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Gearing Up For Last Place

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 19, 2019

We were out of coffee creamer this morning and that’s a non-starter in mi casa so I drove down to Safeway at 5am. They had the pre-morning show guy on KNBR. He was running a long audio clip of Zaidi who was talking about the outfield situation. The Z man listed off 2 minor leaguers I’d never heard of as examples of “guys with strong minor league track records.” He went on to say “It’s no secret, we are trying to add thump to our line up. Guys with strong minor league track records are going to get a chance to do that.”

I’m not sure if there is a lamer way to kick off a Tuesday morning. First with the no coffee creamer fiasco, and then the Z man bumming me all the way out. That quote, by the way, puts a huge hole in the theory that he’s trying to build a “Cardinals team from the 80’s.” Here’s what sucks about Zaidi: He’s got no problem with a *throw away year*. Working for the A’s, they did that shit all the time. I’m not under any illusion that this team was going to be good this year. But to not even try to plug holes, even on the cheap, is infuriating. Signing an “Adam Jones” or a “Marwin Gonzalez” or shit even a “Matt Davidson”—doing that would have blocked absolutely nobody. But at least it would have given us a chance to finish better than last place.

Call me crazy but I think you should try to win every year. Not the way we’ve been doing it, not at the expense of saddling the team with huge future commitments (Longo) or refusing to give young players a legit chance (Duvall, Oaf, etc…). Just try to run a competitive team out there.

I have absolutely zero fucking interest in watching a bunch of *AAAA players with strong minor league records* fiddle-de-do through the season…..



Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 18, 2019

Ok, let’s talk college hoops for a second. Just the #1’s. Gonzaga, Duke, North Carolina, Virginia. I’m gonna say Gonzaga and Virginia are the 2 vulnerable #1’s—caveat is that I haven’t begun even a moment of March Madness research yet and I haven’t watched a single college game this year from start to finish.

Ok go, how close did I get?

Madness Approaches

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 17, 2019

The good news: The Giants won, scored 10 runs and had 17 hits.

The bad news: none of those balls went over the wall.

It’s fun when you have a game with hits falling into gaps and good luck on your side. But when the luck runs out you need to be able to compete with the big boys. Three run bombs make their own luck, dig?

I nominate AWOT as the best nickname of the year, maybe ever. Good one, Loo.

March Madness time!

I have paid very little interest to college bball this year, mostly because the Cardinal have too many things stacked against them to ever compete again at the highest level of D1 hoops. Looking forward to filling out my brackets, though. I see that Yahoo has ditched that absurd perfect bracket thing and will be giving away 1 mil for the *best bracket*. Much easier. lqtm.

My #1 go-to play in years like this when I don’t pay attention is to check all the home/road splits of those who make it. There’s nothing like a home court advantage in college hoops and a lot of teams come in with inflated records only to lay huge eggs when they get away from their precious familiar surroundings……

3 Batter Min

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 15, 2019

Where’s everyone stand on this? I’ve gone back and forth. I see a lot more games being lost in the 7th and 8th inning. Guys are going to be lit up when they otherwise would get yanked. So maybe this leads to less extra inning games. It also probably means the end of the LOOGY. I don’t have a problem with less relievers per game. That’s appealing. I do have a problem with leaving a guy in there who obviously doesn’t have it that day to just lose the game for his team.

More Josh Hader/Andrew Miller types make the game better, not worse. So if that’s the outcome from all of this I guess I can get on board with this gimmicky rule change…..

Revising Reality

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 14, 2019

I tried to be positive with my 160 bomb prediction yesterday but reality quickly set in. Who are we kidding? The only 160 we are going to see is the number of days Oaf, Longo and Belt spend on the DL this year.

Here are our bomb totals for the last 3 years:

2018: 133 (Yanks hit 267)

2017: 128 (Yanks hit 241)

2016: 130 (Baltimore hit 253)

2015: 136 (Toronto hit 232)

So going into this season with arguably our worst offense in years, I think 130 is a pipe dream, at least as the team is currently constructed.

Or maybe I nudge Bum’s total up to 60, two per game, and that gets us to the coveted #160


Searching For Bombs

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 13, 2019

Last year, the Giants hit 133 home runs. NL league average was 179. Let’s see if we can somehow get them up to 160 this season. My predictions (based on nobody getting hurt or missing any games):

Mac 25, Longo 20, Belt 20. Those are our 3 crown jewels. Bank them for 65.

Buster: 10. Obviously I’m leaning lower than that but this thread is supposed to be positive so he gets to double digits somehow….

Crawford 10. Panik 5.

Dugger and Parra 10 total.

That gets us to 100.

Bench: …..uh….30

Bum…..he gonna have to chip in 30, too. One per start.

This will probably be my most positive thread of the pre-season so go easy with your critique…



The Outfield

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 12, 2019

So let’s just say we’re rolling out The Oaf, Duggs, and Parra. In theory you have some nice mix of power,  gold glove D and a solid, across-the-board skills guy in RF. I’d still rather have Jones out there because he’d be more consistent at the plate than Oaf and he’s got about a billion percent chance of injuring himself less. Same goes with Duggs, btw. He’s an under the radar injury waiting to happen. I’m not sold on Parra playing every day. To me, especially at this point in his career, he’s better off as a platoon guy. Play him every day and we are going to be watching a “rich man’s White Shark” out there…..

But the option instead of Oaf/Duggs/Parra are not even reasonable.

I know this is a throw-away season but that doesn’t mean they can’t at least try to be competitive to start the year. It’s not like Jones would have been blocking anyone. Not only are we finishing in last place in 2019 but we are going to go about it in the most boring way possible…

I pity the season ticket holders that have to go sleep through this shit….

Moving Away From Actual Major League Players

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 11, 2019

Pretty irritating take from about why the Giants didn’t sign Adam Jones:

“The Giants were a logical suitor for Jones given their unsettled outfield, and San Francisco ended up landing a number of veteran outfielders (Gerardo ParraCameron MaybinCraig Gentry) to minor league contracts, rather than give Jones a guaranteed Major League deal.  Given the timing, it seems like the Giants decided to move on from Jones rather than wait to see if his price dropped.”

He signed for 3 million. For a year. To be clear, I don’t really care about not getting Jones. He’s ok. He would have been a poor man’s McCutchen. But this outfield situation is just a joke. How can a team with a monster payroll go into a season with this shit? We’d be better off with Barry in his recliner and 2 other guys wheelin’ it big in the outer outfield…

Lol, that was a great commercial.

Boring Players

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 10, 2019

Today, the Giants are going up against this phenom for the A’s, Jesus Luzardo. Some amazing left hander who throws the shit out of the ball. I realized what’s been bothering me about this Spring Training. We have no phenoms. Nothing even remotely hopeful is happening or might be happening. We’re *hoping* that Longo has a bounce back year? We’re excited that Beede is throwing hard? God, this is all so boring.

Where is our Jesus Luzardo?


Accepting Our Fate

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 8, 2019

Here were Daniel’s questions and my responses. Cynical, yes. Accurate reflection of my mood for this season? Spot on.

1) What are your thoughts on the offseason?  What was good, what was bad, what else should they have done?
The off season unfolded rather predictably. Zaidi, hamstrung with absurd deals and immovable aged vets, signed the scraps that he could find. We were also used by Boras to jack up the price Philly would ultimately pay for Harper.
2) Madison Bumgarner is a free agent at the end of the season.  Will he get traded before the deadline or will the Giants work out an extension (or, I suppose, neither)?
Bumgarner’s value is artificially inflated due to being a post season legend. Pitching for the team, he’s worthless to the Giants who are years away from making the Fall Classic. Therefore, he should be traded immediately to any team still hoodwinked by his past.
3) The other team icon, Buster Posey, had injuries and possibly the worst season of his career.  A blip on the radar or a sign of things to come?
Posey has had his hip repaired over the Winter and that has given me hope that he can now hit the ball to the wall, something he couldn’t do the last few months of his season until he was finally shut down. Occasionally hitting the ball over the wall this year would classify as a major victory. His contract is an albatross. He’ll be kept around to remind fans of what once was…..
4) What is your general outlook for 2019?  Where will they finish in the division?
Last place. Guaranteed.
5) What’s the biggest question for this team going into the season and what’s the answer to it?
After Baer get caught in an altercation with his wife and Cam Maybin got busted for a DUI I am hoping they can answer the question of how to stop embarrassing the franchise in public. If they can stop doing that I will consider this season a win.
6) What do you expect will give you the most joy watching this team on a regular basis this season?
I’m going to be playing a lot of fantasy baseball this season at draftkings. That will bring me the most joy and there will be bonus joy in that I can focus on building my fantasy teams and not being solely tied to watching and rooting for my favorite team, The Giants.


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 7, 2019

I finally sent in my responses to Daniel’s questions for his “Playing Pepper” series. I delayed it as long as I could. I waited for Z to do something. Nothing happened. In fact, things just got worse with Baer and Maybin tag teaming the franchise into embarrassment.

I’ll repost his thread here when it goes public.

Giants got killed 12-5 yesterday. Bum looks to chip away at his 15.75 ERA today.

Making “Dui” Without Maybin

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 6, 2019

What an idiot, right? You’re at the end of your career, you start off spring training 0-16, and your plan to re-start your career is to get hammered on “big glasses” of Chardonnay. Oh well, another door opens up for a kid. Or does this nudge Z into signing Adam Jones?

All I know is that Maybin’s arrest is putting a serious crimp on stocking the team full of speedy “Cardinals from the 80’s” types….

Baer-ly Matters

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 5, 2019

Here’s the thing about Baer: Be around, don’t be around, it won’t affect the team one single fuck. He’s just a face, an advertisement, something to trot out there for fans to see and for KNBR to interview. He makes zero decisions, outside of the decisions he votes on like all the other owners.

From that standpoint he’s completely expendable and not worth all the time we’re spending on him.

So later days, happy trails, enjoy the Autumn moon lighting your way. We have other more pressing issues to sort out…..


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 4, 2019

I’ve been listening to a lot more 95.7 The Game lately. KNBR has fired everyone and become nearly un-listen-to-able. Turns out a lot of the fired hosts are now at 95.7. Not having to listen to Gary Radnich’s voice is reason enough to make the switch.

They had a caller yesterday who was adamant that we weren’t just going to finish in last place but we don’t even have anyone who can hit a ball hard consistently. He was very negative but very right. We have no power, everyone knows that. But we don’t even hit the ball hard. Dribblers. Pop ups. Soft contact…..

That has to be something Z addresses once he ignites “Operation Trade Flurry”…..


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 3, 2019

I tried to re-focus on the baseball side of the game and noticed we played the Rangers to a 0-0 tie yesterday. Hunter Pence stole a bag against his old club. The Rangers used 8 pitchers to blank us. I had heard of one of them (the starter, Minor).

D-Rod goes today…


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 2, 2019

Some additional thoughts on The Incident:

  1. It’s probably safe to assume this has happened to them before. What would have happened if it hadn’t been public, if the cameras hadn’t been rolling? Baer tries a “Pam, stop” at the end of it before walking away. That’s loosely translated to “Oh, fuck.” He also looked like he had a “Dumb bitch” shake of the head near the end, too…
  2. I think Baer is a fucking tool for going after his phone like that. And I have no problem with his squeaky clean image being sullied, he could use some shit getting thrown his way.
  3. I just didn’t like that people were acting like this was a Rice/Mixon/Hunt situation. An old lady fell off her chair.
  4. If Baer gets removed from his position because of the optics of this, I’m fine with that.


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 1, 2019

Whew! What a ride. But the Harper fantasy is now over. We can get back to rooting for Maybin and Solarte. The Giants o/u win total this year is 73.5. They won 73 last season. Think the “Mays-arte” power combo gets them over the hump? I actually think the Giants win 73 easily this season…..As long as not a single player gets hurt. Actually if nobody gets hurt I bet they win 82 or so.

What are the chances that nobody gets hurt?

Nice To Be Bryce

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 28, 2019

With news that the Giants are now in with the “10 year/Three Hundo” crowd the question now becomes, what else does Harper want?

The Pros:

great city

historical team

packed house

The Cons:

We suck

His stats will take a hit

Personally I think the “stats taking a hit” con is going to doom us since we know how much his numbers mean to him. At least it’s giving us something to talk about during an otherwise record-boring off season…..

So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance…

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 26, 2019

If this is true than the SF beat writers like Henry Schulman were FOS (shocker) when they floated the idea of the Giants offering nothing but short term deals.

Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 5.57.31 AM

If this is true than somehow, impossibly, the Giants are still in on this fucking prima donna and are considering and possibly even offering him 300 million dollars. Otherwise, why would the Giants go to Vegas?

Still, it seems they are obviously up against it. I want this to just be over, I’m tired of hearing about Bryce Harper. He’s a tool. A tool I’d take on my team but a tool nevertheless…..


I’m Back With Some News….

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 25, 2019

……news you won’t be getting from other places on the internet. I’ve been gone for several days and haven’t checked till this morning. This is what I read:

Screenshot 2019-02-25 at 5.26.18 AM

This is just amazing. Giants fans are so starved for action some are continuing to hold on to a fantasy. Only because Harper still hasn’t signed with The Phillies. I would guess Zaidi hasn’t had a Harper thought since that meeting in Las Vegas. Giants fans thinking that Zaidi is spending his day writing and submitting new offers to Boras are living in a dream world.


I’m guessing that in August mlbtraderumors will still be writing about how Zaidi is designing and submitting trade packages to the Phillies to acquire Harper…..


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 24, 2019

Funniest thing of the year would be if the Phillies just pulled out of this Harper stuff.

This is a good one, I don’t have a guess….yet

djloo27 said, on February 24, 2019 at 3:49 am (Edit)

Baseball Reference can make me so nutty. I would not have gotten this one in a million years.
What player did the Giants sign as a FA twice and trade for once – all within a 5 year period?

And So It Begins….

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 23, 2019

Checking in on the game, midway through we are down 7-0. I’m not watching. Anyone see how it got this bad so fast?


Birthday Post

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 21, 2019

Yes, I turn 51 today. Old man. It’s snowing outside right now…

I probably shouldn’t hold out much hope that Zaidi gives me a birthday present today. He did say he’s done with his roster filler moves and that now he’s focusing on “improving our front line roster.” Whatever that means. Seriously, what does that mean?

You guys have a great day.

An Autumn Moon Lights His Way

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 18, 2019

With the Bruce Bochy era now officially on the clock I thought it would be a good idea to re-post this gem from Letters to The Green at The San Francisco Chronicle (2006):

Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 7.37.10 PM

Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 7.36.58 PM

At least the headline was clever. After that? I was wrong about Bruce Bochy…

I’m out for a couple of days, I’ll change the thread if something crazy happens. Otherwise, Big Flavor is on hiatus for a bit……


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 18, 2019

How’s a strike sound to everyone? A little mid season baseball stoppage to slow down your Summer? The CBA doesn’t end until December 1, 2021 but with so many free agents still unsigned, and with so many players now calling bullshit on the owners, I’m wondering if we could see Armageddon on the diamond this season.

Could it actually happen?

10 Years/310 Million?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 17, 2019

If those numbers are accurate it looks like Boras might have squeezed the Phillies for an additional 10 million, courtesy of the fake interest the Harper camp and Giants were showing each other.

In retrospect the writing was on the wall. Zaidi has been signing a boatload of shitty outfielders to minor league deals over the last 7 days. He knew what was up. I hope the Giants didn’t actually offer him anything. Did we hold on to even a shred of dignity in this phony chase?

Ok, I am sticking to my earlier promise and not giving a shit about this…

H Day

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 16, 2019

Supposedly, Harper is signing somewhere today. I’m not falling for the hype until I see a signature. I fell for the Stanton hype and it’s just not worth it to wonder “what if” until *what* has *happened*.

If he doesn’t sign with the Giants our back up plan of Gentry/Parra/Solarte should be enough to make up for his lost production…..

…..if you take everything they do in 2019 and compare it to his first two weeks of the season….

When You Want Bryce Harper….

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 15, 2019

…but you get Gerardo Parra and now are looking at Yangervis Solarte, it feels like another nail in this Winter coffin. Solarte would make sense, he can play all over the place, has a little pop—he might improve a bit coming back to the NL. I’d sign off on that pick up.

Anyone sick enough to watch the Rising Stars tonight? I actually like that game better than the All Star game. It’s fun to see all those youngsters out there ballin’. The All Star game is just a bunch of dudes flopping their cocks on the floor for a hoops style cock-off for the ages .

We have entered the dead zone of my sports world. No baseball. No NBA. No NFL. I actually checked to see if AAF fantasy was available at DK. It is not.

Did you see where Kaep got an offer to play in the AAF but he wanted 20 million? In a league where every player makes the same amount ($70K) this fucking guy wanted 20 mil. I support Kaep and his cause but I haven’t thought he’s wanted to play football for a few years now and that was the telltale sign right there…


Eye of the Tiger

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 14, 2019

Zumiee had a great line last night that really drove home one of the problems with the Giants over the last few years:

He said, “This whole Giants organization is like Mick in the Rocky movie needing to help Rocky get back the eye of the tiger.”

And he’s right. Everyone loves to point to how *professional* the Giants players are. How there is a “Giants Way.” That worked during the *salad days* but for the last few years “The Giants Way” has been nothing more than players striving in vain to live above the smell of their own shit.

Now, getting back *the eye of the tiger* certainly isn’t going to fix this team. Most of these fellas are past their prime and even recapturing that *eye* ain’t gonna do shit. But a return of that attitude would be nice to see and maybe something the future new guys can build on…..


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 13, 2019

You wanted Harper? Well, you got Parra. Another weak hitting lefty who might as well be nicknamed The White Shark Season 2.

I mean, is Parra really better than the kids we were planning on running out there? Eh, maybe.

Is he gonna block anyone? Eh, maybe.

Basically we probably just need to lock down into hibernation for a few years. The only way out of the wilderness is *that’away* >>>>>>>>

P and C

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 12, 2019

Pitchers and catchers report today. Man, this used to be a day circled on the calendar, right? Now, it’s just a day.

On KNBR this morning they were debating who are starting 5 will be. After Bumgarner it got very difficult for the hosts to assign #’s.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, the team is assembling in Arizona right now….

Not Happening

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 11, 2019

So now it comes out that the Giants are only interested in Harper if it’s a short term deal. See? Total waste of time. This was just done as a PR stunt for the fans and probably the players, too. Harper ain’t signing no 2 year deal.

This guy cares about 2 things: 1) a monster deal (otherwise you don’t hire Boras) and 2) climbing the HR ladder (something that he won’t do at Oracle unless they move the fences in. This dude ain’t no Bonds).

So Baer gets to keep waving the phony pom poms and Zaidi gets to keep saying “I’m still in a meet and greet mode.” Utter horseshit and the fans continue to get played like rookies…

Bring Me Bryce Harper

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 10, 2019

I’ve gone back and forth on this Harper thing and I’ve decided 2 things: 1) I’m fine with us not getting him. This could be a huge bullet dodged. 2) I really want the Giants to sign Bryce Harper.

Here why we should get him:

  1. We need to stop worrying about their money. True, they have some bad deals on the books. But they are under the luxury tax and what was the point of getting under it if they aren’t going to spend going forward? They can sign Harper and still be under the tax.
  2. He’s only 26. This is critical. We are still obviously in re-build mode. You can build around Harper. Even if Zaidi doesn’t start *Muncying* the roster in ways that don’t take effect till 2020 or 2021, Harper will still be in his prime. If he was 28/29 I would be against signing him.
  3. I’m not sure I can watch this boring ass team this year as they are currently constructed. Harper alone won’t make us much better than a .500 team and that’s if nobody gets injured. But he will at least make the team watchable. Who knows how many years any of us have left?
  4. He fills an obvious hole on a team with many of them. Diggity said it best in our text exchange yesterday:

Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 6.49.41 AM

So, my arms are stretched wide open. Zaidi, make it so….

And if it doesn’t become so, that’s ok too…..

By the way, the title is a spin off of the “Bring Me Roger Stone” documentary on netflix. I encourage anyone to watch that if you want a more layered insight into Trump, his campaign and his mindset….

And now, for something completely different. If you like to laugh out loud take 2 minutes out of your Sunday morning and watch this.



Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 9, 2019

Not only will there be rain today but it sounds like “high winds” too. Man, Baer must be shaking in his boots about this shit show he’s about to host. Who is going to be on the main stage? The Core? Lol. Can’t wait to see what those guys have to say. Maybe he’s setting up a side stage for the *Where are they now?” group. Law and Andreoli could be featured there. Lqtm.

I have kicked around the idea of going just because I am fascinated with Zaidi’s inertia and want to see if my fellow Giants fans are still doing their “happy clam” presentation or if they are waking up and realizing it’s time to revolt. We’ll see, right now I’m leaning towards not going.

Still, a ballpark hot dog sounds pretty good….

Update: We have Flap representation at Fanfest! San Dawg’s son Matty is there. He and his buddies were having a drink at Momo’s, heard it was going on and just wandered over:

Screenshot 2019-02-09 at 12.29.44 PM



A Wasted Winter

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 8, 2019

Still absolutely nothing happening. Usually when I write that something big goes down. It really is outrageous that Zaidi did nothing this off season. Zilch. Squat. And despite being hamstrung by the idiocy of the last regime he still could have done SOMETHING. Fanfest is tomorrow. Can you imagine going to that thing? How are they possibly going to jazz up the fans with the current crap slated to open Spring Training?

Zaidi puts the *off* in off season.

Party Hard or Party Lame?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 7, 2019

Man, you have 2 very different Fanfests looming. The first one is the team fake-celebrating the worst team in the National League and trying to sell the fans on *the core* and a couple of never-was prospects in the outfield. Or, they roll out Bryce Harper. There really is no in between. Most Giants fans are like sheep and will be fine with either. But this is without question going to be either the lamest fanfest since the days my dad wandered around with a few hundred other people or one of the most jacked up parties AT&T has had in years.

10% we get Harper? Is that too high or too low?


Angry Rant Tiger Fan falling on hard times:

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 7.44.55 AM

Shoptalk, with Daniel

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 5, 2019

Our good friend Daniel is getting ready for his Playing Pepper series and, as usual, has given me plenty of advance notice on the questions. Here’s a look at them if you want to chime in before I send him my responses:

Screenshot 2019-02-05 at 9.46.48 AM


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 4, 2019

Congrats to Brady and the Pats. I have given him a ton of shit, he shook it all off and was still able to focus up and win another SB. He’s a born winner. A true champion. Now, I’m not going to talk about him till next NFL season. I leave you with this.

Paul in Asia had trouble uploading this so here it is:

Screenshot 2019-02-04 at 6.41.05 PM


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 3, 2019

“Smash Brady” sounds better than “Super Bowl” right? I’m writing SB12 on my shoes before the game today…..

I entered 35 teams at draftkings and then just quietly closed my laptop. Enough.

The good news is that I have a lot of Pats on those teams, some even including Brady so I will be able to watch this game and root for players, not a particular team. Hopefully it’s gonna be a “someone scores, I win” kind of day….

And for 2 teams I don’t like very much, that’ll have to do…..

The only question I have that will remain unanswered: which player(s) got caught up in the Hotlanta lifestyle, blew off curfew and are gonna ass-out today? It’s gotta be more than you can count on one hand, right?



Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on February 1, 2019

I’m seeing an o/u of 56 and a line of NE -2 maybe 2 and half depending where you look. I’m taking the under because I think both these teams are going to try to run the ball and maybe that bleeds the clock off a little more than usual. Plus, the defenses are ok. If a conservative game plan is in the offing, for either team, this game is going under 56….

The point spread? Easy one. I’m taking the Rams and the +125 money line. As usual, I am putting the call out to SMASH BRADY EARLY. Put him on his ass.

Hey, if that happens, I’ll feel like a winner and the rest will be playing with house money….


Squeezing Correa

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 31, 2019

This is a good example of what dumb shit going on with how mlb pays its best players:


Really Astros? You gonna go all the way to arbitration with this stud over $750K? Pay this man his money….

I know they don’t play the same position but would you rather pay Correa a paltry 5 mil next year or Manny 25 to 30 mil?

Anyway, we don’t have problems like this. Zaidi is too busy deciding our outfield between this coveted group: Mike Gerber, Drew Ferguson, Steve Duggar, Mac Williamson, Austin Slater and Chris Shaw.


Money Not Well Spent

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on January 30, 2019

It’s definitely tough to keep the remaining open arms of the Flap humming in the off season–even tougher when nothing is happening and baseball is basically colluding to force all these superstars to sign lower deals.

Calling it collusion is a little misguided although I’m sure I’d lose that argument in court. I think owners are just tired of paying absurd contracts to guys entering their 30s. It worked when everyone was on steroids but the days of a 37 year old pitcher dominating are pretty much over. Side note: it’s obviously not over in football where a 41 year old man can juice his brains out  and still go to the Super Bowl.

Anyway, they really need to address how free agency is done at the next CBA. I stand with the owners.  I, too, wouldn’t want to be forced into handing over 2-3 hundred million to a player who is going to suck for the last half of the deal…..

The Greatest

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We needed a new thread if for no other reason than to get rid of that terrible headline…..

Magowan probably wasn’t our best owner. He never won it all. And he was, at best, just kind of an owner who looked the other way as the steroid era took over. But without him we wouldn’t have gotten the ballpark or won those 3 now dusty beauties.

So I guess you could argue he’s been our greatest owner. Ever.

Thank you Peter, we owe you everything.

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Dead Zone

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Pro Bowl tomorrow. Let’s GO!!!!!!!!

I don’t think I’ve watched a Pro Bowl in 20 years or so. Back in 1987 I was in Hawaii with my mom, we were staying in the same hotel as the Pro Bowl guys. All I remember was an unending parade of hookers going up and down the elevator.

What are the Padres doing in on the Realmuto Stakes? I wish we were in on the Realmuto Stakes. Move Buster to first base, I have no idea who we would trade for him. We have no one to trade for him….

Good Riddance

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It’s really shocking how little anyone seems to care about Strickland truly and actually being gone. Many are even excited to see him go (myself included). But this is a guy who pitched in some very big moments for us. He’s got a ring. 19 saves. 14-14 record. There’s a pretty strong correlation between him and Casilla in terms of fan feelings on his exit. Strick had a 2.91 career ERA with the Giants. Hey, that’s pretty good. So why are we so happy he’s gone?

Drew Pomeranz, Come on Down!

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I apologize to Flap Nation for my *meh* response to the Pomeranz signing. All I said was “Whatever. Fine.” This is exactly the kind of move I want Zaidi to be making. They’re paying him squat and he won 17 games 2 years ago. Pac Bell Park and the NL West are huge improvements for his razor thin margin between success and failure. I don’t expect Zaidi to fix the absolute mess Sabean and Evans created overnight. So while we bide our time waiting the multiple years that will take to happen I am happy to watch anyone new play baseball for the Giants.
I’ll keep waving the *pom poms* if he keeps the *Pom* signings coming….

Quiet Time

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Now that we’ve all fully and completely gotten past the travesties of the last NFL weekend (haha, good luck getting past that one, New Orleans fans) we now move into….The Dead Zone. Nobody remembers an NBA game in February. NFL is in hype-mode for 2 weeks. Hockey is…..still going on? And baseball has never been slower. Although really, that should change. At some point you would have to think that Machado and Harper will sign this and play this season.

That means nothing to the Giants, of course. The quietest, lamest off season in this team’s history is upon us. Remember Sabean’s first off season? Wow! Bang! Bang!

Zaidi has chosen a path less traveled. This almost seems like a path untraveled.

New England. Again.

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Ugh, is this why everyone hates the Warriors? If Golden State kept doing this for 15 more freaking years, I can’t even imagine how much I’d hate them if I wasn’t a fan. I hate Tom Brady. The rest of the league should be embarrassed that they continue to let this old man saunter into the Super Bowl year after year….

You know, when I put out the call “for a nice first quarter sack that drives his dumbass into the ground” I was hoping it would come earlier than the middle of the 4th quarter. And when I said “Smash him” I was kinda hoping the 15 yard penalty they would take would be for a little more than the defender tapping him on the shoulder pad.

The protection the refs give Tom Brady is crazy. He’s probably pissed they didn’t issue a formal apology. Read this proclamation to the kingdom loudly in your best bad British accent:

“Dearest Most Excellent Majesty:

We sincerely apologize for allowing the plebeian from Kansas City to lay his soiled hand upon your chosen shoulder! If it happens again we shall guillotine him on the 50 yard line! No serf shall ever again lay hands on his highness!”

And before they called that bullshit shoulder tap penalty, the refs completely ruined the New Orleans game with the worst non-call for PI I think I’ve ever seen.

Here’s a way to fix all of this: Let penalties be reviewed, too. Same rules apply, if you challenge it and lose you lose a time out.

Both games yesterday were decided or severely impacted by referee incompetence. That just can’t continue to happen…..

Super Bowl Bound

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Today is a great day to root for teams I normally don’t care about. The Chiefs are gonna spank Tom Brady’s dumbass all the way back to New England and Drew Brees is gonna knowing dude head nod the Rams back to LoserLand.

I’m not worried about the KC crowd, they will bring it. I’m a little worried about the weather since we just don’t know who’s frozen hands the iced ball is going to bounce off and I could see a defensive score being the difference in this game. Regardless, I have to assume the Chiefs aren’t going to stubbornly sit in zone all day the way the Chargers did and let Brady pick them apart. Personally, I am hoping for a nice early first Q sack that drives his dumbass into the ground. Take the 15 yard penalty but watch him not be comfortable for the rest of the game. Nobody benefits more from the peace and tranquility of a cocooned pocket like Tom Brady. Smash him to win. I don’t think this will be close, I’ll take KC 35 NE 21.

The Saints? I just think they’re better than LA and Brees is awesome. Easy guy to root for. Saints 37-Rams 20


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djloo27 said, on January 17, 2019 at 8:29 pm (Edit)

The Wilderness Years are looking more like an Ice Age…


Ok, point taken, but what happens when the ice age ends, my man? Eh? That’s a solid 10K years of heat warming your ass. Glass half full Loo, #4lyfe

Intriguing match ups in the NFL this Sunday. Sounds like ratings have been very good for the playoffs even with all these blowouts. What happened to all those country bumpkins who said they were quitting the NFL because of players protesting police brutality?

Anyway, we can talk NFL all weekend. Today is all about Zaidi and all the sweet, crisp moves he’s been making…..