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The Difference Between DeRosa and Tejada (and Rowand and Zito)

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 19, 2011

It bothered me last night to see the posts that made light of DeRosa going down mid at bat last night. It made me wonder why I don’t share the same feelings when I see a Tejada, Rowand or Zito dig. In fact, I lead the way on many of those *roast posts*…..

Watching DeRosa flinch in pain and leave the game, without even taking a swing, just magnified, for me, the pain and the struggle and the hard work that guy has put in over the last 2 years. So many set backs and how frustrating must it be for him to be forced out by something as peripheral to the body as a wrist? For a baseball player though, it’s a key part of the body.  It’s obvious that DeRosa loves the game and wants to be out on the field. It’s also obvious that his career is over and wouldn’t you rather end your career because you chose to rather than have it chosen for you? Watching him throw his helmet into the dugout was just sad to see.

I don’t doubt the effort from guys like Tejada, Rowand and Zito. And their is ultimate honor in effort. I think I just get so tired of watching them fail that I finally can’t take it anymore and vent my frustrations with blog posts making fun of their failure. With DeRosa, I never had to watch him fail (at least, not as many times as the other guys) so instead of getting tired of him I just feel for him that it all came to end end so quickly…..

But when it finally does end for guys like Miggy and Rowand and Zito I will force myself to take a moment and honor their commitment to this game. I often get focused with the results on the field, the box scores, the underlying sabermetric numbers— but there is no metric to measure how hard you work in the gym, or how many times you see a doctor, or how much it hurts to get injured and have to watch your friends play on the field without you…..

They’re saying DeRosa just has a strained wrist and who knows, maybe he comes off the DL and gets a few more at bats. But I think it’s obvious that it’s over for him. And right now I can honestly say that I regret every Noah Lowry post that I ever made especially the ones after he got hurt……

Hate a player’s performance, it’s part of being a fan, but don’t ever forget to honor their effort or their commitment to the game……..

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