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The Torture Keeps on Coming and A Word About the Blog

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 31, 2010

That was a crazy-ass 9th inning, wasn’t it? It felt like the 7th game of the World Series seeing Dirrrrty warm up and eventually enter the game as a reliever. He didn’t seem to comfortable with the role. Then “All Arms and Elbows” (Ray) comes in and as soon as I can say “WTF is going on” he gets out of it and saves the game. Nice.

This season has been great as far as renewing my dislike for the Dodgers. It’s been a while since I felt this way. It’s almost approach “hate” again. I don’t think it’s because both teams are finally competitive again (though that helps). It’s their players. Ethier, Kemp and Loney just walk around looking like they truly think they’re better than everyone else—Garvey and Cey used to do that, too. And I don’t know what it is about Casey Blake– it’s not the *Wilson thing*, I actually thought that was marginally humorous. Maybe it’s his name and his beard. It’s definitely the way he looks, though. There’s always Padilla and his greased out look to laugh at. Anyway, hate for this team has made a comeback within me. Feels good, actually…..

To the blog: I’ve been burnt out on the blog as I think you can tell from yesterday’s post. I tried to give it away but my *guy* couldn’t take it on at this point in his life. And I couldn’t bring myself to disband it at this point or just let it go like a rudderless ghost ship (which is what some friends of mine told me to do with it)…..

So here’s the deal. I started the blog as a sort of *anything goes* thing. That mentality has run it’s course. I’ve let lots of, as CALSTIM calls them, “bitch fights” go on longer than I should have. Ironically, those don’t bother me. It’s the cascade of emails I get complaining about them that has worn on me……

So, starting today (well, maybe not today since I’ll be at the game) I’m cracking down on the bitch fights. If they go back and forth for more than 4 or 5 exchanges I’m sending all involved parties, regardless of who started it or the level of intensity, to one of the *penalty boxes* that you see to the right of the page. I’l make it clear in the thread when someone (or multiple posters) are being sent there. You participation in this is non-negotiable. You HAVE to remain on the sidelines for as long as the box says you are to stay there. If you get sent there and don’t respect the call by me, your referee, you are immediately banned from the site. There’s obviously going to be a level of subjectivity here that will bug some people. For instance, which box will you go to? Probably the 30 min box for the first one but depending on the level of intensity it could be the 1 day box. Second infraction will definitely be the 1 day box.  I’ll take into consideration your attempts to bail on the bitch fights, should you attempt to bail on them. There will also be a hierarchy involved (for instance, if someone brand new shows up and start in on a blog vet I’m not going to give the new guy any rope, he’ll be outta here). But the flip side to that is I am no longer going to tolerate the vets attacking a new blogger just because they are new or spend half a thread accusing someone of being someone else– that could also earn you some time in the box. And regardless of who starts the “bitch fight”, because think about it, with all the history in the archives you could point to any random post in the past of where it ultimately *started*, I’m just going to send both bloggers to do time. End of story, moving on……

I’m also going to start deleting a lot more stuff in hopes of decreasing the possibility of a *bitch fight* breaking out…..

I want to give EDddakkkeeerrr (sorry, I can never remember how to spell his handle) the credit for this idea. While it’s more work for me, something I wanted to avoid, it’s also something that I find intriguing and anything I can do to kick-start my interest in managing this place I’m going to do….

To summarize: Lots more is going to get deleted and you’re taking a time out when I give you one.  I don’t mind it if you guys bark at each other– just keep it somewhat civil and if you can’t do that end it in a few exchanges. I won’t have you do *time* if you can abide by those two simple rules. And here’s another option that my 7 year old daughter has recently  learned: ignore people that are teasing you……

I know this might feel a little “child like” but these new rules are non-negotiable. These changes have nothing to do with you, they are all for *me*.  This is what I’m doing to renew my interest in managing this zoo. You don’t like it you are certainly free to go somewhere else, I will salute your exit…….

Today is the Last Day of the Blog….

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 30, 2010

At least,  it’s the last day for the blog the way it’s presently constructed. I’m looking at the following options and will pick one shortly:

1) throw a shitload of words into the moderator cue. That’s going to limit what we can all post here but it will solve a lot of problems too.

2) have all the comments come to me first for moderation. I do not want this to be the choice, believe me. But I’m considering it.

3) Turn it into a private blog— only users that I allow can post here. Instead of having to ban people I just set it up as private and invite people to be members. Obviously, there are 30-40 hardcore nuts here who would want to keep this place going.

4) disband the blog

5) give it to a specific person. I haven’t talked to him about this yet so I don’t know if he would do it but I think he’d be the perfect person to run the blog….

Simply put, I am tired of this place. It’s not enjoyable for me anymore.  I’m tired of all the insults. I’m tired of all the accusations of who’s posting as who or under what veiled handle. I’m tired of all the emails that complain about certain posters or my daily topics. I’m tired of coming up with daily topics every day, or find unique pictures for POTG. You guys might not know it but it takes a fair amount of time to keep this place current, fresh and interesting. I’m tired of going through each thread figuring out who needs to get zapped and who doesn’t–especially on days we win, you would think those would be happy days for Giants fans. I used to have a passion for this but I’m just…tired of all of it…..

I still have great passion for one thing, and that’s being a Giants fan. I think I need to go back to that being the priority instead of managing this place……

Not that it will be the deciding factor, but I might throw a poll up to see which of those 5 options you guys want me to pick…….

That Game…..

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 29, 2010

Wow. There would have been any words other than swear words to describe that game if we had lost. I only caught the tail end of the Kuip Show but he said that had there been 2 outs instead of 1 the winning run would not have counted because of Nate’s bonehead move not to touch 2nd base. Can you imagine that scene playing out?

I’m done with all this *Orange Shoes* talk but I wouldn’t put it past Wilson to keep running them out there. Any sane person would understand this is getting to be a distraction and ditch them. But closers do their own thing, often with the “look at me” mentality.  There’s also a little “I don’t back down to anyone” mentality going on, too. I guess we’ll see how this plays out…..

Game Time

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 28, 2010

Renteria and Rowand batting next to each other again. Sweet, back to back POTGamers. That’s gotta count for something, right?

RF Torres
2B FSanchez
LF Huff
C Posey
3B Uribe
1B Sandoval
CF Rowand
SS Renteria
P JSanchez

Great Game to Win

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 28, 2010

Is it just me or do Josh Johnson and Matt Cain have like the exact same looking face (not counting the hair)….

That HR by Renteria absolutely lit that dugout up, didn’t it? And he was chugging around the bases at what looked to be maximum speed. It’s obvious by the team’s reaction that they love and respect Edgar Renteria…..

This doesn’t happen very often, but the Marlins have a pitcher going today who’s I’ve never heard of. “Alex Sanabia”– I searched him at *The Cube* and they’ve got nothing on him.  Well, he’s pitched in 6 games this year, likes to walk people and give up hits (1.55 WHIP), 32nd round draft pick according to Yahoo. Have at him…..


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 27, 2010

I really don’t understand why Florida is only one game over .500. They’ve got 2 legit aces (we get to face the 2010 NL Cy Young winner tonight), Annibel Sanchez is a legit 3, they’ve got star power (HanRam) and regular power (Ugggggggly and Cantu)….I dunno. No closer and nothing at the back end of the rotation, I guess that’s it…..

So it seems we are “aggressively scouting Jose Guillen”. Eh, whatever. If he didn’t cost too much I could dig that a teeny tiny bit.  Burrell needs to pick it up ASAP or we need to seriously consider adding someone like Guillen. Though I would prefer Willingham  I actually MOST prefer not paying too much at the deadline (enter, Guillen). I think we are pretty much good to go from a position player standpoint. I don’t want Sabean trading anything of major value this year…..

The Demise of a Baseball Blog…….

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 26, 2010

I showed up at The Splash a few games into the 2007 season. It was the first blog I’d ever visited. I think it took me about 2 posts before Twinfan and I were at each other’s throats, lol. But to me, that’s really when that blog started to take off…..

The Splash was a great place back then but I’m glad they started monitoring it, it was absolutely out of hand. But back in 2007  and 2008 there was a unique community there. I miss that, actually…….

In some ways I feel responsible for the demise of The Splash. Back in the day, we would  run off trolls simply with our volume of posts. But after I started this place, THAT PLACE got fractured and splintered. Back then we could get like 300 posts a day from about 7 people…..

I’m sorry The Splash has been overtaken by fools. It’s certainly run by them, too, if banning Twinfan is their idea of thoughtful moderation. For the life of me I can’t understand why there are people out there who’s sole existence is to be disruptive and annoying– “Soph”, “BarryForever”, etc are almost hilarious in their worthlessness. I guess people like that would rather be noticed  instead of being ignored, which is probably what happens to them in their daily lives….

This post is simply a tribute to what  The Splash used to be…….

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 25, 2010

Going for the Sweep……

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 25, 2010

Yesterday was one of the few games I’ve missed this year. I picked the POTG just off the box score– probably got it wrong. We’ve got some nice separation from 3rd place in the West and are even atop the Wild Card Standings…..

It’s a tired subject, but what’s everyone think  we need right now? A bat? A reliever? A SP? I’ll throw a poll up there. Loo, have you made it through the archives yet? 🙂

Another Win

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 24, 2010

We’re doing what we need to against this team. I hit the sack early so I missed the end. Today, we get to enjoy the beginning of Bumgarner’s Farewell Tour. I’m out the door, I’ll catch up with you guys later…..

Welcome back, Mr. Loo. Your rightful spot at POTD has been warmed by many but filled by no one…. 🙂

Just for the FFFFFFFFFFF of it…….

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 23, 2010

I thought I’d throw up a new thread. Nothing to say. Baha. After almost nailing the score cold last night I thought I would again put in writing my bet (I never bet against the Giants but I almost always post when and what I do bet on their games): went with the under. I also did a 3 team parlay Giants/Mets/A’s. I’m awful at parlays but I play them anyways 🙂

So what’s the O/U on Dirrrrty’s strike out total tonight? I’ll say he gets 6……

Tonight is a Very Interesting Match Up….

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 23, 2010

Last Winter we spent at least half a thread discussing who was going to have the better year, Dirrrrrty or Edwina Jackson. I was firmly entrenched in the “Dirrrrrty Camp” and if you look at their stats it’s obvious that he’s out-pitching Edwina.



3.42 ERA/4.96 ERA


opponent BA–.215/opponent BA–.268

I still love that AZ gave up their best pitching prospect for him. A dude who is, arguably, having a better year right now, not to mention all the years from here on out. But I digress…..

There’s a MERC story out there saying the Giants are going to be limiting Bumgarner’s innings. No surprise at all, everyone is doing it. Toronto just moved Morrow back a week trying to accomplish the same thing. It’s not even arguable, this is the right move. I just don’t want to see Wellemeyer be the guy who *spells* him. I really don’t care who it it as long as it’s not him. “ABW”……

Snakes up in about an HOUR

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 22, 2010

I’m not one of the guys afraid of AZ just because they’re playing well right now. We match up very well with them– our strike out pitchers vs their strike out hitters. How about we win 3-1 tonight?

Tonight’s Line Up

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 21, 2010

Torres cf
F Sanchez 2b
Huff lf
Posey c
Sandoval 3b
Uribe ss
Ishikawa 1b
Schierholtz rf
Zito p

Great line up. Most of you have probably already seen it but I wanted to throw up a new thread. I’m going to go back and delete some of today’s comments. Cease with the personal attacks or you are gone-zo….

Down 5-1 in the bottom of the fifth….

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 21, 2010

Timmy hits Kemp. Everyone is saying the right things about this: “No WAY was that done on purpose”. But I don’t know. It was 5-1, Lincecum was pitching badly, frustrated, and just about done for the night. Maybe he hit Kemp to fire up the team. Maybe he did it for Rowand. Maybe it wasn’t intentional….But whatever the reason, the team came together at the moment. Total puss-reaction by Kemp, by the way. He did like a 6 step half circle toe dance to nowhere. Sandoval charged in like a tiger…….

And then……

Sandoval’s double in the 6th……

Bautista and Casilla somehow dragging and scratching the team through 3.1 innings of scoreless ball….

Rowand’s sacrifice…..

Mattingly’s blunder and Bochy’s keen eye……

Torres’ double….

Posey muscles a single…….

Affeldt? AFFELDT!!!!!!!!

wow. And I’m still LQTM…….

Game 1 Goes to the Good Guys

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 20, 2010

I still don’t have the hate for the Dodgers burning deep within me the way it did in the 70’s and 80’s– but last night was sweet. Casey Blake looks like a tired, old woman at the plate. Who doesn’t *love* that?

Bumgarner looks like he’s 28 years old on the mound…..

And thank God for Buster Posey. If he doesn’t muscle that single into center field who knows how long the team would have been second guessing themselves……

Just a huge win all the way around, especially on the heels of the Sunday game blown by that idiot Cuzzi. What the hell was up with his comments *explaining* his call?  “Blanco made a decent attempt to put the tag on him…that’s why I called him out.” Whhhhhaaaatttttt the HELLLLLLLLL is this dumbass talking about?


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 19, 2010

Knowing we get to slide right into a series against our *supposed* greatest rival makes it a little easier to focus on that and not on yesterday. And yesterday would have been a little easier to stomach if we hadn’t already had that inspiring comeback in the 9th. Oh well, nothing you can do about that……

Krukow was on the radio this AM saying we’re catching the Dodgers at the right time— Broxton threw 43 pitchers yesterday, a bunch of their guys are hurt. I think that type of thinking is BS. It’s on US to play well for once against this team. The way we’ve been playing against them recently they could field their AAA team and still probably beat us……

Hot, Hot, Hot

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 18, 2010

Well, here we are in 2nd place, currently holding the longest win streak in MLB (5). Not bad. Buster Posey is giving me the same feeling I had when WIll came up— every at bat brings me to the edge of my seat. And he’s delivering unreal results. I don’t understand why NO ONE pitches this guy inside–he’s proven to every scout in America that he’s got legitimate power to right field. And that arm to second base, wow, we are lucky to have him and to get to watch this story unfold….

she doesn't like baseball but she has no problem with me buying her all the shwag

3 runs in 2 games? No Problem!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 17, 2010

It’s great to see our pitching staff get back on the beam. If we score 3 runs in two games and lose both the blog world would be imploding with rage. No reason Cain can’t keep it going unless you subscribe to the “METs are due” theory. They aren’t do, they can’t hit. They’re due for another bat or two, I guess……

Zito was the easy choice for POTG….

San Diego is only 17-15 vs The NL West– They’re what, 7-0 against us? Something like that. Looks like Colorado and the Dodgers don’t seem to have a problem beating them. They killed AZ last night. What has happened to Danny Haren?

Nice Start

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 16, 2010

Lovely game last night, wasn’t it? It was +130 lovely for me. As I suspected, Timmy mowed down that line up. Now we turn to our mercurial master of mediocrity, Zit-Man. He needs to step it up. He’s got ONE WIN since May 16th. That’s just not cool. Niese is his opponent and he’s a guy who’s sort of turn4ed a corner, IMO, over the last several weeks.  I suspect we finally see Torres back tonight, at least I hope so.

We’re -130 tonight. Ugh, who would take that bet? Let’s just pray to God that Zito goes 6 or whatever and staggers to the dugout with a 5-3 lead….

What Needs To Happen From Here on Out For Us To Win the Division

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 15, 2010

Winning the division really is our only goal right now. I just don’t think the WC will be realistic for us–too many good teams in the NL East–and at least one of those Big 3 (Braves, Mets, Phillies) will make some loud noise at the trade deadline–Sabes won’t compete with that….

It’s easy to be negative and harp on the failings of the first half—The older bloated salary vet guys have sucked. Our BP (minus Wilson) was awful. The SP has been mediocre. Pablo Sandoval has turned into Guy Sularz, at least from a production standpoint….

But look at what’s gone mindblowingly RIGHT for us: Huff, Torres, Uribe, Posey, Bumgarner, Burrell, Whiteside and Freddy Sanchez have ALL done more than I thought they would *this* year. Those were 8 home runs for Sabean, as far as I’m concerned– and he gets additional props for the guys he passed on signing (Penny, Nick Johnson, etc)….And turning Molina into anything other than a worn out bra strap was genius– Ray looks like a very stabilizing force for us in the BP…….

But we’re not winning the division “as-is”. I don’t think we need to add anyone, certainly not until the Ishikawa thing gets played out. Burrell, too. If either or both of those guys maintain their level of success we set positionally. Obviously we can’t have any big injuries but that’s the same for all the fringe playoff teams. There are certain guys we’d miss less than others but that’s a topic for another day. With everything that’s gone RIGHT this year, all we really need to win this division is for some of the things that have gone colossally WRONG to right themselves—Pablo, the SP, the BP– any of those 3 get fixed and we are good to go. Maybe 2 of 3 depending on which 2. But we aren’t that far away. We don’t need a “Derek Lee” or a “David Freaking DeJesus”. We need the YOUNG guys we counted on going into the season to start living up to expectations: Pablo, Cain, Timmy, Dirrrrrrrrty. Those guys need to step it up starting today. Let’s hope they’re “second half” guys…….

REGARDING THE NEWEST CONTEST: Please get your picks in to me or twin by 5pm today. Give us your prediction for W/l total at end of season and whether you think we make the playoffs. So far I’ve only got about 10, not sure how many TWIN has. He’s putting up a big prize so I hope we get enough entrants to justify doing it….

Wake Me Up When it’s Tomorrow

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 14, 2010

God I hate the All Star Break. It’s funny to feel so deprived of baseball and it’s only been a couple of days. Somehow we make it all Winter long without the game….

Very entertaining game last night, one that the players seemed to really get into in the later innings.  I still would have liked to see Timmy show his stuff on the national stage but whatever, now he pitches tomorrow….

Congrats to SAN DOG who won the All Star Game Contest and another computer from Michael…..

The New Contest AND the All Star Game Contest

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 13, 2010

Here’s a post from last night, it’s regarding the new contest. Email me if you have any questions. For now, just send me what you think their W/L record will be at the end of the year and whether or not you think they make the playoffs.:

From Michael:

“Stage 1 Prize ( pick season W/L record and Yes or No for Playoffs): Intel Pentium Dual Core PC/2GB DDR2 RAM/160GB SATA II HD plus 1 Terabyte External Hard Drive/DVDRW/512 MB HD4600 Graphics Card/Windows 7 Home Premium/InWin Fanqua Computer Case
Stage 2 Prize ( NLDS)- to Desktop PC add Mini HTPC/Dual Core Atom/2GB DDR2 RAM/500GB Hard Drive/DVDRW/External USB Blu-Ray Drive/Integrated Intel Graphics Controller PLUS 22″ LCD Monitor
Stage 3 Prize (NLCS)- to Stage 1 and 2 Prizes add Asus Eee PC 1001PX-MU27-BK Seashell 10.1 inch Atom N450 Netbook and Wireless Router”

Deadline is this Thurs at 5pm….

Regarding the All Star game contest. here’s who is still in it. Again, from Michael’s post last night:

“Here are the contestants for today. If you win, send your address to Flavor and your new PC will ship before the end of the week. Has to be a street address and an adult available to sign. If Flavor and Zumie tie, ( or Flavor, Zumie, and Blade) the tiebreaker will be first guy with a hundred bucks in my Paypal account… alright, alright, I’m kidding. Uh, tie breaker will be…………. how many runs the NL scores. If it’s still tied, how many HRs in the game total. Get the picks to me. twinfan1@hotmail.com
Sandog looks REAL good with me out, BTW.

3Bagger: Wilson, Lincecum/AL/14

BLADE: Wilson, Lincecum/NL/11

Flavor: Wilson, Lincecum/NL/9

Zumie: Lincecum, Wilson/NL/9

SANDiggityDog: Wilson, Lincecum/NL/8″

On to the 2nd half…..

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 12, 2010

So who had “Bumgarner, Posey and Ishikawa” in the pre-season pool as the 3 guys who would be leading the way for us at the break? Obviously you can throw Huff, Torres and Uribe in there too. But without those first 3 guys we’d probably be stuck at .500 or less right now……

Henry tweeted out something about personal issues for The Panda. I’m not going to spend a second wondering about what they are or how they are affecting him since his *issues* aren’t my business. Everyone has *life* to deal with. What I’m wondering about is, if these issues are so substantial that they have ruined him at the plate, why is Bochy running him out there every day? Christ,  put him on leave or something. Get him into therapy. And maybe this is happening already and we don’t know it….

But at some point something needs to be done FOR Pablo and ABOUT Pablo. Either that or he will be nothing but a liability for us for the rest of the year……

Big Game Today

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 11, 2010

Of course, a loss wouldn’t be devastating or anything but it would be really nice to go into the break 47-41 instead of 46-42. I think we have a great shot with this match up. Despite some very good results in certain games this year, Livan sucks and we have a new line up now that should handle him much better than the “Rowand/Molina” line ups. Bumgarner will open some eyes on the east coast today…….


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 10, 2010

Ah, the sun is setting. Pretty. Or is rising? It makes no nevermind. On to Sun Valley.  Last night’s game sucked and it’s now becoming clear that our pitching needs to step up. As an average-at-best hitting team, we can’t be forced to duck into a 4-0/3-1 hole all the time…….

This has nothing to do with baseball but if you want to see a hilarious video of a guy on mushrooms check this out…..


have a good one……

Cain VS Strasburg

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 9, 2010

I gotta admit, I did NOT see us sweeping the Brewers. I don’t think anyone did. They are BAD aren’t they? Oh well, you have to beat the bad teams if you want to make the playoffs….

Tonight we get our 2nd best pitching match up of the year. Cain vs S-squared. Hey, we swept the Brewers, we’re obviously hitting well. We scored 7 off Mr Invincible (Ubaldo), why the hell can’t we knock this young chump around a little? He’s hardly been perfect since that 14 SO masterpiece….

I’m traveling for a few days. I promise not to *Schulman* the blog but my participation will be spotty. I will DEFINITELY find a spot to watch this game tonight in Reno……

Unleashing Hell…..

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 8, 2010

Fun game. I tell ya though, this Posey kid,  I just never saw this in him. Hitting home runs? I just figured him for a Jason Kendall type….

Is it just me or does it seem like Torres and Franchez have lost a TON of hits over the last few weeks by hitting the ball on the screws right at someone?

Bad feeling about the game today but no biggie, we’ve already taken the first 3…..

What Should We Do With Renteria?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 7, 2010

Bouncing Back Big Time

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 7, 2010

I really can’t say enough about how the Giants bounced back from that awful loss on Sun. The formula has been simple: have our young guys step up and perform around Huff, throw in some dumbass plays be their defense, and we are back on track baby….

I totally agreed with Bochy’s decision to pull Bumgarner and I bet it was an easy call for him to make. 115 pitches is plenty for an arm as young as his. 120 would be totally pushing it and who thinks he was going to have a 5 pitch 9th? What good would it have done him to hit 120, put a guy or two on and THEN Bochy ends up pulling him? An awesome performance by Bumgarner…..

This sounds strange but I don’t really sweat those abysmal performances from guys like Renteria and Rowand when we WIN. If we get the win AND Bochy sees more ample evidence that those two are done-zo then we win twice. When they contribute to losses with their ineffectiveness, THAT’S when I hate on them a little more……

And that’s why they play the game…..

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 6, 2010

Baseball is a trip. How the hell does a team come into a game totally and completely gassed and yet win fairly easily? And your starting pitcher gets the win with a WHIP of nearly 2.00 for the game? Of course, the guy who looked most gassed in Colorado, Huff, is easily the POTG. Yesterday’s game is a good example of why betting on baseball is d-u-m-b.  But what a great win….

I think Posey’s wrist is something we need to be more concerned about. They say it was nothing but I’ve dealt with wrist injuries my whole life. In fact, about 5 years ago I tore my right wrist lig playing in a softball game diving for a ball. I didn’t know the damage at the time. I ended up getting 2 more at bats in the game hitting a home run in my final at bat. Had a cast on for 6 weeks after that.  That was the first thing I thought of when I saw what Posey did yesterday. Obviously totally different situations but my point is that just because he hit a bomb after the “grimace” that doesn’t mean he’s all good. He may have irritated a different spot in the wrist. Oh well, I guess we’ll see how that shakes out…..

So I’m wondering if, on an Atlanta Braves blog, they did the same kind of all star game contest we did. Which dude had Omar Infante, lol? What a joke…..

Gut Check Time

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 5, 2010

I’m really looking forward to how the team does today in Milwaukee. After the longest extra inning game in Col history and leaving everything they had on the field, they have to fly to Milwaukee and play today. I can’t imagine too many of our guys have their legs under them right now.  Brewers are “only” -115 to beat us tonight. Wow…..

Everyone is harping on the Bochy decision to replace Posey with Whitey and it’s a valid thing to be upset about but that’s just one of many decisions that managers make every game that didn’t happen to work out. Dumb? Well, the decision is something that would have never even entered my mind. But the reality is, we lost when we sent tired vet after tired vet up to hit and fail. Rowand, Uribe and Renteria don’t look like they can hit anything out of the infield these days. I love Uribe but he needs a rest. The problem is that Renteria needs a longer one.  True, he still clings to a .300+ batting average but look at the hits he’s getting. Of his 39 hits on the year he’s got 7 extra base hits. That’s pathetic. It’s July 5th, you can’t have only 7 extra base hits…. Enough with Renteria. I’d freaking rather see Emmanuel Burriss out there, at least he’d bring some speed and electricity to this sagging offense…..

We are in a very tough situation right now and while it would be nice to never see Whitey play, he’s not the reason this offense sucks right now. The majority of the position players can look at themselves and own that responsibility….

What a Game

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on July 4, 2010

Last night’s game felt like about 4 games, didn’t it? Easily one of the most gut punching, entertaining games of the year. I can’t say enough about how our guys came into the 7th inning. I made Ishikawa the POTG but it could have easily been a tie between Torres/Franchez/Huff for what those guys did at the plate after we lost the lead…..

Anyone who thinks Tracy is a great manager, I’d think again if I were you. DUMB idea to let Beimel pitch to Panda. JT was looking at Panda’s splits this year (.218 vs lefties) but last year he hit .379 against them. And even if you are going to go with just this year you don’t do it with freaking Beimel, a confirmed specialist who does much better work just facing lefties.  And I agree with you WILLIEd, what does Seth Smith have to do to get into that Rockie line up everyday???? Tracy’s commitment to “Spilly” is hilarious, Smith’s rocking the world with an .874 OPS when he’s allowed to play. I also think he bungled the handling of Iannetta. But I digress, this is a Giants blog and I’m blathering on about the Rockies…..

Anyway, fabulous, gutty win……

All Star Game Contest is Up…

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Last night was the first time in a while I can remember questioning Bochy’s moves more than once (in fact, at least three times):

1) Starting Whitey one game into Buster’s supposed ascension to the catching crown. I thought he was just Dirrrrty’s personal catcher? By the way, Dirrrrty has been painfully average for about two months so I don’t see the point in this “personal catcher stuff”.

2) Not pinch hitting for Whitey late in the game

3) Not sending Ray out to START the 8th. It was obvious in the previous inning that Affeldt was off and he was lucky as hell to make it out of that inning without giving up a run. If Bochy had planned on using Ray anyway you don’t bring him in for his first appearance to have to come out of the stretch with men all over the place. He should have started that inning…..

All star game contest is up. Looks like there are more than a few exact same guesses (I noticed me and Zumie and think there were others). Twin can decide what to do if we get a multiple winners. Probably a tie-breaker sudden death contest to be determined? That’s what I’d do…..

Revisiting an Old Blog Post

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I wrote this on June 17th.  Read the last sentence. That’s why I re-posted it today…..

“I liked Huff’s quote in the paper today:

“At this time of year, I’m used to being 20 games out,” Huff said. “I’ve never been a part of something like this.

“It’s an amazing experience. I used to be counting the days until vacation by now.”

I’m guessing Franchez is having a similar ride….

Huff’s re-birth has been one of the great sidebars of this season. He’s been like a left handed Ellis Burks lately. You know, when Barry, Kent, Alou, JT etc were on the team it was great because we were winning and who doesn’t like that? But it was never easy to like most of the players on those great teams just as *people*, you know?

This team is different. It’s EASY to like what we know about the fellas on this team. You can root for these players as “people”, not just players who play on your favorite team….

I’ll remember that when we go on a 6 game losing streak– it’ll make it a little easier to tolerate. :)

Exit Molina Stage Left–What SHOULD Happen vs What WILL Happen

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Let’s forget about Chris Ray for a moment– if he’s capable he’ll fill a hole in our BP. If he’s not we can ‘Garko’ him….

Obviously Posey now goes to catcher since Bochy isn’t insane and can’t  be considering more Whiteside behind the plate. By the way, how’s that “personal catcher” thing going? He and Dirrrrty don’t seem to have the same magic, do they?

Anyway, to me this move is all about defense. As in, IMPROVING it. And if the Giants really want to max out on this Molina Move they will put Travis Ishikawa in as the everyday first baseman.  Uribe and Renteria should be in almost a flat platoon at SS–both look tired right now and probably need the rest. Ishikawa would play lock down defense at first and I think would hit better than people think. With Posey behind the plate, Ishi at first, Franchez at 2nd, Uribe/Rent at SS and Panda at 3rd you’ve got yourself the best infield defense we can put out there.

What LIKELY will happen. Huff goes to first and we see more Rowand or Shierholtz in the OF. Again, our defense gets BETTER with that move since Huff isn’t the outfielder that Row/Nate are. But I don’t need to see the Nate Schierholtz Show anymore.  No comment on Rowand. Travis Ishikawa has been consistently ignored by Sabean and Bochy for 2 years running. He should get his chance and if he can’t do it there are lots of secondary in house moves Bochy can make…….