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Retro Time

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on October 30, 2015

I thought we could take a trip back through history.


Gone in a New York Minute?

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When I found out that The Mets were going to be off a week before the World Series, the first thing I thought of was *2012 Tigers*. Remember when they tried to run all those simulated games telling everyone that was good enough to keep them sharp? And then they were swept.

And it appears the exact same thing is happening to The 2015 Mets. The only thing I can think of that will save them is a “Hunter Pence” type speech from David Wright.

Otherwise, turn out the lights. And that’s fine with me. I really like the Royals……

KC 1 NY 0

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If yesterday’s Game 1 is any indication, this is going to be an exciting World Series. Will anyone watch it? Seemed like the NBA dominated the night but maybe that’s just because we are in the heart of Dubs Nation. How about that ring, eh? Gaudy enough for ya? There’s a pic circulating twitter of Rick Barry comparing his lil’ guy to the lug nut on Joe Lacob’s hand. I’ll find it later at work this morning and post it.

lol, look at this thing:


KC in 6

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I almost said KC in 5 but decided to give myself some leeway. Predictions are stupid. What’s yours? And you’re not allowed to predict rain. Or this:

Game Day?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on October 25, 2015

No baseball. No Niners. Hockey is a word not to be spoken in our house. Maybe they’re having some good sales at Bed Bath and Beyond?

What do you guys do on sports-less days? Golf? Library? What?

Jed York Sucks Balls

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on October 23, 2015

Isn’t it funny how different the 49ers and the Giants are? At least in terms of how they are run. Larry Baer is EVERYWHERE. It’s nice to hear a voice from the ownership group. The 49ers? I follow Jed York on twitter and besides some re-tweets the ONLY thing he’s said in a month is some reference to losing someone in the 49ers family. And I can’t remember hearing him speak actual words since he fired Harbaugh. WHERE IS THIS DUDE? He’s turned into Chris Cohan. And for someone who was so pompous with the press after he begun tearing the team apart telling us all about the *standard* being Super Bowl wins….well, he can go fuck himself. Worst owner in football and he has overseen a team that is now a complete embarrassment. What standard are you using to judge the team now, Jeddy boy?

Babe Murphy?

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Six games in a row with a bomb? An OPS over 1.800? This Daniel Murphy thing has gotten crazy. Regardless, it’s bye bye Cubbies and I could care less.

Very little baseball for a while, unless Toronto can win the next one.

Walk Murphy? Screw that. This isn’t Barry Bonds or The Babe. Pitch to him. All of this will even out soon enough…..


About an hour ago, PST, Two Trips took his final trip. He gone.


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Anyone believe in that dumb Billy Goat curse? Found out this morning that the goat was named *Murphy*. That’s funny. Reading back on the history is even funnier. The owner said “You are never going to win another World Series again because you insulted my goat!” How absurd is that? It sounds like something said in a dispute between two middle eastern farmers except substitute “cricket championship” for “world series.”

Anyway, today is going to be interesting. A couple of teams might be finding out it doesn’t matter how many wins you pile up in the regular season. It’s all about stepping up in the post season……. #3in5

More Bad Umpiring

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No football, two huge baseball games today. Let’s see if the umps can restrain themselves from tossing anyone. Seriously, that was a joke that Tulo got tossed yesterday. I want to know who the umps have to answer to for absurd moves like the one Heirshbeck (or whatever his name is) made yesterday. Can they just do whatever they want? What if he ran across the street and spit on Tulo? Any repercussions for that?

It is so beyond time for robot umpires. Just for balls and strikes. Leave the ups on the field to make all the field calls. It would speed up the game too, since I can’t see a player trying to argue with something that isn’t even there. Actually, that would be kind of a hoot to watch. Fight Club 2. I’d watch that.

2015 Post Season Taking Form

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on October 19, 2015

Both pennant series at 2-nada. So while it looks like a New York/KC series, we know better. Nothing is set in stone until it’s set in stone…..

All this Lamar Odom angst is starting to irritate me. I’m tired of hearing about what a great guy he is. This dude wasn’t clothing the homeless or curing cancer. He was banging two whores high as fuck on ccccccccccoke. Jeez, by all means let’s hope the doctors can make him all better so he can continue on with his “life’s work.”

I’m a full blown Royals fan these days so I hope they make quick work of the Blue Jays and move on to the World Series. Seriously, I can’t get enough of KC. The uni’s, the park, the players, the fans. That damn gorgeous georgeous (Brett) water fall is simply hypnotically spell binding. 🙂

Go Royals.

Unreal Endings

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on October 18, 2015

The end of that Michigan game still blows my mind. As a young boy, my dad took me over to Berkeley for the Big Game. That’s the last game that reminded me of yesterday’s game. I still remember walking out of that stadium with my dad and having multiple Berkeley fans (students) screaming “fuck Stanford!” at us. And while I’ve been to many, many Big Games at Stanford, that was the only game I went to in Berkeley. No real reason other than no interest in being around fans like that.

Jim Harbaugh just seems to be involved in weirdo endings in big games, doesn’t he? The inexplicable Kyle Williams fumbles. Being first and goal on the 7 and losing the Super Bowl. Yesterday’s game at Ann Arbor.

So is Harbaugh just unlucky? Or does he feed into it somehow? How about Toronto? Goins and Bautista NOT catching that pop up is still inexplicable to me (despite all the excuses the talking heads gave). And we all saw what unfolded after that missed pop up.

Is it luck? Or in these cases, bad luck? Karma? Whatever that is. Or do these players contribute to these unreal turn of events? Had replay been around back in ’82, The Play would have been reversed 5 different ways. Still makes you wonder about so many weird plays happening in big games.

Eh, it’s probably just random. Still, weird…..

On This Date…..

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on October 17, 2015

26 years ago today, an earthquake hit the Bay Area. I was in Portland, Oregon at the time so I had no experience other than worrying about my friends and family. How many of you guys were here when it went down? Any strong memories?

History Lesson

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on October 16, 2015

27 years and one day ago, an injured Kirk Gibson dragged his ragged bones off the bench to hit one of the most dramatic home runs in baseball history. Yesterday, the Mets eliminated the Art Dealers from the post season.

Lots of things happened in between those 2 events……

There’s a bunch of websites that show “this day in history.” I was looking up 1988 and they have notable info for every day of the year. I didn’t go through the entire year, but this was the best one I found, by far:

Oct 26th Donald Trump bills Mike Tyson $2,000,000 for 4 month advisory service

4 months? What could he have possibly advised Mike Tyson about for 4 months?

Too Many Beers in Canada

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on October 15, 2015

So yesterday we learned that Canadians shouldn’t be allowed to drink at baseball games. Seriously, how many Molson Golden’s do you have to fire down before you decide it’s a good idea to trash your field over a call you were wrong about in the first place? Bautista didn’t do much to kill the fire with that ridiculous bat flip. It was actually a bat throw. Encarnacion should be commended for how he tried to restore order. Whatever, if I was looking for a reason to root against Toronto, I found one…..

Bummed to be missing the Met game tonight (will listen to some of it at the tailgate on the radio) but I’ll be at the Stanford/UCLA game. Huge, huge game for the Cardinal tonight. I’m really excited to see Josh Rosen live. Blitz the shit out of him the way ASU did, that seems the best way to go. He’s a huge talent but he’s young and he was clearly rattled in the game they just lost at home to ASU……

Still in a New York State of Mind

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on October 14, 2015

The Cardinals and their 100 regular season wins have been bounced from the post season and I wonder how often that happens. I’m not gonna look it up. Just wonder about it. How often does the team with the most regular season wins NOT make it to the World Series?

Disappointing but predictable ending for the Mets. Kershaw can finally spell his name properly again. Goodie for him.

deGrom can still pull this off. He’s a beast and even going against a fellow beast it could come down to a single hit that sends the Art Dealers to the couch. I still believe the Mets can do this……

I’m in a New York State of Mind

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More fun games to watch yesterday. The Cubs banged out just shy of a billion home runs into the wind tunnel at Wrigley. The Mets came back from down 3 to destroy the Art Dealers 13-7. Now Two Trips is scrambling for answers and Kersha goes today.

I missed the first 2 games because of work but I can’t remember a post season not involving the Giants that I found so entertaining.

Let’s go Mets!

If you’re worried about Kersha pitching today, please refer to the POTD for re-assurance on a Mets W today……


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I thought Kruk was gonna bust a gut this morning as he seethed about the Utley slide. Would he have seethed less if it wasn’t a Dodger? Doubt it. Kruk thinks he got suspended so that MLB can protect Utley from being attacked by a Mets fan. Kruk’s world view is skewed and dull.

Since he’s been suspended I don’t expect any retaliation. The only guy who deserves to get popped is Utley. What good does it do to hit A-Gone? The only time it makes even a little sense to hit a position player who didn’t have anything to do with a retaliation play is if it’s an AL pitcher who started it.

And there’s is NOW WAY Harvey hits someone today. He’d be tossed from the game immediately, as would Collins. The time for retaliation will come, Utley will get a fastball in the ribs, probably next Spring Training.

Either way, pretty excited to watch this game tonight……

Another Broken Leg

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Tired of hearing about how Utley *plays the game hard* and how he brought a bunch of *Philly toughness* with him to LA. That’s all bs. Guys in the mob play pretty hard too, that doesn’t make what they do right. And something no one has been able to explain to me: how was Utley declared safe when he never touched the bag at any point during or after that assault on Tejada?

Krukow lamely explained away the Kang broken leg by saying Kang hadn’t played mlb long enough to know about jumping out of the way. I wonder how he would justify what Utley did?

Losing is Fun!

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What Dodgers blog do you guys go to when you re-post those sad-sack, depressing, nervous, angry posts from their fans? Because I can’t believe they were too stoked to see Kersha come out in the 7th at 113 pitches. Isn’t he your dominant beast? And don’t you have like the worst bullpen in the land?

DeGrom’s performance was *Timmy-like* vs Atlanta although incredibly he had 14 K’s, one more than deGrom, in his masterpiece. Lincecum had 43 strikeouts in the 2010 postseason and this image of him is my favorite from any sport, from any time period…..


just below him, Velez can be seen 50 years in the future on his front porch telling the neighborhood kids about the time he won a World Series and what a bomb-ass stud Tim Lincecum was……

The Road

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All the road teams are winning. Can you imagine that happening in football or basketball? Why is it easier to win on the road in baseball than those other 2 sports? Is it because baseball is just a slower, quieter game where the fans don’t have the same type of influence as they do in football and basketball?

Anyone have thoughts about this?

The Pirates Goose Egged Again

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Pirates fans have got to be getting a little tired of this. They show up positively bursting and for the second year in a row, they get utterly shut down.

I love the 1 game wild card and for those who think it’s unfair, don’t forget the Giants won 103 games in ’93 and never had the opportunity that the Pirates have had the last 2 years…..

Let’s see if the Blue Jays can keep their sphincter’s loose and their bats hot.

Yikes, I can’t believe I just wrote that.

My Thoughts on the DFS *Scandal*

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on October 7, 2015

Not much fun to be a Yankee fan these days, right? They looked old and disinterested last night. I wonder if CC saw the game? It was cool to see the Astros celebrate like kids on the field after the final out was secured.

Quick comment on this fantasy sports *scandal*. There is a lot of misinformation out there starting with using the term “insider trading.” I am familiar with Ethan Haskell (the draftkings employee at the center of this controversy). I’ve followed him on twitter for over a year and have had several exchanges with him on that site about various sports topics. Huge Boston sports fan. Has always seemed sharp to me, despite his dumbass appearance.

To win big in a fantasy sports tournament you need to have a bunch of low owned players produce big results. It’s really that simple. Any dipship can build a roster with an outfield of Harper, Trout and McCutchen. But those guys will eat up most of your salary. All the rest of your players will be bargain basement prices and those are usually the lowest owned players on a daily basis. And they have to produce as well. At issue is whether Ethan, a draftkings employee, had an unfair advantage by knowing who the lowest owned players would be on a given day and whether he began using them to score in big tournaments. A couple of weeks ago he finished 2nd in a big tournament at fanduel and won $350K. He also did very well this Summer in other large field tournaments.

Here’s what no one is talking about: if you truly know how to play fantasy sports, it’s really not that hard to predict ownership percentages. It’s actually a skill you need to have to be successful. If Blade were still in the country he could tell you about a text exchange he and I had earlier this Summer. I told him that as a daily practice I pick 10 random baseball players and try to predict what their ownership % will be that day in a tournament. It’s something I got very good at doing, usually coming with 2-5% of the actual number, often nailing it cold.

Here’s another point: most players are low owned and it’s not that hard to figure out why that is or who they are going to be. It is much harder to play them and have them produce big results for you.

Final point is that if you CAN’T reasonably predict ownership percentages you probably shouldn’t be playing daily fantasy sports in the first place. And if I know this premise to be true, then Mr. Haskell didn’t really have the advantage that some people say he had. It certainly shouldn’t be considered “insider trading.” The truth is, like many professional daily players, he’s good at his job. And there are a lot of players making a lot more money than he is who don’t work at a fantasy sports site who are just very good at predicting ownership percentages on a daily basis. Also, and I can’t stress this enough, they are good at picking low ownership players who PRODUCE. Again, anyone could plug Kevin Frandsen into a line up and congrats to you, you nailed a low owned guy! Now watch your team finish last in the tournament you play…..

I do believe Haskell was using his knowledge of player ownership % to build his line ups but it guaranteed him nothing. Those players still had to perform. Additionally, I believe reform is needed and the easiest thing would be to ban employees from playing for money at any site. I think a lot of employees would quit because this is their livelihood but it wouldn’t be difficult to restock the industry with people who just want to work at the site and not play professionally.

Those are my 2 cents and believe me I know what I’m talking about regarding this issue…….

Playoffs? You Wanna Talk About Playoffs? Playoffs?

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Yahoo has a headline this morning that says “Who Is the Year’s Madison Bumgarner?”

Uh, yeah, good luck with that…..

I couldn’t be less interested in the mlb playoffs this year, for obvious reasons. Maybe I’ll peek in on them at some point and the juices will start to flow. Or not. We’ll see…..

“Who is this year’s Madison Bumgarner?”

I tell ya, Yahoo can crack a good joke, can’t they?


I don’t get this Sabathia thing, like, at all. How much was this dude drinking that he had to quit right this instant? Wait a week, maybe even just ONE GAME, then disclose it. Unreal, stupid timing. And I’m not trying to be insensitive, but this guy couldn’t be more selfish with the timing of this.

Who’s Got This?

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We could fire off our predictions for the post season but I also thought this was an interesting post last night from Snarkk:

narkk said, on October 4, 2015 at 9:37 pm (Edit)

Shocking. Pat Murphy will not return to manage the Pads.
There will be a good handful of manager spots open this off season. If Wotus doesn’t get one of those this year, it seems more unlikely he ever will. How much longer is Bochy going to manage? Who is on the short list to take over from him? Wotus? Decker? Rags wouldn’t get it, would he?…


I would guess that Wotus would get the job but that worries me since he’s been passed over so many times. I guess that’s not a major concern since GM’s make so many bad managerial hires. Still, I’ve listened to him for years on KNBR and nothing about him stands out. Marty Lurie calls him *the professor* on his radio show but he’s never taught me anything I didn’t already know……

Here are the current odds to win the WS (with my adjusted line in parenthesis).

Toronto 3-1 (2-1)

Royals 5-1 (12-1)

Cards 5-1 (9-1)

Shit Fucks 6-1 (2-1)

Mets 6-1 (10-1)

Cubs 12-1 (15-1)

Pirates 12-1 (8-1)

Rangers 12-1 (6-1)

Yanks 14-1 (20-1)

Astros 16-1 (20-1)

I think Toronto is too loaded offensively to not get past the boring teams that made the AL playoffs. And the bottom line is that the Dodgers have the 2 most dominant pitchers in the league. Arizona won a WS with that method. Odds will obviously change after the WC stuff gets sorted out. Pretty hard to predict any of them would win since the game they play to *get in* is a coin flip…….

Winding Down……

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Here’s a lame stat to choke on while you’re eating breakfast this morning:

Only Duffy and Crawford have more HR’s at AT&T this year (7 each) than Nolan Arenado (6 in 7 games). That stat goes out to everyone who says it’s really, really hard to hit home runs at AT&T…

So where are we with Hesto Presto? Because I’m starting to think that the more expensive version of him (Leake) would be the better route to take next year. I’m kidding. Sort of.

Still can’t believe Duffy won the WM Award. And that Loo called it. 35 years, no rookies win the award. What must that say about how his teammates view him? The Duffman is a keeper……

A Flapper becomes a Clapper….

xoot said, on October 2, 2015 at 11:10 pm (Edit)

I was at the game tonight, early. Pretty good turnout for the Willie Mac Award ceremony, maybe 50% of the stands full. And Willie’s proud announcement of Duffy’s name sparked a genuine roar of approval. A bit of surprise and a lot of respect fueled that roar. We stood cheering for a long time.


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The airwaves have been dominated the last 24 hours with Affeldt sound saying goodbye. Both Bay Area teams bent over backwards to say goodbye to Huddy and Zito. Saying goodbye is important.

So why aren’t we getting to say goodbye to Timmy? He’s in town. He’s in uni. Is it just because there’s a chance we re-sign him?

I’ve got both thumbs pointed down on signing Timmy. Enough already. Healed hip or not.

I just want to see him wave goodbye. Is that so wrong?

Finishing STRONG

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That “gamer” Mike Leake is coming out of the fog he’s been in to finally start his free agent contract drive. Here’s hoping he gets all he can get….from the Dodgers. On KNBR this morning they played some sound from Leake last night. He kept referring to *them* and *the Giants*. Seems like a hell of a team guy. Not.

We won our 83rd game last night. Vegas had our over/under at 84 to start the season. Without all these concussions we likely would have blown past that number last week.

Checking the run differential, it’s hard to miss what Toronto is doing this year. +229 is the biggest diff I’ve ever seen. I’m sure it’s not a record, run diff isn’t something I pay a huge amount of attention to. But it’s still impressive……