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We are playing the A’s today. That is all.

Disappointing Blowout Loss

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I agree with this guy and it’s a good example of why I think Kerr is overrated as a coach.

Now, you could argue “the warriors don’t ever run a pick and roll so they don’t know how to defend it.” And I would say,
“well isn’t that what Kerr is supposed to teach them how to do?”

I know Green was out but that’s another point. Kerr has leaned on that crutch for too long. When Draymond is out and the opponent is running the same play over and over what is your response?

Kerr had nothing.

No Flapper Left Behind

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Look, I admit to being one of Xoot’s wussies who worried that Stix was either dead or back in the clink. So it was a wonderful surprise after a long ass day to get a surprise email from him confirming his whereabouts and health. The blog is different than real life, right? I forget who confirmed Twin’s death but it was just not a natural or cool way to find out about it.

Stix fired off two of his standard epic posts at the end of the last thread so check those out when you get a chance. Would love to get a look at The Ice Palace. Harvey’s sister? And that maple syrup sure sounds good on my pancakes this morning.

Now that all Flap HOFers are counted and confirmed it’s time to get this damn season under way. Let’s go!

Third Place?

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What’s our best case scenario this year? Third place in NL West, right? Colorado sucks and is almost guaranteed last place. AZ is a little trickier but assuming MadBum is still terrible and this Zac Gallen injury is legit then the D-backs look up against it this year, too.


Not As Good As The Old Days

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Agree with this guy.

I’ll never give up on baseball, it will always be my favorite sport probably because I played it growing up. But it is not as exciting as it used to be. Not even close.

Putting It All Together

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Tromp with a birthday blast, Yaz filling up the stat sheet and Doobie with 2 stolen bags. A nice little Sunday, actually. I have only heard of 1 of the Dodgers pitchers (the starter) but it’s still nice to drop an L on those losers.

Today Is Sunday

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Looking forward to the game today to distract me from the horrendousness of my CBB brackets. I penned an open letter to my league demanding that the commisioner cancel the contest and refund all monies because of the VCU forfeiture. We’ll see if that works. I had Oregon so it’s unlikely to break my way……

Did the Giants not play yesterday?

What’s the Grave Duggar doing right now?

What has happened to Stix? I fear the worst. He didn’t respond to my emails.

Friday Wrap Up

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My fellowship with San Dawg took a dark turn yesterday as San Diego State, a team I would not have picked in my brackets, fell to PK’s Syracuse. If I’ve learned one thing over these last 12 years it’s to always go with PK over SDD when it comes to college hoops. Oh well, all 3 of my brackets still have the final fours in tact. You know what they say, you don’t win a March Madness pool on Day 1 but you can definitely lose them. This is a lesson my student Pa Salon should have learned by now……

What type of disrespectful bullshit did the Reds drop on us yesterday? I’m not talking about losing, we are going to do a lot of that this season. I’m talking about the WAY we lost. They trotted out 9 different pitchers for one inning each and we let each one stride back to the dugout with a complete inning in the books? We couldn’t run ONE of them to an early shower? Pathetic. Drop a 1/3 or a 2/3 on their sorry asses you pussies!

The Mass Grave That Never Was

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So, uh, the thrashing didn’t end up happening. Unless you consider getting doubled up by one of the shittiest teams in the league a thrashing. I guess we got thrashed.

We also made our 20th error of the spring. I’m not obsessive about defense but that leads the ML’s and that’s not going to fly.

One idea that isn’t going to happen: If you think the hitting is still strong wouldn’t it be intelligent to start the Grave Duggar at least vs right handed pitchers? The offense should be able to withstand his shortcomings with the bat and if our defense is going to be substandard maybe he becomes critical?

Tonight’s BIG Game

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We have a preview tonight of our opening night battle with our *arch nemesis* the Seattle Mariners. Disco goes for us. They are countering with the mysterious “undecided.”

Seattle is going to be terrible this year and they’ve gotten an early start on that goal with a -20 run diff already this spring.

Tool #6 might be on full display and Grave Duggar gonna bury the entire team before first pitch saving the city of Seattle the embarrassment of having to watch tonight’s thrashing.

Throw The Damn Ball

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When are our pitchers going to, you know, pitch? I am not super deep into following ST this year (or any year) but it hasn’t felt like I’ve been seeing much of our starting pitching. Cueto, who pitched last night, has thrown 7.1 innings this spring and that’s tops on the team.

For the hell of it I looked up what’s going on with other teams. 79 pitchers have thrown more than 7.1 innings this spring already. SEVENTY NINE.

That doesn’t seem random.

There are few things I loath more than babying pitchers arms. I know Wood has a back issue and there are a couple lingering things out there but how is it that 79 ST pitchers have thrown more innings than Cueto who has thrown the most on our team?

Playing Pepper is Back!

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This is, I think, the 6th year we’ve done Playing Pepper with Daniel @c70 proving once again that as much as I hated the Cardinals in the 80’s it was possible to heal that hatred and turn it into positive thoughts about their fan base. Or, at least Daniel. I like Daniel.

Here’s the link to my answers and two other dudes who played along as well.

Playing Pepper 2021: San Francisco Giants

Yesterday, He Rested

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Grave Duggar seems to have taken Sunday off with only a lonely walk to his stats. Hmmmmm, who else took Sunday off….I can’t remember. It’ll come to me.

Even for the non-believers who are sleeping with one or both eyes open The Grave Duggar’s 1.091 OPS has to be impressing. I know, i know, it’s just spring training. To which I reply, again, what would you rather have guys hitting over 1.000 OPS in ST or guys hitting under? I’ll take the over on that one all day long.

They Called Him Marvelous

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Like many of you, I was struck down by the death of Marvelous Marvin Hagler. Besides Tyson he was the most anticipated fighter of my generation. His bouts were electric, I cannot explain this to someone who wasn’t alive in the 80s, they wouldn’t understand it.

There’s not much more to say. I miss those fights, I miss that time.

Your Future

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If you look up Grave Digger at wikipedia this is the picture they use:

This striking image was drawn by Viktor Vasnetsov, a Russian artist from the 1800s though he died in 1926 and it’s certainly possibly this piece was created in the 1900s. For more information about this interesting fact and to learn where you are all going to end up if you continue to doubt The Grave Duggar and all of his powers, please refer to these links:

Clock Ticking, Graves He’s Digging

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I’m jones’n for some real baseball so I checked the schedule. Giants open in Seattle. At night. Lol, I had hoped that was an April Fools joke but sure enough we open against our *arch enemies* on the road in the dead of night on April 1……

That’s ok, bring it on. I am getting pretty stoked for Chi to post that shit about staring at snow melting or kids playing outside his window or whatever that poem says….

There’s Only One Ball

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Wotus was on KNBR this morning and said we have 45 pitchers in camp. LOL I knew it was a lot but FORTY FIVE? Anyway, they asked him if SF can compete with LA and SD this year and he basically said *yes*. He included like 12 conditions that would have to unfold but he said Yes.


Some Graves Get Dug Deeper Than Others

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Some nice action with the bats yesterday from some of our more preferred fringe players. Chuck pointed out that the wind was blowing out and WilleD noted that the Arizona air skews the hitting stat to which I reply “what would you rather have, them hitting in those conditions or not hitting in those conditions?” Because if you can’t hit in optimal conditions (and there were several Giants yesterday who couldn’t included Lame-onte) then that’s worse than the guys who were raking, right? We like guys who rake?

These were Daniel’s questions for his Playing Pepper series. SF Giants piece goes up March 16th.

1) Baseball in 2020 was like nothing we’ve ever seen before.  What are your thoughts on that season?  Did you like the rule changes? How was following baseball the same or different during the pandemic?
2) Former Cardinal John Brebbia is going to be part of the Giants this year.  When is he expected to be ready and what are your thoughts about the club adding him?
3) Joey Bart got to make his debut when Buster Posey sat out the pandemic season, but now Posey is back.  What does this mean for the young catcher and what impact will he have at the big league level this year?
4) What is the most pressing need of this club right now?
5) What is your expectation for this team this coming season?
6) Overall, what sort of grade would you give this organization and why?

Where Are We With The Archways?

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They must remain closed. I did some light googling and couldn’t find anything that said what the team plans to do with this. Anyone else?

I greatly enjoyed watching our park play more normally last season and with a deadened ball (supposedly) we will need every advantage afforded the hitter.

Changing Of The Guard

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Well now that The Grave Duggar has blasted away from his lower rung competition with yesterday’s spring bomb and I have once again proven to have the keenest eye for spotting true baseball talent it’s time to move on to more important things:

Heliot Ramos needs to be starting opening day. I’m not saying that because of his two home runs. Although those were real real nice. Ramos looks like a ballplayer, he walks like a ballplayer the ball comes off his bat in ways our Bore Core could only dream of replicating.

This year is going to be ugly. Baer will bill it as a swansong for the aged vets and that’s a total cop out. I don’t need a year of losses to say goodbye to the past. A few knowing dude head nods will suffice. Hell I can do that in two seconds.

If we have to watch the boring what’s wrong with sprinkling in some exciting? Isn’t that what this is all about? Entertainment?


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I know it’s just a minor league deal but it’s still irritating. Z is the master of the underwhelming. Trot a home grown guy out there over this beer league softball castoff.

Anyway, 32 year old Justin Bour is here…

Jordan Poole Is A Stud And…..A Hidden Injury For The Grave Duggar?

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If any of you follow me on twitter you’ll notice my #freePoole tags I’ve been sprinkling on that godforsaken site over the last 2 weeks. And now you know why……

Trying to come up with a reason for Grave Duggar’s slow start. Only thing I can think of is that he done dug too many damn graves. Shoulder muscles worn all the way down to the scapula.

So while I stand in solidarity with San Dawg, Loo and the throngs of others who support him I fear his best years may be behind him. Can he ever recover from this injury?


Ok, you guys have been good sports about my Grave Duggar threads so I am rewarding you with a video San Dawg sent me yesterday while he was awaiting his second vaccine shot. If you remember, Diggity and his boys bought an RV some years back for the princely sum of $1200. It’s always been a dream of mine to tour Harvey but alas he never leaves San Diego county. I had no confidence Diggity would be able to fire up the great beast. Watch and see if I was right or wrong……..

Trying Not To Say His Name

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Ok, 3 threads in a row highlight the great Grave Duggar is probably too many, even for me, President of his swelling fan club.

Did I read that correctly? The Giants are the only team to not homer this spring? That’s shocking considering the fire power they’ve been sending out there so far.

Where is Brandon Belt? Is anyone talking about this?

Things Have Already Gotten *Lame*

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I didn’t hear the game but heard on the radio that Lame-onte Jr. scored our only run on a sac fly. Typical. Dude was probably born on third base thinking he hit a triple, motherfucking silver spoon in his mouth. All the while the Grave Duggar grinds it out, daily, waiting to take over.

So much for hard work paying off…..


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Lame-onte Wade Jr. gets the start today. No Jaylin. No Grave Duggar. Freaking Lame-onte Wade Jr. I think I’d rather see Sr. out there.

Regardless, I know it’s spring training but these line ups are a joke.

Start Diggin’

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Now the REAL Spring Training games begin. Grave Duggar in the line up. Assuming they pitch to him, unlikely but they might, I expect at least 0-2 extra base hits and let’s say 6-12 highlight reel catches in the outfield. There’s nothing he can’t do.

Who’s your spring phenom pick this year? *you know mine…..

Play Ball!

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Does this do anything 4 ya?

Honestly I couldn’t care less about ST games but it’s nice to see this trending in the right direction towards baseball in 2021. Very excited for a full season….


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Agree with Dieter but I’d add that Draymond has as much to do with this reclamation project as Steph.

this was my favorite tweet from yesterday:

Free Style Friday

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well, now that we’ve addressed the *actual plan* Z has for the team in 2021 I’m not too sure what to tackle next. Therefore, today’s thread is a free roll. Discuss whatever you like. Go!


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Ok, I think I’ve finally figured this out. It’s not complicated, I’m surprised it took me this long. Z knows we have no hope of sniffing the wild card this year. But no year is a throw away year. So he’s picking up all this scrip-scrap stuff knowing most of it won’t hit. But whoever he DOES hit on he trades at the break. This is actually not a bad plan. Remember, the Padres got Tatis for James Freaking Shields.

So our World Series is the trade deadline.

I can get behind that…..

Dubs Rise Again?

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Couldn’t think of another thread for the Grave Duggar except that he’s my main man and he should be all of yours as well. Not sure what to make of the Dubs last night. Against a decent team they probably would have been trampled with the way they started out the 4th quarter. Can the Knicks not shoot 3’s? It seems like all they do is drive to the hoop.

Bank the W, pray you can hold on to the 8 seed……

The Grave Duggar

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That was a hellavu short video clip of the Gave Duggar and his new revamped swing. Notice Giants scribes didn’t release any footage of fringe guys like Jaylin Davis. Tells me Grave Duggar has the inside track to making the opening day roster. From there, he dominates..

Bring It On

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I know the chances for the Giants this year are dim. I just want some baseball again. I can get into watching other teams play, especially if I’ve got a couple dozen draftkings teams going. I’m also looking forward to fans back in the ballparks. This cut out stuff has gotten pretty staid. As soon as they start green lighting fans back I’m going I don’t care what our record is.

Prediction Time

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Stix had a good idea for a Flap contest. I’ll shape the details as we get closer to opening day. It will have something to do with the Giants record vs LA and SD (with a tie breaker or two built in).

About a month ago, Loo sent me an email that included this passage:

 “My dad was a huge Giant fan and shortly after he passed away in 2001, I started hanging out in a new bar. The weekend bartender was a a great old guy named Billy Flaherty, who was about my father’s age and also a huge Giant fan. So at age 44, I found my new daddy. We went to games every year and were real tight until his death 3 years ago. A few months before he passed away, he gave me his treasured Delong wool Giant jacket with leather sleeves. It’s an XL – way too big for me. I had it dry cleaned and it’s been hanging in plastic in the back of my closet since. I would love to give it away to someone who might actually wear it. I have a million great memories of my friend and the jacket will probably just go in a dumpster when I’m gone. “

And he has graciously offered up the jacket as the prize.

I’ll post a pic once he gets it in photograph shape.

Details to come……

Foraging A Path

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So we are back to 5 post season teams coming out of the National League. Three of those will get soaked up by the division winners. We have no chance at that. So that leaves 2 spots. You have to think that whoever doesn’t win the NL crown between LA and SD will get one WC spot.

Now we’re down to one left…..

The NL East got a lot better. Gotta think that whoever doesn’t win that divison gets the other spot, right? Atlanta….The Mets (they’ll be rolling AND then they get Syndy back in June)…..Washington…..Miami…..that division is GOOD. The NL Central is pretty harmless, probably only the division winner coming out of there.

Looking at that mountain to climb, is there a realistic pathway for SF to make the post season in 2021? Assuming The Grave Duggar is functioning at peak level all season and the team suffers zero injuries……

Day 1 in The Books!

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I trust the mates got in the requisite number of ball scratches, stretches and tobaccy spits in. I saw a couple videos of Posey hitting in the cage. He looks a little round to me but maybe I just haven’t seen him in a while…..

Tatis is going to win multiple NL MVP’s. Lock his ass up for life, I don’t see a problem with what the Padres did. If we had a generational talent like that I’d hope the Giants would do the same.

You know I couldn’t leave this important stat at the end of the last thread:

djloo27 said, on February 18, 2021 at 5:27 am(Edit)

Career homers off Stephen Strasburg:

Grave Duggar: 1
Tatis: 0
BellInger: 0
Machado: 0
Betts: 0

It’s Happening….

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I know this feels like a random dreary Wednesday much like every other Wednesday or every other day of the last year, but today is a little different…, pitchers and catchers report to camp.

And I don’t even care if they just sit there in masks all day staring at eachother from 6 feet away.

Today is a good day….

NBA Action

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Some big time scoring games in the NBA last night. And my call on Whiteside at 6:46pm was not quite prescient. Harden and Irving went off let’s see if they can do it on a back2back against the surprisingly good Suns. I wonder if one or both will rest……

Steph Curry is once again MVP of the league again. There, I said it…..

Our Pitching Woes

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As noted two threads ago by Stix, The A’s have scooped up a couple of ex-Giants: Romo and Yuzzie Pet. I always liked Petit and never understood why the Giants let him go. Romo seems to be on his last legs but he’s seemed that way for years and keeps getting a job so what do I know?

It’ll be interesting to see how Kapler uses the bullpen. Now that he’s got complete reigns of the team and going into a brand new year you wonder if he and Z will go full on Opener/Piggy Backer/all that jazz. They do seem to be setting up the bullpen for such an approach should they decide to go that way. And our starters are not exactly built for the long game–you know, 5-6 innings. Today’s long game.

Carson Cat Pic Time

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Loo got me going about my cat with a simple question. Don’t tempt me with shit like that, I am obsessive and this is what happens when that happens…….

There is NOTHING to report about the Giants so you get a Carson cat-pic thread. Here we go.

This is Carson sitting next to me while I was typing that long ass answer to Loo on the last thread:

Here he is when we brought him home, not sure why Katie’s eyes look like this, that’s some thousand yard stare shit going on there. Great pic tho. She’s 18 now.

here he is chillin’ like a boss in the carport now that I’m letting him outside since he doesn’t have a sensor on anymore and he can’t try to roll around in the dirt and rub it off:

here he is after too much cat nip about to roll his fat ass off the bed last month:

and here he is yawning in all his glory. You can barely see it in this pic but the right side of his tongue is split from when he got in a fight with a raccoon about 6 years ago. Fucker sliced it but Carson won the fight, we didn’t see that raccoon again. He had a snake hit him in the eye 3 years ago but he bounced back with some eye drops. The thing I love most about this cat is that he’s a fighter. He’s killed 1000 animals over the years, and I just throw them down the hill we live on. It’s a fucking graveyard down there I can’t even imagine going down to look at the remains. But he’s also the sweetest most loving animal I have ever known.

That’s it. No more cat pics.

Melatonin Back In California

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Somehow missed the Padres signed Mark Melancon. Also somehow missed that he really wasn’t that bad for the Braves. Will be interested to see if he can keep it going. He’s 35 now and somwhere inside of him still resides the MelonHead we loved to loath. Anyway, happy Sunday, we needed a new thread……..


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I’m trying to get into Reddit but I don’t really like it. Twitter is my place. The layout just makes more sense to me. Anyway, came across this thread, do you guys support? Honestly, as much as I love Barry, I don’t think a statue is necessary. I don’t know, maybe something in the new landscape that Baer is building. Certainly not situated where Mays is. Thoughts?

Feelin’ Like The Grave Duggar Done Dug Me A Hole

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Some of you may be interested in this and honestly there is nothing else to post so here goes:

I got my second shot of Moderna yesterday at 8am—everything was ok till about 10pm when the chills and the fever kicked in. Couldn’t sleep all night because of the fever and also because my right arm was killing me and for some reason my left hip felt like it had a knife in it. So I could only lie on my back and sweat and stare upwards. Took some tylenol around 3am and the fever went away.

I had been told the vaccine is not affecting older people as much as younger and I was hoping to fall into the older category but 52 didn’t quite get me there. My guess is that older people’s immune system doesn’t have the fight it once had in them and they just let the vaccine run amok.

But who knows.

Either way, happy to see we are getting to the other side of this, finally. I am going into work today because I’m no pussy, btw. But I’m definitely dragging.

What Happens When The Grave Duggar Gets Tired of Digging?

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The Giants added lots of arms this off season but precious few legitimate bats. I guess they are counting on The Grave Duggar to exceed even the high expectations already set for him by Flap Nation. But come on, he’s only one man.

Of course the other path they seem to be taking is this: Run the Bore Core out there until they get hurt or prove to be totally ineffective. At that point, bring up the kids. That’s not the craziest plan when you consider this is absolutely a throw away year with LA and SD light years ahead.

Jake McGee Come on Down!

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two years, 7 mil, that’s fine. Didn’t know we needed a LH reliever but I guess you can never have too many relievers.

Whatever, we needed a new post today….

One More Bowl In The Books

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On February 3rd I wrote: “I have suckeled the sweet nectarine from Tom Brady’s teet, a magical moment indeed. I am on board with Tampa Bay covering maybe even winning……” No one paid much attention to that solid gold at the time and that’s too bad as it could have saved some Flappers some cash. Again, props to GH who paid up his debt midway through the 4th quarter. Blade has promised to send cash through the mail. Diggity will paypal me after he gets over how this possibly could have happened to his beloved Chefs. Right now, feelings are just too raw.

Now what? The predictable abyss of nothingness. Is hockey playing? NBA is ok but really I’m just waiting for Chi to post something about looking out his window and seeing spring start or winter end or some shit. I can’t remember what it is but I know it when I read it. And it’s the sign that baseball is almost here……

Make It A Super Day

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I was staring at this picture all night….

Diggity, come on what are we doing here? $34.60? Let’s bet an even, larger number.

Make it $40.

If I tried to bet $34.60 at a window in Vegas I bet I’d probably taste the back of that teller’s hand.

Man or mouse, Diggity?

Eve of 55

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I’m not engaging in *whataboutism* with Buster. Of course the other options suck. Them sucking doesn’t make him any better. He just sucks less than them. As Xoot noted, his value will be with the pitchers who will instantly jizz when he throws down those magical fingers. But 15 bombs? Lol, no chance.

Our offense is average and our pitching stinks. With the current group I don’t see how we sniff .500 this year. And that’s BEFORE the Bore Core starts checking in with the aged injuries that you know will be coming this season.

So I wasn’t able to get much business with my SB bet. San Dawg did take the Chiefs -3.5 (for $34.60). Nobody else wants some of that?

The Finishing Touches on Last Place

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Ok, now that we’ve added Littell and Lame-onte Wade to the foundation of Brebbia and the rest of his cohorts I’d say we’re just about ready to fire up a run at the NL West crown, aye?


Kruk was on KNBR yesterday talking up how excited *ALL* Giants fans are to watch the return of Posey and the final season of the intact Bore Core. I just chuckled to myself. Hey, I know it’s a throwaway year but I have zero interest in watching boring players play baseball. I’m down with Posey showing up at a reunion party for a tip of the cap to the crowd.

But watching him play baseball?

Not excited for that, Kruk.

Another Guy

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The question I have, who will have greater historical significance in the pantheon of Giants lore, Zack Littell or Greg Litton? I’m going with the former.

Of course, Krueg’s disagrees. But this is his type of guy, someone nobody’s ever heard of who’s had the slightest bit of success at some point in his pro career.

Larry Krueger@sportslarryknbr·Breaking! #sfgiants are signing RHP Zack Littell @z_littell . Great get for Farhan Zaidi. Littell was a quality arm for #Twins on 2019.10961

Flavor@1flapdown77·If this gets you excited what would an actual exciting signing do to you?

Larry Krueger@sportslarryknbrReplying to @1flapdown77 and @z_littellLittell throws 96 mph w/a 90 hard cutter and had a 2,68 ERA in 29 games in 2019. Farhan makes a lot of moves on the margins. Look for this guy to emerge as a big factor this season

Apparently, Z’s got a fondness for guys like this, too.

I don’t have a problem with the Littell signing I’m just not gonna jizz in my pants like Krueg’s over it.