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How great was it to see Angel Pagan out there last night? He’s such a huge part of the heart and soul of this team. Imagine “what if” he had played all season? We’ll never know but I choose to believe that we wouldn’t be in the cellar had he not gotten hurt….


Speaking of that, our “Quest for 4th” is humming along quite nicely. With last night’s win coupled with a Padre loss, we have locked horns with our LowCal rivals. The pressure may be on but I have faith in our Live 25 that they will bring this home for us. #questfor4th!

Looking at the division standings I couldn’t help but notice that the Giants STILL have the best divisional record at 31-23. I pondered what this all could mean and came up with this: The NL West sucks balls.

Tim Lincecum: talk about a dude pitching without a net. On July 13th he pitched a no hitter. The Giants have scored 18 runs in his 8 starts since. It’s no wonder he’s 8-13.  Come to think of it, that’s probably about what all the starters get from our pathetic offense, at least the last THREE STRAIGHT MONTHS……

The Giants *Talk* Doesn’t Match Their *Walk* When it Comes to International Players

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The other day I threw out a topic about what the Giants will need to do going forward to keep up with the LA Art Dealers who have no fiscal plan or budget. The response was tepid, most of you said “stay the course, this was a one-off year” etc…

Baggs interviewed Bobby Evans who tried to sound like the team is shifting course a bit and will put more of an effort into scouting international talent. Baggs said: “The club’s scouting department is being mobilized like never before, according to sources. Even Pat Burrell has a plane ticket to Tokyo…”

Excuse me if I don’t jump for joy that Pat Burrell is headed to Japan to fire down as much sushi and bag as many babes as he can in a 48 hour period…..

Evans goes on to say (paraphrasing from what Baggs wrote): “The Giants did their homework on Cespedes and Puig along with EVERY OTHER INTERNATIONAL FREE AGENT.”

Um, that doesn’t quite fly with me. They scouted EVERY OTHER INTERNATIONAL FREE AGENT? Doesn’t that sound a little weird to you? I doubt any team had scouts take a look at every, single one.

And Bobby, if you *did your homework* why did Brian Sabean say this after the A’s signed Cespedes to a paltry 4 year/36 million dollar deal back in February of 2012: “We think the price tag is probably beyond what his talent level is.”

So what we can conclude from this is that the Giants do their homework, their problem is they take the “Jeff Spicoli” approach to studying…..

Spouting off words to the press means nothing to me. And the days of scoring guys like Puig, Ryu and Cespedes for 30-40 million dollar deals are gone-zo. Expect those deals to double or triple for Tanaka and Abreu (and I’m not talking about the guys standing next to President Obama in the team pic taken at the White House last month)….

All we can do is pray that Pat the Bat doesn’t have a thing for Asian chicks……

Quest for 4th!

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This has gotten brought up periodically in the second half of this season, but this series in Colorado is bringing to the forefront a sad possible reality: last place. Only one other team in the history of baseball has won a World Series and then fallen to last place the following year. That team was the ’97/’98 Marlins and they don’t count since their pathetic owner intentionally dismantled them after they won it all in 1997. Sabean certainly was trying to build a competitive team this year, attempting to become the first team ever (in the NL) to win 3 out of 4 World Series titles…..

Sadly, for most knowing dudes I know, that head nod has gone from vertical to horizontal. I’ve even seen some knowing dudes doing the horizontal nod with their head buried in their hands. Saw a couple of fellas doing it with tears streaming into their hands…..

So we won’t be making history by winning a 3rd WS this season out of the last 4 years. We are staring at the stark reality of making a different type of history: last place. And that’s why games against Colorado and San Diego are so critical. Maybe we can get some help from the Dodgers and the D-backs. Bochy abhors the role of spoiler but he’s missing what’s actually going on. We should be taking on the role of reverse-spoiler. Spoil the dreams of dipshit Dodger fans who are rooting for us to come in last place. Spoil the pathetic outcome of us finishing last.

Come on. We GOT this. The rest of this season is all about the “Quest for 4th”. It’ll feel just like winning it all except without the joy of winning anything. This is all about what we’re trying to avoid, like a ghostly demon trying to drag you down to Hades…..

Pence and His Monster Bomb

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Hunter Pence hit the longest home run of the season last night: 476 feet. That’s a foot further than Mark Trumbo hit one back on April 29th. I’ve always wondered how they calculate a *true distance* bomb. It shouldn’t be that difficult, especially with today’s technology. ESPN has now partnered with someone named Greg Rybarczyk–anyone with a last name so difficult to spell is probably very good at math and other calculations, right?

Anyway, I’ve never been to this website  but it’s very cool. They calculate the distance of every home run hit in the major leagues. There’s more info than you could possibly ever want to process. And if you want to process none of it, they just give you the link to the video.

Here’s the link:


It’s Time to Change the Waivers/Claim/Trade Rule

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Instead of talking about the Giants sleep walking through their opening game vs the hapless Rockies, I decided to write a mini-rant about a late season ritual that’s always bothered me….

Claiming a player to *block* another team from acquiring him via trade: One of the dumber, more antiquated tactics allowed in baseball today. With almost every player placed on waivers in August, and teams getting a shot at each of them in reverse standing order, there is zero reason for a team below a team with a better record to NOT put in a claim on a player. Heck, put in a claim on EVERY player. There’s no skill in that, just keep clicking the claim button like a trained pigeon. And worse, there is no consequence.

And there should be. I think that if a team puts in a claim on a player in August, even if they aren’t able to work out a trade, they have to surrender SOMETHING. A 10th round draft pick. 25K. A hallmark card apologizing to the rest of the league for wasting everyone’s time with a bogus claim ticket. S-O-M-E-T-H-I-N-G.

Take Javier Lopez for example. I actually support Sabean for waiting till the end of August to try to work out a deal. Unlike at the July 31st deadline, true contending teams have now thinned themselves out. And of those teams, their playoff needs have coalesced. Lopez has proven his playoff value and it is high. Having a sure fire bullet like Lopez to fire at a tough left handed hitter late in a playoff game is like gold (baby).

Of course, because 5 other teams put in a claim on him, 4 of which have no intention of actually trading for him, the idea of trading him now is almost a pipe dream. And that’s too bad. He’s of little value to us for the rest of the year, he could pull in a decent prospect from a team who actually wants to work out a deal.

Building Future SF Teams–Does the Formula Need to Change?

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With the Giants winning a rare weekend series and the Dodgers losing one, it got me to thinking, what will Sabean have to do going forward to build a team that can compete year in and year out with the LA Art Dealers. After all, if you are competing against a team that cares not about a budget, it presents challenges to the builders of the teams trying to beat them.

Sabean built 2 World Series championship teams by putting together a rock solid pitching staff and making deft deadline (and pre-deadline) pickups along the way. Of course, both teams had to get hot in September and the playoffs and luckily, they did just that.

But does Sabes need a new plan? The payroll is already high, does it need to go higher? If the team gets younger, is Bochy the right man for the job? Or does Sabean just keep firing away on vet pick ups and hope for the best?

I don’t have the answer to any of these questions, maybe you guys do. And I’m praying Sabean does…..

Power Outage…..

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I found this while I was cleaning up my desktop this morning. Forgot about it.



And here’s how the race is currently unfolding. At least Loo nailed the superfecta, albeit if he had boxed it. But hey, we were both so far off, I consider this a lost bet for everyone, including the team. A better pre-season question should have been, “what are the chances THE TEAM will hit 100 home runs?” They have 76 and have almost no chance of getting there but I think we all would have taken the over and gotten soaked on that one…..


The Angriest of Snot Rockets

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The way things are going, it’s possible he’s going to legally change his nickname to “IrateBum”. Maybe “InfuriatedBum”. Anyway, he got his allotment of 1 run and that dope just couldn’t do anything with it. What’s up with that?

Since the all star break, the Giants are 1-6 in Bumgarner starts despite the face that he’s given up only 13 runs in those starts. I stole that stat from Carl Steward.

In Timmy’s 6 starts since his no hitter, he’s gotten a grand total of 11 runs of support from his offense. Pathetic, for sure. But I bet MadBum looks at that like the mother load of all bounties.

I didn’t watch much of last night’s game, I admit it. Had other things to do. It happens.

So what would you guys like to see the team try in September? I stole that one from Steward, too. Posey at third base? Brown in the outfield? Barry Zito on a surfboard in Santa Cruz?

At the downward rate of speed they are spiraling it’s quite possible that tickets to the Sept 7th game will be free. Up note on that event: there’s a 50/50 shot that my dad (“Bobby Bowden” as San Dawg has dubbed him) will be in town that weekend and if so he’s coming with me…….

It’s Time. The Giants Need to Retire #22.

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Eric Byrnes spent a lot of time on his KNBR show yesterday trying to drum up support for his #Retire22 campaign. As anyone knows, there is no greater Will Clark fan than me. Growing up, he was the ONLY poster I had in my bedroom and I had like 6 of them. He was the main reason I became a switch hitter, I taught myself how to hit left handed because I had a man-crush on that swing.

The Thrill has no business ever being elected into the hall of fame and he probably won’t ever get the chance anyway having fallen short of the 5% vote needed to be included on future voting lists. The HOF is all about numbers and reputation. People visiting the HOF would get to Will’s shrine, look at his numbers and just go, “WTF is he doing here?”

But to a Giants fan base, he was everything. At least anyone age 8-21 or so who grew up in the mid/late eighties–and that grown up fan base makes up a large percentage of the season ticket holders today. And his number, 22, will be forever attached to his greatness in a Giants uniform. He was the sole source of pride for Giants fans at the time he burst into the major leagues by blasting a Nolan Ryan fastball for a bomb in his first at bat and he led the way as the team emerged from the darkness of their long time losing culture. That’s why I get irritated when I see guys like Roger Kieschnick wear it. And he’s not nearly the worst looking player to ever try to wear that number. Ryan Rohlinger? Keiichi Yabu? Dustan Mohr? Damon Minor? There are others but it hurts me to type their names.

NO ONE should wear 22 for the Giants ever again. No one should have worn it for the last several years. And yet Murphy continues to brainlessly dole it out to, well, pretty much anyone…….

And I’m not listening to the static about teams only retiring numbers if the player gets into the HOF. The Braves did it with Murphy. And they retired Chipper Jones # like a minute after he retired. There are probably many other examples across MLB of teams retiring numbers because of what the number means to their specific fan base.

And THAT is the core reason why the Giants should retire #22. Because of what he meant to the fan base. There is ZERO reason that teams should be held hostage by the stupid HOF and their elitist approach to those they accept or those they keep out.

You can read Byrnes’ blog post about this at byrnes22.com or you can find this worthy grass roots movement on twitter at #Retire22

He Woulda Been The Hit King

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Ichiro got his 4000th hit yesterday and we’re all left wondering what his hit total would be had he played his entire career in MLB. He has 2,722 hits here, 1,278 hits *there*. I’ve heard the rabble about his hits from Japan *not counting* but that’s short sighted and misses the point of “what if?”

Not only do I think Ichiro would have gotten 4,000 but I think he would have become The Hit King with more than a few hits to spare. True, he hit .353 in Japan and *only* .320 in his mlb career. But remember, in his Japanese career, he would only play in 135 games a year (at most)  vs 162 in MLB (I think they have increased their season to 144 since he left). He routinely shorted himself 130 or so at bats a year playing in Japan. But some fans say, “well, you don’t know what he would have done had he played here all those years. Uh, ya kinda do. This isn’t like trying to translate Sadahara Oh’s 868 bombs into mlb bombs. He never played MLB we have no idea what he would have done here.

But Ichiro has played here 12 full seasons (this is his 13th). Going into this season he had 2,606 hits in his major league career. That’s an AVERAGE of 217 hits in a season. Anyone think Will Clark was a decent hitter? Maybe better than decent? Maybe one of the best you’ve ever seen in a Giants uniform? Ok, that last one is a little subjective but he is to me.

200 hit seasons that Will Clark had in his brilliant 15 year career: 0

If Ichiro averaged 217 hits a season (heading  into 2013) I think we have a pretty solid idea of what he would have done over the course of a 21 year career.

And I love how people are throwing Ty Cobb in with Rose. Please, just stop. Ty Cobb banged out 4,189 hits? Before African American or Latino players were allowed to play? Excuse me, but where is that asterisk?

I salute the Great Ichiro with one of the highest honors the Flap can bestow upon another person: 2 flaps up. While we can unfortunately not count his hits from Japan to get him into The 4,000 Hit Club it’s easy to see that he likely would have easily gotten to 4,000 hits had he played in the States his entire career, and would have very probably passed Cobb and Rose. With the greatest of ease, he is a first ballot hall of famer…….

Flappers, Unite.

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An Open Letter to Anyone Who Claims To Be A “Flapper”:

And I’ll preface this by saying you (Flappers) are the cornerstone of the blog and the main reason why random lurkers come here every day (that’s only creepy-sounding if we’re talking 3-D life). Stuff I write is part of it, but I’m a global guy, very little micro shit gettin’ written up in “heeee-ahhh” . I think that last part sounded hip hop.

But *WE* should get the same criticism as the players when things are going bad for the team. Not watching games to the end is expected. Turning your interests to something more tolerable is understandable (I like re-runs of iCarly (as long as my daughter is present). I also enjoy playing Othello, but I suck at it. I’m fantastic at chess and bejeweled blitz and they’re basically the same game so this vexes me. But nevertheless….. I don’t quit anything because I’m not winning. That’s pussy-shit. I try hard, till the *end* (whatever that is–and if you were at my house right now you’d be kicking my ass in Othello)….

We had a mantra in high school baseball: “you play hard, I play hard. You quit, I quit.” And we told that, quite directly, to opposing players who we were killing who gave us shit for not respecting the *baseball bible* of peeling off once our win was theoretically secure—stealing a bag, scoring from 1st, swinging on 3-0….hey, YOU play hard, WE play hard. YOU quit, WE quit. And “you try hard, I try hard” or “you quit I quit” is still how I live my life today. If you interact with people, it’s how all of us SHOULD live our life everyday…….

The Flip side, or how it relates to the blog, is that I’m challenging you to not quit–and the gravitational pull to quit is strong, non-Flappers wouldn’t sweat you for bailing on the team in 2013. they are impossible and horrible to watch…….

But the comments here at the blog are down yet the unique visitors are about the same. That tells me it’s been *quitting time* for Flappers who don’t like the fact that we smoke copious amounts of pole this year. Fact: we’ve gargled mayonnaise this season…..And while Twin’s current challenges are part of the negative comment numbers, the google map I’m looking at doesn’t say that’s the whole story. There’s a lot of people reading, looking, staring, and bailing. That’s not what real Giants fans are all about, by a long shot.

The strength of the fan base is in the definition of the base. And if you make up any singular cell of *the base*, and you give a shit about your spot in the unit, then don’t fucking quit now like the pussies who whined about my teammate back in HS  (I stole no bases in HS)  who stole a bag late in a 7-0 game with a few innings to go…..

My request is, as the blog owner who everyone *jacks off to* (using a recent *James* ref there and he was radly bouncing off an epic Flavoristic comment from before that) is that you keep firing away your thoughts, opinions, etc….

We are Giants fans. We Score, We Win. In or Out?

Are We Who We Thought We Are?

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Last night, we were reminded of who we actually are when we don’t get to play the Marlins. A tired Boston team that should have been suffering at least a bit of a mental letdown after their gagged, emotional loss the night before, came cross-country into AT&T and embarrassed the former World Series champions. I couldn’t bring myself to write “reigning” or “current” after that pathetic, uninspired, weak, impotent excuse for a “performance”.

In the pre-game notes at the Merc (does anyone even read the Chronicle anymore?) the headline is “Bochy Finds No Inspiration in Spoiler Role”. That’s fine, I don’t have a problem with that. And his reasoning: “your job is to come out here and win every game whether you’re in first place or last place.” Again, no problem with that approach to playing the game. But the kicker is that your players have to adopt that sentiment, too. Or at least come up with their own genuine reason to put forth a professional approach to the game. And last night it was clear, this team is missing something massive in it’s approach to the game—whether it’s mental or cognitive or whatever you want to call it. There is NO EXCUSE to catch a Red Sox team in the state they were in last night and get completely run over in every aspect of the game.

Now, if you want to argue that the ‘Sox simply have better players than we do, that’s an argument that has some merit. But I have a hard time believing that the former World Series champions, only a year removed from their title, are so totally and completely worse across the board, from a talent standpoint, than the 2013 Boston Red Sox.

Motivation. Pride. Focus. Effort. Or lack thereof.

That’s the sad reality of what this season has become. And everyone, from Bochy to the coaches to the players deserve the blame for getting bitch-slapped by a Red Sox team that was primed to lose last night……

You have to find a reason, other than a paycheck, to play the game at this level.

The Red Sox are in Town

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I found the Merc headline rather amusing: “Giants Fail to Pick Up A Game on the Dodgers”. Indeed. Letting such a critical opportunity slip away like that will probably haunt the players throughout the off season……

If you were ever gonna catch the Red Sox in a downer mode it would be today. After a super emotional game in which they gagged up the lead they then have to fly cross country to play the next day. Timmy couldn’t have circumstances any more in his favor than he does tonight. I’m betting that Boston sleep walks through this game. That is, unless Lincecum does this: throw his first pitch behind Pedroia then threw 2 inside pitches before finally plunking him with the 4th one. I know, that would be absurd, right?

Here’s what dinner looked like last night at Merna’s birthday bash:


Yasiel Puig: MVP? Lol!

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Sadly, there is talk that Puig will get serious consideration for NL MVP. To that I say, “hogwash.” I’m not sure if Puig is even MVP on his own team. As much as I hate to admit it, Eye Goggle Boy has had a spectacular year. But he’s been injured and has played in even less games than Puig (58 < 65).

To even have this debate you have to acknowledge that MVP isn’t just about identifying the best offensive player. It also has to be about picking the player who is most valuable to a team in contention. WAR does a decent enough job of breaking that down and HanLoser has Puig beat 3.8 > 3.0. If you say, “yeah, but the Dodgers didn’t start winning until Puig got here!” you would have to be ignoring the fact that HanPussy returned from injury at the same time Puig got called up (June 3rd). So giving Puig credit for igniting this unfortunate run for the Dodgers is not accurate.

Personally, I think the NL MVP, if we were crowning that guy today, should be either Andrew McCutchen or Paul Goldschmidt. Both are the anchors for their teams, both teams are in contention (although AZ is fading) and both players actually, you know, played all season (unlike Puig or Eye Goggle Head who have half the at bats of McCutch or Goldshit). I would throw Carlos Gomez into the discussion but he refuses to stop crashing into outfield walls. Also, Milwaukee sucks and if you’re going to win MVP and play on a bad team your stats have to be absurdly better than stand-out players on good teams (at least, in my opinion).

Admittedly, the NL MVP race is a little light this year. It’s probably the reason that we are hearing this “Puig for MVP” nonsense. I’m hoping he comes in second place and then strikes out in all his playoff at bats (a distinct possibility).

When to Look at Runs Per Game and When to Look Away

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Even with last night’s run explosion, the Giants are averaging only 3.07 runs per game since the all star break. Take that game out and the 9 run game from earlier this month and they’re averaging 2.19 RPG. This is why I’ve recently come to distrust looking at RPG or team ERA’s unless it’s over the course of an entire season. There are just too many one-off games that can skew the stats over a short period of games.

In 2010 they scored 4.30 RPG

In 2011 they scored 3.51 RPG (dead last in NL)

In 2012 they scored 4.43 RPG

and so far in 2013 they are scoring 3.82 RPG.

On the pitching side, our team ERA in 2010 was 3.36 (leading the NL).

2011: 3.20

2012: 3.68

2013: 4.09


So clearly, this year, it has been the pitching AND the hitting that have us where we are today. You could argue that the hitting affects the pitching more than the pitching affects the hitting, but the reality is, both have sucked this year. It would be interesting to discuss what the worst RPG a team could tolerate and still make it to the playoffs. I’m not going to look it up, don’t really know where I’d start. But our ERA in 2011 was a very nice 3.20. Could we have made the playoffs if we’d averaged 3.80 RPG? We finished 8 games behind AZ that season but, thanks to the Sun Dressed Goddess, we were in it until the last week or two.


total side note random thought:

Here is a pic of Ryan Sanberg from 1984:


and here is a pic of him at age 53 yesterday:


Do they test managers for steroids too? 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sliding Doors

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“There’s a fine line between clever and stupid…”

And there’s a fine line between a hero and a failure….

With the count 2/2, Hector Sanchez let a ball pass by that was very likely a strike. He must have been fooled on the pitch—I don’t know how you let a pitch like that go by when you’re down to your last strike; the last out of the game, in fact.

But the ump called it a ball and Hector blasts the next pitch out of the park for a 4-3 win. The Nats lose, their clubhouse is a morgue, the Giants win and the flight home is happy and fun.

It’s a trip to me how fortunes could change so quickly, affecting so many people, with something as slight as an umpire calling a strike a ball……..

And the ironic thing is that the pitch he hit out was probably a ball, not a strike…….

Torture, Re-Visited

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Someone mentioned it last night and I agree–there wasn’t any pain felt (by me) after Span made that catch. It was more like a joke that was funny that I didn’t laugh at. Anyway, here are the 3 *hilarious* catches this year that ended with the Giants as the punchline each time:

The first one was Venable’s on 6/17:


Next, we have Matt Kemp’s grab on 6/25:


Finally, last night, Span takes a circuitous route to finish off the humor:


I’m not sure which was the best catch or which one hurt more. Or which one was funnier.


Also, here’s a tweet that I found interesting. I have said the same thing many times:


Additionally, Brandon Crawford has negative defensive ratings in 4 of 5 categories at fangraphs. THAT is a joke.

A Dirrrrty Dozen of Runners Stranded

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Not much to say about last night other than it was the same ol’ stuff. Others have noted it, but the pop up by Arias really did sum up the season—he gets 4 hits with no one on base and then pops up the first pitch with men on 2nd and 3rd.

Barry Zito has cleared waivers. Shocker. “There’s a fine line between clever and stupid.” That epic line from ‘Tap can be altered and adjusted to just about anything. For Barry, “there’s a fine line between good and awful.” Last year, especially the second half and the playoffs, he fed off the energy that ran through the entire team—Pagan and his salutes, Panda and his unbridled approach to the game, Pence and his speeches….When it all fell apart this year I think some players were affected more than others with the lack of purpose that befell this season. Zito seems to have been affected more than anyone else. 7 weeks left on his 7 year deal. Just ride it out, no one is trading for Zito…….

You look for reasons to watch these meaningless games: tonight, Tim Lincecum. Chad Gaudin’s watchful eye will be looming…….

Who’s up for meeting Tedspe before Flapalooza 3.0/his play? I’m in.

Brandon Belt Finally Listens to Someone

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As all of you probably know, Brandon Belt won the National League Player of the Week. I’ve been gone and I missed the news about the changes he’s made in the batters box. This morning, I read an article at the Merc that detailed the changes he’s made, mostly in his grip as well as a move back in the box. Apparently, our esteemed batting coach Sir Hen had to beg Belt to talk with Dominic Brown, of all people, who finally convinced him to make these changes. If you haven’t read the story, here’s the link:


My question: Why does our batting coach have to seek out a player from another team to convince this guy to change his batting approach? He’s nearly completed his 2nd full year in the bigs and he won’t do what he’s told until Dominic Freaking Brown says to do it?

Well thank God for Dominic Brown. I mean, what a guy. If this big league outfielder thing doesn’t work out for him there’s always a warm spot as SF Giants batting coach waiting for him…….

The Dodgers are going down (in the playoffs) and a Pagan vote

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The Dodgers are 38-7 over their last 45 games? Maybe because we’ve sucked since May I haven’t noticed that spectacular stretch. Regardless, that is a team that’s going down in the first round of the playoffs. Book it. They aren’t that good. Although admittedly, no team is. Still. with HanRam nursing yet another injury, Puig striking out all the time (he’s got 1 RBI in his last 9 games) and a bunch of untested players in playoff pressure type games, I see them going down hard in the first round, no matter who they play……..

Angel Pagan is nearing a healthy return. Some of the scribes are wondering what the point would be of bringing him back this year. To that I reply, “don’t be stupid.” Of COURSE you bring him back this year if he’s healthy enough to play. I will never understand the philosophy of shutting down a season just because you’re out of it. If the Giants shut it down, which they have basically done and WILL have done if they don’t bring back Pagan, then why should the fans bother going to the games? Why should they have to pay for tickets if the team has given up?

Orange Sombrero Night

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Just checking to see who’s *in* for Flapalooza 3.0. The momentous event is scheduled for September 7th (Saturday) 6:05pm vs the D-BACKS. It’s Orange Drunken Sombrero Night and a large percentage of Flavor Nation is descending upon the Club Level section of the ballpark. This will allow us the option of shielding our eyes away from the game and focusing instead on meeting and mingling in the lounge area of the park with fellow Flappers. Thousands (give or take a few thousand) have already confirmed their attendance including at least 3 that are flying in for the grand event.

I’m driving all day so I won’t be able to answer any questions in the comment section till probably 5 or 6pm tonight. But several of the vets can answer any questions, should you have them.

I’ll re-post a Flapalooza 3.0 thread more than once as we approach the date. I just wanted to get a ballpark on who’s coming and invite those who haven’t heard about it yet. My advice, should you value it, is to buy tickets on game day (I know some have already bought them and that’s fine too). With the team woefully out of it and nearly impossible to watch at home, season ticket holders are abandoning their seats in droves. There will be cheap club level seats available on the internet– just buy and print, you’ll be good to go.

Power Outage

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*Scutaro is 3 for 19 at the lead off spot with zero walks. Next…..

*Buster Posey has hit 1 home run since July 1st. As the reigning NL MVP, that’s a joke.

*Pablo Sandoval, who hit 3 freaking home runs in Game 1 of the world series, has hit one home run since May 22nd. He has no RBI’s in August.

*Hunter Pence has 1 home run since July 1st. Also, a joke.

Those 4 guys were supposed to be the backbone of the offense. Playing at AT&T doesn’t account for this spectacular power outage unless we’re playing all of them at AT&T. I’m so glad I don’t have to watch this sh!t right now. Sadly, that is a respite which will end in a couple of days.

Game Thread- Double Orange Friday!

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The Orange and Black vs. the Orange and Black!! Go Giants!!

By the way, I’m really enjoying this book:


Giants Are About To Make It Two In A Row!

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These men will lead us to victory. I guarantee it!

1. Marco Scutaro (R) 2B

2. Brandon Crawford (L) SS

3. Brandon Belt (L) 1B

4. Buster Posey (R) C

5. Hunter Pence (R) RF

6. Pablo Sandoval (S) 3B

7. Roger Kieschnick (L) LF

8. Gregor Blanco (L) CF

9. Ryan Vogelsong (R) P


Lincecum Provides A Brief Respite From Losing

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Lincecum turned in another brilliant start yesterday. I only got the mlb highlights but of his 8 strikeouts, 7 of them came on specialty pitches–the final K was a fastball. It seems Timmy has finally stopped trying to blow everyone away and for that, we’re all happy he’s caught up and decided to start pitching instead of throwing.

Since his July 8th start he’s rediscovered his strikeouts and, aside from the post-no hitter game which is an easy one to dismiss, he’s been nothing short of Cy Young-esque. In those 5 starts he’s pitched 38 innings and given up a measly 6 ER. He has 37 K’s vs only 9 walks. Not surprisingly, considering who’s hitting on his team, he only has 2 wins over this great stretch of pitching. To get those 2 wins he had to pitch a no-hitter and a 1 hitter (over 8 innings), that’s hilarious to me, maybe not to everyone else…..

Unless he totally falls apart the rest of the way, this almost guarantees that he gets a 2-4 year deal from someone–probably at least 15-17 million a year. SO, enjoy Timmy for his few remaining starts with us. there is little to chance (as I handicap it)  that he re-signs with us or takes that qualifying offer. He’s already re-established his value, at least enough for another couple of teams to bid against themselves to give him a deal like the ones I suggested above……


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Perusing the POTD, maybe I’m not missing so much after all? As Bochy said in his post game conference: “To get this type of pitching and not get some wins, shame on us…” The only thing to look forward to now is when the volcano is gonna erupt. A player going off to the media, or maybe on the media. Someone getting fired. Disputes between teammates becoming public. Either way, the *()hit* is headed directly towards that fan. That is, if there were any *hits* out there. I guess the fan is safe for now…….

Complaining About the Park is Lame

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You know, it’s not like the opposition is getting to play in a different park than us. When we’re at home, both teams are playing at AT&T. And yet, we only hear Kruk and Kuip chit-chatter about getting AT&T’d when we’re losing. The Giants have been out-homered at AT&T 45-30 this year so it’s not like the opposition is going 92 straight innings without a home run at home (as we are currently doing as a team at AT&T). But last year, they were out-homered 53-31 and they managed to cobble together a world series season.

Obviously, everyone knows the pitching has been worse this year. But last year they outscored the opposition at AT&T 308-272. This year THEY are getting outscored at AT&T 226-204.

I am a huge believer that a feeble, impotent offense can negatively effect the pitching, especially the starting pitching. The players say this, too. The pitchers feel like it’s all over if they give up a run and pitching tight is not the best path to a successful pitching performance. Still, since the all-star break the team ERA is 3.49–certainly adequate enough to win well above half of your 18 games played. And yet, they’ve won 7.

Tweet This Ahole

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I’m all-in on Twitter man, and I hate it. But there are just too many details in the news that you miss if you aren’t following the news breakers. But there’s one thing I really dislike about it and it’s tweets like this one from Dan Meyer:



First of all, Dan Meyer sucks and I think if the situation were reversed and he was taking steroids and Bastardo wasn’t, he still wouldn’t have won that job. But my main beef with this tweet is that if you are gonna call another man an “ahole” have the decency to do it to his face. Or don’t say it at all.

Back in the day, if you had a problem with someone you dealt with that person directly. If that didn’t go well, you rolled up or threw down, whatever you called it back in YOUR day, that’s what you did. And then usually, whatever the problem was, it was over.

But with twitter and facebook, you’ve got all these people talking sh!t about other people with absolutely zero repercussion for doing so. And it never ends, it just keeps going. Kids are bullied via social media to the point of suicide.

And I know that this thread has now morphed into a weird social commentary that doesn’t have anything to do with baseball anymore. I’m just tired of watching people do a virtual high-five when they “retweet” the words of another person who’s actually too afraid to say the same words directly to the person their dissing in their tweet.

While Dan Meyer is busy celebrating all those retweets and getting interviewed on ESPN last night, he might want to also consider that he could have expressed his feelings to Bastardo in a more direct, private way. Or tweet it out minus that pussy hashtag at the end.

When 0, 1, 2 and 3 Just Isn’t Enough

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See if any of you can guess what these numbers are:

2, 4, 1, 0, 3, 3, 2, 0, 1, 3, 9, 2, 4, 1, 3

I’m assuming the 9 gave it away. That was that glorious, bountiful windfall that our pathetic offense gifts us once a month or so. I should go back and look up how many times our O has scored 9 or more this year but I’m on a patchwork system up here in the mountains and it would take too long and either underwhelm me or piss me off so…..skip it.

In July we scored the fewest runs in the major leagues (78). Detroit, the team we swept in the WS last year, scored 153. I wonder who would sweep who now. Anyway, that’s how July went. In June we scored the 2nd fewest runs in the major leagues (90). So when Bochy says the offense is in a rut he needs to re-frame that to something more encompassing. When you’re going on your 3rd month of sucking and failing at the plate it effects everything and can easily be pointed to as the reason this season went into the dumpster so early and so spectacularly…….

And now we get to look forward to a change at lead off. Hmmmm, that only took going on 3 months…. “We are not getting any production from our lead off hitters,” Bochy declared.

Just the lead off hitters, Skip?

New Thread Where We Will Chat About Blah, Blah, Blah . . .

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The Giants are blah, blah, blah and they will make their move on blah blah, 2013.  

Losing to the Bad Teams and My Personal Review Of A Pretzel Bun Cheese Burger

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Most of you read Baggs but if you missed the end of his thread I’d love to hear your theories for this one:

The Giants are 30-27 against teams with winning records. They are 20-32 against teams with losing records.

Also, if you’ve ever had one of those pretzel bun burgers from Wendy’s please review it. I almost broke down at 1am last night and got one….

Gametime Thread!

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LU reminder:

1. Gregor Blanco (L) CF

2. Marco Scutaro (R) 2B

3. Pablo Sandoval (S) DH

4. Buster Posey (R) C

5. Roger Kieschnick (L) LF

6. Hunter Pence (R) RF

7. Brandon Belt (L) 1B

8. Brandon Crawford (L) SS

9. Joaquin Arias (R) 3B

Finding Your Way To San Francisco at the End of Your Career

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Last night, San Dawg started up a great discussion, maybe the best of the year, with his list of ex-Giants who came to SF at the tail end of their career. He fired off  Warren Spahn, Duke Snider, Steve Carlton, Goose Gossage, Tommy Herr, Joe Morgan, Reggie Smith, Dusty Baker, Gary Carter, Al Oliver, Manny Trillo.

When I quickly read that list I assumed he was talking about players who were still productive (except for Manny Trillo who I recalled sucking with us). Spahn and Snider I have no recollection of as I wasn’t born yet. So I’m not gonna look them up. Here’s what the other guys did with us.

Carlton:  That dude is 68 years old right now. Wow. Anyway, he pitched 6 games for us back in ’86. We picked him off the scrap heap after the Phillies released him. he was awful with us , going 1-3 in 30 innings pitched. He walked 16 and struck out 18. Amazingly, he pitched 2 more seasons (with the Twins and the Indians) after the Giants released him.

Gossage: He pitched one season for us (1989). He had good stats, going 2-1 with a 2.68ERA. He even had 4 saves. We waived him in August and he pitched the rest of the ’89 season with the Yanks. Anyone remember why we let him go?

Tommy Herr: no recollection at all of this dude. But we did pick him up off waivers in ’91 after the Mets released him. He hit .250 in 73 at bats, probably pinch hitting a little. He never played in the major leagues again.

Joe Morgan: This is the name that originally had me thinking it was a list of productive players at the end of their career. He played with us in ’81 and ’82. It was the ’82 year that I recall so well and he did put up nice stats that season: .289, 14bombs, 24 sb’s. Besides the big fly at the end of the season to beat the Dodgers, I think he was a major team leader in the same way Angel Pagan led us last year (and this year until he went down)……..

Reggie Smith: This is another dude I remember as a stud with us. Just looked him up and he was. In his final season (1982) he hit .289 with 18 bombs in 106 games…..

Dusty Baker: He played for us in 1984 hitting .292 in 100 games. He would go on to play 2 more seasons with the A’s.

Gary Carter: split catching duties in 1990 with, apparently, a bunch of guys. The Giants have 6 catchers listed on that team, lol. Mark Bailey, Bill Bathe, Steve Decker, terry Kennedy, Kirt Manwaring and Carter. He played in 92 games hitting .254 which was right around his career batting average of .262. Probably played the role of leader quite well….

Al Oliver: played with us in 1984. Did what he did, hitting .298. We traded him in August to the Phillies for Kelly Downs. Later we sent Renie Martin to them to complete the trade. He hit .312 for the Phillies the rest of the way. I have no evidence of this but it wouldn’t surprise me if he was pretty coked out that year and the Giants unloaded him because of it. Just a guess though.

Manny Trillo: played with us in ’84 and ’85. Sucked. And I remember he had a bad attitude, too. He went on to finish his career with the Cubs.

There were other great names thrown out last night: Darryl Strawberry, The Big Cat, Dunston, Benny Santiago, Blownitez, Eric Davis, Joe Carter, etc…..

It was a great list. Here’s one I didn’t see listed: Deon Sanders!

Hey, I’m going out of town for about 10 days so if I don’t get a thread up by 10 or 11am feel free to Stable Boy it till I get back.


Going From Contending to Evaluating

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Make no mistake about it, this season is over. Ha, sorry I have to break the bad news. The pitching has been suspect all year and the hitting has been atrocious for going into 3 months now. That’s not a “bad rut” as Bochy put it the other day. That’s your season.

I’m still watching all the games, rooting as hard as ever. I don’t think I’m taking the losses as hard because I’ve come to accept our fate this season. It took me a while, but I’ve accepted it. The other thing I’m going to do from here on out is evaluate the players we have. It’s a little difficult to do when the pressure of winning is off—when you’re not actually IN a divisional race, it’s an unknown how you would play if you were contending. But, a lot of these guys are still playing for jobs and contracts (some are even playing for pride) so there’s sufficient enough pressure put on these players on a daily basis to feel confident that their production can be judged one way or the other.

For all those reasons, I am 100% behind watching as many Brett Pill and Roger Kieschnick at bats as I can stomach. Not sure how many that’s gonna be. But this team needs more offense and better pitching. We’ve seen what the pitching looks like from AAA–it ain’t ready. And that’s a kind way to put it.

What we haven’t seen is how the hitting from AAA will do up here. And I’m not talking about the spot starts that Pill got over the last couple of years or the cup of coffee pine-riding that Peguero was given. I’m talking about sending them out there to play 4 out of 5 days for the rest of the year and see what happens. Unfortunately for Belt, he’s going to lose a lot of playing time since 1B is the only position I’d let Pill play.

Brandon Belt has had his shot, both this year and last year. He might turn out to be a productive player down the road and it could be for someone else. We’ll see. But he is not helping the team win this year. People point to his OPS but the fact is, his OPS isn’t that good. Compared to other first basemen in the league, he’s near the bottom.  And his strikeout rate is awful. If you’re going to strike out 23.8% of the time you better be bringing the thunder with your non-strike out at bats. For instance, Chris Davis strikes out 29% of the time. But he’s also blasted 38 bombs. Belt’s strikeout rate leads the team by a mile and it’s time for him to sit. Nice job with all your walks, but again, if you’re walking and striking out all the time you had better fill up the stat line somewhere else with the other 2/3 of your at bats. And Belt has failed to do that this year.