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Las Oakland Joses?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 26, 2021

Have the A’s moved to Las Vegas yet? What a pathetic franchise. Dave Kaval is a clown and the latest in a long line of clowns who won’t be able to get a stadium deal done. I will say this, the A’s have some of the best renderings for fantasy stadiums I’ve ever seen. Every single one of them is breathtaking work of art.

Spanking the A’s is always nice. Let’s do it again…..

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  1. xoot said, on June 26, 2021 at 11:18 pm

    As laughable as the A’s owners may be, somehow they field a good team. Whippin them ain’t no puny thang what a great game.

  2. Macdog said, on June 26, 2021 at 11:26 pm

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