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Locked Out!

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Meh. This isn’t really moving the needle for me. It’s the off season, nothing happens now, we are literally months away from the season starting. I suspect this will all get worked out in time. And I also think Farah will have his pick of a substantial litter of 2nd tier free agents after all the dust settles. They’ll work out the economics, about the only thing we as fans will notice next year is the universal DH. And I’m fine with that, too.

Tick, Tick, Tick…..

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Lockout looming. Midnight tonight. Tons of free agents still on the board and the Giants payroll commitment currently around 100 million which is nothing for them. They won 107 games last year so you wouldn’t think there would be too many holes to fill but with Buster and Gasman leaving, coupled with the fact that 107 was a complete outlier, it is conceivable that Z will be quite active once the labor agreement comes together—whenever that will be.

Still, advantage us when it does re-start. I trust Z to finish off the roster with literally his picks of the remaining litter….

What a Joke

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Texas spent 500 million dollars on two middle infielders. I’m sorry, but that’s just dumb. It’s a lazy way to try to quick fix your franchise. If I was an owner I’d never support this approach. Build your team with hard work and cunning, not buckets of cash. That doesn’t work. Glad we have a GM who gets it.

The Team

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I honestly can’t recall a single team winning the WS and us going “yep, they won it when they signed so and so back in November.”


Reports are that Castellanos is seeking a 7 year deal. Uh, Farhan would never do that. Nor should he.



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Someone is going to give Gasman a 5 year deal? LOL. I would barely want him back on a 1 year deal. First half last season: 1.73 ERA. Second half (after teams began laying off his slider): 4.76. And there was no evidence he was adjusting to this.

He was a nice find but guys like that often flameout (see: The Dick).

Let someone else make the mistake of signing him.

Let The Other Teams Sign Stars

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Marte to the Mets. Good. I know some of you guys wanted him but honestly that deal wreaks of an overpay for a guy who sold himself at one of his heights. And all you need to know about this deal is that the Mets did it. They are like the Angels, their free agent pick ups are almost always terrible.

What I’ve learned about Zaidi is that you just sit back and watch him hit on the Gamboa’s of the world. I wouldn’t have been bummed if we had gotten Marte, something that we were likely not in on, but this is fine. Farhan is a genius. Let him do his work and then we can sit back and admire true greatness.


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Is this a Farhan special or what?

Go Make It a Day

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Happy Thanksgiving, Flap Nation. Gonna be a nice day with all the regular things you’d expect. I’m sad I don’t get to see my dad or mom but we’ll check in with them later and I know my old man is reading this.

Keep dropping recipies and/or what you’re doing today. We still have 3 World Series beauties to celebrate, don’t forget about those.

I’m Just Gonna Let Stix Handle This One….

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Carstie ClausenNov 22, 2021, 8:06 PM (9 hours ago)
to me, carstie

Flav:  So you want me to talk recipes.  Okay, but first to the team.  One quality which has stood out in recent years, even before Zaidi assumed the reins, has been the organization’s loyalty to the men on the field. By signing Anthony DeSclafani to a three year contract, the Giants not only firmed up the top end of the rotation, but also (as per Farhan) let the baseball world know that rebooting the rotation is a primary goal of the front-office.  The interest in Cobb is interesting, but we’ll see.  A  re-upping of Wood now looks likely.  Still feeling that in lieu of the qualifying offer (which they also did not offer to our returning happy camper) the boys in charge of team composition will also have a long sit-down with Gausman and his agent—talking a contract likely no shorter than that offered today’s returnee.  Should those scenarios come to pass, then a major outside signing like Strohman may not be essential.  If Cobb is inked and with the arrival of Hjelle, the team would have six pitchers who have starter chops.

  Webb is the primo.  Gausman is a very capable #2. Scaffolding in the 3rd spot will ensure some elevation in the top of the rotation.  Wood would be a quality fourth starter. A Cobb/Hjelle mix n’ match for 5 and 6 would proivide needed depth in both the rotation and as longman.  Neither of that pairing would likely be an ego-case, so psychologically they should be able to deal with such a competition and cooperation. You wanna winner, a solid and deep rotation is your starting point.

 Though we all quake at the thought of losing Buster, let’s celebrate for his being honored as NL Comeback Player of the Year.  And man, did he earn it.  Both the pre-game and post-game hours spent in the trainer’s room attested to the likelihood that he was playing in pain.  And then he goes out and has him one helluva season, harkening back to those even years when SF went 3 for 5 as World Champs.  In my book Posey looks to be a virtual shoo-in for the H.O.F.

 Speaking of the Hall, the just released listing includes no fewer than eight candidates for that honor who either were longtime Giants or essentially ended their careers sporting the orange and black. Timmy Terrific is up for his first go-round.  Though his career in SF was basically a last-look, super shortstop Omar Vizquel is also on that listing.  The big one wore #25 and holds some amazing records.  It’s about time that some of those sports writers get over their steroids snits and give the man his due.  There may also be a slight whiff of racism connected to the issue.

  Primarily, the owners needed to get the game back into the limelight after the player strike and lockdown which likely cost Matt Williams the opportunity to slam 50+ homers in that circumcised season.  So they smugly looked the other way when McGwire and So-so had their big fling.  BB25, already a likely HOF candidate, based on his achievements up to that point and projecting into a long career which would elevate his lifetime numbers well into the stratosphere; probably thought to himself that if those two meatheads could bust the Maris and Ruth records, then possessing as he did the best eye-hand coordination of anyone in the history of the game—with the conceivable exception of Ted Williams—he could become the most prolific slugger in baseball history.  So why should those privileged inkslingers keep sucking on sour grapes and finally give his due to Willie Mays’ own godson, Barry Bonds.

 Okay, so I’ll get off baseball and project something more edible, something folks mostly around the mountain South called “Johnny Cakes” (an Americanization of the Shawnee tribe’s fixins which earlier on were called “Shawnee Cakes”.  We’re also talking something closely akin to fritters—some real downhome cookin—even though my own background is the lutefisk and lefse crowd.  In a mixing bowl I toss in some combination of these primaries:  Oat bran, wheat bran, Indian Head cornmeal, masa harina, whole wheat flour, oat flour, barley flour and rye flour.  Usually five from that selection at a time.  Gotta have some Rumford’s or other non alum-based baking powder.  Probably a dash of milk or even half n’ half along with an egg and just enough water to make for a nice stiff batter.

 Now the fun part.  A couple of cousins sharing either half or a quarter Korean ancestry remarked that their heritage too adds other elements to the basic batter.  To date I have employed chunked or chopped tomatoes, either green or ripe, pickled jalapeños, chopped and measured according to personal preference, halved Spanish-style pimento stuffed olives, chopped apple, diced dates and/or figs, crushed walnuts and /or peanuts, pine nuts ,diced dried apricots or mangos, raisins  or craisins,and, of course, chunks of cheese.  Got my hands on some kimchi, so that’s been added in from time to time as well.  In other words there’s virtually a pizza=menu of add -ins.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention canned salmon.

 During the summer months and through the falling (but not here in the Northwoods—fallen) Fall– the morning combo got dropped into pre-heated peanut oil in a trusty cast-iron skillet atop the wood stove in the mostly gutted but due for replacement starting next spring 106 year old kitchen.  Anyone who has cooked for a year or two and has been around a bit can tell you that the best results when it comes to frying most anything occurs in the cozy confines of a cast-iron skillet—or one of those old-fashioned griddles if you are fortunate enough to possess a stove which can handle such an implement of construction of tasty vittles.

 Cue the table.  No salt need be added to whatever blend you happen to choose, so long as you can come up with some of that thick, dark soy sauce which I happen to prefer as a light dip.  Light because you do not want to overwhelm the cornucopia of flavors.  During those warmer months, three or four breakfasts per week evolved from the top of that wood cookstove.  Now, living in a small-town apartment, there’s this convenient, but not quite so sexy electric range.  So these days it’s down to twice a week doing all that time-consuming prep of that never gets old repast shared with a stout cup of heavy-duty coffee and either a Will Shortz approved NYT crossword puzzle or one from my massive collection of old “Life” magazines.

 Now that the iMac is once again a daily adventure, I’ll often catch some mellow Bluuz over u-tube.  Later on in the day, truly classic 1965-75 rock n’ roll or maybe some easy to digest classical or perhaps even (mood suggesting) some old time Country from the likes of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson or Merle Haggard, who’s classic about Muskogee. Oklahoma versus San Francisco was penned on a tour bus driving through while he and the rest of his fellow music makers were stoned outta their gourds.

 Ya know, if you happen to be up for it and keep your days busy and interesting, retirement and the aging process can actually be mostly pleasant, an adventure in this rat-race culture where you can own your own time and live according to the feelings of your inner being rather than being caught up in that rat-race world of alarm clocks, deadlines and traffic jams—not to mention the ignominy of being required to get throttled by a necktie.

Be Thankful

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Fun week coming up after a couple of days of work–family, friends, food, football, folf and feers. Er, uh, golf and beers. Either way, can’t wait. People like to crap on the T-giving games but you fire up 20 teams at draftkings and those are 3 goddamn super bowls right there.

Also, an under the radar move: I’m staying home this week.

Always loved the recipe shares that Twinfan and Stix inspired over the holidays. Sadly there might be a greater chance that Twin shares his this Thursday. Stix is truly flummoxed by the login process here at Casa de Flapa. Whatever. I hope he writes me the longest of emails, I will share it if he does….


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Now that we have been put out of our misery with the end of The Big Game I get to look forward to….Niners v Jaguars? Yikes. It truly is a sports dead zone. Without daily fantasy I’d have not interest in this stuff whatsoever.

I’ll probably miss the game cause I’ll be at church. lqtm, who goes to church? Seems like an awfully boring ritual….

Big Game Day!

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Eh, to be honest this game has felt *bigger* in the past. Stanford regularly treats Cal like the doormat they are having won the last 10 of 11 Big Games. This year might be different because Stanford sucks. Cal is a complete mess dealing with Covid outbreaks. The Cardinal should be getting back Tanner McKee at QB and that’s really their only chance to win this game.

Personally I’m looking more forward to the Niner/Jax game which shows you how much excitement I have for today’s Big Game. I’m going to a tailgate but I’m not going inside the stadium.

Captain, Oh Captain….

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Has there ever been a guy who’s fortune changed quicker in a year than this guy?

Eh, probably.

But what he did last year was remarkable. Love having him back on shortest deal possible but I fear they’re going to tear this up and give him 2-3 years. Whatever, I should be able to find other more important things to irritate myself with.

Manager Of The Year

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Shocking Niner Win

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If I’ve learned one thing over the years it’s when not to bet. If something looks like a sure thing, ESPECIALLY if the public supports it, either go the other way or don’t bet. Everyone was hammering the Rams last night and if you had asked me for a line from Big Flavor Inc. I would have started at 10.5. I didn’t have the sack required the bet SF but I had no problem sitting that one out last night and just enjoying the game.

One thing that’s been proven as fact so far this season is that there is no dominant team in the NFL and the only team that isn’t competitive is Houston.

The Niners looked like a completely different team than the one that took an embarrassing drubbing at the hands of the underwhelming Colt McCoy.

And that gents is why I love sports. You just never know what’s going to happen.

Niner Last Stand?

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Rams are only 3.5 favorites? If I wore a younger man’s clothes I would hammer that. But I’ve learned over the years that usually nothing is as it seems when it comes to betting on NFL. Especially when the public is hitting it hard. So i will just sit back and watch this one and hope that the Niners can somehow get off life support. It’s hard to root for SF though especially when I am so disappointed in them—from the top to the bottom.

Weekend Time

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Just a weekend thread to keep the line moving. Such a letdown from last Saturday.

Alabama 52 point favorite in their game today. FIFTY TWO. Can’t even look forward to the Niners playing since they don’t get executed till Monday. At least the Warriors are surprising but this feels more like a run against the schedule than it does an actual run. Whatever, chop it up.

Hitting On Your Picks

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The Bailey pick after they drafted Bart is irritating….unless one of them pops. If neither does, yeah, that sucks. Drafts are hard in every sport. The Niners have been absolutely terrible at it. Of course the Raiders just waived BOTH of their first round picks from last year. The Rams have caught crap for trading all their picks but look where they are now? Stafford, as I said he would be when he was freed from Detroit, has been a fantastic pick up. And they are Super Bowl contenders. If they win, who cares if they have any picks or not? A trophy buys a lot of rope from a fan base.

The Awards Loser Fan Bases Care About

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The “look at me” awards are coming out next week. AL seems to have a distinct advantage in terms of power in the MVP race vs NLs. Guerrero, Ohtani, Semian vs Harper, Soto and Tatis? AL wins that one. It’s too bad Crawford didn’t make the top 3 but things like 107 wins, gold glove, clutch hitting, etc… don’t seem to matter to the voters.

Hey my buddy The Mudman, recently referenced in the Buster “First ballot” bet with Bird Dog has come down with covid. This is only relevant to point out because this is a fully vaxxed guy, overweight, who only has mild symptoms. He has a trip to Hawaii planned next week and he said “Hawaii can wait.” I said “Dawg fuck Hawaii. HEAVEN can wait.” Anyone who thinks your “natural immune system” is as good as the vax at fighting this is a lunatic. I’ve been putting off getting my booster shot but not anymore.

It’s Not Even Winter Yet And Sports Are Dead

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Post Breeders Cup doldrums hitting me hard this morning, gents. Couple that with no more baseball, the Niners are impossible to watch….what else in the wide world of sports is going on? The Warriors? Eh, I can really only tolerate pieces of NBA games these days. Thank God for fantasy sports, there will always be that.

Buster Posey! I’ve heard many people honoring his retirement speech to the media. Pasalon even disclosed that he shed at least one tear. Buster retiring spawned a serious debate between my friends Bird Dog and The Mudman. BD declared confidently that Buster is a first ballot HOFer. Mudman screamed “Nay!” And a bet was born. I don’t think Buster’s got a snow ball’s chance in hell of getting in first ballot but I could see him making it after that. Thoughts? Although BD did secure 20-1 odds on his bet, it feels like The Mudman has Bird Dog over a barrel on this one, aye?

Vacation Thread

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Still at the beach but wanted to give you guys a new thread. My only quibble with this trip is the weather. I’ve been to San Diego a dozen times+ and it’s always been gorgeous. It is cold and foggy. I didn’t pack for this. San Dawg I’d like to speak with the manager.



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Posey is retiring, something I suggested could happen earlier this year. So mentally I was prepared for this. I have mixed feelings about it. But I’m headed to Del Mar today and it’s no time for mixed feelings. We can chop this up all winter. For now let me leave you with probably the coolest thing you’ll see today. Dude does this for 10K in tuition money…..

Cheaters Lose

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The Braves avenged our 5-0 Game 6 meltdown by closing the deal on their own 5-0 Game 6 lead. Good for them. From the time Ozuna and Acuna went down this team and the front office never gave up and ended up winning the ultimate prize. I am not really happy for their fans who are basically just Chop Zombies but I definitely know how they feel this morning—as a fan, this is the best it gets. I’m envious.

Remembering Another Game 6

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I’m surprised to hear about so many of you guys not watching this World Series. It’s actually been quite entertaining. It kinda feels like Atlanta has to do this tonight, right? In 2002 the Giants had a chance to take down the Angels in Game 6. I’ll never forget that night. I was watching the game alone in my condo at Redwood Shores. Too nervous to watch it with anyone. 7th inning stretch came and I was a raging rocket ship ball of energy. For some reason I decided to take a quick shower, no idea why I did that. Halfway through my 2 minute shower (that’s 1 minute in for you math geeks) I started weeping. I couldn’t believe this was about to finally happen. I got out, toweled off and settled back in for what would turn into one of my greatest real life nightmares. Game 7, we never had a chance. Those rally monkey fucks won it all in Game 6.

I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to the Braves tonight…..

Unfortunately Back To Houston

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Snitker owns that one. I get that they’re short on pitchers but it was clear Davidson didn’t have it, couldn’t find the strike zone and had no business in a game like this anyway. When you’re handed a 4 run first inning lead you have to do everything you can to hold on to it. He just kept rolling with this dude till it was too late. I don’t think Dusty managed his pitchers much better. Letting Valdez hit for himself with a man on 3rd down 2 runs was essentially giving up the inning. But Dusty’s never been too good with managing pitchers, has he?

Ah if only Bass Baldy hadn’t disappeared we might be able to get to the bottom of this mystery. Zumiee is right, me and that dude didn’t like each other. But most of my venom was directed at him because I thought he was being an idiot about Duvall and not taking into consideration park factors. Well, good ol’ Bass Baldy got the best of Big Flavor on this one. And I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong about something. If more people admitted they were wrong about things this world would get along better….

Chop Chop Chop—oween!

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Juuuuuuust about there. One more win till the cheaters are bounced. For some reason it doesn’t feel like tonight’s the night but hopefully it will be. Atlanta deserves this. They deserve it for their perseverance throughout the year and they deserve it because they did what we failed to do: send the dreaded Dodgers to an early Winter slumber.

Chop Chop!

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Interesting that Lynch didn’t get a single vote—the man responsible for overseeing multiple terrible drafts gets a pass? Ok then….

Gotta hand it to Anderson last night, he had the elements in his favor but he still needed to perform. Did Rosario get any shit for not diving for that ball to keep the no hitter in tact? I had the game on mute so I couldn’t tell.

Sounds like our old friend Drew Smyly is going to get the ball at some point in tonight’s game. How great would it be to see him put these suckers in a 3-1 hole? Dusty, who I love, looks terrible in those black gloves, btw. Looks like he’s about to clean a kitchen sink or some shit. I know, I know, Covid, but that’s not how Covid is spread. He looks like a dope wearing those things.

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Weather in Atlanta tonight looks shaky. Definitely favors pitching if they even get the game in. Cold. Rainy. It’s beautiful in the Bay tonight, too bad the game isn’t getting played here. 🙂

Question for Niner fans: I knew Jimmy wasn’t the guy as soon as he overthrew Sanders in the SB. Now that it’s clear everyone knows this what would you like to see happen if you could only make 1 move:

Shaky Pitching

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Braves are now really in some hot water. Their pitching staff was a little suspect before Morton went down. Now they turn their weary eyes to…..Ian Anderson? Yikes. He’s not even as good as Fried who got hammered yesterday. At least they get to go home but if they’re going to pull this off they’re going to need all the bat firing on all cylinders. The good news is that Houston’s pitching is far from imposing.

Two teams that got here by blasting the ball all over the yard. Whoever blasts the loudest longest wins I guess….

Atlanta 1-0

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Feel terrible for the Braves losing Morton like that. They were already pretty thin on SP’s, not sure what their plan is now. Has a team ever been up 1-0 and felt worse than Atlanta does today?

Fried can be good at times, maybe they start 2-0 and just cobble the last couple of games together?

And Then There Were Two

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PaulinAsia Banh Bao said, on October 25, 2021 at 6:10 pm(Edit)

So, some here like Houston to win just because of Dusty, others like the Braves to win mostly because of the cheating. How about baseball related? Which team do you like to watch as a good fun baseball team full of good fun players?

….great question.

Freddie Freeman is impossible not to love especially after you see the the story about his mom passing. I’m not going to dig up the link but find it and watch, it’s very moving. He also rakes.

It seemed like every time I played Ozzie Albies or Austin Riley in DFS they’d hit a bomb. So they’re always welcome on Team Flavor. And Adam Duvall, what can you say? We gave up on him too early. Unless you are President of the Mike Leake fan club. Somewhere BassBaldy is sipping a cold one and nodding confidently, ‘Fuck you Big Flavor, I told you so…”

Atlanta also has TFLR Will Smith who it seems pitched for us decades ago…..

I hate all the Astros including that runt Altuve and those defiant bastards Correa and Bregman. I do have a premonition that Maldonado is going to hit some important bombs in this series. He’s such a terrible hitter but he could turn out to be an important piece for them right now when it matters the most.

Go Braves

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My gut says Houston wins but my heart wants Atlanta. I still don’t get anyone outside of Houston rooting for these cheaters. Dusty, yeah, whatever. Besides most of the cheaters still being there ask yourself this: was there ever any genuine apologies? All I remember was Altuve continue to lie with absurd excuses and Correa and Bregman being definant. So not only is it the same group of liars but they are defiant in their lying in the face of obvious evidence against them. Sounds a bit like #45 to me if you get my drift.

LA Banished To An Icy Winter Slumber

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The Giants rally cry this year became “Resilient SF” and that was accurate, our team never gave up and had some amazing comebacks throughout the year. But what the Braves have done this year really is the definition of resiliency when you consider the stars they lost AND how hard they brought it to LA when the money was on the line.

They are an easy team to root for in the World Series. Look, I like Dusty and all but there’s no way I will EVER root for the Cheatin’ Astros. Plus the Braves did what we couldn’t. And LA getting bounced out of the post season is nearly as good as winning the whole thing. Relax, I said “nearly”.

Chop it up! Let’s go!

LA Delaying the Inevitable

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Good. Glad they won. This way their vacations are delayed, they have to fly all the way across the country just to have Braves fans do that stupid chop celebration in front of them. This is working out to a tee.

LA Is Getting Destroyed LOL

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After we struggled so mightily to score against LA (5 runs in 5 games) it’s really astounding and almost refreshing to watch a team pummel them like this. I think it’s clear now that our 107 wins, while legit, were a little over inflated due to inferior competition, specifically in the NL West. Winder noted that in yesterday’s thread and he was right. That isn’t devaluing what the Giants did this year, it was incredible and I’ll never forget this season. But watching the Braves mash the ball all over the yard you have to just sit back and appreciate it, almost with a touch of envy…..

Good and Bad

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Ah, the highs and lows of sports. Sadly, the Dodgers came back and won last night. Once again hitting led the way to victory. Funny how often that happens, eh? But the Warriors took down the Lakers! Woo Hoo! I still don’t know how they did that.

Watching Teams Step Up While Ours Lay Down

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Well, the Giants are eliminated and there are Boston fans out there celebrating their part time #9 hitter (Arroyo) as a legend. Seriously, is there a dumber home run celebration in history than the laundry cart through the dugout thing? That got played out after one time. And those dopes do it every single time. That’s enough to have me rooting firmly against the Red Sox.

Still, to their credit they should be noticed for their prodigious power this post season. This time of year you need the sticks on fire and they’ve certainly done that. Their TEAM OPS is .941. Ours was .513.

Our season wasn’t determined by some blind wayward ump. We choked at the plate. There’s no other way to say it.

Another Glorious Walk Off

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The Braves have quietly put together an incredible season when you consider they lost BOTH Acuna and Ozuna and also one of their better SP’s Soroka. Not to mention the emotional loss of former Willie Mac award winner Stephen Vogt. Can’t put a price tag on that loss.

Anyway they are up 2-0 on lame ass LA so that makes me happy.

Buck The Dodgers

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In keeping with my staring out the window and waiting for nothing pledge, here’s some non-sports related content for your viewing pleasure. I saw this big boy on my way home yesterday, sorry for the poor vid quality.

Today is the 32 year anniversary of the earthquake world series game. Where were you? I was in my first year at Lewis and Clark and I remember feeling guilty that I wasn’t home. California’s earthquake secret: we don’t have big ones near as often as people think. The last decent one I remember feeling was in high school at Paly. I was in the library and the lights were swinging back and forth. That was ’86. Since then I have felt maybe 3-4 and they were all small. We get lots of tiny ones but very few big ones.

Staring Out The Window Waiting For Nothing

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Taking a break from sports till the Breeders Cup. Read Kat’s idea to keep Bryant. Started agreeing with the reasoning but don’t feel like talking about the Giants. Here’s some baseball for ya tho if you really need a fix. Not sure if it will post properly it’s from the dreaded Facebook.


That Was Not A Swing

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Look, I think we all knew where that at bat was going. Flores looked pretty lost, he was 0-17 vs Scherzer in his career, but come on, the game CAN’T end on that call. The SEASON can’t end on that call. That wasn’t even close to a swing. If the home plate ump who is right there doesn’t call it a swing then the only way the guy who is 100 feet away can call it a swing is if he’s CERTAIN it was one. And that wasn’t even goddamn close….

But hey, umpires are idiots. They’re going to make mistakes. The Giants scored 5 runs in 5 games. That’s the reason they lost not because of some incompetent look-at-me rogue fuck who had a plane to catch…..

For those who are incomprehensibly saying this *evened things out* after the Ruf at bat in August: Baggs said it best…..

I went to bed sick to my stomach but woke up feeling much better. That was an incredible series punctuated by one of the best baseball games we’ve ever had the pleasure to watch. After the last 2 years I am thankful for the chance to watch it all unfold. Credit to the Dodgers who just ended up slightly better with the right hit at the right time. We may be knocked out but we have a team to root for. Let’s go Braves!

Eliminate LA

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I still haven’t thought about the World Series for one second. To me, this is bigger. This is like the Galaxy Series. I genuinely won’t sweat anything that happens the rest of this post season as long as we get this game tonight.

And if we lose? Hey, that’s ok too. We let it ride trying to pull down the ultimate prize. I’m thankful we got the opportunity to do so.

We faced 6 elimination games on our way to winning the NL pennant in 2012. The Giants can do anything with the magic of that uniform strapped on. It glows off them towards all of us. There is nothing more magical as a sports fan, to me, than being a Giants fan.

We got this.

They Got No Wood

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on October 13, 2021

The cause of our problems has reared it’s ugly head. We have a team OPS of .524. Our gents have niggled out 6 measly walks in 4 games. LA has 15. Yaz, Wade, Ruf and Flores are a combined 1 for 36. Solano, Dick and Duggar can’t even boast better than that, they have zero hits between them. We are back to the “We Score We Win” days without The Reverend to guide us home.

And yet, somehow, we are tied at two games with a chance to knock this terrible group all the way into a deep Winter slumber.

Think about it, we have hit like absolute crap and they still have their backs against the wall.

Just find a way to get this done.


Flap stats climbing above 1000+. We want this.

One More To Go

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Now THAT was a throwback game. Timely defense, excellent pitching and one had-to-have-it hit—and some luck, too. When Turner hit that ball that was foul by an inch I thought “maybe the ball is bouncing our way tonight.” And sure enough, for the rest of the night it did. When you look back on a game it’s amazing how the signs of a win or a loss are sprinkled throughout the game in subtle moments. Think about it….

Still, this is no time to celebrate, gents. Nothing’s happened yet.

But I can see the sun rising and it might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Imagine if we pull this off…..

Tough Assignment

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This feels like an upcoming….loss. We don’t hit Scherzer well (besides Craw and Stelly) and everyone of their guys hits Wood well. Whatever, that’s why they play the game though, right?


I’d like to hope that Wood might rise up to the challenge and Max might finally start to be slowed a bit by his 37th year on this planet but that might just be wishful thinking.

Happy Birthday DAD!

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Well, the dream may have been to beat them 3-0 and move on to the NLCS but that wasn’t too realistic. Some questionable moves by Kap last night starting with bringing in Leone for Gausman who was still pitching effectively. I could see it MAYBE if he replaced him with a lock down reliever with post season experience but Leone is just a rando guy pitching in his first playoff game. Whatever, LA seemed pretty locked in last night so maybe they would have done the same thing to Gasman but letting the game get away there was inexcusable.

I’d like to see The Grave Duggar in there tomorrow.

Nine years ago yesterday I got this text from Kokonuts

Good Start On The Road To Delirious Nirvana

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Now do you guys see why I wanted LA so badly? How sweet was that?

There is obviously a long road to hoe. No guarantees, though winning Game 1 is enormous in a five game series. All I know is that I had some extra pizzazz in my *fuck yeah!* fist pumps last night.

I still don’t know where Log Dog came from or why we deserve this. Since the Bumgarner draft the Giants have had a putrid record of drafting pitchers. Tim Alderson, Kyle Crick, Tyler Beede, Phil Bickford, God those are just the first round busts. There were so many more….But we got Log Dog in the 4th round of 2014. And he was largely underwhelming and easy to ignore. Except for this April when he was awful and I cursed his name. And then BAM! May 11th came and he struck out 10 Rangers and he really hasn’t looked back since.

LA fans didn’t know who Webb or Doval were before last night.

But they goddamn well know who they are now….

It Gets No Better Than This

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I was thinking this morning about how excited Twinfan would be for this series. He’d fire off a furious number of posts to deal with the anxiety. If you can’t get up for this I have bad news for you: I have nothing to offer you in the future as a baseball fan that will top the lead up to tonight’s game. Once the first pitch is thrown this could go any number of ways. Some good, some bad, some VERY bad and some so gloriously nirvanic I might start to weep if I even begin to consider them….

Since SF has never faced LA in the post season I am prepared for this to be the only time this happens in my lifetime. For that reason alone this series is more important to me than any World Series win ever could be. Look, we’ve won World Series trophies and it was fantastic. Now how bout we do something we’ve never done before and send these bitches into a Winter-long slumber they’ll never truly be able to completely wake up from. I know for certain that if that happens I’ll never forget the 2021 season regardless of what happens after……



“Bigger That The World Series”

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Oh baby here we go! I don’t know much but I know this has the potential to be the greatest sporting moment of our lifetime. Texts from my buddies seemed to appreciate the weight and gravity of what is upon us:

Is this also possibly setting up as one of the greatest sporting letdowns of our lifetime?


But the gambler in me say LET’S GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No matter what happens I am all in on this series. Five Niner Super Bowls. Three recent Dubs championships. And our Three Beauties from 2010, 2012, and 2014—all pale in comparison to the pending excitement I have about this upcoming series with LA….

Who Will We Play?

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Normally, I’d say a team with 106 wins is very likely to win their play-in game. But don’t understimate the emotional drag this epic lost division will have on Roberts and his band of baby blue idiots. They also don’t have Muncy. And Adam Wainwright, goddamn, at 40 years old is doing things we used to see old pitchers in the steroid era do. The Cardinals are the hottest team in baseball and they have an excellent chance of knocking off the Dodgers tonight despite the rather lopsided career at bats vs each pitcher.