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According to Olney, We Suck

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 31, 2013

Our preferred Rose Bowl meal— Flavor’s Meatball Bonanza:




I heard on the radio that Buster Olney has ranked his top 10 starting staffs and that the Giants didn’t make the top 10. He also gave honorable mention to a couple of teams that weren’t the Giants. Not knowing where Olney would finally rank SF, we know it’s not in the top 12. He had Detroit 1st and the Dodgers 2nd. St Louis might have been 3rd but I didn’t write the top 10 down and that’s all I really remember. I was too stunned to remember much of what I was hearing. I think the Giants have a top 10 rotation in mlb. Maybe top 5. But Onley is very highly regarded so maybe he’s right. We’ll see.

I shudder to think where Olney would rank our offense…..

Anyway, happy new year to all of you guys and enjoy watching the Cardinal win another Rose Bowl tomorrow. I know I will. 🙂

Hall of Fame Vote–BBA Style

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 30, 2013

My esteemed colleagues at The Baseball Bloggers Alliance have elected the following players to the Hall of Fame:

Greg Maddux: 94.51%

Frank Thomas: 80.22%

Tom Glavine: 75.82%

Notable misses were Piazza (72%), Barry and Clemens (60%)/59%), Curt Shithead (39%), Morris (25%), McGwire (21%), Walker (17%). The following players got no votes: Benitez, Durham, both the Jones’, LoDuca, Timlin, Nomo and me.

The BBA seems to fall close to the actual HOF voting each year. In 2010 the BBA didn’t vote anyone in and the “so called writers” voted in Andre Dawson. In 2011, the BBA selected Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven and both were inducted into Cooperstown later that Summer. In 2012 the BBA selected Larkin and Bagwell but the “so called writers” only took Larkin. Last year the Bloggers again took Bagwell but no one actually got in. Bagwell lost support in this year’s voting garnering only 65%.

I’ve never been to the Hall of Fame and probably will never go due to its location. I’d go if I was there. But it’s never been on my bucket list. I’m like most of you, I don’t think enough players get in. As a man who walks the earth with the rest of the people, I’m probably not an ideal voter. 🙂

Puig Can’t Drive 55

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 29, 2013

I’m out of town for a few days but saw the Puig-going-110 story and wondered how this might impact Puig and/or his team. I’m inclined to believe this is a sign of a larger problem of Puig being a guy who’s out of control and just basically doing whatever he wants to do–not a unique quality in young athletes, especially for athletes who grew up in poor foreign countries who suddenly find themselves multi-millionaires.

I don’t think Puig has a drug problem (unless you’re talking PED’s which is possible) but if continues to live “life in the fast lane” and not be responsive to people trying to guide him towards more skillful choices in life then there could be a major trouble brewing for him and the team in the very near future.


Big Flavor’s HOF Voting Card

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 26, 2013

It’s that time of year again. Hall of Fame voter time. As an esteemed member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, I have the great honor of being able to cast a vote–well, a more accurate description is that they say if you don’t vote they kick you out of the Alliance. So, without further ado, here are this year’s hopefuls with my vote next to each name.

Moises Alou– negative

Jeff Bagwell– negative

Armando Benitez– laughing to hard to type “negative”

Craig Biggio– negative

Barry Bonds– YES

Sean Casey– negative

Roger Clemens– YES

Ray Durham— negative for *Ray from across the Bay*

Eric Gagne– negative

Tom Glavine– YES

Luis Gonzalez–negative

Jaque Jones–negative

Todd Jones–negative

Jeff Kent– YES

Paul LoDuca–negative (though I greatly enjoy him @ TVG

Greg Maddux— YES

Edgar Martinez-negative

Don Mattingly– Negative

Fred McGriff–negative

Mark McGwire— negative

Jack Morris– YES

Mike MUssina–negative

Hideo Nomo– negative

Rafael Palmiero–negative

Mike Piazza– negative

Tim Raines–YES

Kenny Rogers–negative

Curt Shilling– negative

Big Sexy Sexton–negative

Lee Smith–YES

JT Snow– negative (maybe BAHOF)

Sammy Sosa– negative

Frank Thomas-YES

Mike Timlin–negative

Allan Trammell– negative

Larry Walker– YES

There it is. Nothing to controversial (except maybe Walker). They say you can’t vote for more than 10 and I hit 10 on the nose. Thoughts?

Merry Christmas, Flappers

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 25, 2013

This is the thread I wrote last year. What a difference a year makes. Don’t forget to appreciate the love in your life. If you can, love a little harder today. It’s easy if you try.


Last year on Christmas I read World Serious. I don’t have any new Kokonuts books to read so I’ll either re-read it or maybe watch some basketball. However you choose to spend your day today, enjoy and appreciate someone or something in your life that makes you happy.

Gifting the Art Dealers the NL West as Sabean Sits on his Hands, Silently

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I must say, the Dodgers are going about building their bullpen in a unique way. Bee-Wheezy? JP Howell? Chris Perez? Sure, all guys you’d like to have around but they’re all still slated to come in before K-Jan (who is better than all of them, by far, as a closer). But when you don’t have a budget, this is what you do.

Jansen/Wheezy/Perez/Howell destroy the bullpen team of Romo/Casilla/Affeldt/Lopez (come on, it does). It’s a new world, a new Sheriff is in town  (Art Dealers). Sabean wants to “Kapernick” his flailing bicep after all the *heavy lifting* he’s done. But come on, this isn’t 2010/2012. Players are still getting signed, at reasonable costs. Why stop now?

I have been preaching this and no one cares, but we are major danger of losing next year’s division if all we do is sign the bare bones guys. The bullpen is the most important part of the team, we proved that in both our WS wins. How do you guys think our BP currently stacks up against the ‘Dealers? And how does our offense stack up? And our starting pitching? Should I keep going? Is there anything left? Oh, the bench. Um, never mind….

We have the money to compete with them. Sabean chooses to go “stay the course.” This is a stupid, idiotic approach, especially if money is not an issue which it isn’t for the Giants. I’m disgusted with our off season and unless Sabean is banking on the Dodgers team plane going down at some point this season  we are FUCKed. I guess there’s always the wildcard………..

Tonight, She Breaths Her Last Breath (unless a whole bunch of weird sh!t happens)

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As we conclude our week long good bye to Candlestick, there really isn’t any more to say. Play the game, close the doors. I’m not going to the game. After I found out that there will be a free fan-day before they blow that bitch up I decided that makes more sense for me. I didn’t really care much about going to the Niner game anyway and getting to and leaving the ‘Stick is a major pain.

But here is my Flap Promise to all of you. Should I hit the lotto between now and the day they implode her, I vow to pay whatever the corporate cost is to have a private Flap party right down on the field. It will be a bbq and it will be an evening event. Attire is semi-formal. All Flappers will be invited and if you live out of the area I’ll fly you in on my new, lotto-infused dime.

But just to keep it old school, your ticket into the party is contingent on you BYOB

Mid Field, in all it’s glory:


My buddy is at the game and he just facebooked this photo from his seats:





Counting the ACTUAL Candlestick Moments

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 21, 2013

I’ve been watching all the Niner-Love this week, it’s dominating the good bye to Candlestick week. And maybe it’s because the Niners are still playing there and there’s been *The Catch* and *The Catch 2* and *3* and whatever. There’s no question the ‘Stick has hosted some fantastic football moments.

But come on, if you are talking *moments* at Candlestick you have to admit that the lion’s share of the memories go to baseball. The Giants can’t match the Niners in terms of EPIC moments at the ‘Stick but they played 10 times more games there than the Niners did each year. And they got there first so they had all those games in the bank before the Niners took their first snap. Moments.

If you’re talking about moments that shot fans out of their seats it’s a no-brainer– Candlestick shot more Giants fans out of their seats than Niners fans over the years. And yes, I can do math, I understand the difference between a packed stadium for a Niner game and 8000 Giants fans wandering drunk, aimlessly around the stadium. But ten times the games each year is non-negotiable, the Stick gave Giants fans more *moments*.

And then there’s this: I’m not old enough to remember much before Steve DeBerg, in fact he’s the first Niner QB I can recall watching. But in all this nostalgia bullshit going on this week, it’s like not a single thing ever happened inside of Candlestick until the moment The Catch happened. Now, we all know that isn’t true. But if the entire focus of the *Candlestick goodbye* this week is pinned to the genesis of *The Catch* then it’s pretty obvious how many *moments* are getting missed this week….

Looking Back at Our First One

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 19, 2013

I could watch this video till infinity finally just runs out of steam and gives up.


The thing that now blows me away more and more each day are the position players who won us that World Series. Think about it, after 2010 they were mostly all freaking done: Huff, Glass Sanchez, Renteria, Rowand, Torres, Burrell, Ross, Sandoval (who was done THAT YEAR and re-invented himself the next year), Uribe. Well, Uribe cobbled together a nice season in 2013.

But think about that. Our position players were almost all a bunch of ragged guys on their last legs. Their last breaths. It makes that magical season that much more unreal. Did 2010 really happen?

Candlestick: A Reluctant Goodbye

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 18, 2013

I just watched this ktvu thing about saying goodbye to Candlestick. Everyone wants to get in on a good bye. This is it:


While I was watching it I got emotional. I’m going to do that a lot in the coming days. Keith Olberman can take his witty quips and go fuck himself. The times I spent at Candlestick were some of the best memories of my childhood.

And while we didn’t always win it *all*, in fact we never did in our actual park, going to games at the ‘Stick will always be part of who i am, who I always will be. Till I die.

I’m sitting here typing this blog thread out and all I can think about are the players. That’s unusual for me, I’m usually about *the moments*. But god dammit did these guys give us some moments or what?

My list in THIS moment: (And hang on, it’s gonna be a wild ride. Stream of consciousness. Freestyle. I will miss so many of the best. No order except maybe the first one.)

Here goes.

Joe Montana

Dwight Clark

Joel Youngblood

Michael Carter

Will Clark

One Flap Down

Renaldo Nehemiah

Jim Barr

Brett Butler

Willie Mac

Mike Ivie

Wendell Tyler

Barry Bonds

Steve Young

John Taylor

Ronnie Lott

Chris Brown

Candy Maldonado

Bill Ring


Jerry Rice

Mike Sadek

Dave Fucking Radar!

Rickey Watters

Jack Clark

Ed Halicki

Bobby Murcer

Frank Gore

Johnnie LeMaster

Von Joshua

Larry Herndon

Eric Wright

Ray Wersching

Paul Hofer

Mike Krukow

The Count

Gary Thomasson

Russ Francis

Earl Cooper

Steve DeBerg

Darrell Evans

Atlee Hammaker

The MoonMan

Gary Lavelle

Jeff Fuller

Rod Beck

Mike Cofer

Robby Thompson

William VanLaunchingpad

Matt Williams

Alex Smith

Ozzie Fernandez

Garrison Hearst

Solomon Torres

Vida Blue

Rennie Stennett

Vernon Davis

Bob Knepper

Patrick Willis

That Great Big Ass Escalator

Phil Nastu……. 🙂 …..just to keep it real.

That took me less than 5 minutes to type. And this list could go on forever. Literally. And it will play on inside all of us long after we are gone……

Time to Pay the Piper

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The Yankees got hit with a 28 million dollar luxury tax for 2013 which shouldn’t bother ownership….as long as they win. But they haven’t won in a long time and Hal’s been on a mission to get under the tax ceiling of 178 million for a couple of years now. If they can get under it just once it will reset their tax to 12.5% going forward rather than the whopping 50% they pay now for going over the threshold for so many consecutive years. This brings A-Fraud’s case back into the news. The only way the Yankees get under that cap in 2014 is if a judge upholds his suspension and they don’t have to pay him the 26 million he is owed.

I am praying that Lame-Roid gets all his money. As much as I dislike him and I would experience a smidge of joy knowing he’s got to try to feed his family on the paltry 353 million he’s made in his career so far, it would suck to see Selig and his New York cronies pull this scheme off. This absurd 211 game suspension was never about anything more than the Yankees looking for a get-out-of-jail free card.

The Giants final 2013 payroll checked in at 141.3 million (7th highest in baseball). The way the SF ownership operates there is no way in hell they will ever pay a cent in luxury tax. And far be it from me to criticize how others spend their money but it’s important to note that Giant ownership would check in much higher than 7th if you were ranking wealthiest ownership groups in mlb. Just sayin’.

Mike Morse Can’t Walk on Egg Shells

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“If you hit one, you hit one, it doesn’t matter what park you’re at.” — Mike Morse.

That is a quote from a big man who hits monster bombs. That’s Dave Kingman shit. And I think he’s right. For starters, it’s great to hear someone confidently talking about their power abilities. We haven’t had that since Barry who last played six years ago. That’s a long time to go without having a power hitter. And that’s what Morse is. He’s manly muscle. He’s hugely huge– he’s the dude you want behind you when *it’s on*. Come to think of it, he’s the dude you want IN FRONT of you when *it’s on*. 🙂 🙂 🙂

And he’s a right handed hitter so he really doesn’t have to deal with Triples Alley which he’ll appreciate after playing at AT&T for a couple of months.

I watched his interview at Comcast a couple of times. Like him. He’s pretty straight forward. He’s got a little *Voggy* in him when it comes to interviews. And Voggy is without question the best interview on the team—tells it like it is. He doesn’t worry about slipping up on a word or an unpopular opinion.

Anyway, I’m down with Morse. I’m not going to call this a great signing the way I called the “Pagan for Torres” trade. Morse and his brittleness make him too much of a risk for that. But Sabean did a great job scoring this dude…….


Quickie on Mark Mulder: I read Sabean’s comments on him earlier today and I was surprised because he made it sound like Mulder was after the $$$$. I thought, “that’s a joke, Mulder just fiddled around with his windup and is giving the big leagues one last shot. Plus, he’s already under contract for 2 more years with ESPN, he’s got a nice paying gig already.”

I guess Mulder caught wind of Sabean’s nonsense because he tweeted this out:


Now, the reason I uploaded this tweet re-tweet is because Sabean feeds the local scribes bullshit on a regular basis. It’s nice to see Mulder call him on it. Someone needed to…….

Some Random Thoughts as Haiku’s Approach and The BBOTD Page Gets More hits than the Main Page

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The advanced metrics continue to score pitchers nice deals. Edinson Volquez signed a 1 year deal with the Pirates for 5 million. His 5.71 ERA wasn’t what the Pirates liked. They were enamored with his 4.07 xFIP (which someone should tell them still isn’t very good). But the Pirates love the xFIP metric, they scored big when buying low on Burnett and Liriano using the same approach. And I’m not against xFIP at all. I do wonder if Sabean even knows what it is. I think he does. Hopefully  someone on his staff is advising him. I didn’t look it up prior to this thread going to print, but I seem to remember Timmy having a nice xFIP last year and the year before that.

The Rockies just handed Boone Logan a boatload of money. He’s another guy with a fabulous xFIP/ERA discrepancy and his was actually pretty good last year— 2.71. We’ll see how that works out. I can tell you I’ve seen a lot of Boone Logan on the YES network over the last couple of years and very little of it is good. Dude has a penchant for imploding at the wrong time. But hey, he got 16.5 mil from the Rockies. I like this deal because it means we get to tee off on Boone Logan in the late innings.

The Rockies also signed Morneau a few days ago. Can’t imagine too many Pirate fans were bummed to see him go. Twenty five games, 92 plate appearances, zero home runs, 3 rbi’s (regular season).

I saw Heyman tweet out that he considers Posey the 3rd best offensive player in all of baseball after Trout and Miggy. I guess he didn’t watch Posey play last year……

Juan Uribe, Off The Board!

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I’m still trying to keep it real with relevant breaking news. Uribe has re-signed with the Art Dealers. At the time we sent this blog post to print, terms of the deal have not been disclosed. To me, at least. Maybe to Heyman, that fuck. He routinely scoops me…..

Uribe was probably never on the table for Sabes. For starters, Sabean has quit looking to improve the team. For most GM’s their work is never really done, they’re always trying to tweak and twist their roster into something better. Not for Sabes. He has his agenda, he signs his guys, fills out a roster and then he’s done with his “heavy lifting” as he likes to call it.

Uribe is probably still pissed at the Giants for leaking the lawsuit story filed against him by his former landlord. Remember that? He burned up his kitchen with a grease fire and then flew the coop. I think he settled out of court a year later. The Giants didn’t bother leaking that part of the story, did they?

The Giants Add Another Horse With Morse

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 13, 2013

In an earlier poll, 75.61% of you said that Sabean would nOt trade for a new left fielder. I should have added the choice of signing one as a free agent. I’m pleased with the Michael Morse signing. He’s cheap. Big. Powerful. Brittle. He will be the everyday starting left fielder as long as he’s healthy. Blanco will get a start here and there but the time you’ll see Blanco (or Perez) most often is 8th inning onward when he comes in to take over for Morse and his putrid defense.

Besides defense, his health is the obvious concern. In a perfect world I’d like to see Morse play first base with Belt in left field. Morse is probably less worse at first and Belt would be an obvious upgrade to him in left field. The other main reason I’d put Morse at 1st: less likely of getting injured. It’s almost going to be a given that this dude pulls a hammy or jams a knee on an earthquake-causing dive. Less chance of him hurting himself over at the 1-bag.

And if you’re still not on board with the Morse signing ask yourself this: would you rather have Morse for a year at 5 mil or Rajai Davis for 2 years at 10? Sabean did a good job on this but with the (L)astros being the competition for his services you have to wonder at least a little if we’ve found fools gold.

We’ll see.


Instead of a Winter Haiku, How About No October?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 12, 2013

A few days ago, our great friend Pawlie Kokonuts excitedly sent me an email of a poem called *No October* written by a Giants fan that he had somehow come to know. I love Pawlie but he’s a level or 6 above me when it comes to meeting up with Giants fans who are strangers. I was busy, scanned part of it quickly, figured I’d get to it when I had more time. You’re not supposed to rush through a poem, right? Anyway, I lost the email somehow, probably deleted it, but either way it wasn’t anywhere to be found in my trash or my inbox. A day later I sheepishly asked him to send it again. He forwarded me a link at Amazon and being the supporter of great writing that I am, I clicked the link and bought the poem for .99 cents.

It’s really more of a short story. The poem is beautiful, but at the end of it the author, Celeste Johnston, details her life as a Giants fan—mostly how she became a Giants fan. I was captured by her words. Not just because I could relate to how this team imprinted itself on to her soul in the 70’s at the same time it did to me. I was hooked by the beginning as I read about a girl who grew up in a baseball family that lived and breathed baseball. But remember, in the 70’s we were still a long way away from any meaningful benefits that Title IX would bring to women’s sports. It was hardly a given that a young girl in the 70’s would automatically become a fan of baseball or any sport. As many of you know, I am a big supporter of women’s sports—I go to more Stanford women’s soccer and basketball games than I do the men’s. And I happen to be raising quite the female athlete if I do say so myself.

As a boy, I fell backwards and quite easily into being a Giants fan. It was more of a meandering path for Celeste. For instance, here is an excerpt that shows her inclination towards the underdog:

“I remember one time in my first grade class, crying for George McGovern because he had only received one vote (mine) in a classroom poll of who the children’s parents were voting for. I remember looking at the lone little chalk mark on the black board that represented my vote compared to the scores of votes on the other side of the board for Nixon. I felt so bad for McGovern and a little for myself because I was clearly apart from the rest of the class and even after the teacher, seeing that I was upset, asked if I wanted to change my vote to join the rest of the class, I stubbornly refused because I would not abandon Mr McGovern and leave him to his unpopular fate….”

As a girl, growing up in a family of Dodger fans, you can see how the seeds of her Giant fandom were sprinkled……

There are so many parts of this *short story* that I enjoyed. She talks about her love of Candlestick and how her child-eyes saw the ballpark. For instance:

“I was in love; just happy to be at the ballpark. I used to dream of what it would be like to be trapped in the ballpark alone at night. Innocently I thought it would be wonderful, safely sequestered within the stadium walls where I could run around the outfield and sleep on the grass with only the stars as my canopy above. It was a dream I had after every game, to hide away after everyone left and the stadium my own to play in….”

She talks about the struggles her family had to make ends meet and how that impacted the 3 Giants games or so that her dad would take her too each year.

I’m going to stop uploading excerpts now. I’ve intentionally not posted any part of her poem because it would ruin the read to only show snippets. I’m hoping that my endorsement as well as the two excerpts above from her *epilogue* will be enough to encourage you to buy it. It’s .99 cents and while I don’t know what Celeste does for a living I’m pretty sure sure isn’t a professional writer. No October came from her heart and she puts words together like I wish I could. It was an honor to read her writing. Here’s the link:


By the way, if you are like me and didn’t understand the *kindle* part of the link, don’t worry you don’t have to have a kindle. That’s just Amazon’s way of hooking you up with their cloud or where ever it is that this poem is stored. No matter, after you buy it, it’s easily accessible from the link. Enjoy.


Sabean’s Idea of Conventional Wisdom Needs to Be Re-Examined

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Brian Sabean took time out from his field trips to Tampa Bay to tell Andrew Baggarly that negotiating an extension for Sandoval this Spring would be “conventional wisdom.” Excuse me?

Is Sabean just dumb? It’s a serious question. He gives Sandoval nearly 18 million dollars after he loses the weight prior to the 2011 season only to watch him balloon back up to a blimp shortly there-after. Pablo: 1 Sabean: 0. Now The Panda is busy cutting himself in half because, you know, he needs to gear up for his contract year. And instead of calling bullshit on this pathetic approach to preparing himself as a major league player year to year, instead of adhering to the “fool me once/twice” adage, he’s telling Baggarly that *conventional wisdom* says to sign him to a mega deal? So what happens when you give him 75 million and he starts powering down the giant sundae’s again? Wait him out till the end of the new deal, watch him get in shape again and then give him another 100 million? This is just beyond idiotic.

I don’t doubt for a second that Pablo will come to camp in shape and have a good year. And I doubt for even less than a second that there will be dumb ass GM’s lining up to offer him a boatload of cash. The world wouldn’t make sense without dumb ass GM’s out there making it rain on all of these players.

Sabean can make it rain all week on the Tampa hoes. But I don’t want him to make it rain on the Panda in Spring Training. Working out for a couple of months shouldn’t get you a 75-100 million dollar contract. It just shouldn’t and Sabean should know better.

Look, we don’t have to be held hostage by Panda’s wild cravings anymore. His value is overrated anyway. Go look at his stats and tell me otherwise. If he wants to bolt after 2014, let him. Move Posey over to 3rd and promote Susac. Or sign a FA 3rd baseman or move Posey to 3rd and sign a FA catcher. Just because the Giants failed to develop a 3rd baseman in the minor leagues shouldn’t mean that Sabean is always going to be responsible for trying to satiate the insatiable Panda. I’m beyond tired of this being an issue year in and year out. Look, his metabolism is only going to slow down as he gets older, this *problem* will only get worse as he ages. Take the best of what he has to offer next year and move freaking on already…..

A New York State of Mind

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The Giants were *rumored* to have interest in Brett Gardner. It was irritating to listen to the KNBR morning show with the host (Murph) not even knowing who he was. How can you be the host of a major morning sports broadcast show and not know who all the players are?  And we aren’t talking about some random journeyman or a brand new rookie. Gardner isn’t an all star but he’s 30 and entering his 7th major league season with the Yankees. Anyway, that was astounding.

I don’t expect the Giants to trade for Gardner or anyone with the Yankees because they don’t have what New York wants: major league ready talent. We have barely enough of that to fill out 8 spots in the line up and Sabean isn’t trading away any starting pitching. Romo? I guess, but that just creates another hole and Sabean doesn’t like to create holes in his major league roster.

Plus, I don’t think Gardner is worth Romo. Gardner would probably hit ok at ATT Park but I’ve always felt he’s a little overrated. He’s fast, sure. And that’s it. And as he eases into his 30’s you don’t get faster you get slower……

I’ve been an *Ichiro* guy for a while now. And he could be had for much less than Romo. But the Giants don’t like him because he’s 40. That is ridiculous. Ichiro will be able to hit until he’s 50. Especially at AT&T Park where he would bang doubles and triples one handed while eating a Sheboygan with the free hand. And I would posit that a 40 year old Ichiro would dwarf what a 30 year old White Shark would do every game of the week and twice on off days. Plus, it would send Blanco to his rightful spot on the bench.

Either way, neither guy will get acquired. I’m just trying to do my diligence and keep up with my *esteemed colleagues* at mlbtraderumors.com 🙂

What the hell, I’m in the mood for a poll:

Saying a Final Goodbye to the Big Concrete Toilet Bowl

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I’m not gonna lie, during the first series when Seattle had the ball, and the crowd was chanting “De-fense” over and over, I got a little choked up. I didn’t just hear hear the pride of Niner fans, I felt it in my soul.  So much great history, resonating, reverberating, shaking…..

As Giants fans, we said goodbye to Candlestick Park 14 years ago. I’ll never forget my first game at AT&T, coming up the stairwell seeing that brand new beautiful park—it took my breath away, literally. But I will never stop missing games at the ‘Stick and all of the amazing moments I was a part of, as a fan, in that place.

My dad had season tickets to Niner games in ’79 and ’80. He gave them up the year before they won the Super Bowl. My parents got divorced in ’78, I think it was his way of apologizing to me or something. While I’ve been to a few Niner games since then, I went to a bunch with him over that 2 season period. I was too young to really remember them much. At least, not like I remember going to Giants games. I think that’s where the “knowing dude head nod” was born.  Although now I think those weren’t really “knowing dude head nods” that I shared with my Giant’s brethren—our heads were just shaking involuntarily from the freezing temperatures, lol.

Still, yesterday, I felt the Niner pride all the way from Candlestick, through my tv and into my living room. So many great memories from that shit hole. Giants games, Niner games, even a Monsters of Rock event that I remember a little of.

I think I’ll remember that Frank Gore run that set up the game winning field goal for the rest of my life. I am so jealous of the fans that got to watch it live, erupting in unison. One of the great Candlestick moments. There have been so many.

I had a half-hearted plan to hit a final Niner game this year but didn’t get off my ass to make it happen. I can’t actually remember the last Giants game I went to at Candlestick. I think I’ve been to a Niner game or 2 over the last 14 years. Still, it would have been great to go to one final game. I doubt I’ll go to the final regular season game and we likely won’t have any playoff games at home this year. I regret not going to a final game at the ‘Stick this year. One final game.

I’m not going to watch them blow her up. My heart couldn’t take it. It would be like blowing up part of my soul….

On the Eve of the Winter Meetings

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I’m writing this thread with the tv on in the background. It’s playing an infomercial about something called “Meaningful Beauty”. It’s endorsed by Cindy Crawford and it’s about some *doctor* in France who has found a super anti-oxident in a *rare melon* that promised to keep your skin looking young forever. I will say this: If you want to laugh out loud at 5am one of these mornings, you should try to catch this infomercial. I won’t go into the details of it here but it is hilarious, in an unintended way, from start to finish. You can probably find it on youtube.com

Regarding the Winter Meetings: I predict that the Meaningful Beauty infomercial will end up being more engaging than what will be happening at the Winter Meetings. At least for the Giants. I’m obviously going to follow the Meetings on twitter though what I’d really like to do is follow Sabean’s caravan to the Tampa strip clubs—something that also promises to be more interesting than the Winter Meetings.

I’m not spending the time on guessing who Sabean trades for IF he was going to pull off a deal for a left fielder next week. But I’ll throw up a poll about it.

Spendy Set Up Guys

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Weird return to Los Dealers for Bee-Dipshit. Were there just no other offers to close on the table? LA is a crack up. They give Brandon League 22.5 million last year to close. That doesn’t work out so he goes to set up role and then Jansen takes over as closer (he should have always been the closer). Now they’re paying Wheezy what will essentially work out to be 18.5 million (he’s got a player option in the second year of the deal) to be the set up guy. Think about that for a second. Is there any better example of random, haphazard dispersement of payroll than having a little over 40 million dollars tied up into two guys who will set up for a pitcher making less than a million dollars to pitch as their closer in 2014?

Well, Wheezy does live in LA and maybe he’s banking on Jansen imploding or something. I can’t imagine he doesn’t want to close, his “look at me” attitude is too overwhelming for him to want to do anything else. They don’t play music for the set up guy. And that beard ain’t doing anything other than growin’ in the 8th inning. The beard has always grown on ego and the adulation of an adoring public. This scene from Seinfeld is what the beard is all about:


Preparing Myself Now For an Underwhelming Winter Meetings

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The Winter Meetings are going down next week and Sabean is reporting that he’ll be powering down a fried steak and the big beers at the best strip club in Orlando (although some light googling showed that he’s going to need to make the drive to Tampa for the best strip clubs in Florida). He’s also going to have to find time to work on his tan and if he’s gotta drive to Tampa I’m not sure when he’ll fit that all that in. Conundrum. Oh well, I’m sure he’ll work it out. One recommendation for Sabes: When it’s time to “make it rain” on the hoes I hope he has the decency to toss the dollar bills. He can’t throw coins at them. Do not make it hail on the hoes. Make it rain….

One thing we know he won’t be doing is making any moves to improve his team. Nothing “earth shattering” or anything and those are his words, not mine. The Winter Meetings are lame now anyway, in case anyone missed it, the *Winter Meetings* have been going down over the last week and a half. I predict multiple GM caravan’s headed from Orlando to Tampa next week…….

I’ll put this out to Flavor Nation: Do you believe it’s likely we suffer a major injury to a starting position player next year? It’s likely, right? Who will be filling in for that guy? And I don’t want to hear about Arias or Abreu or any of that nonsense. We have the lightest, barest, weakest group of 8 position players of all but a handful of the worst teams in all of baseball. We are screwed if we go into the season with the 8 position players currently slated to start for us.

I’ll be referring back to all of these threads when Sabean starts trotting out his “bad penny” white flag official statement after Gregor Freaking Blanco goes down with a knee injury in late June of next year……..

Jacoby Ellsbury Signing: This has *Joke* Written all Over it

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I think I’ve been too hard on Sabean lately. So I’ll say this: I couldn’t be happier that he’s staying out of the 100-200+ million dollar nonsense that some of these other teams can’t stop themselves from engaging in. Jacoby Ellsbury ain’t worth no 153 million. He just isn’t. If I’m giving that much scratch to a guy he needs to be a franchise player which J-Ell is not.

He needs to be rock solid healthy with no injury history. Um, can’t check that box off either. And I’m not just talking about the games he’s missed up to this point in his career. He sat out almost all of 2010 and more than half the games in 2012. He’s 30, take the number of games he’s missed pre-30 and double or triple that number to guess the number he’ll miss now that he’s aging into his 30’s– remember, players only played consistently deep well into their 30’s during the steroid era. Outside of of David Ortiz (who is likely on them) you just don’t see players *getting better* into their mid/late 30’s.

He would need to be a clubhouse leader. J-Ells is known for keeping to himself and having next to no relationship with his teammates. No thanks, not if it’s my 153 million.

If he’s an outfielder, his game can’t be based almost solely on speed. And outside of his 1-off home run heavy year in 2011, Ellsbury has been all about 2 things: stolen bases and defense. Sorry, I’m not spending 153 million on that. Remember, you get slower as you get older, not faster. I’m surprised Brian Cashman doesn’t know this.

Jacoby Ellsbury is like a poor man’s Carl Crawford who now makes more money than Crawford. It was a hilarious panic move by the Yankees and I can’t wait to watch it blow up in their face.

Bold Moves Yesterday in Baseball

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Two pretty crazy trades went down yesterday as well as a free agent pitcher signing while Sabean passively offered arbitration to his uninspiring arb eligible players…..

The Tigers and the Orioles made 2 head scratcher deals with Detroit sending Fister to the Nationals for next2nothing and Baltimore giving the A’s Jim Johnson who has 101 saves over the last 2 seasons. On paper, it seems like both the Tigers and the Orioles got taken for a ride. The A’s finished the day off with a 2 year/22 million dollar deal for Scott Kazmir—

The Fister deal is particularly galling since it seems that one of the better starting pitchers in the AL could be had for peanuts. It would have been nice to have Doug Fister on our team instead of Ryan Vogelsong. Did Sabean even know he was available?

I’m hoping that Sabean scrambles around to find Dan Duquette’s cell phone number. I never saw the Romo-to-Orioles proposed deal as a possibility– it didn’t make any sense to send Romo to a team with a closer who has 101 saves under his belt across the last 2 seasons. But now it makes perfect sense, provided that the Orioles can’t possibly be considering giving the job to K-Rod. He should change his nickname to Walk-Rod.

The deals that went down in baseball yesterday are EXACTLY the type of deals that Sabean should be working on. Forget all this nonsense about re-signing all the guys who barely kept us out of last place in 2013. You have to keep working to improve your team whenever there is an opportunity to improve it. You can’t just barely fill out your starting staff and then have the barest minimalist approach to cobbling together your position players. The Dodgers can buy whoever they want to put together a championship team. We have to do it with slick, aggressive moves. There should be no vacation for Brian Sabean. Ever. Work until your eyeballs fall out of your head. Other GM’s are doing it, why shouldn’t Sabean?

Since I can’t stand to hear him give up in July like he did last year I’ll say it for him now in December: 2014 is shaping up to be a bad penny year……..

How to Build a World Series Team Going Forward

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It sure is nice to see so many Flappers have unquestioned faith in Brian Sabean. And far be it from me to do anything but honor the two world championships that his teams brought to us. But here’s the deal: 2010 and 2012 are over with. And in case some of you didn’t see it, there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is The Art Dealer. He doesn’t care what things cost. He spends wildly on his art hoping that one or two of them will turn out to be priceless works of art. And though it didn’t work out for him in 2013, this is the model he will adhere to until he wins. And if he keeps spending, he will win.

A decent argument against this model is, “Well, the Yankees spend money every year and they’ve only won a single world series in the 13 years that have passed since their dynasty.” So clearly, spending money doesn’t equal a guarantee of anything.

But what the Art Dealers are doing make the Yankees look like the a typical Houston Astro re-build year. Their payroll will be in the 230+ million in 2014 and they will likely go tens of millions above that in the coming seasons. They wipe their ass with the luxury tax receipt that they’ll be paying year in and year out while they reel off 2 or 3 world series championships in a row. The Yankees had a built in fatal flaw that the overrated Cashman didn’t have an answer for: they got too old. And at the same time they started freaking out about the luxury tax and have been trying to get under that while the rest of their team ages out of the league. This will never happen to the ‘Dealers. If some of their old guys get too old they’ll just release them or bench them and go trade for another 2 or 3 guys who are still productive but who are too expensive for their current team to hold on to. Everyone’s looking for salary relief. Except for the Art Dealers. From that stand point they’re really more like Drug Dealers. But I can only keep track of one nickname at a time so…..

What does that mean for the Giants? Of course I’m not suggesting that they can keep up with them from a payroll standpoint. But the model can’t be “The pitching is set and let’s just see what happens.” We are too thin across the board with our position players. Don’t believe me? What happens if Pagan goes down again next year? Hmmmm, I guess Sabes could slide good ‘ol Blanco over to CF and see what Torres is doing–maybe he’d come back and play left field for us. We have one of the worst outfield’s in baseball and if one of our “big 3” go down who’s our back up plan? Gary Freaking Brown? Francisco Peguero? Oops, never mind. The Giants can’t continue to ignore their hitting by putting together the barest minimum line of of position players. If we do that we are guaranteed another “bad penny year” as Sabes likes to say when he gives up in early July…..

My point is that 2010 and 2012 are not anything to fall back on as *evidence* that our model will work in the new NL West. The Art Dealer’s have raised the bar. We have to raise ours……..