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Merry Christmas

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 25, 2022

All I wanted for Christmas were new players. Honestly, that’s where most of my frustration stems from with the Giants. I’m tired of platoon guys. I’m tired of none of our hitters doing anything particularly well other than keeping that OPS/OBP up. Estrada, Wilmet, Crawford, Yaz, etc….just don’t do it for me anymore. I want a home run chase. Or a guy who leads the league in stolen bags. Baseball, and specifically my team, has gotten kinda boring for me.

Having said all that and now that the dust has settled I am fine with us not getting Correa. Or Judge. Or Rondon. But you know what? All 3 of those guys would have held my interest in the team this year. Even one of them. We got Stripling and Haniger and….twins. Lame.

Anyway, Merry Christmas Flappers. I have appreciated you guys and this place for many many years. But it is time to take a break. I have backed off my plan to dump the blog–at least for now. I think what I need to do is to take a step back, not worry about the team or writing threads or anything else for a while. This place used to be therapy for me but not anymore. Maybe in a few months I’ll find a different reason to fire it back up again. Spring time really is an exciting time and a re-birth or a re-boot of this wonderful place might be just what the doctor ordered.

But for now, let’s shut this old girl down for a bit.

If you guys need to get in touch hit me at bigflavor77@gmail.com or on twitter @1flapdown77

Another Guy

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 23, 2022

Conforto. 2 years. Boring. He has an opt out after 1 year so either he’s good and he bails or he sucks and he stays. That’s a Farhan specialty that I think he should probably fucking stop doing.

Still No Answers

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 22, 2022

So the Giants have run and hid on this pretending they don’t have to answer questions because this is a HIPAA issue. But there are a LOT of questions that should be answered that wouldn’t violate Correa’s HIPAA rights.

For instance….

“His medical records with this information were available to every team in MLB who was interested in seeing them. Did you review these records prior to making your offer? If not, why not?”

“What did you do prior to making the offer that would qualify as due diligence?”

For Farhan to issue a 2 sentence press release that ended with “We wish Carlos the best” is a complete and total cop out.

I’m not really even that interested in what the medical issue was since I think there’s a high likelihood there was no medical issue in the first place. I just want to know the process. Right now the Giants look like a complete and total clown show run by buffoons in over their heads.

What research did they do prior to making the offer? According to Slusser all of this was available to any team who wanted to see it PRIOR to making the offer.

What. Just. Happened.

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 21, 2022

They announced this signing A WEEK AGO. Supposedly the Giants found something in his physical and doctors disagreed. That’s from Slusser. I don’t really understand what that means. If the Mets don’t flag the same thing when they do their physical then what exactly is going on here?

At best this makes the Giants look like incompetent bush-league run fools.

At worst, Farhan needs to get fired.

Can you imagine a Boras client ever doing business with us again? Hell, ANY big contract guy is going to treat SF like the plague going forward.

This is our Chernobyl.

Rodon’t You Go There!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 16, 2022

I’d still love to know the offers Zaidi received for Rodon. I don’t think i’ll ever get over him not trading him at the deadline and only a fool would think we were offered nothing for him. If the offers weren’t good enough, like I said would love to know what they were.

Regardless, Farhan gets a passing grade for this off season. I’d say C+ or so. He picked up a stud and 3 other guys who make us better plus he kept Joc and he didn’t bring back Belt or Longoria something I thought he might do.

But today isn’t about the Giants it’s about basking in the glorious glow of yet another NFC West title…….

Can He Do It Up North?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 15, 2022

Really surprised to see the Niners 3.5 favorites tonight. It’s one thing for Big Cock Brock to do what he did in the friendly confines of Santa Clara–it is quite another thing to go up against the 12th man in Seattle. And supposedly he’s banged up, too. At least the weather will be decent.

Seattle can’t stop the run, maybe we just have BCB hand the ball off all game and we steamroll them.

Still, if I was a gambling man I’d probably take those points. Games with these chumps are usually close.

His Name Is Farhan And He’s RIGHT HERE!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 14, 2022

Ok, uh, yeah, about that “Farhan doing nothing in the Winter” stuff…..

THIRTEEN YEARS. That’s the first thing that jumps off the page. I think the longest deal Zaidi did before this one was 3 years for the broken LaStella.

I mean, short term this guy is no Aaron Judge. He’s not going to sell tickets and he’s not going to carry the team.

But he’s an excellent baseball player and you can’t have too many of those guys.

The contract is absurd but I’m not going to hate on this. Zaidi was backed into a corner because of how far ahead LA and SD have gotten AND, and this can’t be understated, how TERRIBLE our farm system has been at producing hitters. You can’t grow ’em you gotta go buy ’em……

Welcome aboard, Carlos.

Seeing Through Zaidi

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 13, 2022

Imagine losing Rodon (which is happening soon) then doing almost nothing in the off season then trying to sell to the fanbase that you’re better this year because we picked up Hitch Maniger or whatever his name is and Sean Manaea.

It’s ludicrous.

But this was Farhan’s off season. Underwhelming AGAIN.

A Move By Farhan

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 12, 2022

The negative way to look at this is that we exchanged Rodon for Manaea thus automatically making us worse. A more negative way to look at it is realizing that Manaea sucks. I don’t think he was even still in the rotation with SD by the end of the year.

This is a glorified Brebbia Aisle pick up. He might do ok here because most pitchers do ok/better than ok at Snoracle Park. But we are worse today than we were at the end of the season. And that is the wrong direction for a team to go when facing the behemoth’s in our division.

I Hate Tom Brady

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 11, 2022

Quite an interesting game vs my arch nemesis. Any rational thinking football fan knows that Joe Montana is the greatest QB of all time. And yet there are still those who believe that honor goes to Tom Brady. Absurd. Brady never would have lasted even half this long if he had to operate under the rules governing Montana’s time. And longevity is what has allowed Brady to achieve this this fake level of greatness. Perfect is perfect and Joe was 4 for 4 in his SB appearances. You give me 1 game I need to win and I pick Montana as my QB 100 out of 100 times…..

The oldest going up against the youngest. Can’t beat a match up like this. If Brady doesn’t regret coming back for this year already he’s going to after this game…….

Padres Pull Off Another One

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 8, 2022

While Farhan continues to sit on his hands, AJ Preller continues to make bold moves. I personally wasn’t targeting Bogaerts but he’s yet another star who makes a team already better than us, better than us. It’s easy to say “Boy I’m sure glad we aren’t getting saddled with a deal like that” but you know what? How many years you guys got left? How many years are we now stuck behind LA and SD? I’d like to see us be competitive in the NL West at least a few more times before I die.

Right now, LA and SD are so far ahead of us it’s embarrassing. And with the payroll flexibility Farhan has he should be the one feeling most embarrassed…..

Poor Judgement

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 7, 2022

9 Years. 360 Large. Turns out the pull of good ol’ Linden Ca isn’t what it once was….

For the first time ever I do think we were actually in this. The original Yankee offer was known so it looks like he went back to them with the Giants offer and allowed them to match it. He shopped our offer, that motherfucker…

Oh well. I actually feel like we dodged a bullet here. Although I would have celebrated had we gotten him.

Now Farhan is truly on the hot seat. No more Brebbia aisle bullshit. He can sign 37 catchers this weekend if he wants to and dump all of them by Monday.

But he needs to get in the game. The Man’s Game. Stop acting like you’re broke.

Judgement Day

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 6, 2022

It’s wild how many people I talked to yesterday who now have me believing in Big Cock Brock. One game smokescreen? Or is this guy gonna take the reigns and run with it?

I like Bozo’s call at the end of the last thread. We don’t get Judge, then we go get Correa, Nimmo and the Japanese pitcher.

Either that or we don’t get Judge and then Farhan plows his way through the Brebbia aisle with all the discount coupons he can cut out at one time.

Disgusting Win

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 5, 2022

I’m just sick to death about this Grappy news. Question: When was the last time some rando QB took over mid season and brought a team to the Super Bowl? Did Brady do that with Bledsoe? I can’t remember if this is the possible comp or not. Either way, anyone think Brock Purdy is the next Tom Brady?

Don’t even bring up Cam Newton’s name. He sucked even when he was good. All Cam cares about is Cam. He would be a complete waste to sign.

Uh….at least Kapernick’s well rested?

Ugh. What a waste of a great defense. We’re done this year.

Defense Day of Reckoning

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 4, 2022

Big game today. Today is the day I decide how quality this Niner D is. It’s been nice shutting down the Andy Dalton’s and Colt McCoy’s of the league but it was only a few weeks ago that the Rams and the Chiefs dropped 31 and 44 on us, respectively.

This Miami offense is legit and we have the added pain in the ass of having their coach know us inside and out.

Shut Miami down and I’ll be on board with this being an elite, special defense.

Spain Reeling

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 2, 2022

Spain losing is a bad omen for them winning the whole thing. I am starting to question whether I know enough about soccer to bet on it……

Had a buddy text me last night asking if I remember the Matt Cain perfecto. LOL. Yeah, I would say I remember that one. One of my greatest predictions of all time.

Unlike Spain who appears to be rolling over like a dog.

Spain, For the Win

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on December 1, 2022

As I understand it today is Win Day for my favorite soccer team and my all time favorite soccer player of all time, my mainest of men, Alvaro Morata—he got us this far and he shall carry us on his back to the next round!

I never post political stuff but this is just too funny. I get about 20 emails a day from Trump’s camp begging for money. A couple of years ago I signed up for the emails. When they asked for my name I just put in Fuck You.

So all the emails start out Fuck, which is funny just in itself. Read this one:

 My father doesn’t ask everyone.

He asked YOU.
He wants YOUR NAME on the 2024 Presidential Donor List.

HURRY.Please give ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to claim your 1300%-IMPACT and get your name on the FIRST 2024 Presidential Donor List. >>

For starters, the % impact is always going higher. It used to be around 400%. Now up to 1300%. It is never explained where this magical extra money comes from. The Percentage Impact Gods? I don’t know. Next, apparently my name Fuck You, who Trump has specifically asked to see on his list, is supposedly going FIRST on a 2024 Donor List. The FIRST ONE. All these dudes do is beg for money, how could this be the first donor list?

Anyway, they all make me laugh but this one especially so.