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Looks like someone hasn’t skipped leg day:

Screenshot 2020-02-29 at 7.07.56 AM

He’s only 20 I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that he’s grown. He’s listed at 6’1 188 but that seems at least an inch too high and maybe 20 pounds less than what he actually weighs. Hey as long as this guy doesn’t go all “Angel Villalona” on us I guess this is a good thing, right?


Just fired off my annual Play Pepper answers to good ol’ Daniel.

Screenshot 2020-02-29 at 8.54.37 AM

Wake Up Call Time

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Apparently Kap and Craw had to meet to smooth some things out. This is the last paragraph in the nbcsports.com/bay area story on it:

“As Kapler begins his first season with the Giants, it’s good that he was able to smooth things over with Crawford. The new skipper is going to need all the veterans to buy into what he’s selling.”

Uh, no he doesn’t. These veterans better get with Kap’s program or they can fuck the fuck right off after they get DFA’d. I’m not sure what these writers are thinking. The Core is just about out the door, man. They either contribute or they’ll be traded or released. I can’t believe Baer would be so stupid as to choose any of these Flabbers over Z and Kap if things go south.

So the Fatties better start taking Hunter Pence’s lead and make some changes. They have one thing in common with themselves: the old way no longer works. Do what Z and Kap say or leave.

It’s that simple.



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Just a few years ago this would have been a routine ground ball out to second base. Joe Bart wasn’t havin’ it. Legit ground ball double.

This guy is starting to grow on me. We need more hitters playing baseball like this…

Healthy And That’s About It

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Well, at least we’ve got our health. As we watch players get hurt or go down across the league on other teams, our Fat Fannies keep chugging along, uninjured and uninteresting.

So we got that going for us.

Listened to Joe Bart on KNBR yesterday morning. He clearly doesn’t want robot umpires and said something I hadn’t thought of: if mlb finally goes that route the role of the catcher will change into nothing but a big bat brute with few other skills–almost like just another DH on the field. Bart is a very good interview, they should have him on more often.

Show The Flab Four The Door

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Crawford, Belt and Posey continue doing nothing, something they have been very good at for years now, while Davis and Bart have come out on fire. I don’t care if it’s only been 2 spring games. If the Giants are going to avoid last place they need players who come out with a sense of urgency and play like they want to win. You can say “that’s not how baseball works. It’s 162 games, it’s a grind, can’t peak too soon” all that jazz.
But that’s not how baseball is played anymore. We need men swinging the lumber. Taking the extra base. Put PRESSURE on your opponent. When was the last time Crawford, Belt, Posey or Longo ever played like that?

It might not work, they may not be good enough, but I’m not going to stand by waiting for the Bore Core to do something. They can’t do it anymore. Get rid of them.

Mason Saunders

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Definitely the weirdest Spring story so far. Apparently Bum outrangled this cowpoke in some type of cowboy operative.

Screenshot 2020-02-24 at 5.49.18 AM

Does this bother anyone? It’s not like he was on a bull (I don’t think so anyway). I’d love to see video of this if anyone can find it.



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A tidy loss already in the box, 10-4 at the hands of the Dodgers. Bart was the obvious POTG with his monster oppo field shot. Dubon hit well, too. The Bore Core did their typical nothing.

I might try to catch some ball today at least on the radio….

Screenshot 2020-02-23 at 8.18.24 AM


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We had some great answers for “longshot guy to keep an eye on” this Spring. Answers ranged from The Bore Core to a relief pitcher named Gustave–he could also be the team cobbler, I dunno I’ll have to check. I am fully on board the Jaylin Davis train. I’m worried he isn’t going to get a fair shake with so many aged outfielders standing in front of him. But if he forces the issue he could easily be that long shot we’ve been waiting for.

Kapler jizzin’ about Belt’s approach at the plate makes me want to puke. This team doesn’t need more laser eye balls tracking pitches that land a millimeter outside the strike zone. We need men swinging the lumber. My guess is that Kapler gets sick of Belt’s sad walks back to the dugout about half way through April…..

Play The Kids

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I love this:

Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 6.13.07 AM

While I definitely lean more towards being *politically correct* than not, there is one thing I’ve been doing a slow burn about for years: the wussification of young baseball talent. I’ve gotten over how the arms are babied, there’s enough evidence to suggest that’s the best route to go. What I do not and will never get is the way we baby young talent in general. You don’t want to start their clock early, fine. But none of that is affected by playing in ST games. I’d bring up ALL my blue chip talent and play them RIGHT AWAY vs other teams major league players. Of course the teams don’t do that because they don’t want the player to fail and have it deflate their delicate psyche. Man, fuck that. These are grown ass men. And yes, 19 is grown up. Will he grow up more as he ages? Of course. But you need to be able to handle adversity to succeed in life. Getting blown away by a major leaguer shouldn’t ruin you for life especially if you have the tools to make it. And what if the kid can handle it? That’s how you find out and maybe we get ourselves on a phenom that we might otherwise have had to wait years on.


Salary Bump

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This is an excerpt from a story at nbcsports.com about minor league salaries. I had no idea these guys made so little.

“MLB already was set to raise Triple-A minimum salaries from $502 a week to $700, with Double-A going from $350 to $600 and Single-A going from $290 to $500. The Giants are raising the Triple-A salaries a tad higher, to $750, and will add housing allowances, per The Chronicle. ”

I know some of those guys get signing bonuses when they’re drafted and I think there is some meal money doled out in there too. But seriously, how do those guys live off those wages? Single A players were making $290 a week? What?

Aubrey Huff is an Idiot

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That is not even really arguable. And if you follow him on twitter you would know why. He’s a Trump Lover who’s obsessed with guns and raising his boys *the right way*. He makes many, as he calls them, *politically incorrect jokes*—none of which are funny even if you get past the *politically incorrect* part. I followed him for a while on twitter before he became just too stupid to continue to follow.

But here’s a newsflash: A lot of baseball players are stupid. They’re racist. They’re misogynists. You probably wouldn’t choose to hang out with them and have beers. But you also don’t erase him from the reunion for being an idiot. Not unless you’re also prepared to erase what he did for you in 2010. Anyone willing to do that? It’s not possible.

Aubrey Huff is right about one thing though: We don’t get 2010 without him. And I am able to overlook his imbecilic behavior to still call him a great Giant. A FOREVER Giant.

If Huff HAD ACTUALLY put together a plan and carried it out to fly to Iran to kidnap 10 women and bring them back to enslave them at his home in the USA I would say “Definitely don’t invite this guy to the reunion”. But he didn’t do that. And he didn’t try to kill Bernie Sanders.

If you missed it, here’s an example of one of his tweets. He’s a stick figure drawing moron.

Screenshot 2020-02-18 at 6.32.59 AM

If I was in charge I would have called him and said (basically) “Aubrey, we want you to come to the reunion because you were an integral part of 2010. But not if you are going to be an active distraction. No MAGA hats. No propaganda tee shirt. No speeches on the mic. Just come and be part of the group celebration.”

If he couldn’t agree to all that then I would tell him he’s not invited.

The Giants mishandled this.

Don’t Call It A Comeback

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We are finally and completely in the sports dead zone. No legitimate sport is being played right now. The Wondrous Land seems so far away…..

One thing that’s kinda cool about this Astros scandal is how it will all play out. If Houston can make it back to the post season it will be riveting stuff. And if they win it all without cheating? Hey, EVERYONE loves a comeback story.

It could happen. They have great players still. The only difference now is, everyone hates them.

The 2020 baseball season can’t start soon enough!

All Star Sunday

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Dunk contest in the books—definitely one for the ages. While Gordon got robbed you can’t really go wrong with DJJ winning it, he put on an equal show. It’s amazing to me that a guy as athletically gifted as Derek Jones Jr. can’t be more than a fringe player in an actual NBA game….

This all star game today, man I’ll watch it. But this format is incredibly stupid. Maybe the emotions for Kobe will carry it through to something everyone embraces when it’s all said and done but it could also easily fall flat. The NBA has gone completely bonkers with this Kobe stuff and it’s a great example of how you can overreact to someone passing away….

Re-read the Bauer piece that Sportsdude posted yesterday. I wish more baseball players were as smart and introspective as Trevor Bauer. If the Astros were 1/10th as intelligent we wouldn’t have been subjected to these ridiculous lies they’ve been telling the last few days….

Dogs, man

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 9.08.13 AM

Discovering The Wondrous Land

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Now that Bozo the Clown has told us the tale of The Wondrous Land I feel like I have something to look forward to this baseball season. But a big part of discovering this far away place is cobbling together a decent enough first half that we have some pieces to sell off. Come on, nobody in their right mind thought Z was going to be able to deal Melanoma, Skinny Rick Ruschel or PomPom for shit. And yet, he got a decent haul.

His problem was that he stopped his gambling ways. He gave in to the FB housewives and Baer who touted the 2% chance they had to make the post season.

That shit has to end. No more sticking your dick in halfway. You wanna stick it in halfway STICK IN THE LAST HALF (sorry in advance to Bobby Bowden for that one).

Trade anything not nailed down by the deadline. Only then can we truly find ourselves in The Wondrous Land the Clown speaks of…..

Mad Hatter in P-Town

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If we could live in The Hat thread forever, what a glorious blog it would be. Alas, reality is always close by. Here’s a text from my main man in Portland, Luke, who has been doing a slow burn this Winter.

Screenshot 2020-02-14 at 6.28.13 AM

60 just seem way too low for me. Our pitching staff isn’t terrible. We have a bunch of guys who should keep us competitive enough to win something in the low 70’s. Of course, that’s assuming we have good luck with injuries. Dubon and Davis are going to be fun to watch. Despite the bloated numbers in the outfield I think Davis is still going to have a breakout year. He figured something out in the minor leagues last year and he deserves a chance to show it can transfer to the big leagues.


The Hat

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I know most of you read this last night but this is the best. Just the best. There’s nothing I could write today, or ever, that is better than this.

Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 12.42.42 PM

sandog said, on February 12, 2020 at 8:32 pm (Edit)

I love the fact that I’ve met Flav’s dad and he keeps an eye on the blog.
January 31st was the 4 year anniversary of my dad passing away. I’ve posted about my dad on here a few times over the years. He wasn’t much of a sports fan, but he knew how much I loved sports so he took me to some Giants games growing up and also occasionally to see the Warriors, the A’s, and even a few Sacramento Solons games.
When I was around 15, I bought him a Giants hat for what must have been a birthday or Father’s Day present. It was a stylish hat for the time, an alternative look to the classic on-field hat. That same year—I’m guessing it was 1980—we went on a summer trip to the midwest to visit my dad’s side of the family in Iowa and Minnesota. My siblings were all out of the house by then, so it was just me with my mom and dad in our GMC truck pulling a trailer. I was very pleased to see my dad wore that Giants hat as we made our journey. I loved that he was repping the Giants and wearing a hat that I considered to be cool.
When we were in Minnesota, we set up our trailer at my Aunt Virginia and Uncle Don’s farm and spent time with their family. Among them, were my oldest cousin Jim and his wife Connie. They were probably in their late 20’s then and I could tell my dad had a close bond with both of them. At one point, Connie mentioned that she had a hat collection and that she loved my dad’s hat and asked if he would be nice enough to pass it along to her for her collection. I can’t remember if I voiced my objections publicly or privately, but I definitely was not down with that plan. I loved him wearing that and I didn’t want to see him just give it away to the wife of my cousin who I barely knew. But somehow my dad, as was his way, sold me on the idea that it would be a nice gesture and I grudgingly went along with it.
As the years went by, I didn’t see much of Jim and Connie. They made a brief stop at our house in Woodland a year or two later and in 1987 I visited that farm again on a cross country trip with a college friend. I don’t remember bringing up the hat incident on either visit. But last year, my Aunt Virginia passed away and it was decided that my brother Mark and I would represent our family at the memorial service in August. We had a great trip reconnecting with my dad’s Iowa roots and one night we stayed in a classic farmhouse AirBnB outside Sheldon, Iowa with several of my cousins—including Jim and Connie. One afternoon, we were in the yard having some drinks and shooting the breeze in a beautiful rural setting and I asked Connie if she remembered that deal with the hat. She said she did remember collecting hats and that the incident sounded vaguely familiar, but didn’t specifically remember the hat and had no idea what may have come of it. We had a laugh about it and moved on to other topics and I honestly hadn’t given it another thought since that conversation.
Fast forward to yesterday, where I had a helluva day. As some of you know, I work at a high school as a school counselor and also coach boys’ varsity basketball. I went directly from working my job to setting up the gym, to coaching the JV game as my partner is out of town, to running the clock for the girls game, to announcing the line-ups and honoring my seniors before our game, which went to overtime—where we scratched out a one point win. I was totally gassed as I left campus, but I checked my box on the way out and to my surprise there was a package in there from Connie. I had no idea what could be in the box as she and Jim had literally never mailed me anything in my life. I was so tired and hungry and curious to see about the New Hampshire primary that I really wasn’t even that curious what was inside. But after a while, I grabbed a pocket knife and opened it up. There was some wadded up Christmas wrapping paper in the box and when I got past it, there it was—-the exact same hat I had given my dad roughly 40 years earlier. Wrapped in plastic and in damn good condition! She had a post-it attached to it that simply read “Found it!”
I couldn’t believe it. I still haven’t unwrapped it and put it on. I cried a little bit right then and there, but for some reason it hit me harder this morning when I took another look at it and I broke down pretty good.
I’ll send Flav a picture of that sweet bastard so you can all check it out. Better yet, maybe I’ll wear that sucker to a Flapalooza with all of you at Oracle this season.
Go Giants!

Another Pitching Score

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Nice to see Trevor Cahill signed. He’s only 31 which surprised me. He’s only 1 season removed from a 110 ERA+ in Oakland. Oracle will be kind to his remaining pitching skill set and we DO need reliable starting pitching.

Ok, that’s about as positive as I can be for Bobby Bowden.

Kevin Pillar could not have found a better landing spot than Boston. BoSox fans will go crazy for his defensive wizardry in the outfield and while he won’t be able to replace much that Betts does at the plate he’s going to love banging the ball off that green wall. I will continue to root for him.

Winter Haze Not Lifting

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Pitchers and catchers report today. I think they do, that’s what someone told me. This does nothing for me.

The weather is beautiful, I’ve stared out this window long enough. I should be itching for some baseball.

And yet, there’s no hope, nothing to get excited about. Not if you’re an SF fan.

Look At Me! Look At Me!

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I don’t watch shows like the Oscars–all those people do is celebrate themselves—incomplete despite money and fame, now they want hardware, too? Screw them. The only reason so many people watch is because the regular Joe wants to forget his boring life for a night and to feel involved in the industry somehow with their his own opinion on what movie was good or bad. Seriously, who cares?

A new week is born and we eagerly wait for Zaidi’s next move. my prediction is…. Chris Speier—sure he’s 69 but he’s already had 2 go-rounds with the team and we know how Baer loves to bring back those old Giants. Third times the charm? I bet he could still put down a mean bunt….



Lots Of Guys

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Here’s our current outfield group + B-Hammy. I have no idea who Joe McCarthy is or why he’s on the active roster.

Screenshot 2020-02-09 at 7.54.08 AM

There’s a lot of bolshit on that list but this is probably what we get in 2020. I’ve accepted Pence into our lives. He’s here, might as well make the best of it and there is no easier dude to root for.

With all those names you have to wonder if the future of J-Davis is shrouded in limitation in SF…..

Pointless Moves For The FB Housewives

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My main man in Reno, PaSalon, texted me “you better have a long stride” if I continue to criticize the Pence pick up. And while Big Flavor fears no mortal man, friend or foe, I have no intention of continuing to call out Zaidi for his perplexing off season moves. He has broken me.

The Billy Ham pick up doesn’t enthuse me as much as you might think. I love what he does once he’s on the base paths but it’s the *getting on the bath paths* part that’s the biggest problem. He had a chance to show what he could do in a cavernous ballpark last year in KC and it never happened, in fact they batted him 9th most of the time he played. His stick is just too impotent. I suppose there’s a chance he could bounce back a little in a return to the NL and I would prefer watching him 1000 times over the known boring entity of Dugger. Could he lace a few balls into triples alley and excite the crowd in ways Belt could only dream of doing? Sure he could, but at this point B-Hammy does nothing for me.

Just like all of Zaidi’s moves.


One Flap bonus token to the first Flapper who can identify where the phrase “you better have a long stride” came from without googling it.

Hunter Not Making Sense

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I haven’t seen the deal yet. The details don’t matter. Signing Hunter Pence is the dumbest signing I can remember the Giants making in the last 20 years. Maybe ever.

Zaidi has no plan other than to piss me off.


Not Competitive

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Screenshot 2020-02-06 at 5.56.39 AM

We got rid of our most exciting player (Pillar) but he didn’t have any upside and I was fine with them not retaining him.

The guys we’ve added are starting to make Z look like a Dodger mole.

The baseball season is LOOOOONG. If we can’t find a reason, not a single reason, to be hopeful in freaking February we are absolutely doomed.

How many baseball seasons do you think you have left in your lifetime? Are you cool with just tossing one out before the season even starts for literally no reason?

Placing Big Betts

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Just from a pure baseball perspective, last night was pretty cool. Trades and wild player movement like we saw between LA, Minnesota and the Red Sox is what the the hot stove season is all about.

I still don’t understand why Boston wanted to trade Betts. Because they couldn’t re-sign him? Why couldn’t they do that? They didn’t get back nearly enough but for only a year of his services I guess that’s to be expected. If I’m a Red Sox fan I’m waking up this morning pissed off. There was no reason for this.

As I said last night, LA is in a pretty desperate situation having not won anything in 31 years. All those seasons of failing must be getting pretty staid.

So we’ll see if it works, it probably won’t. But I respect them for trying something bold.

Winter Truly Setting In

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These post Super Bowl days are always bad but right now they’re worse than ever. Warriors: suck. Spring training is on the horizon but I can’t find a single reason to get remotely jazzed about the Giants. They’re going to be terrible. We don’t even get a little fake hope thrown our way. KNBR is hyping fanfest big time and you’d have to shoot me out of a cannon against my will to make it to that bullshit.

Also, this guy can kindly go fuck himself.

Screenshot 2020-02-04 at 6.08.41 AM

Let me get this straight, he’s never trolled the blog? Uh huh….

This fuck doesn’t show up here for literally YEARS and then we’re supposed to see it as a coincidence that he just magically re-appears the day after one of the worst sports losses in Bay Area history? And then he posts a video mocking Niner fan support of the team. I don’t give 2 fucks where the video originated from. You were trolling the blog yesterday you dumb motherfucker.

Instead of mocking the Niners, Dodger fans should figure out how to spin the fact that their team is mentally weak, unable to win anything of consequence for going on 31 years despite having the best talent on the field.



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There was a moment last night, some time late in the 4th quarter, it just hit me: Jimmy isn’t great. I know what great is. Great is Joe. Great is Jerry. Great is Ronnie. Greatness happens and unfolds because it is simply better than you. And it was then that I realized this wasn’t going to happen.

I’m so spoiled by past greatness. It’s almost a curse. Say what you will about Maholmes shaky Super Bowl performance, the fact is that dude led his team to 3 comeback wins in the 2020 playoffs. THAT is greatness.

Joe would never have missed a wide open Sanders. Not in that situation.

I know Jimmy isn’t Joe and I have to stop obsessing and pining for the past. But it is just so damn sad to not have greatness on our side. Not anymore. And that is the cold reality that Niner fans get to wake up to this morning.


Overdue For #6

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Ok, so I might have overdone it a skosh on the prop bets…..

Screenshot 2020-02-02 at 7.30.16 AM

I’ll post a follow up pic of all the winners. 🙂

We’ve been down this road before. Not nervous. Focused.

LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!