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Very surprised to see the Niners win AND the Raiders lose yesterday. I thought the outcome for both would be opposite and no doubter oppo at that.

Somehow the Niners are still in the playoff hunt. I’m not bothering to figure out what needs to unfold I’ll just root against all the NFC West teams. That will be an easy thing to do tonight.

Can someone explain to me what the Eagles are doing? Their plan is to give more snaps to Jalen Hurts. So now Wentz is sharing the job? Is this going to be like a college game with each QB running on and off the field all game in the middle of a series?

What are the odds the NFL will be canceling the season soon?


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Today has got a fair amount on intrigue to it. Well, the Denver game does anyway. We thought Taysom Hill was a stretch last week. Now we got some wide receiver snatched off the practice squad starting under center for the Broncos.

It would be SO AWESOME if the Niners played a couple of games at Kezar. Right?

Looking Around For Something To Watch

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Weird sports time right now. I forced myself to watch the Big Game but otherwise have had very little interest in college football. No NBA right now. And with the Niners resigned to a lost year even the NFL is tough to get up for (thank God for Draft Kings). Quietly, there is always horse racing to be thankful for along with my new handicapping partner WillieD!

I guess I shouldn’t complain, we went 2 straight months earlier this year with nothing, nada, squat.

The way cases have skyrocketed here and elsewhere I suppose we could be headed back to that in January unless the vaccine starts getting rolled out.


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Sure, it’s easy to say this has been a terrible year, but I always ascribe to the take that you should appreciate what you have…….because it could always be worse. For instance…..

My mom and my step dad got Covid 6 weeks ago…..but they recovered.

Katie’s grandpa got diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer……but the treatments have shrunk his tumors by 75%.

Carson got da diabetes……but he’s get his insulin and he’s still alive.

My daughter turns 18 tomorrow…….and I have a lot of mixed feelings about that one.

I could go on and on. Bottom line is that I am thankful for my family, my job and everyone I work with, my incredible friends and even my country too though my belief in her has taken a hit over the last 4 years.

And of course for this place, The Flap. How wonderful it is that we can click a button and go to a place that makes us feel happy, connected and valued. In times like these we search for things to believe in. Places to go where we can appreciate, even for a moment, something good in the world. I appreciate and am thankful for all of you, you guys have gotten me through more than you know just by being here every day……..

Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Finding The Min-Pay Guys

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Mlbtraderumors.com reminded me that Puig is still available. For the absolute minimum I would sign him. I doubt we get him for that. Mostly I would just be interested to watch his at bats and his arm when he lets ‘er rip.

At a deal near the minimum it would allow me to enjoy his antics without gnashing my teeth at what an idiot he is because who in their right mind gets hoodwinked to pay an idiot big money and then have them not produce?

The Great DJLoo sent me another email spoon feeding me advice on how to handle my cat who got da diabetes. This particular email also included some pics of his diabetic 3 legged cat and I will be posting those when I get to another computer later today…..

Vicky– a lot stronger than I thought she’d look! Three legs, what a warrior

Re-Building Our Pitching Empire

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I’m sure SF wasn’t even on the radar for an established post season performer like Charlie Morton. But 1 year 15 million is something Z should be spoon feeding us. Not Gausman for 1 year 19 million.

Another shot in the books for good ‘ol Carson this morning and both of us feel like pros at this already. 🙂

That Raider Game

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Did anyone think for a SECOND that Mahomes wasn’t going to easily march down the field and win the game in the final drive? He had, what, a little under 2 minutes? He could have done that in 20 seconds. That guy is incredible AND the Raiders deserve some shit for whatever defense they played at the end–it literally looked like there was no defense.

I’m excited to see some support for my Renfroe idea. When I tout a player I usually hear about how their OPS sucks or all they do is hit home runs or stolen bases aren’t an inefficient way to score or whatever……

So Zaidi let’s go, Renfroe Time.

OF Help

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The Rays designated Hunter Renfroe. If I’m the Giants, I jump on this guy. Right handed power bat? Check. As far as I’m concerned only one dude has an OF spot locked down for 2021: Yaz.

Platoon him if you must but I want me some Renfroe next year.


Easily the most interesting NFL game today goes down in New Orleans. Sean Peyton strangely deciding to start gimmicky Taysom Hill is a head scratcher. Maybe he puts Winston in after a couple of series? Either way, will be fun to watch.

My Old Ass Cat

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I know most of you guys don’t care about horse racing, golf or probably cats. But it’s the off season and this is the stuff I like. Here’s a pic of my big diabetic boy tonight:

Here’s a pic of him in our tomato garden last summer right before we planted.

I know everyone dies, everything dies. But animals are better than people man, they just are.

Anyway, tonight you get pictures of Carson. It better than pics of Rudy Giuliani sweating hair dye down his fat, cousin-fucking face. Admit it.

Making It Through The Winter

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djloo27 said, on November 19, 2020 at 6:45 pm(Edit)

Any PaSalon updates, Flavor?


Yes~ Jeez I thought I shared this already but things have been crazy maybe I didn’t: Pa Salon’s house survived. Other house/structures nearby did not. I know he stayed the night at the Grand Sierra Resort before going home the next day to the good news (for him).

Also, you guys should know that the GREAT DJ Loo has been nearly a better vet to my family than our actual vet with help answering questions as we navigate this new world of having a diabetic cat.

Still waiting on news about Snarkk’s MIL, I know Flap Nation stands with his family in wishing a good outcome for her.

This is what we do in the Winter time—try to side step the landmines in our lives and make it safely to the other side when ChiPower starts stirring around, talking about looking out that window waiting for Spring to have Sprung.

Getting Better

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Wiseman seems like a good, safe pick with some big upside. I’m down with that. Bummed about Klay but that doesn’t torpedo the season. Warriors are in great shape unless another big shoe drops.

Trying to hard with this pic, right?

Getting Old

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I like following this account, it can make me feel old or young depending on what they post. Today, since I’m much younger than all these people, it makes me feel young. How many of these birthday boys and girls do you know?

Still no word yet on the great Pa Salon’s house in Reno. Still praying for good news……..

Pic Of The Day

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I love these pictures from the 70’s, easily my favorite era forbaseball pics. I do sometimes enjoy the one-off from the 20’s that Dirt sometimes posts. Those goofy looking bastards give me a solid chuckle………

I actually had no recollection of what position Carew played. After I saw this pic I had to look it up. All you ever think about with Carew is the bat.

Where Are We Going With This

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High schools are supposed to be opening back up around here on Jan 7. I don’t see that happening. I also don’t understand why they picked the week after everyone gets home from traveling to open back up. Like, how bout wait a couple weeks and see how many kids pick up the virus during holiday travel. It’s been 9 months lol, the kids could wait another 2 weeks.

Unlike Bozo and Loo at the end of the last thread I am ok with the bars being closed. Sitting on my couch isn’t the same as a bar stool but at least there are competitive sports still being played that I can watch. What are we going to be entertained by in Jan and Feb?

If this all gets shut down again, man, that’s gonna be rough. Hurry up with that vaccine but couldn’t you envision a scenario where this all goes completely sideways, the virus mutates rendering the vaccine worthless and the entire country gets overrun with this shit this winter?

The Perfect Morning

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Quiet. Coffee. Masters. Draftkings.

The Masters

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If this isn’t capturing your attention you don’t like golf. Uh, come to think of it, that’s probably most of you. Lqtm.

But it really is shaping up to be an amazing tournament. It looks like the cut line is going to stay at even and that is huge with 11 guys sitting at even right now. There are FIVE guys tied for the lead at -9 and FIVE MORE right behind them at -8.

Bernhard Freaking Langer made the cut. He’s 63!!!! That is one of the most incredible feats in sport you will ever see.

All the big names made it through, this weekend is going to be insane.

Gausman Lotto Hit

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Gausman at 19mil for a year? Yikes. Of course he isn’t worth that. But in order to stay somewhat competitive we need him. When your farm system keeps giving you mound lemons you are forced into having to overpay for serviceable vet arms. He isn’t going to get us back to the post season but he will help make the team watchable in 2021.

Now let Z continue his dumpster swoons and maybe he finds another Yaz or Dick in there…..

Miss This Place

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Woke up to this tweet this morning. Very cool shot. My first game ever, the Ed Halicki no no, I was sitting in the shade around “10 o’clock” but my view was not obstructed.

No Bauer, No Flacco, No Political Talk

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Ok, back to baseball. Sign Bauer? No chance. The only way I sign off on a big free agent signing, especially a pitcher, is if we are ALMOST right there. Like if he’s the last piece we need. Otherwise, signing big ticket free agents is a terrible idea and has more to do with hoping your fan base sticks around for some smoke and mirrors. Be in it for the long haul. The real fans are.

Can’t believe Flacco’s deep throw that was picked off to basically revive the Pats. Run some time off the clock? Nah, I’m gonna throw a deep prayer into double coverage for absolutely no reason and give the ball back to Cam. It’s like he had $$$ on the game.

We are back to the ban on political talk. Don’t waste your time it will be deleted immediately brandished with the familiar “this post is political in nature and has been removed by BIG FLAVOR”. And I put that shit in all caps so that you, your family and your closest friends don’t miss the fact that you have been publicly shamed at the most important place on the internet…….

Faint Light Up Ahead

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2020 has been so terrible in every way I was stunned to wake up to some good news today. Good news? What is that? But Pfizer says they have developed a vaccine that’s 90% effective, that is an incredible number that I don’t think anyone thought possible. More research needs to be done but with the virus raging through communities today it something to really feel hopeful about.

Just like the Niners trading Jimmy G. I am hopeful for that, too.


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NFL today, but no Niners. And I was too consumed with the races to put together any draftkings teams. So…..what the hell am I going to do today?

Happy birthday to the great Flap vet Zumiee!

Let’s Play The Ponies Today

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Some pretty big balloons coming in yesterday, aye? 74-1? 30-1? I expect the same to unfold today. Welcome to the new horse racing blog!

For today, anyway.

There is nothing like the Breeders Cup. There’s no competition, other than the Olympics, where this many of the sports greatest athletes from across the world get together to compete. And it all goes down across two days. I’ve been to probably 5 Breeders Cups. Every trip was the trip of a lifetime.

I’m not putting my plays in the main thread but will update in the comment section as the day unfolds. Keenland often fucks with their track on big days and that can lead to a troubling speed bias. Let’s see how the first few races shake out.

First BC race is Race 4 at 9:02am Pacific Standard Time

Niners Pay Off And An Exciting Weekend Awaits!

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Apologies to my Niner brethren but I had to make some free money on that game last night. GB -6.5 was a gift.

Totally bummed I’m missing the BC today but tomorrow has got my eyeballs popping out of my head in anticipation.

BB’s will be posted for sure……..

Move The Game

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Niner game tonight even tho half the team is stricken with Covid. I still don’t understand why they can’t move this game to Monday night and take the weekend to shake out who has it/who doesn’t.

Other than that, I am extremely excited about Saturday and extremely saddened that I can’t play Friday.

Dark Winter Ahead

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Larry Kreuger was on twitter last week begging the Niners to trade Pettis for John Ross. I laughed out loud at that one. Who would TRADE anything for Dante Pettis? Sure, Ross is a bust but not at the same level as Pettis. Kreug’s is one of those classic Bay Area talking heads who overvalues Bay Area guys just because he knows their name and their draft slot.

Well, the Breeders Cup is nearly upon us. Now that the Niners season is over and our country has proven to be filled with a bunch of in-bred dumbfuck racist mean losers, the BC is my main focus for the next week.

I don’t want to hear about votes that still need to be counted or who is ultimately going to claim the presidency. This shouldn’t have been this close. Our country has shown it’s true colors and they are gross and disgusting. I hate most of America today.

Let’s take the ban off political talk today. I might regret that but it’s easy to fix if it gets out of hand. Nobody cares about your personal political take. NOBODY. I am interested in hearing about your take on how this race ended up being this close. I get why Hilary lost in 2016. Everyone hated her and Trump sold the country a bag of goods on what he could do for them. But after watching this shit show for 4 years how can anyone who isn’t racist or stupid vote for this lunatic? Seriously, I don’t get this at all………

This Is A Baseball Blog

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I considered removing the ban for today on political discussions but it’s just not worth it. Go to Facebook or other places on the internet to talk that mess. Or here’s a thought: nobody cares what your political take is. Keep it to yourself or, if you must, go old school and just discuss it with someone in person. The internet has ruined the way we talk about things with our fellow humans.

The battle lines were drawn a long time ago. If you haven’t already voted, do it.

Go Giants but more importantly, GO AMERICA!

If you want to talk some baseball, here is the thread from 10 years ago today.


A Decade Ago…….

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I can’t believe I missed the 10 year anni of our first world championship. All I can do is apologize and have you watch this video. So many incredible moments. Baseball has changed, probably forever. But we had this run and we’ll never forget it……