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Firings and a Walk Off

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 25, 2017

This new won’t matter to most of you guys, but KNBR fired Matt Kolsky and Vegas Joe Hughes yesterday in a stupid cost cutting move that preserved Gary Radnich and the laughing hyena known as John Lund. I know the cuts don’t directly correspond to those 2 idiots keeping their jobs but it’s just sad to see a couple of hard working younger guys get sacked while Radnich and The Laugher stay on.

I know it didn’t mean a thing but it was fun to hear Miller call the walk off yesterday. I am not a big Affeldt guy. Heard him enough on KNBR to know that all he is right now, at least when it comes to baseball, is quick sound bites and comments about the only thing he knows: relief pitching. But who knows, Kruk and Kuip got better. Remember what they were like when they first started?

Baseball is Back

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 24, 2017

Giants play their first spring training game today. Larry Krueger on KNBR called this his favorite sports day of the year. That sounds a little over the top to me. But it’s still exciting to see the game we love starting up again.

Heard Phil Nevin and Tyler Beede interviewed this morning. Nevin comes off strong. I am leaning towards support for this change. Although really, could it have been any worse over there last year?

Young Beedah comes off polished, if not strong. Knows all the right things to say. He didn’t free style rap this time because he said the vets told him to tone that shit down. He’s got a new single out that’s not very good called “Top of the World.” You can google it if you’re interested.

During the ‘Beedah interview he said “I put on 30 pounds, developed a curve ball and increased my velocity.” Murph just goes “Hey, that sounds pretty good, pretty good.”

Yes it does…….

Tired of Getting Cain’d

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 23, 2017

If I did a poll right now about who you’d rather have as the #5, Cain or Blach, I bet we’d vote 90% for Blach, right?

Why is that? Do we just not have the same intolerance for failure with Blach as we’ve got for Cain? It’s funny how failure (Cain) can grind on the fans. Blach has literally pitched one great game for us. And now we’re all behind him. Ctm.

TFLR should be fine. MRI should no damage, just inflammation. Normal spring aches and pains. I hope.



Leave The Game Alone

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 22, 2017

I still can’t get over the proposed changes possibly coming to baseball. Manfred is throwing the word *unilaterally* around and whenever I hear that I get a little nervous. Changing the game against the players wishes is not a road I want to go down…..

Anyway, after he sends out notice (1 year), Manfred is getting rid of the intentional 4 balls walk to first. Now the manager just *4 fingers* the batter over there. Manfred can’t be so dumb as to believe this is going to shave much time off a game. What’s that take, about 30 seconds? And it might happen once a game? I believe he’s doing this just to gauge how much outrage he’s going to have to sidestep when he gets to his larger, stupider, rule change: placing a runner at 2nd base to begin each extra inning.

THAT one had better never fly at the mlb level. I’m not sitting around watching a tightly contested game, often tied in dramatic fashion in the 9th inning, only to watch the commissioner force *Arena Baseball* on us to start the 10th. I’ve never met a single person who is engaged and focused on a ballgame for 9 innings and then all of a sudden gets restless and stressed and has to get out of there because the game hits the 10th. Plopping a freebee runner on second base to start each inning would absolutely ruin the game.

That’s never really gonna happen, right?


A Route of Ground

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 21, 2017

One of my all time favorite race horses. Finally, I have become him….


Flat Off Season, Flat World

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 19, 2017

The Dodgers signed Franklin Gutierrez to a cheapie deal (1 year/2.6 mil) and I’m irritated the Giants didn’t pull the trigger on this guy. Instead of stuffing his face with wedding cake and shaking hands with Morse, Bobby Evans could have paid the measly sum the Dodgers paid and got himself a legit power bat for the bench that could mash lefties.

I don’t understand the Giants obsession with trying to *minor league contract* their way to filling out the bench. They didn’t have 2.6 mil lying around?

I guarantee you Gutierrez is going to hit some important HR’s vs lefties in 2017, and some of them will probably come against us.


And this Kyrie Irving thing has got to be a joke, right? He’s just screwing with the media, right?

Here’s a book my daughter read when she was like 8. She’s long since done with it. Maybe I should send it to Kyrie?


Old and Older

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 18, 2017

Aaron Hill, Just Ruggiano, Mike ReMorse, Jimmy Rollins, that Korean guy whose name I can’t remember…..

Bochy has got to look at that list and snap-order his wife to saran wrap their valuables. The Giants have recommitted themselves to their comfort zone. Vets, vets and more vets.

I really hope Aaron Hill has something left. For once I’d like to see a bat on the bench that’s not a wet noodle.

Have a Slice of Cake. And a Contract

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 17, 2017

Maybe this has been reported elsewhere already but I was loling on the ride into work this morning listening to the KNBR morning guys retell how Morse got his deal.

He was at Hunter Pence’s wedding and was talking to Bobby Evans over cake. Evans asked him if he had anything left in the tank and Morse gave the thumbs up. They hand shook the deal. So I guess the advanced analytics were off the table for this signing.

Also: we have signed Aaron Hill to a minor league deal. I like this move a lot. Right handed power who crushes lefties. He could be a great utility guy or a PH who could, cover your ears, HIT A PINCH HIT BOMB TO WIN A GAME.

LA Bound

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 16, 2017

Ready for this?


The deal is done and he’s an Art Dealer now. I’d worry more about this if his career wasn’t nearly over. Those knees are closer to 53 than 33. The velocity dipped again last year on both the FB and the SL.

I’m predicting injury and/or ineffectiveness in 2017 for Romo thus further solidifying his greatness in Giants history….

How Did He Do This?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 15, 2017

Like many of you, I am still scratching my head at this Mike Morse thing. However, I’m scratching my head looking at his one season with us in the context of his entire career. This will be his 13th season at the mlb level, and outside of his one memorable season in SF he has had ONE year of full production: 2011 when he hit 31 bombs (I know no one here cares about those) in 146 games played. He played his second most games in 2014 for us (131). How do you last so long for going on 13 seasons with only TWO decent years? That’s remarkable.

He’ll be turning 35 in March and I just can’t imagine there’s anything left in the tank. But who knows, there didn’t look like much was in the tank when he arrived here the first time.

Reporting for Duty

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 14, 2017

Nothing about this will change your reality or alter your day in any way. But just *because* your mood might improve. You just might walk the earth with a little more bounce in your step.

Pitchers and catchers report today.

Who is your key to the pitching staff this year? For me, even more than Melancon, it’s THAT FUCKING LEFTY RELIEVER. He has the chance to be Jeremy Affeldt in his prime–a stud who can get both lefty and righties out. I had given up on this guy until he emerged as probably our best reliever in September last year.

The Giants gave up a lot for TFLR and there were many questions about his worth. If he can step up and be THE GUY to hand the ball to Melancon our bullpen could take the most reliable shape we’ve seen since the days of The Core Four.

If he can’t, it’s gonna be *Oh!shit!andOkert* Time and I don’t think Bochy has it in him to go through another season like 2016.

Dominance of the Cheap

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 13, 2017

Can you guess what these 3 numbers are?




Hmmmmm….. there’s gotta be a better way to play this game.

Why don’t I just tell you?

That’s what MadBum makes across the next 3 (THREE!) seasons. Now it’s time to cue up all the outrage over why the Giants haven’t signed him to a new deal yet……


FanFest The Day After

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 12, 2017


FanFest is in the books and Gary Radnich has mercifully put the mike down. This was the best thing I saw come out of yesterday:

I was looking for a list of players who “boycotted” the event but couldn’t find anything. Maybe I should just let that go.


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 11, 2017

I don’t go to this anymore because of the crowd size but I’m always interested in seeing who bails on it (besides Flavor). In the past, Angel Pagan has regularly snubbed it. Bumgarner doesn’t come to it either and he has less of an excuse.

But whatever, I don’t really care one way or the other since I’m not going to be there. The last time I went I marveled at the size of the lines to the players. I don’t do lines. I don’t understand the payoff when you consider the amount of time invested.

FanFest is very cool for one reason: it means it’s almost here.

Baseball is almost here.

Bombs By The Wayside

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 10, 2017

This isn’t really news anymore but I still marvel at how disrespected the home run has become. Between Chris Carter and Mark Trumbo they banged out 88 of those bad boys last year. That hard work got them a 1 year deal ($3 mil for Carter) and a 3 year deal (37 mil for Trumbo). I happen to still sit squarely in the camp that continues to respect the long ball.

Who’s gonna lead the Giants in HR’s this year? Belt? Posey? Will either hit 20?

Bee Wheezy

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 9, 2017

Apparently, Brian Wilson hasn’t spoken to a single ex-teammate in the last year and nobody knew he was hatching this knuckleball plan. I think it’s awesome.  I’ve gotten past the ridiculous tantrum he threw in front of Baer and remember nothing but the best of things about him. Him standing on the hill and pointing to the sky. A fresh faced Buster racing on his horse to embrace him. Good times.

Now he wants to come back “tossing waffles” (his words). How great would it be if this actually worked? It took about 2 of his epic one liners in Brown’s column  at Yahoo before I was hooked on him again. Whoever he plays for, I would watch and root……

Me v You

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 8, 2017

I’m not gonna lie, this “game” has boosted my competitive juices. I get beyond irritated when one of you instantly correctly pick out a guy from the mid freaking 80’s based on only seeing some teeth and part of one eye. I have been known to swear out loud. When my daughter is around I filter a bit and go full-McEnroe belting out a “you cannot be serious!!!!” She thinks I have mental problems.

So, believe me, I swell with pride on the rare occasion that I stump you and all your incorrect guesses end with a pathetic, shaky question mark.

Current pic:



I think this is the second time I got you…Bob Knepper is the other one……

Here is the pic that’s stumping you:


And here is a larger pic of this GREAT Giant. Can you get it now? Or is this still too hard little babies?!?!!?!? Muhuahahahaha!!!!!!

Screenshot 2017-02-08 at 6.19.08 AM.png

He even signed it for you if you’re still too fucking clueless to get it!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my. What has happened to me? I don’t feel like myself anymore. Could be time to end the game. Let’s play the rest of today and call it tonight. Here are the current standings:

Loo 21

Blade 16

Wilco 13

Diggity 11

Kat 8

Chuck 5

MacDog 3

Clown 2

The Lonliest Number: WillieD

Winter Madness

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 7, 2017



Here are the current standings:

Loo 20

Wilco 13

Diggity 10

Blade 9

Kat 6

Chuck 4

MacDog 3

Clown 2

The Lonliest Number: WillieD

Choking? Or Winning?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 6, 2017

And now we have to listen to how great Tom Brady is for literally the rest of our lives. Nobody wants to talk about how stupid Kyle Shanahan is. It’s 4th and 1 and you stick Ryan in the shotgun AND a five step drop? AND he fumbles? I’ll give Brady his due because he was given opportunity and he didn’t screw it up but that was the biggest choke job in the history of sports…..

We were running fast and furious here at the Flap last night. Lots of players picked. Some incomprehensibly missed. Hints were fired off with abandon. After the dust settled, this is what the scoreboard looks like:

Loo 12

Diggity 9

Wilco 9

Blade 6

Chuck 4

Kat 3

MacDog 2

The Solo Crowd: WillieD, Clown

And now for this morning’s Name THIS Giant:

(I’m off work today so expect this place to be riddled with “Tom Brady like” opportunity)



Bye Bye Romo

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 4, 2017

The angst on twitter from Giants fans about Romo leaving for the Dodgers is surprising me. Who cares? He did his job here and did it well. He directly contributed to three rings. The Giants didn’t offer him a deal. He’s obviously declining. He signed with his hometown team. It’s almost another win for us since I bet he sucks this year. Nobody could do the Dodgers the way the GREAT Jason Schmidt did them. But if we’re lucky, Romo could “Schmidt” them a little. At least “Schmidt-stain” them…..

Ok, as of 7:26am PST no one has gotten the current “Name this Giant” and so I’ll leave him up with a hint: He’s a pitcher. He pitched one year for us and one year for the Angels. No other mlb appearances. His name is well remembered by me but I’m insane that way so maybe this guy will stump everyone for once.

And here are the most current standings:

Loo 12

Diggity 7

Wilco 7

Chuck 3

Blade 2

Kat, That Fucking Clown, MacDog 1

Name THIS Giant:








The Greatest and Best Game on The Internet

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 3, 2017

I’ve abandoned the shackles and limits the 70’s was putting on me and will now be pulling “Name This Giant” from any time period. The rules are simple: You get one guess. As soon as someone gets it I’ll update the standings and upload another player.

Current Standings:

Loo 7

Chuck 3

Diggity 2

WilcoJoe 2

Blade 1

Kat 1

That Clown 1


Name THIS Giant



Biding Our Time

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 2, 2017

Current Standings:

Chuck: 3

Diggity: 1

Blade: 1

Kat: 1

Loo: 1

Everyone else: 0


Name That Giant!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 1, 2017

I can’t fire the retro Stix posts back up because….I just can’t. And we obviously need something to get the blog through to P/C’s reporting. So from here on out we will play “Name That Giant”. First one correct wins the day, I’ll keep a running tab of who’s in the lead. This obviously favors the early birds. I made today’s fairly easy, depending on how quickly this guy gets guessed will impact future croppings.

First up: Who is this?


Another Day

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 31, 2017

Unless I resort to haikus, the last defense for a thread in the middle of winter is a trip to to see what they got cookin’. Today’s current lead headline does not inspire.

Market Notes: Profar, Utley, Francoeur, Masterson

So force yourself to comment on that headline or come up with something else.

It’s January 31st for what that’s worth….

More Niner Nonsense

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 30, 2017

Sometimes the way people look is how they act. If you look like a stupid, douchy pompous asshole with a head of waning hair that resembles the rough you’d see out at Palo Alto muni, there’s a good chance you act like that, too.

I would give anything to see what an interview with Jed York is like in his cabana. He and Lynch powering down the mai tais. Jed just so happy to have a friend over.

As an analyst, John Lynch couldn’t even score the top NFL games at Fox. Naturally, Jed sees him as a perfect fit for the Niners open GM spot.

At least he’s smart. He’s no Matt Millen. He’s already negotiated 6 years out of Jed’s dumb ass. But make no mistake, this is a joke hire. The deal ALONE makes it a joke hire. I don’t want to hear any nonsense about it matching Shanny’s years. Giving 2 guys with zero experience at their positions that many years, when qualified people barely get half that, is just a JOKE.

What does Lynch know about running an NFL team? He has never spent a single second working in a front office. I guess this could just hit by pure luck. But for a team desperate for reliable direction and sound leadership I don’t get this hire at all…..

Everyone’s been saying this is such a great opportunity, blank slate, tons of cap room, etc. The cold reality is that no one qualified wanted this job. That’s why Lynch is your new GM.

Pack Your Bags

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 29, 2017

Our world may be collapsing before our eyes but I have good news for you. It rhymes with “No Broll”. In fact, I defy you to say No-broll-Pro-bowl 10 times as fast as you can. Try to say it ONCE as fast as you can.

Anyway, that mesmerizing ditty is on ESPN today at 5pm and when did they take that out of Hawaii? It’s in Canada now?

We’ll all be there soon enough……


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 27, 2017

New thread for the sake of a new thread. Horse racing question: Who you guys got tomorrow in the Pegasus World Cup? I recognize I’m talking to like 3 or 4 people here and at least one of them is banned from the site.

I am of the opinion that Espinoza gave Chrome a pretty bad ride in the Classic. Should have fired him earlier and not spent so much time looking over his shoulder like a crack addict.

But if Arrogate wins, I’ll give him the knowing dude head nod.

No one else has a chance.

Watching Your Country Dissolve

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 26, 2017

As I scour twitter in the earliest hours looking for anything that might qualify as interesting SF Giants news, this is what popped up on my timeline:


So what did the nation’s idiot press secretary just tweet out? His twitter password? A nuclear code?

Either way, I expect this to get deleted soon with some bullshit excuse about why he tweeted something so stupid looking.

We are in a state of national crisis and no one seems to care about doing anything about it. Congress appears happy to sit passively by and watch this *carnage* unfold.

The people are going to have to rise up and fix this. Although, they’re the ones who fucked us into this position in the first place.


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 25, 2017

New thread. I got tired of looking at Tito’s tired eyes. We brought Hundley on board. The Korean, too. I can’t find much enthusiasm to banter around either pick up. Glad we have them. Next.

Guessing Game

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 23, 2017

Katie’s aunt sent me this yesterday. She lives in Reno. The text said “Guess who this former Giant is?”

This guy looks about 70ish? I’m gonna feel so dumb when one of you tell me who this is….


The Weekend!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 21, 2017

I still can’t get over all this Trump bullshit. I try to stay off social media. I just can’t stand his face or the little thumb that barely protrudes out of his tiny hand.

So… Tomorrow. I gave out a free George Costanza 4 team parlay last week and if you didn’t make any $$$ off that don’t throw yourself off the bridge yet.

This week is easy. Atlanta annihilates Green Bay so lay those 5.5 and don’t even think twice about it. And Pitt beats NE outright. The $$$ line on that is +215.

Take both of those to the bank and no need to thank me later…..

Stubborn Belt

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 20, 2017

I was listening to BamBam get interviewed on KNBR last night. Very interesting. One thing that stood out was his comments about Belt. You don’t say this publicly if it didn’t happen. BamBam said that Belt openly avoided taking hitting advice at one point telling Bambam 2 years into his big league time: “I hit .350 in the minors.” BamBam’s response: “Yes but this is the major leagues.”

Apparently that was the tipping point for Belt when it came to changing his approach to hitting and taking feedback from the coaches. I think BamBam said he started taking feedback “two and a half years in.”

I get tired of hearing Belt never changed. He did. And it was due to his stubbornness that it took so long.

Still Need Bullpen Help

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 19, 2017

Now that the annual Hall of Letdown is over let’s focus on things that matter: like our bullpen. I don’t know about you, but I’m still greatly concerned (and it’s January so I have to whip up any and all concern I can muster).

We are but a single wayward pitch away from being in the same situation we were last year. Melancon goes down, then what? I don’t understand why the Giants haven’t signed Greg Holland yet and I know he’s about to sign any day now with someone else.

We don’t have to argue the negatives of Holland, they are obvious. But he’s done the job before and what would be wrong with giving him the 8th inning till his arm fell off?

The Giants learned a good lesson last year one that, frankly, they shouldn’t have had to be taught. You can’t win without a reliable bullpen. They, more than any other team, should know this…..


Distrust of the Process

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 18, 2017

This is all you need to know about how dysfunctional the 49ers are:

Niners’ interest in Tom Cable was real. Owner Denise DeBartolo York interviewed him on the phone today for an hour…

First of all, Jed tells everyone HE is the owner. It’s true, he declares it out loud at press conferences.


What could that chick possibly add to the interview process? She talked with him for AN HOUR?

Thankfully, Cable saved everyone the trouble of abject fan mutiny and took himself out of the running for the gig.

Tom Cable said no thanks.

….a first-of-its-kind rejection.


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 17, 2017

Today was either gonna be a poll or a haiku. Not in a very creative or introspective mood so it’s gonna be a poll. I recognize the Giants probably aren’t considering any of these 3 players and it’s possible that Bautista is re-signing with the Blue Jays as I type this. But just to get a sense of where the Flappers stand on left field, if you had to pick one of these 3 guys, who would it be….

And if none of those 3 tickle your backside, write up a haiku and enter it in the comment section…..

Christian Arroyo

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 16, 2017

I am the biggest Nunie fan there is but I would gladly send him to the bench if Christian Arroyo can play. And I hope he gets a chance to earn the job in spring training. I could care less about *projections*. Nobody knows. Fangraphs projects him as a *Prado at his peak*? Keith Law basically said he could win a batting title. Frankly, we would take either. None of it matters till we see what they can do with regular at bats at this level.

I think it’s clear he’s not a power hitter. Neither is the great and all knowing Nunie. Other than lacking power, nobody knows what Arroyo would do up here. And if he’s not ready, so what? Send him back down and let the reliable Nunie take over.

Go take a look at Gary Sanchez’ minor league numbers and tell me the Yankees saw THAT coming. Keith Law probably didn’t know who that guy was when he got called up.

I will never understand all the hand wringing and worrying front offices do about the psyches of their prospects.

It’s baseball, not the battlefield. Nobody dies if you fuck up.

By the way, I offered free money a couple of days ago and I’m sure nobody took the bait:

I’m not betting but if I were, this is what I would be doing:

Seattle +4 (if the choice is Wilson or Ryan I’m going RW all day long)

Houston +16 (this is a straight *go opposite of public opinion* bet)

KC -1 (just cause I want them to win)

Dallas -4 (GB will have a hard time stopping the Dallas O)

Feel free to go oppo of all that and make some serious coin with your bookie.

More NFL

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 15, 2017

As the Giants, and pretty much every other team, continue to ignore the bombastic ways of Mark Trumbo we head into a surprisingly interesting day of NFL football. Each game SHOULD be good and my rooting interest will always be against the Cowboys and for Alex Smith. Go Pack, Go Chefs.

I was fiddling around youtube looking for Bobby Murcer moments and came across the game he won after the Munson funeral. I imagine his short time in SF felt like prison to him….

Here’s a fun stat for anyone who thinks steroid use is exclusive to hitters:

Number of pitches thrown 100 MPH+ in

2016: 1419

2015: 912

2014: 562

2013: 465

2012: 397

2011: 297

2010: 443

2009: 260

2008: 65

I Left My Brisket in Kansas City

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 14, 2017

No Baseball to keep the threads moving so I’ll pop up the spreads for this weekend’s playoff games. Loo, I stand with you as a Chiefs fan tomorrow.

Reminds me of this epic commercial that I can’t BELIEVE came out 20 years ago. Great googly moogly!

I’m not betting but if I were, this is what I would be doing:

Seattle +4 (if the choice is Wilson or Ryan I’m going RW all day long)

Houston +16 (this is a straight *go opposite of public opinion* bet)

KC -1 (just cause I want them to win)

Dallas -4 (GB will have a hard time stopping the Dallas O)

Feel free to go oppo of all that and make some serious coin with your bookie.


Bomb to Value Ratio

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 12, 2017

I’m fine with the Gillaspe signing. You need guys like him hanging around. And 1.4 million is pretty close to the 1.1 million the Giants gave Ishikawa. At least now we know the value the Giants put on hitting epic post season bombs.

Nunie/Gillaspe combo is my kinda approach. It doesn’t have to be an either/or. They are both major league players (although one of them is great and all knowing). My issue with the Giants is when they back up the starters with minor league replacement players…..

“he had a rake….”


djloo27 said, on January 11, 2017 at 8:27 pm (Edit)

Kind of a shame that the brilliant “he had a rake” only hastened his ejection…



Voggy Rises Again

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 11, 2017

Voggy still chugging along, scoring a deal with the Twins. He’ll turn 40 this year. He hasn’t made much $$$ in mlb so it’s not surprising he’s still trying to hang on. I actually think he could be a decent bullpen arm at this stage of his career. I hope he doesn’t think he can still start….

Ok, I gotta go get ready for work, take a shower. No piss in it. Just regular water. Boring.

Here’s a good tweet to sum up the USA right now:

While the 44th president is giving his farewell address, the incoming 45th president is tweeting all-caps replies to a urination scandal

For The Love of Football

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 10, 2017

I hope Fournette and McCaffrey watched the end of last night’s game with at least a tinge of regret. Deshaun Watson got to experience something they literally gave away: a chance to win a bowl game.

And I’m tired of hearing about how colleges use athletes and guys like Fournette and McCaffrey have to think of all the millions they would risk by playing in a bowl game. Please. No football player can be successful at the highest level if he’s scared he’s going to get hurt in a game. College football is the FOUNDATION of what they ultimately end up getting to do for work. It is the cornerstone of how they are going to make their millions. And bowl games are the essence of the sport. Play in the damn bowl game like everyone before them did. Like Deshaun Watson did.

Back in the day, on super rainy days me and my buddies would walk into Stanford Stadium through the open south gate and go play mud football on the field. I can’t remember how *illegal* it was. We never got in trouble, I think a groundskeeper might have told us to leave once or twice. But we would still get a solid hour or so to play on the field of our childhood heroes.

Deshaun Watson is the man…..


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 9, 2017

Still waiting for that ‘Bama line to move to 7……

Where’s everyone stand on the Super Bowl winner? New England is a little less than 2-1 and that doesn’t tickle me fancy much. Green Bay at 7-1 is far more interesting to me but that’s assuming their guys are healthy and they seemed to be picked off pretty bad yesterday. But Aaron Rodgers is incredible. He can do almost anything.

Speaking of great qb’s, I used to scoff at anyone who said Joe Montana WASN’T the greatest QB of all time. I’ve since softened my stance a lot on that. Did you know that Joe never threw for 4,000 yards? That’s like finding out Will Clark never had 200 hits in a season. Both are miraculously true.

Even if Brady doesn’t win it all this year I think it’s not outrageous to say he’s the best of all time…….

Chiefs at 9-1? You have no idea how badly I want to see Alex Smith win a Super Bowl. I might even un-block Denny if that happens…….

We Watch it Because It’s on TV

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 8, 2017

Yesterday I forced myself to watch both NFL playoff games and that was a mistake. Not entertaining. I tricked myself into believing the Raiders had a chance “because Connor Cook beat Stanford in the Rose Bowl” and because “Seattle’s defense isn’t as good as it used to be and Detroit has to win a road playoff game at some point, right?”

Wrong to both.

At least these days, baseball really is the best of the sports when it comes to the post season. Football is just a mess. The rules are stupid and what is up with these guys only getting to practice a limited amount of time? During yesterday’s telecast, Gruden said that Carr likes to take all the snaps in practice so McGloin is left to only be able to run the scout team. What does McGloin get out of that? And what the fuck does that leave for a guy like Conner Cook to do? Seriously, did Cook just sit around and lift weights and read the playbook all year?

No wonder he couldn’t do anything yesterday.

And I love the NBA but outside of fans in Cleveland and Golden State, how interesting will the NBA championship be this year if it’s a re-match of the same teams AGAIN?

At least with baseball any team has a chance to win on a given night. Every team has a star or at least one stud pitcher who can dominate a game. And every team has an *Ishikawa* who can rise up and produce what all the doubters say is impossible.

I’ll watch today’s games too. Hey, I heard some stat that in the last 10 years Eli Manning is 7-0 as a playoff dog. Wow! This could be a really good game!


The Weekend

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Every time I start to bum out a little on the static ways of the Giants this Winter, I read tweets like this and realize things aren’t so bad:

Source: remain interested in Peavy, Fister, Weaver. Weaver considered least likely.

Wild Card weekend, if that does anything 4 ya

Page 2

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Here’s the second page of Stix letter from the other side. I put his full address up in the left hand corner. Don’t worry about the #312, that’s a code for me at work. The rest of it is the official way you can contact him if you haven’t gotten enough of him here yet this Winter. 🙂


One Final Stix Moment

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Here’s the most recent retro thing I can post regarding Stix:


I received this letter yesterday from our captivating captive. Two sides, front and back. Doubt you can read it so I’ll hit the high points. The most obvious first impression is the hand drawn leaf wreath thing he drew around the periphery of the first page. I appreciated the time it took to do that. He made a quick mention of his case basically saying he was going to argue that with “2 buzzings in my face at 100-120 feet caused me to snap–temporarily”. I can’t wait to hear what XOOT and Snarkk think about that defense. Seems legit to me.

He went on to effusively thank whoever is sending him the books and would love additional reading materials. My impression is that he doesn’t get to know who sends them as he said “looks like another Flapper musta been the source for Alan Black’s “Kick the Balls”. As I’m reading it, he’s received at least 3 or 4 books from you guys. He spent page 2 of the letter talking about some of his favorite moments from the books and re-affirming his love of the Giants and this community.

Whatever your feelings are about Stix and the 2 months I spent “honoring” his past posts you gotta admit that it’s pretty cool how this all unfolded. Grass roots Giants fans in action supporting one in need.

Can’t argue much against that.


Bay Area Return of Rajai

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My first reaction to the A’s signing Rajai Davis was the typical derisive harumph. And then I secretly bummed out for a few seconds wishing it was the Giants who had signed him. And then I remembered some of those unreal at bats during his time in SF. He would swing at pitches and miss them by 12 inches. Or more. He looked like a deranged homeless man in the park trying to beat back the voices in his head with a stick.

But boy did Rajai prove me wrong. Can you believe he’s ranked 99th all time in career stolen bases? That’s impressive for a guy who swung and missed at balls the way I would imagine myself swinging and missing at them if I had my shot in the batters box.

Anyone here bummed even the slightest that we didn’t sign Rajai to a 1 yr/6 mil deal?

Quietly Waiting

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It might not get any slower at The Flap than just after New Year’s. The weather sucks. So does football. And I’m not sure but I think freaking hockey is going on right now. Aren’t they about due for another strike?

Retro Stix posts have been retired. I think Loo has gone into his usual winter hibernation. Nothing left but the ghost of haiku’s past whistling outside my darkened window.

Who’s gonna play left field? I think that’s pretty well decided. And I’m not even against the platoon of Mac/Park. I don’t think Bochy has enough hair left on his fivehead to tolerate watching 4 at bats out of one of those dudes day in and day out. But if he matches them up, goes with the hot bat, insert another Bochy cliche, he could probably get through the year watching a split contribution from them.

Of the other guys under contract or invited to ST I think Ruggiano has the best chance to surprise. But I don’t think we have anyone on the roster who’s old enough or built to play every day in left field.

Hey, what’s Angel Pagan up to these days?


Jed York: Reaping What’s Been Sown

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Dear San Francisco Giant ownership: I usually spent the off season complaining about what you didn’t do, how you swung and missed again on signing a *real free agent*. How you penny-pinched your way through another winter…..

And then yesterday I watched Jay Glazer fire another 49er coach on twitter and I realized how thankful I should be that we have had such a stable ownership group over so many years. Can you imagine Larry Baer leaking info about Bochy being fired and having Peter Gammons or some other national idiot bust the story?

The York family is an embarrassment. There really isn’t another way to describe them. And listen up, NO self respecting coach or GM will come work for these idiots when the pattern of how they fire people is so clearly defined. Jim Harbaugh once famously kicked Jeddy out of the locker room announcing to everyone “this meeting is for men only.” Harbs had his faults but what a brilliantly phrased and prescient statement.

And today at 10am we get to hear from the little boy with the team toy blather away about *winning with class* and all of those famous *talks with my uncle* that I am positive NEVER HAPPEN. And if they do happen Jed isn’t listening because he’s a self centered punk who got a stadium built. Jed listens to no one but himself and the guy designing his cabana. He tells us about these *talks* with Eddie D because he knows it’s an easy way to calm 49er fans. Talk ’em off the ledge. Keep ’em buying PSL’s. I’m setting the o/u line of how many times Jed mentions *his uncle* at 4.5. Early betting now open. But whatever, I’ll listen into that *farce conference* because I’m a fucking sheep (or whatever the singular for sheep is). Niner fans will continue to get played the fool by this guy. He’s our own personal *Donald Trump* and the worst part is that he’s still going to be here in 4 years……


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Happy New Year. Seems like as good a time as any to pull the plug on the Stix RPOTD. They had a good run. Now it’s time to warm up next to that stove. Feed the pussy. Smother some shit in v-8 juice. Fold a mysterious 5 grain of something into something that gets called a frittata. Drown the bejesus out of it in dipping sauces. And don’t forget to drive 40 miles for that shower.

Two flaps up for our shackled and bedraggled Flap bro but more importantly……ALL RAKES DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!