending your championship…..

How Bloggers Find Their Way to The Flap

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 13, 2011

I’m assuming that many of you have dutifully bookmarked The Flap. We are never more than a mouse click away from you. But other less committed bloggers probably don’t bookmark us and might be actually typing the blog address into the address bar. The same people are probably still listening to cd’s and mailing actual letters via the mail. But I digress….

Then there is the group of bloggers who find their way to The Flap by mistake or who find us randomly during a search for something else. We all do it, we want an answer to a question and we go straight to google and type in some of the key words that we think will get us the answer we are looking for. There are a lot of things I don’t like about wordpress.com but one of their super cool features is listing off all of the key words that people use in search engines that ultimately lead them to The Flap. There are literally THOUSANDS of different search words people have used. Most of them, as you would expect, are “oneflapdown77” or “The Flap”, things that have something to do with the blog. But the list is long, I mean REALLY long, and there are some pretty funny search engine terms used that have brought bloggers here, even if it was only for a quick visit before they find this isn’t what they’re looking for. Here’s a partial list of the funniest search terms used. Enjoy:

tyler walker + sf giants blog + sweaty
roy halladay is the man
sandoval fat sf
why is pablo sandoval so fat?
is it hmmm or hummm baby? giants
damon bruce pound it
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how much fat should you have each day water buffalo on the sf giants
zito cursed
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what does the panda head mean at sf giants
wht are san francisco fans wearing panda heads
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naked pics of sf giants players
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why fans say gyros when talking about the sf giants
unwritten rules for raider fans
marty lurie is an idiot
stick fork giants 2010
san francisco giants “stick a fork”
stick a fork in the giants
those idiots (giants) just might pull it off
Anyway, just a little humor to pass the time as we sit on the cusp of the beginning of the 2011 season. And yes, for the die hards, the season begins tomorrow……..

Chuck Tanner

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 12, 2011

I was sorry to hear about the passing of Chuck Tanner. Growing up, the non-Giant managers that I always noticed were Lasorda, Weaver and Tanner. The 1979 Pirates team was just a revelation. Madlock, Stargell, Parker, big ‘ol John Candelaria, Tekulve’s wild- ass delivery….

That team had the characters on it for sure. Actually, the personality of that team reminds me a lot of our 2010 Giants. But the big difference was how involved the country got with the Pirates. “We are Family” took over the airwaves and became one of the few positive things to latch on to during an uncertain, very negative time in the world’s history. Baseball has always been that way for me—something to latch on to and focus on no matter what negative things are happening to or around me…….

And Chuck Tanner was their leader. More than once, as a kid, I remember wishing we had a manager like him…..

Jenkins Snubs Bucardo!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 11, 2011

He wrote an entire article breaking down the Giants best farm system kids and failed to hail *The ‘Buke”. The street value of 3bagger’s jersey just took a huge nosedive…..

That was a scary column to read, at least when you consider the almost total lack of pitching prospects that we have anywhere in the system. Zach Wheeler and then……nothing.

For those of you interested in a Twinfan Update: I posted the update in the comment section of this thread….

Just for the Hell of it…….

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Belt and Who?

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There’s a funny headline at the Giants website: “Belt and Bucardo Help Keep the Giants Pipeline Flowing”…I was feelin’ the *Belt* part of that headline but I literally had no idea who Bucardo is. Had to look him up. If that’s their idea of a “flowing pipeline” then our farm system is in a boat load of trouble. Belt and Bucardo have nothing in common, they should be written about in completely separate articles, not grouped together in the same headline…….

For your “Underwhelming Moment of the Day”, the Giants have signed…….wait for it…….Elmer Dessens! I have no freaking clue what that is all about, even as a minor league deal.  He’s 40 years old. Maybe he played for us once and wants to retire a Giant. “Elmer Dessens Day? ” –Doesn’t really have a ring to it……

What if the Giants Traded for Michael Young?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 8, 2011

You can pretty much pencil in 600 at bats for this guy and 22ish HR’s. Would you trade for that if you knew it was basically a lock to happen? Well, he’s 34 and still owed 46 million over the next 3 years. And, 15 of his 21 hr’s last year were hit at home. The question would be, do you give up value and have the Rangers eat most of the contract or do you give up a “Bowker Gang” member and take on that salary.

Personally, I’d do neither. If you gamble on Sandoval and win you are going to get a better line than anything Young will give you; and you give up and pay nothing. The Giants don’t have any LOCKS for third base this year. Tejada could slide over there (and probably should). DeRosa can play there and if he’s healthy you might get 15 bombs out of him. I just don’t think that paying 46 million to a 34 year old for 22 bombs at a position where that’s a rather pedestrian number is that sound of an idea.

But the Giants aren’t in the running anyway. Just jibber-jabber to kill some more time off the number to the right…….

Seven Days to Go…..

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Ugh, seems like forever…..

I like that Sandoval is hiring a chef to cook all his meals this year. Dropping 30 lbs is great but it won’t mean a thing if he just packs it back on. I’m trying to figure out what took Sandoval so long to figure this out. Did it REALLY take Sabean’s threat of an AAA demotion to get him serious about his trade? Maybe he had planned it all along but didn’t think he could get serious about weight loss until the off season. Either way, we should all be optimistic about where this is going…..

Ostler’s suggestion that Buster take over 3rd base as a secondary option is a joke. At least I hope that was supposed to be a joke, you can never tell with that dude……

All right guys, long week coming up (in more ways than one). Stay outta trouble……..

Fan Fest and the Super Bowl Winner

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 6, 2011

It was so great to see the pictures of all the fans and players rockin’ it at ATT. My dad went a couple of years ago and said that when he arrived he wasn’t sure that it was the right day there were so few people there…..Now THAT was Brian Wilson at his best. Referring to his beard,  “it’s dark, it’s tan, it’s ready”— classic Wilson. And I’ve got no idea if he actually did run 700 miles this off season but I can totally picture him saying it with ultimate conviction in his voice. That’s the Wilson I like, not the dude dressing up like a fool and making veiled references to having sex with prostitutes in Thailand……

Ok, to the Super Bowl. I said 2 weeks ago that I was in alliance with Kawakami in believing that Green Bay would win today. Since I can’t stand him, I spent the last 2 weeks trying to find a reason to not go along with that. And I think I’ve finally gotten there. Pittsburgh will win today by 6 points or so. Their defensive coordinator is just too good to give 2 weeks of prep time to. He will design something that exposes Green Bay’s one dimensional offense and keep Rodgers contained. Meanwhile, Rothlisberger will do just enough to earn him his already given nickname of “Big Game Ben”…..

ps, I also like the under a lot…….


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 5, 2011

….at least, they’re back getting interviewed by the media. I tell ya, I could read the transcript from yesterday’s interview 10 times. Tim Lincecum just can’t help but be cool. I guess half the Bay Area will be walking around with mustaches this season….. Sabean and Bochy’s option picked up? Why not. Extend them to 2030 for all I care. ……And I have very little faith that Cody Ross is anything more than a flash in last year’s pan, but he sure does talk a great game. Who knows, maybe he believes all that “this is what I play for” shit and just keeps it rolling….

I’m out of town, so I’ll be missing FanFest. If any of you make it there and snap some pics please forward them to me…….

Belt, DocuDrama, Fanfest…..

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 4, 2011

Schulman is hilarious. He feels the need to spend valuable pixel space on noting that Belt had a 1.075 OPS in the minors last year and then compares that to Votto’s 1.024 OPS in 2010. Yeah, awesome comparison. A plus 1.000 OPS in the minors is nice but comparing it to an MLB OPS is just idiotic………

I’m still all for the docu-drama. West-coast representation. And that’s a hellava crew to handle the show. Huff and Wilson could do the entire goddamn thing by themselves……….

Fanfest— Anyone going?

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Our World Series trophy is making the rounds and it looks like it will be in Palo Alto on the 15th of this month at Lytton Plaza. That’s an odd place to tour it, the actual plaza probably holds around 200 people and it bordered by nothing but sidewalk. Plus, that’s where all of Palo Alto’s *boujy* homeless guys hang out–

I’m not sure if I’ll go to the PA tour but I am definitely going to hit one of the surrounding cities and get my picture taken with that bad boy……

Here’s a link to the schedule.


Lou Pinella?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 2, 2011

He’s joined the Giants front office as a *Special assistant* and I think that’s just weird. Pinella? He can’t possibly NEED a job so he’s not doing this for the money. And he’s staying in Florida while he performs these “special” duties so I don’t know what he’s going to give us from there. Maybe scout out the Marlins real good? Who knows….

I understand why we hire a guy like Will Clark to tackle the special duties list of things to do. He’s transitioning back into baseball from a career playing it and we have a lifelong connection with the guy. But Pinella? I guess he could teach the players how to kick their baseball caps long distances…….

Another thing to remember when you hear guys like John Shea talk about how much energy he brings to a team: He quit on the Cubs last year. And after he left Mike Quade (or whatever the hell his name is) completely turned those guys around and had them play hard to the end (in the process helping the Giants ultimately be in position to win their division on the final day)………

Spring Training Games

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 1, 2011

Just checked the *dynamic* pricing list for the Spring Training  games– kinda surprised at how much those tickets are: $35 lower box? $31 for Reserved Grandstand? If I went I would head straight to the lawn seats but that’s some expensive grass $9–$21 depending on the plot you stake out.

I’ve never been to Spring Training though I’ve always wanted to go— Every year I’ve got at least one friend who tries to set it up but I never can get myself together to go for it. Anyone here have any good Spring Training stories? It’s probably something I should do at least once. Couple that with the fact that my mom owns a house within 20 minutes of Scottsdale Stadium and I really have no excuses…….