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Another late rally with nothing to show for it except a plucky spunk ending. Melancon terrible as usual. Pom Pom gonna start getting a little love around here? He’s competing and striking guys out and we could use more pitchers like that.

Sometimes In Life You Only Get One Shot. Don’t Blow it.

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My shame is that I’ve never caught a baseball at a game. Not a home run. Not a foul ball. And not a ball tossed into the stands by a player…..

As we took over the Public House, many things were discussed. I made a bold claim: I flat out guaranteed that if a home run ball got hit in our direction I would catch it. I said, repeatedly, there is a 100% chance I would catch the ball. I also sent out a half joking warning to my fellow Flappers that they’d be wise to “get out of the way” if a ball came in our direction.

I was joking of course. Baseballs never come my way. What kind of luck is it to never have a baseball hit to you at a baseball game if you’ve been to hundreds of games? Anyway, I forget the inning, it was early in the game. I’m not even sure if it was our outfielder, it might have been Yaz. Warm ups ended and he turns to the crowd and lets loose a high arching, easy to catch ball in our direction. And that damn ball starts honing in on me. It got bigger and bigger, it looked the size of a beach ball. I could see the laces on this bitch. Oh my God this is really happening! I’m going to catch a ball at a game!!!!!!!

To my right was San Dawg. As I promised earlier, I jumped in front of him. I stretched out my right arm as far as it would go….the ball hit me square in the right hand!

…and bounced harmlessly to the ground. A little boy in front of us picked it up. I instantly threw my head in my stupid worthless hands and the weight of my failure sunk in immediately. I heard San Dawg loudly admonish me “Flavor, that was coming right to me!!!”

All I could do was shake my head and say over and over again “I can’t believe I dropped it…” As a self punishment I went and bought my fellow Flappers 4 beers ($60).

A few innings later Adam Jones tossed a ball at us. I was too despondent to even try for it and besides it was right to the dad of the boy who got the first ball. Effortlessly, he caught it and casually handed it to his other son. His family now had 2 balls. Two balls. One game.

This picture will haunt me for the rest of my days on this earth….

Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 9.44.36 AM

The Crew:

Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 5.07.56 PM

As The Losses Pile Up, Flappers Unite

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Sure enough, shut down easily by a AAA pitcher. Happens all the time. But you know what? Who cares, this is what happens when you are the second worst team in the National League. Normally I’d be doing a slow burn over last night’s impotent showing. Not today. For another Flapalooza awaits.

If history is any indication I will chronicle our rise to power at Oracle this evening on twitter. You can follow the coup in all it’s glory @1flapdown77


Flapalooza,Coalescing, Slowly

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As we inch closer to The Storming of Oracle, I can’t help but be a little sad for Diggity who is missing his favorite Black Shoes pitching tonight. To me, those shoes don’t shine as brightly. I’m more worried about this Alex Young guy who is sharpening his triple A tools and preparing us for a trip to the woodshed.

Due to some, uh, *technology deficiencies* I still haven’t connected to everyone attending Flapalooza 8.0 (I guessed on this version, I’m counting some NY hook ups, 8.0 is probably close). Assuming Earthlink is revved back up we might confirm one more today. As far as WillieD goes, you will not get left behind, my man. No FLAPPER LEFT BEHIND!!!!! But I will need your email and I am praying it’s not earthlink :). There’s probably still enough time if you want to pen me a letter and overnight it with more info about when and where to meet on Friday.

Shocking Suckitude

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When I looked at this team last Spring, objectively, it was painfully obvious that this was going to be a last place team. Now nearly 3 months into the season, it’s amazing to look at just how many of our players played down to my expectations. Every single hitter who started the season with us has sucked. Except the Panda but he’s not in the starting line up.

On the pitching side, it hasn’t been quite as bad. Will Smith is the only player we have who has exceeded expectations. All the starting pitchers have under-performed but they have at least had their moments of respectability. And actually the relievers other than Smith have been good, they just haven’t been as dominant as Smith has been. Few in the league have.

Pillar, Dickerson and Yaz have been bright spots. I guess that’s what you look for in a lost season. That, and the trade deadline. Our World Series starts and ends July 31st…




Flapalooza Time

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The good news: we keep getting shutout and those Friday ticket prices will just keep dropping like a rock, baby.

Jon Gray has been painfully average this year, borderline bad on some of his starts. But not last night. Pom Pom was actually the dominating one but Gray had no trouble neutralizing our weak hitters. Someone named Chi Chi Rodriguez or some shit is scheduled to dominate us tonight….

I do think we could use a Flapalooza. Hell, I think our team could use one. But since they are integral to the entertainment process they will have to take the field this Friday while Flap Nation takes over Oracle Park.

Today is all about the RSVP. We need a head count. Right now, I see me, San Dawg, Snarkk, Zumiee and Unca Chuck as definites. There are cheap seats literally all over the park so we’ll sit where we like but we can decide on a block of seats after we nail down the crew.

Game time: 7:15. I will be “housing myself in public” at 5pm.

Pop Flies And Pom Poms

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Did you guys see that Will Smith game winner? He just kind of fisted an opposite field fly ball that just kept going and going and going. It didn’t have the look or the sound or anything. And it was gone, just like that.

Pom Pom tonight. Yikes. Our grip on 14th place in the National League is still safe for another couple of games but after that…..


All In On Dick

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I can’t be a hypocrite. I can’t like Yaz who is turning 29 in August and not at least give Dick!Dick!Dick! a chance. So I’m on board and happy to be there. That guy has infused some much needed energy into this last place season….

Beede, however, continues to be terrible. 25 walks in 32 innings is a man sans control. I’d like to see someone else get a chance.

Dicky Does It

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Honestly, I had no idea who Alex Dickerson was. He’s played in the big leagues too, I usually have a pretty good recollection of everyone if they’ve played a recent full season and he played a halfway decent half a season with the Padres in 2016. In one game he did more than Duggar has ever done in his career. That’s quite the indictment of Duggar. He and Pillar were easy co-players of the game….

“Done to the Nines”

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One of my favorite British sayings. Well, that went pretty much as we expected it to go. Looking back it’s amazing we won a game. I missed the comeback last night, I guess there’s something to be said for not getting “9’d* to death every game. “Death by Nine-ing” lqtm. They made it interesting at least.

I wonder what number Arizona will relentless pummel us with? 9 seems so dated and played out. And AZ is a more friendly hitters park. Maybe they reign 12’s down on us?

The sadder theme playing out is the dwindling worth of Bumgarner. Nobody pays up for what a legend used to do. Ghosts are worth nothing…..

Bum Finale vs The Bums

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When Hill went out early I thought, “hey maybe we have a chance tonight.” Sadly, it was not to be and we’ve now been outscored 18-2 in our last two games. If we keep this up our wild card chances are going to take a serious hit. 🙂

Tonight is the last game we see Bum pitch against these jokers. There are a number of side stories brewing. Would it really be the worst thing if Muncy cranked another one off Bum in his first at bat? I’d be fine with that just to watch the story unfold.

If Bumgarner is ever going to do something other than bark at these guys maybe tonight is the night. I wanna see punches thrown.

Hey, why not?

You Need Two To Rival

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It appears the *rivalry* took a night off. But come on, this should happen every time we play them. Their line up is dominant, the starting pitching rock solid. When I saw *Solano* leading off I just shook my head. Is there a  more forgettable Giant? He’s old, slow and weak. What he’s even doing on the roster baffles me and the fact that Bochy decided to lead him off is an indication of where Bochy is at these days.

Hill vs Pom Pom tonight. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I hope the *rivalry* fuels us a little or this one is going to be another 9 zip wipeout.

(L)osers (A)gain

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After The Yankees snagged Encarnacion they should have become Z’s prime trade target for a blockbuster involving Smith and Bum. Seriously, it makes too much sense. They are loaded with bats but have massive holes in their pitching staff. Shore that up, coast to a World Series title……

Watching LA lose to the worst team in the NL West might be more satisfying than beating them in a September race. LA’s got no heart, man. Never had it, never will. They could add 50 Bellinger’s to the team. Won’t matter. Tin fucking men, every last one of them…..

SF vs LA

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Tonight the question is, can a rivalry propel a team to performing something supernatural or beyond their normal human means? A more pressing question: does this rivalry still even exist? History is vast but so is an ocean. You want it?

Screenshot 2019-06-17 at 5.31.13 AM

yeah, fuck these guys….

Take It Easy on Will Smeezy

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Will Smith closed out the game yesterday. He was a little shaky. I wonder if that had anything to do with pitching for the 6th time in 9 days. Z is gonna have to grab Bochy by the ear hole and explain to him that Smith is one of our two golden gooses and that if he blows out his arm saving meaningless games there’s gonna be hell to pay.

Vogt gets the 1.0 for his two triples and overall stud game…..

Bezos Goes Down

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The Panda hits 3 home runs in a 2012 World Series Game. Two years later he catches the final out for the 2014 World Series win. Then 5 years after that he hits a bomb off Zach Davies and Mac Dog wins a $25 Amazon gift card. This dude just keeps bringing it at the highest level for us, eh?

All the hoopla of the gift card win overshadowed a 1 bomb/2sb game from Mr. 1.0 himself.

Mac Dog shoot me an addy and I’ll send this bitch out on Monday. bigflavor77@gmail.com

Dynasty, Finally, Done

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Watching Klay Thompson hobble back on the court and drain those 2 free throws is something I’ll remember the rest of my days…..

Losing in Oakland wasn’t the worst thing. It robbed those shitty Raptor fans the opportunity of celebrating on their home court. And the Warriors would have been blown out in that game.

And what’s left? Baseball. Lots and lots of baseball. Pom Pom tonight vs a stacked Brew Crew. This will get ugly early. Might as well fire up the contest again. $25 amazon gift card if you can correctly name the first Giant hitter to hit a bomb. Tie breaker is hits and K’s for the 2 starting pitchers. I’ll stick with my main man Pillar and 20.

Salad Days, Overflowing

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Today is truly a great day in sports—We get to revel in another Giants win. Hockey is OVER! And tonight the Dubs get a chance to keep this improbable season alive.

Honestly, as a Warrior fan, this feels like house money. I still can’t believe they won Game 5. Mentally I had already prepared for a loss and an end to the season. In a way, it was the reverse of the World Series run in 2014. I refused to let myself get caught up in the hype of the run until they won the pennant. I just didn’t think that team was good enough.

Now that we know for certain this is the last game in Oakland I hope the fans bring it. Bring it loud, bring it hard. Just please bring it. I know people are paying $50K for floor seats and at that price you can be as dumb as you wanna be. Sit, stand, beat off, it’s your seat.

But this franchise has gifted us so much. If you can’t do loud and proud just go out thankful. Show the world what this team has meant to us. Nearly 50 years deserves some respect.

The Trade Deadline

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Since April 28th Will Smith has walked one batter. For the season he’s walked 5 (against 37Ks).  That’s poor man’s Dennis Eckersley territory. In ’89 The Eck walked three. In ’90 he walked four. We simply have to maximize the haul we get for this guy and I still think the best way to do it is to package him with Bum. A desperate team shoving all their chips in the pot would pay up monster booty for a post season legend and possibly the best closer in the league, right?

Depending on who we flip Smith for, sending 2 time drug loser Bickford to the Brewers for Smith may go down as Sabean’s best trade ever.

Nice to see Young Beedah improve his bb/k ratio a bit (2/7) and maybe going 5 innings is all this dude is ever going to do consistently. In today’s game though, there is a place for that. One thing to consider: after we tear down our solid bullpen for new players I hope Z can build it back up again……


Bombs, Bad Breaks and Beatles

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They hit 13 home runs in the AZ/Philly game last night. THIRTEEN. In a 9 inning game with the wind barely blowing out. Nearly half their total hits were bombs (13/27). This has gotten beyond stupid. The game has been changed to unrecognizable. The Giants are light years behind how baseball is played today and there’s a weird part of me that’s cool with that…..

As I suspected when it happened, it now looks like KD has torn his achilles. That is terrible. This guy comes back with what we now know was a badly injured leg and literally blows his career. I know it was KD’s decision to play but I hope the Dr’s warned him of the risks and didn’t say anything like “you can’t hurt it more than it’s already hurt.”— by the way, that is one of the dumber things I’ve ever heard. Of course you can hurt something worse. If you weaken  or injure a muscle or tendon it puts all the muscles and tendons around it at risk. Achilles are especially vulnerable.

My top 5 worst Beatles songs:

5. Strawberry Road

4. ObLaDi, ObLaDa

3. Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts

2. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

1. Love Me Do. Nothing but word salad nonsense. They should change the name of the tune to “Love Me Do Not Play That Song On The Radio Ever Again”.

Feel free to list your TOP 5, I know there are people out there who like the Beatles and maybe I’ll gain some perspective on the reasons why if I hear about some of their good songs.


Getting Better

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If Booby and Sabes were still at the helm I would have absolutely zero confidence that they could work the mid season trade scene. Not only do they have no understand of what their players are worth I’m not sure they even knew who all the other GM’s were. But Zaidi, until he shows he can’t do it, gets my full and total endorsement on trading anyone on our team that anyone else might want.

The question that will be fun to watch unfold is, does he package Bum and Smith in a blockbuster or will he get more value by trading them separately. Outside of those two I’m not sure if we have anyone worth anything. Maybe Belt. Maybe a couple other relievers. But if you’re talking about trading for a stud blue chip or two—Bum and Smith are the golden gooses.

Anyway, the trade deadline is our world series this year. There is enough demand, Z will not get hoodwinked or taken for a ride by another GM.


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Can’t remember a Sunday game vs the Dodgers with Bum pitching where we weren’t on ESPN. A good reminder of how inconsequential the Giants have become. We’re 17 games out of first place, I guess that’s the reason.

Let’s do the contest! Pick the first Giant to homer (hahahahaha) and the tie breaker is total hits and strikeouts for Bueler and Bum.

I’ll go with Pillar and 17.


Facing Facts

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Obviously disappointed with the 3-1 deficit in the Finals but can’t really complain. Toronto has pretty much beaten the Warriors in nearly every quarter except Game 2 third Q and last night’s first Q. Bottom line: Without a healthy Durant they aren’t good enough to beat the Raptors in a 7 game series—or maybe even a 5 game series. Yikes.

Giants beating LA AND Kershaw went a long way to salvaging the evening.

Today, The Belmont. I will spare you all my horse racing takes, I know only a few appreciate them.

Joker Home Runs

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MLB is in a bad spot. They changed the game forever with their juiced balls and now they seem to have jumped the shark with them. The Frazier bomb yesterday was an absolute joke and this can’t go on. Or can it? How does MLB get out of this? If they went back to normal balls all these launch angle fiends would be sent to the brink of insanity. MLB is already having massive problems with ratings, they know that a 20% increase in fly ball outs will not help with that.

Why can’t the Giants hit one legged off balance half swing bombs? Part of it is their park. Park of is that they have stubborn old vets who shunned the launch angle generation because they had just won 3 in 5 and didn’t see the need to do it—hitting the ball the other way seemed the way to continue to go. Wrong. Finally, their young guys are just awful. Changing their launch angle wouldn’t help. They would need MLB to tighten up that ball even further, or maybe turn it into a golf ball and then probably go to a suped up fungo bat, too….

Trouble Brewing

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If a dodo head like Vargas can complete game shut our asses down, what will a guy who actually has talent do to us? Sprinkle in a chip on his shoulder for getting traded away low those many years ago and you’ve got the makings for another embarrassing effort for the Giants.

Wheeler’s busy sharpening his knives, he’s just got a short, simple prediction for this game today….


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Congrats to Bochy for nailing down win number 1000 as an SF Giant manager. I had to re-write this thread because I had a brain fart on it being for his career. Pre-coffee move on my part.

This is a great ending to last night’s natty softball championships. But watch it carefully, where is the love for the girl with the great slide to avoid the tag? lol, the entire team ran past her to get to the girl who drove her in. I get that she should get mobbed but the runner got absolutely zero props here.

Drafting Sticks

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Michael Holmes, Director of Amateur Scouting, said this about drafting Logan Wyatt with the second round pick: “Having too many bats is never really an issue.”

BahahahahaAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Holmes is also Director of Amateur Comedy, too.

Well, the did take two left handed bats with their first 2 picks so I think that is an obvious tell that the fences are coming in—certainly by the time those 2 studs make it to the bigs……

Ok, it is CONTEST TIME! For today’s game, just pick the Giant you think will homer first—forget the inning—-caveat: because there’s only one gift card to win we will need a tie breaker: Guess the total number of hits allowed and strikeouts between Bum and Thor.

So your guess will look like this: “Kevin Pillar and 22” with Kevin Pillar being the main guess and 22 being the tie breaker should all of you pick Pillar as your first hitter to bomb (a solid pick BTW).

Congrats to Stanford, easily disposing of Fresno State last night and moving onward to more interesting challenges.

Sunday Wins

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I get that most of the world hates the Warriors, that comes with the territory when you’ve been dominating for as long as they have dominated. But they really should be getting more credit for their resiliency. Cousins injured, KD injured, last night Thompson and Loon go down. Steph has had his fingers taped for 3 weeks. And then Iggy with the dagger 3.

The Giants, meanwhile, proved they aren’t the worst team in the league. While I knew they’d finish last in the NL West it’s nice to know there is at least someone below us.

Draft today. We pick 10. Just get the best player. We need guys at literally every position except catcher…..

A Boy Who is Now a Man

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Almost nine years ago I wrote a thread about this little guy:

Screenshot 2019-06-02 at 7.33.04 AM

If you don’t remember it, take a moment to read it here:


Yesterday that kid pitched in the Oregon high school state championships. He took the ball in the 5th, the game went 13. He pitched 8 2/3 of relief. Unfortunately, his team lost. But I was told he pitched like a man. And today’s thread is a salute to you, Clayton. What a way to end your high school career. Yesterday will always be one of the great memories of your life.

Screenshot 2019-06-02 at 7.31.28 AM

Clayton’s 2019 stats:

6 starts, 2 relief appearances, 48 innings pitched. 1.15 ERA, 1.11 WHIP, 4 wins, 1 save, 1 loss (state finals), 0 HR’s allowed in his entire career as a pitcher at any level……

Outrageous Ineptitude

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After those 2 dunderheads threw a combined 90 pitches in the first inning I started diddling around google trying to find out if that was a record for the first inning, or any inning, by 2 pitchers who didn’t have anyone relive them. I came up empty but I am positive that is some type of record. Just because I couldn’t find a record doesn’t mean they didn’t set one….

Even more shocking than their 90 combined pitches is that one of those dopes was somehow less dopey than the other because he got the W. Zero strikeouts, 5 walks, 8 hits and 6 earned runs. And he got the W! That is amazing!


Ok, maybe because I used the word *dunderhead* I’m in a Twinfan kind of mood today. Let’s do a contest! Admittedly this one is pretty hard but go ahead a take a stab at it. I’m ripping this off from Marty Lurie, it’s his contest question on twitter today. Predict the final score of today’s game AND the inning that the Giants hit their first home run. You have to nail it cold, unlike Marty’s contest. I’ll pop a $25 Amazon card in the mail on Monday if you can do this. 🙂

My pick: Orioles win 12-3 and Giants hit 1 bomb, Longo in the 2nd inning.

If this is too daunting for you I will also accept an alternative answer: guess the Giants player who will hit the first home run as well as the inning they hit it.