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Big Weekend

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 26, 2018

Got a day to stew on yesterday’s beat down. It could be worse. We could be Dodger fans. There’s something not right with Kershaw. When was the last time that dude walked 6 guys?

We have 4 big home games coming up, 2 on Saturday. Till then I might go check out the “Ohtani tracker” at espn. Gotta know what’s going on over there….



Bombs Away

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 25, 2018

If I didn’t have to work I’d pay the $2 to go sit in section 330 and watch Scherzer pitch. Two bucks. Back in the day, didn’t it cost a buck to sit in the bleachers at Candlestick? Something like that? So many good times out there….

Not too sure what else there is to say about Mac. Last year we would have lost a game like that spending the evening complaining about how nobody could move Belt over from first base or some shit.

Today is a loss. Sorry, I don’t see any clear path to victory. It would be fun to watch the master work today. But who knows? Now that Mac has done away with The Ground Attack, maybe he blasts one and we get a sneaky win.


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 24, 2018

The most impressive thing about Mac is his power to the opposite field. It’s prodigious. This is how you win games in baseball today. It’s not about pining your hopes on guys niggling walks and stringing a couple of singles together. Bochy keeps sitting there with that dumb grin on his face after Mac crosses home plate like he doesn’t understand how runs can be scored this way….

Screenshot 2018-04-24 at 4.52.09 AM

Thankfully the Giants went out and got 3 men who can hit home runs (Longo, ‘Cutch and Mac) and they have a 4th, Belt, who hits them when he swings the bat. Posey, he’s good for 12-15 this year. That’s enough power to win in today’s game.

Stratton is the co-MVP of the season (along with Cueto). What he’s doing this year is remarkable and it makes me wonder this: Did he just take his time figuring it out in the minors or did the Giants fall ass backwards into this hitting on him just because they had no other options (like Blach I might add).

I’m not worrying about their record it should be significantly better than it is. It’s April, if we keep getting this type of pitching, get Bum back, AND keep yackin’ and jackin’ the ball out of the yard this is going to end up being a very entertaining year for Giants fans who haven’t jumped ship already….


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 23, 2018

A couple of weeks ago I raged about Belt not fouling off a close pitch and instead passively leaving it up to the umpire to ring his ass up. Yesterday I gave him a knowing dude head nod for finally swinging the bat.

Screenshot 2018-04-23 at 5.50.10 AM

And even though that at bat didn’t result in a hit or a run or even moving a runner along, it was critical to the general wounding of the pitcher and their bullpen. Later in the game he continued to swing the bat and blasted one to right field outer space.

All I’ve ever wanted for Belt is for him to swing the lumber. Use the talent God gave him. His eye has talent too. He uses it to spy balls and strikes and he used it to spot that large lady he locked up low those many years ago. But those days are over. Swing the bat. Like a man.

Too Many Choices

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 22, 2018

I never got around to watching Taxi Driver. Maybe this afternoon. I’m 45 years late on seeing it, I feel good about waiting till my schedule opens up.

I was going through scenarios that would draw a direct line to how the Giants could have won last night’s game but when you strike out 17 times you don’t deserve to win so fuck them.

I’m nearly out of toothpaste. I’m gearing up now, preparing  myself, so that I’ll be able to harness the energy and focus needed to spot and purchase this:

Screenshot 2018-04-22 at 8.50.11 AM

Don’t even get me started on potato chips. I’ve completely given up going down that aisle. And I haven’t had a bowl of cereal since the early 80’s so I won’t be able to participate on that debate but feel free to kick that one around….

Mac Back Back Back!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 21, 2018

Shocker, we hit 3 home runs and won easily. Like it or not, this is how you win games in today’s baseball world. Hitting singles, taking walks, having dudes loiter around on the bases….that’s not how it’s done anymore. Of course you need pitching too. We got that and an 8-1 drubbing was the outcome.

Willy hit a ball 434 feet. I wonder how many balls Hunter Pence would have to hit and string together before they equaled 434 feet?

It’s still only April but the team is beginning to evolve. And Bum could be back by early June?

It would be unwise to give up on this team….

Oh No They Didn’t

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 20, 2018

See anything stupid with the tag links at ESPN?

Screenshot 2018-04-20 at 6.04.33 AM

I will never click on the *Ohtani Tracker* so I don’t know what they are tracking. He’s going to be in Anaheim tonight, is that what they are tracking?

If you have to click on the *Ohtani Tracker* to get even more info on this dude who only plays like 4 days a week anyway then you are seeking too much information about him.

I don’t feel like an away inter league series is going to be the thing that fixes our limp bats….


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 19, 2018

One thing we can all agree on: this team isn’t going to be having too many laughers. We aren’t going to coast to wins by blowing out the opponent.

We’re facing another tough foe today and I can already hear Krukow crying about the match up. Kruk’s always going cry. We’re either facing a tough, established vet, a stud lefty or a pitcher we’ve never seen before–to Kruk, that’s the most difficult of all tasks.


Limp Bats

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 18, 2018

Total stud effort by Cueto last night. Apparently you need a little hitting to go along with stud pitching, eh?

Our hitters, who are not this bad, need to be accountable for this nonsense. Pence should voluntarily retire. But this isn’t all on him.

Again, I am really not worried about our hitting. We know it’s better than this. It’s just disappointing that we continue to lose games with pitching performances that are worthy of wins….

But this isn’t as dire as everyone is making it. If they Giants had won 2-1 last night we’d be singing their praises today. If you truly don’t think this team can score 2 runs, this revamped offense, then I can see why you’re giving up.

The offense is not this bad. It should be fine. The pitching has actually been better than expected and Smarge and Bum will return.

Hey, the good news is that Pence absolutely crushes Ray, he’s hitting .538 off him and I can’t stop laughing right now….



Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 17, 2018

Ah, so THIS is why we should have won more games in San Diego. I can’t see a clear path to a winning Arizona trip. Three stud pitchers are waiting for us and then…..Los Angeles?Yeah, this is going to test everyone. One thing we can be sure of: Bochy will huddle and cling tightly to any and all vets on the roster–with a healthy dose of Gork’s and Blanco mixed in….

With the great Hunter Pence Sock Day looming, time is running out for action…..


Going Through The Motions

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 16, 2018

They’ve played 15 games. In 8 of those games they’ve scored 0 or 1 run. They have exactly 2 regulars who are performing at/above expectations: Buster and Panik. So right there, you get your answer on why the offense has scuffled so badly this year. Their OPS is stuck in the mid 600’s because they’ve forgotten how to take walks and hitting doubles, a stat they’ve always been near the top because of where they play, has become troublesome too. There is not enough urgency, as usual everyone is stilling around waiting for someone to do something. It’s annoyingly professional of them.

San Diego ran circles around the Giants. Almost literally. There is not enough *happening* happening. This team needs a spark…


Losing in San Diego

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 15, 2018

Any loss is disappointing but there were encouraging signs. Both Longo and McCutchen homered. I am not worried about Longo being unproductive this year. It takes time to adjust to a new league. His contract sucks and the Giants will be eating a lot of the back end of that deal but he will be productive this year.

A win would be nice today although not expected. Beede (who sucks) will have his hands full facing off against one of the Padres better pitching prospects. Will Belt continue to sit vs these lefties? The Giants are near last in the league in walks this year, they aren’t going to improve on that number with Belt sitting out…..


William Nack died on Friday. A brilliant writer, he captured the essence and beauty of horse racing and what it meant to be a fan of the sport. RIP.

“The gift of reverie is a blessing divine, and it is conferred most abundantly on those who lie in hammocks or drive alone in cars. Or lean on hillside fences in Kentucky. The mind swims, binding itself to whatever flotsam comes along, to old driftwood faces and voices of the past, to places and scenes once visited, to things not seen or done but only dreamed.”


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 14, 2018

Tyson Ross is lame. He always seems to handcuff us and he hasn’t been good in like 3 years….

Hard to score runs when Cutch, Posey and Longo(ut) go 0-12…

Up and down is what we are going to be until our pitching staff gets restored to mlb levels. I’m calling a win today, that base hit had to have taken a lot out of Richard the other night. lqtm….


Robot Ump Time

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 13, 2018

It was nice to get an easy one, right? That unfolded exactly as I thought….

Here was my “wake up in the middle of the night” thought for the day: Who wouldn’t want robot umpires? It should and would be uniformly accepted by everyone in the game….

Why the umps would want it: They have to be sick to shit of these catchers framing every single ball into the strike zone. It’s a near impossible job anyway. Pitches coming in from all possible crazy angles, you have to make a split second decision on every one….seems to me a big fatty like Cowboy Joe would rather collect his paycheck for 1/10th the headache. He could still sit back there and call plays at the plate, fair/foul, close pop fly catches, etc….

Why the pitchers would want it: No more worrying about Kruk’s precious personal ump strike zones. Just one uniformed, unbiased zone.

Why the hitters would want it: Brandon Belt has the best eye the world has ever seen. You don’t think he wants to share it with an equally brilliant robot eye? Shit, he’d probably fall in love and leave his large wife for one. “Sorry baby, I’m leaving you for a strike zone that will always be the same size as the day I married her….” lqtm.

Anyway, who am I missing? The fans? The game will go faster and that’s apparently what fans want according to mlb.

Counter argument?

Treading Water

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 12, 2018

Yesterday was a perfect example of the preseason fears that some pudits had for this team–the other team hit a little better than we did and pitched a little better than we did. Dyson is losing Bochy’s trust fast but we may have found something in Suarez—I love his windup, he hides the ball well, and he didn’t seem overwhelmed by the excitement of his first big league start.

I am optimistic about Stratton tonight, he will pitch well enough to win. San Diego is coming off a heated series in Colorado and teams, in general, don’t hit well in their first game away from Coors. The question is, will we hit enough to win?

Hanging In There

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 11, 2018

Not as dramatic as his walk off bomb the other day but still just as effective. Also, it was nice to see Longo celebrating in the pile at home plate, it was actually the first time I’ve seen the dude show any emotion at all.

Beede was underwhelming, as we suspected he would be. Today another debut, I don’t know much at all about Andrew Suarez but I’m guessing he’s going to be a little better than Beede.

As usual, our issue will be stringing together some hits vs the D-Backs starting pitcher. I swear, every game seems to zip immediate to the 4th or 5th inning and we’re getting shut out on 1 hit with a bunch of K’s.

Start fast for once?

Strikeout Kings

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 10, 2018

If you had told me that Derek Holland was not going to be the problem this year…..

Four games we have scored one run. Two games we have scored zero. I’m renaming the team “The San Francisco Binary’s” until further notice.

I’m tired of hearing about all of the good pitching the Giants have been facing. This is the big leagues. There are stud pitchers everywhere. Remember that guy who shut us down on opening day? Gonzales? He got blasted by the Royals yesterday. Two innings, 8 hits, 4 runs, showers.

I don’t mind strikeouts if they come with home runs. Belt, Longo and McCutchen have 33k’s between them and 3 home runs. That isn’t going to cut it.

The good news is that I’m still a lot more concerned about Holland being a problem a problem this year. The hitting should come….

Monday Blues

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 9, 2018

With Brandon Belt still passively waiting around for that perfect pitch to drive, we impatiently wait for tonight’s game to begin. Strangely, Hunter Pence has the best numbers against Zach Godley (4 for 5 with 2 bombs). Belt has a walk against him (4 at bats), of course.

The Giants are doing what you would hope they would do without their ace and #3, they are surviving. That could be changing quickly. Arizona is all business. Solid starting pitching, good hitters. Not sure what to expect from Holland tonight. Maybe he’ll be an “AT&T” guy but that’s really just hoping he will be more than anything else….

Now I’m off to begin the day, a day where Patrick Reed is a major winner. That sucks and makes today a little less than what it could have been….


The Making of a Giant

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 8, 2018

My main man in Reno, Dave Anderson, opined in a text to me: “McCutchen? McClutchen.” Indeed, PaSalon, indeed….

That bomb isn’t going to carry the significance of the ’97 Brian Johnson bomb because of the time of year but I can guarantee I will remember that one for the rest of my life. Where was I the day the Giants beat the Dodgers in the 14th with a walk off 3 run bomb/McCutchen’s 6th hit of the game?” Easy one.

His reaction out of the box was legendary. Those are the types of games that don’t just bring a team together–they bring a player to a team. To a city. Andrew McCutchen is a San Francisco Giant now and I bet he woke up so happy this morning. I know I did….

Screenshot 2018-04-08 at 9.22.32 AM

I got this reminder at Facebook this morning. Man, happy birthday Twinner. From wherever you are, I bet you enjoyed that one last night….

Screenshot 2018-04-08 at 12.44.00 PM


Back To Baseball

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 7, 2018

Ok, THIS ONE they should be able to get in. Not with this moment as any indication, it’s pouring like a motherfucker right now. My daughter’s flight back to Costa Rica already got canceled. Props to @virginamerica for quickly getting her on another flight tomorrow….

Anyway, I’m cautiously optimistic about the game today. Stratton is proving to have a reliable major league arm and I think the Giants are going to do better against Hill this time around. Shedding the mental weight of the season’s opening series, they should be able to track and mash that curve ball a little better tonight…..

Anyone jazzed about The Masters? It’s shaping up to be an epic weekend. Several of golfs biggest names are poised near the top to battle and it’s going to be fun to watch them target that pussy snake-in-the-grass Patrick Reed (somehow currently winning)….



Praying For Rain

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 6, 2018

Pouring rain right now. Should last all day. Expect this one to get postponed rather quickly….

Even Steven

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 5, 2018

Fun little win easy win vs a boring Mariners team. I got a kick out of seeing who’s clogging up the top spots of our team batting average so far this year:

Screenshot 2018-04-05 at 5.06.33 AM

A day off today before LA comes to town. The schedule to start this season is stupid…….

Opening Flop

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 4, 2018

The optimist in me points to outscoring the Mariners 4-2 after the first inning. And Longo(ut) finally got a hit and it was a beaut.

Unfortunately, too many guys were still just waving and chopping at the offerings from a below average pitcher.

Today is an intriguing match up. Cueto looked great in his first start and King Felix has been declining for a couple of years (though his first start was a pip, too).



Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 3, 2018

Opening Day. A day of excitement and new beginnings. A day laced with history and dripping with tradition. Except in 2018. We are playing the Mariners a team of scant history or tradition. I had to look up how many times we’ve even played them. I guessed 9 and was wrong.


But whatever, we’ve got our *arch rivals* 16-13 and it’s opening day so really, what is there to complain about? Now that A-Jizz, Longo(ut) and McLuvin’ are at home in a *hitters* park they should rake, right?

At least we have an opening day pitchers duel for the ages. Marco Gonzales vs Ty Blach. I have heard of one of those guys….

Anyone going?

Here is a pic of Xoot and Chi at the game today. Nice boys! Flapper Representation

Screenshot 2018-04-03 at 12.15.50 PM

Another one from Chi: his buddy, his daughter and him

Screenshot 2018-04-03 at 12.50.39 PM

.500 Ball That Felt Like .005 Ball

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 2, 2018

If you had told me before the series that we were going to get a split I would have taken that and been happy. But man, not like that. That didn’t feel like no split. And I don’t want to hear Bochy or anyone else in the org lecturing us on what great pitching the Dodgers have. They aren’t a 0.50 staff, are they? Who’s that good?

The 3 new guys were bound to have an adjustment period but that was ridiculous. The two main acquisitions hit 48 bombs last year. The way they hit this series I’d be happy if they hit 48 moderately deep fly balls this year.

Bright side: We scored 2 runs in 4 games and split the series. That’s hilarious.

One more thing: I am putting the call out for Dugger. The Giants look predictably tired already. A level-headed veteran team will tend to look like that when they aren’t hitting. With no sense of urgency I’ll take a spark like Dugger and A-Jax can head back to the bench and continue with his stoic gaze…..


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 1, 2018

Last night’s game was a cringy reminder of the team that lost 98 games last year. They couldn’t hit, they couldn’t field, their starting pitcher labored….

The offense is going to be better but what if Longo and McCutchen are done like Melancon? They look like they can still hit and field but their execution says otherwise. Melancon came to us as damaged goods. I don’t think Longo and McCutchen are damaged goods. But could they suffer as dramatic a drop off in one season? Let’s decided after May happens……

The Art Dealer’s grand ring ceremony was yesterday and look at this: Dodger players so embarrassed by their pathetic fake ring party they were caught HIDING their rings behind their backs in the hopes that the Giants wouldn’t see them. Sad I tell ya, just sad…..

Screenshot 2018-04-01 at 6.41.29 AM

Panik 2 LA and The Rest of SF 0

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 31, 2018

There have been 511 pitches thrown in these two games, most of them by the team that supposedly has a terribly pitching staff. Exactly two of them have been hit out of the park, both by one of the least likely hitters to do so. I can’t remember a more remarkable two game exacta between these two teams.

Today and tomorrow is the definition of playing with house money. I can’t believe Holland can keep this going but in my wildest imagination I didn’t think the first two games would have gone the way they did so I am going to be positive and hope Holland can go 5 innings of 1-2 run ball.

Now, it is time for the rest of these jokers to start hitting. Or even one of them other than Little Joe.

WillieD and San Dawg met up for clams and deviled eggs last night at The Goose. Sorry I couldn’t make it boys.

Screenshot 2018-03-31 at 7.50.43 AM


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 30, 2018

It’s been a while…..

Screenshot 2018-03-30 at 5.18.53 AM

I remember a morning back in the mid 70’s and my dad brought the Sporting Green over to the breakfast table. He sat down with a big smile showed me a similar standings. It went something like…







…something like that. Remember when that’s what the NL West looked like? I don’t. But I remember him showing me the standings that day like it was yesterday. Our reign did not last long I think we slipped down the next game.

Cueto is trotting his lumpy ass out there today. It’ll be tough to match the magic of yesterday. I’m really looking forward to the ring ceremony on Sat. What an exciting, momentous achievement that ceremony will honor…..


Today Was a Good Day

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 29, 2018

Remember that poem Chi used to post about some dude staring out the window waiting for something to stop or start or some shit? It’s just like that, baby…

Everyone is something. Maybe you’re a father, a brother, a husband…An American. A vocation…..a Giants fan.

There’s great history in being one of those. It’s why you give that stranger a knowing dude head nod as your hats cross in the street. It’s why you came here today.

We get another opening day today but of course I’ve thought about our old friend Twinner who misses his first one in 60 years. And Stix is still on the 3-6 year DL. He’s as “day to day” as it gets, eh?

The team is in an impossibly tough situation to start the year and things could look bleak  if you choose that take. Me? I’m as positive as a motherfucker. I don’t know where this is coming from. Maybe complacency has set in due to those 3 beauties. Maybe I have fantasy baseball to distract me from the tunnel vision of a single team’s fan hood. Maybe I’m just getting older and don’t have it in me to complain about something I have no control over. You know what I have total control over?… attitude.

And I choose to be 100% positive about this team, this day and the rest of this year. Kinda feels like I’m channeling my *inner Twinner*, dig?




Start the Season Already

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 28, 2018

Our challenge this year is obvious, you don’t lose your #1 and #2ish starting pitchers a week before the season and have a lot of optimism going into the season. Our pitching staff was on thin ice before they got hurt. But we have better hitters and I’m hoping that the damaged goods we got in Melancon is going to create an opportunity for someone at the end of the game.

Baggs tweeted out the 2010 opening day line up and it’s worth noting that team looked, on paper, to have a lot of holes.

Rowand, Renteria, Sandoval, Huff, DeRosa, Big Titty, Bowker, Uribe, Lincecum

Tomorrow’s line up might look like:

Panik, Belt, McCutchen, Posey, Longoria, A-Jax, Pence, Crawford, Blach

With the obvious upgrade at P in 2010 I don’t see a single hitter I’d rather have than the 8 we are trotting out there tomorrow….

Do you?

A Gift

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 27, 2018

Baseball is about to start again. The time of year when everything becomes exciting again. People are moving a little faster. The days are warmer and longer. The year has finally awakened. Energy is happening!

And because of that, when I received a large, heavily taped package in the mail from Loo, I figured I was about to open up some type of baseball related keepsake. I was wrong. After cutting through 6 inches thick of tape I unwrapped this beauty:

Screenshot 2018-03-26 at 7.53.54 PM

Many of you could care less about horse racing but it’s part of me. Zenyatta is my favorite racehorse of all time and Loo, remembering this and my 50th birthday, sent me a framed picture of her winning the 2009 Breeders Cup Classic, the day she beat 11 of the best boys the world had to offer, atop the past performances of all 20 of her races.

I just sat there staring at it for like 2 minutes. My daughter is home from Costa Rica, we were about to sit down to the first dinner we’ve had together in months, and she was like “Daddy, come on, dinner…” but I just kept staring “hold on, Katie, hold on.”

So with the sun going down I decided to have her snap a pic of me on the deck with the California western hills behind me:

Screenshot 2018-03-26 at 7.41.25 PM

There are all kinds of love in the world and one of them I have is for the Flap community. You guys never cease to amaze me and I can’t believe we’ve kept this place going for a solid decade. Friendships made, world series trophies won, people come and go, sometimes people go forever, but this place stays rock solid strong with some of the best Giants fans in the world.

Go do something nice for someone today and surprise them with something that will move them. It’s one of the most powerful things you can do in your life…..

I can’t promise this will be the last time I post this. Even if you don’t know a thing about horse racing I defy you to watch win #14 (starts at the 6:29 mark, this is the Breeders Cup Classic she won, in the picture Loo sent me she’s crossing the finish line), #17 (the best call I’ve ever heard) and #19 (makes me cry every time I watch it) and not be inspired to go out and do something rad today…..

Loo, I was so excited last night I tweeted a pic of your photo to Vic Stauffer, the guy who calls win #17 and win #19 (among others) and he tweeted this back to me:

Anyway, yesterday made my day. That’s all I have to say….

Ace of Spades

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 26, 2018

I wanted to see who else was struggling to find a true *opening day* starter for Thurs. Here are the teams in the same boat as us (and Ty Blach).

Miami: Jose Urena

Detroit: Jordan Zimmerman

Oakland: Kendall Graveman

Cinn: Homer Bailey

Chicago: James Shields(!)

LA Angels: Undecided

Blach is a gamer, he was lights out vs LA in a critical game in 2016. I think he pitched a shutout. He’s got some Kirk Reuter in him so who knows, it’s baseball, let’s see what happens.


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 25, 2018

First Smargerine, then MadBum, then Curry and now….I’m forced to root for Duke’s dumbass. Ugh. I did two pay brackets and I’m top 4 in both. Of the remaining entries with a chance, I’m the only one who picked Duke to win it all (in both of them). Duke is only a rung below USC, Notre Dame and Penn State on my list of “College Programs I Love to Hate”. And you can probably take out the “Love to”. I’m probably better off if they just lose today.

I’m over all the hand wringing about losing our 2 pitchers. The season isn’t over. We just have to change the way we win games. It’s time for these guys to hit like men. LIKE MEN. Manly Men. They couldn’t have done that last year and I have doubts about them doing it this year. But they’re going up there with wood in their hands. Wield it, goddammit.

Like a man…..

When The Odds Are Stacked Against You

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 24, 2018

I still can’t get over the probability of this. Having 2 pitchers hurt in consecutive days is bad enough luck. But if you had tasked me with this: “Flavor, I’ve got some bad news for you. Two pitchers from the pitching staff are definitely getting hurt over the course of the next two days. There are 13 names in this hat. Whichever two you draw out are the ones who get hurt. Go.”

I could have picked out any two. Gearrin and Blach. Dyson and Fernandez. Watson and Osich. But no. Bum and Smarge. Me pulling those 2 names out of a hat, exactly those 2 names, has a ONE PERCENT PROBABILITY!!!! That is absolutely insane and I can’t get over it. And that’s to say nothing of what the actual odds (much less than 1%) were of those 2 guys getting hurt on consecutive days because the odds of TWO GODDAMN PITCHERS GETTING HURT ON CONSECUTIVE DAYS ALMOST NEVER HAPPENS ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!

Two trips ago in Reno I was playing Let it Ride and I got dealt a straight flush (3 handed) back to back. Back to motherfucking back. Later we calculated the odds of that happening to be 250,000-1.

And for some reason, this morning, the odds of exactly Bum and Smarge being the two pitchers who got hurt on BACK2BACK days feels much longer to me than 250,000-1. I am still having trouble processing all of this….

But I’m not going to sit here and say “we’re fucked” because we aren’t yet. We still have a revamped offense. We still play half our games in a pitchers park. Our defense, at least in the infield, is gold glove caliber all the way around the horn.

It’s just incredibly disappointing. It’s not even April yet…..

Spring Reeling?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 23, 2018

“The only thing I care about in ST is health and it looks like we have that…”

….words that did not last true for very long.

We got some good news with the MRI with the pec strain. Most of you (not me) think Smarge sucks anyway (as does Parker) so maybe this good news is actually bad news for you.

Holland can fill in under the right circumstances, at least in the short term. Maybe they can try to hide him at AT&T. No road starts, please.

Look, if this was last year this would be a big deal. We would lose every start Holland gets. But our offense is going to be better and as long as no one else gets hurt we should be able to win the 7-6 games that Holland will be pitching in.

7 Days

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on March 22, 2018

Giants dropped a two touchdown shutout on the D-Backs last night. Ready for the season to start, let’s go…..

The only thing I care about in ST is health and it looks like we have that. I keep hearing about Posey’s ankle but he’s also batting .539 this spring so…..Belt doing what he always does this time of year, hitting .400….again, let’s go…..

Straight Talk From A Giants Legend

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The Thrill was interviewed by Tolbert yesterday afternoon on KNBR and he had my attention nearly immediately. I turned it on mid-segment and was like “Who is this guy who is so directly calling out Brandon Belt?” At first I thought it was just some yahoo calling in but it became clear that it was someone Tolbert was interviewing. He basically called Belt a “pussy” for not being able to ever play a full season and claimed that he says this to his face in conversation. Even I, one of the great Belt skeptics of his generation, started to silently defend him. “Come on Thrill, it’s not like his concussions have been stubbed toes.” But he bookended the near *pussy* call-out by suggesting this is the year Belt puts it all together—if he can play the entire year.

He also said Smarge throws too many strikes and that Duggar could play a gold glove center field RIGHT NOW.

Seems to me a gold glove center fielder might be a nice starting piece if he’s flanked by 2 dudes who are far less than that……

Anyway, The Thrill says what’s on his mind, no doubt about that…..

9 Days

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If Parker (who sucks) makes the opening day squad it would make no sense. This guy isn’t someone you stick on the bench for his secret weaponness. I keep being haunted by his 3 home run game. That really happened, right? That wasn’t a dream? It sucks (as he does) that a batting coach couldn’t ever get that twitchy, nervous sucking fuck to ever settle himself in the batters box. So much power shrouded in so much suckiness…..

I’m getting excited about Brandon Belt. Come on, how many times can a guy realistically get hit in the head? He’s gotta be good for avoiding that this year, right? He’s going to be 30 this year, can this finally be go-time for him?

Between Belt’s tender temples and Longo’s loooong stretch of health that is bound to end who wants action on Panda getting under 350 at bats this year? Cause I’m taking the over…..

Dreaming Of Someone Else’s Dudes

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If that headline doesn’t grab you, come on…..

With Daniel checking in today (hopefully) I was going to ask a tricky question like “If you could trade the Giants org for the Cardinals org, straight up, would you do it?” But there’s an obvious answer there. Not that the masses at AT&T would get it right. Our season ticket holders are in love with the names of the players they know and the merchandise they buy. Baer has brilliantly marketed the team to the fans, especially the female fans. And that’s largely why we are stuck with so many aging players with fat dollars coming there way in the next few/several seasons…..

But would hardcore Flappers trade our team straight up with St. Louis? I’m not sure if we could find one who wouldn’t. They have better mlb players who are far more position flexible than our guys. And their farm system is always better. I can almost sign off on them having a better manager at this point. Not because I like Matheny I just think Bochy is done-zo, man.

So I’ll ask it this way: Is there anyone out there who WOULDN’T trade our org for their org straight up?

And for Daniel, is there a current Giants position player you would want over one you already have? Maybe Longoria over Gyorko?

Von Joshua and Shoptaw’k With Daniel

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What I have learned about our good friend San Dawg: Do not challenge his knowledge of 1970’s Giants players. I asked him point blank what Von Joshua’s career batting average was. He was reflective for a moment. Then said “.273”.

That quiet, knowing wisdom earned him a free dinner. This dinner:

Screenshot 2018-03-17 at 7.37.06 AM

Some of you locals should know where those bad boys came from…..

Our other good friend, Daniel, has uploaded this season’s “Playing Pepper” series for the Giants. Besides myself, he interviewed 2 other Giants blog writers. I enjoyed reading their responses and hope you guys take the time to check out this link. Daniel says he will be around on Monday to kick it around with everyone.

Against All Odds

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The Pac 12 has one team in the tourney field of 64. That is embarrassing. I had planned on them being a bet against this year. Tough to bet against them if they aren’t playing. Kinda feels like Arizona is going to make a deep run, eh? With all the crazy stuff they’ve had to deal with this year, playing in a conference that’s as low as it’s maybe ever been, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them go all the way—just because they aren’t supposed to.


Ann Coulter Is a Dope

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Sorry, had to get that out there. Super disappointed that such a crazy dolt sold out an appearance so close to where i live….

Giants are inching closer to the top spot in Cactus League. After a slow start, they are 10-8, only 2.5 games off The Cubs. Hey, this could be the only race we’re in this year, right? Goddamn right I’m following it.

I need any of you with March Madness knowledge to cobble your best predictive powers together and give me ONE team you like this year. No #1 seeds please. And no more than one team, please factor in the point spread for the first game. This is just for the Thurs/Fri games……

I will be putting these picks together into one glorious, giant Flap parlay ticket so there’s a lot riding on this. 🙂



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The Phillies designated Tommy Joseph.

Hey, it’s a slow Spring whattya want?

Happy Panda

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From Baggs:

“Sandoval might have been in good and grateful spirits last season after he rejoined the Giants, but he has truly settled back into a comfortable skin this spring. He’s the happiest that I’ve ever seen him. And while his presence with the club might continue to be polarizing for many Giants fans, including those who hate the way he blithely shuffled off to Boston after the 2014 season, the bet here is that the Panda is poised to win some people over.”

Is that why some Flappers are down on him? Because of how he left? Or is it because he’s not the same guy anymore? Because if he stays in shape and happy I am down with that kind of Panda sitting on the bench, plugging into first and 3rd base as needed, and providing some left handed pinch hitting smack.

Anyone else? Who would you want to do this job if they cut Panda loose?

The Heir Apparent to Chili Davis

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Lots of talk on the radio about Chris Shaw, Mac Williamson and Duggie Fresh. One of those guys, maybe even 2 of them, could break the string of 40 years of failed outfielder development.

If it comes to pass, it’s perfect timing. Pence and his quirky bullshit are just about out the door. I haven’t paid attention to the details of this, but it sounds like Mac has changed his swing dramatically. While that might not pay off now (or ever if Bochy has anything to say about it) it’s at least a hopeful thought to have.


The Aged

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Buster Posey is turning 31 this year. Pence is turning 35. Richard Sherman is turning 30. All those guys seem, to me, like they should be a lot older. I barely even remember what the Giants were like before Posey. I think we used to argue a lot about Big Titties Molina. Pence hasn’t been here as long but he feels like he’s been in the league since the 90’s. Sherman is someone I’m excited about. If we get him. I love old school moves like your hated rival joining your team. Even if he’s on the back end of his career I think the Niners could really use his attitude and aura in the secondary.

Anyway, Posey got a cortisone shot in his ankle. Hope that helps. Pence can’t seem to play in the outfield anymore. That’s going to be a problem in the NL.


Baseball, Ankle, Madness

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Great on the field report from Snarkk last night. Had me jones’n for some real baseball….

Huge sirens going off in Dubs Town. Curry hurting his ankle again on a play where his ankle didn’t bend is a reminder of how tenuous our yearly trip to the finals is.

I’m ready for some March Madness seedings, when does that happen? This Sunday. I’m ready for some bubble teams and some madness…..



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Giants are 4-7 in Cactus League games. Third from the bottom. All the bad teams have the worst spring records so far. Just saying.

Bum and *Big Spin* Stratton had 12 K’s in 6 innings yesterday. Not bad.

Belt’s hitting .421.

That’s it for the Spring Report.

Now about March Madness…..

Blasting The Ball, The A’s Reflect on Nothing And March Madness Time

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Super bored this morning so I checked the spring training stats. The Giants have, get ready for it, 19 guys hitting over .300. Now, we aren’t talking about a ton of at bats but that stat surprised me.

Reminds me of this epic line from Let it Ride. “The last grand that jockey saw was the Grand Canyon.”

Check out this headline at The Athletic. I haven’t read the article yet. What could A’s players possibly bring to the table in terms of *reflection* on *The Freak Years*? Like, who the freak wrote this headline?

Screenshot 2018-03-07 at 5.22.03 AM

Question for you March Madness nutheads: I’m giving myself a crash course on this season and I’m looking over the team stats–seems to me, the most important team stats to look at would be the following (maybe not in this order):

Turnover margin, 3 point FG % defense, assist to turnover margin, rebound margin and/or offensive rebounds a game…..

Am I missing any you think are critical to March Madness analysis?

March 5th

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If anyone was wondering about how important Spring Training results are, look no further than Chris Berman managing the team yesterday. I understand he’s a Giants fan but was there some other reason for this?

Did anyone catch the A’s getting sued by the players union? I asked my A’s fan buddy about it, does it bother him that his team won’t even spend the minimum amount of revenue sharing on even player development, and he said “Doesn’t bother me at all. A couple of years ago the Astros would be getting sued and they just won the World Series.”

That kicked off a pretty spirited debate as I argued that it would NOT have been the Astros unless they pocketed the entire revenue sharing checks like the A’s did. He said “I’m not worried, they’ll sign Lance Lynn and get there.” Sure, now that they’ve been busted they HAVE to sign a “Lance Lynn.”

I don’t understand why so many A’s fans sit around like sheep every year watching Beane fail again and again….