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Staying Confident While Reality Crashes Down Around You

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 31, 2011

6 out with 26 to play? No problem!  I have stayed as confident as is Giant-ly possible over the last month despite the seeds of desperation growing into something that feels much larger than me this morning. I dreamed of August 23rd. That dream came and went with me staying confident. I dismissed 4 out with 28 to go as not a problem. Still confident. I bragged about The Knowing Dude Head Nod knowing more than you.  I affirmed great confidence that we can beat the Cubs since they are built much more like we are than the scrappy, speedy (L)astros are. We promptly lose 2 straight (and neither game has been close) to this team supposedly “build like us”. Meanwhile the Snakes forgot how to lose and have won 8 straight putting us currently 6 back with 26 to play. In yesterday’s thread I said we had to win 5 straight or the season was toast. We lost 5-2. Snakes won easily…..

And here I sit trying to figure out how to back track out of that “toast” sentence from yesterday. My hands are folded together with my index fingers forming an upside down *V* tower that I am tapping gently against my lips. I have the faintest “knowing dude head nod” going right now……

And what I’ve decided is this: I was wrong to use the *toast* comment, it simply isn’t over yet. Do I feel confident in this team or any of my countless predictions that we would win the West by several games this year? No. That confidence is as dead as the bloody, shredded dead bunny that one of my cats brought in this morning. I have been forced to face who this team is and it is not who I thought they were. But it’s not over. Yet. We play the Snakes this weekend and if we sweep them we are still in this. Could that happen? Absolutely. Do I think it’s gonna? Well, I’ll just say this: I am lacking confidence that it will happen. But I will root for it to happen and in a fan’s world, *rooting* and *reality* don’t ever have to intersect for even a moment. But in a *moment* rooting can overcome reality enough to make a dream come true. That’s not some corny bs that I just scribbled out of my keyboard. Stop and think of sporting events in your life time where the result didn’t make any sense. Where the winning team didn’t *deserve* to win. The Cardinals went 83-78 in 2006 and won the World Series. Did their season record indicate *deserving* to win the World Series? Of course not…….

There will be something painfully perfect on Saturday night as The First Ever Flap Get Together goes down and I get to watch the game with some true Flapper fans. It could all end that evening. Or it all keeps going. Who knows. I am holding on to one last desperate shred of hope that we somehow luck our way into the playoffs this year. I don’t care if that looks pathetic and it’s a far cry from the confidence I once proudly owned. But I am a fan of this team till I die and there has been and will continue to be many times where my rooting doesn’t intersect with the reality of the situation. I imagine many of you feel the same way. Go Giants……..

How do the Fans in the Stands Watch these Games?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 30, 2011

For most people, it’s a lot of work to get to and afford going to a Giants game. Maybe some people are season ticket holders who don’t work and who have no family responsibilities, but for most fans, there’s a lot of effort put in on their part to attend a game. I continue to marvel at the number of people who keep turning out for these game. The announced crowd is clearly less than the number of fans in the stadium. But there are still a lot of fans in the stadium……

Last night I wondered how many innings over the last month the Giants have scored 2 or more runs in an inning. I don’t have the time to go through all those box scores right now but I just went through this current homestand’s box scores. We’ve played 66 innings on this current hommey. The hommey that was supposed to be the beginning of the steam roll that I saw so clearly in my mind’s eye on August 23rd. Of those 66 innings we have scored 2 runs in 3 innings. We exploded for 3 runs in one single inning—the 8th inning of game 1 of this home stand. That leaves 62 of 66 innings where we scored 0 or 1 run. And I didn’t count them up, but most of those 62 were zeroes. That is an awful lot of futility to sit through. The kids and the female fans have their panda and giraffe hats to amuse themselves with. The dudes have their beers, at least until they are turned down when the bottom of the 7th ends. There are the views and the pretty concourse to walk along. Lou Seal is there to giggle at you. Day games offer ample racks in tank tops to slyly glance in the direction of….. But after that? Not much. My hat is really off to the fans who make it out to the games, at great time and expense, to watch the utter boring failure that this offense produces game in and game out…..

They have to win the next 5 straight games or this season is toast……..

Turning the Page on The (L)astros

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 29, 2011

See, the problem was, the Astros are just too bad for us to play. Now they are running around playing all their kids who are wide eyed with nothing to lose and they did all the things that most major league teams can do: work a walk, steal a bag, bunt a guy over, sac flies, stuff like that. The truth is, we don’t match up very well with a young team that has wheels. I said this last year when SD was beating us regularly: when the other team forces issues with their speed we usually play slow and cautious. And defensive. And not the good kind of *defensive*….

Now we get the Cubs. They’ve got a little bit better record than the Astros and they’ve got a different team—old, slow and overpaid. This is a team we can relate to. And really, it’s a team we can beat. Hopefully the D-backs stumble a little vs Colorado—the Rox are playing fairly inspired ball these days. And then on Friday we sink or swim. We need 2 of 3 and preferably a sweep. We lose 2 or 3 and I will stand up strong and admit I was wrong about the Giants in 2011. But let’s see what happens. Despite only splitting the series with the lowly Astros we were at least playing inspired ball. There was heart shown and that is what they had last year. Take that up another notch and who knows what could happen…….

Another Dog Pile Finish to an Important Win

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 28, 2011

We’ve now scored 7 runs in the last 4 games and have improbably won 3 of them. If we had won all 4 you can bet that the guys at Elias would be trotting out a stat about least runs scored over 4 straight wins since 1897 or whatever….

I’m a little surprised that The Panda is the favorite for September MVP. He really hasn’t been hitting since he hurt his shoulder and the fact that he still can’t swing from the right side is a huge concern. It’s also a testament to his resolve that he is playing through all these injuries…….

Surkamp’s debut was noteworthy not because of his pin point control, which he didn’t really show last night, and not for dazzling stuff, which he doesn’t really have except for his curve ball, but rather for his ability to gut his way through 6 innings giving up a single run that really should go to Huff’s ERA, not his. It’s got to be so much more difficult for a starting pitcher to make his debut than for a position player to make one. All eyes are on you for every single pitch you throw. A dude making his debut in right field can pick daisies for half the game and really only get noticed at the plate or when he makes 3 or 4 plays a game in the field. The kid probably had some normal butterflies. His debut is out of the way and he finished it on top of a dog pile win. How great must that have felt for him?

And finally, welcome back Andres Torres. Ross has not been boss in your absence. Rowand has been…..well, you know. Here’s hoping that your presence in CF and at the top of the LU has a propelling effect on a team in desperate need of a jump start….

And now for a shout out to a great Giants fan, here a 2 pics of BLADE’S 2nd cousin Victoria as she met both The Panda and The Belt at an autograph signing down in Santa Clara.

Winning Without Hitting

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 27, 2011

4 hits yesterday. 6 hits the day before. 8 hits the game before that.  We scored 5 total runs. Yet somehow, we win 2 of those 3 games. The historic, epic failures of this offense are no longer an issue. If we can win 2 out of ever 3 games we’d have the best record in baseball….

It’s funny, last year the guy I didn’t want up at bat was The Panda. He was fat and flailing at (and missing) everything. He didn’t belong in the LU. This year? He’s like the only at bat I look forward to seeing. Others might say Belt but right now I find Belt’s at bats tough to watch. Not all of them, just the ones where he, you know, forgets to swing. Or in last night’s game he forgot to run. It’s inexcusable for a rookie to ever not run as hard as he can every time he hits a ball that has a decent chance of landing fair……

That shot of Bochy holding the bat was classic. He looked like a crazed man holding an axe that he’d just used to massacre a small village. Good thing Kepp got that hit or Bochy might have turned around and laid waste to a water cooler or two…….

Should be a fun game tonight, everyone is looking forward to seeing Surkamp pitch. A corresponding move still has to be made. Do they do the safe thing and 60 day DL someone? Or do we wave bye bye to a vet? That scoop by De Rosa last night basically saved the game for us as did the unbelievable grab by Miggy. That play was unreal on both ends…….

Now THAT was a Frustrating Loss

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 26, 2011

I like a pitcher’s duel as much as the next guy but Giants games are now teetering on the cusp of *boring*. I can enjoy a pitchers duel because of who is pitching. Kershaw vs Lincecum. 1-0? I’m down, I’ll watch that and be riveted because they are 2 guys at the top of their profession dominating no matter who the line up is. Henry Sosa? He threw a ball straight down the middle with no movement on it whatsoever and Ross made 2 outs swinging straight through it. Huff absolutely mailed in his at bats last night. That’s not riveting, that’s flat-out boring……

Krukow said something mid game about how spirited the Astros were playing and that they came to play. Christ, they came in here on a 4 game losing streak and they have the worst record in baseball! That’s not spirited that’s showing more spirit than the team they are playing. Last night, that wasn’t saying much.

Baggs is on his blog calling for some “The time is now” moment. That’s just hogwash. Bochy has tried every different LU he has available to him. And Brett Freaking Pill is not the answer……

These guys are World Champions. Well, the 2010 guys were. I don’t know who these guys are. They have EVERYTHING in their favor right now. Home schedule, playing bad teams, some injured guys have come back. And this is what they are doing? It’s inconceivable to me that a collection of major league hitters with a track record of success at this level could score so few runs game in and game out.

With September approaching I’m resigned to the fact that this is what these guys are going to produce this year. I still think it will be enough to win the division. But we should be destroying teams like the Astros. And yet, we are all-fucking-OUT to beat them even a 1/4 of the time.

At this point, it’s time to get Torres in there and just hope for the best. The “Rowand against a lefty” or “sitting Huff for a few games”—I just don’t see the point. In fact, it’s entirely likely that Torres continues his poor year when he comes back. There is just something about him though that feels slightly different than the other two moves. I don’t know what else Bochy can do. If Brett Pill hits the line up, we are absolutely waving the white flag…….

Ready to Steamroll the Astros

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 25, 2011

My friend Luke hates it when I predict a win on the blog. Says I’m always wrong. Says it’s a jinx. Ok Team Lukie, I won’t predict a single win. But I will predict a 4 game sweep of the Astros. At a minimum I guarantee 3 of 4 but I think a sweep is likely….

Question for you: Would you trade Dirrrrrty Sanchez for Heath Bell? You get Bell for Sept and the playoff run. Since I think Wilson is done for the year I think you almost have to try to make this trade happen. The Padres would do it, I think. Dirrrrty is usually tough on them. No hit tough. They probably over value him because of that game. If you give ’em Dirrrrty you wouldn’t have to give up 2 prospects, something Pads will look for since they get 2 picks for him when he leaves this Winter. I think Dirrrrty has at least one more and maybe 2 years of arbitration left……


The Flap Fantasy Baseball Standings

(Berra’s Bombers slides past Dirt and takes aim at The Clown)

Translating Our Calendar

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 24, 2011

Well, there’s “August 23rd” and then there’s “August 23rd!!!!!!!!!”. Turns out I put too many exclamation points in that bad boy and it turned into an earthquake on the east coast. Didn’t know my own strength……

But seriously, if yesterday’s game knocked you out then you are basically *Michael Spinks*.  Come on, did anyone appreciate that comeback? Ramirez completely failed but that’s going to happen over the course of 162, you are gonna have your gut punched a bunch of times. Do you go down like Spinks or do you get up and git after it?

August 23rd was not a day that I predicted a win. It’s a day I marked as an opportunity for change. And as I pointed out last night, only to the dimmest of the dim does change happen overnight. I reserve the right to stand up like a man and admit being dead wrong about this team but today I stand strongly behind them. We will win this division and we will win it fairly easily. If you doubt me all I can say is that The Knowing Dude Head Nod knows more than you……

August 23rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 23, 2011

I went to a wedding years ago where the bride’s dad got drunk and by about the middle of the reception he was running around to everyone he could find and screaming “July 28th!!!!!”.  Most people didn’t know what he was talking about. It turned out that was his birthday and he was inviting everyone to to the party on his boat. As the evening wore on, my buddies and I all joined in the fray and pretty soon the entire wedding was drunk running around yelling “July 28th!!!!” to whoever was near by. The evening ending at some bar and I have this perfect image of this dude stumbling out the front door of the bar and wandering away into the night all the while mumbling “July 28th” to himself……..

The girl I took to that wedding 14 years ago, who’s married with a couple of kids now, will still send me a random text every year or so that simply says “July 28th”. I respond in kind…….

Without quite the purpose and repetition as Mr July 28th himself, I give you the following battle cry:

“August 23rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Not sure what this is an ad for but it’s a place in Wisconsin…….

Finally, that day is here. Who knows if we win tonight. That’s not the point. The point is that we have broken through to the other side. A 12 game homey. The rest of the way we play teams who are under .500 and I am lumping Arizona in there because I think they peaked and are going to continue their spiral downward for the rest of the way. Not to mention, we are getting healthier………

I’ve got no idea if we have what it takes to advance past the first round in the playoffs. As I’ve patiently pointed out many times, we are missing all the fire power from last year. But if Beltran starts hitting and Huff and Pablo stay hot, who knows? Cabrera could be last year’s Renteria. So could, gulp, Tejada.

By the way, none of us ever went to that birthday party or ever saw Mr. July 28th ever again. Maybe the equivalent here happens and we miss the playoffs. All I know is that if it’s ever gonna happen for us this year it starts today. August 23rd. I’m extremely confident and positive today. Bring it……

And by the way, my *list* of fans who have given up on this year has been torn up and thrown away. If you were on board last year you’re on board this year. I might have to strap your screaming ass into your seat but you are coming along for this ride. And this ain’t no bus you’re on a goddamn F-16 cause if you’re a Flapper you got wings and today it’s “2-flaps Up” baby……

And here’s an update on the Flap Get Together I am planning. As of right now it will either be Sept 3rd or 4th. Sat is a 6pm game, Sun is a 1pm game vs the Doosh backs in our yard and I fully expect to have a firm grip on first place when we play them. It will be somewhere on the Peninsula between San Jose and SF. E mail me if you are interested in attending and if one day is better than the other for you. Right now, it’s me and San Dawg. I am keeping the details of it in email since there are lots of unknown people who read this blog and never post. But all of the regs are invited. WillieD, I can tell you San Dawg is simply bursting for you to attend this……. bigflavor77@gmail.com

Your 3rd Place Willie Mac Winner: Guillermo Mota

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 22, 2011

I was discussing this 3rd place finish with Pawlie yesterday on the phone. I know the players and coaches vote 0n this esteemed award, I’m just not certain how the votes are cast. Do they just get to submit one name? That would be tough. Looking at the list of past winners since 1980 is a wild ride down memory lane. Clark won it the first year. Krukow won it back to back. Speier won it in 1987 and I only remember him playing for us in the 70’s. Tiny Felder in 1992, I loved that guy. Mark Carreon who I dimly remember playing for us at all won it in 1995. The 2 time winners are Krukow, Snow and Molina. It’s awarded to the player who “best exemplifies the spirit and leadership consistently shown by McCovey throughout his long career”.

I think Pablo wins it this year fairly easily with Vogelsong and his long road back to the big leagues snagging him 2nd place. And I don’t know how else to honor Mota’s thankless contributions to the team this year so I am handing him 3rd place right now. This is a guy who didn’t get an offer from a single team last Winter. Think about that. With pitching staffs torn up across the league, Mota didn’t even get a major league offer. The freaking Giants didn’t even offer him an MLB deal! He had to come back on a minor league deal. He’s making $925,000. This is a guy who’s made a little over 16 million in his career who is hardly doing this now for the money.

I’ll spare you all the disgusting details of Zito’s contract. One of them is that it calls for him to get a luxury box on every single road game the Giants play. Meanwhile, Guillermo Mota is busy saving our bacon time and time again. When Zito went down with his owey foot, Mota comes in to eat up innings and get the win. When Bumgarner gave up 137 runs in the first inning against the Twins, Mota comes in and saves the bullpen (as well as the next couple of games by resting the bullpen) and pitches nearly 5 innings. And yesterday, after Runzler did his best impression of a scared 3rd grade girl, Mota comes in and rights the ship with 3 scoreless. There are 39 other games he’s appeared in that will go unnoticed by everyone except Mota and his friends and family.

His contributions to the team this year can’t be understated. And while I don’t know if 3rd place in the Willie Mac Award is the proper way to honor him, I’m doing so anyway. So take your cap or use a pretend one and doff it to this man today. He’s never going to get paid market value for the games he saves for us. He’s 38, he might get another year deal with the Giants if he’s lucky. But while Zito is packing his whores into those road luxury suites, Mota is quietly waiting in the bullpen for Bochy to call on him. He almost always delivers the goods…..

And speaking of delivering the goods, I want to give a huge public shout out to WILCO JOE. While I am pathetically titling the  main thread “To Watch or not To Watch?” my main man in the state of Texas was busy doing  it all this weekend: He went to all 3 games giving us live game time updates. He had a player toss him a ball (not his first) as he was congratulating the team from the rail. He tracked Bow Tie’s every move, and ultimately got his picture taken with him. He even took a break from the rum and cokes and took his family to a game. And this is unconfirmed, but I think he’s the first double-POTD we’ve ever had. You, dude, are one hell of a Giant’s fan and an esteemed member of Flapper Nation. Well done……

To Watch or Not to Watch?

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I thought about skipping the game today. I don’t have anything else to do but I’m just having trouble gathering up any interest in anything baseball related pre-August 23rd. I am slightly interested to see the pitching match up. You have to think that Sosa will be pretty geeked to pitch against us. And Runzler starting is at least slightly interesting.

Interesting that Belt got the start vs Sosa. He seems to be much tougher on lefties. I think Bochy has finally waved the white flag on Rowand……..

An Epic Under Water Tale of Failure and Hope…..

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Ever try to hold your breath under water? I’ve tried lots  of times. I’m not very good at it. Tonight’s game reminds me of what one of my Summer night’s might have looked like if I ignored the time continuum. I’m imagining that I’m trying to break the under water hold-your-breath record at Lake Lagunitas that BILLY MAYO held in the Summer of ’81. Now I’m under water, determined to finally break this epic Summer record. It seems that several minutes have now passed by. I have fucking GOT this. Except now a panic attack is setting in. A legitimate panic attack is setting in and I’m under water and I am going to fucking die! What are my friends going to tell my parents? That I died trying to break some dumbfuck under water record at the local lake? Ok, my lungs are literally about to explode. Don’t freak out, just think about 1 or 2 more things to pass the time and then the record will be secured, it will be yours. Glory. Destiny. Hmmmmm. Ummmm. Ricky Waters used to say some funny shit. “For who? For what?” Shit! New subject!!!!! My insides now feel like they are on fire. Not like some stupid ass “Building 7” fire, but a legitimate raging forest fire that’s torching the entire side of a mountain. Mountains are nice. I like Lake Tahoe. And bacon…..That’s fucking it! I’m coming up!

Oh my God!!!!!!! Air rules!!! It fucking rules!!!!! And so do I!!!!!! Under water holding breath record 1981, baby!!! Ok, give it to me, tell me what my time was. How long was I down there? I thought I was gonna die…….

“Dude, that was like a minute. You missed Billy’s record by a mile. Idiot.”

I glumy pulled myself from the lake; mud stuck between my toes, my chest still on fire. The magnitude of this great record engulfing me is only eclipsed by how incredibly stupid my attempt was in the first place. I suck…….

My best friend strolls by and offers a half assed condolence:

“Don’t sweat it dude. You can’t hold your breath for shit. But at least you have something to look forward to: August 23rd, 2011…….

Getting Shut Out Again and I Could Care Less

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That one was fairly easy to swallow. The 4th game of a hot ass week in Atlanta–I think our bats were a little flat. Same thing happened last year when Jaime Garcia went through our line up in like 82 pitches (or whatever it was)….

And now, we reach a door that opens to a Nirvana of sorts. The only team we face with a winning record the rest of the way is Arizona. And being only 2.5 back of them, I believe us to be be basically in control of our destiny no matter what the doosh-backs do. In fact, after this 3 game diddy with Houston we start a 12 game home stretch against crap teams….

I’m going to enjoy the furor over this series with the Astros. We are a pretty tired and beat up team right now. Not playing well in Houston won’t surprise me. Then we come home and find the ledge pretty empty. We look around and say “Hmmmm, that’s odd, the ledge should be full right now.” Then we find out it’s because most of you jumped. We’ll give them a few knowing dude nods to honor their short life span as fans of this team and maybe send down a cleaning crew to wipe your asses up. And then we’ll head back inside, grab a beer, turn on the tv, and watch the Giants reel off a 9-3 homestand, cruising past the D-backs by the early part of September….

Romo is coming back. Looks like Beltran is even coming back next week. We’ll probably miss Bee-Wheezy for this series in Houston. But August 23rd is the date to circle. That is the date that we shed all the weight and the sludge we’ve been carrying around the last 3 weeks. You guys can all jump after the ‘Stros series if you want. But you might want to check the schedule before you do. Things are looking up, not down. Violent knowing dude head nod as I type these last words. My head’s about to snap clean off at my neck. Don’t say I didn’t warn you……..

Holding my Breath Driving Down 101

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I had to pick someone up at the airport in San Jose yesterday evening so I caught the last inning in the car. It was unfolding towards a perfect storm of torture. You could just feel a loss coming. And then somehow, Affeldt gets that last K and I couldn’t stop myself from reactively banging on my horn a few times–this practiced is frowned upon in stop-and-go traffic on the freeway so you can imagine the ire stoked in the driver in front of me–I fired off a “my-bad look” followed up with a few solid  *knowing dude nods*.  He gave me a fuck-you look and  a “what-the-hell?” throw-both-hands-in-the-air. Changing lanes fixed that problem…….

I am worried about Brian Wilson’s elbow and that would be an injury that would absolutely dampen my enthusiasm about the rest of the season. NO ONE visits Dr. Andrews and comes back with good news (despite the diagnosis of inflammation), He’s the Dr. Kevorkian of Baseball. Wilson has barely pitched the last couple of weeks. Now he has an inflamed elbow? Ominous……

Hold on to that Towel, It’s Not Time to Throw it Yet

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Maybe I’ve simply gone insane, but I really like our chances right now.  Yes, lots of injuries, everyone knows that. But look who is getting injured. Our hitting has sucked all year. The line ups always look bad. I’m not worried about our ability to score runs because we have scored enough all year, no matter who we trot out there, to win most of our games.

This team wins or loses not because of who’s swinging the bat but because of who’s throwing the ball. And when you look at that side of the game, our strength is largely still in tact. Currently, we’ve lost Zito, Sanchez and Romo. Losing Zito is actually a plus. And Dirrrrty, while pitching decent last night, has hardly been critical to the success of the team this year. Romo is a hit, but we have the best bullpen in either league, I feel confident that his single inning can be replaced.

Lincecum, Cain, Bumgarner, Vogelsong, Panda. These 5 guys have been most responsible for the team’s success this year. Last time I checked, those guys are rock solid (stretching it a little with Panda but he looked good to go last night)….

I admit we are thin and there’s a lot of negativity and bad luck following the Giants right now. But the strength and the core of this team is in tact. As long as those 5 guys stay healthy and keep doing what they’ve done this year I will keep the faith and believe. My knowing dude nod is in full vertical motion right now……..

Did the players look like they were giving up last night? You shouldn’t either……

Tough Game

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Weird, last night’s epic fail is bothering me more this morning than it did last night. It’s usually the reverse. All I’ve got in me is a “knowing *dude* nod”. But it’s not vertical, it’s horizontal. You want a few heaping servings of bad luck? Not only does our best hitter foul a ball off his foot but he hits a grounder to third that he has to run out as hard as he can! I’m sure the foot felt great after that…..

And now, with great irony, we turn to Dirrrrty to right this wayward ship. Only because I feel certain that he will fail today do I have hope that he will pitch masterfully. It’s upside-down day. And faced with nothing but more injuries, players healing slowly and wins being  ripped away from us, there’s nothing else that can possibly happen except the impossible. I need my knowing dude nod to get vertical again…….

Does Belt Finally Stick? If so, WHERE?

Posted in Uncategorized by Flavor on August 15, 2011

Yesterday was a breath of fresh air from a team with an offense that is bad at, really, everything. With Beltran still out, it shouldn’t be hard to find Belt regular playing time. He’ll play left field, Ross in center and Nate in right. I have to believe that the end of the road, outside of pinch hitting duty, has finally come for our *good friend* Aaron Rowand. Our offense is so bad, Rowand’s recent failures have gone largely under the radar. I just looked up his split stats and was pretty surprised  at what I saw.

For the entire month of August:

RBI’s: 0

Runs scored: also 0

Walks taken: hasn’t had a walk since July 5th!!!!!!!!!!

OPS: .455

That is really a shocking failure at every offensive level…..

When (if) Beltran comes back, then there will be a decision to make and it will come down to 2 questions: Is Belt hitting? Is Nate hitting? If Belt is hitting and Nate isn’t (and really, he hasn’t been. I think that it’s quite clear to everyone that Nate is best used as a secret weapon off the bench) then Belt might find a regular spot in RF….. I suppose if Nate and Belt are both crushing the ball and Huff is in a deep slump, Belt *could* get more playing time at first base. But Huff has been quite good lately, hitting .333 in August with an excellent OPS of .925. I don’t see Ross leaving the LU or center field (or leadoff) unless he’s completely useless. In fact, that’s probably Rowand’s best chance to start regularly again.

Belt has somewhat of an opportunity here. Bochy HAS to play him while Beltran is out. Really, Bochy has to play ANYONE who is exhibiting signs of human life at the plate. Showing up and banging 2 hr’s in your first game back is the right way to start…..


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That core was about what I thought we’d have to do to win the game.  I’m tired of rooting for runs. Just get 1 or 2 and we’re going to usually be good to go. The solo HR streak is intake. I love it. Gotta run, I’ll catch you guys later today………

Dead Men Continue Walking

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Not much of a thread today. It’s tough to muster up different ways to call something ugly. Pathetic. Worthless. Feeble. Impotent. I’m numb too it. Ricky “Batting Practice” Nolasco shut us down. Vasquez goes tonight and he’s actually pitching pretty well this year.

If you are Jack McKeon don’t you just walk Pablo every single time?

At this point, I don’t give a rip about the number of runs we score. 1-0? 2-1? Fine. We need wins badly no matter how many runs  they can dribble out of hose that’s tied in about 4 knots right now……..

Remembering Darryl Strawberry……

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Do most of you guys remember the year he played for us? It wasn’t really a *year*. He signed with us in June of ’94, had 113 plate appearances, hit 4 bombs; played kind of a non-descript right field. While I remember him being on the team, I can’t quite see him taking a swing or doing anything of importance. It’s been 16 years and it’s just sort of a random, hazy memory of an ex-player. And in the year 2027 this is the same way I will likely be remembering Carlos Beltran, minus the 4 bombs of course……

I can’t stand playing Florida. Especially in their weird, empty yard. Nolasco goes for them tonight and he is a complete coin flip on who shows up to pitch— the ultra talented stud or the batting practice machine. In his last 2 starts, he’s given up 22 hits and only 3 runs. On July 20th he did a *Bumgarner*, going 1.1 innings/9ER. He nearly threw a complete game against us back in May and then his next start he gave up 15 hits. Think about how hard it is to be left in a game long enough to give up 15 hits all by yourself…..Not a lot of his pitches miss bats and he’s usually right around the strike zone. Florida is reeling and going nowhere this year. And they apparently leave Nolasco out there to get hammered if he’s not having a very good game. This is one of those rare games where I hope the team comes out swinging out of their shoes—drop 10-15 hits on this chump and start the roadie off right…….

The Flap Fantasy Baseball Standings

(Tizzle and I are going Ali/Frazier on each other and Berra’s Bombers has quietly slipped into 11th place, a masterful showing considering his start to the season)


Not Exactly Home Cookin’

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I started compiling all of these disgusting offensive stats and then just stopped jotting numbers down. Everyone knows how bad it is, looking at the details of it isn’t going to change anything. I think it SEEMS worse than it is because we had such underwhelming pitching over the last 3 series. It wasn’t all bad, Bumgarner pitched beautifully the other night. But if we don’t hold the opponent to 3 runs or fewer we likely lose….

Thank God for this off day. Actually, it will be tough to tell it’s an off day since we will score right around our run per/gm average whether we play a game or not…….

I’m glad the wild card isn’t going to be within reach for us (likely out of reach, anyway). If we can’t put the crap d-backs away I don’t want to have to watch this team get swept in the first round of the playoffs. The way things are going, even if we win the West, who has any confidence at all in this team? As I’ve said for months now, this offense isn’t close to last year’s offense and with almost no power threat to go along with Beltran’s one arm, I just don’t see any hope right now at all……..

How to Score a Run and is Beltran *big timin* us?

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I know I shouldn’t ever be surprised about how inept our hitters are but I was struck by at least one small thing last night: We miss Freddy Sanchez. I used to be frustrated like many of you with his constant opposite field approach but we just don’t have a single guy in the LU who takes an at bat with that mentality WITH MEN ON BASE. Maybe Keppinger. Pablo can go opp-o but he’s not usually trying to advance a runner, nor should he, he’s trying to drive them in. Watching Cabrera bat last night was painful. There’s talk of moving him to 2nd and Kepp down but how would that change anything? Despite hitting 6th he was stil coming up in situations where, at the very least, you have to move the runner over. It was clear he didn’t try to do that in the slightest. Freddy, we miss you baby….

I’m not judging Beltran’s bat for a second, I’m sure, if healthy, he will come around. I do wonder if he wants to be here. He’s one of those vet-professional guys so it’s impossible to read anything from his body language or words, since he says nothing with both. So the thought did creep into my mind last night: Is he just some big New York star rolling through the end of the season not caring about the team but focused on next year’s big deal with a glitzy big market team? Again, it’s tough to tell. But I do wonder a little, just based off his production, his body language/interviews and now a wrist that seems to have nothing seriously wrong with it except for some pain. And again, I know about wrist injuries but not all of them are disastrous. Sometimes pain is just something you play through. There’s also this “Me first in right field” thing that’s is at least something to question in terms of his character and his desire to play team ball….

If he continues to do nothing or if this wrist is worse than the MRI is letting on I won’t sweat the loss of Wheeler. Sabean took his shot like any GM would do in this situation. So far, Atlanta and Philly have gotten the best end of the deadline trades but they did the same thing Sabean did, they took a shot now by trading some future away.

Anyway, I’m out for the day. I will try not to think about this stunning, historic, across-the-board offensive failure………

If You Only Win 1 Game in a Series, Try to Make it the Last One

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Hats doffed in the direction of Jeff Keppinger who got 4 hits yesterday. When we picked him up I noted that he had no speed or power, a bummer combo for a baseball player. But it looks like he’s going to hold together a .300 batting average  and that has automatic value on any team. And you know who else doesn’t have any speed or power? Freddy Sanchez. So far, the Kepp pick up has been quite serviceable.

I haven’t heard anything about Beltran today but I read the xray came back clear. The possibility of him missing the game tonight is a little easier to tolerate when you look at what we’d be missing–a guy who has been marginally better than some of the coldest hitters on the team–I could have singled out one guy until I realized you can’t single one guy out on this team when it comes to being *cold*.

I watched that replay 3 times and I never saw that ball hit Huff in the leg that he grabbed on successful steal. Not sure what to make of Huff right now. He’s clearly in a *one-off* year that is his pattern. He’s probably got about 16 injuries going at once at this time of the year. He’s our starting 1st baseman, no questions asked. I sure would like to see him perusing a Victoria Secret’s catalog at his locker today……..

By the way, if you haven’t seen it BawBagg (I honestly can’t remember how he spells his screen name) has started a new Giants blog. the address is:


It’s still in construction phase but I always liked that dude and expect him to ultimately develop a great new giants blog. And anything that takes traffic away from the Splash and creates another place for us to yammer about this team, I’m all for. I’ve got no clue who Jon Dowd is but I’m guessing there’s some connection to baseball or the Giants. My first impression, based off the name of the blog, is that you aren’t going to get a lot of bikini babes there. Lots of erudite stuff. No problem learnin’ something every now and again, right?

There Are No Moves to Make

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This morning, Mark Purdy is educating us all that the Giants offense isn’t working. Hey, thanks dude. I’ve been adding up all the pieces too and just couldn’t seem to come up with an answer. “Not working” is the answer? So, what is the solution….

His big ideas are DeRosa and Belt. Um. No thank you. DeRosa? Before his wrist snapped clean off he was grounding more balls to 3rd/SS than Rowand did in his worst stretches. I appreciate DeRosa for working hard to come back but I hold out zero hope that he will contribute anything other than ground balls to the left side of the infield…..

Belt is obviously more interesting but the Giants have mismanaged this kid so badly this year that I don’t think bringing him up with a move that wreaks of panic is something that will work out…….

I did like his idea of giving CF to one or the other and dropping the platoon. Honestly, Id probably give it to Rowand. Torres is just trying to hard this year (or something). I don’t doubt his effort for a second but the results just aren’t there……..

In short, it will be difficult to fix this O with what we have. The bounce I had hoped they would get from Beltran never happened. Last year, if you look at the last 2 months of the season, the Giants were winning games with the long ball. Most of those guys are gone or on the DL now or just plain sucking this year. So if the blue print to success is the 2010 version than I think it better if we didn’t try to follow it. We just can’t, we don’t have the offensive firepower in 2011. And if any of you disagree with this opinion, please start by explaining how Orlando Cabrera is a #5 hitter on a major league baseball team…….

Gut Check Time

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When you look at the losses and you want to rant about them it’s actually pretty difficult to do. There isn’t ONE guy to focus your rage on. Even if you say *the offense* that isn’t enough to get a slow burn going since we’ve become numb to it this year. If you bang your toe with a hammer ever day, after a while it stops hurting. That’s how I feel about this offense right now…

As much as I dislike El Presidente for his mounting failures, I have to say that his fighter-bounce-bounce thing in front of the plate was awesome. Victorino wanted NO PART of Whitey or Ramirez. And hitting him on purpose, which was obvious, was absolutely the right move. Maybe it lights a fire under them…….

By the way, a buddy of mine is doing some work for the Giants–sound system/video stuff. He could care less about baseball. The Giants gave him a dvd on Willie Mays that he gave to me. It’s called “Inside the Clubhouse: the Say Hey Kid”–22 minutes long. It’s brilliant. I’m a Mays fan just because I’m a Giants fan. But for those of you who really dig him (Pawlie comes to mind)  I’d be happy to send it to you as long as you promise to send it on to the next person who wants to see it. Either that, or just send it back to me and i’ll send it along. You might have already seen it, it was something that was produced in the off season and it looks like it was made for airing at some point in the season. It centered around his 80th birthday party with lots of great interviews and behind the scene stuff. I had always heard Willie was sort of an ass but when you listen to the interviews from all these different people it seems that I couldn’t have been worse informed. Anyway, Pawlie if you haven’t seen it and would like to check it out just email me. Anyone else, email me to and I’ll put you on the list….bigflavor77@gmail.com

Taming the Dirrrrrty Snakes

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Yesterday was a good example of why I’m not worried about the Snakes. When your big free agent pick up is Jason Marquis, you’ve got problems. Marquis sucks. He’s usually good against us and he sucks against everyone else. But yesterday we slapped his ass around. And Voggy showed once again why he’s the MVP of this team. Ha, kidding. No more MVP talk from me. But he’s been lights out at home and how critical will that be come playoff time?

Cabrera has been fine. Nice to see him hit something. Really, anything was going to be an upgrade over what we had. And, Cabrera does have the *experience thing* going for him. I never doubted his attitude on his teammates, he seems to be having a ball out there. Who wouldn’t after getting traded to the World Champs? It’s possible he’s going to ride that high all the way to and through the playoffs. It’s possible. I still don’t like the bad karma of picking up the arch nemesis of our World Series hero. But whatever, we have a title to defend, I’ll worry about that curse if it ever comes to pass. (Notice how I never use the word *jinx*????) 🙂

Avoiding a Sweep

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Last night was brutal. Upton’s catch was astounding. I’m not sure if Beltran can hit a ball much harder. After he got brushed back with that high fastball you could see it in his eyes that he wanted to pound the ball. He did, that’s just *tip your cap* and move on. The Snakes have one thing going for them: confidence. I think they’re just too young and clueless to know any better and I guess that’s a good thing, right?

Voggy at home is usually a pretty good bet. Will someone other than Sandoval and Beltran be able to get a hit?

Game 2

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Ok, let’s see how this goes if there’s a game to watch. I’d like to think that I can leave town for a while and not have to worry about the blog that we all collectively built go to sh!t overnight…..

It’s *Money Ball* Time

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I feel bad for A’s fans–their most important time of the year just came and went with very little to celebrate. The next 2 months is a dead time for them….

On the other hand, the Giants are just getting started. This is when they take their game to the next level. I think it’s possible that the trade deadline got into Torres’ head a little. It’s sink or swim with him right now. Same with Beltran. You’re one of the guys now dude and that doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten how to hit. Huff? It’s time for him to sit until this *back problem* clears up. He’s only hurting the team right now…

I didn’t really sweat the Cincinnati series. We got down early in all 3 games and it makes it very difficult to come back on the road when you put yourself in a hole like that. Just chalk it up to a weird series with the trade deadline approaching and being on the road in a weird ball park….

Now we come home to play the D-backs, a team that is wide eyed and clueless as they head into this post-trade deadline season. I think experience really will help guide us from here on out as there is something to be said for *been there–know how to do that*. And as much as I hate the Cabrera trade, at least he’s got that going for him…

I’m over the no-trade for a catcher thing. The fact is, we were never going to trade for a young catcher like Iannetta with Posey coming back next year. And all the old guys are only marginally better than Stew-side. I really would just go with Stewart primarily since he can at least throw and block balls. Plus, he’s the best bunter in all of baseball so that’s gotta come in handy at some point 🙂

The rest of the season starts today…..