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Peter O’Toole Announces He’s Retiring From Acting !!

Posted in Uncategorized by tedspe on July 20, 2012

Okay, get that glassy eyed, I need more coffee expression off your face. Just bear with me for a minute.

First off, yesterday’s game was a day game. Hell, here on the pacific coast breakfast game. And we all discussed it ad nauseum already. Today the Giants face the last place team in the NL East. There’s really not much to say right now so as is expected from TedSpe….a dull movie themed topic.Okay. Now back to Peter O’Toole. The man’s one of the most respected actors of the 20th-21st century. Nominated 8 times for an Academy Award. Also, a renowned and beloved raconteur.
Great story. May not be true but it should be. Perhaps apocryphal. And I only use that word because in my life there are so very few chances to use it.
Supposedly, O’Toole, at the height of his 1970’s drinking tenure, met a few friends for lunch at a restaurant in London’s Soho. As was his custom–a bottle of wine was ordered. Then another. Then several more. After the food they reconvened to various pubs throughout the afternoon. As evening rolled around, the group got the idea to go and see a play. The drunken crew stumbled into a theatre, bought tickets and took their seats. It was a good few minutes into the play that O’Toole froze, then turned to his companion and whispered “Bloody hell, I’m in this fucking play.” before dashing backstage, donning his costume and taking the stage.
I bring this all up because when he announced his retirement it dawned on me…O’Toole NEVER MADE A BASEBALL MOVIE!!!!
But let’s face it. With the exception of the Japanese, baseball is only *really* embraced by us ‘mericans. The only actor from across the pond I can think of immediately who actually made 2 baseball related films is Ray Milland. In RHUBARB, where he played, if memory serves, an attorney to a CAT…a fucking CAT that inherits a baseball team.
And IT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING in which he played a scientist that developed a chemical that made baseballs averse to ashwood so he became a no-hit phenomenomenom..menom.
Even some of the most revered classic American actors never appeared in a baseball movie. John Wayne? No. Henry Fonda? No. Clark Gable? No. Sonny Tufts? No.
James Stewart played Monty Stratton so props to him–Gary Cooper played The Iron Man Lou Gehrig but knew so little about baseball he looked like an idiot and was decidedly not a fan of baseball and required extensive coaching in order to look even passable on a baseball diamond. In fact, he had never played the game before, even as a youth, and had never even seen a baseball game in person until he was hired for this film. Plus, Gehrig was a southpaw, Cooper was a righty. So when they filmed the movie, they had to put Gehrig’s number backwards on his jersey and when Cooper pretended to have a hit—-HE RAN TO 3RD BASE!!!–And everything was processed in reverse in the film lab.
Ronald Reagan played Grover Cleveland Alexander in THE WINNING TEAM. In fact:
At one point during his Presidency or running for same, he started to tell a story about his own life when it was really a story from that movie–fortunately, Miss Nancy realized what was going on, grabbed his arm, slapped him upside his head, screamed “MOVE IT OLD MAN” and escorted Ronnie off the stage. Like a sad robotic Disney Hall of President.
Now, today’s actors.
Most think that Kevin Costner has a kind of monopoly on this terrain. And granted, he’s got a lot of quality in this genre–but quantity? Not really. He’s got 3 films. I won’t bring them up. I think you all know. But Charlie Sheen has 3 himself. Not just the obvious MAJOR LEAGUE film and its sequel but don’t forget—he was in EIGHT MEN OUT as well and he was pretty damn good. Dare I say—WINNING!!!—

Who else? What other American actor matches this 3 film baseball resume? Well, Robert DeNiro comes to mind. In an odd way, 3 baseball movies. 1st, his breakthrough role in BANG THE DRUM SLOWLY. Brilliant, sad and heartbreaking. 2nd, THE FAN. I think we all know this film so I won’t belabor the thoughts. But his 3rd baseball film?
Well, not really a baseball film per-se. But a film that showed his talent, proclivity and aim with a baseball bat—THE UNTOUCHABLES.Now, here’s the question–not what’s your favorite baseball movie. That’s been done before. But of all these people mentioned and all the folks I haven’t mentioned (William Bendix, Tom Selleck, Bernie Mac, Madonna, etc. etc.) which film actor looked like they not only knew how to play baseball but if they took another route they might have actually had a shot (and you might know this already but Kurt Russell *was* a pro-ballplayer. 2nd baseman, AA club for the California Angels. Was hitting .563 in 1973 but a shoulder injury forced his retirement. But him too. Has yet to make a baseball movie–Wanker)My personal choice? I reluctantly go with Charlie Sheen. Mainly because he had the guts to add HGH to his already existing tiger blood for MAJOR LEAGUE. Now *THAT’S* Stanislavsky!!!!

So in closing, God Bless Abbott and Costello.

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  1. tedspe said, on July 20, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    Harris had the first scene and came running on out only to trip on a wire or cord and went sprawling across the floor and halfway off the stage nearly onto an old woman’s lap. The old bag exclaimed, “Good god! Harris is drunk.”
    Actually, being the proper English layday that she was, she said “Good God! Harris is pissed!”
    Great fucking game tonight. I had to hear it off and on from the radio as I was taking my bro for a follow-up checkup on his broken arm. And, of course, great. “He’s improving but we need to see him again in 6 weeks. How’s August 31st work for you?”Typical.
    Heard Sandoval’s sacrifice. Heard whatshisname get walked to load the bases..git called away and missed the salami.
    Whatever, heard the the 7th inning and beyond.
    Great fucking win.
    And great fucking comments from all you Flappers thoughout the day.
    I luvs youse guys
    Goodnight, gentlemen

    • tedspe said, on July 20, 2012 at 9:53 pm

      Question mark 😉

  2. willedav said, on July 20, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    Twin I was wondering about mayberry too, he’s had kind of a sophomore jinx type year. And has played some LF too….I just doubt if we get him that belt stays.

  3. eddacker said, on July 21, 2012 at 12:07 am

    Words you love to see when sitting in the morning sun and finding out how your team did:
    season high
    timely hits

    and of course: grand slam

    my favourite?
    first place in the National League West

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