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Dusting the Snakes and A Big Start for Lincecum

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 17, 2011

I don’t know why, but I’ve always thought of winning a series as “dusting” a team. It’s kinda *sweep* related and it sounds like a fairly disrespectful thing to do to someone. Anyway, that’s how my tortured mind works……By the way, the Snakes are clearly significantly worse than we are. Despite how boring and uninspiring our offense is, there just isn’t a team in the NL West that even remotely scares me……..

Timmy needs to get it going tonight against someone named “Godfrey”. His velocity has been fine, but his location has been crap. I wonder if we’ll see Stewart catch him tonight? I know Whitey got a hit this week, but it’s possible that Tim is just a little out of whack with El President catching. It’s possible and it probably doesn’t take much of a jolt to disrupt that complicated delivery. Anyway, Lincecum is the #5 right now so I’m gonna cut him some slack if he doesn’t do well tonight 🙂 ……

It’s possible that Fontenot is going to replace Burriss when he comes off the DL. That would be disappointing but not totally surprising. Burriss has not taken advantage of his opportunities to play. He might bring more to the team with his skills but Bochy will want a guy who isn’t going to make mistakes as often and that’s Fontenot.  And we will likely get an upcoming opportunity to see what Bill Hall is going to bring to the table. If it’s an occasional bomb that might be enough to get him a lot of playing time at second base……..

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(FerretHead has had ENOUGH and drops a 3 spot on us. Pawlie stands proud at the top of a mountain he’s known well this year….”

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  1. eddacker said, on June 18, 2011 at 6:48 am

    OK, my day is half way over and the biggest race of the flat track season, Royal Ascot, (7 furlongs) is ready to go and no Del Mar to guide my over eager betting hand. Damn you Dennis!
    Got one down on Night Tide, is damn hard (Denny’s fault again) to find races at Hollywood or Belmont on the UK track betting sites.
    Maybe @ 5-2 wins by 3 lengths 1:32.46 for the filly; leading all the way on a ‘slow’ track.

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