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Champs and Chumps in the Bay

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 21, 2019

Giants are saying 29,815 attended last night game and that is just lame. When did they stop counting the turnstiles? What is to be gained from releasing obvious inaccurate info like that? 29,815 WERE NOT AT THAT GAME! I doubt the tv viewership was even that high. lqtm.

Suarez proved he wasn’t so awful that he shouldn’t get another start. I’m fine with him pitching, especially considering our options.

So what the fuck are we going to do for nine (9) more days?


Kung Fu Blasted

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 20, 2019

That was quite an exciting bomb from our co-bomb leader. I wonder what the fans in Boston are thinking about The Panda? Assuming they don’t care anymore.

Suarez gettin’ after it tonight, he better be on his game or this is going to get ugly, early.

Dubs sweep Blazers to the curb tonight. The Finals await.

Taking Care of Business

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 19, 2019

When the Blazer fans started over-celebrating Meyers Leonard 3’s, that’s when I started getting pissed off. Up till that point I was pretty composed, just happy to be in Portland with my main man Chris, enjoying the #saladday. So I got a little loud. And the knowing dude head nods were snapping up and down at a crisp rate on the way out of the Moda Center.

Giants won, I hit the pick 4 at the Preakness, Dubs rolled….days don’t get much better than that.

Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 9.14.53 AM



Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 17, 2019

When you talk about salad days, you’re talking about weekends like this one. I’m flying up to Portland tonight, Preakness tomorrow and then right after it me and BirdDog storm The Rose Garden—at least that’s what it was called when I was going to Lewis & Clark, not sure what they call it now.

I’ll finish cappin’ the Preakness by tomorrow am but right now I’m leaning towards Bourbon War as my top pick.

Giants in Arizona tonight. Smarge in the thin air, this might not work out too good….

More Time Off

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 16, 2019

Giants have another off day for some reason.

Probably just as well.

Dubs have another beatdown scheduled for 6pm. Don’t miss it.



Insta Loss

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 15, 2019

I don’t mind going with an opener at all. Make the opposition face 3 different pitchers the first 3 times through the line up–I can dig that. If we had better pitchers this wouldn’t be needed. Which brings me to Beede. Eight walks through his first 6.2 innings ain’t gonna cut it. At this point there is no reason to not keep trotting him out there. Maybe one of his *sunset hearthand* instagram posts will motivate him to shine now and again. Maybe the pitching coach can get through to him, get him to stop mashing the post button on his phone and actually refine his pitching repertoire to something that works at the major league level. Either way, we have nothing to lose. When you are a last place team mid-level talents like Beede get more run.

Dubs game went as expected. Portland’s strength is our strength and it’s not as good. Easy series to handicap.

Action Night!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 14, 2019

I’m gonna be shocked if Portland makes a series of this. Their strength are their guards who are not as good as our guards. Kanter has some offense but he’s so bad defensively, how can you even have him out there? I love Lillard. Should be a fun wipeout to watch though.

Giants going with the opener in Vincent and then Beede, whatever you want to call him–This is a decent spot to evaluate Beede, even in this sheltered role. Toronto still can’t hit much and they’ll probably be even worse on the road in an NL pitcher friendly park. If Young Beedah can’t do it in this spot the time for chances are over.


Sports Forever

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 13, 2019

Just throwing up a new thread cause we need it. Yesterday was so cool. Games like those are the reason why I could care less about Game of Thrones or Marvel movies or whatever. Ain’t no spoilers to worry about in sports. You watch the end just like everyone else, nobody knows what’s going to happen.

And if you think I’m FOS on this, watch this. These dudes are the best.

Did Dutch Say Too Much?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 12, 2019

“To be honest I have no idea what they’re doing. And I’m not talking about Boch and them, it’s the front office….I did a fake injury, so I’m not happy about that…”–Holland.

So, say goodbye to Derrick Holland. You can’t call out your boss like that and skate free. And that’s fine, he’s not part of any solution, he was, at best, not a bad dart throw from our past.

But this is good for Zaidi to hear. I like all the moves he makes because it’s the polar opposite of Sabean and Evans who literally did nothing once the season started. And as I said repeatedly before the season, last place was always GUARANTEED for this squad. Moves NEED to be made. But we’re still dealing with human beings here, and even worse baseball players, some of the worst creatures of habit roaming the earth.

So hopefully he’s learning as he goes. He can’t expect his players to celebrate the 32 catcher transactions he puts in each week…..


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 11, 2019

Woke up today feeling like we just won another one. Couldn’t be more proud of the perseverance these guys showed. The bench stepped up. And Steph, who I was cursing loudly and often at halftime, reminded me why I love him. I’m a damn fool for ever doubting him.

That *heart of a champion* stuff is real. Paul and Harden don’t have it. Steph, Klay, Draymond, etc… do have it. And is there a better sports moment than watching your team call on that heartbeat for one more run to the top? Doubt it.

I see the Giants were shut out at home 7-0. That was fairly predictable with that major climate shift they had to deal with….

Wither D-Rod?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 10, 2019

I guess we shouldn’t be totally surprised, this guy might have been pitching with luck on his side last season. Still, the difference is startling. He gave up 9 bombs all season in 2018. It’s May 10th and he’s given up 9 bombs so far this year. Every number is worse. This is a no-pressure season so we can be patient I guess. But it is rather unnerving that he’s gotten this….hittable?

Here’s what I want to see in the Dubs game tonight: I want to see either Jordan Bell or Quinn Cook get some run. With his energy and athleticism Bell seems like a natural rotation guy in this series and yet he gets no minutes. Cook, too. We need a shooter out there, Cook can do that.


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 9, 2019

I know it’s early, but as I type this it is 33 degrees in Denver and snowing. So, maybe we get a game today, maybe we get a snowball fight, I dunno…

I’m bummed about the KD injury but I’ve seen Steph, Klay and Draymond ball out too many times to just wave the white flag. I think Game 6 is a loss but Game 7 could be the most electric game we’ve ever seen….


A Good Night for EVERYONE

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 8, 2019

What an improbable comeback story this is. Mac The Oaf was nearly literally left for dead on the waiver wire two months ago. Nobody wanted him. Not ever for free. In a game that has evolved into how many power hitters you can squeeze into your line up, it was fairly astounding that the one thing he did, blast bombs, wasn’t wanted by a single team in baseball.

So there truly isn’t enough credit that I can shuttle this guy’s way. Maybe he kept playing because he’s a baseball player and it’s all he knows how to do. Maybe he’s just resilient as hell. Either way, last night was awesome.

I don’t usually get into fantasy stuff here at the blog but some of you might get a kick out of this after all the shit I’ve flung Hunter Pence’s way. Last night one of my team’s finished 3rd in the $4 (50K) Four Seamer (3rd out of 14,863 teams, you’ll also notice I had a completely separate team finish 10th, that is very hard to do). Thank you, among others, Hunter Pence! lol

Screenshot 2019-05-08 at 5.25.46 AM

Screenshot 2019-05-08 at 5.26.25 AM

So two flaps up for MTO for the long road he has traveled and what the hell, Hunter Pence, too…..

Bay Area Loses

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 7, 2019

Dubs lost but my confidence is still in tact. Houston is a good team, this was never going to be easy. And Golden State is on the downside of the dynasty. I’d be thrilled with just another Finals appearance but that seems so far away….

SF in Colorado tonight. Yikes. And there will be rain.

Tell me something hockey fans: every year I hear KNBR and the callers tell me “this is the year for the Sharks.” And every year they lose. Is that just hopeful nonsense being spewed out on the airwaves or are they actually good every year but always fail to close the deal?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 6, 2019

Early morning diddy. Pom Pom needs to get it going.

Loo, thanks for posting that box score. Man, did Thrill get 3 hits every game or what? What a stud.

Screenshot 2019-05-06 at 8.28.51 AM.png

Thrill of Victory, Agony of Defeat

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 5, 2019

Still going over the Derby in my head, still wouldn’t have put Country House on top. And in a sick way, I was right, he couldn’t win, he didn’t *win*, but he was right there. At 65-1 that is a great pick. At least my buddy Chris (who posts here as Bird Dog occasionally) did something with him. He hit the trifecta ($5800). And my buddy Scott hit the exacta ($1500). So I am happy for those guys.

Lost in all of this is how nobody was able to pass that horse after he set such strong early fractions. Look at this slow mo, wow, thank God everyone ended up safe after this.

The Greatest Day of the Year

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 4, 2019

If Bochy was considering walking away mid season he probably isn’t considering it anymore. Wow, what a game. Even in their current stinking state, games like that probably fuel his old bones for more; for life. And how about a couple of shout outs for old man strength. Vogt and Longo played like men last night. 1.0’s for everyone on the team though. You don’t come back from 8 zip unless everyone is together and on the same page.

Ok, Derby time. I am sticking with Improbable to win, War of Will has a shot and while he can’t win I am shocked at the early wagering odds for Country House (71-1). If he stays at that price you can bet your bippy that I’ll be spotting him in 3rd and 4th in the superfecta.

But let’s see how the track is playing, there is going to be a lot of water falling today. Derby Day. My favorite day of the year…..


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 3, 2019

Fun lil’ diddy in Cincy this weekend. Small yard so that should fix our offense, right? Derby weekend so I am focused elsewhere. The weather will be bad again at Churchill. Right now, I am picking Improbable to win with War of Will right there, too (he is my best longshot pick of the race).

Beede getting the call tonight. It’s easy to see this not going well. I wonder if his new bride will capture the carnage and post it on twitter/insta?


Tin Men in Blue

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 2, 2019

LA has no heart, man. There’s no other way to explain how we just took 2/3 from them. They have talent, they like to pile up the NL West crowns, but at the end of the day they just got no heart. And it’s one of my favorite things about them.

Lots of good signs last night. Bum was rock solid. Posey yanked a ball, albeit it not very far. Still, good enough for the game winner and another 1.0 in the bank.

This season is going to be all about the little things. I’ll take the wins when they come but the moments are even better. Last night had some great moments.

No More Bad Bum

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on May 1, 2019

If you believe there is a flame still flickering in Bumgarner, every start is critical from here on out. He can’t keep pitching like this if we want to get any value at all for him by the deadline.

We are so bad offensively, just the sheer volume of shit has kept me from calling out certain players this year. But that time is over.

BRANDON CRAWFORD! I am looking at YOU, sucker. A .495 OPS? Lol, What in the actual fuck has happened to this guy? HE HAS 2 RBIS THIS YEAR! It is May 1st today…..

Rivalry Fueled

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 30, 2019

Longo with what has to be, sadly, his signature San Francisco moment. Hey, that only took 153 games….

Gotta admit, when I read it, I called bullshit on Zumiee’s post last night:

zumiee said, on April 29, 2019 at 6:23 pm (Edit)

The Giants usually play the Dodgers competitively. The rivalry brings it out.
With the occasional blowout loss.

I didn’t think they had it in them to play LA competitively last night. Nice call, Zoom.



.393 And We Just Hit South of 65

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 29, 2019

That was an absolutely pathetic performance against a team cobbled together mostly of minor leaguers. KNBR caller demanded Bochy hold a team meeting. Ha! Bochy is part of the problem, ya’ll. We have scored 1 run, ONE, in the first inning this season. Either these guys don’t give a shit or he’s not writing up the most optimum line up. Or both. Bochy yappin’ at them in the most medium-impact of tones isn’t gonna change shit.

I’m sure Vlad G Jr. is going to be a superstar but I find the coverage of him hilarious. He’s on the front page of every sports site every day all day. He’s got 2 singles and a double. No bombs. No RBI’s. His 3 strikeouts match his hit total.

Hey, he’d fit right in with SF maybe our *men* should start getting more natty coverage…..


Fake Rally

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 28, 2019

KNBR RadioHeads trying to sell us on the 9th inning as evidence that we *might be just a batter or two away from having a competent offense.” Fucking please, child. Our scrubs (Parra and Kratz(!) got a couple of lucky swings off the 12th guy on their pitching staff. As soon as Boone woke up he brought in an actual pitcher to slam the door.

We stink. Today sucks, I have to go to a funeral for a 12 year old. This world is fucked up.

He’s a Bum

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 27, 2019

Sadly, the cat is now nearly out of the bag on Bumgarner. He’s just a guy. I had hoped we could hoodwink a contender into trading for the ghosts of his past but nobody is that desperate.

The only question remaining will be what the Giants do with him. They can’t extend him, right? If they do that they’re just trying to sell tickets to fans who just like talking about what once was….

Spankmee’s Come to Town

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 26, 2019

Awesome game tonight that I will unfortunately be missing due to the Dubs being all-in with the pesky Clippers. The Warriors reign is over. I’m not saying they can’t win the championship this season but their reign of dominance has passed. It happens. Nobody stays on top forever. They had a good run….

We have the advantage playing the NL game in our park. Big Maple is a beast but I’m not writing this one off as an L just yet….

Sadly, our fans will be dwarfed tonight by the following of the Empire.

US > Canada

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 25, 2019

As I thought going into that little 2-gamer, Toronto is a pretty good match up for us. If we can hang in there and play like this against the lesser teams I can get through the season. I’m not sure how many games I can watch all the way through, there will be a lot of radio involved, but as long as they aren’t embarrassing themselves it’s going to be ok.

Man, Friday is Big Maple vs Bumgarner. That one should be the best pitching match up we will see all year….

Bombs Away!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 24, 2019

In a throwback game to our past, conjuring up hallowed names such as *Ramiro Pena*, the Giants went deep 4 times to win a game. It’s nice to see them join the party even if it’s just for one fleeting game.

Zaidi knows we need power to win in today’s game. I think we’ll see the fences come in at some point and some launch angle men added to the squad. Not this year but it’s coming. There is no sound reason to keep the fences 8 miles away…..

Until then we can dream of *Pena’s past* and what it was like to win with the long ball….


Love Damian Lillard, love that he knocked out fake-ass Russell Westbrook…..

Time for a Molson Golden

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 23, 2019

What do you think Toronto has planned for Pillar today? Video tribute? Parade? Keys to city presentation?

Theoretically, this is a good match up for us. Their offense stinks (not quite as bad as ours). Our pitching is a little better than theirs. Does the DH break the tie? We’ll see.

The Expos were always one of my favorite teams. They were never very good but they had players that are burned into my memory. Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Warren Cromartie, Tim Raines….Those guys were the shit.


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 22, 2019

This long road trip heads to Toronto. But first we have a day off to suckle from the sweet teat of victory. Tastes nice, right?

Buster did more than just take down his second 1.0 of the year. He showed us he’s still a man. A man who can hit the ball over the fence. Sure it took 10 months to get ‘er done but he did it and that’s what counts.

Now, back to my teat….



1.0 Moratorium

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 21, 2019

While #1 certainly did enough to take down another 1.0 yesterday I am not bestowing it upon him. Why? Because it’s time to get back to the essence of what this great sabermetric stat is all about: Did the player do something beyond ordinary to help the team win? Our team doesn’t win.

So while Pillar is the only hitter who did jackshit yesterday, it’s time to hold him and the rest of his lesser compatriots to a higher standard.

You want a 1.0? Go win a game.

Just go win a fucking baseball game.

Happy Easter.


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 19, 2019

Early peek at the weather, not sure this game goes smoothly.

SF probably needs a win to stay out of the cellar.

Good day for Bum to build more trade value.

Fwar Career Leader, Willie Mays

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 18, 2019

Question for you Mays-heads: I met someone yesterday, big Mays fan, who was telling me about the time he met him in person. Yadda yadda, you’ve heard all that before from Pawlie, but then he whipped out the card he said Mays gave him (12 years ago). Said he keeps it with him always. Yikes. Anyway, here is the back of it. It says “This card was personally given to me by Willie Mays.”

Does Mays still do this? Is it his way of not having to sign autographs?

Screenshot 2019-04-18 at 5.41.06 AM


Fwar’s from last night’s loss:

Duggar: 1.0 (bomb)

Parra: 1.0 (bomb)

Posey: 1.0 (hitting the wall on the fly, I didn’t think he still had that in him).


Best Win of the Year

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 17, 2019

I’m not quite reeling from the win last night but it staggered me a bit. Come on, this had L painted all over it: An away game in DC, D-Rod didn’t have it, Strasburg was sailing along, I think he k’d 4 of the first 9 hitters he faced. And then, like a magical faucet turning on all by itself, the 1.0’s started flowing freely. Rodriguez righted himself enough to cobble together 5 complete (1.0). Longo, Belt and Dugg’s all get one since anyone who’s spent even a second pouring over the calculation formula for the Fwar would know that if you bang a bomb you get a 1.0. Melancon has now tied Buster with one (1.0) since he came in vs his former team and went more than an inning without falling apart–i believe those 2 are tied for last on the team with but a single Fwar point to their name. And of course my main man 1.0 himself, #1, Kevin Pillar gets one. Admittedly he was awarded the final 1.0 of the game, he probably shouldn’t have gotten one but I just love the lil’ dickens so much I had to acknowledge his 2 hits, walk, and a stolen base. Formula note: Fwar loves the stolen bag…..

DC Bound

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 16, 2019

Back in the states last night, I was greeted rudely by that Warriors score. Sucks about Boogie but maybe they rally around him being down. They obviously need something to inspire them, they don’t have the same drive they’ve had in the past. Something has been wrong with the Dubs all season. I’ll say this, playing a team with Beverley, Harrell and Sweet Lou on it, 3 dudes who live to feel slighted, is probably the wrong match up for Oakland.

Strasburg tonight. I’m worried Pillar alone can’t carry the load. lqtm. But seriously, east coast swings are usually the death of us and as the worst hitting team in mlb. We’ve scored the second fewest runs and can you imagine where we would be without 1.0? Easily last in runs scored.

Dubs wandering, Giants sucking…at least I’m not sweating anymore. Man, Big Flavor was a sweating fool in that Costa Rica climate…..

1.0 Mania!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 14, 2019

Man, Flavor’s 1.0’s were flowing like a fine wine yesterday. Pillar got another one (of course, he seems to get them for just showing up at the ballpark lately). Posey got one because he received one (1) RBI yesterday, his first of the year! Bum got one because he was efficient and secured his first W. Duggar and Parra got one because they each had two hits. And what the hell, I’m doling these bitches out this morning, Dyson gets one for slamming the door!

It’s nice to pile on Colorado a little, they will smash us in return when we visit them up there….



Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 13, 2019

Flip a 1.0 into Kratz’ FWAR bank account. All that guy does is catch and fuck.

Feels like another jet ski day.

Let’s see if Mad Bum can get through 5 with the lead and then will Bochy have the sack to pull him?


FWAR >All Other WAR

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 12, 2019

Pillar niggled his FWAR (Flavor WAR) up to 4.0 last night. Four wins generated by him in 8 games played. That’s a rate everyone here can live with, eh? As a reminder, calculating FWAR is done as follows: Did the player do anything major to contribute to a win or a game the team should have won? If so, that’s one (1.0) in the bank. If not, 0.0. Of course Buster’s FWAR this year sits at an even 0.0. Actually, that should be his new nickname……

Pilly’s OPS is still an underwhelming .623. I hope this puts an end to the misguided take at the blog that you have to have an OPS of .800 to help your team win games.

The rest of the bats continue to smoke the most copious amounts of pole. We’d be in the cellar without Pillar right now, GUARANTEED.

Hoping Zaidi can pull off another magic trick or two, we have a lot of dead, old, over the hill weight still on this team…..

We’re averaging 2.78 runs per game. With any type of offense we might be in first place today…

The Battle For The Bottom

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Finally, we get a little relief. The last placed team is coming to town. Uh, show of hands, who thinks the Rockies are worse than we are? Anyone?

It’s safe to assume Colorado will finish ahead of us by the end of the year. How do I know this? Because they aren’t us, therefore they will finish ahead of us….

Our current best and most reliable hitter has a .185 BA and a .623 OPS.

Cool pic of Katie tonight


Screenshot 2019-04-11 at 7.16.21 PM


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I have a private beach 50 yards from where I’m sitting right now. And what am I doing? The same thing I do every morning when I wake up, I’m firing up a blog thread. My commitment to Flavor Nation is unquestioned.

I woke up inspired. Not by the beautiful paradise outside my window but by Kevin Pillar. He is the first Giants since Barry Bonds to have back to back 4 RBI games. Pause to consider how pathetic our hitters are that he’s the first to do that in 17 years. Gorkey’s Hernandez, Pillar is not…….

His OPS with San Francisco is a terrible .514. But his defense, his sb’s and his power have resulted in 3 games won nearly all by himself (I am counting the grand salami game as a win). Using the Flavor War Calculator that gives him an even 3.0 (FWAR) in his first 7 games. That’s gotta be a record, too. And if you don’t like how I calculate WAR that’s not my problem. 🙂

Now I have to go find out how to rent jet skis I will check in with you guys later….

Literally my backyard for the next week: I took this pic this morning just outside our back door.

Screenshot 2019-04-10 at 9.42.31 AM

Bad Bum

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 9, 2019

Oh what the hell, one more thread before I leave the country. I’m sitting in LA right now and it’s awful. My skin in crawling. Hate this place…

Bumgarner was handed a 5 run lead and blew it. In keeping with his *lucky* season he didn’t get saddled with the loss, good ol’ Moronta got that one.

MadBum is a post season legend. I had hoped Zaidi could hoodwink a contender into paying up for that. But the cat is out of the bag. He’s no where near what he used to be. The Bumgarner I know would have murdered himself for torching a 5 run lead. And yet, this morning he still walks the earth…

Bochy is also partly to blame for the loss. He’s afraid to pull Bum. Or maybe he’s just too old school for the game anymore. Regardless, he leaves his pitchers in too long. It’s a hole in his game he’s had for a while now.

Not that any of this matters.


Chasing Misery

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 8, 2019

What a sleepless night it must have been for Count Chocula, eh? He’s 3 more Chris Davis failures from getting off the hook. Of course, Velez made $400K back in 2011. Davis makes 23 million dollars a year. And he has 69 million more coming to him AFTER this season. With all due respect to the fat dollars Longoria makes, Chris Davis is the owner of the worst contract in baseball….

Let’s see what the Giants can do against Lauer tonight. Before yesterday’s game, Marty Lurie said he was *hopeful* about the offense. Then they got shutout again.

To put the Davis contract in perspective, I think we would all agree that at this point Buster Posey’s deal is awful. But he’s *only* making 22 million this year. And while he is owed 44 mil in 2020/2021 there is a 3 mil buyout in 2022, the same year Davis gets another 23 million….

So from that standpoint, Buster is looking like a bargain, aye?

Anyway, “Pura vida.”

I’m out for a bit….


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 7, 2019

Scoring runs, what a novel way to win a baseball game. Six felt like 16. Pillar showed how valuable he can be and all he had was one measly single. Pomeranz goes today and no time like the present for him to start enjoying pitching at Oracle Park.

Listening to some dumbass on KNBR yesterday, he was discussing “Openers” and said “Where is the self respect of these pitchers?” Lol, what are they supposed to do? Tell the manager and the front office they aren’t going to do it? Go on strike? This is where the game is going. Get used to it…..

This pic is mostly for Loo but feel free to appreciate its raw power and awesomeness even if you don’t care about horse racing. My A’s fan buddy is at Keenland this weekend. Because he is an excellent father they visited Claiborne Farm. This is a pic of his kids in front of the stall that was home to, in order, Bold Ruler, Secretariat, Easy Goer, Unbridled, and RunHappy.

Screenshot 2019-04-07 at 8.14.48 AM

April 6th: Our Reality Has Set In

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 6, 2019

I’m headed down to Costa Rica on Monday for a spell and internet will be spotty down there. So, the Giants are running out of time to *wow* me. So far, I’m not getting *wowed*. In fact, thing are unfolding exactly how we feared. My A’s fan buddy texted me last night saying “now that you’ve seen a week of Giants baseball, how many wins do you predict?” I just texted back “nothing has changed. Last place, guaranteed.” He checked in with “south of 65″….

It does suck that the pitching is competitive. Wasting a solid pitching staff on a throwaway year is frustrating. It really should be the other way around.

Of course I would have preferred the team be competitive this year, what fan wouldn’t? The people I don’t understand are the season ticket holders. Just like people who drive RV’s around the country all year, I want to look deep in their eyes and try to understand what they are doing. How do they justify supporting the team with such a huge financial commitment? Are they just happy to be at Oracle Park and then they’re good? Are they disappointed or did they legit not see this coming?

Everyone was so excited about the Bochy standing ovation yesterday and slapping each other on the backs for being such true fans. And he absolutely earned that standing O. But what happens as the season slodges down the drain? Are the season ticket holders just happy with their bobbleheads and trinkets? Are they content to just cheer for the ghosts and the legends of the past?



Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 5, 2019

It’s definitely raining today but they will get the game in with rain tapering off this afternoon. Of course, the Rays are better than we are. Austin Meadows is a star waiting to happen and I wished all off season for the Giants to trade for Kiermaier. I wonder if we will see old *friend* Christian Arroyo? He doesn’t start and Duffy is hurt again so don’t expect to see much of ex-Giants. Glasnow is a legit SP, he’s no opener or beginner or whatever that shit is called.

Hey, Pillar knows these guys well enough, maybe he can “tell us secrets that he’s learned” and Yoda us to a win today….

Underwhelming Start

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 4, 2019

We get a break today before we finally get our Opening Day! Is it still April? And who do we get for this exciting moment? Our arch rivals, Tampa Bay!!!!

And the Giants are wondering why they’re having trouble selling tickets for Friday’s game….

Seriously, I’m not sure this opener could get any more fucked up. Start on the road for 2 series and wait until the newness of the season wears off. Then trot out a lame AL team that nobody out west cares about.

Oh well, it keeps with the theme of this season I guess….

We Got Better

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I’m not under any crazy illusion that Pillar is going to put this team on his back and save the day. But he will be a hell of a lot more fun to watch than the crap we currently trot out there. And we gave up nothing, Hanson wasn’t going to play anymore. Z flipped shit for this guy and that right there gets an A grade from me.

Besides his dominant defense, this guy does have some power that should play well enough in the NL. And he’s hit 35/37/40 doubles the last 3 years. Without looking, I’m guessing that would be at or near the top of doubles production from our best hitters over the same time period. His OPS is just ok. But I’m sick of hearing about OPS. It’s two numbers mashed together like some dumbass 3rd grade art project you brought home and your parents pretended to like. Listen up: a walk is not the same as a single. Not every time as OPS tricks you into believing. Getting on base and bb’s ARE important. But not on this team. Belt takes a walk, struts his ass down to first base, head held high, shoulders de-slumpified, and what happens? He dies there.

Gimmie a guy on second base. Whether by double or stolen base. If we aren’t going to hit home runs that’s where our runners need to be. Doubles and stolen bases are a hell of a lot more exciting than walks, too, in case any of you have forgotten that…..

Kevin Pillar makes this team better, he’ll make it more enjoyable to watch. If that isn’t important to you I’m not sure what to tell ya.

Screenshot 2019-04-03 at 6.18.25 PM


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The Dodgers were -220 last night. I thought that was off, my line would have been closer to -400. Anyway, I thought that was free money. Thank God California still hasn’t yet installed legal betting on sports…..

Our pitching continues to shock and awe me. Sprinkle in one of those thingy’s that go over the fence (Belt did one, I forget what those are called) and we win a game no one thought we could win.

Every Bum start is critical. He needs to build and sustain his value. If I’m Zaidi I am on the phone every day trying to trade this guy….

Ugly Starts Right Now

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Krukow thinks “the rivalry” will get the bats going tonight. Hmmmm….quick check of the last time the Giants played the Dodgers……last September 30th….they lost 15-zip.

But hey, different year, different team?

Easily the most frustrating thing about this season (so far) is the pitching. They didn’t face much in SD but they’re still rolling out a team ERA of 2.45. I didn’t think they would be that good. That’s frustrating. And it’s all been a total waste. This has just been confirmation that Zaidi did nothing this off season—except make the offense worse.

Think about that. He took something that was already terrible. And made it worse. Joe? Reed? Parra? 37 catchers through a revolving door?

We needed bats and he brought us magic beans.

PomPom gonna be up against it tonight. If we hold them to 8 runs or less I’ll be surprised but honestly, those hitters are probably tired. That’s our only shot, they’re tired….

Whatever, I’ll say we lose 8-1. Much better than 15-0, improvement?

Final note to Dodger trolls: We know we are terrible. Don’t be so insecure that you celebrate doing what every other team in the league will be doing this year. Celebrate when you actually win something. Until you win the World Series you are losers just like us. You just lose later in the season….


First One In The Bank

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If you can put aside the fact that a single A non-prospect handcuffed us for 5 innings, it’s nice to revel a little in the first win of the season. Scores like 3-2 are how we did it in the old days. Sadly, we won’t be able to do this enough times to avoid last place (guaranteed).

The Padres offense isn’t very good. If the Giants had to face a team like LA or Seattle, who have 26 combined homeruns this season (we have 1), we’d be getting waxed by 5+runs a game.

But hey, put one on the board.

We’re facing another pitcher I’ve never heard of today. “Chris Paddack”. At least we get to see how the team fares against a right hander.


Death By Lefty

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There isn’t much to say about the start to this season. Utterly predictable. The Padres are now straight up trolling us by starting someone today named “Nick Margevicius”. He’s never started above A ball but he’s left handed and it now seems teams will just roll out any left handers they have anywhere in their system to beat us.

Only 160 more of these….

All you can eat Conner Joe:

Screenshot 2019-03-30 at 2.29.40 PM