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Tim Lincecum Needs to Get His Head Out of His Ass

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 21, 2012

I love Tim Lincecum. He was *The New Beginning*, the little guy who put the team on his back and carried them out of the Bonds Era all the way to a World Series title. This image of him celebrating on the shoulders of his teammates is burned into my soul……

And for those reasons along with his 2 Cy Young trophies, I’ve cut him some slack when he has a bad start or two. But you earn slack with consistent performances. Bank it, and use it down the road some day if you need it. This season, he has been consistently horrible. The Giants are 2-7 in his starts this year and everyone is boo hooing about the Dodgers being 7 games in front. But if the Giants were 7-2 in his starts, a perfectly reasonable expectation given who he is, we would be right there and no one would be worrying about the Dodgers fast start.

So despite the injuries to Pablo and Wilson, and the fact that the Giants have gotten nothing out of Huff and Belt (two guys who were counted on by some to produce this year) the MAIN reason that the Giants aren’t close to being tied for first place in the NL West is because of one man: Tim Lincecum.

I don’t think it’s lack of effort. And despite his velocity drop I don’t think there is a hidden injury that’s looming. Some theories have focused on it being mental and I think there’s probably some validity to that. He’ll be sailing along and then always seems to hit an inning where he can’t throw a strike. And no major league pitcher, much less a 2 time CY pitcher in the prime of his career, should EVER get knocked out in the 4th inning against an A’s line up featuring mostly triple A players. He should be embarrassed by yesterday’s *performance*.

I still feel like he’s getting too cute with his slider and change up. He seems to be throwing them more often, especially early in the count, and the 2nd time through the line up the hitters are on to it and they let those pitches sail harmlessly by for balls. By the time he starts throwing the fastball again he’s down 2-0 or 3-1 and then they’re hitting it. And if you’ve walked a few guys that’s usually going to result in an output of runs. And when you’re ERA is over 6 after 9 starts that’s not bad luck. That’s *you*.

I also think it’s possible that he’s having trouble throwing his off speed stuff from the stretch…….

I’m assuming his dad has been a big part of the solution-finding process. Obviously no one knows what the problem is since he’s had 9 starts and I would argue that only 2 of them have been passable (at least from the standpoint of how we grade Tim Lincecum vs how we grade Barry Zito).

Regardless, the free passes are over for Timmy. At least from me. I am now dreading his starts the same way I dreaded Zito’s starts pre-2012. And while *ABZ* has been temporarily retired from my vocabulary, I am chanting *ABT* for every single one of Timmy’s starts until he gets his head out of his ass and starts pitching AT LEAST as good as Barry Zito. Good God, what has happened here?

The guy in the World Series image above is dead to me right now. Here’s the new guy: >>>>>

And I don’t like this guy………

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  1. Cristin said, on May 22, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    well said. i dont care if they DL him due to HIA syndrome or send him to the minors. Head needs to come out of ass, one way or the other. time for a wake-up call. Almost as if he and Zito have traded spots.

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