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New York Sunday

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 24, 2016

Yesterday will be forever known as The Mac Williamson game. Along with Casilla, he deserves massive credit for killing that losing streak. I found out later that his family was in the stands. Very cool.

We still have Flap representation in New York today. San Dawg and son will be there today. Please take some final pics to bookend this trip…

Smarge vs Eovaldi today. The balls could fly far today….

Post Flapalooza, What’s Left?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 23, 2016

I didn’t think this trip through the AL world would go very well and so far it’s teetering on the edge of complete failure. If not for the great vibes created from the Flap Nation check ins, we would be enraged. But, seeing the pics of Blade, Chi, Loo, MacDog, GH, San Dawg and sons has kinda dulled the edges of our swords.

Now that the crew is breaking up and wandering back to where they came from, I am starting to get my “slow burn” back on.

This is a HUGE start for Smarge. He’s been average since his dominant start in Tampa. The deck will be stacked against us again today with what will likely be the most underwhelming of line ups. The weather will be decidedly un-AT&Tish. And it’ll still feel like an early start for our boys.

But if Smarge can come out smokin’ I’d feel ok about this game. We’ll see…..


So I wrote what I wrote about Smarge and I just read that Cueto is pitching today. Not sure when that happened.

another pic of The Gang. When I look at this pic I start hearing the beginning sound track of Reservoir Dogs in my head….


Flap State of Mind

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 22, 2016

The Flap takeover of New York seems to be in full effect. There are reports of a ferry being ridden (harbor police might use the word “commandeered”). I’m not sure if Chia Blade made it out of the Bronx safely but I’ll assume they did and there was some “motoring” involved with the exit.

It appears to be hot as fuck in New York today. I hope that doesn’t ruin the experience for the non-New Yorkers.

Bum v Tanakasan tonight. It should noted that we’ve really only been close to winning one game since the break re-start and that was the Casilla balk-implosion. So it is past time for a W. I’m calling for Flap Nation to storm the gates of Yankee Stadium and don’t stop till you get the WIN……

This game is pissing me off…..>>Anyway, the pics out of Yankee stadium are hitting my phone fast and furious. As I’ve said, it’s kind of a pain in the ass for me to post pics. But I have gone out of my way to post this one. Maybe it will give us some luck. From left to right we have San Dawg, Chi, Mr. DJ LOO, and MacDog:


New York Bound!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 21, 2016

Who could possibly have predicted a game like that? I mean, we had The Horse on the hill. Check. And Brandon Belt got an actual hit. Double check. And somehow, shockingly, a loss.

Either way, that must have been a fun game to watch in person. Win or lose, I can’t even imagine the historic lore stuffed in your face everywhere you turn at Fenway. I had no idea till this series started that the park was basically a downtown park.

But that’s it for Boston. Oh(!) and 2. Oh(!) and 5 since the break re-start. Things are starting to feel a little awkward around here. Though not as awkward as that air kiss Trump tried to manfully plant on Pence last night. What was up with that?

Here’s the pic Bum’s…..wife took of Chi and Bum. Not sure how this is going to format, doing it from my phone….



The Day You Woke Up and The Flap Had Taken Over The Country

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 20, 2016

I haven’t worried about the offense a single time this season but the raw erosion of our position players has finally started to set off wailing alarms at Flavor Industries. Belt has sunk back into one of his “can’t hit the fattest of pitches” modes. He’s 0-16 since the re-start. And I’m sorry, but when your line up ends “Parker…Gillaspe…Williamson…..Pena” and the mid-game replacements are Green and Blanco…..that is a spring training line up, at best. And I don’t know what Green was doing out there. It’s like he was on the field just for the jokes. They should have cued up the Benny Hill theme song every time he got some screen time…..

Speaking for everyone when I say we are LOVING all these east coast Flap updates. Keep ’em coming. I’m not going to post pics because a lot of them are coming in but I will at some point. Let me see if I have this straight: Chi and Blade are staying together (TWO (2!) separate beds!!!!) in Boston. They met up with GiantHead (and son) for a pre-game beer (epic synopsis of the trip on last thread, GH). San Dawg is in NY with his son wandering around a park and staying at the YMCA (please take a pic of that room). UncaChuck didn’t go because of a shady contractor and is posting (sloppily) from BART. Chi, Blade and San Dawg (and son) plan on meeting up with MacDog, Pawlie and Loo and some point during the NY series.

Do I have all that straight? Correct me in the comment section if I missed someone….


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 19, 2016

Having some trouble with my internet today, so I am just popping up a quickie. So far today, Chi has sent me a pic of him and MadBum (he ran into him somewhere) and Blade sent me a pic of him, Chi and GiantHead.

Very cool to see the Flapalooza migrate east……

Bad Luck Weekend

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 18, 2016

Another day, another loss to the Padres. Seems about right. With that mindset, I’m actually surprised Edwina didn’t notch her second career no hitter yesterday.

The bottom line is that every good team has weekends like this. And the even “bottomer” line is that we need our guys back. This Tejada/Pena/Green/Gillaspie thing has gone on long enough and no team could keep an offense/defense going with all these random dudes. And that has nothing to do with Casilla and all the problems he brings to the team.

Now we get to go play the American League game and I don’t have a lot of confidence in this trip.

I Can’t Watch Santiago Casilla Pitch Anymore

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 17, 2016

“It shows the manager didn’t have faith in me.”

“Don’t just take the ball and say nothing.”

“If you’re going to take the ball, at least talk to me. Tell me the reason…”

—all quotes from Santiago Casilla after his meltdown on the mound back in May. The “Get back here now you can go” game. And how absurd do those comments look now?

Tell you the reason? Ah yes, THE REASON. Here’s a hat. Stick your shaky-ass hand in there and pull something out. For years he got away with that *finger in the light socket* look on the mound. Seriously, I don’t know how he doesn’t get called for a balk every pitch. He’s the twitchiest motherfucker I’ve ever seen on the mound. He clasps the ball to the glove like he’s holding snakes. But he got away with it by having some pretty sick stuff and an ability to throw strikes when he absolutely needed to. Now at age 35, a light shadow has cast itself on the shine of his stuff. And that’s really all that needed to happen for everything else to fall apart for him. I don’t really follow closers on other teams but I can’t imagine there’s a more “Uh oh, here go again” look on anyone quite like Casilla.

At this point, there’s not much else that can be done to save him. He’s slipped into Armando Benitez territory. And I have to hope to God that Bochy believes this too. Romo will likely get the ball since he’s come back throwing so well. After that, it will be a trade. The Giants brass can’t screw this up. The team is right where it needs to be. This is no “bad penny” year.

Sabean and Evans are going to have to bite the bullet and pay up……

SF South

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 16, 2016

Blah game. But you know what is astounding? I guess I already knew this, but the number of Giants fans down here is just a non stop parade. They’re everywhere. I didn’t go to the game but I’ve got to think we took over that stadium again.

Ok, one more day in this paradise and then it’s back to Land of Ugly Women. I know I shouldn’t say that about NorCal but I have never, in my life, seen a hotter collection of women in one place. And they are EVERYWHERE. Wandering around in the street at night dressed like they’re going to the party of the year. And no, these aren’t hookers. This is just how it is down here……

San Diego, Mecca of Everything

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 15, 2016

Baseball FINALLY starting again and of course I am missing it. I’m flying down to Del Mar today for one of the greatest and best days, each year, in American sports history: Opening Day, Del Mar. If I was a little younger and a little better at planning trips, I would hit the Giants game, too. Alas, I am neither of those things. Honestly, I am nearly as excited to see San Dawg and his damn van than I am for Opening Day. Will tweet out many pics, follow me @1flapdown77 if you’re interested in seeing the day.


Dark Days of Summer

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 14, 2016

All work and no play makes Flavor a dull boy. All work and no play makes Flavor a dull boy. All work and no play makes Flavor a dull boy. All work and no play makes Flavor a dull boy. All work and no play makes Flavor a dull boy. All work and no play makes Flavor a dull boy. All work and no play makes Flavor a dull boy. All work and no play makes Flavor a dull boy. All work and no play makes Flavor a dull boy. All work and no play makes Flavor a dull boy. All work and no play makes Flavor a dull boy.

Huh? What? Oh, sorry, must have dozed off there for a sec. I really count on having baseball around for the Summer. It’s always there in the background. They talk about it constantly on KNBR, the only radio station I ever listen to. I spend at least 3 hours of my free time each day on building DFS line ups. And of course the near-daily actual Giants game that gets played.

So on this, the 4th day of no real baseball, I am running on fumes. Need something that’s not a HR Derby HR or a bunch of guys running around in phony, ugly looking uni’s or an ESPY…..

Dark Day

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 13, 2016

It’s days like today where you appreciate baseball being there every day in the Summer. Anyway, just popping up a new thread.

Winning for Yourself Or Your Team?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 12, 2016

Did any of you catch that post HR Derby interview with Stanton? Near the end they asked him about the Marlins and he seemed kinda caught off guard and he wheeled out a bunch of cliches about staying focused, playing hard, etc…. I thought, “that’s a guy that doesn’t understand what it takes to win it all.” He seemed much more comfortable talking about himself and his awesome power and Derby victory. If I’m a Marlins fan I wouldn’t count on this dude to lead them to a WS ring…..

And you know what? I bet a lot of pro athlete studs are like that. They are constantly focused on their individual brand and raw numbers that they can parlay into a big contract but when it’s time to come together as a team and actually WIN SOMETHING they fall short. Cam Newton is a good example. I wonder, and I’m just basing this off that single interview that I watched, if Stanton isn’t a little like Cam Newton. And I seriously doubt if he has a “Hunter Pence” speech in him….

All Star Game today? Who you got? lulz.

I am in Del Mar this Friday and I have convinced San Dawg into coming with me and driving us to Opening Day in the greatest of style in his famous van that has a hole drilled into the side of the speedometer. For those of you who’ve never been, Opening Day at DM is where all the stars and beautiful people show up dressed to the nines and ready to shine. So I’m looking forward to the heads that will turn as we arrive in the awesomeness of that van. And I will exit our chariot locking eyes with and ferociously knowing dude head nodding anyone that dares to non-verbally question our preferred mode of transpo.

Back, Back, Back……

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 11, 2016

Home Run Derby Day!

Eh, not the most exciting group of guys. But it is what it is and once I turn this thing on I usually watch till conclusion. Helps a lot to have something riding on it. So let’s take a look at the contenders:

Stanton: 3-1

Dumbo: 3.75-1

Frazier: 5-1

Duvall and Will Myers: 6.5-1

CarGo: 8-1

Cano and Seager: 9-1

This line up has 2 former winners (Cano (2011) and Frazier who is also the defending champ).

Handicapping it: Let’s start by accepting the absolute fact that mlb uses juiced balls for this event. They don’t admit to it but only an idiot could believe these dudes are hitting 475+ hr’s over and over off slow batting practice pitches. So while Petco isn’t the easiest place to hit home runs, the dimensions of the park won’t come into play with all those juiced balls being launched to the moon.

Stanton is the obvious favorite and he could get in a groove I guess. But so could any of these guys. Not only is he the favorite to win I also think he’s the favorite to injure himself mid-contest. Guys who’s hammy’s are strung tighter than a Gibson Les Paul are not guys I’d put my money on. So he’s out.

Trumbo: a worthy second favorite. He just doesn’t do anything for me so I can’t bet on him.

Frazier: defending champ probably got on his winning roll last year with the hometown backing of the crowd. He doesn’t have that this year so I’m betting against a repeat.

Adam Duvall: Who had Duvall making this contest last year before we traded him for Leake? Anyone? Bueller? I really want him to win and I have to believe he’s a batting practice hero who finally figured out how to hit the bendy shit. My guess is that the pressure of being the no-name will be his downfall. If he doesn’t get hot right away he might panic and be like, “I’m Adam Duvall, how the fuck am I here?” I might put a few bucks on him as my second choice. First sentimental choice for sure.

Wil Myers: Everyone is calling him “this year’s Frazier” and I guess it’s possible. But San Diego doesn’t strike me as the same kind of town as Cincy and while Myers could win (just like any of them) I don’t think the crowd will factor in the way it did last year with Frazier……

CarGo: Eh, if you can get the non-Sherpa factor out of your mind you could probably talk yourself into backing CarGo. I’m not there yet. Yet.

Robby Cano: If he wasn’t 33 I’d bet on this former champion. But this is a game of stamina as much as it is a game of brute power and skill. I just don’t think he’ll be able to keep going with these younger guys long enough to last to the end.

Cory Seager: this year’s Joc Pederson. Pederson was actually the favorite last year so I’m a little surprised that Seager’s the longest shot on the board this year. This guy is super talented, and I have to assume he’s in good enough shape to stay the course in this thing. And 9-1 looks very good.

I will head down to the casino later today to check the odds (the ones listed are just Bovada’s) but right now I could see myself putting $50 on Seager and maybe $10 on Duvall as a sentimental cover bet.

What would your bets be (with the same amount I am using?)





Game Time Thread and…..Kruk Sighting

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 10, 2016

So, as you know I am in Reno. No poker today, it’s my buddy’s daughter’s 16th bday so we are doing a big bbq lunch thing. Only problem was…..propane tank doinked out on us. Dave said he’d just run down the hill to fill it. I asked if he wanted me to go just to be nice. Of course he said “no.” Now I’m bummed I didn’t go. Look who he ran into at the store. They had a good laugh about the woman who had her beers/food blown up by that ball……

Kruk told Dave they howled about it in the booth for another full inning and that they couldn’t stop watching it. Said they gave her a ball and coupons for food.



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If THIS is the best team in baseball, I feel sorry for what fans of other teams have to root for. Seriously, I like our team, said the other day I wouldn’t trade it for anyone in the NL except maybe the Cubs. But when Grant Green and Booby Tejada are driving in your runs it’s time to consider that the team record might be a lil’ over inflated. Just saying.

Sunday night baseball tonight.


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Peavy pitching and he continues to surprise us all. I’m posting today’s thread from inside a poker room. All the exit signs have been taken down.

But there is no goddamn WAY I leave the Flap hangin’ on a thread…..



New Thread

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 8, 2016

Still working my way back to CA. El Dorado Poker Room keeping that from happening. Hopefully we get the good Smarge tonight. Best VMI (for hitters) tonight is the Angels. Interesting…..


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 7, 2016

That is all.

Long drive ahead.

Sucking Shit

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 6, 2016

Another benefit to being in Sun Valley in a log cabin next to a river: no cell service, limited internet and no tv. So I wasn’t able to watch that bullshit from last night or receive any angry texts. The box score looks grim. And I’m going to post this now in case I lose my internet again.

Leave Durant Alone

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 5, 2016

Truly not understanding all the vitriol across the internet about Durant signing with the Warriors. This man gave 8 years of his career to Oklahoma and on the day he decides to exercise his independence (on July 4th no less) he gets beaten down and destroyed for doing so.

Why should Durant have to stay in Oklahoma? I wouldn’t want to work there. He’s earned the right to go wherever he wants. And what’s wrong with joining the most unselfish team in the league that plays a brand of team ball that ANYONE would want to be a part of?

So what if he’s joining a good team? Are you only allowed to exercise your free agent rights if you join a bad team? The Warriors didn’t win it all last year. If Durant takes them over the top, so be it. The goal is to put together the best team and try to win it all.

What am I missing here?

Snake Bit in AZ

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 3, 2016

I’m glad I didn’t have to watch that ending. I read somewhere that the bomb Strick-ny9 gave up was his first to a RH since last August. I don’t think you guys should be so quick to bury him. He’s one of the best relievers we have…..

Ahhhhhh, did my part in cleaning out the ElDo sportsbook with only the Rockies failing me. This morning while running several winning parlays through the machine, the teller coyly smiled and said “you did all these with me!!!” I gave her a weird look having never seen this woman before. But it turns out I had seen her, she was the teller from the day before when I made the bets. Had she had a better rack I bet I would have remembered her…..

Now it’s off to Cactus Pete’s where we will stay the night before a short drive to the July 4th parade in Hailey, Idaho. If you guys want old fashioned Summer Independence day fun, that is the place to be. I’m thankful my 13 year old still gets jazzed about this kind of stuff….


Summer Time!!!!!!!!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 2, 2016

If Parker could just, you know, make contact with the ball, I would love him. Anyone with the power to send a ball THAT far oppo is a beast in waiting. But there will always be that darned contact issue with him……

I wouldn’t bet on the Giants game tonight with YOUR money. Who knows what Smarge is going to do? I’d lean towards AZ and at +128 if I was forced to bet the game.

Other dawgs I like:

Reds at +196

Colorado at +160

Pitt at +148

and for the hell of it I’m taking the Mets at +148 because these are the type of games when “Two Slices” steps up and spins a gem.

And while not quite a dawg, I think the Padres handle the Yanks tonight.

So there ya go, pin those 6 teams together for $50 and watch $2000 roll back your way…..It would actually be more than that since 5 of them are dawgs but I can’t do that math in my head…..

Another sound betting strategy would just be to bet each game individually and take the opposite of who I’m taking. You’ll like win 4 or 5 and make money on the day. Hey now.:)

We are floating down the damn river in tubes today and playing poker all night.

Whatever you all are doing today, do it well and make it so……

Bum’s Bat

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 1, 2016

With one swing from a mighty man, a series worth of frustration was washed away. What if Burns catches that ball? Eh, never mind. Let’s just revel in the glory of a win against a very average team.

Now we travel to Arizona for a match with the dude who’s first name is a girl. With the best VMI on the board this evening I expect us to smack him around.

I’m beginning my Summer foray to Sun Valley today so I will be around and will change the threads but it might be a little sporadic till I get there. With the El Dorado poker room in between here and there, it could be a while……

Keystone Giants

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 30, 2016

Maybe it’s time to peek in on Marco Scutaro and see how he’s moving around. We need infielders!

Last night’s game isn’t going to go away for a while. As James said, he’s going to remember that game 10 years from now and just like the Brenly game, I think he’s absolutely right. I’m not sure which Giant was worse. Mac Williamson literally goosed a ball over the fence for an HR for the A’s. Tejada dropped a ball that little league infielders catch. And Pagan was playing like he was asleep out there. What was that all about?

As the A’s march towards this absurd sweep, tonight we get to watch Bumgarner hit in place of a DH. That’s will be fun to watch. Until he’s no longer in the game and we have to send a reliever up there to hit. Whatever, Boch will just use a PH like he normally would. I doubt we see a pitcher hit for us tonight (besides Bum).

13 Runs in 4 Innings?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 29, 2016

Let me be clear about this: I don’t like bullpen guys. What do they have to do? Go out there for 1 inning and throw as hard as they want? Boo hoo. If Peavy has a clean first inning tonight and then gets blown up in the 2nd we’d be calling for his retirement.

So I have very little patience for guys who can’t go an inning without giving up runs.

And we are halfway to the A’s sweeping us.

That brings up a valid consideration: Maybe we aren’t as good as our record indicates. While we’ve been busy slapping each other on the backs and dropping knowing dude head nods on all those who pass, it needs to be acknowledged that we have been beating up on some pretty average/pole smoking teams this year.

But, there is no dominant team in either league unless you want crown the Cubs ass. And we all know that success in the regular season means nothing come the post season……..

WannaBee Rollie

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 28, 2016

That giant ass……

A stance on the mound so wide he could ride 2 fine steeds at once….

The meticulously oiled mustache….

And that herky jerky two pump chump wind up…….

Everything about that guy I want to go away.

And it happened again. The pitiful A’s who are 16.5 games out of first place came into our park and smacked us around.

I could easily see the A’s sweeping us.

Being a Dodger Fan Would Suck

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 27, 2016

If you’re ever hit with great angst about the Giants not scoring 4.2 runs a game or the bullpen sucking or whatever, go read the 2 posts from Dodger fans that Zumiee re-posted last night. That’ll give you some perspective on being let down as a sports fan. If that doesn’t work, go listen to “18 and Life” by Skid Row. No real reason, that song just happens to be playing in the background as I type this. Although Rickey, man, kid never had a chance, did he? lqtm…..

Count me in the camp of NOT wanting to see the A’s right now. Inter-league is lame and a time that has passed itself by. And while the A’s might be the worst team in the league they are also the type of team who can cause you problems. For additional reference, please see: the Phillies this past weekend……

So let’s not sink down to the level of Beane’s half-sunk ship. Step on the throat of these fucks and stomp the piss out of them. Don’t give them any reason to think they’re in this…….

Here are the last names of the 4 SP’s we are facing this series: Mengden, Graveman, Manaea, Overton…..

I don’t want to hear any bullshit from Krukow about the Giants “not having a book” on any of these guys. Read the scouting report. They’ll all young guys with talent who aren’t ready to be regularly productive mlb starting pitchers.

STPOOT (stomp the piss out of them)




Phuck the Phillies

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 26, 2016

Well, they lost that game.

It is unacceptable to score 2 runs for Bum in two straight starts. And they were lucky to get those 2….

Nola is actually a decent pitcher so the Giants hitters need to show up today.

Unlike the last 2 games where they were MIA.

No. More. Blanco.

Give the man a rest. He needs a rest……

Plus, it’s Sunday where run totals go to die. I’m telling you, if you want to make a lot of $$$ bet the under on every Sun across MLB. Over time and after withstanding some variance, you’ll clean up……

Another Win, Another Irritating Krukism

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 25, 2016

I missed the end of the game. What can I say? I’m a baller with a bedtime. Kudos to those of you who clawed your way to that win.

“Money in the bank” goes tonight and I can’t see how they lose this game….

My newest irritation with Mike Krukow (after pitchers who “will throw anything at any time” and his constant pre-game blather about what type of strike that day’s umpire will be calling): always calling a runner fast or declaring that he has good speed. Regardless of how fast or slow they actually are…..

What bothers you most about our beloved K/K tandem?

Phuckin’ Phillies @ The Big Phone

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 24, 2016

Another day, another W. This is what the Dubs season felt like. Wins piling on top of wins with the fans starting to become a little immune to how awesome a win is. We need to appreciate these now, there will be darker days ahead.

Tonight, the Phillies come to town and they stink. They can’t hit and their pitchers give up gobs of bombs. How will that translate into this weekend series? It’s baseball, anything can happen. I don’t think we’re as good as our record. It doesn’t make sense that we can lose some of our best players and we start winning MORE. But whatever, enjoy the ride. Peavy at home as been a pretty good ride. Peavy anywhere has been a surprising good thing.

Ranking our starters in terms of reliability you’d probably have to go Bum, Cueto, Peavy, Smarge and then Suarez who is just a cheaper version of Petit who, frankly, I’d still rather have on the team…..

The Pirates Fought The Law And YOU KNOW What Happened!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 23, 2016

I still think Derek Law looks completely out of shape. He’s like a skinny Rick Reuschel. And those teeth. Jesus, when he smiles, they’re everywhere. It’s like he’s got 83 teeth in his mouth……

But the dude can pitch. And that interview of him after the game was one of my favorite all year. He’s just a genuine, cool ass dude.

I’m gonna let the worrywarts freak out about Smarge. His problem right now is simple. His off speed stuff is flying just out of the strike zone forcing him to throw too many fastballs that all travel around 94mph and hitters are sitting on them and blasting them. He’ll be fine.

Pena. Gillespe. Osich. Law. Just pull a name off the scrap heap and Sabean will turn him into a contributing major leaguer.

It’s like we might never lose another game again…….


34 Years Later……

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 22, 2016

The last time the Giants scored 15 runs in Pittsburgh: Aug 18, 1982. They won 16-9. Jack Clark had 4 hits and 6 RBI’s. Leonard had 5 ribbies. Duane Kuiper pinch hit in the 7th inning and had 2 hits in that inning.

So where does everyone stand on Gillespe? Clearly, he doesn’t like being referred to as “Boring Ass”. And all Ramiro Pena does is spray ropes all over the yard.

Screw Arroyo, who needs him?

Uh oh…….



Arroyo > Pena

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 21, 2016

So whattya gimmie for a *Ramiro Pena*? This is the kind of shit the Giants do that I hate. Just because this cat has been in the big leagues at some point in his career they’re going to start him. Note to Giants brass: shitty utility guys do not belong starting for any length of time, ever.

Arroyo isn’t going to get called up because of the tired, played out excuse we’ve always gotten: He might not be ready and we don’t want to damage his psyche. Excuse me but fuck that. I’m tired of treating ballplayers like they’re PTSD victims. If you call him up and it turns out he’s not ready you just tell him that and send him back down. He’ll be fine. It’s not like he’s going to cry a puddle of tears and be ruined forever.

Give Arroyo a shot. You know he wants it. And he’s earned it.

Re-Focusing the Focus

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on June 20, 2016

Ok, I’ve washed that epic meltdown off and turned my focus to….baseball. That’s it. For the rest of the Summer my sports attention is on one thing: baseball. And as Summer gets under way today, that’s not a bad place to attend.

Pittsburgh reminds me of Cleveland so I do not like them one fuck. And though I’ve never been to either place I want the Giants to destroy the Pirates today…..

It’s possible I haven’t *completely* washed that epic meltdown off yet.:):):)


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Ah, Game 7. Is there anything better? Elimination. Winner take all. Sudden death. All the……(see headline).

In that way, 2012 was magical. Still hard to believe. Down 2-0 to the Reds? No problem. We’ll just reel off 3 straight in your yard. Down 3-1 to the Cards? Howsabout another 3 straight in yo face?

But today is a Game 7 that I’m treading lightly towards. I can trick myself into believing the excuses for the last 2 beatdowns. No Draymond in Game 5. Had to play in Cleveland in Game 6. But the constant in both of those games was the awakened beast that is Lebron. He’s made me question Curry’s MVP win and I thought I stood unshakably behind #30.

Whatever happens, and I have absolutely no feeling at all about what will happen, it has been an an amazing ride gifted to us by OBD. If the Giants blew a 3-1 lead in the WS it would devastate me. If the Warriors blow it? Eh, I’ll be bummed but I’ll get over it. There are some people I’ll have to swiftly unfollow on twitter, but I’ll get over it…….

Tampa Beat Down

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The Shark is back on the beam and Tampa Bay looked tepidly average, at best. I’m guessing they look better today against Suarez who I continue to have no confidence in. And could Matt Duffy get a hit, like, on the road? His splits have wandered into the absurd. He’s hitting .356 at home and .126 on the road. I think the mental aspect of his game has to get looked at. Nothing explains those splits this far into the season. If you want a silver lining, he’s got 2 bombs on the road, 1 at home……

Baseball Played in a Land Far Far Away

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American League. East coast. DH. Dumb ass dome. This one is shaping up as a major challenge.

Baseball played indoors is the worst. I do have fond memories of the Astros playing in the Astrodome but that was because they had the most bomb-ass uniforms in the history of baseball. Two flaps worth of credit at The Flap Store for the first Flapper who can name this cat without googling him.


Some might disagree but I thought baseball uniforms from the 70’s were the absolute best and all teams should be forced to still wear them. Daily fines for teams that don’t seems about right.

Ugh. But tonight, Tampa Blah. I mean Bay. Sorry. Between the static temperature, players who cast no shadow and the empty echos in the darkest part of that tin cylinder, it will be a challenge for the Giants to get up for this game. I’m predicting we come out slow and slodgy. Hope to see some rallying emotions as the game wears on…..

NL West Dominance

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Day off today. How’s a 6 game lead feel to ya? If Zumiee went to every game we’d have a billion game lead.

The NL first place teams are stretching all over the place. Nats up by 5. Cubbies up by 9.5. And the Art Dealers 6 back of us.

Things could change but I don’t think it will. Our starting pitching is too good and our hitting is fine. The only thing that will take us down this year: injuries.


I’m glad today is an off day because…..OBD.

Game 6.

Les go.

Don’t Get Hurt

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I’m surprised Belt’s clown feet don’t get hit more frequently. They make quite a target. As much as I have to grudgingly admit it, we can’t lose him for any extended period of time. We’ve kinda used up our passes on guys getting hurt, haven’t we? Name a current starter who could go down and we’d be fine with a replacement player. Can’t do it.

So let’s just hope nobody gets hurt the rest of this season and I can’t even finish typing this sentence without worrying…….

John Shimmey goes today. I like our chances……..

Game Win

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Coming off a tough, emotional series with the Dodgers, last night could have been a big let-down game. It was not. The top of the order were hitting right out of the gate and we got a fairly easy victory over an underrated team.

I can’t believe all the steam this “Braun story” is getting. There is NO WAY we get this dude. Unless the Brewers want to pay 80% of his deal and we know that isn’t happening. I don’t want him for free. He would be guaranteed to hit significantly worse over the course of an entire season at AT&T. He’s aging. And now *probably* without his precious steroids. And we’d be stuck with him through 2021! Plus if he gets popped again that a 162 ban. Not worth the risk.

Also, the guy’s a dick. All Melky did was hastily put together a fake website. Dumb? Super dumb. But he didn’t chuck some poor guy just doing his job under the bus. That was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen an athlete do.

Fuck Ryan Fraud. Forever.

Home Run Derby: Just Say No

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Great game last night. The theme for that series started and ended with the word “battle.” So close to sweeping those be-atches…

Ok, now to a topic that doesn’t seem to want to go away: Bumgarner in the home run derby. I haven’t worried much about this since I didn’t think there was a chance Bochy would ever let it happen. But there seems to be a swell of support for this gimmicky idea and I want to know what you guys think about it.

My take: I’m 100% against it. I don’t want any non-baseball related activity to ever possibly injure one of our star players. For instance, I want Hunter Pence to screw his fiance much more gently during his DL stint so he doesn’t injure his remaining hamstring. Make love, Reverend! No hard fuckin’ till after you get back on the field…..

I get it, that’s pretty cautious. But I care more about the Giants overall performance than some dumb ass exhibition. Ask Apollo Creed what he thinks about exhibitions. Oh, I’m sorry, you can’t. He’s fucking dead!

Having your pitcher win the home run derby is something a dopey city like Cleveland should celebrate. If your city doesn’t get to celebrate actual championships those are the things you spend your time getting jazzed about.

But not here. Not this area. We are about flags flying forever.

Not dumbass exhibitions where our star player could easily screw up a lat swinging as hard as he can for 45 minutes…..



Gold and Pure Gold

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These have been fun games to watch. Regardless of the outcome. Although I’m probably just saying that because of last night’s outcome.

And big props to Snarkk and San Dawg and others for comments last night that transcended the game and the sport. Whenever I find myself reading posts more than once I know they are pure gold. Those are too long to put into the POTD but I am going to flood the POTD-best of a little later today when I have more time.

Peavy tonight! Fuck yeah, why not?

Yo Yo Man

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Santiago Casilla’s a trip. Have we ever had a pitcher like him? His Giants career is like a book with 40 chapters. He’s been here 7 years which is a long time for a reliever. He’s 31-19 with a 2.27 ERA and 104 saves.

And everyone hates him.

Well, he’s 35 now and when he climbs the hill he’s just an absolute shaky fuck, right?

Bochy already got the ball rolling with the inevitable the other night when he used Casilla and 2 others for the 9th inning. After last night’s bomb given up to the underwhelming Justin Turner I expect Bochy to finally go public with something like “Casilla needs a mental break or some time off from closing” or some shit like that. Bochy’s got that speech down pat. He yanked him from the gig back in 2012 only to give it back to him in 2014. It’s amazing how long Casilla has been around and how many different times he’s been closing/setting up/etc.

But the bottom line is that we need him. Our relief core is, collectively, pretty unreliable. Let’s see him blow some guys away in the 7th and get his confidence back up. And now I finally get to see “my guy” Hunter Strickand take a stab at this job.

lulz, gonna make us put the call out for Casilla.



Also, Two Flap Up Happy Birthday to the greatest QB of all time, Joe Montana. He turns 60 today. That, uh, blows my mind……

Must See TV

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I’m not sure if you could put together a bigger sports evening if you could hand picked the events. OBD take on the Cav’s in Game 4. In light of their utter dismantling in Game 3 this now becomes an extremely interesting game.

If you somehow aren’t interested in that you can glue your attention to Giants/Dodgers and Kershaw.

It doesn’t get any better.

Giants Win, OBD Lose

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Not much to say about last night’s win. I was positively slayed by DJ Loo and his “stall shower/Tilex”exacta.

And it was *cha cha ching!* for San Diggity and *his* Cleveland Cavaliers.

Zumiee got tickets to the game? How’d HE get tickets to the game!?!?!?!!?!? He walked into AT&T like the Godfather, said “win the damn game” and the Giants made it so.

That makes Zumiee 293-0 in his career of attending Giants games……

Random thought: how many Giants games do you estimate you’ve been to in person? I’ve never had season tickets. I’ll say 200 but might alter that number as I ponder it on my drive in to work this morning……

Failing to Step Up

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unca_chuck said, on June 7, 2016 at 10:24 pm (Edit)

Another come-from-ahead loss.

We said. Could easily be the headline to today’s thread. Boston, as I expected, didn’t come into our park and blast the ball to the moon as Kruk and Kuip seemed to think they were going to do. But they were professional hitters and that was all it took.

We were minus Pence and Posey. Other guys have to step up. The roster isn’t 8 guys and a bunch of pitchers. The rest of the players are paid very well to be ready when their number is called.

I’m not optimistic about tonight. Probably a low scoring game. Maybe Babe Bumgarner wins it for us…..

BeanTown BeatDown?

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I actually think Suarez is going to do ok tonight. Boston likes to blast the ball out of the yard and that doesn’t really work at AT&T. Plus, they’re playing NL rules in an unfamiliar yard. I dunno, it just feels like he might not get blasted.

And who put this game on the schedule? Boston flies all the way out here for 2 interleague games? Then back to Minnesota? I bet they’re stoked about this trip. lulz.

It’s too bad Cleveland is doing well. I would have liked to have seen the Giants pick up Rajai Davis for 2 months.

Assuming they pick up a guy without a big contract, who are some of the names you’d like to see us look at? I’m on record as going with Carl Crawford just for the jokes on LA.

Red Sox

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Nice little day break before Boston comes to town. I find it awesomely ironic that the Red Sox have such a potent offense WITHOUT Sandoval. Like Toronto, I expect them to come into town and be a little off playing the National League game. And since it’s only a 2 game series, they’ll be gone before they can do any real damage.

Dubs. What can you say? This is in the bag……

Giants and OBD

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Busy today, just a quickie to get ya going. Carl Crawford got Df’d today. Money well spent. If we didn’t have to pay for the next year and a half of his deal, I’d let him run around in right field till Pence got back. He could be the ghost of Reggie Smith. Loved that dude in ’82.

OBD tonight at 5pm. Les go.


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