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Moon Ball

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 30, 2023

That was…pretty stupid. Can’t imagine MLB is going to keep this absurd location on the docket. At least we learned something about Manaea who is one tough SOB.

Back at it again today. At some point even something as cool as a homerun becomes pretty staid when it’s so repetitive as it was yesterday…..

Huge Warrior Misstep

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Seems like the Dubs were relying a little too much on “Championship DNA” to carry them through to the 2nd round. Man, that was ugly. Not sure how they bounce back from that.

Mexico City. ZZZZzzzzz. That do anything for ya? I’d just as soon we play the games here, this is a distraction and it’s unnecessary.

Whimpering Our Way To Mexico

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 28, 2023

Didn’t see the game. I’m assuming Webb was marginally better than the relievers. But in the end it didn’t matter, we get shut out. Now it’s off the Mexico, no game today. Hmmmmm what to do with no baseball game today? Well I heard their might be a basketball game going on somewhere in SF…….

W’s On Top of W’s

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 27, 2023

I missed the Giants game, mostly, for obvious reasons. It would be so *Warriors* to lose game 6. I’m honestly having trouble managing all this winning going on around here lately. The W’s are starting to stack up….

This is a thoughtful, interesting take by Giannis. I don’t agree with all of it but he definitely gave me a different perspective to consider.


Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 26, 2023

Lemme tell ya something, not even Sarah and David saw that one coming….

I spent the first two outs of the 9th inning doing a slow burn. Estrada can’t move Yaz from 2nd. Crawford strikes out. The bespeckled Sabol digs himself a 1-2 shallow grave….and then an absolute magical moment unfolds.

Baseball. There is NOTHING like it.

Katie and I went to see her cousin sing the national anthem and I thought I had the whole thing brilliantly filmed and this is what I actually got lol

Francis Ford Coppola I am not….

But I’m not gonna lie. These Believers might be on to something. And what’s the harm in believing? It don’t cost nuthin’…..

Birds Get Shut Out

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 25, 2023

Well that’s certainly one way to avoid a bullpen implosion— good for Cobb Salad who finally put it all together.

There are unconfirmed news reports that Sarah and David were dancing down the Embarcadero like 2 young whirling dervish.

I shall be at the game tonight and will see if I can join up with the rest of The Believers…

The Believers

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 24, 2023

Yes, it is reasonable to assume that I have too much fun with ChatGPT. This will not be the last one:

“Sarah and David had always been big fans of the San Francisco Giants. They had grown up watching the team play and had fond memories of attending games with their families. So, when the Giants had a particularly bad season, it was a tough pill to swallow for the die-hard fans.

But Sarah and David never lost faith. They believed in the team, even when everyone else thought they were terrible. They knew that the Giants had the potential to be great and that they just needed a little bit of support and encouragement to get there.

As the season wore on, the Giants continued to struggle. They were losing games left and right, and their record was one of the worst in the league. But Sarah and David refused to give up on them. They continued to attend games, cheering loudly and proudly for their beloved team.

Their dedication didn’t go unnoticed. Other fans began to take notice of their unwavering support, and soon, a group of die-hard Giants fans had formed around Sarah and David. They called themselves the “Believers” and made a pact to never give up on the team, no matter how bad things got.

Despite the odds, the Giants began to turn things around. They started winning more games, and their confidence grew with each victory. The Believers were there every step of the way, cheering them on and never losing faith.

Finally, the Giants made it to the playoffs, much to the surprise of everyone who had doubted them. Sarah and David were overjoyed, knowing that their unwavering belief in the team had paid off.

As the Giants went on to win the World Series, Sarah and David were at the stadium, tears streaming down their faces as they celebrated with the rest of the Believers. They knew that they had been a part of something special, something that had required dedication, perseverance, and an unshakeable belief in the power of the Giants.

Years later, Sarah and David would look back on that season with fondness, remembering the joy and camaraderie that had come from believing in something when no one else did. And they knew that they would always be Giants fans, through thick and thin, because they had seen what could happen when you never lose faith.”

Playing Winning Baseball

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 23, 2023

What’s this? We took a lead and then…..held the lead? And won the game? This is an exciting time to be a Giants fan. Sarah and David were both rewarded for their faith. Maybe it’s true. Win or lose the Giants always play with pride and determination. That is certainly something to be proud of.

Speaking of not playing with either of those things the A’s lost 18-3 and already have a -100 run differential! That is DOUBLE the next worst team. Wow!

ChatGPT Takes Over Again

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 22, 2023

ok, last one I promise. For now at least. Here’s what i put into chatgpt: “SF Giants get shut out by Mets. Fans remain hopeful and positive”. LOL. Wrote this in 3 seconds.

“It was a beautiful day in San Francisco, the sun was shining, and the air was crisp. The SF Giants were playing at home against the New York Mets, and the atmosphere was electric. The stadium was packed with fans wearing orange and black, cheering and rooting for their team.

As the game began, the Giants started off strong, with great pitching and fielding. However, as the game progressed, the Mets began to take control, scoring run after run. By the end of the game, the Giants had been shut out, losing 7-0 to the Mets.

Despite the loss, the fans remained positive and inspired by their team’s efforts. As they filed out of the stadium, they chanted “Let’s go Giants!” and talked excitedly about the team’s future.

“I’m disappointed we lost,” said Sarah, a longtime Giants fan. “But the Giants played with heart today. They never gave up, even when the game was out of reach.”

“I agree,” said David, another fan. “The Giants have been playing really well this season. One loss doesn’t define their season. They’ll bounce back stronger than ever.”

The fans were right to be positive. The Giants went on to have a successful season, making it to the playoffs and thrilling their fans with exciting victories. Even though they had been shut out by the Mets, the fans remained confident and supportive of their team. They knew that, win or lose, the Giants always played with pride and determination, and that was something to be proud of.”

ChatGPT Weighs In

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 21, 2023

I plugged a couple of key words into ChatGPT and it spit this *story* out in about 4 seconds. Weird wild stuff man…..

It was a cool Spring evening at Oracle Park in San Francisco, and the home team, the Giants, were facing off against the New York Mets. The stadium was buzzing with excitement as fans filled the seats, hoping to see their team take home a win.

The game got off to a rough start for the Giants, with the Mets quickly jumping out to an early lead. Their starting pitcher, Sean Manaea, was struggling to find his rhythm, and the Mets were taking full advantage.

Despite a valiant effort by some of the Giants’ batters, including power hitters Sabol and Late Night Lamonte, the team was unable to overcome their early deficit. Sabol smashed a homerun deep into left field, bringing the score to 4-2 in the fourth inning. But the Mets quickly responded with another run of their own, widening the gap.

The Giants’ pitching was atrocious, with Manaea being pulled from the game after just four innings. His replacement, a rookie named Beck, was clearly not ready for the big leagues. This Beck reminded no one of the great Rod Beck from years past.

As the game wore on, it became clear that the Giants were outmatched. The fans grew increasingly restless, with many of them heading for the exits early. Sabol and Lamonte continued to fight, but it was clear that their efforts were in vain.

In the end, it was Beck who finished the game for the Giants, though he was hardly a bright spot. The final score was a lopsided 12-3 in favor of the Mets, leaving the home team and their fans devastated.

As the crowd filed out of the stadium, many were left wondering what had gone wrong. The Giants had been on a roll lately, but they had been thoroughly destroyed by the Mets. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but they knew that they would have to regroup and come back stronger if they wanted to have a shot at the playoffs.

On Our Way Back Home

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 20, 2023

I don’t even want to think about what our mood would have been if they had lost that game. Luckily they won and I don’t have to think about it. Now, The Mets.

Really excited for the Warriors game tonight. Couldn’t really build up more intrigue into a Game 3 first round game if you tried to.

Another Lead Lost

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 19, 2023

This season has reminded me a lot of this Seinfeld scene. We know how to TAKE a lead what we can’t seem to do is HOLD a lead….

Draymond being suspended for Game 3 is a total joke. At least the game is in SF where I expect we will see a different Kings team…….

Light The Beam

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 18, 2023

I’m not gonna lie, I like “light the beam” lol. And I can’t even be mad about last night’s loss. Draymond just doing his typical out of control shit. That dude needs to develop a self control plan. I get it, Sabonis grabbed him a little but it does not justify stomping a dude out. You’re just trying to get ejected when you do that. Total meltdown and probably the reason they ultimately lost but take nothing away from Sacramento who just keeps bringin’ it. They are such a fun team to watch…….

Speaking of fun teams to watch…..there continues to be one on the exact opposite end of the fun spectrum and that would be our SF Giants. I don’t even know what else to say about them anymore. Thank God for NBA and the lit beam to keep me distracted from their awfulness…..

We Didn’t Lose

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 17, 2023

Snuck out of Detroit with a postponement. At this point, if it’s not a loss I’m taking it. Miami is just not a fun place to play. Luzardo seems rejuvenated there though so I am guessing this is going to be another tough game for the Orange and Black.

Dubs/Sactown in another barn burner tonight!

The Giants Suck And This Is Gonna Be a FUN Series

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 16, 2023

What’s funny is that when we are discussing the now THREE worst losses of the season they are all to the worst teams in the league. Kansas City and Detroit can’t beat anybody. But they have no problem bending us over for the most painful of buttfuckings.

Man, that basketball game was FUN last night! Obviously I was disappointed that the Warriors lost but that game had high intensity and intrigue from start to finish. Honestly, it reminded me a lot of the Niners/Dallas NFC Championship game. The grizzled vet team at the end of their dynasty vs the young upstart kids who no one believed in. It’s fun to see their fans so elated. I remember what that felt like back in 1981…..

I also received some critical acclaim on the text line with my buddies when I simply declared “WiggOUT!” after Wiggins missed that wide open 3 near the end of the game…..

I’ve enjoyed watching the Kings all year. I even have $20 on them to win it all that I did months ago. I get it, it’s unlikely that a team with no experience can win the NBA Championship but I’ve felt all year that these guys are legit. If the Dubs can’t advance I have no problem rooting for the Kings the rest of the way……..

Defining The Worst Loss

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 15, 2023

I still say last Saturday was the worst loss of the season. I know we have the recency bias to support yesterday’s game as the worst. Still, I had to watch last Sat live and yesterday didn’t even get to see it because of stupid Apple tv. The radio was bad but not as bad as having to watch it. I re-watched the Maton Bomb at mlb.com. It was horrific as expected.

I dunno. What do you guys think? Which was the worse loss?


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Ok, no fiddling around here. Detroit is awful. The one decent thing they had last year was their bullpen and they dismantled it. Got to be a sweep-a-roonie or I’m gonna be pissed.

Muncy’d Again

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 13, 2023

This is the type of stuff that pisses me off…..

“Baseball’s Weird”

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 12, 2023

And, there ya go. Get destroyed on Monday? No problem. We’ll just shut them out on Tuesday.

We continue to display all the hallmarks of a .500 team. Which isn’t the end of the world, by the way. If Zaidi has the green light at the deadline and he makes a few moves…..

Who knows? But Webb must cease and desist with his bed shitting…..

I still can’t believe they’re doing these City Connect unis. People say, “it’s marketing they wouldn’t do it otherwise.” Well in 3 years or whatever it’s been I’ve never seen a single person, anywhere, wearing a City Connect uni.

Embarrassing Game 1

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 11, 2023

LA quickly reminded the world who their bitch is. I shouldn’t be surprised, a team that was all out to beat the Royals 1 time (and who blew a 5-1 lead to them as well) has no business competing with the Dodgers. Not this year. Or at least, not last night.

Baseball’s weird, we’ll probably smoke them tonight.

One thing is crystal clear: if Webb doesn’t stop shittin’ the bed we have no hope at .500 this season.

LAme In Town

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 10, 2023

Finally no more days off and we get right into it with LA tonight.

I missed yesterday’s game. It went better than Saturday’s did.

I’m strangely confident in Webb winning us this game tonight.

Ugly Loss, Beautiful Day

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 9, 2023

Here’s a pic during happier times. Before Stripling. Otherwise known as “BS”. San Dawg, me and we got a surprise visit from his nephew Joe. Joe is young and positive about everything. We could use more Joe’s in the world. He said he’s been a long time lurker but that he would post something today so let’s see if he’s positive AND a man of his word.

There’s very little to say about that game except that it will go down as the worst loss of the year (likely).

And now I sit. In the dark. Drinking my coffee. Waiting for the 3rd round of the Masters to finish up.

Happy Easter everyone.

Salad Day 1 In The Books

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 8, 2023

Super irritating home opener. Small sample size but this team is showing all the hallmarks of inconsistency which is also a hallmark of a .500 team.

Golf was wild yesterday. It rained nearly the entire time, we were soaked by the end of the round. We had no one behind us and as far as I can tell we were the only players to finish the course, I never saw anyone on the back 9. Diggity went down on hole 1 in the mud and that’s why he looks like he just emerged from the jungles of Nam.

He found the hat last week at a restaurant. 1924 is the year his mom was born. For that reason please excuse the fact that he’s wearing A’s colors. 🙂

I’ll try to tweet out pics to and during the game today so if you want to see any of that you can find me on twitter at @1flapdown77

Singer is a good young pitcher, Manaea better bring whatever qualifies as an A-game with him to the mound today.

Opening Day!

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….against our arch rivals, The Kansas City Royals. I shudder to think about all the times Brad Keller has shut us down…..(checks notes)…..uh, Giants hitters actually have almost no at bats against him. Roberto Perez is 1 for 10. Hopefully he spills The Book on him.

Weather is a little shaky this morning but the game should play fine. This weekend is all about baseball, golf, sprinkle in some Saturday Derby prep races, more baseball, Sunday Masters…..salad days on the immediate horizon, my friends.

Two Flaps Up For Bernice….

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 6, 2023

A couple of you guys have mentioned this, .500 is a roller coaster ride, man. It just is. Back to the grind today in Chicago. Lots of weather in MLB today, four games already postponed.

I got to talk with San Dawg for a few minutes last night. Sad to hear about his mom passing but know there is relief in many ways with that happening. A couple weeks ago we had it planned to golf tomorrow at Crystal Springs and then hit the Giants game on Saturday. Both are up in the air now for obvious reasons.

But I hope one or both still happens. He and I have always talked about “salad days.” It’s loosely taken from the movie Raising Arizona but it’s not the same thing. Basically a salad day is a day you have where you stop to appreciate its awesomeness because you don’t know if you’ll ever get another day like it again. No matter how old you are, but especially as you age, in some ways, salad days are all that’s left to look forward to.

So I hope I see you my man, but if you can’t swing it that’s ok, too.

And to my old man who is reading this up in Medford this morning, I just want you to know that I love you and I appreciate you. I just wanted to say it. I can think of more than a few salad days you and I have had together…..

Homeostatic Balance Requested

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So, I’m cool if we don’t hit 7 home runs today. Not cool if we score no runs. Is there something they can settle on that’s a little more middling? A week like this is why I don’t like looking at runs scored per game to gauge the success or failure of an offense. Maybe near the end of the year it’s ok.

Major crosswind in the game today, 25 mph.

Got some rain for the Masters with the biggest rain day being Sat. We will probably finish that tourney on Monday.

Bombs Away!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 4, 2023

Baseball is a weird game, man. I would have bet anything that we were gonna go into Chicago and lay our bats down swiftly and meekly. Nope. Seven bombs. I want Villar to do this so badly, yesterday was a great show for him. Everyone, in fact.

Flap Magic Sandwiched By Two Shitshows

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 3, 2023

So much ugliness in that first series of the year I don’t really know where to start. That’s the first time they’ve been shut out twice in an opening series in their history. They struck out 41 times smashing the previous record of a whopping 32 strikeouts to start a season.

It’s only 1 series and it’s barely April.

But that was ugly.

Flap Nation Invades The Bronx

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 2, 2023

WOW! That was a fun game yesterday. Obviously the win was brought to you by Loo, James and MacDog. I didn’t even know they were getting together for the game.

I honestly believe that if we sent 3 Flappers to every game we’d go undefeated.

Game 2

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on April 1, 2023

Giants facing a guy I’ve never heard of, Clarke Schmidt? I hate everything about that name. He’s 27 so I can’t imagine this guy is a legit prospect. There’s some weather in NY today with the wind blowing out to left at a pretty hefty clip.

Into the second paragraph and I’m still doing a slow burn about this dude adding an “e” to the end of his first name…….

Whatever, we should at least have a chance against this guy. Cobb is an enigma. Every pitch he throws looks unhittable.

And then…..

Let’s just try to score at least 1 run today and then build off that.