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The Moment You Realize You’ve Sucked All Along

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 8, 2017

The thing that pisses me off about Belt, it’s like “why couldn’t you hit THREE home runs you slumpy shouldered dunce?????”

I remember the days when 2 home runs from your strapping first baseman was enough to generate a W for the good guys in orange and black.

What makes all of this worse is that the fans are looking like the smart ones right now. And when that happens and the team is losing, watch out. The vitriol will roll. Our left field position is 0h(no you didn’t!) for 20 to start the year. Anyone see that coming? And is the fact that this was painfully obvious to see coming starting to irritate you yet?

The waters should calm today. Bum pitching and hitting against a team that isn’t very good. And after the game we’ll hear Bochy and maybe a vet player or two tell us to relax, things are settling, small sample size stuff, etc……

But right now, I feel like the fans have a better take on this team than the guys who are getting paid to construct and run it. And we’ve had a better take since last winter…..


Losing in Arizona

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 7, 2017

It would be a pretty riveting IQ test to see who’s dumber, Smarge or Strickland. My $$$ would be on Strick *winning* but Smarge would be right there the entire race. You couldn’t shine a flashlight between ’em…..

I missed the game because our power was out all night and just went on about 10 minutes ago. I was driving and listening to the radio early in the game and Smarge had run off about 4 K’s in a row and I was thinking, “this isn’t going to last. He’s going to get too big for his britches and just start humping his heater in there.” After I got home and my phone died along with my last connection to the internet and the rest of the world I sat in the dark wondering which D-back ended up being the first hitter to turn Smarge’s night sour….

I’m just happy they’re out of Arizona. I don’t think our left field spot has a hit yet this season but CF isn’t far behind. Gorks is hitting .125. Makes me long for Span and his aged hip.

We play San Diego today at 3:40 for some reason.



Musings From Another Loss

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 6, 2017

There’s something about blowing a lead in the 5th inning that is infinitely easier to tolerate than blowing it in the 8th inning (I’m looking at you Law) or the 9th inning (walk off, duh). So last night didn’t bum me out like the game on Monday did.

But still.

I think the Giants just need to get the hell out of Arizona. Been there, done that, air sucks, team’s flat. If I never see Gearrin pitch again that would be just fine with me. And Snarkk brought up 2 great points last night:

  1. snarkk said, on April 5, 2017 at 9:54 pm (Edit)

    Yep. Why would they need to be signing some washed up 32 YO dude Stubbs off the scrap heap only 2 games into the season? Even if just for AAA roster fill. Where is somebody from AA that could do that? And Morse would have been on the 25 without his leg injury — and the only reason he was in ST was that he attended Pence’s wedding? The OF situation of the Giants after an entire off season and full 6 weeks of ST is flat ridiculous…

  2. snarkk said, on April 5, 2017 at 9:46 pm (Edit)

    Someone explain to me why Nunie isn’t leading off. If/when Span comes back, there is no freekin way he should lead off. Nunie creates havoc on the basepaths and pressures the defense when he gets on. If he leads off, he has a shot at getting an extra AB late in a long game, if needed. Why can’t Nunie play LF, and put Gillaspie at 3rd…

To his first point, it’s really amazing isn’t it? Like when mlb baseballs are produced in Haiti but nobody plays baseball in Haiti (even though they are exactly zero miles away from the boarder of The Dominican Republic). That one still slays me. One guy who hasn’t been mentioned is Ruggiano. He sucks but he at least made it through spring training. Will he be the guy we see come up and fill the spot for Span if/when his hip gives out on him again?

To his second point, this seems like a no brainer to me. I don’t get why people think a leadoff hitter’s only qualification needs to be his OBP. It MATTERS what you do when you get on base, especially for a team that is reduced to The Conga Line approach. Nunez brings more energy and excitement (and sbs) to the line up than all 8 other guys combined. He’s probably gonna hurt himself again soon with the way he plays the game but until that happens LEAD MY MAIN MAN NUNIE OFF!!!!!!!


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 5, 2017

It appears my call for *impending doom* came a little too early. As did my call for a Buster HR. Maybe I should have just aimed a little lower and put the call out for a Buster base hit. Coming off an atrocious spring, he still doesn’t have  batting average this year….

Have we signed Angel Pagan yet?

Impending Doom

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 4, 2017

I was going to get up early and start worrying about which reliever will be the one to blow tonight’s lead but then I realized that Cueto hasn’t hit a home run in his entire 9 year career. Even worse, he’s lugging around a career .108 batting average.

So how in the hell are we supposed to score any runs????

I was actually surprised at how quickly Melancon fell apart on Monday. He couldn’t put the weakest of hitters away. That’s a really bad sign. And not totally surprising. What happened the last time the Giants didn’t have a closer and they panicked and went and got one? I can barely type his name…Ar…man….duh nevermind……

No worries, maybe Cueto hits 2 bombs and throws a complete game.:)

Either that or re-read the headline….


Back to Basking

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 2, 2017

Remember that poem Chi used to post over and over all winter about staring out the window waiting for something to start or stop or some shit? Well all that looky-looin’ has paid off, my man!

Outside of the Breeders Cup or the Kentucky Derby there is no day I look more forward to than this one. It’s not just the first baseball game of the year. It’s the first day of Summer. The calendar means nothing to me. Flip flops, bbqs, watching someone else mow a lawn. All that stuff. I love this day.

Marty Lurie, who I appreciate mostly because of his bizarre ability to not hang up on the most clueless of KNBR callers, does this thing every year where he asks fans to call up with their most outrageous prediction for the Giants. It can’t be anything stupid like “Belt will hit 500 home runs.” But it can be as simple as “The Giants will win 104 games this year.”

Let’s do that here today.

My single most outrageous prediction is that Melancon will lead the NL in saves with 49. Hey, it could happen. And if that comes to pass, watch out.

Go Giants. Go Summer. Today is your day to get your bask back on. About the only Flapper who is exempt from basking at least for a few moments is my main man in the county clink, and I bet even Stix finds a way to sneak a bit of a bask somewhere into his day……

So you have no excuse. Bask today. Bask like no one is looking…..


Cain Can? Or Cain Can’t?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 1, 2017

SF returns to the cool confines of Fog Park and that suites Smarge just fine as he throw 5 scoreless. That showing is giving me the slightest hope for Matt Cain that maybe he’s not completely done as a major league pitcher. Maybe the Salt Lake City Bees aren’t yet in his future. The #1 point is that we’re talking about a #5 pitcher and expectations should reflect that. In addition, Cain has always been pretty bad in the spring. Maybe the weather change sparks something that allows him to cobble together a season that doesn’t make us all puke? For 21 mil I’d expect a little more but apparently 21 mil doesn’t buy what it used to.

At least we have a back up plan in Ty Blach.

This Year’s Phenom

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 31, 2017

I’m trying to rev up for the Chris Marrero train, really I am. But I can’t tell if I’m rooting for him because left field is such a wasteland or I really think he could do something at the mlb level if only given the chance. Grant Brisbee at McCovey Chronicles dulled my buzz when he detailed the 7 pitchers C-Marr has bombed this spring. I won’t reprint their names as it would be waste of pixel space. And my advice is not to look up his splits in the minors, they are uninspiring. He’s only appeared at the mlb level in 2 seasons, 2011 and 2013.

That was a long time ago…..

But still, Jarrett Parker is, well, JARRETT PARKER. I didn’t realize how much his first name bothered me until just now. Anyway, the point is that Marrero doesn’t have a lot blocking him for a start or two a week against lefties. Or righties. Would it really matter?

I wonder if any of the Giants beat writers contacted Randy Elliott this spring just to get his take on Chris Marrero.


Xoot sent this too me. Not sure why he would want the venue changed. Wouldn’t you think he’d have a better shot at sympathy from a jury in his hometown?

Screenshot 2017-03-31 at 4.54.40 PM

Old and New

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 29, 2017

This pitching line was nearly perfect in terms of who Matt Cain is at this point in his career.

Screenshot 2017-03-29 at 6.13.01 AM

He niggled his way into the 6th inning. He gave up a bomb. 4 ER. More K’s than walks. Get used to it. And I suspect Bochy will have a VERY high tolerance for this in 2017. In addition to his blind love for Matt Cain, he has the normal expectations of a 5th starter to cloud his judgement.

Chris Marrero has 7 bombs this spring and who am I to discount that? I am 100% supportive of NEW BLOOD on this roster so if Marrero is that guy, come on down!


Moving to Las Vegas

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 28, 2017

The Raiders are moving and I could care less. I guess if it was up to me I would prefer they stay but I’m a Niner fan and the Raiders mean nothing to me. People that think this move won’t work aren’t thinking it through. A Raider game will transform from a football game to a Las Vegas show. 8 shows a year. It’ll be one of the hottest tickets in town. They won’t have a problem selling out the 65K *arena*. Their issue will be lack of fan support/home field advantage. Fans that don’t care about the team that are stacked inside the confines of a staid dome is about the worst recipe you could have for a true football experience.

They can stop selling the “Just Win, Baby” shirts since nobody will give a lick about the outcome of the game. Maybe they could sell shirts that say “Just Been, Baby”. That would capture the mood of their new *fan* base much better…….


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 27, 2017

He’s the “Special Advisor to the CEO” Lol. The titles these ex-players get always slay me. What topics could Barry possibly advise Larry Baer on? Bike riding? How to act like a colossal dick to beat writers?

I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty cool watching the vids of him jack bombs out of the cage on Saturday. His last season was 2007, he was 42 and he blasted 28 bombs (along with 132 walks). He’s 52 now and if Baer wants to pay him to hang out and flip balls over the wall who am I to say there’s anything wrong with that?

I never thought Barry wanted to be a hitting coach and wasn’t surprised at all when he ran out of gas last year and the Marlins fired him. Being a hitting coach is more for the grinders of the game. Barry likes to get his relax on and *special advising some rich dude* seems about his speed.

I’m sure he’ll have some nice pointers for the hitters. Just don’t call him a *Hitting Coach.*

And build that damn statue already. I’ve never been to a statue unveiling but I would go to that one…..

SF Loss is Sacramento Gain

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 26, 2017

Sadly, the reign of The Long Donger has just about come to an end. I’m happy he seems + about the trip to Sacramento but I’m worried that if he’s left there too long his attitude might change and he may consider a trip back to Seoul for a little R&R just like Hawk and Trapper used to do back in the day.

What would have to happen for him to get called up? Probably a lot. Assuming Nunie’s shoulder is just feeling ouchy he’s going to be back soon, likely by opening day. Donger’s best chance is probably for either Gillaspie to turn back into Ishikawa or Hill to prove he’s got a little more *Uggla* in him than Bochy realizes. Knowing the skipper’s high tolerance for veteran suckitude, it’s likely both of them could tread water well into June before The Donger could get an eventual call.

Just don’t leave him in Sac-town for too long or this could happen:


ShopTawk, With Daniel

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 25, 2017

I wanted to get this up yesterday but things got busy and I have to post it on the slower weekend. Regardless, here is Daniel’s Giants thread that he writes every March. He should be in and out today to talk baseball with us so feel free to leave something in the comment section. As always Daniel, we appreciate your take, you are a Cardinal fan I truly respect. After the kerfuffle between Clark and Ozzie way back in the day I didn’t think I’d ever say that. 🙂

The Longest of Odds

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 23, 2017

Somehow I missed this yesterday: The Span Man hit a home run. Did anyone see it? This is incredible. Also, a championship was won at Dodger Stadium. Therefore, I will declare yesterday to be “Miracle Day.”

Seriously, a Span bomb and a championship at Dodger Stadium. I’m still trying to calculate the longshot odds of that bizarre, unlikely exacta from coming in on the SAME DAY.

Also, left field. WordPress has upgraded something and now, of course, I can’t find where they put the polls. So let’s go “old school” and you can just put your preference in the comment section below. Would you like to see Pagan signed and inserted into LF or would you rather see Parker out there?


I’ll cast the first vote for….Parker.

Screenshot 2017-03-23 at 6.22.42 PM




The Best Commercial of All Time

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 22, 2017

Chuck got me going on the last thread with those old Giants commercials from the early 2000’s. According to Bozo, his name is Matt Griesser. I could watch this every day of my life and not get sick of it.

Also, I couldn’t find it but there was another slightly longer version of this commercial (when it first came out) of him giving Lucille a couple more ass-whacks and he had the funniest expression on his face like “am I really free styling this??!!!?!?!”. After about a week of running it they cut it to this so somebody must have complained.

Bad Hitting

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 21, 2017

Checking in on some of our colder bats this spring….

Span is hitting .161 with no stolen bases and no home runs. He’s about the worst although Jimmy Rollins, who is completely done as a major leaguer, is a little worse at .103 (although he does have a bomb). Pence is hitting .125. I’m just glad he hasn’t hurt himself yet. Ruggiano, another pointless spring training invite, is hitting .200 with a bomb. Morse has hit 2 home runs and done literally nothing else…..

This was a pretty amazing tweet about the Seattle closer. Wow. Barry Zito should write a song about it.

Edwin Diaz threw an intentional walk pitch 87.5 MPH… Harder than any pitch Jered Weaver threw all last season (87.1 MPH)

Nice Catch, Man

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 20, 2017

I’m not insane, I did watch a replay of the Adam Jones catch in the WBC. Impressive. Not even close to the best I’ve ever seen. It looked better than it was because the wall is low and there was a bunch of American flag stuff in the background. But it was a nice catch.

I watched the Mays catch again just to experience the true beauty and aura of a perfect catch. I wasn’t born yet when they played at the Polo Grounds. What a mess those dimensions were.

That was an ominous blurb Loo posted at the end of yesterday’s thread wasn’t it?

Also, if I never have to see another gif of that silver spooned shithead crybaby Northwestern fan, I will consider my life mostly complete. I’d like to send that kid to Syria for a week to give him something real to tantrum over.

Slow Grind to the End

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 18, 2017

Here’s the headline at “Saturday Night Survive: US-DR Win or Else!” I’ll take the *else* please. And hope that means an end to this meaningless nonsense. I love how I’m hearing about how much these games mean to countries other than the US. Like that’s supposed to make me feel bad that I don’t care about the WBC.

Let’s play real baseball already.

Or else!

By the way, here’s how The Donger dressed up for St. Patty’s Day:

Screenshot 2017-03-18 at 8.56.19 AM

Predictions For My Nunie

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 16, 2017

Now that we’ve made it thru the boring Belt-HR prediction, let’s do one that’s far more interesting and near and dear to my heart. With restrained anticipation, let’s turn our attention to the great and all-knowing and all-wondrous and all-powerful…..Nunie.

What’s his line gonna look like this year? Health is the only question I have. Assuming he keeps his legs straight, I’ll go 8 bombs, 30 swipes and a .280 batting average. Tack on 92 flying-ass helmets strewn across the infield and at least 125 times he sends me rocketing off the couch belting out the loudest “FUCKYEAHNUUUUUUNNNNNIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!” the neighborhood has ever heard…..



Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 15, 2017

Two more hits for The Donger and his magical spring carries on. Now hitting .346, it will be interesting to see if Bochy casts a watchful eye his way. He is easily my favorite player in Arizona.

Does anyone know what happened to Chris Stratton? After watching Kruk throw the once coveted and stupidly not traded Kyle Crick into the trash bin I started wondering what happened to Stratton who was supposed to be hit the rotation right about now. Unfortunately, he’s 26 and looks to be maxing and relaxing in triple A.

How many home runs do you guys think Brandon Belt hits this year? Assuming health, let’s toss out predictions and see who nails it cold. I’ll say 16……

Giant Bore

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 14, 2017
djloo27 said, on March 13, 2017 at 10:09 pm (Edit)

You’re probably right, Flav, but so is Xoot.
On paper this team’s a bore.
A band of misfits no more…

This is absolutely spot on. I’ve been having trouble putting my finger on why. I think it’s 3 fold: 1) the rotation is pretty much set. 2) we have no exciting, young player to root for. Sure, MacPark offer some intrigue, but we all know neither is going to get enough at bats to fulfill the promise. 3) the guys we have are pretty much who they are. Almost all of them are *pros* who don’t show much personality at all and who have settled into the back of their baseball cards. We used to spend the spring with raging debates about what Belt’s numbers will look like but I think everyone is on board with him checking in at .280ish/18ish bombs/85ishRBI’s. Anyone REALLY want to argue for or against that? I don’t have it in me….

So this team looks, at least on paper, to be a colossal bore.


Matt Cain

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 13, 2017

He is the only guy in camp who’s reached the infamous pitching triple double: 16 hits,  12 runs, 11 earned runs allowed. Not good, and Bochy can’t possible spin this guy into the rotation. About the only thing good about any of this is that we’re just talking about the #5 spot. Many teams are still trying to fill multiple spots in their starting rotation. Truthfully, starting pitching is the last thing a Giants fan should be worried about this spring.


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 11, 2017

I was fiddle-de-doing around trying to find something remotely interesting about the Giants camp and I saw a vid headline that said something about a Puerto Rico walk off bomb. I ignore the WBC the same way I ignore the Olympics but I thought, “Hey, walk off bombs can be cool, I’ll check it out.”

Sure enough, TJ RIvera hit a walk off bomb. But not the kind you think. His bomb pushed the score to 11-0 so the game ended on the mercy rule. That was the *highlight* they were showing on the main page of

Anyway, the WBC is stupid, spring training lasts too long and I’m ready for some real baseball…..

There’s Nothing Wrong With a Home Run

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 9, 2017

It’s hard to find an argument that justifies wanting more home runs from your line up other than “I just dig the long ball.” Last year, the opposition out homered the Giants 158-130. But the Giants hit more doubles (280>262), more triples (54>42) and scored more runs (715>631).

Of course, that doesn’t factor in how much better our pitching is than most teams. But that’s kinda the point. There’s nothing wrong with adding power to a team top heavy in pitching. We have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to our starting pitching and the bullpen has improved. But the Giants didn’t come back to win even a single game last year in the 9th inning. The spring training invites are a clue as to how the Giants brass feel about that. It’s a lot easier to win a game late with a bomb than using the conga line approach.

I’ve always disliked the term “conga line.” It’s what you say when you’re team can’t hit a bomb. But how realistic is a conga line of hitting? Everyone in the lineup has to out perform their OBP average for a *conga line* to actually happen in an inning.

The Giants are barely scoring enough runs to win consistently. I happen to want them to score more because scoring is a good thing. Not every win should have to be achieved by scratching and clawing. And hey, home runs are more exciting for the fans and they are absolutely proven to result in runs scoring. 🙂

More bombs please.

Hit a Dong, Soon You’ll Be Long Gone

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 8, 2017

Three guys who won’t be making the opening day roster (Williamson, Marrero and The Donger) went yard yesterday.

Young Beedah continues to impress.

WBC snores on. Bruce Chen didn’t even see the purpose in putting cleats on. Look what he wore on the mound yesterday. Apparently it was business-casual day.

Screenshot 2017-03-08 at 5.25.28 AM

Old Men Make Good…..

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 7, 2017

Cain has whittled his ERA down to the Jackson, Tenn area code and that’s probably enough to lock up the #5 spot in the rotation. Also, the aged J-Roll offered to play second base yesterday, further cementing his flexibility and endearing himself to an already smitten manager.

The Giants finally won another baseball game yesterday and are now only 4.0 games off the Cactus division lead!

Getting Down to 25

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 5, 2017

I’m trying to figure out what the Giants are going to do with all of these infielders. Let’s look at the expected 25 and see who’s on the bubble.

The 5 Starting Pitchers are fairly obvious: Bum, Cueto, Moore, Smarge, Cain.

Relievers: Melancon, Law, Strickland, Kontos, Smith, Okert, and then either Oshich or Blach. If they carry both that would be 13 total pitchers which is probably 1 more than they carry but maybe what they decide to start with on Opening Day.

Catchers: Buster and Hundy (that’s gotta be his nickname, right?)

Outfielders: Pence, Span, Parker and Gorky’s. (This is just assuming they go 4 OF’s, it may not be the last 2 guys).

So that’s 19 guys with 6 spots left for the infield. Around the horn we go Belt, Panik, Craw and The great and all-knowing and all-powerful Nunie.

That leaves 2 spots left for Gillaspie (who I have to believe is a lock), Rollins, Hill and Specs….

Anyone see this any differently?

I don’t see how there is any way Specs makes this roster.


Baseball Cards

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 4, 2017

Where do you guys stand on baseball cards? Anyone collect them? Still have the old ones from your youth? What was your favorite part about them? Trading them had to be #1. But I was also really drawn to the personal tidbit on the back. “the first player to be traded for himself with Harry Chiti from Indians 4/27/62 and returned 6/15/62”. Stuff like that.

If I was a kid growing up now the internet would have basically ruined collecting cards for me. Memorizing the stats on the back of the card was my go-to move. Now? Stats are a click away.

And while I love that as an adult, it’s still kinda lame.

Good and Bad

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 3, 2017

The Donger has bumped his average up to a cool .444. His OPS is stratospheric. We could be looking at a late HOF bloomer….

It is a struggle to look at spring training stats so I think I’m going to stop doing that.

Let’s just get everyone to SF healthy and go from there….

That Warrior game last night….How many wide open 3’s did Klay and Steph miss? It’s irritating that Durant goes down and they come up ant-small. I hate to say this, because I can’t stand him, but you’d never see LeBron perform like that in a game right after losing a key piece.

Matt Cain

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 2, 2017

Matt Cain got blasted again yesterday. My question is simple: What does Cain have to show you this Spring for you to be somewhat supportive of him starting as the #5 in the rotation? Because barring a phantom injury, that’s what he’s going to be.

It’s not so easy to just say, “He’s got to have a decent start or two.” Vets, especially vet pitchers, don’t use spring training as anything more than a way to get in shape and stay healthy. A guy like Cain probably bristles at the idea of needing to prove anything against a bunch of minor leaguers and hangers on. His career spring ERA is 5.45 so don’t expect anything lower than that and likely his ERA will check in much HIGHER.

But public opinion CAN matter. The boos at AT&T absolutely played a part in the unraveling of Santiago Casilla. Cain’s constitution might be better at handling negativity from Giants fans.

Does he need to show you anything this Spring?

An Ending And a Beginning

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 1, 2017

This Durant injury reminds me of Buster tearing up his ankle and being done for the season. Durant’s didn’t look as bad, probably won’t be as bad. But it’s going to be bad. I’ve got a bad, bad feeling about this. And if he’s gone I’m looking at the rest of the team with Patrick McCaw scurrying around out there, a washed up Matt Barnes now coming back, and I’m just not seeing or feeling the rest of this season.

At least we have baseball. March 1st. When I was  a kid I always called March 1st the beginning of Spring. Caused a few problems with me studies. I just told the teachers “that’s what the calendar says in Flavortown” and they didn’t ask any questions after that……

The Honger Blasts The Donger

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 28, 2017

Just did a quick check of the spring training stats and I don’t want to overreact but my dude, The Donger, is hitting .333 and that would be good for 4th place in last year’s batting title race, only 15 points off the crowned champion…..

So let’s get to know this near-batting title holder. He’s 29 and hails from Seoul, South Korea which is a preferred place because it was Hawkeye and Trapper’s favorite weekend landing spot to unwind from the horrors of the front line back in the day. So there’s that.

But my even more favorite thing is that he’s finally started to consistently mash the ball out of the park. He hit 52 home runs over the last 2 seasons and I have no idea where that ranks in South Korean lore but it was a huge jump from the 4-7-12 he posted the previous 3 seasons. So ring the bell, it’s go-time.

He also bat flips like a motherfucker but that part of his game has been muzzled by the boring ass traditionalists of mlb. However, you can’t fully take the bat-flip out of a true bat flipper so I am hoping we see that bad boy fly high into the sky at some point this season…..

So to recap: he’s got the best nickname on the team, he’s a goddamn near batting title champion, his power is exploding and if I was GM I’d reacquire The Duffman just so I could trade his ass AGAIN for another stud pitcher and hand the 3rd base job to The Donger YESTERDAY.

The spring optimism is off the charts at The Flap today….

I found this ball in a box this morning. It’s feeling more and more like spring today.


Slap Some Bacon on a Bisquet and Let’s Go

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 27, 2017

I was only half way listening to the Cain start on Saturday as I drove up the 101 but was Mike Morse playing first base? Later that evening, a KNBR caller mentioned how statuesque Morse looked at first base as balls whizzed past him. But maybe the caller was referencing Morse going after balls down the line in LF? If any of you know, detail it in the comment section.

As much as I’m trying to muster some excitement about The Honger making a splash in spring training, there really doesn’t seem to be a place for him when the team breaks for SF. In fact, you could say that about pretty much every position on the team except possibly a left handed spot in the bullpen.

So gear up for a geared down Spring. I don’t see any new faces sticking around past March…

Defending You Man

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 26, 2017

Another day upon us. Another day wondering how many dongs the 2nd greatest and 2nd most all-knowing Hwang will dong out of the park today.

Miller brought up an interesting point about Diggity’s main man Span yesterday—-he might not have ever fully recovered from his hip surgery from the previous off season. Said we might not have seen the true Span. Said he looks fantastic. Said this could be go-time.

Technically I now have two guys who are *mine*. Nunie and The Honger. But The Honger is actually my spring training guy. So that’s why I get two.

Who’s *your guy* in 2017? Spring training or otherwise?

Don’t say “Belt”…..

Firings and a Walk Off

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This new won’t matter to most of you guys, but KNBR fired Matt Kolsky and Vegas Joe Hughes yesterday in a stupid cost cutting move that preserved Gary Radnich and the laughing hyena known as John Lund. I know the cuts don’t directly correspond to those 2 idiots keeping their jobs but it’s just sad to see a couple of hard working younger guys get sacked while Radnich and The Laugher stay on.

I know it didn’t mean a thing but it was fun to hear Miller call the walk off yesterday. I am not a big Affeldt guy. Heard him enough on KNBR to know that all he is right now, at least when it comes to baseball, is quick sound bites and comments about the only thing he knows: relief pitching. But who knows, Kruk and Kuip got better. Remember what they were like when they first started?

Baseball is Back

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Giants play their first spring training game today. Larry Krueger on KNBR called this his favorite sports day of the year. That sounds a little over the top to me. But it’s still exciting to see the game we love starting up again.

Heard Phil Nevin and Tyler Beede interviewed this morning. Nevin comes off strong. I am leaning towards support for this change. Although really, could it have been any worse over there last year?

Young Beedah comes off polished, if not strong. Knows all the right things to say. He didn’t free style rap this time because he said the vets told him to tone that shit down. He’s got a new single out that’s not very good called “Top of the World.” You can google it if you’re interested.

During the ‘Beedah interview he said “I put on 30 pounds, developed a curve ball and increased my velocity.” Murph just goes “Hey, that sounds pretty good, pretty good.”

Yes it does…….

Tired of Getting Cain’d

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If I did a poll right now about who you’d rather have as the #5, Cain or Blach, I bet we’d vote 90% for Blach, right?

Why is that? Do we just not have the same intolerance for failure with Blach as we’ve got for Cain? It’s funny how failure (Cain) can grind on the fans. Blach has literally pitched one great game for us. And now we’re all behind him. Ctm.

TFLR should be fine. MRI should no damage, just inflammation. Normal spring aches and pains. I hope.



Leave The Game Alone

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I still can’t get over the proposed changes possibly coming to baseball. Manfred is throwing the word *unilaterally* around and whenever I hear that I get a little nervous. Changing the game against the players wishes is not a road I want to go down…..

Anyway, after he sends out notice (1 year), Manfred is getting rid of the intentional 4 balls walk to first. Now the manager just *4 fingers* the batter over there. Manfred can’t be so dumb as to believe this is going to shave much time off a game. What’s that take, about 30 seconds? And it might happen once a game? I believe he’s doing this just to gauge how much outrage he’s going to have to sidestep when he gets to his larger, stupider, rule change: placing a runner at 2nd base to begin each extra inning.

THAT one had better never fly at the mlb level. I’m not sitting around watching a tightly contested game, often tied in dramatic fashion in the 9th inning, only to watch the commissioner force *Arena Baseball* on us to start the 10th. I’ve never met a single person who is engaged and focused on a ballgame for 9 innings and then all of a sudden gets restless and stressed and has to get out of there because the game hits the 10th. Plopping a freebee runner on second base to start each inning would absolutely ruin the game.

That’s never really gonna happen, right?


A Route of Ground

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One of my all time favorite race horses. Finally, I have become him….


Flat Off Season, Flat World

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The Dodgers signed Franklin Gutierrez to a cheapie deal (1 year/2.6 mil) and I’m irritated the Giants didn’t pull the trigger on this guy. Instead of stuffing his face with wedding cake and shaking hands with Morse, Bobby Evans could have paid the measly sum the Dodgers paid and got himself a legit power bat for the bench that could mash lefties.

I don’t understand the Giants obsession with trying to *minor league contract* their way to filling out the bench. They didn’t have 2.6 mil lying around?

I guarantee you Gutierrez is going to hit some important HR’s vs lefties in 2017, and some of them will probably come against us.


And this Kyrie Irving thing has got to be a joke, right? He’s just screwing with the media, right?

Here’s a book my daughter read when she was like 8. She’s long since done with it. Maybe I should send it to Kyrie?


Old and Older

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Aaron Hill, Just Ruggiano, Mike ReMorse, Jimmy Rollins, that Korean guy whose name I can’t remember…..

Bochy has got to look at that list and snap-order his wife to saran wrap their valuables. The Giants have recommitted themselves to their comfort zone. Vets, vets and more vets.

I really hope Aaron Hill has something left. For once I’d like to see a bat on the bench that’s not a wet noodle.

Have a Slice of Cake. And a Contract

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Maybe this has been reported elsewhere already but I was loling on the ride into work this morning listening to the KNBR morning guys retell how Morse got his deal.

He was at Hunter Pence’s wedding and was talking to Bobby Evans over cake. Evans asked him if he had anything left in the tank and Morse gave the thumbs up. They hand shook the deal. So I guess the advanced analytics were off the table for this signing.

Also: we have signed Aaron Hill to a minor league deal. I like this move a lot. Right handed power who crushes lefties. He could be a great utility guy or a PH who could, cover your ears, HIT A PINCH HIT BOMB TO WIN A GAME.

LA Bound

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Ready for this?


The deal is done and he’s an Art Dealer now. I’d worry more about this if his career wasn’t nearly over. Those knees are closer to 53 than 33. The velocity dipped again last year on both the FB and the SL.

I’m predicting injury and/or ineffectiveness in 2017 for Romo thus further solidifying his greatness in Giants history….

How Did He Do This?

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Like many of you, I am still scratching my head at this Mike Morse thing. However, I’m scratching my head looking at his one season with us in the context of his entire career. This will be his 13th season at the mlb level, and outside of his one memorable season in SF he has had ONE year of full production: 2011 when he hit 31 bombs (I know no one here cares about those) in 146 games played. He played his second most games in 2014 for us (131). How do you last so long for going on 13 seasons with only TWO decent years? That’s remarkable.

He’ll be turning 35 in March and I just can’t imagine there’s anything left in the tank. But who knows, there didn’t look like much was in the tank when he arrived here the first time.

Reporting for Duty

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Nothing about this will change your reality or alter your day in any way. But just *because* your mood might improve. You just might walk the earth with a little more bounce in your step.

Pitchers and catchers report today.

Who is your key to the pitching staff this year? For me, even more than Melancon, it’s THAT FUCKING LEFTY RELIEVER. He has the chance to be Jeremy Affeldt in his prime–a stud who can get both lefty and righties out. I had given up on this guy until he emerged as probably our best reliever in September last year.

The Giants gave up a lot for TFLR and there were many questions about his worth. If he can step up and be THE GUY to hand the ball to Melancon our bullpen could take the most reliable shape we’ve seen since the days of The Core Four.

If he can’t, it’s gonna be *Oh!shit!andOkert* Time and I don’t think Bochy has it in him to go through another season like 2016.

Dominance of the Cheap

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Can you guess what these 3 numbers are?




Hmmmmm….. there’s gotta be a better way to play this game.

Why don’t I just tell you?

That’s what MadBum makes across the next 3 (THREE!) seasons. Now it’s time to cue up all the outrage over why the Giants haven’t signed him to a new deal yet……


FanFest The Day After

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FanFest is in the books and Gary Radnich has mercifully put the mike down. This was the best thing I saw come out of yesterday:

I was looking for a list of players who “boycotted” the event but couldn’t find anything. Maybe I should just let that go.


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I don’t go to this anymore because of the crowd size but I’m always interested in seeing who bails on it (besides Flavor). In the past, Angel Pagan has regularly snubbed it. Bumgarner doesn’t come to it either and he has less of an excuse.

But whatever, I don’t really care one way or the other since I’m not going to be there. The last time I went I marveled at the size of the lines to the players. I don’t do lines. I don’t understand the payoff when you consider the amount of time invested.

FanFest is very cool for one reason: it means it’s almost here.

Baseball is almost here.

Bombs By The Wayside

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This isn’t really news anymore but I still marvel at how disrespected the home run has become. Between Chris Carter and Mark Trumbo they banged out 88 of those bad boys last year. That hard work got them a 1 year deal ($3 mil for Carter) and a 3 year deal (37 mil for Trumbo). I happen to still sit squarely in the camp that continues to respect the long ball.

Who’s gonna lead the Giants in HR’s this year? Belt? Posey? Will either hit 20?

Bee Wheezy

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Apparently, Brian Wilson hasn’t spoken to a single ex-teammate in the last year and nobody knew he was hatching this knuckleball plan. I think it’s awesome.  I’ve gotten past the ridiculous tantrum he threw in front of Baer and remember nothing but the best of things about him. Him standing on the hill and pointing to the sky. A fresh faced Buster racing on his horse to embrace him. Good times.

Now he wants to come back “tossing waffles” (his words). How great would it be if this actually worked? It took about 2 of his epic one liners in Brown’s column  at Yahoo before I was hooked on him again. Whoever he plays for, I would watch and root……