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Enjoy Your Weekend. Here Is Random Stuff

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 3, 2018

As you can imagine, the Dodgers holding their grand ring ceremony in front of the Giants is causing a few waves on twitter. This was a pretty good response to an especially idiotic LA fan (in defense of LA fans, MOST of their responses on twitter seem to recognize this is a very stupid idea)….

Screenshot 2018-03-03 at 4.34.39 AM

Also, for those interested (and those bored by it looking for it to all go away and for baseball to start) you’ll be happy to hear that Winx won her 23rd straight today. She beat shit, as usual, I think she’s pummeled *Who Shot the Bar Man* in every single one of these wins. Poor horse. Anyway, she dominated. She’s the one in the blue silks. Always.

Also, quick question: a lot of people think this is good. I am not one of those people. Anyone get why this is getting some plus pub?


Crossing Over

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 1, 2018

I got tired of only ready 87 words of their articles on twitter….

Screenshot 2018-03-01 at 6.09.01 AM

I do feel bad for newspapers, having grown up learning how to read with them. I canceled my Chronicle subscription years ago after they published several hack jobs on Barry right after his career ended. I thought it was bullshit that they used him all those years for content and then turned on him—for more content. I wrote them a letter about it and actually got a response but it was mostly just trying to get me to re-up my subscription.

More recently (this year), the reason I don’t read newspapers is because I had to start using *readers* to read anything written on paper–newspapers, magazines, directions on cans/bags of food……publications like The Racing Form. That is extremely irritating so I read almost everything online these days.

Enter: The Athletic into my life this morning.

Any tips from you guys who already have it? Or just click on stuff and start reading?

What kind of sick bastard would make this glorious burger go away forever?

Screenshot 2018-03-01 at 4.35.47 PM

Final bite of an O burger. Powered these bad boys down for 40 years….

Screenshot 2018-03-01 at 4.36.09 PM

Spring Raining

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 28, 2018

Another pic this am from KNBR’s Brian Murphy. I’ve been enjoying their player interviews in the morning on my way into work. These guys, predictably, are pretty confident going into 2018.

Screenshot 2018-02-28 at 5.46.14 AM

Could you reasonably argue that our hitters, SP’s and BP are all better than last year? I think you could…..

Breaking Them Down

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 27, 2018

Interesting website that details all of our players and their projections (see below). Loo was on the last thread down on the pitching. I’m definitely not there yet. Somehow Smargerine got ranked as the 18th best SP last year and I’m assuming that must be a fantasy website that’s value-heavy on his K’s. Cueto is the obvious question mark but he’s a crafty bastard. Don’t put anything past guys like that. His problems were mostly related to his blisters, if he can manage those this year I expect a solid season from him. After that we really only need to have Blach or Stratton meet expectations and we’re good to go. I really believe that. And by “good to go” I mean realistically compete for the WC’s all season. I would absolutely take that after last year’s 98 loss meltdown.

Anyway, check out the link, lots of stuff in here to take in.

It Is Coming

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 26, 2018

Brian Murphy tweeted out this average but still exciting pic of the sun rising at Scottsdale Stadium this morning. I’ve been out of the Bay Area a lot more than usual this year and to be honest Spring Training has kinda come out of nowhere and surprised me.

Screenshot 2018-02-26 at 6.09.23 AM

And to be honest, it still hasn’t moved me. Watching guys like Longoria and McCutchen hone their swings for nearly 2 months doesn’t really get me going. Maybe if I was there? I’ve never been to ST and that’s hilarious because my mom lives in The Boulders and I think that’s only 20 miles or so away.

So I suck for that. One day I hope to get there.

Flavor Five Oh!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 20, 2018

I’m turning 50 tomorrow. For some reason I used to always think I’d be bummed out about that. Who knows, still 24 hours to go. But as of right now, I feel great about it. There are reasons why I’m so positive but no reason to get into that in a baseball thread. Anyway, I will be in Reno/Tahoe for the rest of the week with people and probably won’t get to changing the thread. Unless something happens. But what’s going to happen? Likely, nothing. And I’ve got a second half century to start. So, later days.


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 19, 2018

Eric Hosmer: 8 years, 144 million. Did I read that right? In this discount market I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around why anyone would pay Hosmer that type of scratch. That move reeks of a move just to make a move. “Look depleted and apathetic fanbase, we did something!”

I’d be interested in hearing from my main man on the San Diggity scene. What is the pulse of Padre Nation as it relates to this signing? Did it move the needle? Or are the fans ready to unleash hell on ownership? Is it still a *nation* or is it more of a *province*?


The Future

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 18, 2018
sandog said, on February 17, 2018 at 9:05 pm (Edit)

A horse can get injured too, can’t it? That doesn’t stop you. C’mon, your Big Flavor and you think its a lock.

Very true my man, but you’re getting 40-1, 80-1, sometimes north of 100-1 on Derby horse future bets. Those odds can be hard to turn down and are much tastier than the 11/10 odds you get watching your 6 month baseball bet trickle down…..

But as I said, I don’t do future bets anymore.

Having said that, I AM Big Flavor! I’m saddened you had to be the one to remind me. We’ll see what happens next week. Also, since I’ll be seeing you in Reno March 15/16 you could talk me into it in person. We could storm the teller, fists clenching hundos, a plan to unleash Hell…..

I am absolutely positive about this team right now. Until everyone gets hurt i think they are a lock to hover around 2nd place in the NL West. Hey, after losing 98 I will take that all day long…….


My Dear Watson! Come on Down!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 17, 2018

I don’t follow relievers too much but everyone is saying this Tony Watson pick up is  jizz worthy so who am I not to saran wrap up my furniture? It’s weird because Baggs, usually so reliable, basically said there was no chance of this happening 2 days ago. And yet here T-Dub is. I wonder if this takes the wind out of the return sails of TFLR? I guess you can never have enough reliable BP arms.

I’m thinking this is worth at least 2 wins so that should bump PECOTA and everyone else up to my prediction of 88 wins.

88. That was always a good lightning rod number for me and Twin to battle around….

And for no particular reason other than this picture is rad….

The Past

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 16, 2018

Sounds like Timmy’s *showcase* went ok. 90-92mph prolly not gonna get er done, tho. Theoretically, I guess he could keep that velocity for 20-25 pitches, maybe he could be a one inning guy now. Maybe.

His last good season was 2011. I remember very little about 2011.

Good luck to him wherever he chooses to walk the earth but let’s not have it be in SF. That path is traveled and worn. Time for a new one.

Important Discussions

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 15, 2018

Well, we covered a lot yesterday. Howard Stern. P-Con. The issue of Smargarine and his rumored fatness. I’m gonna have to give him a gander again, I didn’t see that first time through. At least he got a great new nickname out of it (credit: Loo). We even had a Chris Castellani rant. He’s kinda worn on me. I feel bad for that kid. He’s got a lot of anger that he’s not really expelling effectively. I guess it’s better than bottling it up.

Anyway, Smargarine is fat? Like “Derek Law fat”? Does Law still have those titties? Just once I’d like to see the “Social Medials” come in with pipes flexed and their phones turned into Bochy at the door….



Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 14, 2018

It’s February so these are the types of threads you get. There is a lot of gold in this clip and I already love McCutchen.

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 13, 2018
djloo27 said, on February 12, 2018 at 10:45 pm (Edit)

Seems like there’s a fair amount of optimism here.
Not from me. Look at that pitching staff…


That’s where some of the optimism has to come in, my man. You have to believe that Bumgarner will stay healthy and return to form. You have to believe Cueto did a little cardio this off season and that he’s figured out how to throw a slider with those new balls without herpes breaking out all over his hand. You have to believe that Smarge has ditched some of his stubbornness that leads to him trying to strike everyone out with that tasty heater. You have to believe that getting rid of Matt Moore can only have the most positive effect on that beleaguered bullpen. And you have to believe in Stratton and Blach, or at least one of them. And truth be told everyone’s #5 smokes copious amounts of pole so one of those 2 guys is allowed to smoke a little…..

Oh, and that Fucking Lefty Reliever has to finally show up. Melancon, too. And Strickland has to stop being such a dumbass. Law and his social media cohorts have to put down their phones and start working out….

Ok, so that’s a lot to believe in. But it’s been a nice, mild winter with almost no rain and beautiful sunny days. I’m in.

Release Reuben

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 12, 2018

Here’s my #1 rule if I’m a GM in the NFL: If you own an assault rifle I don’t want you on my team. Simple. Easy to understand. Nothing good for my football team will come from any of my players possessing assault rifles.

The Niners don’t have to make a snap decision on this because it’s the off season. They can certainly gather more facts. But this is a franchise that has simply had too many players fuck up in the eyes of the law. The message to the rest of the players and the fanbase has to be: “We will not tolerate players who commit domestic violence.”

It’s obviously the right stance to take. But the other piece to this is that we have too many good vibes with Jimmy G and the future. We don’t need players who so brazenly skirt the law. Good players will want to come here now because of what Lynch and Shanny are building around Jimmy G.

No assault rifle owners allowed…..


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 11, 2018

Fan fest has wrapped up. So have the Olympics, I think (hope).

Darvish to the Cubs is interesting mostly because the Dodgers failed to keep him due to lack of funds. The Art Dealers offer included the need to first shed themselves of salary. They’re going to have trouble competing in the art dealing industry if money has now become an issue.

Other news that I have stolen from is that Pence is embracing his move to left field. Sees it as an “exciting challenge.” This makes Angel Pagan look like more of an asshole, doesn’t it?

Close call on the Olympics yesterday. I was skimming through channels and accidentally hit the channel they were on (which I now know is NBC). I started to panic as I saw a screen of cheering somebodies but relaxed when I realized the screen was frozen! So unless I get a ruling otherwise I am not counting this as watching one second of this stuff….


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 10, 2018

Anyone going?

I’ve been a few times, as have many of you. It’s evolved over the years. 15 years ago it was like a weekend picnic at the park. Then those 3 beauties started rolling in and it turned into a rock concert.

Been there done that.

I might just stay home and watch the Olympics today…..


The Olympics

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 9, 2018

I’ve been hearing murmurs about it so I finally googled “where and when are the Winter Olympics this year”. To my surprise, they start today. TODAY! That should be very exciting for some people. I am continuing to stick to my boycott of the Olympics, first prompted by San Dawg at least one, but possibly two, Olympics ago. The reason? No real reason. I guess I just don’t relate to any of the sports. Especially the winter nonsense. I still believe the Olympics are televised mostly for housewives who dig the 20 minute human interest story that precedes each 2 minute event.

My prediction is that North Korea does some crazy shit to disrupt something during this 3 week event. I’ll be in Reno for my 50th during the final week. Maybe I’ll find a way to bet on that….


Fanfest is this weekend! No, I’m not going. Neither is Kruk. He was on the radio yesterday with Murph and Mac who were trying to hype fanfest. Kruk buzz killed that by saying he wasn’t going. Said he had a cold and didn’t want to get anyone sick. lol. He had all winter to come up with a better excuse than that.


Market Correction

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 8, 2018

JD Martinez is reportedly “fed up” with the Red Sox and their 5 year, 125 million dollar offer. Sounds like that’s as far as Boston wants to go. And he’s *fed up*….

Man, fuck JD Martinez. The dude is already 30, who in sound mind wants to give this guy more than 5 years? I think Boston is the perfect fit for him, he can pepper left field with moon shots for years. 20ish mil a year is a perfectly fine offer for someone of his age.

I’m trying to figure out what the players are going to strike over (if it comes to that). The CBA runs through 2021. Unless they can prove collusion, which this isn’t, I don’t understand what they target.

Flap Meeting with Macdog and Paul

Screenshot 2018-02-08 at 1.23.28 PM

We’re Number 5!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 7, 2018

I couldn’t care less about pre-season picks like this from Pecota, but here it is in case you do. Too many things change throughout the year to project how a team will do over the course of 162 with the guys they start with on Opening Day.

Buyers Market

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 6, 2018

This market has gotten completely out of control. Two years, 17 mil for Todd Frazier? That’s literally peanuts. I would have signed him to that and just plugged him in anywhere–2nd base, first base, center field. That type of right handed pop, for 8.5 mil a season, would have been nice to have next season…


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 5, 2018

Where I come from if you pulled that grade down you’d be checking in with a D- and a possible trip to the principal’s office…

Good ol’ squeaky clean and perfectly terrific Tom Brady dropped his Super Bowl record to 5-3. And he could EASILY be 3-5 if it weren’t for some incredibly stupid coaching decisions on the part of the opposition.

But whatever, I appreciate he’s a great QB, due to his longevity he’s the most accomplished QB of all time. There. I said it.

But if I needed one win and I got to pick a QB in his prime there is no question who I go with. Joe. A thousand times Joe.


Super Bowl 52

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 4, 2018

“Lii?” WTF is that? One of PaulinAsia’s new girlfriend’s? Just say 52. Jesus, 16 doesn’t seem that long ago, does it?

Very happy to not have any money on this game. I am obviously rooting for the Eagles despite their neanderthal fans because I am not down with Tom Brady. I met his sister once, she was hot. Hopefully she’s not anymore.

Anyway, the line opened at -6 and it’s slipped to -4.5. Lotta wise guys out there trying to find reasons to bet on Philly. I guess it could happen. But Lady Luck always seems to shine upon *Do No Wrong* Brady. He’ll probably end up with another MVP award. I’m not sure how many he’s won in the SB but you can make a case that another guy should have won at least a couple of them. For instance, you could have given one to the entire Falcons team last year and all of their coaches….

My best Super Bowl betting story is the one where I threw away the winning ticket on Carolina scoring exactly 29 points (2004). My main man Dave Anderson got the sportsbook to pay it out even without me producing the ticket. That was amazing.


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 3, 2018

Still bored. But still keeping it one hundo. Enjoy this video, it’s the funniest thing you will see all day. Watch till end…Tomorrow, Super Bowl chatter….


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 1, 2018


You think you’re bored this off season? Look at what this guy’s been doing:

He’s not an Astros fan. And he’s made a LOT of different 3D scenes….

I still haven’t gotten around to combing through the Room B emails. Maybe that’s a door better left unopened.


White Shark Resurfaces

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 30, 2018

He’s back. Sorta. On a minor league deal. As Twin used to say, “Relax, it’s just a minor league deal.”

Having said that, it looks like the 3rd/4th/5th OF spot is going to be uninspiring at best. And that’s giving the benefit of the doubt to Pence as the “inspiring” #2.

Boch might be forced to play some of the younger guys this year in the OF. Of course he could just check back in on the blinder Upton bro and see if his wrist has healed up.

This morning I realized why I published all those Twinfan emails. It’s kinda been like having him back again. I know that’s a bit morbid with him being dead. But don’t Beatles fans get all jazzed up when previously unreleased songs get released? Does that happen with them? I don’t know.

Anyway, for a couple of days it felt like that crusty ol’ son of a gun was back. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did….


“The Odious Snarkk” lqtm

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 29, 2018

Ok, that was a fun thread. Felt like I exorcised something. Or celebrated something. I dunno.

Now, back to baseball. Or more emails? I pulled like the *reverse Hillary* with those bad boys this weekend….

Anyway, there is nothing even remotely interesting about baseball going on right now.

But we needed a new thread.

And this is it…..

Two Flaps Up: Good Bye Friend.

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 27, 2018

Some very nice sentiments left on the last thread about Twinfan. He left the blog, I want to say around 2014, but his *aura* has always been here. My relationship with him was…..complicated.

I have 1,016 emails from him. ONE THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN. You guys have no idea the number of complaints he fired at me over the years. They often came across like direct orders. Here’s a screen shot of just a few of them. If you can read the subj line you get a flavor of them:

Screenshot 2018-01-27 at 6.39.35 AM

In this next excerpt, you’ll notice the subj line “quick computer question” that has 45 exchanges in it with the preview being nothing computer question related. LOL.

Screenshot 2018-01-27 at 7.26.12 AM

I could go on and on but you guys get the gist. I will just say this: Twin was high maintenance. But not always in a bad way. I just think he demanded the greatest awareness and knowledge of the game from those with whom he interacted. If you didn’t give that, he’d let you know you have to be better. In the *twinnest* way possible.

His contests were great. I miss setting those up with him. He REALLY got into those behind the scenes. He was an unbelievably generous person. I always tried to remember that his bitterness came from having to participate in a war he didn’t start or want. And in the end, 45 years later, it’s what killed him.

I’ll find a way to properly honor him here at the Flap. Nothing’s hit me yet. He’s just biding his time. Somehow, some way, like a doink on my dundering head, he’ll let me know.

He wouldn’t have it any other way….

Brewers Shove All In

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 26, 2018

It’s great to see small market teams like the Brewers going for it like this. I wish more teams would try instead of kick back and let the rev sharing checks roll in. If it doesn’t work they can sell off their players at the deadline. There’s really no risk unless the new guys get hurt…..

The Giants are *going for it* in a different way. There’s definitely more risk. If they are floundering at the break it’s not like they can sell off their old parts. These guys are for keeps.

I happen to believe it’s not a huge risk because, barring a bunch of injuries and dirt bike accidents, I think we are looking at an 88 win team right now. They’re right there for a WC spot. I’ll take that…..

RIP Twinner

Screenshot 2018-01-26 at 3.48.30 PM


Not My Hall

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 25, 2018

Not a Hall of Famer?

Screenshot 2018-01-25 at 6.31.21 AM

If I’m a voter for entry into this dumbass place I would send my next ballot back with the word “unsubscribe” scrawled across the front of it….

Questions, Questions….

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 24, 2018

I’m gonna let Daniel write the thread today. And I’m going to answer these questions with my answers as well as all of yours. We’ll see how that goes over in ‘Shoptaw country. Anyway, if you have any thoughts about these questions please respond below. I have the responses from the guys who already responded in the previous thread.

Daniel Shoptaw

Jan 20 (4 days ago)

    All right, I’ve got the questions figured out!  I’m also going to do things a little different this year, as I said.  Instead of doing one a day, I’ll do two (an AL and an NL) and that means I can start it later, which is important in this offseason, I think.  The Giants will be going up on March 16, so if you can have them back to me by March 10, that’d be great.  Feel free to wait until spring training starts to get to these and I will be sure to send a reminder a week or so before the deadline.  Thanks again!
  1. What are your thoughts on the offseason?  Did the club improve over the winter?

  2. Is there any concern that the Giants’ window might be closing soon?

  3. What’s one thing people may overlook (either positively or negatively) about this team?

  4. Who is the one key player, the guy that must have a good year for the Giants to do well?

  5. What’s your projection for 2018?  Where does the team wind up overall?

  6. What’s one question I should have asked and what’s the answer to it?

When is “Better” Good Enough?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 23, 2018

“At least they’re better than last year.”

That seems to be the prevailing sentiment from everyone about these off season moves. Being content with what you aren’t anymore is not exactly a clear path to a championship. But there’s also nothing wrong with being better either….

I was definitely not in the camp that wanted a tear down. It worked for the Astros after years of last place finishes. It sorta worked for the 76ers who at least have decent players now.  But it was never a realistic outcome so why dream about it? If waiting around for half a decade for something to happen is your gig than I’m not going to dull your buzz. It’s just not for me.

Put the best team out there possible. I don’t want to lose 98 games again….

All They Do is Win

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 22, 2018

Well, that was a fun day of sports. I now turn my resistant eyes toward Philadelphia. Ugh. Rooting for any team from Philly is like asking me to root for USC or Cal or Notre Dame. Not in my DNA.

But there’s nothing worse than Tom Brady’s squeaky clean fake-o act or Belichick’s tired stoic facade or….the fact that they win all the time. That’s really what it comes down to, right?

Look at the Warriors. Is there a more likable collection of players ever assembled? Aside from Draymond of course. But even with Green’s antics, all those guys play to win as a TEAM. No egos. Few tattoos. Almost no off the court problems. And they are led by one of the most thoughtful, introspective, coaches in history.

And yet people hate them for no reason.

Other than…..they have cornered the market on winning.

Please, somehow, may the ghosts of Joe Montana’s past rise up as one and channel themselves through Nick Freaking Foles.

One time.

NFL Again

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 20, 2018

Staying with the NFL and riding the high of my wave of winners from last weekend, let’s take a look at the two games this weekend.

These games are fascinating. Three bad quarterbacks and possibly a one handed one. The wrong handed one. You also have 4 good/great defenses. And literally only one stud rb– who might still be hurt.

Granted, looking at the games from a DFS perspective is different that predicting who’s going to win and lose. I’ve only been able to come up with one decent angle and that’s taking Philly on the $$$ line (+135). They are at home (huge) and they are facing a team coming off an epic emotional win. Those teams usually have a big let down the following week. So I’m taking Philly on the $$$ line.

And I’m also taking Jax and the points just because NE was the only game I lost last week and that pisses me off and I don’t like Brady and 7.5 looks pretty good to me.

Again, not betting the games, just playing DFS, but if I WERE laying my own cash that would be the way I’d go.



Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 19, 2018

Goddamn it’s cold this morning. It’s like 45 what the hell is this? lqtm. I think I just heard our east coast contingent curse my name….

We acquired Engelb Vielba from the Pirates. I’m not sure what that is.

P and C’s report on Feb 13th? Yikes this is happening quickly. Aren’t there a lot of guys still unsigned? The Giants are going to sign Jerrod Dyson to play center field, aren’t they.

One Big Hole Left

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 17, 2018

I think we need to pump the breaks a little on this Gorkey’s/Duggar CF platoon idea. Where did that even come from? Duggar looks to be cut from the honkiest of ivory bone and I’ve never understood the Gork’s thing.

But if you told me a month ago that finding a center fielder would be our biggest problem going into spring training I’d say you crazy.

Re-loading this team was the right move. The only long term thing I’m worried about is if the Giants give Bumgarner 300 million dollars. That would just be a massive mistake. There’s a pretty wide chasm between Bum’s actual value and his perceived value. I think there’s a decent chance he bounces back from his motorbike mistake year but after that…..Somehow we need to let that dude walk when he’s free but I don’t think Baer will be able to let him go….

I’m No Oak Town Dreamer

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 16, 2018

I’m 100% behind the moves this off season. Not because I love the pick ups of Longo and ‘Cutch. I don’t love them. What I do love is the idea of not having to watch another 98 loss season. And while I moderately support the idea of a re-build, I know the Giants brass don’t know how to do that. So why try?

I’m not an A’s fan. I don’t jizz at the possibility of tomorrow. Tomorrow is bullshit, it doesn’t exist. The baseball season is looooong. At this point in my life, with 3 beauties in the bank, I just want my team to be as competitive as they can for 6 long-ass months. If we have to sneak in the wild card window, so be it.

‘Cutch and Longo make our team better. There’s no point in spending the rest of the off season debating how much better, those opinions will be worthless after this all unfolds. And I recognize the risk of expecting so many bounce back seasons for some of last year’s under-performers. I’m skeptical of Pence and Cueto bouncing back. But I do think Crawford, Bum, Melancon and don’t forget that FLR….all those guys could all bounce back.

I think the biggest fear for SF will be injuries as this leaky boat is not built for a long journey.

I’m not ready to sit back and wistfully dream about a future that never comes. Screw that. Go Giants.

That Moment

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 15, 2018

Yesterday is why I watch sports. You guys have probably all seen this sideline cam video, it’s epic. When I watched it the first time it reminded me of the video from the arcade perspective of Ishi hitting his bomb. The crowd gets silent for a moment as they catch their breath–it’s subtle—then they explode. That collective crowd silence phenomenon is something I didn’t know existed until I saw the Ishi video. And then you can hear it on this one too. Incredible.

And here’s the Ishi HR. Can you hear the moment of silence before the insanity?

Divisional Round

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 13, 2018

This is my favorite weekend of NFL football bar none. Four home crowds going nuts. Everything on the line. Great story lines….

My main interest, as usual, will be in the individual players I have picked at draftkings. I’m not betting on the games. But it’s fun to throw out predictions and with Booby doing nothing but digging into the deepest depths of his navel it seems like a good time to talk football…

Atlanta -3 vs Philly. I like Philly here. Money line bet. +130. If this game was in Hotlanta I would take them but I see the Philly D holding Ryan and his overrated offense at bay and Foles doing enough to get this done….

Tenn +13.5 vs NE. I would probably take Tenn and the points but I wouldn’t bet this game with 3 better opportunities this weekend….

Jax +7 vs Pitt. I would not only take Jax I would take them on the money line at +280. That D is legit and Pitt is shrouded in hype. Not even the great Stix song *Renegade* will be able to help them. Although I can see why that gets the crowd and the players going, that is a great song to play in a stadium. I don’t care if AB plays, he’s hurt, and Bell should have trouble moving forward against the D. Big Ben sucks and if Fournette gets going they are going to win that game outright.

New Orleans +5 vs Minn. Again, if this game was in NO I might take those points. But Minn has a great D and I firmly believe that if Keenum was going to fall apart he would have done it already. At home with a roused crowd and Brees out of his dome I see the Vikings winning this one big…..

Who you guys like?

Gonna Have to Pay $, Not People, To Keep This Fix Going

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Can’t imagine we have enough fire power to pony up for McCutchen. Unless we want to give up Ramos. The Reds are insane if they want Ramos for BillyHam. This is the problem with having exactly one blue chip trade piece. He’s the only one anyone wants….

This is why we are probably going to have to bite the bullet and pay up the compensatory picks for Cain. I’m not happy about it either but it’s not like a couple of picks are going to magically fix our shithole system.

But something has to give. Not even Booby could look at this outfield of Pence and Gorks and….? and think we are good to go out there for 2018.

Rejected Again

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I’m dying to know what the Giants offered Jay Bruce. Bob Nightingale said they went “hard” after him. So either they offered more than 3/39 and he rebuffed them because he didn’t want to play for a 98 loss team or their offer was less than 3/39–hardly going “hard” after a player of his caliber.

Much like Longoria, I didn’t want  SF to get Bruce because I really liked him, I wanted them to get him because he makes our team a little better. And 13 mil a year is Spam $$$. That’s nearly pocket change.

The moment after the Giants picked up Longo the only course of action from here on out was pedal to the metal. Get ANYONE who will make the team better and hope for some bounce back seasons from the guys on the pitching staff.

There is no other direction than full steam ahead, mateys.

Where’s The Action At?

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I have returned from Central America. There is a lot going on there. Unlike here. I am still a little sleep deprived but I can’t seem to find any SF Giant related info. To be somewhat fair, it doesn’t look like the free agent market is moving at all. Very weird. Thanks to Chuck for slapping a couple of new threads up to keep the blog moving.

Now all we need is something to happen. Booby you up. Let’s go.

Not Sure When the Expire Date is on these Posts, So . . . . .

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. . . better early than late. Absolutely nothing to report on in the baseball world, other than the Sporting News throwing a little shade on the once-almighty Derek Jeter.

Enjoy . . .

New Thread to Reset

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Happy New Year and Go NINERS! ! ! I think the previous thread timed out so here’s a new one.

Happy Holidays To ALL!

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Flappers, I am taking a hiatus for a few weeks. I’ll be out of the country for part of that and it just won’t be convenient to try to blog or change the threads. So man the ship, keep her sea worthy, weather any storms and watch out for pirates. Hopefully when I get back (January 9th) we will have assembled a team that can sail off to glory once again.

Steady as she goes mateys, steady as she goes…..

Our Next Target

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Rod Brooks, one half of by far the worst KNBR tandem at the station, was saying his big concern about Jay Bruce was if his home run power was inflated by Great American Ballpark and how it might translate to another home park not as HR friendly. I angrily dialed the station (but couldn’t get through) to let him know that Bruce hasn’t played in Cinn since the middle of 2016 and since he left Ohio he hit 37 home runs with the Mets in 153 games. He went on to continue to blast the ball for the Indians. I guess it’s too much to expect that KNBR hosts even remotely keep up with players who don’t play for the Giants…..

The concern, of course, is that Bruce is left handed and how might his power be affected by Triples Alley.

I’d still take him on a 3 year, 50ish million dollar deal but he’ll probably get more than that from someone else…..

Not Enough

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Absolutely nothing Giants-related will happen today. Zero. Squat….That seemed to work yesterday. Anything happen yet?

KNBR afternoon guys were celebrating the Longo pick up but it was a pretty short sighted analysis. In fact, everyone supporting this trade seems to be just focusing on what Longo will do next year. There has been very little consideration of how his inevitable decline, which may have already started, will effect the team going forward.

This is a tough one. I like Longo a lot. He’s a great team guy, got a little pop, hits a lot of doubles, plays good D—he’s the prototypical SF target. And I do think our team is better with him. And I was not that high on Arroyo so losing him doesn’t bother me at all.

This just feels like a desperate move to try to stay relevant for a year. Longo is trending downward. We need more.

Nothing Happened Yesterday

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….Nothing will happen today. Or tomorrow.

I’m not sure if I can remember a less interesting off season. Not just for SF but all of baseball. Even the Stanton thing ended weirdly.

Great to see Timmy yoked out but I’m not interested in him anymore. Not sure what all that working out did for his hip but I doubt it would give him back the elasticity needed to have the motion he had as a kid.


Their Mindset

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I wonder what Giants players are thinking about this off season. Are they frustrated with operation “Do Nothing”? Or are they like, “Uh,we’re part of the reason that doing nothing is in full swing.”

I wonder if all these old guys want out of here. Head back to states where they’re more likely to raise a family. Most of them have already won rings so the edge of wanting to win has probably dulled a bit. And what about the guys who haven’t won? Span and all these youngsters. Are they sick of this yet?

I know everyone likes playing at AT&T but losing all the time has to balance that out, right?

Recent pic of Timmy. How could this guy be done?

Screenshot 2017-12-19 at 10.13.08 AM

Mid December Blues

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With the Giants plan of “Do Nothing” in full swing, there isn’t much baseball related stuff to dive into.

Derek Carr is catching too much shit on the internet and local radio for trying to win the game. Dude laid himself out, stretched as far as he could, he just couldn’t get there. It was an athletic, competitive effort that just didn’t work out.

Here’s my question about paper gate: It looked on tv like the ball was short but maybe that was just the angle from the camera. The ref pulls out an index card, but he folds it first. What is the point of folding it except to make it more likely that it touches the football? To me that was the weirdest part of that whole thing. Why fold the index card?

Kobe Bryant is getting honored tonight and I couldn’t care less. The ultimate diva who’s numbers were skewed by an absurd amount of jacked up shots, he ultimately destroyed his team with his max deal at the end of his career, he got off the hook for rape and made it all good by just changing his number….there is nothing to like about this scumbag…The Warriors should stay in the locker room to protest this numbskull and I hope they beat the Lakers by 50.

Lost Priorities

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The other day the KNBR afternoon guys were debating the question of whether or not Giants fans would tolerate a full rebuild. They were certain that SF fans would revolt if their favorite players were traded away. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My thought process, as a fan, doesn’t work that way. Why would fans want to watch their team lose regularly with players they *know*? And it hit me in that moment that all the marketing Baer has done over the years has finally come back to screw the team in the short term and the long term. Most SF fans are more attached to the players than they are winning games.

It was such a bummer epiphany to have……