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Stadium construction pics (1999)










Ok, the following are some pics of my recent trip through Oregon and back down to Reno. Summer 2018.

Here’s my stack after  felting several unsuspecting poker players in a tournament at the Peppermill:

Screenshot 2018-07-13 at 3.49.54 PM

Here’s a pic of my run through the meadow one morning at Black Butte. That is Black Butte:

Screenshot 2018-07-13 at 3.52.36 PM

this is a view from my mom’s deck on the 14th at Big Meadow in Black Butte:

Screenshot 2018-07-13 at 3.53.47 PM

this is me and my old man on the 4th. I swung through Medford for a night to see him.

Screenshot 2018-07-13 at 3.55.04 PM

And here’s a pic of, I think, part of the first hole at Big Meadow with BB in the background

Screenshot 2018-07-13 at 3.56.19 PM



Dodger fan doing penance. Hahaha . . .

Dodger fan doing penance. Hahaha . . .

Ewisco walking into the Public House.

Ewisco walking into the Public House.








Tony Gwynn's number on the RF wall.

Tony Gwynn’s number on the RF wall.


Garrett, San Dawg Jr, Allison, and Kathy

Garrett, San Dawg Jr, Allison, and Kathy

The gang

The gang

Cain warming up before the slaughter

Cain warming up before the slaughter

This is a new page that is dedicated to any image that a Flapper wants to share with Flavor Nation. I’ve received a million photos from you guys over the years and I’m sorry I didn’t think to do this sooner (or keep them). If you want to add a pic just re-send it to me. Ideally it will be from a game you attended. Maybe it’s a pic of you and the World Series trophy. Let’s keep it *Giants related*—-



me, my dad and my stepmom had dinner at the Sundance in Palo Alto last night. They live in Oregon now, I don’t see them too often. Not sure when Bowden started wearing suspenders but he was pretty stoked he was wearing them, lol



This one says it all:


The Flying Burrito Brothers . . .


The book, the man, the beer can . . .


me and some of the dudes as night fell:



Here’s one of Blade I took in the Summer of ’78 when I met him down in Mexico at the same bar where Butch Cassidy was filmed (there are so many holes in this lie I’m sure you don’t even know how to call me on it!



Here’s a pic of me accepting the party’s nomination at the Public House pre-game. James is intently following this moment. 🙂



These two are from the *shirt presentation* that Snarkk mc’d. I love the 2nd pic because everyone is smiling and realizing that no one spilled the beans and the “group project” was ultimately realized successfully! From left to right: Ted, Steve, Chi Power (Chuck), Me, Tom (Snarkk), James and Pawlie




me and Blade at Golds. Blurry. Sorry. Dude snapping the pic was an idiot



UncaChuck snapping a photo with The White Shark while he wears his WS ring inside someone’s home. Yes, this is a perfectly normal picture….eh?



Zumie sporting his Rod Beck Tribute look. Most retro and awesome.



These next 4 are from Chi who went to ST with his daughter. She’s good looking, it’s a good thing he was there to keep an eye on her. 🙂






From our friend Blade snapped somewhere on his ’roundtheworld trip. After I retire I might find this cat and buy his restaurant and just spend the rest of my days hangin’ out on the porch at good ‘ol  Flavor’s Cafe:



Macdog and Pawlie met up at Finnerty’s for the trophy-gaze. Pics from Macdog:


Larry B getting personal with the muscular barkeep.


Peter Mags with, I want to believe, DJLoo in the background wearing the Giants cap. 🙂


Pawlie and MacDog, keepin’ it super real.


Pawlie, doing what he does best, signing his book….


A couple of people touching the glory. Chick in the background looks unsatisfied, sexually. And there are unconfirmed reports that DJLoo is actually balancing the trophy on his head!


These 3 are from DennisZ– 2 are from Finnerty’s, a Giants safe-house in, I think, New York. He and Pawlie caught a playoff game there. The other one is of him at Cooperstown reminding everyone there *what time it is*


my softball jersey from a couple of years ago. It’s a good thing I went yard as often as I did or I would have looked like an idiot. 🙂


pic taken of my tv (by my daughter) as soon as we won our 2nd WS in the last 3 years. Last time Dodgers won one was in 1988. Baha…….


Pic taken of me right after we won our SECOND WS in the last 3 years. There’s a story behind why I’m wearing a Raiders shirt but it’s too long to tell right now.


says it all photo of ferret and deb at NLCS game 7

teams as logos alphabetical list
Two fun seasons out of two; thanks Craig and U Flappers

Manny says he’s scored this one off his neighbor in the 60’s. Nice score…….


two of San Dawg’s sticks–that’s some good wood.


Photo from the first annual Flappalooza (2011) –from left to right–WillieD, James, San Dawg, Ewisco and Flavor


From Chuck: Young  B-Wheezy, 2008


From Chuck: Young Timmy, 2008


me and Pawlie K just before we stormed ATT for Game 1 of the WS


Bozo commandeering a Flying Squirrel’s BBQ stand and dominating……..


the hot dog that I bought at the game me and San Diggity Dawg attended


Chi: in the best WS trophy pic I’ve seen so far…..


Chuck’s *action photo* of Kontos delivering a pitch

Chuck snapping a great shot of Heyward getting thrown out trying to steal


Chuck’s pic of the America’s Cup–great shot of the City


Blade, pumping out a few upside down push up sets before the game


Blade, in his usual pose


Zumie on his way to the yard rockin’ a Birmingham Black Baron’s hat


baggs just prior to Wilco interviewing him

Wilco’s son>>>>>>


Gary Brown, courtesy of GiantHead>>>>>>>>>


Eddacker’s son (#3) with Zito>>>>>>>>>


Denniz Z with Panik, 2015

Screenshot 2017-12-17 at 8.37.08 AM

Screenshot 2017-12-17 at 8.37.43 AM

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