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“Weirder and Weirder”—Jay Trotter.

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 12, 2012

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to see what unfolds in today’s game. This series has been, without question, the weirdest series I can ever remember the Giants playing.

And I’m not just talking about Zito’s complete game shut out. The Rockies have 26 hits this series and not one of them have left the ballpark. Last night, Krukow kept blabbering on about the game being like an old Rockies game pre-humidifier but I don’t remember too many games in Colorado where the Rockies banged out 26 hits in 2 games without hitting a single home run. Their hitters put on a hitting clinic last night, spraying balls all over  the yard. Of course, when your pitchers are basically setting them up on a tee, it’s not that hard to put on a hitting clinic. Lincecum and Affeldt were equally horrendous……

I don’t know what Timmy’s average FB was last night but it was obviously better than the one he had in Arizona. It started out 92-93 and then mysteriously dropped to 90-91 by the 2nd inning (his FB averaged 89.7 in his first start in AZ). Had he gone longer in the game it would have been interesting to see what it would have been over the course of a normal start. But he got bounced in the 3rd inning so we will never know what would have been the ultimate end-point of his diminishing fastball…….

Regardless, Timmy has a problem. It’s possible he has a hidden injury. The public word is that his mechanics are screwed up. He also might just hate pitching in Arizona (all of ST plus Opening Day) and then got caught up in that weirdo game last night that seemed to affect all the Giants pitchers. There’s the “Hector” factor to consider but I think that’s a completely bogus argument— Timmy is a 2-time CY winner, if his game can get completely rattled and undone just because he’s pitching to an unfamiliar catcher then he needs to head down to The Man Store at Cahones and 3rd Avenue and re-apply for his Man Card. Make your freaking pitches and stop sulking about who’s catching them……….

Regarding the offense, it continues to click along in fantastic ways. Pablo is displaying all the expected signs that he could win the NL MVP this year. Hector is a refreshing breath of energy and success that only fans subjected to a full season of “Whiteside/Stewart” could fully appreciate. Nate hit 2 bombs, giving an emphatic 2 finger salute to those who doubt him. Pagan and Belt are another story. I don’t think the Giants will bail on Pagan this early but he’s on the clock. Belt is frustrating. He’s looked horrendous and that is hard to tolerate after watching him tear up spring training. I don’t know if he’s got a mental problem with the *real season* starting or if he’s just not ready to hit at this level. But if he doesn’t get it going quick he will be getting a quick ticket to Fresno—the Giants have a surplus of outfielders and first basemen who are producing. He probably won’t start today against Moyer and to not get a start in any of the 3 games in Colorado would be an ominous sign for his security on the team in the near future……..

Anyway, bring on Game 3. So far, this series has been spectacular theater……..


Final Thought: Shout Out to “that fucking Clown”. The Flap’s got your back, dude. Good thoughts and good vibes being sent your way during this tough time…….

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  1. Flavor said, on April 12, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    Lost in all these Moyer “good vibes” (and I do find what he’s doing remarkable) is that the Rockies pitching staff sucks. Jeremy Guthrie is the ace of the staff? I remember not liking him when he pitched for Stanford. He’s like 30 games under .500 for his career. And last night he can’t even go the required 5 to qualify for the win when he gets staked with a 6-0 lead. Pathetic.
    Moyer, who’s 49, is their #2.
    Nicasio and Chacin are young with some potential but neither seems to know where the ball is going.
    They don’t even have a #5 listed at Yahoo……
    de la Rosa is supposedly coming back in a couple of months from TJ surgery and I’ll bet they can’t wait for that……..

  2. dirtnrocksnomo said, on April 12, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    From the merc giants extra

    “— How long has Moyer been around? Bochy, 56, faced the left-hander as a player in the late 1980’s, going 1 for 7. That’s the early favorite for best stat of the year.”

  3. Alleykat said, on April 12, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    I wonder if KNBR consulted with Amici’s before they shitcanned Ralph?

    • Flavor said, on April 12, 2012 at 8:26 pm

      I’m ok with him getting fired if for no other reason than I don’t have to listen to him jizz all over himself about how good that fucking pizza…….

  4. Alleykat said, on April 12, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    Flav,i can’t stand Razor and all his drivel over the years,it was time to go.Not sure if he interviewed Matt Cain before his big contract sign,but it would of been funny if Ralph mentioned Amici’s to Matt,who is a big endorser of Patxi’s Pizza.

  5. twinfan1 said, on April 12, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    I haven’t listened to more than five minutes of Ralph in 10 years. I couldn’t stand him then it doesn’t sound like he’s improved..GNight, folks.

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