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When News Is Not News

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 30, 2015

Here’s a good example of why I can’t stand the hot stove season: Someone named Jesse Sanchez from mlb.com says that The O’s and White Sox have emerged as the favorites for The Big Cespy. But he also says the Angels and Giants are “in the mix.” And not only that, The Rangers are “monitoring the situation.”

Look, that is not news. That’s a guy blabbering out a bunch of bullshit hoping to see his nit-twit follower list go up with some re-tweets and whatever else you need to gain followers on Twitter.

Anyway, nothing new here I just wanted to pop up a new thread. Regarding Goff, look he appears to be the real deal. And I would take him, ABSOLUTELY, before Paxton Lynch. But what would be the point? This isn’t the sexiest idea, but I would trade down so I could draft 2 stud offensive linemen in the first round. Even if I thought the Niners had the capacity to develop Goff, which they don’t, whoever they put back there is going to get fucking killed until they fix the right side of their line.

And I don’t know that Goff is a once-in-a-gen guy. I’m not gonna shat myself if we pass on him. Look, he threw 6 td’s vs freaking Air Force. So let’s not start smoking each other’s poles just yet over this guy. Fix the non-sexy parts of the team, then go out and try to get a stud QB.


Bowl Games!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 28, 2015

Interested in any of these remaining games? There’s a few I want to watch.

The Cal game will be interesting from a tactical stand point as they aren’t used to playing teams like Air Force.

The LSU game is intriguing to see how many yards L-Train can pile up. Is 300 out of the question? Probably. I’ll say 224.

The line of the season that I would hammer is MSU +9.0. Dantonio is a very good coach and you give him this much time to get ready for a game and I wouldn’t want to be Alabama. I mean, all he’s got to do is shut down their one trick pony. I also think the SEC is completely overrated at this point and I will be hammering MSU + points and maybe the ML. +270 looks pretty good and I also might hit Air Force a little on the ML since I think they either get blown out by Cal or they befuddle the Bears with their weird play and beat them…..

Rose Bowl should be a big bore and not just because I’m a Cardinal fan and we keep ending up here. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Two running teams slamming into each other play after play is not my cup of tea…….

What games are you guys looking forward to?

Keeping the Line Moving

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 26, 2015

Little going on in baseball world unless you consider the Glass Sanchez retirement papers big news.

Pawlie heading to Iceland soon to find out once and for all how many people there believe in elves.

I got nuthin’ but we needed a new thread…..

Santa Claus’d

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 24, 2015

I keep hoping for a Christmas miracle, like we sign Matt Latos or something. That would be a hoot, right? Just to shoot the shit over? If you were one of the remaining free agent outfielders I could see today being a preferred day to sign a deal. One, big 100 million dollar box under the tree. Wives would like it….

Merry Christmas eve to Flappers far and wide. What a perfect day to hope for a “Cespedes for the restofus”……

In case you missed it, Pawlie takes a moment to sit down with himself for a hard hitting interview with none other than…..himself.


Was Mike Leake a Dream?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 23, 2015

Last year there was a funny running joke about the *Lollogram*. I actually can’t even remember that outfielder’s real name.

I feel kinda the same way about Mike Leake. It’s like he wasn’t ever even here–more like a rumor of a guy we almost got. I remember his hammy problem that lingered. And I remember a sweet outing that he produced AFTER we got eliminated from contention. I think I even predicted the morning of that game that he would be lights out because there’s nothing left to play for….

Anyway, 80 mil and 5 years. Good luck St Louis. At least with all that new found coin you would THINK the department stores near the stadium would be safe from his pilfering.

But might wanna keep an eye him just in case…….


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 22, 2015

What sports can you literally just not bring yourself to watch? The only ones I can’t watch are hockey, car racing and soccer. And probably curling. Unless you’re talking about the damn calendar and then I’m positively glued to it.

I’d probably rank my favorite sports to watch, in order, as baseball, horse racing, college football, NFL, golf, college basketball, poker, NBA….that’s about it. I’d watch a body building competition before any of the 4 listed in the first paragraph. In fact, I’ve been known to take in a one-off body building contest on occasion…..

It’s funny how far the sport of boxing has fallen. I didn’t even consider it until I got done writing this thread. Back in the day we would all get together at someone’s house and watch the Tyson fights. Didn’t matter how long they lasted. Loved those parties.

Who is Your OTHER Team?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 21, 2015

I think it’s way past time for a new thread. lqtm.

The problem is that I have nothing to write about. No topic of interest to trumpet. The Warriors streak is over. The Niners aren’t worth discussing anymore. And the Giants seem to be in hibernation. That’s a tough pill to swallow with so many competent outfielders still on the market.

What teams do you non-Bay Area folks follow? I think the NY Giants seems to be popular with some of you. I know Loo loves his Chiefs, Zumiee is a Sacto Kings fan.

Anybody else? Who do you like besides the Giants and/or other Bay Area teams? And is it hard to support Bay Area teams when you live so far away?

Here’s one: Who was your childhood team if it wasn’t the Giants?

See, I knew I could find a thread if I just started typing…..

The Empire Strikes Out

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 18, 2015

First of all, I am not going to see the Star Wars movie. Don’t care a single thing about it. You would think someone my age would care. I don’t. I never understood why it would be interesting to go watch a movie about dudes shooting at each other in space.

Weirdo move by LA to thumbs down the physical of Iwakuma and then he immediate signs with Seattle. Not sure the entire story is getting told there…….

Nearing Haiku Season

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 17, 2015

Not much going on other than the White Sox picking up Todd Frazier and Klay Thompson’s bro going to LA. What happened to Frazier last year anyway? He absolutely tanked in the 2nd half. People are saying the HR Derby screwed up his swing and I don’t buy that at all. Even if if was altered for the HR Derby he had ample time to work with his hitting coach and get it back to where it was previously. He was either playing with an injury in the 2nd half or it was just normal regression. Anyone can hit for half a season. Didn’t Johnny LeMaster have one decent half a season of hitting? I seem to recall that…….

When Kershaw Isn’t Enough

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 16, 2015

Can you imagine the pendulum swing if The Art Dealers had gotten Cueto instead of us?

Our starting rotation now:

Bum, Cueto, J-Sammy, Peavy, Cain


Kershaw, Anderson (who will get hurt again), Bolsinger? I can’t even come up with the other 2. Ryu? Is he due back? Alex Freaking Wood? Someone said they were getting Iwakuma but I haven’t seen anything official on that.

With the D-backs improved and our rotation looking rock solid, it’s entirely possible that the Dodgers are going to finish under .500 next year.


Greato Move By SF

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 15, 2015

First things first: Johnny Cueto is gooooooooooood. And he did almost all that goodness pitching in the band box confines of the NL Central. He’s gotta be ripping the hugest of beats when he eyes the long, rolling green fields of AT&T. Although that’s assuming there’s anything left after he beats to that 130 mil….

Somehow, he’s only started 3 games in San Francisco. But he was dominant in all 3. This cat is a true ace. If Cain’s arm starts to feel like his again, our pitching will rival any staff we have EVER had here at AT&T……

The bad news is the obvious stuff. Did the Reds get the best years of that arm? He’s 29 and thrown 1,420 mlb innings. I’m guessing he threw double that growing up in the DR.

But I’m not going to worry about *back of the baseball card stuff* today. I love everything about Cueto: his flair, his hair, his various deliveries and of course his production.

Celebrate good times, Flappers. Now i finally know what it feels like to be a Padre fan in the Winter time. lqtm. Hey, they don’t call it “Lose-ter”. It’s called *Win*-ter for a reason…..

Excuses That Suck

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 14, 2015

“We just didn’t execute.” Colin Kaepernick made this one famous. If you end up saying this every week after a loss this has nothing to do with your ability to execute. At some point, “Next man up” stops applying. It’s a cute little mantra but it’s not accurate. If you asked me, Pawlie and Snarkk to be “next man up” on pleasuring Jennifer Montana in her prime, we’d be like “giddy up” and the damn job would get DONE. But put us on an NFL football field and things would get ugly. I feel like this is where we are with the 49ers right now. Too many *practice field* guys are hitting the *real field*.

But even more than “we just didn’t execute” I CAN’T STAND players, owners and especially coaches who “take responsibility” for a loss. The Big Sweat trotted this one out yesterday when he said “there’s not a man in this locker room who doesn’t own some part of this starting with me.”

I think some of that sweat has seeped into his brain— a tsunami that has washed away common sense. What did he expect would happen playing all of those replacement players and rookies? And what exactly is his consequence for “owning” yesterday’s loss? What is *starting* with him? His ultimate demise? If you own a failure, it’s not enough to just say it. Something of consequence should happen. I don’t know what that is for a head coach other than getting fired. I don’t think that should be Tomsula’s punishment. Yet. He is sweating through the end of this season with players who belong on the couch eating Chipotle on Sunday, not playing in the damn games. But if you aren’t trying to get fired, what is the point of “owning” the loss? That’s fake responsibility and as a fan it just pisses me off even more than the embarrassing loss did.

There. I feel a little better……


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 13, 2015

The good news is, now Steve Kerr can come back. There have been rumors that he didn’t want to come back during the streak….

Still waiting on Giants news. Still feel strongly that we will be getting another pitcher (Leake or =) and not one of the outfielders we definitely NEED.

Niners today. Shaun Draughn Revenge Game—a dark, stark reminder of how low our season has sunk.


Perfect at Being Perfect

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 12, 2015

Today is finally the day the Warriors will lose and I can’t even finish typing this sentence without laughing.

Last night was amazing. Draymond Green was teetering on the edge of his 6th foul for what felt like hours. And they just would not be denied. It helped a little bit that Isaiah Thomas kept trying to do his best Steph Curry impression.

They’re probably geeked up for tonight’s game in Milwaukee, right?

Ha. This is all just too funny.

Minor quibble with the *streak*. It shouldn’t be counted back to the end of last season. Different team. Different year. If that counts why don’t any of their playoff games count? Those were real games, too. So they won the last 3 games there, streak would be one less. Regardless, it should just be 24 in a row. They can still take their shot at the record, they just have a little more work to do. 🙂


Giants News: there is none.

49ers News: Jed York is still a d-bag.

Captain Queeg or Yasiel Puig?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 11, 2015

I have always thought Puig was overrated and more hype than production. This article details just how screwed up and dysfunctional things have gotten in LA. Man, I hope they keep this guy. 🙂



Warriors are going to lose tonight in Boston. There. I said it.

Wanting Vs Getting

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 10, 2015

John Shea reporting that the Giants would be “all in” on trading for Jose Fernandez. Really? Shocker. I didn’t think any team would be interested in picking him up.

Well, there’s *all in* and then there’s ALL IN!!!!!!!! Evans joked yesterday on KNBR saying the Marlins would want “McCovey Cove” in exchange for Fernandez. Dumb joke. And I can only imagine the shit package the Giants would offer for this guy.

You can find me atop Mount Shady looking down on the rest of this off season with the shadiest of eyes. It just doesn’t feel like the Giants are going to do what it takes to step up and get another coveted player, either via trade or signing.

We shall see though…….


and then there was this:

Giants pass on selecting a Rule 5 pick. You all can go back to sleep now.

Not Concerned With Snake Activity

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 9, 2015

Am I the only one not worried about a single thing the D-backs do? This is the same team that traded Max Sherzer for Edwina Jackson and Ian Kennedy. They gave Yasmany Tomas nearly 70 million dollars. And Dave Stewart is more qualified to be an agent than a GM.


Fun end to last night’s thread from an old friend. In case you missed it:

twinfan1 said, on December 8, 2015 at 11:27 pm (Edit)

Late night list making is a lost art..for a reason.

*Now it’s said that Zobrist wants a deal that will carry him over until he gets his AARP Card
*Manziel back as Brown’s QB- and just when things were going so well
*Latest on the Pan Fried Chicken front- A new neighbor named “Idalee” wants a Fried Chicken contest. I’m officially screwed- no way you can beat an Idalee.
*Maybe I’ll wait to go the biffy until after the Extra Point
*My sister sent 8 *more* boxes to us. Because we need so much. Yep, we really need 68 pillow cases, 24 bungee cords…
* 19 teams have submitted requests to play in the NFC East
* The Jints got a lot of grief for keeping Uggla for 4 games-the Gnats kept him * ALL YEAR*. That explains a lot
* I was wrong about Idalee- she skins her chicken and coats it with corn flakes. I suggested that she get the hell out of this state and never come back

Hoping For the Best

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 8, 2015

Belt. Cain. Panik. Peavy. Pagan. Pence.

Those 6 guys have been a big part of the success the Giants have had over the last half decade. And as the roster is currently constructed, now that we’ve added J-Sam, the team looks pretty good. But that’s if you’re counting on those 6 guys listed above.

How many of those 6 can we truly count on to stay healthy and productive? About the only one I have complete confidence in is Pence.

So the construction of the team needs to continue. I know it’s not the Giants way to have contingency plans. They build a roster as if they don’t even consider the possibility of injury. To be fair, that’s the way most teams do it. But considering the uncertainty of that half dozen, I hope there are more moves coming……

Ben Zobrist

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 7, 2015

Please let it be another team that signs him. Why do we want him? He’s 34 and is demanding a 4 year deal. Unless he’s taking a bunch of steroids, I don’t want my free agent pick ups to be 34. In his prime he was *barely* a 20/15 guy. And he did all of that in the hitter friendly confines of TB.

I was moderately supportive of picking him up for the stretch drive last year and then it would have been ba-bye.

4 years of Ben Zobrist?

No thank you.

New Pitcher + Heisman Trophy Winner

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 6, 2015

Not news anymore, but we got Smardge. Gonna have to find a good nickname for him. I’m convinced there’s no set way to spell it. So I’m not going to spend any time learning it.

Heisman Trophy Winner: Christian McCaffrey. Of course, because of bias and idiocy he probably won’t actually win it. I know the argument against over valuing all purpose yards but in college, in this context, it should be a big deal. He didn’t break some dumbass record. He broke Barry Sanders record. Nearly 3,500 yards. If that doesn’t get appreciated, ESPECIALLY AT THE COLLEGE LEVEL, then the award is a joke.

Talk is Cheap

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 5, 2015

I’m with Snarkk, I don’t want to hear any more nonsense from Giants management about who they are targeting. Hit your damn target, let us know about it after the deal is done…..

College football madness today. I’d love to see Iowa and Stanford win today but I think either happening is a tall order…..

Dubs go for 21 in a row to start the season…..

Not The Best Deal?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 4, 2015

This Grienke decision that’s gotten dragged out tells me one thing: neither offer is that good and his agent is shopping the offers to other clubs. Why else would they be waiting so long? Typically, all you need is two offers to create a competition but with the Dodgers claiming new financial restraint and the Giants never wanting to truly compete with anyone since the Zito fiasco, it’s possible that both offers are underwhelming for a free agent like ZG.

We’ll see. Maybe a decision comes today. And maybe he signs with a dark horse……….


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 3, 2015

Supposedly, Grienke is deciding between the Giants and the Art Dealers. I think we know which way this will go.

One thing I don’t like about Giants management: they don’t seem to multi-task very well. Just as it happened last off season, they tunnel-vision on one guy, don’t get him, and then lose out on a bunch of other players too (who they could have signed while negotiating with their #1 target).

That’s an approach I’d expect from a poor, small market team.

No New News

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 2, 2015

Anyone see anything new? I’m busy but some quick scans of the internet are not yielding anything new or interesting.

Post below if you have heard or seen anything.

Brilliant Financial Angle or Foolish Scheme?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 1, 2015

So my buddy Keith has an idea: buy up a block of tickets to the Warriors/Sacto game on December 28th and then re-sell them for a fat profit IF Golden State makes it to that game with the record on the line (that would be their 34th regular season win in a row).

We looked around online yesterday and most of the reasonably priced tickets were in the 3-4 hundred dollar range. So that’s a fair amount of cheddar to float out there in the hopes that the Warriors are still undefeated on Dec 28th. At the end of the day yesterday, he was still unsure of what to do.

Here’s the text I sent him yesterday. The first part is me telling him I was going to be late to work, then he’s at Safeway offering to get me something followed by my snarky response. And then I send him the “don’t buy the tix” text.


For the entire 2nd half and until about 30 seconds left to go in the game, I marveled at how prescient that text was and hoped he’d heeded my warning……

And then the Warriors do what they always do. Win.

It can’t be this easy, can it? I continue to be obsessed with what they’re doing this year. We are all human. Perfection isn’t possible. Well, that’s not really  true. You can be perfect for a while. We’re all perfect at living until that day we die, right? I don’t see what Golden State is doing as *chasing* anything. It’s really more like they’re just in lock step with perfection.

It’s fun to watch…..