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Retaining BOTH Lopez and Affeldt? S-T-U-P-I-D

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on October 31, 2011

Look, I like both of those guys and I recognize how important it is to have a solid bullpen. But both of them (especially Lopez) are basically just lefty specialists. I am assuming that Sabean is working within some framework of a budget. And with SO MANY slots to fill on offense (at LEAST one outfielder, a shortstop, and a decent back up catcher) I just don’t think that the Giants can afford the luxury of having two of the most expensive pitching specialists out there.

Put another way, the 9.5 million they are spending on two guys who MIGHT pitch to 3 or 4 batters combined during a game, is now money that is diverted away from signing a free agent hitter who plays potentially 1400-1500 innings a year. And I’m not talking about this diverted money now not available for pipe dreams like Fielder and Reyes. Did we just price ourselves out of the Coco Crisp *Sweepstakes*? Probably not, but it’s clear to me now that Sabean is going to think all will be resolved with the return of Franchez and Posey. And that is risky at best and idiotic at worst.

It is just not realistic to think that Franny makes it through a full season without misplacing a body part or two (and looking for them on the DL). And there is NO guarantee that Busty will be back at full strength. Those types of injuries are complicated. The stud first baseman for the Angels (I can’t remember his name right now–the guy who broke his leg in early 2010 in a home plate celebration) missed the rest of 2010 and ALL of 2011 even though they said he would be back for 2011. My idea would have been to sign another legitimate major league catcher and have Buster play first base against lefties (with new-dude catching). That would take some pressure off his legs, something he will probably need in 2012. But I digress, I accepted a long time ago that Sabean isn’t interested in my ideas 🙂

Anyway, welcome to your new starting shortstop:  Brandon Crawford. Whatever shot we had at signing Rollins went out the window with the 9.5 million Sabean just handed over to a luxury we can’t afford……

“We Came Within One Strike”…

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on October 29, 2011

That’s what some of these fringe Ranger players will be telling someone at a  bar in their hometown years from now. They’ll shake their head sideways and tell that story a million times hoping the ending somehow changes. “Bartender, one more round….”

Did you see how hard Nelson Cruz went for that Craig HR? Now THAT, dude, is how you’re supposed to go back on a ball. If he did that in Game 6 the Rangers would be Champions right now instead of the insufferable LaRussa’s. What is it about these goddamn Cruz’ in right field that fail so horribly at the worst possible times??????

And how about David Freese? While other Cards have WS MVP bonuses written into their 8 figure contracts, this dude just went out there and banged out more RBI’s than ANYONE in post season history. Amazing. His agent, the crafty and well known “Nez Balelo” scored him a $6,000 bonus after he was drafted by the Padres in 2006……..

The only guy as happy as a Cardinal this morning? Adam Meyer, the Vegas gambler who bet $100,000 on the Cardinals to win at 15-1 . http://www.covers.com/articles/articles.aspx?theArt=251367 . He ends up making more off that bet than every single one of the league minimum guys on the Cardinal’s roster……

He hedged his bets all the way through so the profit isn’t what it looks like. But still, well done on him. He runs a website called adamwins.com and he charges his VIP clients 10K a month for all his sports bets. 10K? I wouldn’t be *VIP* if I paid for that I’d be *DUI*…..

The bottom line for the Rangers is, they just couldn’t close the door. Each pitcher failed when given the chance to step up. Overall, their pitching was shady. Their staff collectively  issued the most walks for any world series ever. Can’t win when you’re handing out free passes all the time.  I still think Washington should own a lot of this. He seems like a great guy, roots and cheers like a fan every time they score a run, but the tactical side of managing is not his strength. Around the 7th inning or so I felt a genuine sorrow for him as he knelt on the dugout steps watching the inevitable unfold….

I read some of your posts last night about game 7 giving us “one more day to bask” and all that. To me, it’s never been about being the reigning champions. Maybe when the season first started it did, for a bit, but that quickly faded away. We have a spot in history that will live forever. “Supernova’s” usually last for about a month, but the one that set off inside my soul on 11/1/10 hasn’t come close to extinguishing. And it never will….

Alright, so who the Hell is Sabean gonna go get to fix his goddamn offense? 🙂 We now have about 4 full months of down time. I’ll turn my focus to finding the best bikini babes the internet has to offer. I’ll set up polls that, after Sabean reads the outcome, will likely determine the make up of the 2012 club. During a dark month we’ll probably all turn to Haiku for solace…..I don’t think I’m gonna do a retro-Giant thing again but I’ll find something, I always do. The Flap doesn’t take a break like the other slacker blogs, we go 24/7/365……

Was That the Best Baseball Game you Ever Saw?

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I find it rather amusing that the first World Series game (this year) that I watched from start to finish was last night’s game. I actaully had to turn it off after the 10th (life got in the way) but I got up early this am and watched the 11th…..

This box score is ridiculous.

Chuck might have had an easier time scoring in a whorehouse than either of those teams had in throwing up a shut down inning. Easy, I said *might*…..

This was NOT the best game I have ever seen. Any game with that many errors and miscues and horrible pitching can’t fall into a category of anything *best* unless you’re talking about *worst*. But in terms of excitement and clutch hitting from start to finish, that was the most exciting baseball game I have ever seen. I have been rooting half heartedly for Texas but I caught myself rooting for St Louis at least 3 times from the 7th inning on….

I found several of Washington’s moves questionable but none seemed to really backfire badly until the last inning. The only scenario that I can put together for why Feldman went to the on deck circle and then finally got pulled for German is this: Cruz had a noticeable limp coming off the field at the end of the 10th. I think Wash wanted to keep Feldman in the game but for some reason didn’t find out that Cruz was done until Feldman literally got announced in the on deck circle. Then he had to go with German. Pulling your last reliable reliever for your worst to get a pinch hitter into the game with 2 outs and a guy on FIRST BASE makes no sense at all. We’ll see what story gets told about that weird sequence………

If you’re David Freese you are waking up this morning a unique hero. A hometown dude, down to his last strike, saves the game in the 9th and then wins it in the 11th with a walk off bomb? That’s a cheesy, made up Hollywood movie……….

Sign Sizemore? How About T.O.?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on October 27, 2011

I don’t know why I am trying to talk myself into believing that signing Grady Sizemore would be a good idea. But our outfield is so bad that it seems like a risk worth taking. And you’d probably have to go 2 years with him. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think his most recent surgery was related to the micro surgery he had 2 years ago. It always tough to predict how someone bounces back from micro surgery, it’s not like Tommy John or repairing and ACL. But it can easily take longer than a full year and if that ‘s the case then maybe Sizemore is ready for that bounce back year everyone thought he might have had last year. He’s only 29, this guy was a legit 40/40 threat just a couple of years ago. Run him through a complete physical, if he passes that I would be fine with signing him to play LF for us……

I’m assuming Bruce Jenkins was kidding when he said the Niners shouldn’t sign T.O. I mean, he hasn’t actual heard this is being discussed, has he? T.O needs money, that is the only reason he’s looking for a job right now and he knows he can’t afford to wait till next season as he turns 39 in December of next season. This would be “Chris Webber” all over again at least in terms of failed expectations. You can’t tell me that we don’t have a healthy receiver on the practice squad who isn’t better than TO at this point in his career. Not even Harbaugh has the hubris to pull this off with a straight face……..


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After reading and re-reading LaRussa’s bizarre, unbelievable explanations for how the names “Rzepczynski”, “Lynn” and “Motte” get mixed up, I have to believe he is covering for someone. Either Duncan or Lilliquest. Hell, maybe Motte was in the bathroom or something. Who knows. But nothing about what he’s saying happened could have actually happened. And if he is covering for someone, what is the point? If someone else is responsible, why can’t they man up and field the tough questions? I understand WHY Tony is choosing to cover I just don’t understand why the guy responsible isn’t wanting to own any of this. Maybe he doesn’t want to be “Bartman-ized”. Actually, that makes some sense.

But that makes this just about one man. What about the team? The city and fans that want this so badly? If a plausible answer came to light, this would all blow over (except for the one guy who would eat it). As it stands today, there are still more questions than answers. LaRussa just made all this worse than it needed to be (assuming he’s covering up the real story). The Cardinals need to regain their focus and it’s pretty hard to do with this hanging over their collective head…..

A win tonight would fix everything. A loss? LaRussa will go from “baseball genius” to “baseball joke” over night. He’s just not a smart person if he thinks anyone believes the bullshit answers that he’s feeding the media right now……

The Difference Between Good Decisions and Bad Decisions

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on October 25, 2011

Last January, I mocked the Angels for TRADING FOR V-Wells.

Here was the post I put up after that trade:

Flavor said, on January 21, 2011 at 7:01 pm (Edit)

“the Angels are fucking retarded morons. Trading for Vernon Wells? I don’t give a flying fuck what he did last year, he is probably the most overpaid player in all of baseball based on production (besides Zito). And they TRADED for him. Shit, Napoli, if given a starting spot, might hit more HR’s than him. They coulda paid him 6 mil to do that. Instead they trade for “Mr Nagging Injury” and get to pay him 86 more million. Shit, why didn’t they just overpay for Carl Crawford?”

I couldn’t believe that a GM would WILLINGLY trade for one of those bad, bulging contracts. It was bad enough that a GM would GIVE a guy 100-200 million. But a guy TRADING for one of those contracts? It made no sense at all. Only an idiot would take what Wells did in 2010 and say “Hey, I think he’s back on track. Gimmie Wells and the 85 million he’s still owed.”

Anyway, I also made a quick comment  in passing about the guy the Angels gave up for the great honor of taking on Wells and his bulbis contract. Mike Napoli has been a revelation this year. Besides probably being the WS MVP, this dude banged out 30 bombs this year, he hit .320 with a 1.046 OPS. He was a monster. What did Wells do? He hit .218 with 25 bombs. Predictable.

But that’s not even the thing that blows my mind the most. Who did the Angels have to replace Napoli at catcher? Jeff Freaking Mathis–he’s So-Cal’s version of *Whitey*. Mathis, the last 3 years, has hit .211, .195, and .174. He’s had over 1200 at bats in those 3 years. I understand he’s a stud defensive guy who the manager loves. But he’s batting .194 over the course of the last 3 years. Whiteside just blew a load in his pants. If he doesn’t keep the back up job with SF he can always head down to Anaheim and be embraced with open arms by Mike Scioscia…..

I took a long look at Napoli when I was getting ready for my drafts last Winter but mostly because he qualified as a catcher and you just don’t get anything from that position besides a handful of guys. But, in 30 round leagues he was going 10-11 round and that was just too early for my tastes. Clearly, I made a mistake…..

Toronto is almost as bad as the Angels, they trade FOR this dude and then turn him over to Texas 4 days later for Frank *gas can* Francisco. The Toronto GM was probably so excited to have pawned off Wells he didn’t take much time appreciating the found gold he had, instead pining his hopes on Arencibia who hit about what I thought he’d hit for the year (.219)…..

One GM’s good decision is another GM’s bad decision and those are usually the differences between being on vacation now while the *other guys* are still winning baseball games…….

Series knotted up 2/2

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As this series unfolds and we watch the pendulum swing back and forth, I think we are seeing two teams that aren’t evenly matched as much as they are genuinely flawed. They both have good offenses and below average pitching staffs, so in that respect I guess they are evenly matched. But when you have average pitching there’s just no way to predict how a game might turn out. These are all major league pitchers, they all have talent. A lot of the time they’ll get lit up or have no idea where the strike zone is. Other times they turn in their serviceable 5.2 innings. Occasionally, like last night, you get a gem out of Holland. And hey, every blue moon you get a no hitter out of a guy like Edwin Jackson……

If you’ve got great pitching v a poor offense it’s usually a lot more easy to predict. The Giants, for instance, could be counted on for months of bad hitting and months of great pitching. Occasionally, you’d get the *7 run outburst* but more often it would be the usual *scratch and sniff*.

If I was betting (which I don’t do anymore because the stupid government shut down all the online gambling) I would have bet the over on last night’s game (I find both of those pitchers to be hittable except in the case of Jackson who is unhittable when he’s walking everybody). And of course, I would have lost. If I had offered you the Chiefs minus 27 yesterday, how many of you WOULDN’T have taken that? Betting on sports is fun. I’m glad I don’t have to try to make a livin’ doing it……..

So What’s On the Schedule Today?

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No Niner game today. I can kinda get up for a quarter or two of the Raider game, especially if Palmer plays. But otherwise, today is a *get shit done* day. I find it much easier to get shit done when there aren’t any sports on tv to tickle my fancy with. I’m gonna start out at Katie’s school for some sort of *Work Day* to fix stuff at her school. I’ll be the one pretending to do something. I’m not known as a handy-man. After that, we have some Halloween shopping to do and will probably hit a pumpkin patch later. But that’s about it. You guys got anything special planned today? What does a typical Flapper do on a typical  Sunday when there isn’t any baseball (Giants) or football (Niners) to watch?

Sabean Answers Some Questions But I Answer a Big One for Him

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I had great interest in reading Baggs’ quick interview with Sabean published in the Merc this morning—greater interest than I’ve had in the playoffs up to this point. I was going to take a shot at watching an entire actual game today but Game 3 is starting at the same time the Cardinal game starts so that isn’t happening…..

Anyway, pretty typical comments from Sabean but this line from Baggs disturbed me a little: “Sabean said he probably cannot acquire another full time catcher as insurance because resources will be needed elsewhere.” I get it that we will be dumping a lot of money into the pitching staff, and I’m fine with that. But this admission suggests that the brass didn’t quite get how devastating the Stew-Whitey tandem was to the line up last year. With Crawford hitting in front of the catching position we were basically giving away a third of our outs each time through the order. That isn’t going to ever work or be ok. If Sabean thinks we can go into a season with one of those 2 catchers as our back up to Posey he just isn’t understanding how bad they were last year.

I would sign a legit back up major league catcher who wouldn’t just back up Posey—Let him play a couple of days a week vs lefty pitching and slide Buster over to first base. We have precious little right handed power hitters and if the choice is Pill or Posey at first during those games I go with Buster all day long— it would also give his body a break and if the unthinkable happens again, and he either can’t recover from the ankle injury or he gets badly hurt again, then we have a legitimate player to put behind the dish for the rest of the season…..

To not take this approach is short sighted, risky and borderline ignorant. I hope the brass does the right thing here……….

Today is the Last Re-Posted Thread

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I loved reading the comments from everyone….Here is a partial post from Stix from the thread below. It is the perfect way to end this…..

“Stixwiz said, on November 2, 2010 at 10:35 am (Edit)

Saving the best for last……

….Baseball is sacred, in its way. It is the hallmark of dedication and devotion and sometimes even deification. But it is not idolatry. We do not so much idolize these gifted athletes and their feats as we adore the spirits that move them to perform the way they do. Ultimately, the spiritual triumphs over the material. All the experts picked the other guys in this most blessed Post-Season. But it was the team with the most character, the largest number of characters and the greatest spirit who became World Champions……”

SF Giants: 2010 World Series Champions

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We did it. It’s been done. The magnitude of this accomplishment can’t be understated. And I’m not talking about the team winning the World Series, I’m talking about the perseverance of SF Giants fans. This is a group that has supported utter failure for 56 freaking years with unwavering support. That kind of commitment is hard to find….

I stopped being a Giants fan, simply because of the sport, a long time ago. Maybe it started out that way. But it evolved into something that became a part of me, something that wasn’t an option or a job, it was just……my consciousness. I suspect it is that way for all of you. Did we NEED this World Series win? Of course not, we would never demand anything in return for our commitment as fans to this team. But now that we have been given this gift by this unreal collection of men, it felt right for me to appreciate all of us who have  supported the team for all this time. This is something that we EARNED—try to count up all the hours that you’ve devoted to this team. Who works for free for THAT many hours???? And yet this morning, for the first time ever, you get to wake up a champion. So today, take a moment to salute yourselves. I have complete confidence that our love for this team, our utter devotion to the history and future of the Giants, played a role in this magical year and how it ultimately unfolded…..

“I am a San Francisco Giants fan”…….you have no idea how much pride I exude when I say those 7 words……….


Almost Home…

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1. More. Win.

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I woke up this morning, rolled out of bed and noticed something unusual:

I was at the top of Mount Everest. I took off my goggles, looked around….It’s the biggest world I’ve ever seen. I would worry about sun blindness except for the fact that all the light is radiating from me, not towards me. So I’m just sitting here, quietly, writing the words that you’re reading now, atop this goddamn mountain. As a  Giants fan, I’ve been Sisyphus. And yet this morning, here I sit next to my boulder at the top of Mount Everest, unsure of what to do next…….

If any of you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them……..


Texas Wins this Series and The Carson Palmer Trade

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I searched youtube for the Tony La Russa *dancing in tights” videos and only came up with “Tony La Russa–DUI videos”– some of those were a hoot, as was David Cassidy’s road side test. I feel a twinge of sympathy for celebrities who get pulled over. Once the cop finds out who they are they probably do anything they can to be able to bring them in. But that sympathy goes away when I remember that they are millionaires who should be able to afford a driver or, at worst, a cab ride home. Anyway….

I am rooting for Texas to win this series and I think they win it rather easily. Everyone talks about how poor, dumb Ron Washington can’t manage within the NL rules. Well, he’s made the World Series 2 straight years so he’s gotta be doing something right. And I suspect he, and his players, gleaned a lot from last year’s experience. I’ll say Rangers in 6 (and I almost said 5)….

The Raider Trade: It’s a trade they had to make. There wasn’t anyone on their roster or languishing on the WW who could step in and keep this thing going. Everyone is looking at Palmer’s last couple of years (saying his best years are behind him) but he had no deep threats on those teams and that’s the Raider’s specialty. I can’t wait to see how that  golden arm connects to the bullet trains that Oakland sends on all their “go” routes. I don’t follow Oakland enough to know how good their O-Line is so that could be a problem if they aren’t any good. But if he’s got any time at all this offense could turn into a high-flying machine. And they’ve got McFadden that the defense always has to stop. The *go* routes and the *post* routes are there for the taking if they want it…..

Plus, they DID technically draft a #1 QB in the supplemental draft this year (Pryor). That could have been the *type* of guy they would have drafted anyway in next year’s draft….

Of course they paid too much. But if it works and they go deep in the playoffs or to another Super Bowl and Palmer is re-born in Oakland, the price won’t matter a bit. Only the results. And although it’s a huge gamble, I can’t think of a better way to say “Just win, Baby”….



SF Giants v Texas. A WS Game and I have a Ticket…

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Moments In Time

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I’ve said this several times, I couldn’t be having more fun with all of this. I love what this has done to my community—everyone has come together in their own unique way but for a common reason. I never lived in a small town but it’s felt like a small town the last few weeks…….

But believe me, I get it,  there is a huge difference between me and 98% of the rest of these *giants fans*. I’m not hating on them or anything, it’s just a fact. There is the *band wagon jumper* who comprises about 75% of this current fan base. Then there’s a group of 23% who make up the real Giant fan base. Then there’s 2% of me. And all of you people……

I haven’t allowed myself to think about the outcome of this World Series for even one second. And it’s got nothing to do with fearing a loss. I’m a Giants fan, I can do torturous losing with the best of them. Bring it on, 24/7.  I can tolerate losing while standing on my head. While eating a sandolicious sando from The Cheese House. It doesn’t phase me in the slightest….

What I fear is winning this thing. I simply have no idea how I’m going to react or what I’ll do when the final out is secured. So I don’t think about what might happen. I think about the moment I’m in right now and the moment that’s coming right after it. And so on and so on….

All I know for certain is that I will stop to appreciate the moments I have today. They’ll be with me forever. I’ve been very good in my life at stopping time to appreciate something that is happening……. right……….then.

I remember with great detail all of my greatest moments of being a Giants fan. I remember the first game my dad took me to, the Ed Haliki no hitter, not really understanding what all the fuss was about when the crowd went crazy after the final out…..I remember the white specks of paint on Mr Lovell’s radio that broadcasted the giants games while we played a million hours of ping pong through most of the ’80′s in the Lovell’s backyard…..I remember the tie-dye tank top I wore to the Dave Dravecky comeback game…..I remember falling to the ground so hard when Scotty Garrelts came within one out of a no hitter, that my knees were bruised for weeks…..I remember that sign they had out in right field at Candlestick that would count down the days till Pac Bell Park opened and being so bummed one day when it said “937″. “Why couldn’t that sign say *37*,” I thought to myself…..I remember heading through a tunnel so clean you could eat off it, up a stairwell and into the brilliant sunlight of Pac Bell Park, stopping at the top and saying out loud to no one in particular “No fucking way!”–the older, female usher leaned close to me and said “I feel the same way, now let me show you to your seats.”….I remember every single rush of adrenaline that Barry Bonds *gifted* me each time he would send one of his lasers down the right field line into the water…… I remember every word of the 5 minute conversation I had with my friend Chris last week as he proudly told me “The Cody Ross Story”…….And I will never forget my daughter’s giggle as she helped me dye this absurd beard last night…..

I woke up this morning to the blue light of my alarm clock that indicated 2:33am. Never was able to go back to sleep after that so it’s going to be a long day. But one thing is for certain. I will stop and appreciate ever moment of this day: The stains on my train seat. The first words Pawlie says to me when I meet him for the first time later this afternoon. The color of the finger nails of the woman selling me my hot dog. The roar from the crowd after Timmy throws his first strike. Everything.

Appreciating the moments that will stay with you forever. THAT is what life is all about, my friends. I’m 10 years old right now…..


St Louis v Texas?

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I guess some people called Texas in the World Series, but St Louis? This is a repeat of 2006 for them when they won 83 games and, of course, the World Series. This year they won more (90) but they are the last team I would have picked to get here.

And what will the over/under’s be for these two gas can pitching staffs? The total runs for both of these “clincher” games? 38. Thirty-eight freaking runs in 2 games. That’s not baseball that’s beer league softball.

Maybe I’m just being bitter about the Giants not being there but I’ve got no interest in watching a parade of shitty pitchers get blasted away on and somehow trick myself into believing that these are the best 2 teams that baseball has to offer…

So how about those Niners, eh? Of course, I was wrong about how the game would unfold. I get to chucklin’ every time I think about Harbaugh and his “humble hearts” comment from last week. Is there a bigger dick anywhere in football when it comes to the coach’s handshake than Jimbo? The “What’s YOUR deal” guy looks like he could stand a lesson in sportsmanship. I think the Detroit coach over reacted but Harbaugh needs to look at his end-of-game win reactions. Simple lesson not just in sports but in life: act like you’ve been there before…..

Niner Game– Guess the Exact Score Correctly…..

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I’m re-posting my contribution to Chuck’s blog this morning. Nailing football scores are tough but take a stab at it even if you don’t care about the game. It beats whatever baseball game is on today. For what it’s worth, I see Milwaukee winning today. Marcum is such the better pitcher than Edwina.

Flavor says:
October 16, 2011 at 6:44 am

I think if this game was in SF I might see the Niners winning the game. But it’s not and I don’t. Too much gets determined at the line and while I have noticed the obvious improvement in our OL I just don’t think they are ready or good enough to face off with Detroit’s DL. I think it’s gonna be loud as fuck in that stadium and that’s won’t help us either. That’s how I think this game will get away from us—all the noise from those re-born fans who have been sitting glumly with bags on their heads for so many years? They are erasing those days who every Calvin Johnson TD….
I’d like to be confident on the defensive side but Johnson is a beast who no one can cover.
I see this as our *ugly* game. Detroit 37 SF 16. 
The excellent news for Niner fans is that I think Dennis and I are the only ones who see this as a blowout and we all know how Dennis’ betting slips look at the end of a game or a race–torn up and thrown over his shoulder. I learned a long time ago to bet the opposite of whatever the biggest betting loser you know does. Since they lose WAY more than 50% of the time, it’s a solid way to make money if you can stomach going with that angle every single time. Plus, they can’t know you’re doing it or that would affect their decisions. Howver, I’m not betting on the game just throwing out my two cents on how I see it unfolding….
I’m really looking forward to this game and I’m really looking forward to writing a huge mea culpa on my prediction for it….



Beating the Fillies and Heading to the World Series

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Glory today, But Destiny Awaits…..

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The plan was to run down to the end of the street…..

After Uribe hit that bomb and I hit my daughter in the eye with an errant high five (fixed with an ice cream sandwich), I decided that we needed to dial this down a bit and an end-of-the-game celebration needed to be choreographed. I was thinking quickly but not skillfully, so if the Giants won the Pennant, THE PLAN was: Tear ass out of the house and run down to the end of the street. We took off our socks since only a fool would run in the rain with their socks on…..

Despite the two walks, I felt like the first two outs came rather easily…..

Ryan Howand……

I watched the game at a friend’s house–great guy but he’s not really a baseball fan. As Howard came to the plate and the homerless stat came up he commented, “Why worry about this guy?  He hasn’t hit a home run in 54 at bats.” I didn’t have time to explain to Dave the actual concern that Howard presented. So there we stood, three sockless chumps, praying for one more precious out. I don’t remember how many pitches it took, it’s all kind of a blank moment. But I do remember the most perfect pitch I’ve ever seen leave Bee-wheeezy’s hand….head toward the batter…..bend dramatically near the finish….and end up in Posey’s glove……

I didn’t see a second of what happened after that, I bolted out of Dave’s house, my daughter trailing  behind me, running in bare feet through the rain down to the end of the street. I’ll never forget that moment, it was a release I’ve never felt before. I can’t even describe what it felt like. It was like I was experiencing every moment of the 2010 season with each stride I took. I was re-living every hit, ever win, every loss, just….everything.

As I held Katie’s hand on the way back to Dave’s house (Dave broke our fellowship and didn’t join us in successful execution of  *THE PLAN*) I was thinking about Keith Law. If you’ve never read KLAW or listened to his live chats you should give it a whirl some time. He’s unbelievably smart, knows every stat imaginable, and translates the game brilliantly to the common fan. He’s also completely full of shit. He hates the Giants and has spent the last 2 years telling the world how bad they are and what a horrible GM Brian Sabean is. So as we walked back to Dave’s, I was wondering what KLAW was doing at that moment. I was fairly certain he wasn’t running through a nighttime storm in his bare feet. Has he finally accepted how wrong he was about this team? KLAW and all his national cronies have piled on the Giants and Sabean RELENTLESSLY for years now. Yet here we are, going to the World Series. There has never been a greater feeling of satisfaction than I had last night, celebrating my team’s victory in the rain with my daughter and knowing that the “KLAW’s” of the world had nothing but boring, dry feet to walk with……

We did it, my friends, we got here. Here we are. We are here. Don’t forget how you felt in the moment last night. When life sucks, people are pissing you off, nothing is going right…. take yourself back to that moment. No matter what happens next week we will always have that moment. It’s attached to my soul. There aren’t words invented that can explain how proud I am to be a Giants fan this morning…..

I Miss Last Fall

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Back to Philly

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It would have been great to close it out in front of the hometown crowd but it just wasn’t going to happen. Philly played great, Madson was especially sickening in the 8th.

If Philly can beat Lincecum and Dirrrrty and Cain in three consecutive games, my hat is off to them and good luck in the World Series. But I don’t think for a second that that’s going to happen……

Last night I just kept thinking how COOL post season baseball is. I’m living and dying on every pitch, every hit. As I watched the game at my friend’s sportsbar last night it was great to feel the camaraderie in the room. Of course there were tons of jersey’s worn but there were guys with fake freaking black beards on. In a bar. 40 miles away from the park….Everywhere I go, almost everyone I pass on the street is all about the Giants right now. Bandwagon jumpers? Of course. But a  community has come together and that’s the best part of all this…..

So I wasn’t sweating last night’s loss for a second. The totality of all of this is just too delicious to not enjoy. I’m loving every single second of it, before the games, during the games, after the games. It’s all good right now…….


Great Story MId-Way Through NLCS

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Great Cody Ross Story

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Many of you guys have seen some posts from “bird dog”–he’s one of my few friends, maybe my only 3-D friend, who posts on the blog more than once a year. Anyway, ‘Bird lives in Portland and decided last night to take his son, who’s a huge Giants fan, to the game today—a few clicks at stubhub and some frequent flier miles later, they are sitting in the arcade for today’s game.

‘Bird, I hope someday Clayton understands what a kick ass dad you are…..

Anyway, the 6th inning is about to start, Ross is warming up and as he’s setting up to throw the ball into the stands he makes eye contact with ‘Bird who points to his son, Ross nods reassuringly, and throws the ball to Clayton. The ball is flying through the air, Clayton holds his glove up the same way he’s done a thousand times in Little League, a fantastic moment is about to unfold! One problem: Ross throws the ball about 4 feet over Clayton’s head into the hands of a fortunate fan who ran off into the afternoon sun with his found prize…..


Inning starts, Polanco grounds out to 2nd. Howard grounds out to 2nd…Werth flies out to ROSS in right…..Inning over but Ross, still cognizant of his gaffe, turns to ‘Bird and makes eye contact with him and nods his head a few times finally tossing the ball to Clayton (for a second attempt). ‘Bird doesn’t wait for it to happen this time, he jumps up and snags the ball from Ross immediately handing it to his son who beamed with a smile that stretched from the SF  to Portland…….

Cody Ross is one cool fucking dude……..

The last out ended and ‘Bird made a bee-line to a stand that sold Cody Ross jerseys. No luck, there weren’t any. I’m positive that right now as I type this he’s sitting in the Oakland airport trying to buy one online……..

Advancing Past the Braves. On to the NLCS!

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Black Beards VS Phuckin Fillies…….

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Is anyone else trippin’ out on Cody Ross? He’s probably trippin’ harder than any of us. This was “the bat flip” guy– the guy who was treading water in an utterly forgettable season in Florida. Now he’s getting interviewed by the National media and beaming with pride about “our pitching staff” and spraying champagne all over Tim Lincecum. Seriously, this guy has to be thinking he’s in a dream right now. We’ve seen Jose Guillen take his last at bat as a Giant……

How badly does Jayson Werth wish he was a Giant? He’d go to TOWN dying up that bad boy……

Stat of the year: Our starting pitchers went 29 innings and gave up 3 earned runs…..

Along with the rest of you, I’m bummed we have to bottle all this up until Saturday but it’s probably best for our team– rest for Buster, our young arms and our old legs is just what we need night now…….

Anyone know what the weather is usually like in Philly in the middle of Autumn?

Finally, a HUGE congrats to KEVIN who won Twinfan’s computer-give-away contest. How many computers have you given away twin, 5? We don’t say it enough, but it really is an unbelievably good-vibe thing for the blog and the team to have you offering up these great prizes throughout the year. And you guys should know that he came to me with the idea of contests, I never asked him to do it.  He spends his time and money building these systems and gets nothing from me for doing it. There’s a word beyond generous for that, I just can’t think of it right now :)


Baseball is Boring Right Now. Let’s go Back to Last Year

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I was driving around yesterday re-living some of the moments from last post season in my brain. It wasn’t really doing it for me. When I got home I decided to check out the archives at The Flap and that DEFINITELY did it for me. I appreciate that many of you aren’t Niner fans and there just isn’t a lick of Giants news to kick around right now. So at least for the next week or so, maybe longer, I’m gonna re-post a thread from last year and try to have it be exactly a year ago today. Today’s was actually written the morning of October 10th, I believe that was the “Brook’s Conrad” game. We were 1-1 in the series before that game. I picked this thread to start because, like many of you, I enjoyed Stix’ posts from last night. And last October 10th I appreciated one of his posts so much that I re-posted it in the main thread. You can go read the comments too, but I would encourage you not to *read ahead* since I will be posting some of the best threads that followed last year in the coming days. So, without further adieu, I give you YOUR 2010 San Francisco Giants, on the way to becoming World Series Champions, 2010….

Guest Author For Game 3….

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“STIX” posted this last night (see below).  I thought it was too good for the POTD so I am putting it here. I read it several times. It reminded me of why I love this team so much. The history, the players—over all these years they’ve helped form indelible moments in my memory. Stix was out here in ’89, I was up in Portland, Oregon going to school. Our passions for this team were rock solid then as they are now. Now he’s living a million miles away and I’m back in the bay Area–still with a passion for this team that couldn’t be extinguished with any known element. His post made me wonder where all of you were in ’89. And here it is, 2010, and we’ve found a space to share our passion for our team with something other than the walls of the room we watch the games in….

The players from ’89 are gone, and as he suggested, Will Clark et al ain’t coming into that clubhouse to save them. And who would want them to? THESE our the guys who created this magical year– The Bat, Dirrrrrty, Panda, Timmy, Cain, Bee-Weeezy, Long-thong (I just made that up), Torres, Rent, Uribe, etc–THIS is your team. And you always support your team (unless you’re Jose Guillen). I really have no idea or feeling of what’s going to happen with the rest of this series. But I’m not going to spend a second ‘doomin it up or second guessing what Bochy might have done or what the unknown outcome of that fantasy move would have been. I’m enjoying every second of this and when it’s all over, win or lose, the bond and connection I have to this team and it’s history will be at it’s peak……..

“stixwiz said, on October 9, 2010 at 6:10 pm (Edit)

Let’s go back 21 years. Twenty-one is legal for most anything, isn’t it? I was still out there in and outta the System doing antiques road shows, mostly at shopping malls, sometimes lahdedah paid admission shows where i usually wore a camelhair sportjacket, suitable headwear and a late 50′s Zuni turquoise, silver and bearclaw bolo. Last Giants game i took in personally was on a mid-summer chilly, leatherjacket evening at the Stick. In a couple days i’d be set up at an exhibition at the Cow Palace.

1989. Watched the Giants lose to the Phillies and Terry Mulholland. Mid September somewhere. Stuck in the craw a bit as Philadelphia had got him via a trade with SF, recently enough that bodies were still warm. Can’t honestly remember who took the mound for the hometeam that night. But i do think the final was something like 4-2. Giants recovered from that setback and featuring pitchers like Big Daddy Rick Reuschel and Caveman Don along with Will the Thrill and a pretty decent supporting cast; remained Best in the West, went on to cop the Pennant and headed into the World Series.

By then i was down the road, doing a spate of shows in SoCal and then heading back to the Northwoods of Minnesota, where my connexion to the game was by way of radio.


Imagine that tomorrow night at the ChopShop accessed by the busiest air terminal in the country, Reuschel or Robinson or perhaps Livan Hernandez of 8 years ago was on the mound for the Giants facing Tim Hudson……or maybe even a certain former rotation-mate from their days across the Bay would have had the call against Atlanta’s starter. Not a very pretty prospect in my estimation ~~ unless the Giants lineup contained some of the guys from the ’89 and ’02 squads who had magically walked into a time machine back in the day and emerged at #24 Willie Mays Plaza in uniform and ready to have at their 93-model tormentors.

Well, that ain’t gonna happen. It’s a fantasy. What is real is more a matter of who is real. Scheduled starter for San Francisco has earned himself the nickname of “Dirrrty”. There is some argument over the number of “r”s in the appellation, but general agreement around the league is that the snappy loogie has gone from a great stuff prospect with a ways to go, to an emerging ace who gives up fewer base hits per inning than any other hurler in The Show. Name is Sanchez. Jonathan Sanchez. Sanchez of the Padres bulletin board. The pitcher who won the wild, wild West.


Talkin’ Football, Niners By the Bay…..

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It’s amazing how quickly baseball has switched out in my brain with football taking over. I tried to watch some of the Brewers game yesterday–even had it on right next to the Niner game at the Sports bar I was at. I just couldn’t do it. It could be that the pace of the two games are so different. I love the pace of a baseball game when I’m watching it, especially live. But putting it next to the helter-skelter violence and speed of a football game? Baseball is a cerebral game, football is an ADHD game. I like both but trying to watch them at the same time? I dunno, it just didn’t work for me. It could also have to do with me not really giving a rip about any of the teams left in the playoffs. Say what you will about the Yankees but the drama, the anticipation of the game, just isn’t really there without them. I just had to go to Yahoo sports to see who won the Tigers/Rangers Game and saw it was postponed due to weather. I had no idea……

The other possible reason I didn’t get into the Brewers game is that I am swimming neck deep in a re-birth in NinerLand. Football is fun again. Alex Smith is now the 3rd highest rated passer in all of football. After five games, let that fact sink in if you even can. And where the Hell did Carlos Rogers come from? I mean, I know he played for the ‘Skins but this guy is a revelation. He’s like the 2nd coming of Eric Wright. And what I’m most impressed with is not his picks (those are great, though) it’s how well he reads routes. The dude is certain of what play is coming and he cuts off everything. Unreal.

My favorite quote from Alex Smith yesterday? Easy: “I don’t think it’s some big, magic thing. WE JUST CONTINUE TO LEARN and improve.” It’s sad that Smith was coached by two fools for so many years. I mean, I know Nolan and Sing didn’t *coach* him. But they did nothing but get in the way of his development and success. He’s now got a coach who believes in him and who COACHES him and who is installing an offense that utilizes these skills. I’ve always thought that Harbaugh sees himself in Smith–a guy who had skills, maybe not to be *Joe Montana*, but a guy who would develop later in his career……

Anyway, I’ll keep the baseball game on in the background and will check the box scores every day. Maybe catch a few highlights at mlb.com. But the rest of my sports-watching time will be 100% focused on The Motor City. Bring on the Lions, baby. That will be a tough one to win……

Celebrating A Player’s Injury

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I think anyone who knows me knows that I wouldn’t ever celebrate a person being injured. One exception: I  have no problem with a football player going after a known injured area of an opposing football player. It’s a violent game, if you take the field willingly you are fair game. And exploiting weaknesses is what football is all about. I’m still pissed that the Niners didn’t go after Romo when they knew he was hurt……

But I don’t celebrate other people being hurt or injured. I don’t have a bad feeling in the world about Ryan Howard, I hope he’s ok. And I do have genuine sympathy for him and for how his last 2 seasons have ended….

Hell, I’ve been hurt several times playing sports. I’ve torn ligaments in both wrists diving for balls on separate plays 2 years apart. Competing is something to honor and if you get hurt doing so you get honored that much more.

I just don’t like the Philly fan base and I never will. They’re all a bunch of whiny, hubris-inebriated,  out of touch with reality, blaming booing fucks. And I will not be changing this opinion any time soon…..

Except for Tom Petty. I fucking love Tom Petty and he gets a pass with me for as long as we are both alive for being a Philly fan. No Flappers, it’s not THAT  Tom Petty. But the one I’m talking about reads the blog regularly, lurking but never posting. I hope you’re good my man, you need to check in soon. 🙂

Here’s a pic of one of the great men I have been lucky enough to know in my lifetime. This dude is a compilation of brilliance, genius, glory and destiny. He is, quite simply, THE MAN!

The Phailing Philadelphia Phillies

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This has been a good week phor me. I revel in watching east coast teams phail. New York and Philadelphia both got knocked out. I’ve got nothing against the players who phail. It’s their phans who I don’t like. I don’t like the east coast media, either. When east coast teams phail, they blame it on bad luck. The other team “caught lightening in a bottle.” Phailure doesn’t happen to their team. At least in the pre-season. Or the regular season. Phailure only happens to  other teams. At least until it happens to them…..

So watching the Eagles phail last week to my phavorite phootball team, during the same week I was celebrating the one year anniversary of my phavorite baseball team phorcing a phail right down the Phillies throats made phor a really good week phor me. And watching Ryan Howand lie on the phield, injured, as yet another season went up in smoke phor a phan base that I don’t like or respect, well, that just capped a really good seven days phor me. I’ve got nothing against Howard so don’t think I’m celebrating his injury. At least he got his bat off his shoulder this time. It’s the epic collective phail of a phan base that I am celebrating. Phuck you, Philly phans. Don’t phorget the phacts. This season, phailure phinally phound you. Phrankly speaking, your *dream teams* phooled you. Enjoy your off season of phreaking out and phantasizing about phinishing 2012 with a championship. You’re phucking delusional……..

The Yankees Are Great for Baseball

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I was shaking my head at some of the blogger comments I read this morning that were celebrating the Yankees losing to the Tigers. Many commenters called them “cheaters!”. Huh? How are the Yankees cheating? They have a high payroll. That’s cheating? They operate completely within the boundaries of the rules of signing players. And the other owners don’t complain, in fact they secretly love it, because of how much direct revenue the Yankees bring each time they come to play them in their yard. Not to mention the luxury tax and revenue sharing that they dole out through mlb back to the other 29 teams. They have constructed one of the most successful, BEST cable companies in the world. If you don’t subscribe to the YES network you should know this: they put on the best baseball production (pre and post game included) of any team in the country. It’s not even close.

And another little FACT that everyone seems to miss: most of the time, they aren’t *buying* anything but misery for their fan base. Since their WS win in 2000 they’ve won exactly ONE WS in the last 11 seasons. That’s a percentage of failure that hardly suggests *buying* championships. Forgetting their salaries, that rate of success is right around the same as every other team that’s won a world series over the last 11 seasons. They are “one of the gang” of the more successful franchise’s over the last decade…….

So they aren’t *cheating* and they certainly aren’t *buying* championships, that’s been proven. What they consistently do is put a professional, winning, cash producing product on the field every single year. They also consistently produce a hilarious dysfunctional drama through the press that is better than any soap opera or reality show. Listen, these players are held to a different standard than almost any other player not playing in Boston. They put up with a lot of sh!t and for the most part do it with dignity and honor. Say what you will about A-ROD but he knows what it means to be a Yankee and how to conduct yourself in public. He screws it up all the time, but he knows what he’s supposed to do. In fact, watching him screw it up is another reason that following the Yankees is one of my hobbies. 🙂

They play the villain. Every great story needs one. They know their role. But they aren’t villain’s the way you would look at T.O or Romanowski or guys like that. They play the game the way it is meant to be played and I, for one, have always honored them for that. Watching them lose, and knowing what that does to their pompous fan base, is a sick pleasure to enjoy.

But calling them *cheaters* and the *Evil Empire* just doesn’t make any sense to me…..

By the way, Detroit’s payroll is in the top 10 in all of baseball. This is hardly a case of the poor factory worker taking down his well-off factory owner boss. The Twins, Cubs, Mets and Giants are in the top 10, too. Did they *buy* a World Series this year? Ha, they couldn’t even get into the playoffs. And the Twins, Mets and Cubs were awful this year. Those 3 teams spent about 350 million dollars this year. As Ricky would say, “For who, for what?”

You don’t buy World Series championships. You earn them with a little luck along the way…..

What Do the Giants do with Villalona?

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This has been kicked around a bit already. I find it interesting that there isn’t a single headline about his dropped lawsuit at the Giants official website (though Yahoo reports the team is “welcoming him back with open arms”). What a weird situation the team is now in with him. He’s 21 freaking years old. They have precious few hitting prospects in their organization. But their BEST hitting prospect plays the position Villalona had taken over prior to killing that (er, I mean, being *accused* of killing that guy) in the DR (Belt/1B).

From a PR standpoint, the Giants should probably cut ties with the guy. Despite what may or may not have happened, the *perception* is that Villalona paid off the family of the dude who was murdered. It’s impossible to know what happened down there, he’s as likely totally innocent as he is guilty. Maybe he paid off the family, maybe he didn’t. But again, the *perception* is that he was guilty of killing a man. What chapter of The Giants Way does this conundrum cover? I guess with Bow Tie gone….um, nevermind.

What do you do with him? It appears they don’t know yet. I suppose they could shy away from answering anything about him and just let him start playing in their minor league system again. Being a legit hitter goes a long way–though it’s still unclear if that’s what Villalona will ever be……..

Trade bait?

Career minor leaguer?

Our next great hitting prospect?

If I’m Villalona, I never go back to the DR again. He’s got a 2nd chance or maybe he dodged a bad luck bullet frame job. Either way, he’s got an opportunity here. Where and with whom that opportunity lies is unclear.  It’ll be interesting to watch it play itself out…..

Guest Post From WillieD

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Cutting and Pasting, me like…….thanks WillieD, you’ve brought up some thoughtful questions here…….If you want to take a shot at a guest post, email me with it to bigflavor77@gmail.com. By the way, the BB’s are baaaack! There’s a link to their page in Room B.
“Contract issues are awaiting Sabean and ownership mostly concern the pitching staff.  Sabean has made public comments he intends to focus most of his energy and, more importantly, money in that direction.  So how would you play this, given  the understanding that payroll does have definite limits?
 First, Cain is the most immediate subject…long term or short?  What do you hope to settle on?
 Second, Lincecum has already said he is more comfortable with shorter term deals…what do you offer him for say two years?
 Voggy had a break out season, and got very public praise from Bochy.  Given the uncertainty of the back end of rotation (we’ll get to that shortly), what kind of offer do you make?  One year with club option, or longer?
Given the money involved btw J sanchez, Zito and Surkamp or another prospect, what is the best solution for #5 starter?  Note:
“He sleeps with the fish” not a part of the discussion.
 How many of the pen guys that are arb eligible do you tender?  Is there anyone on the list you can afford to lose, like Affeldt?  Who out of all the them can you least afford to let go, either by not entering into negotiations, or by signing and then trading?
  Anyway, I think it’s obvious how much money is spent here is going to in large part determine what’s left over to spend elsewhere.  As I said in an earlier thread, if Sabes is not going to spend much to help the offense, he better have the best pitching money can buy.”
And from Chris Jaffe at the Hardball Times, it’s the 10 year anniversary of this date in Giants history. 10 years??????

The Playoffs: Are they doin’ it for you? Wanna Write the Next Thread?

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I’m catching a little bit here and there. I’ve watched the Yankee/Detroit games. Most of them anyway. It’s been hard for me to think about baseball with the season over and the buzzkill of the Giants not being in it this year. Are you guys watching it?

I have Detroit beating Philly in Twin’s contest. I did it quickly and if I had to do it over again I think I would have Milwaukee in the WS vs the Tigers. The Brewers have 3 stud pitchers who I think will shut down Philly’s offense (assuming they get by the Cardinals). And there is just something about that line up that is impossible not to admire–speed and power. It’s a beautiful thing……

Go through their starting 8. I’d take every single one of them over who the Giants had starting this year except McGehee  over Panda, obviously. Morgan was a nice find for them this year. He modified his game, upped his batting average and didn’t try to get thrown out stealing every time he got on first base. He’s still crazy since you can’t extract that out of your body. But he’s kept his insanity pretty well in check this year. He could have been the next Milton Bradley (and still might end up that way).

Anyway, the Brewers are legit, I wouldn’t want to face them in the playoffs……..


Huge HUGE opportunity for you today (insert gay-ass…oh whatever you know). If you are interested in guest-posting an upcoming thread, email me your post and I’ll slap it up here. You can sign your name or not, it doesn’t matter to me. Don’t send me thread IDEAS send me something you write that could be an actual thread. I’m all about cutting and pasting these days. Twin’s already got Room B covered so it can’t be him.  It would help me out since thread ideas are few and far between in *the Winter* so don’t be shy. Hell, it could be a Haiku for all I care.  E mail me if you want to take a shot at this gig: bigflavor77@gmail.com

Philly Fans Are Mumbling to Themselves….

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We did it to them again. Less than a year ago, our team from San Francisco gave Philly fans a lesson in what happens when you have too much hubris. Some of them are still waiting for Ryan Howard to swing that bat. Yesterday, the Alex Smith Led Niners doled out another painful lesson to learn. There are few things I enjoy more in sports than knocking an east coast fan base or media base down a few pegs. And boy did we do that yesterday. The “Dream Team” is turning into a nightmare. How many Super Bowl teams started the year 1-3? There’s probably precedent for it but it can’t be too many.

Chuck is doing a fabulous job with his new blog ninersforever.com. You can check it out in the blogroll to the right. I shouldn’t have a thread about football but I’m still flying high off one of the great Niner comebacks in their history. As a longtime Harbaugh disciple from our street growing up as kids through his short but dominant time at The Farm, nothing about what he’s doing with this team is surprising me. I thought it might take a little longer to take hold since they had virtually no training camp. But what he’s done with the Niners in this short time is amazing and Alex Smith, as I suspected, is reaping the benefits of a coach who believes in him as well as actually coaches him. His QB rating for the year is 97.7 and that’s outstanding no matter how you look at it. He’s ahead of Romo, Vick, Rivers, Newton…..even the vaunted Dalton. Who’d a thunk that?

Yes, this is a Giants blog and “no” I will not be tolerating anything but high praise for Smith and the Niners here today. If you’re a fan, enjoy this re-birth in San Francisco. But this bus isn’t taking on any new fares so if you weren’t on before the season started just wait patiently for the next one. The Cowboy bus should be coming along any time now…….

If you want to check out a historic baseball milestone, clink on this link


What Happened to Huff and Where Will he Play in 2012?

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Big college football weekend so this will be quick. I still don’t understand what the hell Bochy and Sabean were talking about regarding Huff at their press conference. They both attributed his down year to not doing enough in his off season conditioning program. They threw in all the requisite press conference bs like “we’re here to win” and “Aubry was humbled by this year” and “he’s gotta pull more weight”. But then on the Giants website they have Huff saying “Huff took full accountability for his year, saying he began the season with mechanical problems before his problems became more mental than anything….”


Everyone was praising Sabes/Bochy for that forthcoming press conference but they left more questions unanswered than answered. What EXACTLY did Huff NOT do in his off season workout program? He looked exactly the same in 2010 as he did in 2011 so it wasn’t a weight issue. And I still don’t see how *being out of shape* results in you hitting 464 billion bouncing balls to 2nd base. Plus, Huff himself is on the Giants website saying it was a mechanical/mental thing.

Huff got married in the off season and his wife gave birth to their first child. Was he up all night helping feed the baby and too tired to do anything the next day? Who knows.

He did rake the ball in Spring Training so I don’t understand why his suggested poor conditioning didn’t show itself then. Something that was NEVER brought up was his 1 on/1 off pattern from year to year. Sabean even brought up “the back of his baseball card” without mentioning that. It was actually mentioned at this blog several times last off season and it’s a pretty obvious pattern. I am assuming that Huff knows this too and that’s what he meant when he said “and then it became a mental thing.” If so, we are in for a nice year in 2012. Plus that baby’s sleep pattern might be a little more regular and the dude is finally getting some sleep 🙂

I’d like to see Belt at first base next season with Pill getting some playing time against lefties. Pill might also learn how to play the outfield. Something that never seems to get brought up is that we have very little right handed hitting power in this team. Outside of Posey and Panda (when he can swing right handed) it would be nice to have another right handed hitting bat in the LU or coming off the bench in the later innings. I could absolutely see Pill with that role next season and if the Giants don’t go get a *Willingham* or someone comparable to play left field, it could be *Huffy* out there with Belt at first base…..