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alleykat69 said, on March 26, 2022 at 3:02 pm (Edit)

Irritating thing I hate that the Giants do is baby talking the players name and that’s from Kapler,the players,K&K, all saying that,there not in preschool ferchrissakes, usually adding a Y..

Man, tell me about it. This bugs the hell out of me for some reason. I think baseball players are not the brightest bulbs and this is one example.

In terms of what’s happening this spring, I’m listening to pieces of the game on the radio just because I like to drive around and listen to baseball. But other than that I have no idea what’s going on with the team.

Does Ramos have a chance to make the roster?

Baffert. Again.

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You must appreciate the irony: in the same week that Baffert loses his Derby horse because he’s banned for supposed cheating, he wins the richest race in horse racing (12 mil) in the country with the toughest drug standards. Wow, 9-1 longshot Country Grammer upends Life Is Good. Horse racing is incredible.

And Your Guess Is….

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Really interested to see where everyone comes in with this year’s win total prediction. After last year I think it’s proven that no one knows anything. Still, coming off 107, where do you go from that? If they win 90 but drop 17 off 2021 that’s still pretty good, right? Or do you think losing Buster and Bryant and Gausman only amounts to a couple of wins losts?

Having watched everyone get better and being quite certain that Farhan has bungled this off season I think we’re all going to be throwing darts in the low to mid 90’s. I’m coming in lower, I am gonna say….90. Total guess having factored in last year’s outlier # plus losing players plus Farhan’s dicking around.

It’s funny because I answered Daniel’s Playing Pepper questions on March 11 just after the lockout ended. I had expected Z to do more in the short window he had to improve the team before opening day. He failed to do that.

Here is my answers to Daniel and his questions from 3/11

Craig Vaughan <craigvaughan60@yahoo.com>

To:Daniel Shoptaw

Fri, Mar 11 at 8:19 AM

1) Not including lockout issues, tell me about San Francisco’s offseason.  What did you like about it, what didn’t you like about it, was there something you were hoping for that didn’t happen?

What I liked about the off season was….they did nothing. The single worst thing a team can do is sign a big bonanza free agent. It’s lazy GMing. Makes the owner and the fans feel good in the moment but those guys rarely pay off (at least compared to what they get paid). Let’s see what Farhan does with the mid level guys. I’m expecting a lot of action in this upcoming short free agent window. 
2) There were a lot of articles written about the somewhat surprising success of the Giants last season.  In your opinion, what was the most important factor in their record and can it happen again, at least in some regard?

I have no idea how they did that. I think I checked in with an 84 win total prediction (or something like that). It might have been less. What I learned about baseball last season was that Zaidi knows more than I do about how to build a baseball team. Do I think it will happen again? No. 
3) Year 1 without Buster Posey.  How strange is it going to be not to have him in the orange and black?

I move on from players very quickly. For me this won’t be hard to do at all. I’m not sold on Bart at all though so replacing Posey’s production will be a massive issue that will likely strongly impact their end of year win total.
4) Which prospect are you most excited for and when should they make their major league debut?

Probably Ramos but I don’t see any prospect making it this year so my enthusiasm for all of them is pretty low right now. 
5) How do you see 2022 shaking out for this team?  What’s your expectation of where they finish?

Well I was such an accurate prognosticator last year so….lqtm. I really do think Buster’s absence will be huge. His bat won’t be replaced but the way the pitchers responding to the delicate fingers he’d throw down, I’m really not sure our staff can overcome that. I predict they win 90 games, good enough to make it in to the new post season format. 
6) Besides yourself and the team account, give me up to three good Giants Twitter accounts to follow.

I’m at war with most of the local scribes so I’ll leave all of them off this list except @extrabaggs who puts all those chumps to shame with his detailed reporting and writing. And I don’t follow any other twitter accounts that focus on the Giants. 

Already a Fallen Hero

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Had lunch with someone yesterday who went to high school with Joc. She said he is every bit the asshole he seems to be and that he hated the Giants back then. So, there’s that…..

Way WAY Under the Radar Moves

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In all the *excitement* of Farhan’s moves, I missed that we designated Austin Dean so that Matt Boyd could be added to the 40 man roster.

I also read we were finalists in the Trevor Story chase. If true, I guess that’s a good thing. But that also just magnifies Farhan’s inability to score a big FA signing.

We have all the $ in the world, if we misfire in a FA it’s not a big deal.

I’m tired of nothing but Brebbia Aisle pick ups.

Farhan’s Holes

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Still doing a slow burn about Farhan. You know, he says he’s in on all these top tier free agents and yet he never snags any of them. What does that tell you about him? Bargain hunting is fine and he’s excellent at it. But it’s not unreasonable to think we overachieved last season and by losing Gausman, Posey and Bryant and that we are in for a huge let down this year.

What Is He Doing?

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They won 107 games. Farhan got cocky. This is a classic case of “our guys are likeable so let’s just keep all of them”.

Austin Dean…..

This has to be a joke.

Farhan Can Be So Lame

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Genuinely discouraged and disappointed in Farhan. Jesus Christ you don’t keep up with the elite teams in the league by signing fucking Joc Pederson and Matt Boyd. Sure, Rondon was nice but they have so much money to spend and they blew it. They sat around and dime stored their way to doing almost nothing.


What Went On Behind The Scenes?

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I’m coming back to this story because it’s such an excellent example of nobody knowing how anything works. You can think you know but you don’t. NOBODY had Davante Adams going to the Raiders. NOBODY. In fact, nobody had him going anywhere. “They’ll just franchise tag him” everyone said.

I follow this random vegas content guy on twitter just cause I like the stuff he posts and I like to keep a watchful eye on the happenings in that quaint little town. So on March 4th he tweeted this (typical of the stuff he tweets):

This dude isn’t into sports at all and I remember reading it and thinking, “so what? Dude likes to gamble? Who knows. The Raiders aren’t getting him”. About a week later Rodgers resigned with the Packers for some absurd number—I think I read 150 mil but that’s not relevant to this thread so I’m not looking it up.

Now here’s my question: what are the odds that you would be working with someone, closely, and have no idea that they just bought a 12 million dollar home in a random city? Probably pretty low. And what are the odds that you were a football player who just randomly bought a 12 million dollar home in a town with an NFL team and you had no intention of playing for them? Then two weeks later you force a trade there?

So how did all this go down? Is Rodgers just a horrible person who took 150 mil knowing his #1 was leaving in 2 weeks and the Packers are now completely screwed? Did the Raiders somehow tamper at all here? Or was this some master plan that Adams executed all by himself? Another Paly grad I might add….

I am genuinely interested in knowing how this all went down.

The Rich Spend More Money

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This Freeman news is …..irritating. Even though we knew he was going there, I dunno, I’m just tired of them doing this.

On the flip side, we got….Matt Boyd. uh huh. Well, I guess he’ll match up well with Freeman….once he recovers from TJ surgery.

I trust Zaidi but I’m grading his post lockout moves downward. Like C+. I like who we got but he has a boatload of dough, he doesn’t need to fiddle around with 6 million dollar 1 year signings—that’s A’s bullshit.

KB Gonna Cost Too Much

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I supported the Kris Bryant trade and it was mildly successful I guess, but here’s why I hope they don’t resign him:

At least we aren’t A’s fans. Chapman to the BlueJays. If I were an A’s fan I’d never go to another game again (tho that’s pretty easy for me to say/do).

They’ll probably move to Vegas soon.

Need More

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The Rondon pick up was nice. I’m in no position to knock anything Zaidi does (or doesn’t do). But come on man, the shackles are off, let’s see more action! With the Dodgers set to land Freeman (Jesus, I am getting tired of these pick ups) I don’t think we can stroll quietly through the Brebbia aisle.

Hopefully something happens today.

Happy Birthday Will The Thrill!

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He turned 58 today. I remember, and I have no idea why I remember this, when he came up he was 22 and I thought to myself “that’s cool, he’s the same age as his number.”

I have zero recollection of him being an Oriole.

He hit .345 for St. Louis once traded there and then retired.

Efficient GMing

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This is why Farhan is a genius:

Now, if that rotation bombs then I’ll take quibbles from those who think my call of *genius* is overrated. But as it stands, for that paltry sum, that’s a solid looking rotation.

Now, go out and get another couple of bats.


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Now that the children have stopped fighting over their billions it’s time to get back to the business of why we have Summer in the first place. There is actually A LOT of action about to happen. The free agent window is tiny and the Giants have many millions to spend. Everyone’s off Bryant and the buzz names are Schwarber and Castellanos. Neither of those guys sounds like a good fit to me. Could we get our old Paly favorite Joc Pederson? How bout the Japanese fella who’s name escapes me at this early morn hour….

Truth is, I don’t really care. Baha! Farhan will sign guys that I will blindly support and we will get baseball every day and every night the way God intended it.

Russless In Seattle

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Let me be crystal clear about something: I hate that motherfucker Russell Wilson. I think he’s the fakest of hustle. I hate that he turns on a literal cloaking device every time a Niner is about to sack his dumb ass. And I was beyond tired of him beating SF all the time.

I was looking foward to us turning the tables on him as he ages into irrelevance but the Broncos took that small joy away from me by woefully overpaying for a dude in the twilight of his career.

But Seattle is much weaker today. At least until the draft but frankly their draft picks have stunk for many years so maybe they’ve just turned to shit and that’s that.

Yes Please

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Bigger bases? Hell yes, sign me up.

Anything that increases the number of stolen base attempts in a game I’m all for.

New Rules

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I only saw this in passing and I don’t have the details but I think I read that the players and owners have agreed to end the shift, implement a pitch clock and make the bases bigger? Did I dream this or is this really happening?


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Saw this pic on twitter, definitely cool enough to share here

Be Honest With Yourself

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Reading a lot of nonsense lately on social media about all these baseball fans who are quitting baseball over this latest blunder by the sport. Stop. No you aren’t. You like Summer don’t you? Everyone remember Summer? There is no Summer without baseball. Not for real baseball fans. I don’t care how much the game has change or how disillusioned you’ve gotten from the pompous billionaires fighting it out with the out of touch millionaires. When the weather gets warm and you’re driving around with the top down listening to the slow drawl of Jon Miller in the background and you drive by the ladies swooning to your knowing dude head nod, come on…..don’t tell me you’re giving that up.

Don’t tell me you’re giving up checking out box scores or hitting leaders in the morning paper.

Don’t tell me you aren’t belting out a “Fuck yeah!” and likely jumping off the couch after Yaz blasts a rocket into McCovey Cove.

Don’t tell me you’re giving up ballpark food. Not in the Summer time. There’s no victory in saying you didn’t eat a dog and some garlic fries in the Winter. But see how long you last in the Summer giving that shit up cold turkey.

This is like all the people who said they were quitting the NFL over players kneeling. LOL, no you didn’t. NFL ratings broke records this year.

Look, i get it. It’s not the same game we grew up with.

But you aren’t quitting it.

You just aren’t.

Screw The Billionaires

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Three months go by, the owners won’t even talk to the players. Where these talks back in December? The owners wanted to cancel these games. I’m 100% behind the players here. Look, the game has changed and it’s not ever coming back. Old vets aren’t the cornerstone of your team anymore–it’s the young studs. And the owners like paying them shit. If the number of years of team control isn’t going to change then they have to start paying these young guys more money. Period.

Yaz is 31. He isn’t FA eligible till 2026. He is NEVER gonna make any real money in this game.

Stop treating the young guys like you own them and pay these men their money.

When Today Is The Same As Yesterday

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March 1st. Today has always been the unoffical beginning of Spring to me. With the dark and gloomy February in the past and baseball surfacing on the horizon, it has always been a day of hope for me. Except today.

Still feels like February….

Steph. One Take.

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Discussing baseball bores me right now.

Take 45 seconds of your life though and watch this…

Four Days…..

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…till the delay the start of the season. Right now, I don’t really care. Still in the midst of Winter, baseball still feels a long way off to me. Another thing: even though they are holding meetings it doesn’t feel like this is going to get done any time soon.

Part of me hopes this goes on for a long time and all parties involved lose money and look like assholes.

But I know I’m gonna miss the game.

Just Because

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No reason to keep that old thread going. Of course, there’s really no reason to start a new one, either. After all these years is there nothing left to discuss except tired takes on the Beatles and the posting of our wordle scores?

What have we become…..

NBA Weekend

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Didn’t see any of it but heard the dunk contest was bad. This isn’t the fault of the athletes. Look, unless these guys suddenly develop the power of flight there’s really no where to go with this anymore.

I will watch the all star game because…..that’s what I do. Can’t remember ever missing one.

Wordle is back in my life after getting into a dispute with Pasalon about it. We now play each other every day for a nominal sum.

All Star Game AND Wordle is Now Over

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Haven’t really paid much attention to it. I caught a glimpse of LeBron’s team and he looks to have Durant over a barrel. JTA is in the slam dunk contest and I guess it’s nice to have some Dub rep there but I can’t see him making much noise. Three point contest without Steph is dumb.

I am now officially ending, today, the Wordle craze. I found out during today’s game that if you guess a correct letter and there are two of that letter in the word you only get the letter in one spot. THAT is total freaking bullshit and I am canceling that game as of today. As the great San Dawg said, “you’d never see Pat Sajak trying that type of low level trickery.”

Searching For Sports Entertainment

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NFL, over. MLB, doesn’t even really exist right now. Hockey…..

Decent Dubs match up tonight with Denver. Jokic is about as fun as there is to watch out there. Warriors playing pretty terribly lately especially on D. That probably isn’t going to change tonight.

Back improving. Can’t believe I have to wear this brace for 6-8 weeks, it feels like I’m already turning a corner!

Again, LA

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That was tough to watch. Any reasonable take would have been that the Niners could have beaten that team, too. Who knows though, kyle probably would have screwed that game up, too.

Gotta hand it to the Rams. They have a plan (trade all their top picks away) and it worked. They got to the top of the mountain. This is no dynasty team though, not by a long shot. They are fortunate to get one of these but my guess is that’s all it will be.

Still, winning even one Super Bowl is awesome…..

I’m getting extremely tired of watching LA win so much. Lakers in the Bubble, Dodgers got the asterisk World Series, and now the Rams take what could very easily have been ours.

Super Bowl Time!

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As I get used to traversing the earth a half inch shorter (gosh, I can see so much more of what’s going on down here now!) we have more important things to deal with than my fractured back. It’s The Super Bowl. The sting of the Niners loss has mostly subsided and I’m just excited for this game. Has their ever been a Super Bowl you weren’t excited to watch? Putting some money down helps. I’ve got my customary 20 teams at draftkings and then instead of betting on a team to win I prefer to try to nail the exact point total a team scores. Keeps it interesting no matter how the game unfolds.

I have LA scoring 18, 19, 22, 26, 29, 33 points

I have Cinn scoring 16, 17, 22, 26, 29, 33 points

odds range from 12-1 to 40-1 and I’ve got various denominations on each number.

So who is going to win this game? I settled on one of two outcomes: either Cinn wins a squeaker or LA blows them out.

Flavor Down

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Let’s play a game of trying to guess how Big Flavor fractured 2 bones in his back on Thursday….

A) survived a plane crash—tuck and rolled right outta that bad boy

B) Wrastling an alligator (guessing this one will get voted down based on where I live)

C) skydiving mishap

D) fucking falling down at work

And get this: the Dr. says I’m losing a half inch off my height. WTF? So now I’m Medium Flavor? MF. Mother Fuck. This is some bullshit.

The Bengals and Info About The Flap

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With baseball lost at sea we might as well kick around the SB winner. I am taking Cinn but not heavily. I think they Rams are pretty overrated but they do have a dominant DL and Cinn has a weak OL. That could change the entire game in their favor right there. So I guess I don’t have a strong take on the game since I think Cinn is going to win but I think LA could control the game at the LOS. Maybe I just really want The Bengals to win. You?

Regarding the Flap, I’m not doing a stable boys thing. Nothing lasts forever gents, our old asses know that as well as anyone. I could see keeping it going for one more baseball season. After that I’ll keep it preserved somewhere (probably here) for future generations to read (but not comment on) and you guys can all migrate to twitter (where I’ll be) or Chuck’s Niner blog (where I will also be).

So as of right now, prepare yourselves for this being the final season of the Flap. Hopefully baseball let’s us go out with a bang.

Day 68

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As the lockout drags on, I continue to struggle for content. I was texting with a prominent Flap HOFer over the weekend. He wondered if the Flap was dying. Sadly, I told him it probably was. But I think he was surprised to find out that I interact with a dozen or so other Flap HOFers on twitter every day–hall of famers who otherwise don’t post regularly at the Flap anymore. Just something to think about. As we all know, I can’t keep this place running forever…..

The Thrill

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I know everyone saw this the other day but we need a new thread. The Giants have finally gotten around to retiring #22. I see they are making it part of a huge ticket marketing scheme. Whatever, at least it’s getting done. For a Giants fan my age if you asked who your favorite Giant of all time is I bet 90% of us would say Will Clark…..

Overrated LA

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The Rams are 4.5 favorites? Look, I know the Bengals have some issues with their OL that LA should be able to exploit but if you can go into KC and take down the great Mahomes when you spot him a 21-3 lead, in that environment, I’m betting they can get past a Rams teams that specializes in blowing 17 point leads.

I’ll be rooting hard for Cincy regardless.

Jeez, dead zone for sports for Big Flavor right now. NBA doesn’t really do it for me. Hockey is stupid. And with football just about wrapped up I would usually be staring out that damn window with Chi with feverish excitement for baseball to start but that seems a lifetime away from happening right now.

The End

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Pffffttttt…well, nectarine always tastes sweeter if you’ve known the bitter taste of defeat. And it get no more bitter than Kyle blowing yet another 4th quarter lead in a huge game. The play calling was terrible but sometimes something you want so badly just isn’t meant to be. Tartt dropped that ball and it forebode an unwanted destiny. The ghost of Kyle Williams……

But Niner fans should shed no tears. It wasn’t the end we dreamed of but it was a season we can be thankful for. We won’t have Jimmy to kick around anymore but Kyle will be here and he can take the punishment. There is hope for the future with Trey.

That was a fun season.

Let’s Do This

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In lockdown mode today. Focused. This reminds me a little bit of 2014 Giants. I didn’t allow myself to get excited because I didn’t believe in them—at least, until we got to the World Series. Same thing with this Niner team. Didn’t believe. Still don’t know how they got here. For Jimmy, no matter what, all is forgiven. How great would this be?????


I went for a run to burn off some nervous energy. That is Stanford Stadium back there.

If you drew a line from where I was through the tall tree on the middle-left and into the stadium you’d be sitting in the same spot me and my dad sat in 37 years ago for the Super Bowl vs the Dolphins. Man, I remember that day like it was yesterday. Our favorite sports teams are responsible for so many great memories, right?

It’s Happening Again……

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I believe this is the 17th NFC championship game for San Francisco. Either that or this will be #18. Either way, to me, this isn’t about this one game. It’s the anticipation that we get all week. It’s the memories of the last 3 weeks AND what could happen if they win on Sunday. And if they do, after that, it’s another two weeks of hopeful dreams of destiny. That’s what is great about all this. Sure, it’s just one game on Sunday. But the excitement it fuels before and after it can last for weeks (and beyond).

I don’t have a great feel for what’s going to happen in this game. I think I’ve talked myself into them winning it. Either way, I will happily lock myself up in my house and settle in for another afternoon of excitement, stress, Jimmy induced misery and, hopefully by the last click on the clock, utter ecstacy…….

Can’t wait.

When Being A King No Longer Matters

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Truly, I don’t care that Bonds didn’t make it. For one thing, I’m not Barry Bonds. I’m sure this means much more to him than it does to me. And as a Giants fan I learned a long time ago that it was much more fun to count World Series trophies than dudes we got in the Hall.

There was a time I wanted to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame but that time has passed. It delegitimized itself by preposterously excluding the all time hit king and the all time home run king. Just let Cricket stars in from now on. Nobody cares what you do at this point…..

What Did We Just Witness?

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The weekend began with the #1 seed getting upset with a last second field goal by a rookie kicker who was carried off the field on the shoulders of his elated teammates….who could ever have imagined at the time that that game would turn out to be the boring one.

I’m sure there’s some recency bias in play here but I’m guessing we can all agree that was the most exciting weekend of football we’ve ever collectively watched. And how bout if you’re a Bills fan. Dear God. All that franchise does is lose Super Bowls and suck for years and then they get a performance for the ages by a quarterback who might not even be in the same species as Jimmy Garappolo and all they need to do is burn 13 seconds to reach peak nirvana as a fan base….and they can’t get it done.

Unreal. Stunning. We’ll never see another 4 games like that, ever.

The Dream Continues

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Another guy I can’t ever complain about again: Robbie Gould. That was no chip shot in those conditions. This team is flawed and I haven’t brought myself to peak at the injury report yet. But goddamn that’s now THREE games in a row that delivered us some of the highest highs you can get from watching sports.

And then there’s this guy. Life of the unvaccinated sure looks rough:

NFL Blowout Bonanza!

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Big weekend of football. I think the Niners get past Green Bay today but only because I see them running successfully. If that doesn’t happen, oh my, this could go the other way fast. As a joke I just asked my daughter if she wanted to watch the game with me. She laughed and said “Who are they playing?” I said “Green Bay.” She goes, “Green Day? They’re playing a band?”

Jesus how did i raise her this way? Oh well, she doesn’t like sports, I can’t complain about that.

And now, without further ado, I am releasing Big Flavor’s 4 game can’t miss parlay!

Tenn ML

Niners ML

Rams ML

Buffalo ML

If that hits, whatever, that won’t hit…..

Embarrassing Loss

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Last night is a great example of why I am so happy it’s still not legal to bet on sports in California. Indiana was missing everyone: Sabonis, Brogden, Levert and Turner. The Dubs were locked and loaded with their guys. And at home. I watched the line slowly climb starting at 9. Then 11. Pacers guys were taking *out* tags all day long. The line hit 14. I was like *Damn! I could have had that at 9!*. I think it finally settled around -17.

Then Indiana goes and wins in overtime. LOL. Their collection of hodge podge journeymen and triers shot 43% from splashland while the splashers themselves shot 21% from the same distance. Klay and Wiggy themselves went 1-13.

No sport is weirder or wilder than the NBA in terms of random mid season outcomes….

Wild Card Weekend In The Books!

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Well that long weekend ended with a thud. I hate people that say a team didn’t come to play but that was just unreal watching all the things the Cardinals couldn’t get done.

Now the focus turns to Green Bay. Everyone says we can run on them and I’m assuming that’s a necessity if we want a chance of winning up there this time of year. The Rams can beat the Bucs. Are we looking at another trip to LA for the right to go to another Super Bowl?

Getting ahead of myself but still fun to think about….

To The Frozen Tundra We Go

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That game, wow, what a game. never seen one like that and probably never will again. In the end it seemed like 2 teams just trying to lose. But we got the W. I have little expectation for the game in Green Bay especially if we are without out 2 best defensive players. But we live to see another game! And that’s what it’s all about. I need AZ to win outright to go 5-1 on my picks.

We have really gotten lucky on the entertainment scale with these last 2 games. Each unreal in their own right.

NFL Time Baby

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There is a LOT of football going on this weekend. These are my picks that I will weave through different 3 game parlays….

Niners money line. They can win this game on the OL and the DL. Dallas has stars but this is not a team that scares me at all.

Cinn -5.5. Bengals are a little like the Cowboys. They have lots of stars especially offensively. But they get to play a Raider team that just isn’t very good, in my opinion. Blowout looming.

Buffalo money line. If Belly can shut down Allen more power to him. I also don’t see a rookie QB, as decent as Jones has been, rolling through a road playoff game. Still, a game like this often ends on a FG. I wouldn’t give the points here I’d just take the Bills on the ML.

Philly +8.5. I don’t like Philly that much I just really don’t think it’s TB’s year and that’s a lot of points to give. Being on the road in Tampa isn’t that much of a detriment either. Philly will have to find someone to make plays, though. Maybe Bucs struggle a bit and Philly manages to cover.

KC -11.5. Lot of points but Big Ben is washed. I think KC rolls here and this is a place where home field advantage is huge.

AZ money line. I still can’t believe the Rams folded so badly last week. That reason alone is good enough to take AZ on the ML and we know for a FACT that there is no noticeable home field advantage for LA here. Soft fans, soft team. AZ running game + the electric Murray should be enough.

Those are my leans, who you guys like?

Can’t Wait Till Sunday

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 13, 2022

Watched the free episode #1 of Joe Cool. So *cool*. Might have to bite the bullet and subscribe to Peacock. Maybe it’s just the nostalgia of Niners/Cowboys talking but even just watching a show about him in college was emotional for me.

I think we take care of Dallas this Sunday, I really do. We can stop their run and then hopefully dial up enough schemes to keep Dak off balance. Just do whatever the Broncos D did to them Dak was lost in that game. Dallas has star players but they don’t play like a star team. They are very beatable.

Unfortunately this will be the first road game in a while where Niner fans don’t take over the stadium.
I’m not going to say I trust in Jimmy G but I think he can get this done. And if he has a bad game that’s ok. What he did last week was incredible.

Joc Doc

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 12, 2022

Has anyone see the Joe Montana documentary? Everyone is raving about this. How can I watch it I can’t find it on netflix and after I check there I usually give up 🙂

Still Alive

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 10, 2022

The good news is that I don’t need to hand-wring anymore about Jimmy G. You don’t go 90 yards with no time outs in just over a minute needing a TD to save your season and get anything but mad respect from me. Trey’s time will come next year. JG earned whatever time he’s got with us this season. Man, that was equally the most infuriating and fun game I’ve watched in years…..

Four Finger Frenzy

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 9, 2022

As expected, Top Jimmy is getting the start. I guess I’m ok with that. I mean, Kyle and the coaches are the ones who have been watching him all week. But this better be the right decision or I will rain down furious condemnation on them. If he’s tossing the ball around like some drunk sailor and they go to Trey at halftime I am going to be PISSED.